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Christ our Righteousness - Part 1

Steve Wohlberg


Steve Wohlberg

Television producer, radio host, and international speaker


  • January 29, 2019
    11:30 AM
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Dear Father Heavenly Father What an awesome privilege it is to be here in Michigan before pastors and teachers Bible workers conference leaders and Lord you know that we are in amazing time there's a lot happening in the world and there's a lot happening in the church in your church and we pray for your Holy Spirit please take charge Lord you know the difficult travel travel trip that I've just had and thank you for bringing me here safely spite of the weather and the delays in their rerouting of my flights and a flight in the middle of the night thank you for bringing me here bless us all and speak to us Lord we have a lot to learn help us to be like little children listening to your voice in Jesus' name we pray. OK I would like to start with a number of verses in the Book of Revelation I think this is a kind of set the set the stage Revelation Chapter 14 I'm assuming you have your Bibles. It's great to be in the Michigan conference. I love this conference and the gala more is on our white horse media board now which is the big blessing to us Revelation 14 we know the 3 angels messages we need to know them better but at the end of the 3 angels this is something I've just recently been really thinking about and impressed with Revelation 14 verse 14 when the 3 angels messages are done when the work is done after the loud cry and the close of probation and the time of trouble and everything that is ahead of us verse 14 says and I looked and behold a white cloud. And upon the cloud one sat like the son of man having on his head a golden crown and in his hand a sharp sickle and another angel came out of the temple crying with a loud voice to him that sat on the cloud thrust in your sickle and reap for and then what does it say for the time has come for you to reap for the harvest of the Earth is right I've recently just been thinking about that one little phrase there the time is come for you to reap and recently I've been doing a lot of study concerning Lucifer's rebellion in heaven patriarchs and prophets Chapter One there's a lot of light in that chapter about what Lucifer went through and his arguments to convince the angels to join his side in his warfare against God and it's very clear in his charts of prophets chapter one that the reason why God didn't destroy Lucifer right away was because he wanted to give him time time to develop his character because the angels at that point had never seen that rebellion before they had never seen anything like this before and if God just eliminated him there'd be a lot of questions that would still be there in his universe and God didn't want that he wanted everything to be out in the open so everybody all the angels would know why his way is the right way but he couldn't do that without allowing Lucifer time to develop his principles. The rebellion had to get right if you know what I mean and so that and that's really the whole reason why God has allowed this whole great controversy to go on in the 1st place he's given a period of time 6000 years approximately to allow the great controversy to develop so that the whole universe and eventually all humanity that we can all see what is the real fruit of evil and what is the real fruit of righteousness What does evil really look like and what does righteousness really look like and of course the one of the biggest demonstrations was on the cross when the universe Satan in his in his hideousness and they saw God and His love in the most incredible way that's ever been revealed now as I'm thinking about the last days God See it seems to me that God is spalling the same principle with what's going on in the world and in the church he's going to let things develop and when things develop we're told that the wheat and the tears grow together in til the harvest right that's what she's the sense said God's going to let things develop and this verse in verse rich 15 says The time is come for you to reap for the harvest of the earth that's right that tells me that the Lord is is going to wait until the harvest is fully right before he returns and puts in the sickle So I think we're seeing this in the world and I and I you know I hate to say it but I think we're going to see things in the church as well that we're going to see evil ripen like it's like we've never seen it before. And now and by contrast if evil is going to rape and then what else is going to write then righteousness is going to write been that's right so we're going to see both and. Let's go to Revelation 22 both sides that are going to ripen are pinpointed in Revelation 22 verse 11 the close of probation and I actually read verse 10 he said to me seal not the sayings of the prophecy of this book or the time is that hand there again we have timing you know just like that the time has come to reap the time is that hand and then verse 11 Jesus says He that is unjust let him be unjust still he which is filthy let him be filthy still he that is righteous let him be righteous still and he that is holy let him be holy still and behold I come quickly and my reward is with me to give every man according as his work shall be so we have his coming. After both sides are completely crystallized right probation close to 2 groups are fully ripe and then Jesus returns and here we have the 2 groups on the one side we have those who are unjust and those who are filthy So if we want to kind of put some words to what it's like to be on the wrong side those are the 2 words that the Lord uses for the closer at the close of