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What was Jesus all about?



  • August 17, 2019
    9:30 AM

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Some portrayed Jesus to be a hippie others a social justice warrior and others a Jewish rabbi what was Jesus All About find out on this episode of In verse. Coming to you from Silver Spring Maryland welcome to. The Bible based conversation on life principles contemporary and thought provoking. Now here's your host just in time within the hour. Welcome everyone to this special episode of In verse every episode is a special one we are in the midst of a 13 week segment looking at just justice and mercy not justice justice and mercy and my name is Justin Justin Anyway as I said play off I thought was nicer when I would need to pick. From from Sebastian Please pray for us to maybe also have to stop stuttering and then we'll look at the Bible and the holy school take over and the show will go better than intended so it's about to start us off please let's pray Father in heaven thank you so much we have the privilege to be here at this moment. We take a moment in pause to invite your spirit to be present with us the same spirit that anointed Christ to begin a ministry of mercy and justice in the Lord that is continue to impact our lives on to this day God is through this study is our prayer in Christ's name and human so we are smack in the middle of our 13 weeks this is episode 7 so for those of you who may have been visiting us for the 1st time you want to want to catch up for episodes one through 6 and get you know the background and we've been covering really the Old Testament issues about up to this point and now we are smack in the middle of the Bible when not in the broader Middle but feel logically where you were about Jesus and let's go to Luke Chapter 4 verse 18 in 1000 and Cali can you read that for us. The spirit of the Lord is upon me because he has anointed me to preach the Gospel to the poor he has sent me to heal the broken hearted to proclaim liberty the captives and recovery of sight to the blind to set at liberty those who are oppressed. Just to proclaim the acceptable year at the Lord yeah so Israel can get us back around to this verse and why we're reading it for the for the 1st verse of this episode Well this is the classic verse of Jesus called to his ministry earthly ministry and here the Bible is quoting the Old Testament passage from Isaiah saying that Jesus would come like the song says you know to heal the broken hearted to set the captives free like the song where in the song Can you sing A Yeah I could I could but I won't go through through. So the interesting interesting elements that come out from the passage that are significant to us 1st is found there in the beginning of verse 18 it says the spirit of the Lord is upon me there's a reason for the Spirit of God to be poured upon an individual in this case Jesus Christ and let me say let me start by saying that everybody wants to every Christian 1st of all wants to be like Jesus and 2nd of all wants to receive the Holy Spirit and here you find the the crossroads of both taking place so the spirit of the Lord is upon me why because he has appointed me to preach the Gospel to the poor and so the Spirit of God is given to us for a specific reason and that is for the equipping of our call to ministry that's why the Spirit of God was given to Jesus Jesus didn't just receive the Spirit just so he can have in his back pocket or because it was cooler because it was fun or because it was an extra but it was given to him for a reason for a purpose and that was so that he can accomplish his mission his mission was twofold mission to heal and also trip to proclaim what you're saying here so this is we're going kind of specific here and the reason is that many people want to make Jesus into all sorts of whatever they want to make India but here Jesus is in a sense defining himself and define his mission I should say his mission what I just love and the kind of the craziness of this narrative is before you get into the actual verse for verse 18 going to are 17. I mean here it's Sabbath Sabbath worship morning if you will verse 17 he was handed the book of the Prophet I don't know if he did it intentionally if he was given to him like I don't know and then when he opened the book he found a place where I was written and he reads these 2 verses in 18 and 19 and then skip to verse 20 then he closed the book gave it back to the attendant and sat down and all eyes of the eyes of all who were in the Senate were fixed on him and he began to say to them today this scripture which we're going to say right now is this scripture is fulfilled in your hearing I mean this is like the Mike dropped that one around the. First or drop the mike and then this is where the leaders were like Who do you think you are right you know so these 2 verses are extremely extremely important so is what you're talking about talking about the Holy Spirit coming upon him giving a specific specific injunction specific power and then very specific things here that if you can elaborate on it well there's a there's at least you can summarize them into 2 different things one is the temporal and the other is the eternal OK So Jesus here says that he has been called us to heal the broken hearted and to preach the Gospel to the poor and so forth by the way the poor is not just the poor who don't have any money but those who are poor in spirit those who are looking for something better in their lives so you have here the element of reaching the temporal needs