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Christ our Righteousness - Part 5

Steve Wohlberg


Steve Wohlberg

Television producer, radio host, and international speaker


  • January 29, 2019
    11:45 AM
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You are so gracious to us father he would provide so much for us. We get to be part of a teen many wonderful tools that are provided with thankful for that and more than anything else who are thankful for Jesus with thankful for them wonderful message of righteousness by faith in Christ Our Righteousness and the truth is we're still just trying to understand it and we know we will for through eternity we have another opportunity in the next hour to come before you to sit at the feet of heaven and the leadership of the Holy Spirit through a servant that you have brought to us by your grace and we want to pray that you will specially anoint him and give him the words to speak to us this evening may brother Walberg since your presence in a very real way and we too as we listen to the Word of God brought before us and Jesus lifted up and we thank you in his name hey man thank you very much all right. Good evening everyone. Are you ready. You got your bible somebody said I've got my Bible. I feel. OK And I described my my feelings as we're about to launch into this talk I have a lot of emotions rolling around inside me I am very solemn I am convicted and I am dependent. Upon the Lord to give me a bill or words to say I'm excited that I have a chance to share this with you this is a very very powerful subject. And it's not powerful because of me it's powerful because it's it's powerful from the Lord my my title is called white a white robe for nakedly of to see and it's and we're going to study Revelation Chapter 3 so if you have your Bibles if you want to open up to Revelation Chapter 3 we're going to be looking at verses $14.00 to $22.00 and I thought of an illustration. As we get into this. And think most of you have read in Revelation Chapter 10 where John was given a little book to eat ever that he and the in his mouth How did that book taste it was sweet but when it got into with stomach what happened it was a bitter That's right and as I thought about this talking and I thought that. An appropriate thing to do is to to give you sort of forewarning as we get into this that this talk is going to be bitter bitter in bitter to to all of our pride let me say it that way it's bitter to our pride but it's sweet to the soul sweet to the soul the Laodicean message is very very powerful there's a lot to it there's more to this message then than meets a surface the surface of. The Laodicean message goes goes deep really really deep it has gone deep into my heart for a long long time and I are in the IT IS help to me more than I can tell you in my own battle with myself. It's been a tremendous blessing to me. And so. You know I just I trust the Lord that we will all as a group go into this study with an open heart with open hearts and with a real desire to hear the word of the Lord and to let Jesus talk to our hearts and we've already had prayer so I want to before we read the from the text I want to share just a couple sentences from Volume One of the testimonies a chapter called the Laodicean church and just share a few sentences and before even if I do that I've learned from my bible study that the 3rd angel's message is the final message that God wants us to give to the world especially during the last cry I think we we all see that and my understanding is that Jesus gives the Laodicean message to the church so that we can be ready and prepared to give the 3rd angel's message to the world that's what's going on here the Lord wants to prepare us to give the message in the right spirit in the right way with the power of the Holy Spirit Now here's a couple of a couple of sentences from Volume one page 186. Ellen White wrote I was shown that the testimony to the Laodicean to the Laodiceans applies to God's people at the present time. And the reason it has not accomplished a greater work is because of the hardness of their hearts but God has given the message time to do its work so the Laodicean message is going to be doing a work inside of us the heart must be purified from the sins which have so long shut out Jesus and then it says I saw that this message would not accomplish its work in a few short months it is designed to arouse the people of God to discover to them their backs lightings to lead to zealous repentance that they may be favored with the presence of Jesus and be fitted for the loud cry of the 3rd angel in the powerful so what we're what we're going to be studying tonight is the message of the Lord to the church to purify us and to help prepare us for the loud cry and to prepare us to receive the presence of Jesus and as I talked about in my last meeting this morning. The Lord wants to cover us through His righteousness and he also wants to fill us with His Holy Spirit and the Holy Spirit brings the presence of Jesus into our lives and that's what we need is that right we all need that so in that light let's. I have a Bible study on Revelation Chapter 3 these are the words of Jesus Himself in my Bible they're all in red I've got a red letter bible verse 14 says and to the angel of the Church of the Laodiceans and the Laodiceans this is the last church there are 7 churches in Revelation 2 in 30 view you know you know the different churches episodes per the most and you go right down through and those