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What is the most important thing in your life today?



  • September 21, 2019
    9:45 AM

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I'll never forget it when a teacher pulled me aside and asked me the question young man what are your priorities and how do you order them going to see how the Bible answers these questions on this of a sort of inverse. Coming to you from Silver Spring and welcome to. The Bible based conversation on life principles contemporary issues and thought provoking. Now here's your host Justin Tim within the. Hey everyone welcome to in verse we are nearing the close of our segment on this topic of justice and mercy throughout the Bible we are on Episode 1112 so we're really near the end here we're looking at to love mercy and what the Bible has to say about that and with with mercy comes priorities I'm going to see what Jesus has to say about what comes 1st and what not but what have order prayer and Israel can you pray for us and look into the Bible father heaven thank you that you speak to us through your word and we want to have priorities that align with your priorities so we pray for your insight we prefer spirit to be with us as we discuss your word in Jesus name Amen Amen Amen Amen going to Matthew chapter 6 Matthew chapter 6 verse 25 through 33 and before we read that I'm just going to say that we're nearing the end of our quarter here and it's been a ride like it's been a very fruitful study I have to admit when we have a topic that's not a bible book or topical or or textual I get a little bit like on. But this topic was very fascinating it was hopefully it's been a blessing to you guys and now you know we have a special episode where we have guys on this episode so we can speak speak a little Frank no one else is listening and so the girls are here so all of this boys only and we can talk about you know many many topics like mercy and love all right that's right that's right we do. Make love and mercy man we know that with tongue in cheek but let's read the Bible verse Matthew 6 verse 25 and Sebastian can read it for us therefore I say unto you do not worry about your life what you will eat or what you will drink nor about your body and what you will put on is not life more than food in the body more than clothing look at the birds of the air for they neither so nor reap nor gather into barns yet your heavenly father feeds them are you not of more value than they Which of you by worrying can add one cubit to his stature so why do you worry about clothing considered a little as of the field how they grow they neither toil nor spin and yet I say to you that even Solomon in all his glory was not a raid like one of these now of God so close the grass of the field which today is and tomorrow is thrown into the oven will he not much more clothe you or you of little faith therefore do not worry saying What shall we eat or what shall we drink or what shall we wear. For after all these things the Gentile seek for your Heavenly Father knows that you need all these things but seek 1st the Kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things shall be added to you live in verse 34 chance to be pursued for for us therefore do not worry about tomorrow for tomorrow will worry about its own things fishing for a day is its own trouble so Jonathan the with all your anxieties that you have on your shoulders and in life and evolve the transitions that are happening in your life what's going on in this passage I want to Jesus saying to you directly in this in the surface. Well in this passage and all of the above is up over this passage Jesus is speaking directly into my life and I think all of us can agree that this is probably one of the most profound and down to earth real life has which is in Scripture because we all have those moments where we think about the future what's going to happen when you know and we have question marks and we don't know what to do and then we read this passage you know like oh yeah that's right God has got me my back here so the Lord is telling us here don't worry you know there's food you need food there's clothing you need clothing you need housing I know all these things and this is what most people look for and I mean this is what life is basically all about to make sure you are taken care of and hold all you need covered a macro economic zone around the world is based on these concepts exactly so we're seeking for that and God is saying stop worrying about that so much there is something more important than this and that's verse 33 Seek 1st the Kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things that you know that you need will be added unto you it's pretty profound and for me personally I've noticed that when I make sure that the priorities are straight that's when I experience God working in my life so I just love this passage very much and I need to be reminded of this very often as you say. Very anxious so it's a good as we are seeing that this these chapter Sermon on the Mount is a declaration principles for the kingdom of Christ in Israel what are the what is the Priory priority to be what is he focusing on he's focusing on seeking 1st the Kingdom of God and His righteousness and so in previous episodes we talked about when we talked about a certain amount we talked about what righteousness was righteousness His Holiness holiness is likeness to