probation it's the unjust and filthiness so we can expect to see a lack of justice and injustice growing in getting right and we can expect to see filthiness getting right in this world. And on the other side we can expect to see Jesus says He that is what righteous right he that is righteous a Philip and a few great good to see you. He that is righteous let him be righteous still and he that is holy let him be holy still so there's the 2 sides there's the 2 sides and as I was just thinking about these verses it just impressed me that the harvest is ripe inning and God wants to ripen us on the right side he wants us to be getting that he wants righteousness to be growing among his people and he wants holding this to be growing among his people at the same time that. In Justice or the unjust and filthiness is growing at the same time that's quite a contrast isn't it I mean the Lord just draws the line it's puts both sides right there so tying this in with righteousness by thing with the only way that we can be as Jesus says here he that is righteous let him be righteous still that's where righteousness by faith comes in there the message of the righteousness of Christ is a message that is going to develop God's people so that they are right yes and that's what I hope to sort of unpack this. This workers meaning what does that mean what does that look like how does that become practical. So that we can be in this in this group that's where righteousness by faith comes in that makes sense we want to be among the righteous and the only we're going to get righteous is by faith the only way we're going to get righteous is through Jesus Christ it's the only way we need the Lord I need the board you need the Lord we all need the Lord and we're in the right binning time. Let me talk a little bit about the book that you have I'm curious how many of the you've read this book OK 1. 2 OK I guess I'll say great because that gives you a whole lot you know there's a lot of. A lot of people that can have never read this before that will be reading this this is my book published by Pacific press I wrote it a number of years ago God's last message Christ Our Righteousness and that and I want to share with you some of the background of how I discovered this message because I know that within the church there's a lot of different views on righteousness by things sure you're aware that there's many different opinions interpretations views etc that are out there and I don't want. Just to be another view. And and I don't want to just learn another view I want to learn the truth I want the real message of the righteousness of Christ now I'll just share with you some personal personal facts that hopefully will be helpful to you I've learned in my ministry that when I go through trials and then I. The Lord brings me through the home and I share with others some of the details of what has happened kind of like a testimony I've learned that people many times really appreciate that because they can relate to struggles. I am almost 60 years old I became a Christian when I was 20 I grew up in Studio City in North Hollywood in Southern California grew up in a Jewish home very secular Jewish home we were not Christians my father my mother my brother my sister. None of us went to church we didn't regularly go to the synagogue we didn't read the Bible we didn't pray I never learned the story of Noah and the 10 Commandments didn't know anything about this I was surrounded by the Hollywood life and the temptations of the Hollywood life when I was 14 years old and went to public schools for the 1st 20 years when I was 14. 1 of my classmates offered me. A smoke at the back of a school bus on the way to school and I took it and it was a marijuana they called it we call the joint and I began smoking pot at the age of 14 and I did that for 6 years just about every day got into harder drugs got into things like Wally woods and L.S.D.. And Angel Dust and I lived a really bad life and it's amazing that I'm alive that I'm even here at all God has been very very good to me I'm a brand plucked out of the fire and when I was 20 years old with a lot happened. When I was 20 years old make a long story short. I turned on the television set and saw George Vandeman out of the blue talking about the Bible Sabbath some one time the he offered me and offered a free book on right on T.V. looked at me and he said friend call me up and I'll send you this book called A Day To Remember an 800 number came on the screen I call I felt compelled call that man who's holding up that book on the phone so I did and I and the book came in the mail few days ago I mean a few days later and sorry. Tired. Book came in the mail a few days later I read it and then it suggested at the end of the book that I find a 70 evidence church the book was about the Sabbath and so I found an Adventist that I knew worked at the health food store he brought me to church I met the pastor the pastor gave me a copy of the book desire of ages I read desire pages cover to cover in a dormitory room at Cal State Northridge my 3rd year of college while I was still smoking pot I read desired ages and by time I was done with desire of ages that was it my whole life was changed and it was really the garden of guess 70 that really reached me it was Jesus struggle in the garden of of get seminal and. Within a very short time I landed at Lossie or college and began studying for the ministry God just went boom boom boom boom boom just like on that plane he opened the door opened the Red Sea and said There's your bed he did the same thing for me in 1979 and he brought me into the 70 evidence church and I landed it last year and one of my 1st classes. My textbook was desire of ages and I thought wow this is amazing Lord thank