were real churches that were in existence in the time of John but they also represent stages in the history of Christianity and the Laodicean Church is the last church it's the last of the 7 so that's where we are we're in the Laodicean time period to the Church of the Laodiceans write these things says the man and I will just stop right there the word on man I've done a lot of study on this. Chapter and the section and I've discovered that the word man is actually the very last word of the Bible. If you go to the very end of Revelation chapter $22.00 it says the grace the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you all and then the last word and it seems to me that Jesus is introducing himself to the Laodicean church by right out of the gate referring to him as as the man is is he's trying to give us a message and the message is that he is the last word. You know in the church today and in the world there is so many words that are flying around as we talked about earlier today the Bible says Paul says in Romans $319.00 that every mouth should be stopped God wants us to stop talking and to listen carefully to what he has to say especially to the words of Jesus Jesus is the Amen He is the last word and he wants to have the main word inside of our our lives and inside of our hearts He's also he introduces himself as the faithful and the true witness everything that Jesus says is true he never spoke a lie nobody's ever done that except for him I don't think there's there's any one of us that can say we've never told a lie if you were to say I've never told a lie you would be lying. For him. None of us have done that but Jesus Jesus said over and over again in Matthew Mark Luke and John I tell you the truth I tell you the truth I tell you the truth he is the truth and so what we're going to read here as we keep on going we're going to be reading the truth these are the words of the true witness who knows what he's talking about now if you remember Peter you know Peter thought the Lord the Lord was wrong Jesus said. He said Peter everybody is going to everybody's going to deny me you're all going to for sake me and Peter said no not me he said though though everybody else may deny you or or fall away from you Peter said I never will not meet Lord and then Jesus looked at Peter and said Peter before the wrist or crows 3 times you're going to deny 3 times that you even know me and Peter thought that's not right no lord that's not true. But Jesus knew Peter better than Peter knew Peter and that's exactly what he did in Matthew 16 Jesus told the disciples that he was going to Jerusalem to suffer and to die and Peter said no that's not that's not going to happen to you and then Jesus turned around and said that he said Get Behind Me Satan for you are an offense to mean for you do not save for the things of God but the things that be of men so they were there were a number of times where Peter disagreed with the Lord and he was rebuked for that and he learned at the end of that night that Jesus knew him better than he knew himself and what we're about to read is Jesus statement the true witness who knows us better than we know ourselves and he's telling us the truth and then it's Jesus says he's also the beginning of the creation of God and that does not mean that he was the 1st created being it means that he is the beginning that he is the author and he is the source of this world Jesus is is God He made this world He made you He made me he made Adam and Eve he made the the trees and the flowers and the birds and my. My 2 dogs and my 3 cats and my 3 fish and all the deer that show up in our back yard and try to get into my garden and he know he Jesus made them all this is Jesus Christ's world this is his project that he created in the beginning and that has strayed away from him and then he is doing everything possible to bring this world back to its maker. That's who Jesus is he is the beginning of the creation of God verse 15 he says I know I know your works he knows everything about us he knows why we do what we do he knows what we do he knows everything he knows our works that you are in neither cold nor hot I would that you were cold or hot so then because you are luke warm and neither cold nor hot I will spew you out of my mouth now you know I'm sure you've read these words before. These words are definitely not flattering these words are pretty straightforward Jesus talks about our condition and he says we're not cold we're not hot we're in the middle now I thought about this a lot and I thought Lord what you know what's your main point what are you trying to tell us and we have a perfect illustration here because the weather here is really cold. I mean it's cold out there I tried to go jogging today which I I like to do I had got some cleated tennis shoes that I took with me here that are designed to run in snow and even on ice in Idaho I can run on ice and I love just get now out being outside surrounded by snow and running and so I tried to run today and I made it for a little while but I had to go back in because my face was too cold it was too cold. And you know when you're really cold you feel what do you feel a need to get warm. There's a need there now when you're when you're really hot you feel a need to cool down but when you're luke warm when you're in them if you're in the middle you don't feel a need for anything you're just fine comfortable and as we'll as we're about to see as we keep going in Jesus' words the issue of need is big in the Laodicean