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05-The Cry of the Prophets

Israel Ramos Justin Kim Sikhu Daco Callie Williams


What is the role of the prophets?



  • August 3, 2019
    9:30 AM

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Are they just crying wolf or is it some kind of angry nag nag nag find out the role the profits on this episode of inverse. Coming to you from Silver Spring Maryland welcome to IN THE BIBLE based conversation. Contemporary Issues and thought provoking. Here's your host Justin within the. Hebrew prophets divided the Old Testament what we know as the Old Testament to 3 parts the Torah all the law we looked at a couple weeks ago they look at the writings we looked at a couple weeks ago and then this up or so to are looking at the prophets are the prophets kind of an old group of people who are just nagging society or they crying wolf and just have nothing else to do we'll find out here we have prayer will read from Scripture and get into the Bible so welcome you guys welcome so in verse one thanks for joining us here again flying from all over parts of the world where you're from somewhere and we'll get started tell you please pray for us. Father in heaven thank you for the privilege it is to study your word and I pray that you would guide us by your Holy Spirit help us to understand the role of the prophets and how these principles apply to our lives and our interactions with others guard us by your Holy Spirit we pray in Jesus name and human so you are going to 1st say in your chapter it's 1st Samuel Chapter 8 1st 10 through 18 1st simul is right before 2nd Samuel chapter verse is before. Dr 9 or you know. 10 So Samuel told all the words of the Lord to the people who asked him for a king and he said this will be the behavior of the king who will reign over you he will take your sons and appoint them for his own chariots and to be his horsemen and some will run before his chariots he will appoint captains over his thousands and captains over his fifties will step some to plow his ground and reap his harvest and some to make his weapons of war and equipment for his chariots he will take your daughters to be perfumers cooks and bakers and he will take the best of your fields your vineyards and you all of grows and give them to his servants he will take a 10th of your grain and your vintage and give it to his offices and servants and he will take your male servants your female servants your finest young men and your donkeys and put them to his work he will take a 10th of your sheep and you will be his servants and you will cry out in that day because of your king whom you have chosen for yourselves and the North will not hear you in that day OK I want to looking at prophets. Israel will look at you just read this passage but not in this passage but as in general what's the role of the prophet this is what this passage is going to give us a glimpse into into what is reading plays and so I think breaking down with this passage is saying will be helpful for us. If you contrast and compare this passage with like let's say the. Joshua Joshua chapter one you have a little bit of a difference between what God will do as King and as ruler and what a human king is going to do if you if you look at Joshua chapter one it's like everywhere that you're put touches I have given to you as I was with Moses so I will be with you and so you have God is speaking directly to Joshua and he's saying I'm going to give to you I'm going to give to you I'm going to give to you then you go to 1st chapter 8 and then those those verses I see which is read it's like if you get a King who's going to he's going to take for you he's going to take from you he's going to take from you so. There's a very clear difference between how God operates and how humanity operate you're juxtaposing God as a king and a human being as yes right now so what is taking place with with Samuel as the prophet he's trying to open our eyes to see God's point of view what does this tell us what does this tell us about ourselves it tells us that as human beings were naturally creatures that are not for justice but for greed that's the challenge ultimately we think we met I want justice I want just we don't want just as we it's really something that is springs forth from greed a mission underscored in human beings will naturally gravitate towards towards greed as well as we need an injustice but it seems like even in this passage in the human endeavor for justice they end up getting even deeper into injustice Yeah let's we'll go to Israel All right Kelly go ahead. OK So I think the reason he does it is. So the reasoning though too is it's not even like they're they're saying like we want injustice or we want like a. It's they're actually fixate on something else and that's and verse 19 in the scene OK. Says nevertheless So after all those things they came to take take take this how we're going to take Nevertheless the people refused to obey the voice of Samuel and they said no but we'll have a king over us then we also maybe like all the nations that are king they judge us and go out before us and fight our battles so it's not even like they're saying like no it's OK to be like kings they take from us and we want our perfumers and it's like there's like no OK OK but you want to think that this was one thing and it's like this hyper fixation on what I want and I feel like a roll of the process here and throughout the Old Testament is like a reality check so you're so fixed on this one thing they're like can you please open your eyes and see all the things that are happening can you stop like just focusing on what you want and notice the injustice that's going on noticing how people are suffering and notice how you're destroying your community and the entire nation. It was like No it has it just put a text to what you're saying the role of a prophet in verse 9. 