you. Instead of being at Cal State Northridge in a coed dorm with the marijuana smoke in the did in the cafeteria becoming a disco on Saturday nights and guys and girls in my room because my roommate decided to host a party in my in our dorm room. Now I was at last Sierra studying for the ministry I was the 7th Day Adventist and desire Vegas was my textbook is pretty amazing Well anyway for the 1st 6 years 1st 6 years of being an admin it's maybe the 1st 3 years things went really well I was very happy I was. At peace I had a lot of joy I'd love the Lord I love the Bible I loved going to school and going down on the Hollywood Boulevard on Friday and Saturday nights and giving out desire of ages and steps to Christ and had a whole group of us that went down there and did missionary work and the Lord really really blessed but I was very I was inexperienced I was not you know seasoned at all when it comes to the Christian life and because I was I was from Hollywood North Hollywood and actually worked in the movies for a while as an extra. For one summer I was an extra working on different shows and that's when I 1st began to read the Bible and then that's when I saw George Vandeman after that and when I became an ad that has and I'm just going to be you know brutally honest with you I should I shared my testimony quite a bit with other people and I didn't realize at the time that it it can be dangerous to your spiritual life to talk about. Things that you used to do you know Hollywood in the movies and these kind of things and after about 4 years of being an Adventist 5 years when I got it 1st I was went through last year was hired by the Center California conference I was a young pastor in Bakersfield and after a year at the conference that meet the seminary I went to Andrews for 2 years and during my time in Ender's now it's about 4 or 5 years into being Christian things I started having some some problems some struggles and. What happened was. My the peace that I had in the Lord began to go away and I began to you know not sense the presence of God as much as I did when I 1st became a Christian and. I struggled with that and I had a roommate in college at the seminary and he was searching like I was and he we lived in Burman hall that anybody live in Berman hall we lived in Burman hall and I was there for a couple years and that things just weren't going that well I was struggling. I was praying Lord where are you I was right I would read the Bible and the Word was not alive to me like it was when I 1st became a Christian it seemed kind of far away and I didn't know what was going on and so my roommate and I know he started suggesting he started kind of searching into Christian psychology and then secular psychology and he started reading quite a few books of different books that he recommended to me and he was on a journey as I was you know we were both struggling we were trying to figure things out and make a long story short I got very confused. But I was exposed to a lot of ideas and I don't blame the seminary at all really I don't have good teachers but by the time I was nearing the end of my 2 years at seminary I was struggling with. With different ideas I was confused and said Have any of you heard my talk on audio verse called I burned my Ellen White books some of you have my roommate suggested because Ellen White wasn't connecting to me either that I wasn't connecting with her and her writings that was struggling with the Bible in the spirit of prophecy and so he suggested that because this was creating a lot of tension inside me that he he's my roommate suggested that we have a bonfire the back of Berman hall in the foot in the woods so believe it or not we took all my spirit of prophecy books went into a place in the back of the dorm behind the dorm in the in the forest and we had a big bonfire and I burned all my Ellen White books. And that amazing and I didn't I didn't do it to be rebellious I did it because I thought maybe I need a break and a fresh start I was looking for healing emotional healing and but as you can imagine you know that was not a wise decision on my part. And I left the seminary and I went back to the center California conference where my time was done and I pastor 2 churches in San Francisco in the in that area a Russian church and an English church in the Pacific area I'm still single lived in an apartment by myself and now it's about 6 years since I've been an advantage and I was really struggling at this point. And I remember thinking to myself I don't know I don't know if I can continue to be a minister because how can I you know stand up in front of my church on Sabbath and lead this church and be a pastor when I don't feel connected I don't feel like I've really got the Lord with me and I know we have to live by faith but you still need to have some sense that God is leading your life and I was very confused and I thought Lord I don't know if I can do this anymore and again I'm going to make a long story short. I got on my knees one night in Sanford in the Pacific in my little apartment turned up the lights and I prayed and I said something like Jesus if you don't do something I'm going to go back to my old life I'm just going to leave the ministry and go back to doing something because I cannot continue to be a 7th Day Adventist pastor when my life is falling apart and I don't have peace and I'm struggling with my relationship with you and I can't really understand the Bible anymore and I'm not reading the Spirit of Prophecy either so it was a crisis and during this crisis as I was praying and I don't hear voices in my head but there was a deep conviction it was like a thought it was a conviction that came to me and the conviction said pray for the Spirit of truth to guide you