message Laodicea is problem is that it it it thinks it has need of nothing and I see that as part of what Jesus is trying to tell us and when he says I will spew you out of my mouth what he means is that he's not able to represent us before God when we are in a condition that does not feel any need he can't take our case on his lips before the father he says in in Revelation 3 where is this in verse 5 Jesus says He that overcomes the same shall be clothed in white Rayment and I will not blot out his name out of the book of life but I will confess his name before my father and before his angels the time is going to come when our names are going to come up in the judgment and Jesus is going to confess our name he's going to acknowledge us as His children before God and if we are in a lukewarm state where we don't feel a need for anything Jesus says I can't I can't take your name on my lips I can't confess you before my father. Now verse 17 he goes down to the root of the root issue verse 17 he says because you say so here's where the where the C.V. is moving my mother used to say. When she wanted to get to the heart of an issue she would say when you peel away the layers of the onion you get to the heart of the issue and the Lord wants to peel away the layers and get to the hole to the core you know like John the Baptist said now the acts must be laid to the root of the trees and that's really where the Lord wants to reach us is down at the heart and when White says it was it was hard work with Christ and that's where Jesus really wants to go and in verse 17 he's going down he's going down down down he says because you say you say I am I am rich and increased with goods and have need of how much need of nothing he is describing a a state of self satis faction where we are very content with ourselves we're very content with who we are and with. With our understanding of truth or whatever else you know and we could go on and on and all we could be content with this or this or this or this or who knows what but he's describing a a state where we say you know that we're fine basically we're just fine as they as it is they say they've been accurate or of good. I can't tell you how many tracks how many glow tracks I've given away or tried to give away and had some people say no thanks I'm good and when they say that to me you know I walk away thinking thinking to myself I don't say this to them but I think to myself you're not good you're not if you only knew. What's in this track or if you knew about God or if you knew about the 10 Commandments or if you knew about Jesus then and what he did for you on the cross and what he's offering you and what you're choosing instead of him you're not good you're in trouble you're in big trouble and you don't know it and you don't that's basically human nature isn't it. We all have the same problem whether we're in the church or out of the church if we're out of the church. You know a lot of times the problems are bigger they are more open they're more obvious but even if we're in the church we still have the same basic problem we have the same basic nature and it is the nature that ultimately. Is self-satisfied it's interesting that Lucifer didn't didn't say out loud I will exalt myself to heaven I will sit upon the sides of the north I will be like the most high he didn't the Bible says For you have said in your heart I will ascend into heaven but Lucifer didn't walk around heaven saying I Will the said did to heaven I will be like God this was what he said in his heart it was a heart shoe. In it says in 28 God said your heart was lifted up because of your beauty you corrupted your wisdom because of your splendor your heart became proud and we don't really understand how that happened because it had never happened before it was a mysterious thing that happened in heaven where the heart of the holy angel became proud now Lobell looked back at the text because you say I am rich and increased with goods and those goods could be material goods or they could be spiritual goods they could be the goods of truth that we have all this truth we are rich and where increased with all this truth we've got the Bible and the Spirit of Prophecy we've got all these books we've got the health message we've got you know the list goes on and on and on of all the things that we've got I am rich and I am increased with goods and I have need of nothing and then Jesus said I want to really 0 in on this I want you to really look close Jesus that is and you know not there's something you don't know we may have a lot of light and a lot of knowledge about a lot of things but Jesus says there's something that you know not to let's just stop right there and kind of explore this but the lot there. Jesus tells us in this verse that we don't know our true condition he goes on and describes you know not that you are and he lists 5 things wretched miserable poor blind and make it 5 things Jesus says that we are. That we don't know we are and let's just talk about that is Jesus right or wrong he's right that's right and who is he talking to he's talking to us he's talking to you he's talking to me Jesus the true witness who knows my works who knows everything about me who never makes a mistake and who never lies is telling me that I am those 5 things but I don't know it and I don't know it now if Jesus said I I don't know it then he's he's right because he always tells the truth. Now it's the natural human inclination of pride to say that's not me Lord that somebody else