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Christ our Righteousness - Part 2

Steve Wohlberg


Steve Wohlberg

Television producer, radio host, and international speaker


  • January 29, 2019
    11:45 AM
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Dear Father Dear God thank you for bringing us together to look at your word in that Bible truth and that Jesus Christ is our righteousness and we pray for the Holy Spirit please Lord I know that this is your message and you you are calling your people to give your message to the world and we need to understand it and experience it its power and we pray for your blessing right now in cheese the PSNI a man. Can't see where are my glasses get the rate glasses on. Revelation 14 verse 9 says the 3rd angel followed them saying with what kind of a voice with a loud voice right I really believe that the time is going to come when the 3rd angel's message is going to be shared loudly with this world I have my conviction is that God has allowed it the technology that is here. He's allowed this for a reason because he wants to use it to lighten the earth now technology isn't going to light the earth is the message of Jesus that's going to lighten the earth but he's going to use technology you know it's really interesting that that if you go back 2000 years ago it said the Bible says when the fullness of time was come God sent forth His Son and in desire of ages it talks about how part of the fullness of time was the fact that there was one dominant Empire which was the Roman Empire and there was a there was a generally a common language and then there was a common system of roads and there was a whole situation that God had been developing and that he knew this is this is the context that I'm in a spread the message of Jesus and the his resurrection and the Holy Spirit coming down on the day of Pentecost into the Roman world and that's what allowed Christianity to spread out and to become you know what it became at just a few years after the resurrection there was that there was a common language there was communication there was roads there was one empire the time was ripe for the Gospel to spread in the Roman world and I think we're just about there again. That we're getting close to the fullness of time and to me it's not an accident that this technology is here that we can be recording these programs and these programs can go out online and people can watch them or listen to them you know you can do a video we can we can stream this live our ministry Whitehorse media and we feel deeply convicted that you know more and more God wants us to be using the technology that's available through Facebook and Twitter and and You Tube and you know this is here for a reason God is is preparing something we know the devil's using technology we know that but the Lord is using it to and I believe God is getting things ready for the final burst that's going to light the whole earth with its glory you know just think how amazing I've often thought about this how mazing it was when Shad track meet shack and the bed and go were thrown into that burning fiery furnace and then Nebuchadnezzar thought that they were all going to you know burn up and then he looked and they were still standing there and then he said there's a 4th one in there and that 4th one looks like the Son of God and then he called them to come out shatter at the shack going to bed to go come out and I've thought about that I thought if I would have been Shadrack I wouldn't have come out right away I would have you know if I'm there in the fire with Jesus I would like to stay there for a while and talk to the Lord I have a higher King that I'm following not netbook announcers so who knows how long they stay they stay there and talk to Jesus but eventually they came out and I thought about that moment when these 3 men walked out of that. Pit whatever it was and they walked out in front of the whole Babylonian kingdom of all their administrators and at that moment the I saw of the whole of all the administration they were glued to these 3 men who who had no who were not burned up who walked out of that fire I mean that that must have been one of the most powerful witnessing moments in in history the whole Babylonian Empire at least those that were you know the administration's far as we know they were all there and they were staring at these 3 men 3 men 1st angel 2nd angel 30. 3 Angels and the time is going to come when God's message of the 3 angels is going to come and the attention of the world and just like Babylon it looked at those 3 men so the world is going to look at the 300 joules and I think that technology is going to be part of this God doesn't need. Millions and millions and millions of people to finish his work he's going to finish his work with the group that he needs you know his 300 or his 7000 who have or many he has reminds me of another text when to go back to Revelation but another verse just came to my mind Romans Chapter 9 yeah hold on to Revelation Romans 928 will come back to Revelation. And I'm just going to be honest with you I don't have a lot of notes in front of me right now you know I these are 6 presentations that your conference President has asked me to put together in a short time and I've had a lot of other things on my plate and I've been you know had travel problems and but I know this information in my mind and so I've just been praying Lord as I stand before this crowd in Michigan you know guide my mind. To what you want me to talk about so this is not scripted just like I've got you know I'm wearing my my my poncho because they don't have any other clothes because my luggage hasn't gotten here yet this is going to be kind of informal but we want the Lord to be our teacher. We want God's blessing here and look at this text Romans 928 actually we can read verse 27 as well. Isaiah also cries concerning Israel