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Christ our Righteousness - Part 4

Steve Wohlberg


Steve Wohlberg

Television producer, radio host, and international speaker


  • January 29, 2019
    11:45 AM
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Heavenly Father in the name of Jesus we pray for the Holy Spirit to be our teacher May the angels of heaven be around us may your light shine on us may I just be a vessel for your voice Jesus you said My sheep hear my voice and I know them and they follow me and may I just be a channel for your voice help us to understand righteousness buy things. And use these recordings to speak to people all over the world in Jesus name we pray. How they do that and when Ellen White went into vision she would say Glory Glory Glory Glory Revelation 14. Verse 9. The Bible says that the 3rd angel followed them saying with a loud voice the 3rd angel is glory this message is powerful it warns the if any man worship the beast and his image and receive his mark I'll talk about that tomorrow some of the details of the warning of the 3rd angel but the 3rd angel is a powerful message it is God's message in his word and that message you finish is with verse 12 here is the patience of the saints here are they that keep the commandments of God and the faith of Jesus it's a verse that we know well this is our verse as the people. It's a verse for 7th Day Adventists and it's a verse for the world now let me share a couple of sentences from my book God's last message Christ Our Righteousness if you have this book grab this book and look at page 118-1184 the recording this book is available from Whitehorse media it's probably available in an A.B.C. near you whoever is listening to this sometime in the future it is in the A.B.C.'s and if they don't have it you can get it from Whitehorse media. Page 118 down near the bottom of this page there is a quote from the 1888 materials paid 7083 and this is what it says the law you see that quote Ellen White wrote the law without faith in the Gospel of Christ cannot save the transgressor. Yesterday I talked about how the 3rd angel's message has elements that are blended there's the commandments of God and the faith of Jesus Bowl and how down throughout history there's been extremes where the pendulum has been going back and forth and people focus on the commandments but they leave out Jesus and then other people focus on Jesus but leave out the commandments this is happen in Christian history this has happened in Adventist history at Minneapolis the pendulum is centered. And the commandments of God and the faith of Jesus were combined through the preaching of E.J. Wagner and a T. Jones Ellen White heard that preaching and said every every fiber in her heart when Amen said amen and here's a quote that goes right along with this the law without faith in the Gospel of Christ cannot save the transgressor So if we preach the law but we don't lift up Jesus we're really not helping people because they can't be saved we're not saving anybody or we're not leaving anybody to salvation and then she says that the Gospel without the law is 2 things it's anything. And it is what's that 2nd word powerless and that amazing if you if we tried to preach the gospel but there is no law in our preaching our preaching is inefficient and it is powerless. No power in that kind of preaching. That's an amazing quote and then she says it is the to do with blended the gospel of Christ and the law of God. That produce the love and the faith unfeigned So if we want that love that Jesus talks about that is going to be growing cold in the world if we want that love that. Is in the Gospel that's going to be preached to all the world as a witness to all nations before the end comes if we want the 30 message we have to have the law and the Gospel together. Now go down just a couple sentences in your in your book here and there's a quote that says exactly that right in the middle of the last paragraph is the one sentence from gospel workers page 161 if we would have the spirit and the power of the 3rd angel's message we must present the law and the Gospel to gether for they go hand in hand is that powerful how many hands do you have to read how many eyes do you have to if in order for us to see clearly we need both of our eyes when we're rowing you know if you get into a boat and if you row a boat if you want the boat to go straight a little rowboat you have to use both your hands polling both of the oars to walk I need both of my feet. This is very simple and according to The Spirit of Prophecy. We need to preach the law and the Gospel together and if we do that we can have the spirit and the power of the 3rd Egilsson message there is power in the 3rd angel and the more we get into that and get deeper and deeper and deeper we're going to we're going to sense that power is tremendous power and that power comes in preaching and presenting the law and the Gospel together and that's what the 3rd message does. The 3rd angel is the commandments of God and the faith of Jesus right together we cannot understand righteousness by faith unless we put the 2 together they have to go together so that's what we're going to do. This morning and we're going to do it right from our Bibles so let's turn in the Bible to the Book of Romans and we're going to have a little Bible study. We're going to walk through some verses in the book of Romans we have is the can't read the whole book chapter 