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What does the Sabbath teach us about how to relate with each other?



  • July 20, 2019
    9:30 AM

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Now you're taking your birthday your Enter verse 3 independent state and putting it all together what do you get find on this episode of inverse. Coming to you from Silver Spring Maryland welcome to enter the Bible based conversation on life principle contemporary issues and thought provoking. Now here's your host Justin within. A welcomed in verse we want to welcome all you guys who are watching in your homes on your phones and in your maybe in your local churches and you are with us every Sabbath every week on in verse we're so happy that you decide to join us again and we have all my friends here and we're talking about social justice we're talking about community service we're talking about mercy we're talking a lot of themes we found find in the entire book of the Bible so today we're go to Exodus Chapter 16 verse 1618 and before we always do so before you always read the Bible we have a word of prayer so Sebastian welcome welcome Sebastian thanks and glad you're here with us like wise you for us asking for the Lord's blessing Sure let's pray Father in Heaven Lord we thank you so much for the gift of life thank you for the privilege that we have to study your word and Father we thank you caressed and we pray that as we explore that this episode Lord that we may rest better and that we may enter into your wrist is our prayer in Christ's name and then you know him and I think you're about to go to Exodus Chapter 1616. 1618 in Cali for us yes. This is the thing which the Lord has commanded let every man gather it according to each one's need one Omer for each person according to the number of persons let every man take for those who are in his tent and the children of Israel did so and gathered some more some less so when they measured it by Omer's he who gathered much had nothing left over and he who gather little had no lack every man had gathered according to each one's need to Johnson give us the context of the story that's going on here well God had just called most of us and the people of Israel to come out of Egypt we are in about the 2nd month after that experience they went through the Red Sea to parted and now they're in the wilderness they are without any opportunity to to grow corn and grow anything because they are in the wilderness to eat food and so they need food and God recognizes that need and he provides the miracle manna he rains this there is food from heaven down on them and every morning there was just enough for everyone to have enough to eat and so they actually thought about what but on the 6 then God would actually give a double portion so that people can have enough for the Sabbath day so they don't have to go out in the Sabbath morning and get food they will have enough on Friday night so special just to catch you up and we want to welcome you in here with this episode on one end to install you could be an episode 3 I missed you guys and if you got there have missed missed episodes wanted to go back to our archives and watch of a sow's wanted to but we looked at the ground principles on so on and justice and mercy sort of one we looked at Genesis namely Genesis one and in episode 2 we looked at the Old Testament laws namely Exodus through Durante but really Exodus because we have a lot of time and now we are in this extra chapter 16 not in the Old Testament laws but this one particularly Day which is a birthday an anniversary it is a vacation it is Independence Day It is Freedom Day It has all these things. Together and we can talk about the Sabbath but more than the Sabbath the Sabbath teaches us how to interact with other people in the way that we interact and so on so John think that talked about you know verse 6 and Chapter 16 on about man Bracks and what's what's going on in Chapter 16 in terms of how you relate to people why I think the 1st thing we notice is God allows a differentiation to happen right so as people are gathering he says that you need to gather according to your tent you need to gather put into your tent and some people have greater need than others and God caters to that differentiation of need we shouldn't look you know unfavorably upon a person has a greater need and are going out and gathering more so with our guys being greedy Well he says no if he needs to gather this one or more per person then he's going to get exactly what he needs and if you just need 3 Omer's then that's just what you need and so I think we don't know what Omar is but it is a certain portion that's about 40 to my research is like equal to the weight of 43.2 case you did your research I did say yes a woman would make sure that we have all to scholars to back you absolutely need you know you're on your own on the. Owner of that. But you have to realize that it was supposed to sustain a person for an entire day right of eating so but I see that with with that interaction you have the gathering the bread and then with the sabbath you have them coming together for worship that this work was not supposed to in gathering demand it was not supposed to enter fear with their spiritual time together so you can be busy the 1st 6 days but on the Sabbath work was never going to take you away from visiting with your neighbor praying together seeking