but that's not me but is that me. Is Jesus right or is he wrong he's right. Who was the 1st being who ever disagreed with God. It was Lucifer and Lucifer became a devil because he disagreed with God Is that right and so we need to agree with Jesus now the natural inclination when Jesus says you're wretched and miserable and poor and blind and naked. The human heart says that's not me and I think I've concluded that one reason why we it's difficult to admit that this is the US because sometimes we're afraid to do that because we think that if we admit the truth that we are really. Wretched and miserable and poor and blind and naked if we admit that truth we think that we're in trouble with God that where we're afraid we're going to be lost because I'm supposed to be sanctified I'm supposed to be an overcomer I'm supposed to be getting ready for heaven and if I accept the fact that I'm really wretched and miserable and poor and blind and make it that means I'm not ready for Jesus to come but but that's not true that's not true but let me ask you Are we are we getting ready for Jesus to come when we agree with the Lord or when we disagree with him when we agree with him so if that's what Jesus says and we agree with Jesus we believe Jesus we trust Jesus we we believe in His word that's exactly what we need to be doing to get ready for heaven right agreeing with Jesus is the path to heaven now here's something very interesting. I've looked at these words wretched miserable poor blind and naked and to you know on 1st thought you look at these words and it's they're bitter words aren't they they're bitter they're they're not flattering. They're they're distasteful and we think you know that can't be me that cannot be me but on the other hand consider this when Jesus was here on Earth. In Matthew Mark and Luke John who were the people that Jesus was able to minister to what kind of people were those people it was it was the people who knew that they were wretched and miserable and poor and blind and naked you can take every single one of those phrases look at the word wretched You could have a Bible study on wretched remember Paul said it after Romans 7 and he saw the holy law of God and he was convicted of his sins and then he realized he was in bondage he wanted to do what's right but he did what was wrong he hated doing this you know but that's what he did he found himself in this in this in this body of death he called it and then he said Oh wretched man that I am who will deliver me from this body of death and then he said I thank God through Jesus Christ my Lord So Paul was willing to admit that he was a wretched man rate so you know are we too far above that where we can't admit that either Paul get it Paul said I am less then the least of all the saints to me who am less than the least of all the saints was this grace given the more we realize the more we decrease the more he increases that's the paradox of the kingdom the more we humble ourselves the more he exults us the more we realize that we're wretched The more we can sense his delivering power the next word there is miserable. It's a it's a miserable condition to be in when you want to do right but you can't or you you know you do what you don't want to do and you're stuck inside of of a body and a nature that really goes back to the devil that you can't get out of in your own strength it's pretty miserable. And then what about poor What about the poor or the very 1st thing that Jesus said when he sat down on the mountain when he was surrounded by a crowd it says he opened his mouth that he taught them and he said Blessed Les that is what grew Blessed are the poor in spirit for theirs is the kingdom of heaven so those who realize their wretched and miserable and poor and what about blind the blind they were there story after story in the in the Gospels of the people like Bartimaeus and blind people who they knew he was passing by and they said they said Jesus son of David have mercy on me have mercy on me and they brought the blind man in front of them and Jesus in front of Him And Jesus said what do you want me to do for you and he said Lord I want to see I want to see and then Jesus touched his eyes and he could see the people who knew they were blind were the people that Jesus could give sight to right Jesus said to one group he said if you weren't blind you would have no sin but now that you say we see your sin remains powerful text and then the naked What about the naked. That the the demoniac was naked but she is this delivered him and then he was sitting and he was clothed it and he was in his right mind so here's my point this is so powerful that those who agree with Jesus who accept the straight testimony of the true witness to the Laodicean church who accept the Church great testimony to themselves as to their true condition that they save their one thing but they don't know their real condition and that their wretched miserable poor blind and naked those that accept the words of Christ and believe in what he says and realize their true condition the Is are the very ones that Jesus is able to forgive and to clans and to heal so rather than wretched miserable poor blind and make it being something we resist and we reject and we deny and we say that's not me we should actually be embracing the truth of the words of the Lord Jesus Christ and to accept the truth is the path to heaven it's the path to healing it's of those who realize that they are blind who Jesus opens their eyes so they can see it's those