God and God is love and so we talked about the fact that it is impossible that someone for someone to be like Jesus in their actions of their not like Jesus in their heart and in their mind and so we looked at the foundation of Matthew chapter 5. Matthew chapter 5 talked about the fact that the love of God needs to be in abiding principle an abiding seed in the life of the individual and if it doesn't become that then not only will we not be able to to benefit others to help others but in the end will end up happening is that that that the that we will actually turn to a place of distrust of worry and of personal self destruction and that is the conclusion of that in when you reach this point in Matthew chapter says Jesus being is being very counter-cultural because many of us live seeking the kingdom of ourselves and our own version of justice and righteousness and he saying don't worry about these things you actually mentions it what 4567 times don't worry you are you worrying Don't worry God Don't be anxious Don't be a jotting Don't be anxious Don't be anxious and he says why why why why why question it's. Always wondered when Jesus use the examples of the bird in the literally why he would reference that in that situation on worry and it's almost like you're saying this is trying to make it seem that worry is served because whenever I've taught this to my kids we have this book at our house called the Bible A.B.C.'s and elders for a little ease and so it talks about worry and we talk about this passage and the thing is my my kids always laugh because I always ask the question do Louise worry right and my kids are like all that's funny you know Louise Don't worry like they're not stressed out they don't worry oh am I going to be beautiful my going to flower and blossom they just simply respond to what God has supplied for them and it led me to this principle that God supplies the needs that he creates He created the bird he created the little He's in all the needs that the Louise and the birds have your heavenly father provides for them so they just simply live for His glory and continue to express his creative power in genius right through their lives and he's like I'm going to take care of the needs because I'm a Jew with the belly I'm a Jew with the need for sunshine and in nutrients and so it it always became profound to me that just the simple things in life. Around us in Nature teaches this this principle that if it's absurd for a little for a bird to worry how much more absurd is it for me let's make it real so we've established that Jesus says don't worry or about my kingdom not worry about my kingdom but focus on hiking to. Seek on Spirit but how does that how is it real so Jesus talking on one level but I'm here maybe I'm moving into a new area I got a new house house to find them getting married I got to get my wedding dress all fitted in my wedding suit although I got a mortgage to pay I got kids how did it to come together as a woman how the $2.00 come together how do they come together to bring Jesus's principles into our daily everyday application well in verse 25 Jesus says actually that life is more than food and body is more than clothing in other words what Jesus saying is that whenever we have whenever we become worried about these temporal things he's saying we've actually law we have lost sight of who we really are life is more than just where we're going to live or what how we're going to eat or what we're going to put on the thing is that we are this is the reality that we function under because this is the way we are we're very much like the world and this is this is revealed in the things that we worry about and so Jesus is essentially saying a temporal person warry about temporal things in eternal person will worry about eternal things what we worry about is an indication of what kind of person we are junk Well you know often I think we have a situation where we we we desire something and then we're disappointed when we don't get it in those disappointments can be very frustrating and they lead us to worry but very practical for me like I'm right now in a situation where I have to seek housing and find some and you territory in your field for my life and and so I'm like OK Lord you know this is a great place I would like to live in and then it doesn't work out I couldn't. You know this is not working and I'm starting to worry again like what's going to happen but when we remember that God knows all these and he knew all this is before I was born that takes a great burden off my shoulders and like OK I know you have a better place you have a better place for me whether that is materialistically better or spiritually for my spiritual experience better. You know I can trust that God will lead me but it has to do with surrender and being willing to let God take control and let him worry about those things in the future and right now smashing it on the phrase just kind of hit me as Jonathan was talking in this verse is that purpose assures provision if you if you look at the text when he says But seek 1st the word 1st doesn't mean only God's God's idea is that if you are a citizen of the kingdom of heaven and you're seeking 1st justice and you're seeking you're seeking his kingdom and his justice things to be righted and made the way that God had always intended them to be as you're seeking that as your 1st purpose you're saying Lord this is all about your