3 we're going to go into Chapter 3 and I'm going to walk you through righteousness by faith I believe personally that the Holy Spirit taught me what I'm going to share with you and that he taught me through reading E.J. waggers articles that were in the signs of the Times a long time ago on Romans and Galatians and I also learned it from steps to Christ they are reading the little book steps to Christ that jewel of a book that goldmine of a book and ultimately Wagner's articles and steps to Christ God used those writings to help me to understand righteousness by faith from the Bible those writings pointed me to the Bible and I learned this in the Word of God and it became clearer and clearer and clearer to me what's in the Bible and as I've mentioned this yesterday when we ultimately get down to the final time when the Holy Spirit is poured out and the loud cry is given and the 3rd angel's message circles the world. With a loud voice and the 4th Angel comes down and Revelation $181.00 to give power to the 3rd angel during the Final Crisis and the whole earth is lightened with His glory we're going to be giving this message from the Word of God we're going to be seeing it and people are going to be seeing it people all around the world are going to be seeing it right here. So let's just let's just have a little Bible study Romans chapter 3 verse well actually chapter one just quick summary Paul talks about different things but then he talks about the Gentile world and how it's full of sin Romans chapter one ends with a list of all the different sins of the people of the world and then in Romans 2 he's there as in on the Jews and he talks about how the Jews are really no better because they know what's right but they're not doing it and they're in the same boat the Gentile world and the Jewish world and we could add the Adventist world you know we're all in the same boat and then in chapter 3 he puts them both together and he says everybody is in the same boat verse 9 Romans $39.00 What then are we better than they are we Jews better than the Gentiles and he said no in no wise for we have before proved both Jews and Gentiles that they are all under sin pretty clear so we're all in the same condition and. Sin is breaking God's Law truth is very is very tight Ellen White talks about Satan that weaving a web of lives and you know spider web does have all kinds of different different stray endings and truth has air has lots of different strands I heard elder frizzy a long time ago he said he said imagine I had a blackboard or a whiteboard up here and I took a there are a marker or. You know and I started writing on the board with chalk or whatever I was using and he said Let's say I put 3 numbers up there 598275 it wrote a motherboard and then if I asked you. If you add up those numbers how many wrong answers could you get if you if you add them wrong he said Could there be you know if you added them wrong could you get 10 wrong answers could you get 50 wrong answers could you get $100.00 wrong answers could you get a 1000 wrong answers and his point was that that error has an endless amount of wrong answers and then he said but if you add them up right how many right answers do you get now does that sound narrow minded. Is that politically incorrect to say there's only one right answer but when you're dealing with math and if you add these 3 numbers together there's only one right answer right I mean that's not being narrow minded and and. You know foolish it's the truth it is the truth there's only one right answer and then he said when it comes to truth you know Truth has he has one right answer. Truth is a is a package that's tight it fits together and when you inject error into the system of truth it just it unbalances everything and God doesn't want that he wants us to understand the simple truth of His Word and truth is tight it fits together perfectly and Paul here says in verse 9 Jews and Gentiles are all under sin which means that everyone has broken the law of God verse 10 as it is written there is none righteous no not one and there in the end there the word righteous is used and we talked about this yesterday that according to Romans and Isaiah and steps to Christ in and numerous other scriptures in the Bible righteousness is defined by the 10 Commandments God's law is is righteous because it's right the word righteous and righteousness you know righteousness by faith were righteous is rooted in the word right and not wrong and right is defined by the 10 Commandments the 10 Commandments tell us what's right and the 10 Commandments are right because God is right because his character is right the 10 Commandments are reflection of the character of God and that character was revealed by Jesus when he came. The 10 Commandments are the law of God written and Jesus is the law of God lived Jesus lived the law for want to know what the law looks like what it looks like to be a commandment keeper we just look at Jesus he is the embodiment he said he said Lo I come in the volume of the book it is written of me I have come to do your will of God Your law is within my heart so based on the Bible there is none righteous no not one which means we've all done wrong we've all broken the 10 Commandments we've all and that's what it means to be a sinner when when the Bible says that people are sinners and Paul says here everyone is under sin sin is breaking the law sin is going against what is right what is righteous