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Where do we get our sense of worth? 



  • July 6, 2019
    9:30 AM

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God created the entire universe and everything in it and in His creation he said it and it happened to be Was he some kind of bearded stoic with no emotions or was he an emotive artist find out on this episode of inverse. Coming to you from Silver Spring Maryland welcome to. The Bible based conversation. Temporary and thought provoking. Here's your host just until within very. Welcome to in verse we are starting a new 13 week segment on the concept of justice in the Bible so we want to ask you to join us every single week for the next 13 weeks and make a Couldn't it meant to study this topic throughout the Bible we're going to go through Genesis through Revelation and look at how god and justice and mercy how these things and persons and how all works together here we have in the studio with us are some of my really good friends we have Jonathan we have C.Q. and Israel and we're very blessed to have a wonderful teen representing different cultures and people around the world and we're going to get into the Bible we're going to pray and we're have a really exciting time in the concept of justice I'm very excited I'm excited always for the 1st episode because I really have no idea what's going to happen so we're going to order prayer and jump in can you pray for us and not just pray for the. Entire season that would help us. Father in heaven we are here again and we are so excited to dig into the Word of God learn more about you and we printed your Holy Spirit will illuminate our minds over the next couple of weeks as we study the Word and justice and mercy we just want to know better how to implement these things in our lives so bless us now as we study and bless all who are watching and studying with us in Jesus' name amen amen amen amen Thank you Jonathan Soto a 1st verse we go to Genesis Chapter one The 1st chapter of the Bible 1st book of the Bible and is real can you read verse 26 to verse 20 and just getting verse 31 will stand there 26 to verse 31 please. Then God said Let Us make man in Our image according to our likeness let them have dominion over the fish of the sea over the birds of the year and over the cattle over all the earth and over every creeping thing that creeps on the earth so God made man in his own image in the image of God He created him male and female he created them then God bless them and God said to them Be fruitful and multiply fill the earth and subdue it have to minion over the fish of the sea over the birds of the year over every living thing that moves on the earth and God said See I have given you every herb that yields seed which is on the face of the earth and the tree whose fruit yields seed to us shall be for food also to every beast of the earth every bird of the air and to everything that creeps on the earth in which there is life I have given every green herb for food and it was so then God saw everything that he had made and indeed it was very good so the evening and the morning were the 6th day OK thank you was really. Genesis chapter one I think we have to suspend the you know there is a little bit of. Genesis one we read it many single Times I mean out there you are like I want to commit to reading the Bible when you start reading Genesis one and just this one is very familiar to us but at least the foundation for we're going to do for this season and so secret to while we suspend that feeling and we get into the text this this is a really good juicy chunk what's happening in verses 26 to 31 jump ball in C. but with our secret 1st I mean I don't get an earth feeling OK. OK I'm the only one. I'm rebuked and every time I come to Genesis chapter one there's so much richness and depth in the beginning of the entire Bible and if that's the foundation you know the the chapter begins in the beginning God it doesn't go into a philosophical discussion of how God came to. B.N. etc It just says God It assumes the existence of God and then the picture that we see of God is that God is creator and the verses that is all read this is the culmination of the creation cousin of us that he wanted says then God saw everything that he had made and indeed it wasn't just good that was said you know throughout the chapter it was good it was good it was good it says it was very good thing God comes to the culmination the very the the crowning act of His creation he creates male and female Kates mankind and then he commits to them the what of tending the garden of taking care of this creation of everything that he has already made and he sees not just in the creation of humanity but and in the creation of all the things that he created but in the interaction that he has ordained between humanity and his creation he says all of these things are very good so this is like we are we're we're booting a system and we're seeing what operation operating system is running for the world and you're saying and one of the how I take it is from what you're saying is everything was was was running perfectly smooth. There's a word good I think that's that's where the are repeated words in Genesis one can you Jonathan explain that there's there's good good good and then very good you talk about that a little bit well yeah you see so I asked God is creating going through different days things are good actually Hebrew word here also can also mean it's pleasing it's delightful God is enjoying what he's doing but now that he's completing it you know the 76 then the next 7 days resting it is very good and so it is completed it is God has completed the picture of what he wanted to do and now he's ready to let this thing go up go as and goodbye about us as and let that life now let it run out and run and the operating system go Yeah so it's just a beautiful picture that God is delighted in his creation and if you have this progress it starts with the. Basic elements but then it grows and grows and it ends with the image of God and I don't know a crescendo Yes And the finale is really you know man and woman and then the Sabbath with God we have what we have a philosophical insight into the mind of God and then we also have a picture of that that emerges in terms of sense too so there is an element of God building something that