God together and so I see that God through this men and provision experience no one had to work for anyone else there couldn't be any oppression to provide for your family it was God directly providing for every single whole it is a core principles about justice so that. Gaunts equality is not human equality you know yeah it's not everyone gets one everyone it's to everyone gets their own portion every woman gets their portion every child gets their portion to their corner need and there's no want correct and that's really what just humanity year is for the position of no no the physical one I really like the point that you brought out there and maybe you didn't intend to but God provided them with the freedom of time but providing enough and Friday they now have freedom. To spend time with each other and with God and worship so another principle just that it's connected to justice to the principles of freedom and the ability to connect for the Lord I think that's just really beautiful we live in society where we want that extra vacation time we want to be in a position where we have no wants but what do we do with that extra done that we soak in some you know mud for a while we spend some extra money to people that we don't want to for a long time and we try to impress people on social media with these vacations that we're really tiring and being jet lagged and read red eyed but hear God's like no use that time to spend with Luke tell you what are some principles we see in Exodus 16 there another principle I see just him differentiating not to mung people but among the days and how Sabbath really is special and not just you know him providing double portion but normally if you left the man overnight it became disgusting according to verse 20 but when you did it on Friday night it was fine and Sabbath it could sustain you and just the practical points that God puts into even just the basic provision of bread to be like I want you to really understand how Sabbath this special and this is something I've thought about the 10 Commandments you know the rest the 10 commandments you can kind of kind of show up and other laws are there like people said I get I'll kill people yeah we get that or don't save the people's wives never get that but like the Sabbath it doesn't come natural to us and it is something that God has to instill in our heart. By His Holy Spirit and we have that need for rest like we don't know where to go and God like to go here and so I appreciate how God doesn't just rest and figure out that means but he instills even his provision for us it's not a logical moral conclusion it's not something that. You know tried in the mill nor like oh. Yeah you must prepare for a career out of philosophical huge humanistic tendencies and I think that's why I like you know sometimes we we think that that means like all the Sabbath isn't as important because other ones we can see more implications but that makes it more important because that exemplifies our obedience for God more because it is an appeal to us naturally and in the last 3 concerts that's a sign for exactly OK that we were going to measure with you know it was it was also interesting for me that. Man it doesn't fall for anyone on this right it didn't matter if you were rich if you were powerful if you were both or you were the lowly Israelite and God's equality system not only was in his provision but also in his expectations of obedience and so you realize that God expected the same provided the same and then he provided in a way that no one had to have an excuse to violate the rest on the 7th day so it goes to show is this principle that whenever I find myself in a bind there in the desert right there wandering to the promised land having arrived they can't farm the land as they normally might in order to provide for themselves so that means that they needed God every single day to provide for them but God never provided in a way that led them to disobey his law so people say well I need a job but if that job is going to be provided by God it's never going to lead you to disobey what he expects of you morally and I think that that's a huge principle that comes out of God's equality that his requirement is the same His provision is the same and that expectation puts everybody on the same level just because you're trading millions of dollars doesn't give you an excuse to violate the Sabbath or just because I'm a lowly worker doesn't give me an excuse why I have to provide for my family were starving when I have a point that kind of goes off what you've said here in verse 12 as well. You know 2nd part Actually it says here Twyla God is speaking a twilit usually eat meat and in the morning you shall be filled with bread and you shall know that I am the LORD your God and His God makes the promise you he will provide We were heard he does he provides enough for each household each household has different needs so this there is enough for everyone but it doesn't mean that you get you know 10 almost mega 10 almost you might just need 5 you know and I might need 20 and but it is enough for everyone so there is there is a quality in the sense of that you will be everyone will be filled OK but it doesn't mean that you need the exact. Amounts and the promise is that that by experience and that fulfillment physical film and you will know that he is the Lord and I will lead the people of Israel and hopefully us as