righteousness we've all broken the law we've sinned and that's why we're sinners and sense we're all sinners because we've all broken the 10 Commandments it's really pretty simple it's not flattering but it's simple now and then Paul continues on and talks about the condition of man in and women in verses 11 to 18 we don't have to read the whole thing but now notice verse 19 Paul says Now we know that what things soever the law said it says to them who are under the law now Wagner was very clear that to be under the law means 2 things it means to be under God under the laws authority that the law applies to all of us and it also means to be under its condemnation as a law breaker. That's what it means to be under the law Wagner said when you're under the law the law is on top of you we're under it because we've broken it imagine I have the you know I have the stone that we're under 1st we're under its authority the law applies to everybody and then when we break it we're under its condemnation it is very clear on that and he got that from the Bible let's look at verse 19 again keep looking at it we know that what's so we whatsoever things the law says it says to them who are under the law now how many people are under the law he goes on and says that air every Malthe may be what stopped every mouth may be stopped there is a horn in prophecy that has a big mouth. A little horn that has a mouth speaking great things and we often talk about that little horn in our revelation seminars. But the horn is not the only one that has a big mouth I've learned that the Lord spoke to me that if I have a a mouth speaking great things I'm just like the little horn I have a whole sermon called The Beast Within not going to share it now but the idea is that when you look at the beasts of Revelation and look at the horn and look at their character qualities and look in the mirror it's it's a reflection of humanity the beasts whether it's the dragon the beast the false prophet these are reflections of humanity and we're humans and we're all in this together every mouth may be stopped. You know maybe the Holy Spirit just convicted us you know sometimes we talk too much. And you know now I'm doing talking I'm in front of you and I want to be very careful that my words are the right words. We you know human beings we just talk too much that's why God gave us 2 ears and only one mouth is he wants us to listen twice as much as we speak and he especially wants us to listen to his word and if we're going to understand righteousness by thief we have to be quiet for a while we have to close our mallets and stop talking and stop. Saying things that we probably really don't know what we're talking about and saying things that we know this or we know that when we really don't and there are so many theories and views and ideas and God has just you know spoken to my heart there were there have been many many times when I've read this verse and I've just realized I just need to shut up and I just need to listen to what the Lord has to say and the whole context here is that we're under sin we're not righteous which means we've broken the law of God We've broken the Holy Law of God which is the foundation of his government in heaven and on earth the Holy Law of God which is inside the ark inside the most holy place that has 2 angels on the sides where the glorious light shines out from the middle of the Chicago the 10 Commandments is a reflection of the righteousness of God It is the Holy Law of God and Satan this whole contention in heaven and down throughout history is that the law of God is really bad is that he has a better way. That going his way is is is deader than the law of God and this whole experiment down here is designed by God to prove him wrong that it's a disaster when we go our own way that sin is a disaster and that God's Law His righteous law is right and it's what's best for his universe for for all created beings it's best for you it's best for me it's best for everyone to line up with the law of God That's what's right when we do that we're where we're we're happy. And that's the issue is that really right Satan says that's not right that's not true following God's law is bondage it's bad it's not good for you it's not good for the angels and Lucifer convinced a 3rd of the angels that he was right. You know can you imagine that a 3rd of the holy beings were convinced that there is something wrong with God and with his law and these intelligent beings they bought into it don't buy into that lie it's a lie it's a lie from the devil God's law is right it's good it's for the benefit of the whole universe and when we keep it we'll be happy. We'll be at peace we'll have choice. But we've all broken it. That's why there is none righteous no not one and every mouth needs to be stopped and all the world may become guilty before God who hears so hear post about the whole world and a lot of evangelicals say that the law was just for the Jews but that's not true and they they often quote Paul that hears this is a great text to use in your bible studies with people in the world show them Romans 319 that the law of God is for the world it's for the gentiles in Romans one it's for the Jews in Romans 2 it's for the Christians it's for Adventists it's for everybody and Paul is proving that right here in your bible in Romans 319 that the laws for the whole world and that in the light of the law every mouth. And that applies to Pope Francis' this mouth