is sensical and so we have an insight 1st of all into the image into the understanding of God in that how he how he or what he believes is how he believes his image is fulfilled so it says in the beginning there in verse 26 and source says God said Let Us make man in our image after our likeness and then notice what it says let them have dominion over the fish of the sea and so he says let's make men but then let them have dominion over the fish of the sea and so you have a singular and a plural being spoken of and that singular and plural are speaking about Adam and his wife Eve and so is there so God made man in his own image in the image of God created he them write him male and female created He them and so you have your a philosophical insight into the mind of God What does it mean to reflect his image the reflection of God's image takes place most effectively and most clearly within the marriage context of Adam and Eve And so you have God isn't God is reflected yes in part through the Light God is reflected yes in part through the trees that you'll see the goddess reflected yes in part through the sky and the earth and whatever but ultimately the image of God is instilled most perfectly and completely in the creation of the human family which is Adam and Eve And so you have this emergence of the image of God that is taking place and this philosophical insight into into the mind of God The creative mind of God and I feel like that's an Israeli power works 26 I mean let us make man this is this is humanity singular but then you're like let them which are that this is. This is this is individuality and community together singularity employ relatives here this is this is very very it sounds as you say that yes we have the marriage union just expand on that but in creating humanity the singularity appear as. A relatively. Individual ality community that. Is not just in the magination ship but that's for human societies right and in the image of God is not just respected in an individual who says you know I want to come I like to to Christ but it's in the way that we relate to one another and that's what he's saying like the way that we relate to one other but more than that and I haven't seen this before but let them have dominion over the fish of the Sea This is part of his plan even before he goes into in his image he created he him he says part of his creation of humanity is yes that interaction between them but also the way that they interact with creation the flecks the image of God And so the human to human interaction and the human interaction with creation is meant to paint a picture of who God is now here are you noticing this but this is we're laying the ground 1st principles the presuppositions for mercy and justice throughout the Bible and we were finding today in human society this is the ultimate conflict and struggle how does one individual meld and unite with the rest of society how does you not a society meet the needs of the individual and the community at the same time and there's always a clash. In the American dollar you have the Latin Latin phrase. Look it up on your dollar what it says you there you go something something in some You're battling with arguably. I mean this is the ultimate struggle for Humanity extra Wow the last 5000 years of philosophy trying to find out how does this is this is profound stuff. The profound stuff what else can we mine up from from this this this chunk here isn't the element of inequality also emerges in what he was saying so you have here men and women they're created in the image of God and in in that image in that creation they have dominion over certain things and so we normally think that equality necessitates the elimination of someone being above another above another but that's not seen here even in the perfect world you have Adam and Eve having dominion over the fish of the sea and over nature the nature that they've been created in and so the quality is not necessarily meaning that there is that there is the elimination of a system where someone has. Dominion quote unquote over another another element of the most like responsibility you look at I mean later in the Bible Jesus perfect what the Godhead is like it is a servant leadership kind of dominion so it's not like oh I'm dominating over all these animals in the world and I'm the ruler it is you know it is a perfect world without sin and so they are they're here to take care of the others and to serve them and to to to be the responsible party in this hierarchy so to say so when you get use the word that I was going to say so is the Bible portraying a hierarchy here by on and it's ideal conditions is that a fair thing to say or would you feel I do feel like hierarchy has become a kind of a cuss word yes because when we think Heikki we think of what Jesus actually spoke against He said no that's a huge the gentiles a lord it over them you know and they hold that kind of running it but when when God explains what that Dominion looks like in Genesis chapter 2 and he's telling Adam what he actually has to do he had to dress it you have to keep it he has to work the garden it's almost like being in a position of authority or being in the Dominion dominate. Position gives you a greater responsibility and a greater burden but expectation of greater service is right off service and so hierarchy in the wall the sense yeah it's kind of like you know they're OK but the way that God the picture that God put Trey's and what Jesus came to show us is that when you have a responsibility a position of authority it actually means great work for you to do service to whatever other centeredness I mean I'm here to take care of the garden and all the and the whole earth I'm not here to take care of myself I'm taking care of the others and others are taking care of me so it's this other sentient love that's going on which is a reflection of not all that far when we come back after the break when we see how John thing takes care of himself and his garden and we're looking at this concept of hierarchy and justice and mercy and the Bible Stay tuned. Has impressed been a blessing to you Do you have questions comments or feedback you'd like to leave us find us on social media by searching. On Facebook Twitter Instagram for you to while there join us like us contest comes up next the handle again is in 