into all truth John $1613.00 Jesus said When the Spirit of truth comes he will guide you into all truth and so I had this this conviction Steve what I want you to do is pray for the Spirit of truth to guide you into all truth that's not my phone I turn mine off it's got my same ring or though. So as I began to do this I began to so I So anyway I began to do this I thought all right Lord I'll do it I'll pray for the whole for the spiritual So I began to pray like I'm never prayed for this before I said Jesus give me the spirit of truth and help in understanding the truth and somewhere during that time I opened up I turn on the light and the open of the Bible and Psalm 1900 verse 67 Psalm 119467 this verse saved my life this one verse saved me God used this verse to save my soul I wouldn't be here right now probably if it wasn't for this verse verse 67 Psalm 119 I read this verse where David said before I was afflicted I went astray but now i keep your word and I read in because I was now praying for the Holy Spirit I looked at this verse I saw this verse somehow I just found this verse and I looked at this verse and I remember thinking about this purpose David said before I was afflicted I went astray and I thought I have certainly afflicted right now my my life is afflicted my mind is lifted my emotions are afflicted I'm struggling and then I thought Is it possible that before I was afflicted I went to stray maybe in the last 5 or 6 years being a Christian somehow I strayed away and then it says but now I have kept your word. Your word so I thought Lord have I strayed away from your word is that why I am afflicted. Have I somehow strayed away from the Word of God and then I began to do a Bible study on somehow the Lord directed me to do a Bible study on pride and I began to understand I studied loose the 1st pride I studied the pride of of Israel of Assyria of the fairest seas of the Laodiceans of Babylon who sits and says I'm a queen and I'm no widow and I will see no sorrow and I started seeing this theme of pride run all throughout the Bible and then I began to look at myself in the mirror and the Holy Spirit began to convict me that the reason why I had slowly step by step separated myself from Jesus and the reason why I couldn't understand the Bible anymore and the reason why Ellen whites writings were not connecting with me was because Little by little by little there was a lot of Steve Walberg in my Christian life too much too much of me not enough of him and even my testimony where I would share you know I came out of Hollywood and I did the same ad and I became a Christian now that even my testimony there was self woven in and I was little by little exulting myself and you know where John the Baptist said he must increase and I must decrease that's the goal of the Christian life is that we're supposed to get smaller and he's supposed to get bigger and I didn't really understand that and I didn't understand my own self my own nature of the the subtlety of my own. Bent toward self righteousness and in San Francisco through praying for the Holy Spirit I began to discover that the problem was not the Lord the problem was not Ellen way the problem was not the Bible. The problem was Guess who it was me Steve Walberg and that's why I lost my peace and I had strayed from the word so I began a journey to come back to the Word of God and eventually I decided I'm going to pick up the spirit of prophecy again I'm going to read the testimonies so I started reading the testimonies and I started reading the conflicts series and re reading the Bible and to make a long story short little by little by little the peace of God came back to me and and I began to see where I had strayed step by step and of course that bonfire was the big one that bonfire and I had to confess and I confess that Lord I'm sorry for burning the books of your prophet please forgive me will you still have mercy on me and he said Oh yes I've got lots of mercy the Lord has lots of mercy Can you imagine I mean I burned a whole pile of her books but the Lord still left me he understood and so within a short time after my life began to come back together I was offered a job to teach it we mark and I went I went from San Francisco to Wiemar and I became a Bible Academy Bible teacher for 3 years that we mark had to be teaching freshman sophomore juniors and seniors and guess what my textbooks were steps to Christ desire of ages and the book education and all and when I was that we mar the healing process the journey continued and I remember now back to the righteousness by thief message when I got to we mar I began I read this I read a quote if you if you have this book if you want to open up to page 12. If you've got a copy of my book there on page 12 there is a quote from the book testimonies to ministers testimonies to ministers page 91 in 92 and one that was that we mar and I'm only scratching the surface there are so many things that happened to me there were times when I was praying for the Holy Spirit praying for the Spirit of Truth where I would feel the devil fighting me fighting me fighting the fighting mean there were times when I could feel it was spirits leave my body I could feel them coming up and going out this may sound strange to you but but I felt that many many many times my body was a battlefield the war was intense but God had pointed me in the right direction through impressing me to pray for the Spirit of truth and I began to get back to the Bible and then I began to study pride and then I began to see in my own my own defects and where I had strayed and how I needed to get back it was like the path you know just like that just like on the plane the path opened up into dear your bed you could go to sleep on a red eye flight it was like