who realize that they're naked they're the ones that he can close with the white robe of his righteousness it's those who realize that they're poor. That he can make rich and give them the riches of His love and of his greats see that and there have been many many times and I'm just talking about you know just honestly with you when I went through that struggle in 1986 I mention that I became a Christian in 1979 when I read desire beaches and went to last year and I went to the seminary and after 5 years of being a Christian my spiritual life was in trouble and then another year later I was really in trouble and that's when I melt down in the darkness of my room in Pacifica California and started praying for the Holy Spirit and as I started praying for the Holy Spirit the Lord started opening my eyes and I began to see my real condition and the Lord began to come deeper and deeper and deeper and deeper into my life and to help me to understand His love His truth His grace and my own need for him now if you have this book still in your hands I want to show you a quote that is so powerful it's just it'll knock your socks off. This is from and see where is that it's in the chapter called the white robe for naked Laodiceans it's at the bottom of page 124. This is as I talk I mentioned that during the 1st 6 years of my Christian life's something happened to me that I didn't understand after 3 years 4 years 5 years of being a Christian I lost my peace I lost the my sense of the presence of God I was giving my testimony that I was you know Christian that to come out of the Hollywood area and and this and that and I didn't realize it's that self was being woven into so much of my even my own testimony and that you know I had a problem that I didn't really understand I didn't wasn't clear to me and then I finally realized what was going on now I want you to look at this quote on page 125 of this book the very bottom there is a quote which is taken from the reviewer in the Herald December 16th 890 and this is what it says Listen to this it says the lower we lie at the foot of the cross the more clear will be our view of Christ now that's a sermon in itself isn't it that the more we realize our true condition that you know Jesus is right we really are wretched and miserable and poor and blind and make it but that doesn't mean he doesn't love us it doesn't mean we're that we're not valuable in his sight it just means our spiritual condition is a mess our spiritual condition is a mess and he says that the lower we get down she says at the foot of the crosse the clearer it will be our view of Christ. For just as soon as we begin to lift ourselves up and to think that we are something the view of Christ grows dimmer and dimmer and Satan steps in so we cannot see him at all and brothers and sisters that is exactly what happened to me that's why at the end of 6 years of being a 7th they had then it's graduate from seminary I was in big trouble it was because Little by little unknown to me I had been lifting up myself Now you can do that when you're in the world you know when I was in the world I was doing that and it didn't it didn't bother me but now I was a Christian and now the Holy Spirit had come into my life now God had had changed me and now the Lord was dealing with me as a father deals with his son and says the Lord disciplines those he loves and he has his children and he was he was working with me and that's why I lost my teeth that's why I couldn't see Jesus anymore that's why I couldn't sense the presence of God in my life that's why. I was confused and then I had all these other ideas in my head because I thought What's going on let's maybe it's maybe I'll study psychology and I'll try to figure myself out by reading some self-help books maybe that'll help me and you know those books only confused me more they didn't work they didn't work but Jesus knew my real problem and he told me my problem in the label to see in message. He said that I thought that I thought I would say I thought I was one thing but the truth is I've got I had all the needs in the world I was wretched miserable poor blind I didn't understand I was naked without the robe I was losing the robe of the righteousness of Christ and I was in spiritual trouble and this this statement just release has spoken to my heart. Just the next paragraph there's a quote there that says God has to Thrones one in the highest heaven and the other in the lowliest heart God says to this man will I look to Him who is humble and con trait in spirit and who trembles at my word this is the person that I will look to everyone who exalts himself will be humbled and he who humbles himself will be exalted now and listen to this in patriarch some prophets chapter one it describes Lucifer is rebellion and Ellen White says that as Lucifer was moving in the direction of going off the deep end it says that in ways that only infinite wisdom could devise. Infinite Love and Wisdom could devise Lucifer was made to see his error he saw where his rebellion was going he saw that he was wrong and that his pride was West was about to destroy him. He saw that and then she says that he almost made the decision to come back but then she says but pride held him back. He would not humble himself it was too grave of a sacrifice for someone of his stature and have his condition as honored as he was before the heavenly host it was too great of a sacrifice for him to humble himself and to admit that he was wrong and I have learned God has taught me that