well as we glean from this to understand that God wants to feel you spiritually as well and I think that is deeply rooted in the Sabbath as well because in the Sabbath God is giving Himself to us in that space and time is just I was the father was profound to this beautiful physical leads to the spiritual and God fulfills us and provides enough for everyone's needs what a physical or spiritual Let's go to the actual commandment found in Exodus Chapter 21st through leaven in Cali when you get there can you read it for us now there are 2 times where the old 10 to 10 commandments are mentioned and look at you know compare those 2 here but through 11 of chapter 20 of Exodus Remember the Sabbath day to keep it holy 6 days you shall labor and do all your work but the 7th day is the Sabbath of the Lord your God in it you shall do no work you know your son or your daughter or your male servant or a female servant or your cattle or your stranger who is within your gates for in 6 days the Lord made the heavens and the earth the sea and all that is and them and the rest of the 7th day therefore the Lord blessed the Sabbath day and how loaded and Jonathan can you can you give some insights before we're going to get into the actual Sabbath commandment but there is a difference between Exodus 20 and I think either one is due to me 55 thank you what is the difference or why is mention twice yeah so. 5 This is 40 years later OK Moses is reiterating the law and making it clear to the people Israel what God's requirements are in one sense as a reminder yet here here is the reminder of the Sabbath is rooted in creation God being the creator and sustainer of life and then in Deuteronomy Chopra 5 The reason given for Sabbath observance. It's actually that they were slaves in Egypt and God save them so we have the moment of redemption salvation so recognizing that God is my creator and recognizing that he's missed savior both connect in the Sabbath commandment and so they don't they don't go against each other they support each other and it's just a beautiful thing because salvation is really just recreating and so that there's no Those don't go against the come together and you know it will come back from the break we're going to look as we had a Sabbath commandment affects animals effects people from all different walks of life and so that is a very profound component of the 10 Commandments stated. Has impressed been a blessing to you Do you have questions comments or feedback you'd like to leave us find us on social media by searching enforced by law on Facebook Twitter and Instagram for you to while there join us like us comes up next the handle again is in 1st Bible Mel States now back to the discussion. Jonathan just shared the 2 places where the 10 Commandments are mentioned in the Old Testament and the preambles for both a little bit different one emphasizes the creation power creative power of God and the other the redemptive power of God and the cool thing is that we are God's twice over God not only created us He redeemed us so he has a kind of a double. Claim that's not exactly the word I was looking for I will claim I welcome writing that down in your I'll be my 99 and so and so we actually read the 4th Commandment here and there are some components in there that I just find to be very fascinating I love when I go to many African-American churches where on Sabbath morning they do or cite the 4th commandment and I think it's a cool cool thing they do but it's kind of funny sometimes we talk about all the different animals out to keep the Sabbath and them and serve and the maidservant and it's a list and in some ways it's kind of like you got to go through the list but in other ways God is really the lineal delineating the details in this give us some insights in this about what's going on in that well I think the 1st thing is God is. Addressing this component of his law across all socioeconomic levels right the fact that he has a creator gives us the example that I rested therefore you should rest and that rest that he enjoyed he extended to everything under his command everything that was subservient to him and so in each version right in Deuteronomy and in Exodus God's the one who says you do this because I left an example in creation I rested you enter and here in redemption remember you were asleep so give your servants rest as well and give them a day to be free and I think that's just. Very profound that God has a commandment in his law that almost. There would be a stratosphere a social economic status within society even within his own people but that eventually would embrace the world in which everyone is equal on this day you may be different on Friday but on this day he's free right he's not your servant that animals not your beast of burden you know this is not your maid servant she's free because there is a claim that God Old every single person that every single a clone I don't know if she's free there isn't Jubilee thing going on what should be back to work on Sunday but I think more that these are the individuals that need to rest the most so you have servants and they're working 24 seventh's you have cattle which is a beast of burden you have a stranger within your gates that has no home that has no place of rest right and so the commandment is it's mandating justice for this special group will also tell you off Also you just can't push off your work someone else