1st Bible no spaces now back to the discussion. We're looking at the concept of hierarchy in the Bible and indeed in our day in our contemporary society is not a nice word and we're looking in the Bible and if all the conditions are perfect we're actually seeing a hierarchy if it's inverted seems to be a biblical model for for for society so Johnson you're saying like what's going on when in contrast today and what the Bible saying well I was explaining you kind of touch and went right now it's in the hierarchy of this world in a sinful setting you have the top down model in the Biblical times yes you have a hierarchy but it is in the sense that the top is serving the down so if you're always here to serve the others and that's what Jesus came he came all the way down to serve us to the very end and so but that is even before sin you can see this model here in Genesis chapter one we are to take care of the world around us of the people around us we because that as well is a reflection of who God is it is in the nature of God to give and that's what that's what's clearly portrayed here so God gave Jesus the the responsibility of creation you know if you read the Bible later on it says that the reference collage in chapter one where your Jesus created all things all things were created for us we're just going to expose those verses together so you have so you have here where you have Jesus is now given authority to create when Jesus is given the authority to create He creates the world but in the creation of the world he also inserts power he gives power to his creation to Adam and Eve but Adam and Eve are to take that power and then to empower the rest of what they have dominion over and in other words it is in the nature of God to give to give to give and so you have that you have that constantly in all of creation the trees they give oxygen to the world the birds they sing for Humanity or for the rest of creation you have this this this play and counter play of of taking but to. For the purpose of giving and so this is very evident in in nature and in creation and in the perfect world and Satan takes that he takes this holy hierarchy and then he poisons and he changes that and then now you know you have a system where now just as there is no longer present would what is only present is domination you know while you're talking I was thinking Minnesota. Love life you know you know I'm just imagining and want to bust out into some African shit but you know what's what's different from circle of life and what we call nature current Mother Nature and what the Bible is portraying is there's no death in this circle right it's giving and taking it's almost a a lateral giving take circle right whereas now because of sin we have a something needs to die for something else to survive death is included and almost death is given meaning after sin. Before sin it's how does how does how does nature function without death and it does this is this is the way it should have been done I want to bring attention to verse 2 of 1st $26.00 I just I this is a concept that I like throughout the Chapter one of Genesis you see you know good good good good right so you have you know the trees will make more trees the grass makes more grass the animals make more animals they make after their own kind after their kind it's kind of the after their kind is the repetition and then after at the apex of this is verse $26.00 and then God says Let us make man in our image as if God were saying just there's all these things are making after their kind Now let us God is making after is kind so in in a kind of a way kind of a way in a kind of a way right not to be misinterpreted God is making more of his little Him Well Adam is called the Son of God you know in the genealogy and I think that is an incredible point because you look at the image of God I'm. What incredible value that puts on humanity you know we are in the image of God We are not God but we are a reflection of who he is yes and you know after sin things have been destroyed a little bit but Jesus came to undo all of that to restore that image in us and for those of us who are struggling with self-worth and let's be real we all are in the way. Understanding this concept should give us incredible hope and joy that God values us because we are in His image we are his creation we are little versions of him and in that sense as you were saying I think it's powerful just to know and have that face and enjoy that you know when Jesus comes again one day he will he will have changed me to a point we're in the reflection of who he is and getting back to that and then original intent you know yeah we have these thousands of years of sin and whatnot but it's not salvation is not just only about Jesus dying for some remove our sins but is the process of of our bodies of health education about mental education about even our relationship it's getting back to that original Denecke version and we don't you don't ever reach that you know that that if you can call it a stage and I don't I don't know but but just just that that reversion is is just a revolution in itself and I think the just just speaking to what is I had said about you know that selfishness that. Instead of thinking about giving and the. Focus that comes after sin enters the world. When justice is spoken of in the Bible it's predicated on this concept that we are all created in the image of God And so the value that Johnson speaking of that having personal value because God created me not just created me but he deemed me and I So that gives me a sense of value not in anything I'm what by. Who got his meaning to be but that value extends to my fellow humanity right to to my fellow men and women that God created them in the image of God and that puts a burden on how I interact with them if I understand the words that God has placed in them by creating that which you can you know I'm just going to mention it because it's so straight your point I went to some part in the world where they had a worldview where individuals themselves that not have this under. So they themselves are like we were not created after the image of God We there is no self worth and we are the leftovers of whatever creation has left over and and so there they were and this was not one or 2 but this were hundreds if not thousands of these and there is