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How do we live a fulfilling life?



  • September 7, 2019
    9:30 AM

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You know we're always trying to find that one way that one has to live a better life but the Bible shows a different way find out on this episode of In verse. Coming to you from Silver Spring Maryland welcome to. The Bible based conversation on life principle contemporary and thought provoking. Now here's your host just until within the next day welcome to in verse we are smack in the middle of this segment on mercy and justice throughout the Bible we looked at different portions of the Bob We looked at the prophets we looked at the law we thought that the New Testament and now we're discussing the gospel of the Gospel but in a park tickler way we looked at the Gospel in different episodes in the past but with my panelist friends today we are looking at different ways to elevate humanity not based on technology or drugs or if these these these synthetic means but through the Bible so we'll have a word of prayer Subash can you pray for us and pray that we can read the Bible appropriately with the Holy Spirit's help Holy Spirit's guidance and look into it let us pray Father in heaven Jesus died for people dying to restore them into bring them to glory and Lord we pray that as we explore the POV your gospel to accomplish. In other practical ways that we can participate in what God is doing in the lives of other people that you would bless our study is our prayer in Jesus' name amen amen amen can we let's go to Matthew Chapter 9 Matthew Chapter 9 ver. $35.00 and then verse $36.00 OK. Then Jesus went about all the cities and villages teaching in their synagogues preaching the gospel of the kingdom and healing every sickness and every disease among the people but when he saw the multitude he was moved with compassion for them because they were weary and scattered like sheep having no shepherd. Jonathan give us some context what's going on in those verses Well Jesus is here about to do is father's business as he always does this is a wonderful description of just Jesus' life ministry he's teaching he's preaching he's healing and he is among the people I love that I mean you know we're talking about what should be on a tombstone in the last episode like this is a great description you know maybe that should be on our tombstone but Jesus is here engaged in ministry and then he sees the multitudes he's gazing over these people that are seeking him for whatever needs they have and he's moved with compassion because they were weary and scattered like sheep having no shepherd In other words they were scattered they don't know in and out they don't know where to go they don't have a solution they need the Messiah the Savior and he's moved compassion what I think it's you know an incredible thing to say about the Son of God that he has compassion on us who are not the best you know we are we are pretty evil and mean and but he has compassion on us people know that this is a powerful verse in the sense that Jesus was compassionate That's how so cliché but let's let's step back a bit and look at us like a little take a look at a generation Yeah how many of you are you you are on the Internet and you find all these different commercials on insta or Facebook or or Twitter about the level of the latest way to hack something you know these are the best shoes ever like if you can you can go to water and they'll dry in 2 seconds and then you're going to find it's crowdsource that this is the best shirt this will never get wrinkled it wicks away moisture. Silver property is the anti-bacterial this is the best perfume This is the best hair this is the best whatever and we're always trying to up our selves if you can just do this exercise in this many minutes you only have to do this and you lose 100 pounds by tomorrow these are all these little things oh if you read this book you can you know be telepathic or you can sense you know where he's trying to elevate ourselves in different ways and the millennial generation makes fun of the past for all the amounts of money that were spent but the millennial stood just as much but that we've got through our our cellphones or through you know glasses in you know computers in our noses or whatever word or whatever it is and you know I read a book where you know I have a son and 2 sons and in raising children the most advanced a human quality you can teach your children is compassion. Maybe the most difficult and the most human of human attributes of humanity is compassion and what's the hat for compassion What's the hack for living a godly and holy life which I think every religion every every ideology wants but we can't so what is Jesus what is Jesus saying what can G.'s a provide for you aspects of compassion that I think make it difficult for me let me also just human nature in general OK One is that it requires selflessness Yes because it's focused on someone else have compassion for someone situation but another one that I struggle with the most is compassion a lot of time involves pain OK because you see someone else in pain I mean I'm really turned off by selflessness and pain basically because that's just not. I mean I don't like that it's true you think about you don't have compassion on someone when they're happy like us not to have compassion for you it's like when someone suffering and when you take notice of that and turn to the experience because in this case go back to the text in verse 36 he was moved with compassion for them why because they were weary and scattered. Like sheep having no shepherd so there was something wrong in what he was seeing and that's what moved him to compassion and I have the struggle where I go between either I can care a lot so be compassionate if you will and I can care and be involved but that's like exhausting and sometimes like why it's trying to be apathetic So I see the suffering but it's not see it because and we have this thing that compassion fatigue and you just don't want to be so compassionate so giving and but Jesus sees the pain and he still gives and to and so Jesus has like this balance though that I don't know how he does it of you he just like he doesn't care so much what people think like oh I want you to like me so I'm going to like do things for you so he doesn't cater like he's apathetic in that sense but he is infinitely caring towards people's basest and most smallest since we're going to Johnson. On some of your terms you wanted to be compassionate but you were and thought it instead and you had to be empathetic So I think you were tracking but just in case someone somewhere might not be