like I'm not working so I think I'm a servant to do and I'm not actually doing it but like no even them the people who work for you all the time even they need to. I mean this actually when Jesus was around he would within the Jewish society the understanding they had lost sight of the understanding of the Sabbath command the true meaning they had they thought as long as we Jews. I don't work it's fine so they were OK with heathens to do the work for them on the Sabbath still or still are and this is not what God had intended and the other thing that I want to bring out here is we talk about in episode one how God has given us dominion over the earth we are the Image of God we have dominion and meaning we are to serve the world and everyone as a. Underneath has made a wrong word but everyone who we are responsible to which are the beast and all of creation and the people in our sphere of influence and so God is just describing here everyone in our sphere of influence we have you know stewardship responsibilities towards them as well and so I think that the connection to creation is right there in many ways as as we can see in the transition to a video just 25 and I think live it is 25 is where some action is talking about is the Jubilee it's not the 7th day sabbath the 7th year where servants do ceased being servants they were given alternate freedom and so the principle Sebastian is still stands but I think it is not in a different text and so it's just going to be it's just. Calibration to occur here. Leviticus up to 25 verses one through 7 and Sebastian can. Absolutely. And the Lord spoke to Moses on Mount Sinai saying speak to the children of Israel and say to them when you come into the land which I give you then the land shall keep a Sabbath to the Lord 6 years you shall so your field in 6 years you shall prove your being yours and gather its fruit but in the 70 year there shall be a Sabbath of solemn rest for the land a Sabbath to the Lord you shall neither so your field nor prune your vineyard what grows of its own accord of your harvest you shall not reap nor gather the grapes of your untended vying for it is a year of rest for the land and the Sabbath produce of the land shall be food for you for you your male and female servants your hired man and the stranger who dwells with you for your livestock in the beasts that are in your land all its produce shall be full and I just love these components and independent to their just their built in not just to keep for keeping sake but they teach us how to interact with other human beings in So Cal you what or how do you find elements or where are the elements of mercy. Just in this teaching of the jubilees here I think it shows us that one we don't really own anything or anyone and so even talk about the land but even of people going free later on like they've never belonged to you and the land isn't yours the land is ultimately God's the protos is ultimately God's So to me there is a principle Stewarts of going on here yes there's a stewardship and as well as I mean I think of just like not working anyone or anything to death and just getting a little mercy here get as much but I'll just go I think especially in our in our current society things are very workaholic based on productivity based and I use you as much of it as efficiently I get out of you based capitalism I was going to say oh yeah. And I think you know there's justice and mercy term member just that that mercy that merciful aspect and just a very basic way you know John home while you have the Year of Jubilee which we didn't really read about which follows here versus 8 and so on it talks about it's almost like a reset when God brought the people of Israel into the promised land he he gave them certain areas for each tribe there was a distribution of the land and and it was very important in that society that you have you know your portion of the Promised Land and over time because of different circumstances you might lose some of that you might have a situation where you where you don't you know you have to sell it you have to do but in the 50th year it was there was a reset and everyone went back to how it was supposed to be from the beginning on it's a beautiful concept that God will bring justice he will make it right again and in the within the society that God set up for or for the people is wrong I think it's just crazy revolutionary Yeah think about if you had debts they're gone I mean that's you know that's that's that's that is mercy. Just being gone all right I mean credit card debt gone and that merciless actually is tempered because. I mean if that were to happen in North America today the day after people just apply for another credit card is that but then also if you have slave status Yeah canceled you're now regular citizen and I mean that's just us you know and so even built into the law in these wonderful elements can I just and I think it's also God puts a limit right because that not only brings a certain joy and celebration to the individual entering into that freedom but also for the person who is the creditor who is the master it's like well there's a limitation of how long right before it could become transformational to your own character right it could be detrimental to who you are said well I'm going to hold this slave until they die I mean the woman's 80 years old and it's like no you're still not free you're never going