and trumps mouth and Hillary Clinton's mouth and my mouth. And your mouth everybody's every mouth may be stopped and all the world may become guilty before God and that tells us that in the light of the Holy Law of God We are all guilty guilty guilty means we are accountable to God and that we are guilty of violating his law that's what Paul said was right it's right there and this is the context of righteousness by faith. Remember Ellen White said if we were really want to understand and have the power of the 3rd angel we have to have the law and the Gospel together and that's exactly what Paul does in Romans 3 exactly Romans one is the Gentiles are in sin Romans 2 the Jews are in sin Romans 3 everybody's sin sin in the light of the Holy Law of God which is a reflection of his character of His nature of his love of his unselfish goodness and we've all broken it and we're all by nature. In trouble. And we are guilty guilty before him and that doesn't mean that God is bad you know Satan wants to spin this and make us think God is bad but that's not true it's not God That's bad who's the bad one it's us right that's the whole purpose of the judgement and the hour of judgment and at the end of the millennium there's a great white throne and all the vast multitudes are resurrected and they stand before a great white throne and the books are opened and then they see their whole lives flashed before them and one of the purposes of the final judgment is to convince all of humanity that it's not God that's bad it's the them see and God will be completely exonerated when the whole great controversy is over and all the dust settles and everything is everything is out in the open God will appear as absolutely completely and totally innocent. As for lawless as unselfish as pure That's why he sits on a white throne. That's why Jesus comes on a white cloud that's why he wants to get he offers us a white robe that's why we like the name White Horse media from Jesus coming on a white horse in Revelation 19 God is is is pure There is nothing wrong with him and all you know and if we start if we start you know thinking in our minds in ways that makes God out to be wrong in any area then without realizing it we're thinking like the devil or thinking like the devil that's the way the devil thinks there's something wrong with God and this whole great controversy is to show that that's all not true that God is right and right shifts ness is revealed in his law and we've all broken it and were wrong and we need to go. We need to stop talking and humble ourselves before him and realize these facts we are guilty before God verse 20 therefore. And in and of what I'm sharing with you right now I learned this from Wagner so powerful his some of his early writings therefore in the light of verse 19 in the light of our condition therefore by the deeds of the law shall no flesh be justified in his sight for the law is the knowledge of sin is the theory powerful verse. Paul is saying that in the light of our our condition before God as commandment breakers as law breakers as under the law as guilty before God Therefore in that condition that we're in by the deeds of the law shall no flesh be justified. Which means once where commandment breakers all the deeds of trying to keep the law to try to change our condition before God is worthless it's worthless if you try to change your status before God by keeping the commandments when you're guilty before God You're like a hamster going around and around and around and around in the in a cage and you'll never get there all you'll do is. Deepen your guilt. There's no peace there's no joy there's no happiness there's no way out there's no way out from getting out from underneath this condition by the deeds of the law it's as good as the law is a commandment keeping can not save your soul. Right once you're guilty no amount of effort even co-operative effort no amount of effort even co-operative effort can remove your guilt when you're guilty you're guilty it's kind of like a person you know if a person commits a crime and gets thrown in jail and he's in jail in his cell for 6 months and then he comes before the judge and the judge says did you do it. And he says yes your honor I did it and the judge has a what do you have to say for yourself and the and the man says what but your honor I've been sitting in my things myself for the last 6 months and I haven't done anything bad for 6 months I've screen myself I've helped out in the cafeteria you know I've washed the dishes I've been a model prisoner for 6 months Your Honor isn't 6 months worth of obedience won't that remove my guilt and what's the judge going to say no you know he might say I'm glad you you've. Mopped the floor for 6 months you've been good you haven't heard any prisoners you feel you've cleaned up that you've done the dishes you've been a good obedient law abiding prisoner for the last 6 months but 6 months ago you committed a crime and you are you are guilty for that crime and no amount of obedience is going to remove a particle of your guilt not one particle. You see our condition once we've broken the 10 Commandments and are guilty before God and our malice are stopped not not an iota of obedience can remove your guilt that's why we can not be saved by the law of God That's why we cannot be justified by the law it seems it's impossible to be justified. Therefore by the deeds of the law shall no flesh be justified in his sight to be