able follow so I'll just stick to compassion and I'm good at it OK Forgive me if I so compassionate is caring for other people and caring for them so much and a sense that you identify with their needs and you feel for them like there's a motional aspect apathetic is not carry so I see someone in need I do not care I don't want to help you I don't care about helping you can suffer and I don't have any emotional level where you can feel bad for the person but have no emotional investment is somewhere between Yeah I mean there's also stuff like us are going to complicate it especially when the old me whenever things like fall scale or like yeah I'm sorry you're sad but like OK I'm going to leave like I'm not I don't feel bad enough to help you it's like I just I feel that's again we're trying to escape like almost the temptation to be compassionate look. I was like what exactly makes you feel about so I don't know about you know I think when I was in office I think one of the reasons why we struggle with compassion is because we in this world we live in it's easy to lose your innocence what I mean with that is when you when you. When you are used to to problems or to seeing evil things or bad things around you and you get used to it and it's like OK whatever but Jesus had absolute purity and innocence in his heart and so whenever he was faced with something that is not. Righteousness something that's not right something that's not in harmony with how we are supposed to be and remember he is God He knows the potential it is in us to beauty those in the US he sees it all and he sees something in a life that is not in harmony with that with that in the sense that we are supposed to have and that's the only kind of existence we are supposed to experience because sin was never part of the plan when he sees that he feels so sorry and he's so innocent because there is no sin in him that he. You know he has his heart is moved when he sees the pain that we're going through because he is so in a sense so how do we get compassion I think we need that innocence in a sense that purity there. So very very good is the search of the House or the KELLY And so I don't want to give a prime importance of actions were being compassionate and that in these on the end I'm going to take. I am just thinking about book I'm teaching right now in one of my classes and we talk about some sufferance I went through but I've I've already taught my students a couple stories of different people going through really horrific things and I told them that you have a temptation to be like I mean it isn't as bad as the last story so like it's whatever and you would think about and you know the U.S. you have school shooting it's like well only 5 people like 5 people died we've seen other ones like 30 people died so it's not that big a deal you know just our inclination to be like Why I've heard of worse things or even I've been through worse things and I think such a beautiful point of going back to that in a sense and even though you know it's not in a sense of Jesus of like again just focusing on Jesus and like show me what it's supposed to be lord and help me to have compassion not just for the one up terrible events but every view of suffering that I see help me to have compassion for those people. One of the one of the one of things that I do in my work is give seminars on emotional intelligence in the workplace because there's huge problems with people of different cultures and ages and whatever and one of the things that really impacted me was exploring the concept of emotional intelligence the. If you have empathy and the fact that there were 3 levels you can empathize in the sense that OK I understand why you're thinking what you're thinking I understand how you feel but then the 3rd level was I can sense what you need and in Jesus having compassion many times we hit a wall because we're so focused on OK I understand why you think the way you're thinking I understand how you felt and we stopped compassion they're all mandate they must be feeling terrible because there was a shooting at the school but it goes a step further that Jesus in our text in verse there in verse $35.00 he's healing every sickness and disease among the people he didn't just be he wasn't just moved with compassion and some the verse 36 says that he was moved with compassion because they were weary and scattered like sheep having no shepherd there was no one to make sure to make sure that they could get to still waters and find things to to graze so that they could nourish themselves than he saw that the leadership at that time was not providing that and that move of compassion moved him to say well I'm going to provide what I see these people are not getting because Jesus didn't just say I feel bad he didn't just so I can understand why you guys are acting the way you're acting in going to what you're going through he actually sensed what they needed here and this is a key part of compassion development is asking myself those questions like why does a person think this way why are they feeling this way and what do they need and that's where I think a step by step process that I've tried to go through is don't just rush to say all counter stand I understand rather than thinking well the person is telling me these things but what do they need from me and I need to sense that because it's not always the case that a person lacking money wants to borrow cash yeah sometimes they're like hey man if you could give me a job of you could help me give me a coat that I could wear to an interview that's sometimes what they need but we're so quick to rush in and answer that question. Why why is it so difficult it's not in our nature and in nature it's not in our nature we we I said there's having fallen from grace. We do not naturally have compassion but now that we answered the why it's only human nature we have fallen so far from the glory of God why how how do we how do we how much I mean you I think you can hold that thought we come back after the break we'll see how Jonathan answers that question of how do we live this life compassion and all living the way that Christ intended for all humanity to live. As immersed in a Blessing to you Do you have questions or comments or feedback you'd like to leave us find us on social media by searching. On Facebook Twitter Instagram for you to while there join us like us. I handle again is in 1st Bible states now back to the discussion. I mean how do we live this life of Christian perfection and righteousness and compassion and all these good things the Bible is saying how and the traditional answer is you just got to try harder you just got to do more you just gotta have more faith