I have the same decision to make Exactly and so do you so do you we need to overcome exactly where Lucifer failed if we're going to get into heaven we need to backtrack in the exact way that he refused to do. So he wouldn't hurt himself and Jesus is asking us he's appealing to us to humble ourselves through the Laodicean message he's telling us our true condition and we need to agree with him he knows us better than we know ourselves he knew Peter better than Peter knew Peter and we need to accept this and say Lord you're right you're right I am wretched and miserable and poor and I blind and I take it and the amazing thing is is to admit that is the best thing we can do for ourselves it's exactly what the Lord wants it's exactly the truth. From the true witness to the Laodicean church it's the straight testimony of the true witness to the Laodiceans that's exactly what it is some people say well what is the straight testimony it's right here it's in the Laodicean message it's the straight testimony of the true witness to us of what our real condition is. And if we embrace the truth it's the best thing that we can do and I was going to say a little while ago I can't tell you how many times now that I have learned this when I I am aware of the temptation to exalt myself which just comes so naturally to me just like you know it's just the way my water flows through water flows down down hill and it's just as natural as my nature to think really highly of myself that's just me and I don't think I'm the only one some people have it worse than I do hippie. And I've learned that when I sense that temptation that I can hit that temptation with a weapon the Lord has given me a weapon a powerful weapon when Lucifer whispers in my ear and tries to get me to think like he thinks to exalt self I can hit that temptation with a weapon and the weapon is I'm wretched miserable poor blind and naked and that's fine I. That's exactly what the Lord wants me to admit and I have used these scriptures again and again and again and again to fight my own pride and to help me and to get down lower and lower and lower and lower and the amazing thing is that the lower I get the more I can see she's the more I can appreciate his love and His grace and His mercy who saved a wretch like me. I once was lost but now I'm found I Was Blind But Now I see. How Livia verse 18 Jesus says I counsel you I wrote I learned that the best counsellor was not those self-help books that I used to read to try to figure out why I wasn't happy the best counsel is the counsel of the wonderful counselor the mighty God the Everlasting Father the prince of peace he knows me better than anybody knows me he can't now he says I counsel you to buy of me 3 things gold tried in the fire that you may be rich and white rain meant that you may be clothed and that the shame of your nakedness do not appear and annoying to your eyes with I self that you may see this is the Lord's voice to your heart and my heart and he tells us these 3 things these 3 things we can buy them now I've thought about that and I thought well how can I buy a gold and white Raymond and die and I self if I'm poor or if I admit that I'm poor and blind and naked I wonder why bide with. There is the 1st in the Bible in Isaiah that says come to the waters whoa everyone who thirst come to the waters you who have no money come and buy and eat so if you have no money what do you buy with what you buy with Will he here's the here's an answer you know what you buy with L N Y talks about the currency heavens currency do you know what you can buy with to storm the gates of heaven I'll tell you you can buy with your need the more need you know you have the more you've got to buy with as I say I think it's Chapter 55 versus what I believe about the currency. I don't know I can't think of that and all you have to do a search in CD-ROM but Jesus just said that the problem with Laodicea is in verse 17 we have need of nothing that's the problem and if we realize that we do have a need and our need rises we've got a lot to buy with so the good news is that you know we've all got a lot to buy with if we're just willing to accept the truth of our real condition Lord I'm blind the more you realize you're blind the more he'll help you to see the more you realize that you're poor the more riches you'll have. The more you realize you're naked the more you'll appreciate the clothing of the white robe of his righteousness see it's the opposite in the in the Lord's kingdom it's the those who know their poor who become rich it's those who know they're naked who are who can be clothed it's those who know they're blind who can see it's those who know their wretched who can be delivered it but those who think they're rich and increased with goods and in need of nothing they go away empty all they have is themselves. See what I mean so realizing our condition is the best thing for us it's the best thing for us and then we come to Jesus and we buy gold gold tried in the fire and Ellen White says that the goal is faith in Jesus Christ and love it's faith and love that's the goal so as we come to Jesus say Lord I'm a mess or to up worse than I Then I think the truth is that you and I are worse than we think we are. We really are we're we're worse than we think we are and where and the more we realize that the better off we are because Jesus embraces sinners this man welcomes sinners and Eves with them the ferrous these had a real big problem with that they said this man he welcomes sinners and