on the street lying naked and they look like they were dead and they are there to fly they are sleeping but they're covered in excrement flies and everywhere like I was thinking to myself get up like how can you just sit there and lay there and I just but this guy whispered to me and said that these people it's their world view that they have no self-worth in themselves and in their in their creation. Metanarrative they're thinking that they're made from the excrement of the god so there's nothing in nature there's any value in them to get up and I'm thinking in our culture today this is so part of our our society take that for granted. And all the beauty of the beauty of Genesis Chapter one is that it lays the foundation for what justice really is and here you have a combination and justice comes by an understanding of who we are and understanding of who my neighbor is right and who God is and this is what is taking place in Genesis chapter one so you have here God is creating humanity God creates Adam Adam is created in the image of God yet he's made out of dirt and and there's nothing there's nothing of value in him he's not made of gold he's not made of diamonds he's made of dirt something that people step on something that is useless right and yet And yet and dust and this is this is a great reminder for those of us who might think highly of ourselves you know we come from this culture and our culture is rich and our culture is awesome and our culture is great at the end of the day the common denominator B B between all of us is the fact that all of us are made out of dirt and yet at the very very same time what you said Jonathan was. Super Awesome is the fact that we do have value and the value does not come in from ourselves that we're made of dirt but it comes because God Himself stooped down to humanity and breathed into us in the most intimate way Reaves into us a part of who he is and so you have this this crazy understanding in Genesis chapter one of how value is attained It's not attained based on who I am which gives me a reminder that I'm just like any other neighbor even like the person that things are they're made out of you know the very very worst of society and the same time in the very very same Zod the image of God is in me because God Himself found me worthy to blow in me the breath of life that's that's awesome because when the relationship between Adam Adam and Eve and God is broken that's when the relationship between Adam and Eve is broken so for justice to actually to truly be restored in society there needs to be a reconciliation in that relationship between us and God because when that is when that is broken We're just all dirt and we're just stepping on each other but that's one thing amongst the earth Yeah you know and some don't think any better because. But but when when we read we knew that relationship with God It brings back into perspective the right understanding of who we are and without that Adam is blaming Eve even blaming the serpent blaming creation and it's it's all a mess if our relationship with God is not this really informs how I want to look at people you know and not just talking other people like I'm talking about people I don't like anime's or people who are just you know terrible and then also. It informs how we relate to each other in the family all the circles so I want to treat people no matter what they are like as the image of God There is have you know they might not have found God themselves as a savior and friend but they are of value and just because. Yes I know Jesus and they don't more important or better than them in fact I have a responsibility now to help them find their value in the being in being the image of God I hear the saying is a point of reference right and so once we put God in Jesus back India into equation the self-worth point of reference is from God and then how I relate to each one of you is not to directly mean to you but it's soo how God sees all of you but if you don't have this point of reference then point of reference naturally becomes me right so then if I see you and I think I'm higher than you then I try to start stretch treating you lower or if I see you as higher than your than myself then I try treating you higher than the and that causes all these societal problems that is what is going into the well that's the foundation of having of the law of God that will have no other gods before me immediately as soon as you eliminate God from the equation what do you do you insert yourself as the got in the equation and so now I'm treating you as though I'm God and you're not and that's kind of going to say but you know justice is is built on the law of God It is built on who God is and as soon as he is taken out of the picture as Israel said I make myself Now the source of justice and what is right and wrong when in reality all of us need to seek it in the Lord and this this realigning of God back as the ultimate reference point I think is the ultimate goal of worship you know you study the word worship it's not just about you know a lujah and raising the roof but it's placing the word placing worth back to where ultimate worth should be how many of you there have been blessed by this conversation I know we have but in a different way maybe you see yourself in a different way in our social media all WORLD TODAY we're always doing pictures of South and Southeast and worth is not always sometimes based on who we are but also how other people view us and to be honest both sides totally Rela. That we need to refresh our mental browsers and have our self-worth and the worth of how we see others based in the image of God that can only be done by the Holy Spirit transforming your worldview your mind your heart your entire being that is my prayer for all of us for myself and hopefully for you out there thanks so much for joining us we'll see you next week next time next episode here on. You've been listening to N.P.R. It's a Bible based conversation with Kelly Williams Israel Ramos Jarrett Thomas Sebastian Braxton secret doco and your host Justin can invest is brought to you by the hope channel television that changes nights but this and more inspiring episodes visit in various T.V. dot org Find us on social media as tend to respond until next time this isn't 1st.


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