that you guys are that have more faith in it all we're. Going to solve this problem we've been having for about a 100000 famous. Well I remember not too long ago I was praying and I'm still praying for more of this experience I was praying Lord give me Jan you and compassion Jan human desire to help people because as we established it's not in our nature and and the Bible tells us go and help people have compassion listening to my Lord I want to but I don't have it so what did so I prayed and hear 2 things that stood out to me that have been helping me in you know and having genuine compassion being developed my life one thing is looking at Jesus another Sounds very cliche. I like her faith but it is true because when you look at the innocence and the purity of Jesus then you see and then also how he deals with you when you recognize how messed up you are and how much compassion he has on you and what he was willing to do he went all the way. For you that your heart breaks when you realize that and when you see that this is how Jesus treats all of us I can see myself in other people and let's break that down really appreciate your description of Jesus in but you said Look to Jesus and it is cliche but it is the answer how does that work we always say look to Jesus look to the lamb so for someone who is sincere who wants to follow Jesus who wants to look to Jesus what does that mean practically that they need to do you need to get a picture of Jesus in there at him which I know sounds ridiculous but some people have actually even done that so how do we do that when we come to John and Kelly it well for me it comes to the discovery of the cross when I let that when I ponder upon that when I read about it and the Holy Spirit you know there's the new reading and pondering Yes there is a thing about wanting happened at the cross. When I see the incredible love of God there revealed for someone like me who really does not deserve any of this my heart breaks so is thinking about Jesus and the comparing your concurrent condition to what you read in the scripture about the cross and we do a lot of thinking here so thinking thinking is that. Right well I do something very similar that is to read. About the story of the Bible OK And to think about the what I'm struggling with that specific case so I think about me than working with someone that I find very frustrating and so going to a story and reading how Jesus spoke with someone or interact with someone that I find very frustrating so people calling illegitimate child I mean that's very frustrating and annoying but how do you this response to them and how he doesn't respond to them like Hollywood. And so many thinking about how genes want to treat me and how I treat Sebastian and how those 2 are so different. As this is just so true that I think you're right we have this like look to Jesus like what did he do I don't know and you know we do a lot of us we do know the stories but we don't know the stories and we have to remember the exact details so they said this and then Jesus did that and there was no there was no vengeance in Jesus heart there was no unkindness and so what I'm feeling of what I want to do is not following Jesus Sam and us live the life that we can live through His grace and so saying Jesus you did this I need you to give me the grace and strength to react the same way you did not just externally but in my heart what I hear you saying we have thinking and reading going on but it's also prayer involves If you're communicating to God and they are showed me and so you can do it OK and to me the composite of whatever it's all being said is it's important for us to consistently daily have a thoughtful time upon just just the Gospel we need to know it and it needs to constantly be centered before us because everything that we were discussing about compassion development is accomplished through the Gospel and by meditating on the Gospel the story of how God redeemed me is just giving me step by step of breaking my heart of the compassion that God had Yeah I'm willing to humble myself and come down and be born of Mary in a stable with animals and be persecuted in children being just a little genocidally killed systematically just for searching for me because I was jealous of their position as a king in every single step of Christ life and that for composite story of the Gospel come home a leading at the cross it's taking me by shock by surprise and all that my own maker my own king would do these things for me it's impossible for you to. Meditate on that and to be it's a habit presently before you all the time and not have that compassion and that's where the grace of God That's where the benevolence in the compassion in the love of God comes for in that the love of this this concept you guys are bringing up of course the feast and shifted to. The verse that I may come from pointing towards which this is the operative mechanism by which Christianity works a. I'm a biology sociology guy so I use the word operative mechanism but 1st the 1st chapter 2 verse 8002 verses 8 for by Greece you have been saved through faith and that not of yourselves it is the gift of God Not of works less anyone should boast like it took me a very long time me personally to understand greys and Christianity and my religion was you come to church and you confess your sins and you go home it's more of a recycling center you bring in your bottles and your boxes you put it in and then it's off your hands you go back home just to collect more recycling things throughout that we can come back every week but what I didn't realize that that this recycling center taught me how not to bring by and he did that many know it doesn't work but it's where Grace wasn't only forgiveness but it was the power to transfer to transform it so little think we understand that enough we want more of the grace of God to forgive us of our sins but there's a transfer and and it wasn't until that understand and maybe sounds this this out pretty crazy but as magic goal and I know sounds that sounds like you know it's outside of myself yes and it does something to change and that's what I mean by that I guess in my in my limited I want to use the word magic anymore because of this other others want to take to it but it changes you and I can't do that on my own cell and that every time I think is just totally revolutionary provided by the cross through prayer and I forgot your answer but what you do. In saying that they're God's will and that's the gospel and that's what we can do episodes one through 7 all that we talked about is done by there's one verse and just amazing there's going to. Be so much going to. Be good but I think. The the principle of