the Lord opened up a path for me and said This is where I want you to go I want you to come back to the Bible back to the Spirit of Prophecy back to the truth pray for the Holy Spirit do this day after day after day and I will put your life back together and little by little all that confusion from different psychological concepts of books that I had read Little by little bit confusion went away as I got back to the Word of God and then when I was that we are I was reading and teaching my students and one day I picked up testimonies to ministers and I read this quote It's right there in the middle their testimonies to ministers page 91 and 92. Where And I read this that we are where Ellen White wrote that the Lord in His great mercy sent a most precious message to his people through elders Wagner and Jones this message was to lift more prominently before the world the uplifted savior the sacrifice for the sins of the whole world it presented justification through faith in the surety it invited the people to receive the righteousness of Christ which is made manifest in obedience to all the commandments of God Many had lost sight of Jesus they needed to have their eyes directed to his divine person his merits and his changed must love for the human family in that wonderful all power is given into his hands that he may dispense rich gifts unto men imparting the priceless gift of his own righteousness to the helpless human agent this is the message that God commanded to be given to the world it is the 3rd angel's message which is to be proclaimed with a loud voice and attended with the outpouring of His Spirit in a large measure and that is a powerful quote and basically what this book is is it's a study of that paragraph looking at all those different elements point by point and I remember when I was that we mark and I read this I remember thinking in the Myself. The Lord in His great mercy sent the most precious message to his people through elders Wagner and Jones. And I remember thinking to myself All right Steve you used you now once again believe in the spirit of prophecy you believe in L. No it's writings you're reading those writings again the bonfire is behind you now you're reading these books you're teaching you're using steps to Christ and the book education as your textbooks in teaching high school kids and I and I thought all right I believe in Ellen White and Ellen White said that God sent the most precious message through Wagner Jones so I thought all right if Ellen White is God's messenger and if she said that God sent a message to Wagner and Jones then I want to I'm going to go to the source and I'm going to read what Wegner and Jones had to say and I also realized that you know and I knew that there was a lot of different views on what Wagner and Joan said and there's different views of righteousness by faith so I decided I'm going to go to the source and so what we are I started. Doing some homework and I began to read some books somebody and I don't have an anymore I could kick myself but somebody gave me a copy it was a thick book from microfilm. Xerox copies of articles that E.J. Wagner wrote in the signs of the times in 188-687-8889 right through the 888 General Conference period through the Minneapolis period this was Wagner at his best and that and he said this is not in print but somebody's got this from microfilm and I'm going to give you a copy and I guess I led to somebody and I don't remember who it was and so I have it's gone somewhere around 10 years ago I haven't seen that book but when I was that we mar I was reading so I started reading this sort of reading the writings of of Wagner right through the Minneapolis period Here's another good book that Wagner wrote Christ and His righteousness by E.J. Wagner and the dead and the data on this is 890 Bible studies on The Book of Romans this is a very powerful book and I believe this was written read read eat 1901 now I've learned that the writings of Wagner and Jones that there was a period where they were on track but then if you continue on with their later writings they develop some problems and both of them left the church so I started the specially 0 ing in on their earlier writings during the time when Ellen White said the Lord in His great mercy sent a most precious message to elders Wagner and Jones and I began to read their writings and I began to read the Bible so I read Romans I read Galatians. And the amazing thing is was little by little the more I read Ellen whites writings pointing me to Wagner and Jones and then I began to read Wagner and Jones' early writings during the time of the Minneapolis conference little by little by little the light began and just all these little lights went off boom boom boom boom and I began to really understand I believe I began to understand the message of the righteousness of Jesus Christ and I began to see it right in the Bible right in the Word of God and it became so clear to me and that's what I want to share with you during this week so I felt like this introduction would kind of give you a little bit of background of how this happened and why I began to study Jones and Wagner's writings and I'm convinced that when we really that there was a message and run Duffield has given you the background of the message but there was a very very powerful message that these 2 men shared at the Minneapolis General Conference and beyond this Jones was the main speaker at the 893 general conference that an $895.00 those bulletins are available you can read the bulletins and go through those studies Wagner gave at least 9 talks at the Minneapolis conference itself point by point by point on the righteousness of Christ and all of these studies were all based on the Bible so in the little bit of time that