so that though the number of the children of Israel be as the sand of the sea a remnant shall be saved for he will do what he will finish the work and we often talk about finishing the work Lord help us to finish the work when is the work in to get finished but if we if we think that we're going to finish the work it's not going to get done because we just can't finish the work there's too many people in this world for us to finish the work but the good news is the Bible doesn't say we're going to finish the work the Bible says He will finish the work right. And he will cut it short and what is the cut short in righteousness right there is the message of the righteousness of Christ. He will finish the work and he will cut it short in righteousness because a short work will board make upon the earth when when his people are ready just like Shadrach Michigan Abednego when we're ready God's going to thinnish this work and just like the world the Babylonian world look at those 3 men the world is going to look at us and God's going to use technology and he's going to use his prepared people to get his message out rapidly it's just going to fly all over the world it's going to lightly air an angel's going to come down from heaven with great power and the earth will be lightened with His glory and he's going to be in charge God's going to take the rain into his own hands the reins and it was known hands and we can be part of that does that sound good praise the Lord so who knows exactly what God has in store for us this week he's getting us ready OK back to Revelation 14 the 3rd angel of verse 9 says the 3rd angel followed them saying with a loud voice years ago as white horse media was developing God convicted me that if I as the speaker director of Whitehorse media want the Lord's blessing upon our ministry then I need to do His will not mine. I need to get behind his message not mine and I think that's one reason why God has kept our ministry through all the ups and downs and twists and turns and crisis's that we've been through and then you know have been going on in the church God has kept white horse media afloat because our desire is to get behind his message not our message. And the Bible is very clear that the 3rd angel's message is his message as I shared this on you on our videos and in differ in front of different audiences and on the radio I often will go into Revelation 14 and show there's 3 angels messages followed by the 2nd Coming 3 Angels verses 6 to 12 2nd coming verses 14 to 16 and I tell people that had the Bible says that right before the 2nd coming are 3 angels this is not something we made up this is not something that we created it's not something that 7 they haven't it's have just you know made up as a theory this is the word of the Lord. Some time read Jeremiah $23.00 sometime and notice what it says about God's word the Lord says is not my word like a fire like a hammer that breaks the rock in pieces he talks about the false prophets the false shepherds who have perverted the words of the Living God and about the false the false prophets who prophesied from their own mind and not from the word of the Lord so you know God has just really spoken to me through the struggles that I went through in in Pacifica in San Francisco that one verse before it was the flick that I went astray but now i keep your word there was the path before me the path was the Word of God stick to the Word of God study the Word of God stated with the Word of God there were many many many times when I had to when I realized that my mind my thoughts. My confusion was going this direction and the Word of God was going this direction and I've made that choice that I'm going to give up my thoughts give up my mind and follow what he has to say the Lord says My thoughts are not your thoughts neither are your ways my ways says the Lord and the best decision that we can make is to is to choose to follow what he says instead of what we think and it's very clear in his word in Revelation 14 that his message is the 3rd angel's message the 3rd angel followed them saying with a loud voice and he's going to he's going to he is going the finish his work by developing a group of people who become channels for this voice in this world this high tech world and he's going to use You Tube the Internet Facebook satellite cameras radio Twitter he can use all that strums not the only one that can use Twitter God can use Twitter to. And he's going to I'm just convinced he's going to use all of this with a loud voice to give his 3rd angel's message and we go back to that quote that we read from it's inside of this book it's a page 12 testimonies to ministers page 91 in one to the last couple sentences. It says All power is given into his hands which is the hands of Jesus that he may dispense rich gifts and him in imparting the priceless gift and we'll talk more about that tonight the priceless gift of his own righteousness to the helpless human agent all of that pact isn't it we are all helpless human agents I'm pretty helpless we're all pretty helpless but God has a gift a priceless gift of his own righteousness and then it says this is the message that God commanded to be given to the world it is the 3rd angel's message which is to be proclaimed with a loud voice and attended with the outpouring of His Spirit in a large measure that something so God is you know he's giving us a path we need to study this mess we need to understand what is the price lists gift of his own righteousness which he will impart to the helpless human agent we need to understand how is is that the 3rd angel's message how is that and the ultimate goal is for us to experience. The power the outpouring of His Spirit in a large measure does that sound good or right back to your Bibles. Revelation 14 versus 9 to 12 is the 3rd angel's message as it is revealed in the Bible and the conclusion of the message is in