justified in the sight of God means to stand before God just to stand before God as if we never sin. To stand before God without any guilt so we can stand there before the holy law of God perfectly innocent and that state is impossible for a law breaker to achieve by his own works see the the law and the Gospel its type package the law and the gospel have to go together if we don't understand the law will never understand the Gospel we preach the law without the gospel all we do is discourage people but if we preach the gospel without the law it's inefficient and powerless because people don't understand that there are sinners they don't understand why they need a savior it makes no sense the whole thing makes no sense but once you understand the law and our condition then and only then can we understand the gospel. If all in all fits together in all makes sense so we're not justified by the law in the sight of God It's impossible for by the law and some people say well since I'm saved by grace not the gospel we don't need the law that's what the evangelical say that's totally wrong. The early Adventists preached the law of the law the law until they were as dry as the gill the hills of Bilbo and they and they had lost sight of the gospel that was a terrible thing because if you if you preach the law and tell people they're going to be saved by commandment keeping you doomed them we've got to bring them together they have to come together and so we know that the laws they hear it doesn't save us it can't save us so what good is that verse 20 says by the law is the knowledge of sin the law is the law even though it doesn't save us. It shows that it's our condition in the sight of God that makes sense and this is what the Bible says this is what Wagner preached at Minneapolis he but he walked the Brethren through verse by verse by verse by verse right from the Bible the law shows us our sin and if we don't know that we're sinners it's because we don't we haven't really taken a close look at them and we need to take a closer look at the law by the Holy Spirit so we know our condition as sinners now let's keep going because by now we're ready for some good news verse 21 Paul says but now But now the righteousness of God So righteousness is the law of God revealed in the life of Jesus but we don't have that righteousness so where do we get it we've got to get it we need righteousness but we can't get it from the law so where do we get it Paul's answer is we can get it in only one place and that one place is Jesus he is the righteousness of God But now the righteousness of God without the law is manifested now without the law it means it's in another place it's not it's not we can get the law I mean we can get the righteousness of God without the law which means somewhere else in another place and it is manifested and one day it's can be manifested to the whole world the whole world can see it but it's with this to by the law and the prophets. So it's apart from the law but the law witnesses to it and Wagner was so clear on this he said the right he said the righteousness of God is in Jesus it's separate from the law but the law witnesses to it the law looks at Jesus and says That's it that is the righteousness that I require the good law of God looks at you and me and says you don't have it the good law of God looks at Jesus and says There it is there's the righteousness that I'm looking for have to live again. Glory to God it is witnessed by the law and the prophets verse $22.00 even the righteousness of God So whose righteousness do we need we need God's righteousness not our own which is by a thing of Jesus Christ to all and upon all them that believe for there is no difference for all have sinned and come short of the glory of God we've all sinned we're all in the same boat we're all commandment breakers and our only option when obedience is eliminated as a path to forgiveness the only option left is faith. It's trust in the Lord Jesus Christ and that's what Paul's doing he's building his case verse 24 being justified freely by His grace through the redemption that is in Christ Jesus in the context of the laws and our law breaking and the condition that we're in what Paul does what Paul does is he he lifts up the cross he lifts up grades C. when you realize your condition and your mouth is stopped then you look at the cross and you see there it is there's a great US grace becomes powerful in the context of the law if we preach grace without the law people don't know what that means it's like a person you know who who kneels before a king and ask for mercy and then when the king puts his scepter out like who is the king. Hatcher's said to Esther she said if I die I die if I perish I perish I'm going for the king and then he extended the scepter the scepter of grace and that's what Jesus does we have a king who sits on a throne and before a Great White Throne our king is willing to extend to us the scepter. And say to say even though you've sinned even though you've broken my commandments even though you've done what's wrong I'm going to show you grace because I came down I took your place I lived that life I developed a righteous character and then I paid the price in guess 70 and on the cross for all of your sins and because of what I did not because of what you did but because of what I did I'm going to extend to you the scepter of mercy and then when they give you grace and I'm going to forgive your sins and I'm