9 verse night yeah we were one verse after when everyone was living and this is the only one text is good the Lord is speaking to Samuel he says now therefore he had the a voice however you shall solemnly for one them and show them the behavior of the king whole reign over them so God since Samuel is a prophet too for one them of what's going to happen yes you may choose to go this route but this is the reason these are the results of your actions this is these are the consequences of the path that you're choosing to take so the prophet says is God's voice is not peace to to forewarn it to give you the results of the choices that you are making. And I believe that God's hope is that you would change your mind but like hell you read it like yeah yeah but we still want it seems like the system of the kingship is not bad yes I think we're saying it's efficient if we put all of our eggs in one basket eggs in one basket this king will be efficient for all of our battles he will execute justice you execute mercy so it's not the kingship that's the problem but here God is saying the person who is the king the human humanness of it is the problem is not that they didn't have a king they had a king who was God I was God and so wasn't even just like we have a vacuum God can please fill the vacuum is like God you're cool and stuff but you're like to unconventional So we want like a king like the other nations and he does go before them all the battles but we want to like see want to horse so we want to we want like some tangible care how do we do that today let's let's let's let's let's ask that question maybe maybe premature but that's my question no do we do that today we can say after hindsight like you know these these people you know they're really. It's very essential what they're doing is very simple they're replacing the gift with the gift. Or and so how do we do that today when we do this all the time we think to ourselves or I got any more money and guys I go I'm going to supply all your needs I got you yeah yeah yeah but I need more money and then and then it's like no no trust me and I'm going to trust you when you give me more money and then so then he says all right you want more money and we're going to give you more money and so he gives us the money and then not only do we start trusting the money but we start singing the money is ours right we start holding on to the money money starts building up greed in our hearts and so this is what begins to dominate got I need a house I'm going to provide you shelter and protection and then I know but I want everyone else has a house I want to house OK I'm going to give you a house what ends up happening is this is my house don't put your hands on my white walls because you're going to make them dirty or you just broke my lamp you know hey you just broke my window Hey don't drive on my grass so all these different things happen I'm just Kelly was visiting last night. And so look what you did to my head over your flower to say the so we can talk about this got off the air so you know over and over and over again what God tries to tell us through His prophets is you know there's you are fundamentally not capable as a human being to know what's even best for yourself and what you think is just is actually not just there but it's actually selfishness under the cloak of justice what's going to be a real event will come to Cali but he talked about how is this you talked about money we do this this is a quarter life or one 3rd life crisis you know for all of our millennial isn't the people out there we do this for our boyfriends girlfriends spouses we do this for jobs we just go down the line didn't everything but as a society are we doing this right with our political leaders as well that we put our pride to particularly ideology if we just push this one person then everything would be solved and we lose hope in God as a result we want we want to force God into our politics right God you have to be with this data so tweet about you know because. Well water for Scott Tweed there right now OK. Well you kind of across over it but I just still want to emphasize that sometimes we think that as long as we don't idolize bad things then we're OK but I do good things still idolizing So I think of relationships a lot so I don't I you know I'm still my twenty's I want to house I'm ranting on science and I have a lot of money because I'm a 20 so as 5 but I think about relationships or I think about if I just have a relation with a godly person I have enough friends that uplift me and if I just have a regular Bible study like good holy things I have a godly community then I'll be fulfilled but even a godly community without worshipping Jesus 1st is an idol and a fiance who loves Jesus without me loving Jesus 1st is still an idol and so these are good gifts from God but like Israel is saying you're exchanging the gifts for the gift giver and we're just going to end up like the Israelites like Thanks for all the bad things that happen that's called Jesus but I still as to what I want what I want I don't want to so many beautiful things are usually this is a lot it was awesome up