verse 12 actually the end of verse 11 is about the mark of the beast those who get the mark and then verse 12 says here is the patience of the saints here are they that keep the commandments of God and the faith of Jesus that is the conclusion of the 3rd angel's message now how does that conclusion Tyee in with the message of the righteousness of Jesus Christ that's what we need to find out that's our that's our challenge to figure this out now let me just. Share some thoughts about verse 12 verse 12 describes a people who could do 2 things right they on the one hand what do they do they keep the commandments of God and then on the other hand what do they do they have the faith of Jesus so they've got bold and got both of those there is a blending. Of the come and months of God and the faith of Jesus in the experience of those saints right now it's to me it's the I like the fact that what is the last word of the 13 joules message before the period it's Jesus have you ever notice that the 3rd angel's message is the last message to the world before the 2nd coming. And the last word before the last period at the end of that last message is Jesus. To me that's impressive the 1st angel has the everlasting gospel so it starts with Jesus the 3rd angel talks about those who get the mark of the beast who will suffer in the presence of the Lamb and the lamb is Jesus and then the 30 concludes with those who keep the commandments of God and the faith of Jesus. Jesus is all over these messages and of course the book of revelation comes from Jesus it is the revelation of Jesus Christ so he is the center of all this now back to the 2 sides the commandments of God and the faith in Jesus prophecy predicts that the Saints have both it seems to me as I have looked at this that down throughout Christian history at least the pendulum has been swinging back and forth between the one side and the other side during the time of Jesus Jesus talked to the fairest seas over and over again and the fair seas would say things like we are Moses disciples we follow Moses as for this man we don't know where he's from if you're member that so it seems to me that what that what the religious leaders did in the time of Jesus was they they focused on the commandments of God They focused on the law they focused on Moses but they when Jesus was there in front of them they didn't want him so they pit one against the other and. It seems to me that today. Generally speaking in the Christian world the pedaling has swung over to the other side if you look at the evangelical world just as a whole the focus is Jesus the cross grace but they generally don't want anything to do with the law the commandments of God They don't want and I'm just speaking generally. See when I'm one time when I'm talking about the pendulum keep swinging the Jews that was the law but they rejected Jesus many of them and today many focus on Jesus but they reject the law now if you look at Adventist history you see the same pendulum swinging back and forth when the early Adventists went to the disappointment and discovered that the sanctuary was not the earth but it was in heaven and that the ark was there and the law was there that's how then they discovered 1234 the 4th commandment is one of the commandments in the ark in the heavenly temple and then this group of Adventists became became a 7th Day Adventists that's how we became 7th Day Adventists and but what happened was as time went on as the administration went down the tracks. As Ellen whites that we've preached the law the law the law until we're as dry as the hills of Bilbo and that's what they did they the it was the law the law the law it's interesting that in 888 there were Sunday laws on the horizon the very time when the general conference took place in 888 it was a bill the Blair Sunday bill pending in the Senate and there was a push among the even Jellicoe percentage and the the brethren. Wanted to make sure that if Sunday was inforced that our arguments in behalf of the law were strong because we got to preach the law so they were preaching the law the law the law today it seems to me that even within Adventism we swung over to the other side and went when people talk about righteousness by faith the righteousness of Christ salvation by grace it seems to me that. Too many times there's a focus on Jesus but not much focus on the commandments of God and I think that's one reason why righteousness by faith is confusing to a lot of people because people talk about righteousness by faith in the talk about Grace they talk about faith but they don't you know where's the law in all that and it ends that people are just confused. So I think we've kind of gone over to the other side and here's the amazing thing at the at the Minneapolis general conference session in the team in 88 especially through the teachings of Wagner when Wagner got off that train he was from California some good things can come out of California sometimes. He was an coeditor with Jones of the signs of the times and when Wagner got to Minneapolis and was invited to speak to the to the brethren and began to go through this series of Bible studies that he began to lead out in what he did was he combine the law the commandments of God am the faith of Jesus to gether inseparably. So again in Christian history the fairest is focused on the law but they neglected Jesus today the evangelicals focus on Jesus but they neglect the law in ads in this history we focused on the law but we neglected Jesus and now today many are focusing on Jesus but they're neglecting the law and what happened in Minneapolis was they came together now I'm going to prove that to you I'm going to show you if you go if you go back to your. Your copy of God's last message Christ Our Righteousness Let me show you some things here. Turn to page chapter 2 is called focusing the lens in the 2nd paragraph of chapter 2 this is page 17 