of individuals to heal the people that are wounded and also you have the eternal needs of the of the people which is the proclamation of liberty to those who are captive and he's not talking here specifically of people who are in jail to break them out of jail but people who are under the bondage of sin and temptation and you know it it just struck me you know as Israel was talking you see in the passage that as it goes through all the things that Jesus says that the spirit is anointed him to do you see 3 times it's dealing with a message right to preach the gospel to proclaim. In Liberty and to proclaim the acceptable year of the Lord then you see actions of mercy right so there's a combination in Jesus's ministry of message and also merciful service right so he's proclaiming he's preaching but then on the other side he's healing right he's proclaiming liberty but he's bringing recovery Yes And so in this sense it it almost gives us a sense that in Jesus's mission and identity this is how we come from the balance of Jesus was just a social activist you know he also had a theological message that was imbedded in what he was doing and what the Spirit of God had called him to do but there was also a practical tangible I'm not going to tell you good news I'm actually going to help you experience good news you got your sight back you're no longer broken hearted you were in bondage and downtrodden and I've lifted you up so in this sense it's the combination of these that really give us a true composite picture of who Jesus was and what is in the church on has kind of polarized with these 2 aspects of Jesus mission one is all about preaching and preaching evangelism evangelism inventions on which is huge it's church should be doing and the other side is all about outreach and social work and and all the more practical things and then don't dare preach the message just just how evil their needs you know after they have water after they have food and then go away and live the life that they always wanted to live. These There's a there's a is a balance an OK word and I think I think we need more of THAT WE'RE GOING TO ality I think we're going to see her intention that the energy held intention Shinn because to me you're always going to be in a position where human beings like extremes it's either this or this right we like black and white Oh either you preach them all the best it is more valuable than just the service because who wants to have you know blind people who are sinners and now they can see and now they're just worse sinners because they can see who wants to liberate people who are not changed in heart so on one side people will use this and say well guess what. The message is more important than the service but then on the other side is no one wants to hear your gospel because you don't do anything for their blindness and their oppression so therefore the service is more valuable than the message and actuality there are really 2 sides of the same calling one is evidence of the other's power so because of the service my message has power and my message is powerful because of my service so the 2 are linked by definition yes I think we have a hard time understanding I think the sound of a superficial attention but it is a core problem some people think is bait and switch Hey I gave you a meal I fixed your house now you got to listen to what I have to say to you but that and the church has. That way Kelly Well I just I like how Jesus doesn't go into that that box that people try to make him so you know this way or that way just like I'm actually about some here and that's if he was a revolutionary Yeah and counterculture and so that made certain people like Hitler and yeah I mean some people like him and dislike him but Jesus is like I'm going to do it says the spittle or is upon me because it is known to me to do these things no one asked him to do those things that for the Holy Spirit and so he's following what his father's Commission had to do through the Spirit now people are expecting him to do for the beginning of time it's important for us to know that Jesus never change in other words Jesus is not coming here trying to be a revolution what has actually happened as a society has revolted against him so from the very beginning when you look at the Book of Genesis which we studied before when God created humanity in his image he created us to be like him not just spiritual not just spiritually we were just called to be holy but we were called to be a complete reflection of who he is physically mentally and spiritually and so whenever we whenever we seek to to separate and to categorize humanity any into any one of these 3 categories at the exclusion of the others we are just doing partially the work that God is I mean we essentially were ruining the image of God exactly part of man. Yeah bisecting it right and so in this passage you have your complete restoration to total individual that's what Jesus came to do he came to completely restore every aspect of the image of God and humanity which is profound because that leaves us to make sure that we don't allow ourselves to to buy in to some sort of amazing development only on one aspect of humanity's restoration Oh this is a great restoration of his physical body right so we talk all about health to the exclusion of his mental his emotional. And his spiritual development when in reality because they are intrinsically tied one to another the other should be growing if you're doing the if you're doing specifically health correctly the spiritual in the mental should be growing and if you're