grace is needs to will naturally lead us to action so we've talked about Bible study and prayer and focusing on the cross in the Gospel. But it's also as we engage in the things that have to do with grace so bringing it down to Rector you know acting on mercy and justice and compassion you know as I mentioned earlier I didn't automatically automatically suddenly have compassion for everybody but it was a combination of the meditative experience with God in the word and then going out to the people and I would go to you know I'm a pastor so I would go to homes and and I might not always have the greatest compassion as I go there but as I'm sitting there ministering to the needs and and sometimes just out of obligation suddenly something happens in your heart because you bring with you you know you're working with a host and he's putting your heart in I mean I've had many many times I would go to a home I would not be in a good mood OK I got to do this and I would talk to people and I would get tears in my eyes because I see how selfish magnitude was but I did not have that experience and that compassion until I went out you had to have faith is very active you have to go out and and and act on that principle of grace and when you do you experience true compassion Jesus is that's the moment when Jesus lives through you and changes your heart and it's it is something so sweet and desirable It's like a foretaste of heaven so it's just I want more of that and that way you grow in your experience of grace personally and as you become a channel of grace as well but its activity is connected. Can't just I love these verse. Because it is it's both like Commission you for work and telling you that your work really means nothing in a sense I think you're not the same have to so stop thinking that it's right and I you know I too also really struggle that for the longest time yeah this justifies me but I like to find myself I don't know where your idea that you know human nature and this idea of like yeah it's like repeated several times from various you've been saved through faith not of yourselves as a lot of works but I want you both like sometimes I say this to get their skulls but then kind of what jobs for we are His workmanship creating Christ Jesus for good works what's gone prepared beforehand that we should walk in them and so Jesus saves us for good works not by good works the power of a man. That says there's a beautiful something because it's important you know sometimes it is we are like very either or kind of people and cynical works don't save me so I do them but it's also saying like you can't like you can't be saved and not want to do good work yes because if you do that's evidence that you're not say that Jesus hasn't changed your heart and that's part of salvation and so but God changing us it's not just like why I need to go to visitation exactly like you know rack up the points of Jesus today but it's like I want Jesus to work in my heart and give me compassion so I can share this free grace this gift that I've so graciously given as well so one of the most profound things in this verse in verse 8 is that he doesn't say that you will B.C.. He's talking to a community of people that he says by grace you have been saying there is a presence of a pastor or something it's just something about. Going down so when you look at this you love. It with. This it's like you have been see but notice the grace of God was only accessible through faith you know you had to believe in the promise that he would give the group so there was your seed. By grace through faith so in this element these 2 components working together this is this is the gift of God but faith was the hand that receives the gift not of works right list any man should boast so in moving forward we take an experience that we receive the grace of God through faith and that same grace is still excess of will to us for transformative power to execute works of compassion in service and development like I want to be compassionate I want to have more love and he said guess what you're going to access that by faith so it's a grace has already been offered as a gift at the water has been poured down now it's only up to us to extend through faith and to connect to finish that connection yes in the water flows out and in good works is just you know there was there was a time when I lived in Boston I was taking. The train and typically you know I'm trying to be super holy you know I sit in I'm reading my Bible on the train and you never know might spark a conversation with someone oh what are you reading there young man I'm glad you have I'm so glad you asked and while I'm sitting there this time no one was asking me right no interaction but normally before this it would always happen some would ask me about oh you're Christian you know what church you go to and this particular day no one said anything which I know now after the fact in hindsight that God did that intentionally because it's something he wanted me to see so finally looking up from my Bible I see someone sitting across from me severe progression of rheumatoid arthritis and they probably were around my age means knuckles everything are bent in other joints and you could tell that the guy just felt ashamed to be on that train in public and in that moment of time as I'm sitting here thinking about ministering to someone I never felt more helpless in ministry in my life and I could see the tears were coming in my eyes I looked at this guy who felt so ashamed to do want anyone to look at him. I mediately could sense they got to see I needed to show you something and that heart that Jesus had it was something that you have to embrace by faith you can't just get those experiences just because you know I'm going to go put myself here there's got to be a sense in awareness and faith is that sense to my takeaway from this episode is that we need more and more of this amazing grace of God It's not by technology it's not by information it's not by experience but simply the grace of God that transforms humanity and that's my prayer I want more of this grace that's already been given I need to grab hold of it that's your prayer thanks so much for joining us on this episode and verse join us next week as we talk more about the Justice and Mercy of God You've been listening to a Bible based cost the same caliber as well Dr Jonathan Walter Sebastian Baxter he could die your host just an. Inverse is brought to you by the whole time television that changes like this and more inspiring ever so there's an inverse that hope to God or I. Find this on social media. In the 1st 5 until next time this isn't.


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