with so much I just want to write how. It was that Emil when when they asked for a king was discouraged by this request but God In verse 7 the Lord said to Samuel he the ways of the people in all that they say to you for they have not rejected you which speaks to how Samuel was feeling about the request you know and doesn't know this isn't about you but they have rejected me that I should reign over them and the sad part of this is God's intention for Israel was to have an intimate personal individual allies relationship with this nation but instead of that they said no we want to be just like everybody else and it makes me think in our relationship with God God wants to have an individual personalized unique relationship with me that's different maybe from his relationship with Kathy that's different from these nations with Israel but I'm looking at Israel's life in me like Lloyd like look at him like he looks. You know look at him he looks to me like you can see he look. At that's just you know you mean I don't really feel that. That's your friends you know going with this he looks like he looks Meanwhile God is God is saying that he wants to he is the God of Abraham the God of Isaac the God of Jacob he wants to be my God my gauge which one of us wants to engage you out there and it way that's totally unique that the way engages uku and engages me and prison Lord for that because I don't want what's he has and I don't want and sometimes we want what he will he sees I look for we don't we should we shouldn't we shouldn't we should have Kelly and one was going back to the overarching theme of prophet Yes You know Samuel It's one of my heroes because of how faithful he was to what God called him to do even those excruciating painful not just here but like there's this later things that are worse and that there are all the prophets to be faithful to God no matter how much other people take the faithfulness personally and even if there are why I don't like you Samuel your doubt my question to say like he still loves that he still is faithful to what God has done that's what all the prophets and that's that's that's should elicit something out of us to go on to be faithful and we have a role of being a prophet our selves in this day and age when come back after the break we're going look at one example of these profits when I look at the book of Amos and it's going to take a while to get there so why don't you turn your Bibles to the book of Amos and when you get there we'll come back after the break so. As impressed in a Blessing to you Do you have questions comments or feedback you'd like to leave us find us on social media by searching the spiral on Facebook Twitter Instagram for you to while there join us like us comes up next I'll handle again is in 1st Bible no spaces now back to the discussion. The role of the prophets is not to cry wolf and it's not a nag it is a revelation of God's heart to. People as we've looked at and 1st time a chapter 8 now for the 2nd half are looking at the book of Amos and by now you should have turned there and if you're not there you need some help go to the table of contents the same psychological help let's go to Amos chapter one verse one and we can read verse one and 2 for us. The words of Amos who was among the sheep herders of to COLA which he saw concerning Israel in the days of the Zajac king of Juda in the days of Jura the son of joy king of Israel 2 years before the earthquake and he said The Lord roars from Zion and others his voice from Jerusalem the pastors of the shepherds mourn at the top of Carmel weathers. Can I ask this question maybe interject this into this passage here we're looking at the Book of a miss and I know you have much to share but it kind of starts off can can can profits be of a sort of a buzz kill you know like they're kind of a knowing Yeah negative this is the new minor prophets and I don't know some people that might I think of the minor key you know you just kind of going down and. Just kind of a downer what can we say to encourage people to stick with the minor prophets and a prophet so I think a big thing is Reality is reality whether or not you like it and so sometimes we do need a reality check even if it's like oh but I was having such a good time like yeah but it was a false good times let's come back to reality and it's not so much you know their messages are filled with hope but it's like you're not doing what you should be right now please return back to God He will bless you that it was not just like this is awful sadness like this it's not just a one sided message but you are trying to bring them back to a place of rejoicing in the positivity but you have to go through the hard parts of repentance and surrender and then you come back to that so it's like it is a buzz kill but it's for the sake of true joy and true fulfillment I wanted to add to that later on as Amos is giving his prophecies people come in to try to to shut him up so to speak and Emma says look I didn't choose I didn't choose this like I was I was hurting sheep you know like I didn't I don't get up and be like oh no I'm going to be and I think about sometimes. We may be called to be somewhat of a buzzkill in situations and circumstances. With the message that we have to bring or the attitude that we need to bring to a situation and it's. So I think sticking with reading the mind of prophets and even sticking with being faithful to whatever God is calling us to do it which at times may not be as positive or as enjoyable as we would