he eats with them and that's what Jesus does. And you know the more we realize we are sinners and the more we realize he welcomes sinners he loves standards the more we realize we're sinners the more he can work with us he's not afraid of us admitting the truth he wants us to admit the truth the more we admit the truth the more he can he can give us his grace and His power and His love and then we are to realize that love see Jesus Love Center us like me and so love springs up in the heart love springs up in the heart when we realize the Cheesus loves the wretched the miserable the poor the blind and the naked we can have that gold tried in the fire it's a fiery experience to accept this truth it's a fiery ordeal to have our pride shattered to have our self righteousness exploded even pastors even seminary. Graduates and professors it's fiery to admit the truth but it's the best thing for us it's the path to the Latter Rain is the path to the loud cry it's the path to being fitted with the presence of Jesus and being able to give the loud cry of the 3rd angel's message to a lost world you know if we go to a lost world during the loud cry and if we say you Babylonians don't you know that we're the remnant What are you doing keeping Sunday you you Babylonians you Catholics you worshippers of the pope. Horror of horrors you know if we go out to the world with that kind of an attitude during the loud cry you know we're sunk and God's mission is sunk the 3rd angel is something we're not going to be able to reach to reach the hearts of a lost world of people who are just like you and just like me but who are in other churches and who don't know what we know we're not going to be able to reach them if we have a proud attitude if we have a self righteous spirit were done so God wants to destroy that in the Laodicean message he wants to destroy any sense of remnant self righteousness we are the remnant but that's no reason to be self-righteous we're just like we're human beings just like every body else we have the same problems the same nature the same flesh the same struggles the same temptations and we need to go to a lost world with the bread of life and we need to do it humbly humbly where we love them we care for them we are pleading with them as fellow humans to come to Jesus and to find their Savior who gave his life on the cross for all of their sins the only way that we can do that is if we're broke if we're shattered if we're. At the foot of the crofts. And if we have his power and His Spirit to give the loud cry of the 30 message that's why the Laodicean message is to prepare us to give the 3rd angels message to the world I counsel you to buy of me gold tried in the fire that you may be rich and white Rayment there's the white rope of his own righteousness that you may be clothed and that the shame of your nakedness do not appear I have prayed this many times Lord don't let the shame of nakedness appear it said is about those who who are not ready for Armageddon in Revelation 1615 Jesus says bless it is He who watches and keeps his garments lest he walk naked and they see his shame Adam and Eve when they sinned they were ashamed and sin is shameful pride issue is shameful. It's shameful for us to think that we're better than other people it's shameful for us to exalt ourselves like the devil to be part of the remnant people of God in the last days and to think that we know more than the Lord knows more than the odd man knows more than the faithful true witness knows for us to be you know living in sin or or straying from the words of God or exalting ourself these things are shameful in the sight of God and Jesus doesn't want our shame to appear so he wants to clothe us with the white robe of his righteousness so none of that shows up. It's like you say he's saying I've got your back if you come to me and let me cover you I've got your back and none of your wickedness and your shame and the truth about your life none of that will appear all coverage all I'm behind you I'm with you give me a chance humble yourself and let me make you what I want to make you the last thing he says in verse 18 is to anoint your eyes it's with eyes South that you may see the eye itself is the Holy Spirit when we pray for the Holy Spirit the Lord will give us the Holy Spirit and we can see we can see the truth we can see the cross we can see his grace we can see his white robe we can see his love we can see his word verse 19 as many as I love I rebuke and I chase than be zealous therefore and repent Sometimes we think the Laodicean message is just Jesus giving us a cold spanking you are wretched miserable poor blind naked sinners I'm a spit you out you know that's the way we that's the way we see the Lord but that's not their suspicion of the Laodicean message that's not what Jesus is is all about he's trying to help us to see our need because he loves us and he wants us to be ready he loves us he says as many as I love I rebuke and I chase and I discipline so be earnest and repent verse 20 Behold I stand at the door and I know. If any man hears ma voice not. The voice of Steve Walberg and when you stand up in the pulpit pastors Jesus doesn't want the world your church to just hear your voice. He wants you and me to be channels for his voice his voice if any man hear my voice and open the door I will come in to him and I will sup with him and he with me this tells me that the ultimate goal of the Laodicean message is the presence of Jesus Christ he wants to come in and he wants to sup with