although this there's no 17 there but it's Page 17 Have you ever heard of Clinton wall and that neighboring a Bill Clinton wall of works at the. He's been here OK when I was that we mar and when I was studying the writings of Jones and Wagner Somehow I found a copy of. Clinton Wallendas dissertation on what Wagner preached at Minneapolis because he's done a lot a study on this and his research was invaluable to me and in this 1st paragraph or 2nd paragraph it says here I've been a scholar clip Clinton Wallen in his meticulously researched article What did E.J. Wagner say at Minneapolis. Taken from chapter one of his Master of Divinity thesis he correctly be cleared quote E.J. Wagner's lectures at the Minneapolis General Conference are among the most important in all of the evidence history Wallen reported that Wagner spoke at least 12 times that Minneapolis and Monday October 15th he began a series of at least 9 lectures on the law and its relationship to the righteousness of Christ for this chapter is called focusing the lens when we are trying to 0 in on what is that message that's going to lighten the earth with its glory that is the 3rd angel's message in my research on this the the lens began to sharpen as I went back and read Clinton's material and began to study what did Wagner really say at Minneapolis now they didn't have recording equipment it wasn't streamed they didn't have Youtube or videos and they did and there was no audio recording but there were people there was a number of people there that. By hand recorded what Wagner said so we can we can piece together quite a bit of what he said but on top of that there was a little lady that was there it was a little short lady that was there in the crowd at the Minneapolis general conference session named Ellen White and Ellen White listened to by her and she later reflected and wrote down the most important things that she got from Wagner's teaching and those are on page 18. On page 18 and actually some of this is taken from a little book you can get this from laymen ministry news it's called 888 sermons and morning talks by Ellen White taken from the 888 General Conference section this is actually Ellen White's reflections of what she heard and what happened at Minneapolis and this is quoting from here I think I got that quote The footnote there in my book is right out of page 57 of this book and it's right here on page 18 of this book you've got the source material as well so this is what she said Top Top of Page 18 she said I see the beauty of the truth in the presentation of the righteousness of Christ in relation to the law as Dr E.J. Wagner has placed at the for us if our ministering brethren would accept that doctrine which has been presented so clearly the righteousness of Christ in connection with the law and I know they need to accept this this their prejudices would not have a controlling power and the people would be fed with their portion of meat in due season and I want you to you know kind of focus your focus your lens on this that what Ellen White identified twice in this paragraph as being the beautiful truth that Wagner preached at Minneapolis and Wagner did this just by standing up and reading the Bible and then explaining the Bible he went through 9 lectures on the righteousness of Christ. In relation to the law and he did it from Romans he did it from collations and he focused also on The Book of Revelation and Ellen White heard that and said it was a beautiful truth that was clearly presented and she says it twice the righteousness of Christ in relation to the law see that So what's happening here is that we have the commandments of God On the one side we have the faith of Jesus on the other side we have Christian history swinging back and for we have Adventist history swinging back and forth and then we have Wagner standing up in front of the brethren in 888 and combining them he combines the the righteousness of Christ and how it is in relation to the law next paragraph is good if you go down to the next key paragraph this is also Helen White's reflection this is from an article called Looking back at Minneapolis and here she says the same the page 18 elder E.J. Wagner had the privilege granted him of speaking plainly and presenting his views upon justification by faith and the righteousness of Christ in relation to the law this was no new light in other words she said it he didn't make this up Wagner got it from Paul. He got it from Romans didn't go insurance that's why it's not it wasn't new but it was new to them but it was old light placed where it should be in the 3rd angel's message so what Wagner did was he took the law and the Gospel. Put them together based on Romans didn't go lation he took that old light but he put it into the 3rd angel now that was new because the brethren were not doing that the brethren were preaching the law the law of the law and they were leaving out the Gospel specially in the light of the Sunday laws that were on the horizon then she says at this meeting I bore testimony that the most precious light has been shining forth and where is that light shining forth from from the Scriptures so where can where do we go to find it we can find it in the Bible Jones during one of the general conference sessions he he clarified that the purpose of the spirit of prophecy was to help us to find the message right here in the Bible and to get it here so God has given it still in play He's also given us the early writings of Jones and Wagner and these writings will help us to understand the Bible so we can get the most precious light from the Scriptures and then it's from the Scriptures that we give it to the world through the technology that's available to us in these last days this is where God is leading he's leading us to get this message from the Bible OK most precious at this meeting I bore testimony that the most precious light has been