going to give you my righteousness as a gift and then I'm going to raise us up so you can stand before my holy law and before the entire universe how Louis as if you never sinned even one time you cannot accomplish that on your own but Jesus offers to do it for you as a gift that's what it means to be justified before God it means to stand before God as if you've never sinned even one time yeah I see people you know I see the heads nodding I see the smiles coming I tell you this is this is powerful powerful information verse 25 God whom God has set forth to be a propitiation That's a fancy were a big word propitiation for the Mercy Seat the propitiation is the mercy seat over the law and then the Day of Atonement the blood was sprinkled on the mercy seat. Over the 10 commandments Jesus is our mercy seat through faith in his blood on the day of atonement the high priest took the blood and put it on top of the mercy seat underneath the which was the 10 Commandments our hope is the blood of Jesus Christ taste Satan hates the blood he hates the blood the blood that is a is a a representative or representation of the life of Christ poured out for us the blood that is this is his mercy it's a symbol of his of his merits of his righteousness of his word the Nets who he is his blood is enough for you and me his blood is a nuff and we need to have faith in his blood we need to trust that in in our state with our hands over our mouths as sinners we look to Jesus we see him hanging on the cross we see his blood poured out drop by drop and we realize it's enough it's enough he's a nothing his worthiness is enough Worthy is the lamb who was slain how they lose. His blood is enough and if we're willing to humble our hearts and to trust in Jesus Christ and in his in his blood faith in his blood in his righteousness that he's enough he's the one he's the center some day every knee shall bow and every tongue will confess that Jesus Christ is Lord and at the end of the millennium all the last will realize their lost because they rejected Jesus Christ and they've broken his law and they have no atonement they have no Savior they have no blood it's too late and they're standing guilty before God and they have no hope because there's no more of an offer for forgiveness but that's available to us now it's still there to declare his righteousness for the remission of sins that are passed through the forbearance of God to declare I say at this time he is righteousness that he might be just and the justify her of him who believes in Jesus Ellen White said Oh glorious truth just to his own law and yet the justifier of the person who believes in Jesus in the context of Romans 3 to be justified means to stand before God without guilt because remember we're guilty before God But Hill remove that guilt he'll take away that. He'll forgive our sins so we can stand before him without guilt and we can be just just before God as if we never sin. That is justification by faith that is righteous ness given to us by think through trusting Jesus instead of trusting in ourselves now I can see my time is is going fast I've got to share some more things with you for I'm done verse $28.00 Therefore we conclude that a man is justified by faith without the deeds of the law commandment keeping won't save us we can't earn our way to heaven commandment keeping won't remove our guilt commandment keeping won't take guilt off of of our consciences it won't we can't stand before God without guilt through the law Paul said of righteousness came through the Law Christ has died for nothing righteousness cannot come through the law it can only come through faith in Jesus Christ does that make sense it's tight it's a tight package you have to stick with with Romans 3 and you have to stick with with the Biblical definitions if you stick with Biblical definitions it all makes it all make sense chapter 5 Verse one therefore being justified by faith we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ peace with God means I can stand before Him No guilt no sin I can open my mouth again and I can say Praise the Lord. I can open my mouth again and I can say Praise the lord thank you Jesus thank you for what you did for me in your life and in your death on the cross you're my Savior Hallelujah Now keep going notice versa verse 5 HOPE makes not ashamed. Because the love of God is shed a broad in our hearts by the Holy Ghost which is given to us Paul is saying that when we trust in Jesus as our Savior and look to him alone as our righteousness and his blood and the power of the cross then in the context of God saying you can talk again that you can stand up now you can thank me for what I have done for you then what happens in the context in the in the womb of Grace lives are changed the Holy Spirit comes to us through the channel of justification by faith the Holy Spirit comes down and then comes in and we and he and he brings love into our hearts the love that we don't get you know the coldness out in the environment you know when things get colder and colder and colder we can find love and joy and peace from the Holy Spirit coming to us and showing us that God still loves us anyway even though we've sent even though we've broken his law even though we've done everything wrong he still loves us He still paid the price for us he still lived the perfect life for us and he extends to us the scepter of grace and says Now you can stand before me you can get up you can stand