like but he says I got to speak because this is a message that God gave to me and I think ultimately because God is trying to bring us back into relationship with him and like I just want to put a caveat there I mean how many of you out there you have that one person may be there at your local church and please don't point out what they are but be that one person who they are kind of negative your kind of negative they are a buzzkill in the bad way and God isn't calling us to that God is calling us to connect with his heart and should heart be dissonant with the surroundings around us we are called to stand up for the right and reveal God's heart not to just change the surrounding them because we're annoyed with it and there's sometimes a looks a little similar but there's a huge difference between those 2 worlds Let's go to Kelly I was going to say I just. This is so important I think for my generation I mean if you guys next year stuff like my generation and wrinkles are coming. Just like the 10 years under me as well of we have this thing about you good vibes only like only positivity in the negative the say like you have figured out and come back to us and there is you know like you said in the church you want to avoid unnecessary negativity and things like that but there are some times like Well and you talk to this like even like Matthew 18 stuff I need to go resolve this issue why don't you bring up this let's ignore the issue and she doesn't exist and void and that becomes a community like let's just pretend everything's fine and we need to get over that because that may be millennialist but it's not that local you know so it is a phenomenon that we're of voiding these negatives and so we're ghosting you know sort of that we do. Just something here from the situation altogether and in appear in Fiji couple months later on Instagram I think you and I see the province more playing like a role of a doctor or a teacher in that they're revealing to us our condition when I was in high the diagnosis of. What I was and what I was in high school. The principle is I'm a go a long time ago the principal came to. Celebrate 20 years last year was 20 years since I graduated so you celebrate Ali was Kelly was born your small but so so the principal we were in the dorm we were the guys who were having fun messing around here was going on the principal walks in and she's talking and then she's like after speeches like OK I need you to come with me you're going to come to my house and I was to go like oh you know this is not good you know like when you visit the principal's office it's bad when you visit the principal's house you're probably going to get out. So I went I went I went to her house and I remember to this very day she she had a big. Table dining dining table and I sat down and she sat down next to me and I was like super tense and I'm like What in the world this is not very pleasant and she said you have a problem with English and it's hard to believe now. But she's like you know you have a problem with English and she's like I need to teach you how to pass the English exam and it was one of the tense moments of my life having the principal next to me was yeah. You're right you're there was one of my most tense moments. And she sat next to me and she she brought out the textbook and and she started working through the process would be and then she said You're really tense right now aren't you and I was like Yup and then you know she's like don't worry this is going to help and so that moment which was horrible which was very tense which to me was it was one of the most difficult moments of my school life actually ended up preparing me to be able to the next day and the rest of the year have confidence in the in the classroom and so the prophets are that way they give us a diagnosis of the fact that we are in a position where we're lost you know and and it is a buzz kill because we're having so much fun but that fun is leading us. The last Yeah and so the Prophets come by our side they say look this is going to be tough but in the end you're going to thank me for this and so the learning might not be a pleasant experience but the end result you're going to be very very happy with and so I feel like that's what the role of the prophets is so let's delve into this diagnosis in Chapter one Verse 3 throughout the 1st chapter here God is diagnosing all the nations in the area in verse 3 that says the Lord for 3 transgressions of Damascus and for 4 so he's talking about Damascus there and he mentioned some specific sins verse 6 he talks about Gaza verse 9 he talks about tire verse 11 he talks about Edam verse 13 he talks about Amman and then verse chapter 2 verse one he talks about and I can just imagine you know like this God is going around as I will you did this and you did this and you did this and perhaps even Israel may be thinking yeah. I mean he's going to stick it to him and then I mean God come around full circle though right and so now he's going to eventually get a reason. So no. 2 more so for and it goes to Judah and those who want to read for the 1st. Verse for the see the Lord for 3 transgressions of Judah and for for I will not turn away it's punishment because they have despised the law of the Lord and I'm not kept his commandments their lies lead them astray lives which their fathers followed but I will send a fire upon Judah and it shall devour the palaces of Jerusalem in case of this is the southern kingdom the brother of Israel and what was the sin that they