shining forth from the scriptures in the presentation of the great subject and notice this look carefully this is the grade subject of the righteousness of Christ connected with the law which should constantly be kept before the sinner as his only hope of salvation. Are you are you with me so you know as I was that we mar trying to figure this out just like you guys are trying to you know we're all trying to figure this out where we all are it became it became very clear to me that the 3rd angel's message is the commandments of God and the faith of Jesus that's the that's what the Bible says this message is to light in the years and the good and the pendulum has been going back and forth between one in the other one in the other one in the other and what happened in Minneapolis what makes this so important is that at Minneapolis God raised up a man. He raised up to miss. Jones and Wagner and he gave them a message and he helped them to understand from the Bible how the commandments of God and the faith of Jesus come together how the righteousness of Christ in relation to the law how this fits and it's almost it's kind of like when you you know you combine Why are you compain and negative and positive and if you combine these wires and touch them what happens cool you know you get a spark you get an explosion and that's what happened at Minneapolis the combination came together and it was powerful Helen White had not heard men communicating like this she said this was old light but it's in the in the in the midst of the 3rd angel in a way that we've never seen this before a 7th Day Adventists they had not seen that before and what happened was the Brethren or many of them they resisted that because they were afraid. And I explained the reason why they were afraid they were afraid that Wagner's arguments would undermine their arguments in the face of Sunday laws that that were coming now before but before I get to that when I show you something else I turn the page chapter 3 is called This message will lighten the earth and that's what I've called this message part 2 of the 6 part series now why did I pick that name this message will lighten the Earth Well here's the reason why and this chapter describes this 2 years prior to the Minneapolis General Conference Ellen White was in Switzerland she was traveling in Switzerland and she had an encounter with an angel. This is kind of a sideline but I remember some time ago I was that Ellen White's old house in elms haven and if you ever been visited that place many boast or a lot of you have and I remember there was one of the one of the people there that was the lady that gave the tour which I think was her grand her grand daughter still a lot she was quite elderly and she said I think it was her that there were times when Ellen White was alive that the servants would gather outside of her they would gather outside the house and they'd look up to the I think it was a 2nd story window or the 3rd story window where her room once and they would see it at night there would be a light coming out of that room and the servants knew that Ellen White was in that room being instructed by me and one time and an angel left the room and walked down the hallway and crossed somebody it might have been your eyes Smith or somebody cross them as they walked in and Ellen White said to the person that walked in did you see the angel you just crossed him in the hallway. And I don't I don't think he did. But this lady was really instructed by angels and in 1906 she was in Switzerland and she was instructed by an angel and this is what she said she related this if you look at page 21 at the top it says 2 years later in Minneapolis in an address in title to my brethren assembled in general conference Mrs White divulged what the angel said so now here she is at Minneapolis telling the the brethren what happened and she says 2 years ago while in Switzerland I was addressed in the 9th season by a voice which said follow me many things were spoken which I will not now present to you I was told that there was need of a great spiritual revival among the men who bear responsibilities in the Cause of God Now that's us right we are people that bear responsibilities in them in the Cause of God Men and women we must search the scriptures for evidences of truth the 7th Day Adventist message is based on the Word of God based on the Bible and then listen to this there are but few and this is the angel now talking to her there are but few even of those who claim to believe it that comprehend the 3rd angel's message and yet this is the message for this time it is present truth but how few take up this message in its true bearing and presented to the people in its power with many it has but little force. So this is this is the words of the angel so the angels basically saying when we really understand the 13 jewels message when we really get it what's in that message there is a power that is in that message that we've never know tremendous power and listen to this said my guide this is a direct quote from the angel there is much light yet to shine forth from the law of God and the gospel of righteousness so you see how you see the combination the commandments of God and the faith of Jesus their combining that's what Ellen White saw Wagner teaching 4 times she said that his message was the righteousness of Christ in relation to the law the 3rd angel's message is the commandments of God and the faith of Jesus if only me it's that combination the pendulum is always swinging back and for the 3rd angel has the combination Wagner had the combination and the angel had the combinations this message understood in its true character and proclaimed in the spirit will lighten the earth with its glory if we can get a hold of this and if we can understand this and we're not you know I'm not saying that we're going to understand this because I am going to give you