we have left let me just share a couple things from the Book of Romans and this is what we're going to be studying during this week Romans Chapter 300 just to show you a couple verses. In Romans 3 and we're going to unpack this we're going to talk about righteousness what is right just once we're going to talk about how Jesus Christ is our registrants we're going to talk about how that righteousness can cover us as a pure white robe of righteousness and then we're going to talk about how that righteousness can actually become a part of us and can fill us where Jesus said blessed are those who hunger and thirst after righteousness for they will be filled We're going to talk about how this 6 how this can it develop in our experience and the ultimate goal is so that as the world is ripening in the end evil and God is ripening his people he's right beating his people so that we can be in that group where Jesus says He that is righteous let him be righteous still he that is holy let him Behold he still we want to be in that group we want to be among that people Romans chapter 3 verse $21.00 says but now and then what does he say the righteousness of God without the law is manifested God wants to manifest his own righteousness verse $22.00 even the righteousness of God which is by faith of Jesus Christ to all and upon all them that believe so here's the the message of God's righteousness that is to be revealed verse 25 talks about Jesus whom God has set forth to be a propitiation through faith in his blood to declare and what does he declare he is righteous ness. Right not our righteousness but his righteousness verse 26 to declare I say at this time and what does God want to declare at this time before the time remember the time is almost here for the harvest of the earth to be right timing and what does God want to give at this time to get us ready for that time that's right to declare I say at this time he is righteousness so there are 4 times in Romans chapter 3 in verse 21 the righteousness of God verse 22 the righteousness of God verse 25 his righteousness verse 26 his righteousness so the message of the righteousness of Jesus Christ is the message that is in the Bible God impressed Ellen White to write that God gave a message to Jones and Wagner and when Jones and Wagner stood up to preach at Minneapolis that in all these different can't meetings and at the General Conference sessions premie 18788 through 895 they were teaching this from the Word of God they were teaching this from the Bible and through my struggles you know God can use struggles for good. He uses this who was the 1st the elder 1st the said God is not going to take us out of the oven half baked is going to Big us thoroughly and God has used my struggles and my battles and my drama with struggling with self and with with the devil he has taught me the power of His Word. David said before I was afflicted I went to stray but now i keep your word that verse saved my life because it showed me the path that my path back to God was his word and the more I studied his word and then the Spirit of Prophecy leading me to Jones and Wagner leading me back to the word leading me to understand the message of the righteousness of Christ little by little it has it has changed my life and I'm thankful to say that I am no longer in that state of utter confusion that I was in when I had the big bonfire those days are gone and I never want to go back to those days and I'm glad to be here in Michigan for your workers meeting I'm glad to have a chance to share with you my journey and the information that's in this book which ultimately is in this book which ultimately points to Jesus Christ Jesus Christ our Savior Jesus Christ Our Righteousness Jesus Christ He has a special name it says in Jeremiah this is his name by which he will be called The Lord Our Righteousness and I'm going to explain that to you during these times that we have together what does that mean that Jesus is our righteousness How does that apply practically How is that good news how is that powerful news how can that become the channel for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit and for the latter rain in the last days to get us ready for the 2nd coming and how does that apply to the message to the 3rd angel's message that we're going to give with a loud voice with a loud cry during the final crisis that's about to hit the World. That's what this is all about sound good OK Well I think my time's up why don't we kneel together and let's pray let's pray that God will will speak to us and teach us. And he'll teach me that he'll teach you that he'll teach us all that he will be the teacher of righteousness helping us to understand the message of Jesus to your Father in heaven in the name of our Savior Jesus Christ thank you so much for all that you've done for all of us Lord thank you that you brought me here. I don't think the devil wants me to be here but you brought me here in the midst of all these weather related travel difficulties thank you for bringing me here and I just pray for all of us for this this week as we're here at the Michigan camp meeting or Michigan workers meeting may or may your Holy Spirit help help me Lord you know I need your help use me to teach your word and Jesus you are the Word of God use me to lift you up in a way that will be a tremendous blessing to this conference and who knows how many other people you know the with technology these days these meetings are going to be recorded and they can ripple out to places all over the world unless this Lord prepare your people. For the latter rain for the loud cry for the final harvest so we can go. And be with you for ever and. In the name of Jesus the sweep of. 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