doing mental health correctly the body and the spiritual should be growing not this parsing it out and I think that there is the physical and you know health component stuff but in these verses he's also talking these are these are social I.M.F. occasions and he's freeing the prisoner and there it's not just the individual development but there's a social component a social development of the script to Chapter 7 which is kind of the other side of complementing the verse that we just read Luke Chapter 7 verse 18323 in Calif you don't mind can read that for us Luke Chapter 718223 the disciples of John reported to him concerning all these things and John calling 2 of his disciples to him sent them to Jesus saying Are you the coming one or do we look for another when the men had come to him they said John the Baptist has sent us to you say are you the coming one or do we look for another and that very hour he cured many of infirmities afflictions and evil spirits and to many blind he gave sight Jesus answered and said to them Go and tell John the things you have seen and heard at the blind see the lame walk the lepers are cleansed the. Left here the dead or raise the poor have the gospel preached to them and blessed is he who is not offended because of me right things Kelso what's going on here this is very similar to Luke Chapter 4 isn't it so what's going on. Especially why I think it's beautiful to see the parallels between the groups of people that Jesus is serving in verse 22 and what he announced in Luke chapter 4 and I think what's powerful about this text is to see who's asking the question is that this is the forerunner of Christ John asking the question about Jesus is identity and look at the circumstance in which he is in he's oppressed and he's imprisoned by Herod and so that just becomes profound to see that Christ is doing what he's doing for other people which is why John is raising the question about this is a question of identity I mean disciples like Who are you what are you doing and so really we're going back after the break we'll look at other aspects of Jesus' ministry that people are taking and reinterpreting and making Jesus to be something that he was not in his mission statement so stay tuned stay with us. Has been a blessing to you Do you have questions comments or feedback you'd like to leave us find us on social media by searching. On Facebook Twitter Instagram for you to while there join us like us comes up next the handle again is in 1st Bible states now back to the discussion. They will come back so people take different verses from the Bible and then they construct their own Jesus and so we're looking at what Jesus has said about himself and the Bible verses that he's chosen for himself so look at Luke Chapter 4 Luke Chapter 7 and this is how Jesus in a sense defined his own mission so let me just open it up to you guys and we're going to get into another passage where Jesus is cleansing the temple which is found in all 4 Gospel accounts but we when we get there so Jesus said this about himself I'm here to to heal and it was read so what personal impact does that have for you yeah in your own personal individual life what ramifications if this is his mission statement his constitution is his vision statement for his organization what does it do with our relationships with Israel or has this this this lines up with the principle upon which God functions you know love the Lord your God with all your heart with all your mind with all your soul and then love your neighbor as yourself I see that clearly reflected in the mission statement of Jesus as he's he's loving his neighbor as themself and to love your neighbor as yourself means to do the greatest amount of work as often as you can for the sake of others out of selfless motivation and that's exactly what Jesus is doing he's he's done he's not just dying to self on the cross but he's done a self moment by moment as he's healing people he's helping people how does this apply to me what I might not have the same opportunities that Christ had. To raise people from the dead or whatever but I do have opportunities every day that present themselves where I can do good for the sake of others often and I often neglect those things and so in these ways I can boil their rubric of one's self as yeah yeah helping people that are less fortunate than I am you know there's a story told about a little boy who was because I know you like stories because. There's only a story of a there's a story told about a little boy really impact and he's he's on the beach and he's there's all these stars starfish Yeah you know the story is doing the neck and that and he's thrown back in the ocean in this role my story we all know the story of. Your national T.V. how there is a story Kelly Kelly and so he sort of he said I don't know back in and and this man comes by and he says you know you think you make a difference there's millions of stars fish and. You know what I can do you know make a big impact a big difference and he says you know I made a difference for that individual starfish and so we might not have the opportunity to to save the world but we do have the opportunity to impact the lives of individual of individuals one person at a time and in so doing we are fulfilling the mission of Christ just as much as Christ or filled his own mission when he see the world I just want to underscore though and I totally agree and I love the unique story that you provided but it is the 2nd Christian song Chris if you can see. So so there are other religions out there is whole and other philosophies