committed here. That they have not kept his commandments. Right and so as a result of them not keeping God's commandments if it alters negatively their relationships with with other people and they follow the lies of the design running I mean. It was the one that was more faithful to the end they were keeping a commandment but hear God calling them straight out like you're not you know keeping the heart of the commands here and then one of our 6 and Kelly green verse 6 for us yes just says the Lord for 3 transgressions of Israel and for 4 I will not turn away it's punishment because they sell the righteous for silver and the poor for a pair of sandals again then he keeps on going there verse 9 it was I It was I who destroyed the AM RIGHT before in verse 10 it was I who brought you up from the land of Egypt verse 11 I raised some of you your sons as prophets and verse 13 Behold I am weighed down by you well was he here his is remind them of his history but what was the sin of Israel Israel it was nice and. Yet back to the very beginning they had they had placed their trust in the gift instead of the gift giver so and the impact the result of that look at look at the significance of verse 7 or 7 a pat after the dust of the earth which is the head of the poor right and so. In David in the Psalms you know he says My heart pounded as a deer panther that the water broke so part of my soul after the oh god so you have here God created us to long for him right he had created us to long for him just like the deer pants after the water broke on it when it's being that when it's Thursday I'm being hunted and that what has happened is that the shift has instead of being shifted instead of their side being shifted towards God There's side has been shifted away from that and what is being shifted to is being shifted to selfishness injustice greed and that's essentially what has happened with God's people the sin is that they have forgotten God and in forgetting God they have made themselves God and that has led them down a path of not keeping his law satisfying themselves oppressing the poor etc etc You see a lot of injustice a lot of perversion going on at the universe 60 sell the righteous for silver the poor for a pair of sand. Doles which is the most in the Middle Eastern culture of footwear is is the most cheapest and the lowest of all things they're selling people for the 1st 7 you mention about panting to pervert the way of the humble This is a man and his will father go into the same girl to defile his only name they lie down every altar on clothes taken in place and drink the wine of the condemned in the house of their god and their sexual morality going on there is holiness laws being violated there is economic injustice just a lot of junk is going on. They have lost their sense of the value of humanity in. God God find that important. Yes sometimes agree I do agree it's yeah it's like why does God have to start I mean like that and I don't mind these things it's like oh they're badly starts itemizing all the different ways that people have lost the regard for humanity and even for themselves not like like even abusing themselves and how they're interacting with others and that's the thing those like they think they're living the life that like oh I can do what I want I'm drinking wine like I'm partying up with whoever I want to but you're literally destroying yourself and God like hey please stop destroying yourself you'd like to be basic but it's not and but that just shows how clueless we are without the Holy Spirit and how much we need God to enlighten us even to help ourselves not just others but even to sell this concept of the concept of this is OK you know it is OK for me to do that you're essentially saying this is just this is just as this is my understanding of just as it is OK for me to kill myself it is OK for me to kill others it is OK this is OK And God says that's not OK that's a perversion of justice and so you go down the fundamental issue of human being cannot really live a life of Justice cannot even understand it because the natural heart is inclined towards greed want to go to. Chapter 4 verse 6 you see in the middle there yet you have not returned to me verse 9 in the middle there the locust devoured them yet you have not returned to me verse 10 at the end there is as yet you have not returned to me verse 11 yet you have not returned to me it's kind of God is is in a way it is a refrain This is a rap song and it comes back to the chorus yet you have not returned to me and then they picked a verse 12 therefore this I will do to you as well because I will do this you prepare to meet your God over Israel and he in the next judgment there is there's these punishment going on this is the role of the prophet to reveal the heart of God not out of punishment in anger and. And of just inactive execution of a judgment but because he wants us to return back to him That's our prayer for us and for you is the listen to the voice of the prophet this is not God nagging or God punishing us by God imploring we turn back to him join us here next week here in verse. You've been listening to him 1st a Bible based conversation with Kelly Williams Israel Ramos Jared Thomas Sebastian Braxton doco and your host Justin can invest is brought to you by the hope channel television that changes life but this and more inspiring episodes visit Indras dot hope T.V. dot find us on social media has to invest until next time this isn't 1st.


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