us he wants to eat with us he wants to. Spend time with us and that's what Ellen White says in the testimony that I already read she says and I'll read this again. It is designed to arouse the people of God to discover to them their backs lightings to lead them to zealous repentance that they may be favored with the presence of Jesus that's what it's all about he says I'll come in it's the presence of Christ and the lower we get at the foot of the cross the more of the presence of Jesus will have that's why I that's why I ran into spiritual trouble that's why I burned my Ellen White books that's why I got so confused was because I lost the presence of Jesus and the reason why I lost it was because I exulted myself and I didn't know what I was doing make sense I didn't understand. Listen to this has this message affected the way they are that they may be favored with the presence of Jesus and be fitted for the loud cry of the 30 as this message affected the heart it led to deep you military before God The Cause of God It says that it says angels were sent in every direction to prepare unbelieving hearts for the truth the Cause of God began to rise and his people were acquainted with their position so what she says is that the more we accept the Laodicean message and humble ourselves then if God's people around the world accept the straight testimony of the true witness to the latest in church and pastors in Michigan I mean what an opportunity and your and your wives what an opportunity we have at this conference to lead out in this kind of experience if we're the more we humble ourselves then what happens is the angel starts spreading out into the world and start preparing people in the world for the 30 message because as we're getting ready the Angels are going out to prepare them so they can then hear the message from us and they can come in and accept the truth make sense it's totally connected totally connected wow this is so powerful a couple more verses and then we're done verse $21.00 to him that overcomes will I grant to sit with me in my throne this is amazing I can't even comprehend this can you imagine what Jesus is saying is that somehow we are going to share the throne of the universe his plan for you is to share the throne of the Uni of verse. We've got some overcoming to do and we need to overcome where the devil failed we need to go right through the same experience that Lucifer went through and we need to do what he refused to do and that was humble himself before Jesus Christ Lucifer had a problem with Jesus Christ that's where this whole thing was started and he refused to submit his being to be a 40 of Jesus Christ and that's how he became a devil and that's how this whole thing started and we need to overcome him and ourselves and then Jesus will grant us to sit with him on his throne even as I also overcame and am sat down with my father in his throw that is the destiny of lived to see our ultimate goal is to sit with the Son of God and somehow share with him in the rulership of the universe. We have an incredible future ahead of us and the only thing that's going to stop the spread getting there is our own vanity our own pride our own self righteousness and an unwillingness to humble ourselves to realize that without God We're a mess. Without the LORD We're a mess we're worse than we think we are but Jesus loves the US more than we think he does and he can handle it he can handle it if you're if you're willing to accept in a fire willing to accept our true condition you know Jesus can handle it he's well at able to say that the those who know though they're wretched and they're miserable and they're poor and they're blind and they're naked and you know what we'll be able to relate a whole lot better to the people out there that the angels are preparing for us to reach when we know our true condition that really we're just like them because we all have the same nature and the same tendencies and the same temptations and we all need a Savior we all need the white robe of his righteousness verse 22 he that has an ear let him hear what the Spirit says it's to the churches are you ready to pray. Let's let's kneel together and let's pray. Lord Jesus Christ you are the awesome one you are the creator of this were the beginning of the creation of God You are the true witness you are the alpha and the Omega. You Are The Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world you are the king of kings and the Lord of lords and you are coming on a white cloud with a golden crown and a sharp sickle and some day every Me shall bow to you and every tongue will confess that Jesus Christ is Lord Lord how much we need you we need you so much where in body pts that I have been. I. Have been infected by a virus the virus of sin and self and pride and Lord its ugly sin is ugly it's shameful in your universe and we pray Lord. Forgive us forgive us for our sin help us to realize our condition and help us to know that you love us You love the centers you love to bind up are ones you love to give us sight you give sight to the blind you love to clothe the naked and to give the riches of gold and love to those who are poor. Lord bless this group prepare us for heaven sent the angels out to prepare us to give the loud cry of the 3rd it came just message. Which lifts us. Before the last dying. In Jesus' name. This media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more sermon leader Visit W W W audio verse or.


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