out there like I do good do good do good but this is not what Jesus is saying to underly and I just want to underscore it's the selflessness that Jesus had that was the main drive which he did while he was alive and it which is what killed him in the end and what he's reproducing in all of us through His Spirit is the denial of self that's that's that's. A Christian contribution and also it's for the sake of others and every time with without any cell. Motivation other words also the religion there is a measure to the goodness that we give so that he couldn't run you know starfish back in the sea because he wanted to his resume or to get a greater I was like you know you're trying to get into the conversation OK sorry I don't know what I want to say is yeah I do this is disinterested service he's not interested serve us he's not trying to earn something with us Father just I just love you because I love you and I serve because I love you and which is so rare today yeah I see a lot of service being happen but it's not disinterest right and also the difference between Christianity many other faiths is our God is your true God opposed to false gods sometimes command service I do this because I told you 2 verses Jesus is do this because I showed you how and so Jesus served essentially 1st and he laid down his life 1st and he was selfless 1st and so it's not just like what does this look like we can look at Jesus as life and see it clearly and you know kind of what is real saying to that we might not have the same opportunities but we take what we do have and I like how you know Jesus did do amazingly huge things be also did small things like just encouraging people and so it's not only if we heal people or only if we preach 250018 hillside and give them food from 2 loads 3 loaves but those additional to that is limited resources. Thank you. Very vengeful hearts OK. It doesn't. Be quiet OK so it doesn't have to see who limit us make Well not good enough I don't do a great enough thing so I should do nothing but a heart of Service serves because that's what's in our heart and Jesus doesn't just give us tasks but he transforms us on the inside which was the ultimate message of the little boy with the limited resource limited resource if you want to really lead story says through Jesus they were you know good awesome awesome so I think for me in a conversation. I had you know I think it's the opposite. You know it's a similar starfish story but from a different perspective I. Remove it. That you know this guy was taking his son to the beach and his son was collecting shells My kids liked the collection and when he came they saw starfish and he was like oh there's a star was like go get the starfish right and the sun runs up and he looks at it and then comes back and he's thinking man my son is like you know he's a he's a coward like he's afraid to pick up a starfish he's like no it's OK papa is right here like Don't worry I won't hurt you he runs back and comes back again with no starfish and he's like what's going on how come you don't get the starfish and the kid says well I had shelves in my hands and so he he was basically reflecting on the fact that a lot of times we are pushing someone to say well look what you can have in the kid is thinking but this is what I already have in my hands and in order to take that starfish I have to put these things down and when I see Jesus in what we reflect it personally means to me that Christ could have been an amazing advisor to Caesar he could have been in a high position he could have been a commander of an army he could've had all these worldly aspirations but he never put down the shells of what he was anointed to do in order to get the starfish right that the world was offering to him and the really powerful he says to me Sebastian you need to be content with what the Spirit of God is anointed you to do and don't put down the shells and Christ never put that down. And so that that's a good story that is we've never heard that story like that as I think you have. Written a little differently then you know he didn't pick up the starfish and throw it back in the hold onto your shelves That's right don't put the shelves down and I think Christ did that his whole life and that's what his life really personally says to me don't put the let's transition to the Gospel account of cleansing of the temple now there is for as Matthew Mark Luke and John so let's go to Mark Chapter 11 which is probably the shortest of them all like morning and. You get to the point quickly that you know him personally and media article 11 article love and children OK verse 15 through 19 if you're 19. You know what you read that for us and Stuart obituary this morning 1st. So. So they came to Jerusalem then Jesus went into the temple and began to drive out those who bought and sold in the temple and overturned the tables of the money changers and the seats of those who sold domes and he would not allow anyone to carry wares through the temple then he taught saying to them is it not written my house shall be called a house a prayer for all nations which you have made it a den of thieves OK So this is this let's go from one side into the 0 Side number one why was this account found in all 4 accounts what is the importance of this passage this shows a side of that we don't always see yeah it's kind of like whoa gee is usually like common like mild and stuff yeah I mean he's like the Fuzzy was the teddy bear you know anything like I want to you that's kind of not really but yeah yeah So here here's a kind of Jesus if we can use that yeah