before the whole universe before all the angels before unfallen worlds and I can God can present to you clothed in the righteousness of Christ as if you never sinned and you can be happy and you can live forever and you can meet the angels and you can meet the prophets. It's all through grace and forgiveness and mercy because the king has been willing to do this for you and me. And that brings love and that's what the that's what the Bible sense. Hope does not make us ashamed because the love of God is shed of brought in our hearts by the Holy Ghost who is given to us now look at Chapter 8 verse for. ROMANS And you can read all this in steps to Christ read The Little Book steps to Christ it's all there Romans 8 verse 4 says that the righteousness of the law there is with the righteousness of the law might be fulfilled now it was fulfilled in Jesus Jesus fulfilled it but now it can also be fulfilled in us it says the righteousness of the law might be fulfilled the in US who walk not after the flesh but after the Spirit so righteousness by thief righteousness covers us and we stand before God as if we never sinned and then righteousness comes into our hearts through the Holy Spirit and then as we stand up then we can become commandment keepers because we have the Holy Spirit in our lives in our hearts and ultimately the last fulfilled Romans $1310.00 says the law is fulfilled in one word which is love loving God and loving our neighbor as ourselves so commandment keeping results. When we're justified by faith in Jesus we receive His righteousness into our lives and the Holy Spirit comes in and changes that's And then there are threats where the cooperation comes in now now we cooperate with God to become commandment keepers and we can do that because we're not a hampster going around and around and around and in a little circle but now we're forgiven where we're changed we are justified Christians in the sight of God who have been given mercy by the king and now we can stand up and we can begin a life of obedience so that's where the message of the righteousness of Christ covering us and then through the Holy Spirit coming into us can actually produce a people who keep the commandments of God and have the faith of Jesus the 3rd angel's message people can be developed through the message of the righteousness of Jesus Christ and that's the only way that the 3rd angels message people can be developed there is only one way and that is through the message of the righteousness of Jesus Christ it's the only way there is no other way there's only one way and it's the Bible way it's the gospel way through Jesus now before I close I want to I want to walk you through the steps to Christ open your grab your book here and I'm going to summarize all this Actually I'm not going to summarize had a minute let the Lord summarize it. Page 92. No I'm sorry not page 90 to page 110. Brother Royce I'm going to go a few more minutes that OK I know I'm a little bit right on my time here but. My wife always tells me Steve you've got to shorten your talks my kids tell me that too. Sometimes they take my my son Times me when he when he hears me preach in Newport he tells me how many minutes I preached page 110 OK Page 110 at the bottom is a summary and going on to the next page from steps to Christ and Jones really made use of steps to Christ at the General Conference session in 1903 he really zeroed in on this you got it see where it is bottom of the page OK this is from steps to Christ she says righteousness is defined by the standard of God's Holy Law as expressed in the 10 precepts given on the Sinai which we've talked about it was possible for Adam before the fall to form a righteous character by obedience to God's law so if God's laws righteousness obeying that law would help you to form a righteous character and it was possible for Adam to do that before he sinned but he failed to do this and because of his sin our natures are fallen and we cannot make ourselves righteous we can't do it we can't keep God's law in our own. Strength since we are sinful and unholy we cannot perfectly obey the holy law we have how much righteousness no righteousness of our own with which to meet the claims of the law of God That's our condition and we saw that Romans 3. We saw that Romans 319 the whole world is guilty before God All our males are stopped we have no righteousness to meet the claims of the law of God but Christ has made a way of escape for us Hallelujah Jesus is our answer he lived on earth amid trials and temptations such as we have to me he lived a sinless life Jesus kept the law perfectly for us and then he died for us that's the gospel he died for us and now he offers to take our sins and give us his righteousness he says let's make a switch Jesus says I've got righteousness you've got sin one trait you. Sound like a good deal. This is exciting. And then here's the condition if you give yourself to him there's the condition you have to surrender your life to Him If you don't surrender your life to him then Sunday you're going to stand before God before a great white throne and you're going to be accountable for all your sins on your own and you'll die you'll go down and you'll never come back if you give yourself to Him and accept Him as your savior then sinful as your life may have been no matter what you've done no matter how bad you been no matter how many sins how many dark stains on your life that are in your past no matter what you've