some new Steve Walberg version of the 888 message I don't want to Steve Walberg version of the 888 message and I don't want to give that version to you you don't need it what you need is the Lord's version. Of his message and that was one thing that was so powerful about 80 Jones when he was teaching at the 893-1905 General Conference when when Ellen White stood behind those men in spite of the controversy of people that were against them because they were afraid that their teaching would undermine their arguments in favor of the law during the Sunday law crisis Ellen White backed them she backed Jones and she backed Wagner and as she did that this gave that these 2 men tremendous credibility and so Wagner gave his continued to give talks and general compensations not just 888 but 891 and then Jones was the main speaker in 1903 and in 1905 and those bulletin somebody handed me a copy of one of those bulletins they brought They brought here was it was it you somebody had one of those bulletins the 895 General Conference bulletin OK you have it just hold that up hope that's 895 General Conference bulletin talks by Jones to the brethren in 1900 the 893 I think the 803 is even better you can get those from laymen ministry news so in a place what's one of the main places and I know where you can get those and and Jones what was so powerful about Jones when he was teaching the Brethren just like you know sort of like I'm doing right now you know going through this with the ministerial force of the Michigan conference. Jones did the same thing. With the brethren in 893-1905 over and over again he would tell people he would say things like you know this is not my message let's get it from the Word of God Let's let the Lord teach us his word for his people in this hour and let's have His Spirit giving us this message very powerful and he was very humble when he did it he said Brethren it's not me giving you you know my own ideas he said I just want to get the message from the Lord and give it to you and then we want to get the message and give it to the world that's what we need so you know we need to get away from from this whole idea of this is this person's version of righteousness by faith and this is that person's version of righteousness by faith we don't need any of that what we need is the Lord Jesus Christ to be our teacher I need him to teach me just like you need him to teach you and if I am right with God He can use me to teach you and he can use you to teach others and he can use all of us to teach the world and when the 3rd angel's message finally hits to the world you know thank God for the Spirit of Prophecy and I think God for the writings of Jones and Wagner I have learned so much from them but I'm going to give this message to the world I'm going to give it from my Bible. The earth the message is going to lighten the earth with its glory is going to come from Scripture we're not going to stand before C.N.N. or Fox News or or A.B.C. or N.B.C. or all the major networks that are going to be covering that group of people that are not going along with the mark of the beast and we're not going to be giving this message you know for we're not going to grab testimonies to ministers we're not going to grab Wagner's book Christ and His righteousness we're going to grab our Bibles we have to have this message down from the Bible and the wonderful thing is is it's in the Bible it's right there which we will we'll look at in our next meeting but I'm just kind of preparing the way so back to the angel said my guide page 21 there is much light how much light much light there's a lot of light for us that is yet to shine so the angels had this in 1906 and a lot of that light started shining in 1980 there is much light yet to shine forth from the law of God and the gospel of righteousness this message understood in its true character and proclaimed in the spirit will light in the earth with its glory the great decisive question is to be brought before all nations tongues and people that's our that's our challenge we are to give this message to the whole world to this world this You Tube Twitter Facebook Democrat Republican divided world where to give this message to this world during the loud cry in the final hours and we're doing right from the Bible the closing work of the 3rd angel's message will be attended with a power. That will send the rays of the Sun of Righteousness into all the highways and byways of life and decisions will be made for God as the supreme governor and his law will be looked upon as the rule of his government there was power on the day of Pentecost there was power during the 7th month movement in the summer of $844.00 and there will be power there was power at Minneapolis and there will be there will be tremendous power that is going to accompany the closing work of the 3rd message and we have a chance to be part of that and that power is connected as we've read clearly here it's connected with the law of God and the gospel of righteousness combined see that are you following me that's where the power is if we just preach the commandments of God and leave out Jesus there's no power but if we just talk about Jesus Jesus Jesus and we leave out the commandments of God there's no power either Ellen White sense that she says it's the 2 of them blended that's where the power comes and that's what the angel said the fact I think I've got fat quote here is that quote. Explosion in Minneapolis. OK In the time I've got 5 minutes left I want to look at one more quote If you go to page 2222 The chapter is called Lucifer hates this truth. And if you look at the bottom of the page there is a quote from this page and on to the next page from 1st selected messages page 234 into 35 in this book it's on page 22 and 23. This is something on what wrote in 8096 and now we're down. 8 years after Minneapolis she's reflecting and she says here the law is she's