to pay this debt off and I think God is against every form of oppression even if it's you know you brought it upon yourself you took a debt you could not pay. And I also love from the previous text that we read about how it mimics the same personnel as the 4th commandment in the land and that this provision in your land is not just for you so God Built injustice in the blessings that He gives his I want to give you a bundle and so you could you know build bigger barns and are going to store this I was like no this year just leave it and whatever comes Yeah you can eat it but it's for you your man servant in these other individuals because it's got costly trying to teach us how to be like him how to be merciful if he is merciful Let's transition to now Mark shifted to chapter 2 verse 2728 in Jonathan can you read it for us in March after 227 into a tease. And he said to them the Sabbath was made for man and not man for the Sabbath therefore the Son of Man is also the Lord of the Sabbath and this is this is a very climactic verse you see miracles happen in chapter one miracles happen in chapter 3 and right between just happens to say hey I am the man of all this the man's will so explain that let's tease that out Mike what does it mean that Jesus is the Lord of the Sabbath we talked about the freedom and the Justice and the mercy that Sabbath brings we talk about the quality that Sabbath in bodies we looked at you know did the redemption the creation ability I mean bring that all together John Well there is if you read the Gospels you will see that Jesus is often on purpose doing work or miracles healings on the Sabbath and he was doing this on purpose because in that society kind of mentioned earlier there was this idea that any work on the Sabbath it doesn't matter what it is is wrong and that is not quite true yes we should not be following the work that has to do with providing for selfish gain something again in motion but this is the work of redemption and we learn in Deuteronomy that redemption is part of what makes up a Sabbath so Jesus is healing he's redeeming people and he's doing this publicly so that the people can see the true beauty and meaning of the Sabbath and here he was here and in other places the fairy cities and the scribes they were saying Jesus you were breaking the Sabbath you know they had added all these other laws about the Sabbath on you were breaking all this and you are you know wicked in the blasphemer and all these things and Jesus and listen on the Lord of the Sabbath I instituted the Sabbath I know what I'm doing you know if I'm just going to jump on this I'm in it with each miracle that he's doing he's almost you know equalizing them and restoring their humanity. Is not only a physical healing he's. And then mercy blessing and justice that a lot of the deeming them created and all the things that we're talking about every human being and he's doing as well as kind as we're and then hear the Pharisees coming like you're working but it could be could it be that some of us as we keep the Sabbath by keeping the Sabbath we're actually not doing any Sabbath keeping. I mean is it true I mean we go to church sometimes and we lay activities and I don't we're keeping the Sabbath but we may may be violating in that process in principle Yeah and I love the you know what Jonathan saying in in going from what you're trying to draw from is that Jesus asserting the purpose of something like It reminds me of you know some podcasts I listen to when there's this one that someone recommended to me how I built this and it's kind of like that person telling you why this is the color of the package this is why we did this there is saying that I was the person who created it so for Jesus to make a statement the Sabbath was made for man not man for the Sabbath he's asserting that as if he's the author he's making the claim I instituted it on the God that was talking and saying this is how you should treat those who need work the most and so I think when you're drawing on that principle of we're keeping the Sabbath as in we're trying to follow his commands as well on the author and I'm telling you this is a purpose of what it's doing and so sometimes we can just be content with our own assessment not going back to what the author who says I built this and therefore this is what it's for not what you are using it maybe you out there are a currently a Sabbath keeper and that you want to now take it to the next tee and embrace the Lord of the Sabbath and use the Sabbath day as a day to disseminate equality justice redemption and recreation or maybe you're not a Sabbath keeper maybe you this is a 1st time you're hearing about this concept and you want to follow the Lord of the Sabbath we want to encourage you let's take the side of seriously as a gift from the Lord Jesus to embrace the 7th day in our hearts and our minds for His glory That's our prayer hopefully it's yours thanks for joining us here in verse see you next week. You've been listening to enforce a Bible based conversation with Cali Williams Israel Ramos Jared Thomas Sebastian Braxton Siku doco and your host Justin can inverse is brought to you by the hope channel television that changes lives but this and more inspiring episodes visit inverse dot hope T.V. dot org and find us on social media hashtags in verse 5 until next time this isn't the 1st.


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