done for his sake you are accounted righteous. Christ character stands in the place of your character and you are accepted before God just as if you had not sinned that is justification by faith that's the imputed righteousness of Christ as a free gift credited to you so you can stand before God as if you never see him in that good in that simple can you understand that can we understand that I can get a hold of this now then she says more than this Christ changes the heart that's Romans 55 that's where the Holy Spirit comes in and you are to maintain this connection with Christ by theat and the continual surrender of your will to him as long as you do this he will work in you to will and to do according to HIS good pleasure so you may say the life which I now live in the flesh I live by the faith of the Son of God who loved me and gave Himself for me Jesus said to His disciples it is not you that speak but the spirit of your father speaking through you now go to the next paragraph the last sentence there in the next paragraph the letter actually will read the whole paragraph it says then with Christ working in you you will manifest the same spirit and do the same good works works of righteousness and obedience so that's where righteousness we're not only covered but we're filled and that's where we then become obedient because where we stand up and we're not guilty any more are our sins are forgiven Jesus stands in our place the Holy Spirit comes in and then we begin to live the life of obedience so we have nothing of ourselves of which to boast. Our only ground of hope is the righteousness of Christ imputed to us and in that wrought by His Spirit working in and through us so there it is after you read those paragraphs and you know read them again and read them again and and kind of meditate on them by the time you're done meditating on those paragraphs which are simply a description of what we read in Romans Romans Chapter 3 Romans Chapter 5 Romans chapter 8 it's all right here the more we meditate that and think about that then we understand righteousness by faith righteousness by Thing is trusting Jesus to cover us in His righteousness so we can stand before God is that we never stand and righteousness by faith also involves Jesus through the Holy Spirit coming into us and then helping us to begin to live the new life of obedience to God because we love him because we now love the Lord we love our king who gave us mercy and we experience His grace and His power and it's all by thing and it's all through Jesus Christ and it is the message that will lighten the earth with its glory and what will do tomorrow is we'll look at this all in the context of of the Final Crisis and the mark of the beast in the enforcement of Sunday. In the final days and how the message of Christ Our Righteousness will belt the world at a time when the whole world is basically violating God's law and I've got one more quote and then we'll finish with this page 92. Bottom of page 92 this is a quote from and see my reference there is Page 50 This is from the 888 Materials page 217 bottom of 92 the 3rd angel's message is the proclamation of the commandments of God and the faith of Jesus the faith of Jesus it is talked about but not understood somebody asked me this yesterday what is the faith of Jesus what constitutes the faith of Jesus that belongs to the 3rd angel's message ever wondered that the commandments of God and the faith of Jesus what is the faith of Jesus here she says it she tells us Jesus becoming our Sin bearer that he might become our sin pardoning savior he was treated as we deserve to be treated he came to our world and he took our sins that we might take his righteousness faith in the ability of Christ to save us amply and fully and entirely is the faith of Jesus that's Jesus had faith that his father was going to bring him through and we can have faith in him that he will justify us that he'll cleanse us that he'll forgive us that he'll change us and help bring us through all the way so that we can stand before him someday. As the king on the throne who has nails scars in his hands and in his feet because of his love for you and for me let's let's kneel together and let's pray Dear Father in Heaven help us to turn our eyes upon G.'s this and look full in his into his wonderful face the things of earth will grow strangely DMN in the light of His glory and greenhouse Lord I'm just I'm such a weak human being I hope that I've. Shared this in the way that pleases you this morning Lord help people to look beyond my faults and to look to you you are our righteousness you are our Savior we need to trust you and have faith in your blood and Lord we know that by trusting you we can stand before you as if we never see. How and who you are and Lord give us your holy spirit and your love be poured out into our hearts we need that love this world is cold this world is dying and we need the love that's in your heart for human beings and they that love be within us and enable us to then become commandment keepers which is fulfilled in love love for you and love for our neighbor as ourselves Lord prepare us for the future prepare us for the Final Crisis prepare us to stand before you. When you come again. Thank you for the message righteousness by thin. Jesus name. This media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more sermon or leave a Visit W W W audio verse or.


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