quoting Galatians $324.00 which was one of Wagner's favorite texts the law was our schoolmaster to bring us to Christ that we might be justified by faith so there's Paul showing that the law brings us to Christ in the Bible right the evangelicals say we don't need the law now we have Jesus and I've had people quote this verse to me and I'll say you know you need to really take close to that verse that verse says the laws are schoolmaster to bring us to Christ so has the law brought you to Christ say they don't know what they don't have an answer for that because in their mind the law is gone but in Paul's mind the law brings us to Christ now look at this in this group church the Holy Spirit through the Apostle is speaking especially of the Moral Law Now the brother and apply this to the ceremonial law and when Wagner applied it to the Most see the the brethren in $888.00 they interpreted the law in Galatians to be the ceremonial law and so they thought when the evangelicals say quoting Galatians and say the 10 Commandments are gone the brethren said no there are answer to them is the 10 commitments are not gone because that's just the ceremonial law. And they felt that when the Sunday laws were about to come that they had to tell below the world that the 10 Commandments were still there and that and that Paul in Romans and Galatians was referring to the ceremonial law not the 10 Commandments that was their argument in order to refute these Sunday keepers but Wagner came along and said it's the moral law and the brother when we have a minute that's impossible if it's the moral law then you're there we have no argument in front of the Senate keepers and then Wagner said no that's not true and Ellen White said that's not true Wagner didn't get rid of the law but he used it as Paul did as a means to bring people to Christ so back to the quote in this scripture of the Holy Spirit to the apostle is speaking especially of the Moral Law She's agreeing with Wagner the law reveals sin to what's and causes us to feel our need of Christ and to flee to him for pardon and Peace by exercising repentance toward God and faith toward our board Jesus Christ Wagner said the law is the it's the law in elations it's the moral law but that doesn't get rid of it it's all it's there in all of its majesty in all of its glory in all of its forcefulness and it shows us that we are absolutely total sinners and that we need a savior. That was the difference now look at this will finish with this this paragraph here an unwillingness to accept this truth lay at the foundation of a large share of the UP of the opposition manifested at Minneapolis against the Lord's message through brethren E.J. Wagner and a T. Jones. By exciting that opposition from our own brethren Satan succeeded in shutting away from our people in a great measure the special power of the Holy Spirit that God long to impart to them God was trying to get his people ready at Minneapolis for the Sunday law and the brethren were resisting this because they thought Wagner was going to take away their arguments that they would be used to the event Jellicoe is when the evangelicals say the law in Galatians is the moral law brother would say no it's the ceremonial law hahaha it's the ceremonial law so the 10 come out still in force and Wagner didn't agree with that Wagner said it's the moral law and so they thought this man's dangerous he's dangerous to Adventism and they resisted but they didn't realize that underneath their opposition was the devil the devil was using them to resist the very message that we need the special power of the Holy Spirit the enemy prevented them from obtaining the efficiency which might have been theirs in carrying the truth to the world as the apostles proclaimed it after the Day of Pentecost look at this the light that is to light in the whole earth with its glory was resisted and by the action of our own brethren has been in a great degree kept away from the world so God wants to teach his people so then his people can give it to the world and we we are to learn it from the Word of God. And the angel explained that to Ellen White it's the balance of the righteousness of Christ and the law Paul says it in goal ations it's the right it's the law connected to the gospel it's in Romans and you know the best book ever written on righteousness by faith is not this book it is the little book steps to Christ and there's no greater book I think ever written and probably outside of the Bible than that little book and when we understand this from the Word of God the righteousness of Christ connected to the law how they go together this is the message that's going to finish the work that God is going to use to finish the work and we need to learn this message this message is for us and Mike to see my time is up and in our next meeting let's pray that the light will really shine upon us that we will understand this very message and will experience it and it'll be powerful to us and it will encourage you it will help you it will bless you it will bring light to your eyes life to your soul and it will. Help us get ready let's let's kneel and let's pray. To God this is a wonderful opportunity that we all have it's so exciting to be here thank you that you brought me here in spite of all the weather difficulties Lord we're here together and I and I want to be. Just a little child before you and I pray for all of us that you will impress us that you have a message a real message of the righteousness of Jesus Christ for us to understand from the Bible that will change our lives and lighten the earth with its glory. Please prepare us for this and with humble hearts open hearts give us the spirit of truth to guide us into all. She's the same in. This media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more sermon leader Visit W W W audio verse or.


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