I mean I mean he's turning up tables he's not leaving and I say like hey guys can you please vacate the premises every day he's looking tables and he's very clear and he's I mean using the scripture but it's still a very intense way and it's just edginess we don't cross it on pillows so how do we how do we some people don't like this Jesus is found in all 4 gospels so it's incontrovertibly that this is going to be significant and significant and you know Israel you know what this is I think what this is to me is the fact that Jesus takes the mission statement very very seriously and whenever we don't do what we've been called to do. What ends up happening is it's not if we if we neglect to do what God has called us to do there are consequences to that things don't route they don't just remain the same but they actually take a downward turn and so what has happened here is that God's people have not only just not invited the world in but it ition to that they have oppressed the very things that they have so that upsets Christ because you're not you're called to your call to help but instead you're helping yourselves and of course the mission statement he's anointed by the Holy Spirit so this is this is a Trinitarian if you will God had action not just Jesus you know getting something office chest and ending in this is this divine action so if you if you can almost imagine in your mind that the Temple being so central to what it everything in the Jews life in existence in terms of worship that's where the presence of God was this was the whole center of our whole religious system our economy is in crisis thing here at the very center at the very heart of what I instituted in creating this whole system of worship you've corrupted the crowd it's very heart and I think every gospel writer was trying to say Christ in His mission was there to really change it from its very center from its very core and he saw that all the stuff that was coming out of Jerusalem in all the corruption in demonic possession in the brokenhearted in all these things came from this very central place and then that was the cleansing that needed OK so you establish that this is a very important verse that Jesus was who he was in these gospels yet now because the other side now other people will take of this and then they'll use it and they'll say well look here this is social justice warrior Jesus and the pain Jesus and like as the one who disrupts this society disrupts religion disrupts worship services if you will and they justified that we need to be like Jesus and go and do exactly what he did is that viable or known I would just tell you to read the rest. The Gospel read the rest of the Gospel not avaricious that's not just in the same way that we see this like this is a different kind of Jesus and that's because Jesus is a multi-faceted person but also like you can't take this and Sam will follow him this way because and even like other ways like he blasted Peter he never blasted Judas like that means we should blast everyone last no one now which means it depends OK I'll also see this as Jesus did it do this on the basis of his own opinion he said in verse 17 then he taught saying to them is it not written in the Word of God So Crisil a contradiction between a religion that was supposed to be some submitting to the Word of God and was living in contradiction to that So his goal was to restore it to its Biblical ideal so following Jesus in this way is always appropriate when you find that the church is not living or the God's people are not living in harmony with the Word of God they profess so he said look did not say this but this is what you have made contrary to what the Word of God said and so I think that zeal is appropriate like the Reformation right where Luther says My will is captive to the Word of God you know unless you convince me by scripture or plain reason I think that is the core element of what Christ is doing and that gives license to that type of you OK with our remaining time I want to go to squeeze this in your 53 OK I feel that if I say 53 in caps relates Jesus is Ministry and character all at the same time in the Old Testament and very interesting that Jesus quoted from Isaiah most of all the Old Testament books and he really resonated we just read from 61 and 3 Verse 3 through 6 and Israel can read it for us he is despised and rejected by men a man of sorrows and acquainted with grief and we hid as it were our faces from him he was despised and we did not esteem him surely he was born our Greece and carried our sorrows yet we are steamed him stricken smitten by God and afflicted but he was wounded. Our transgressions he was bruised for our iniquities the justice middle our peace was upon him and with the stripes we are healed up to verse 6 or 6 we all we like sheep have gone astray we have turned every one to his own way and the Lord has laid on Him the iniquity of us all very short verse by a powerful verse for us all to follow in the footsteps of Jesus not of social justice warrior not a revolutionary but a suffering servant for the glory of God That's our prayer hopefully as yours will see you next week here on in verse. You've been listening to him 1st a Bible based conversation with Kelly Williams Israel Rahman's Jared Thomas Sebastian Braxton doco and your host just an inverse is brought to you by the hope channel television that changes nights but this and more inspiring episodes visit in various T.V. dot find us on social media has tanked in this time until next time this isn't 1st.


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