purpose why am I moving to this area and why am I trying to get these clothes why am I trying to feed my family because you called me as a father to provide So purpose assurance provision is wrong as I'm in God's purpose and I'm seeking Him 1st and then these things are going to be taken care of and so my question practically right to your point is I'm moving to an area but why am I moving to a new area how did I come upon this need because I'm seeking your kingdom because I'm trying to do your purpose then I'm assured God will provide for me and I need to focus on doing his work and what he's called me to do and what's bringing me to a new field or lead me through this need to continue on what Sebastian is saying there's not a Jesus saying Don't think about where you're going to live or don't think about what you're going to this is and Pollyanna Pollyanna is a man and A I'm not going to care about anything yeah I know what it's talking about is worrying about that and what Sebastian said earlier was so. Profound that worry is absurd right because worry is not going to wait anyway yeah we're not going to worry by worrying about it is not going to increase our height by worrying about where we're going to live is not going to give us a place to live in other words a lot about his height a warning about my hair. You know what we're. Going to look like about it. So you know I'm going to get it. As new Later when it's not worry is not going to add charcoal is not going to answer our problems yeah the only way that our and our problems will be answered is through Christ Christ is the only answer to our problems and so he's addressing 1st of all worry and secondly he's addressing priority what we think about 1st and foremost and these are the 2 things that Christ is addressing in in this passage I love how Jesus talking about what figure out what's important and then rearranging those in order and we're going to stablish what is 1st before we actually talk about these the rearranging of these priorities when take a break we'll see you on the other side. Has been a blessing to you Do you have questions comments or feedback you'd like to leave us or find us on social media by searching. On Facebook Twitter Instagram or You Tube while there join us like us comes up next a handle again is in 1st Bible states now back to the discussion. You guys welcome to be on this side of the course and break with your We're looking at priorities of the Kingdom of God and what Jesus is saying in chapter 6 of 33 of the Gospel of Matthew Seek ye 1st the Kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things shall be added unto you it's really cool really assuring that God knows about all these things the way we can synthesize what you guys are talking about the way I see it is that there are core things in the central and in the center and there's PERRETT for all things. Here and what God is saying is it's very important to put what is important in the central and all these other things they're just as important but they've got to be peripheral but if you put these things that are Perth for all into the center you may lose actually everything you will lose everything you will lose everything and so when we're moving to a new plays it's not only that God we're expanding the kingdom of God but in the actual neighborhood and location where are areas where I can expand the kingdom of God If you get a new job it's not looking at which will have the higher paycheck but which will have better opportunities to expand the kingdom of God when we have children when we like all these other views major decisions that we need to make we be concerned over the peripheral but God will help us with that we focus on what is central and that being the kingdom of God and His righteousness and even expanding the kingdom so you know it reminded me that seeking what can be added to you is foolish It's like paying for something that would be free so why would you pay for that you could have gotten it for free and in this sense he's like all the gentiles see this thing but if you see 1st my kingdom in my righteousness I'll just add these things on some of them so it's like why would I be seeking what could be added unto me and that lets me know a member last one of the seasons before this Israel had shared a quote from the missionary that he is no fool right who gives what he knows he cannot keep and keeps what he knows he cannot loose I think that's how we're going to see you say that again I mean. I'm not going passing it on I mean I don't think it is that OFA who gives what he knows he cannot keep going what he cannot lose thank you to gain wouldn't lose thank you so who. So the whole idea of of the of this guy don't repeat it is pretty. Much the whole idea of the missionary who made the statement was he lost his life trying to serve other people in the name of God and the whole idea was well why would you not kill these people to protect yourself but in his mind he's like I'm not a fool right if I'm giving what I can I keep what I cannot keep to gain what I don't want to gain what I could lose think and so in that moment of time he surrendered his life but his salvation is assured OK Right I've sought the kingdom of God I've sought his righteousness I'm living in God's will so therefore it is not a foolish choice for me to live in these things of the world go because he had a career back in America and he was in South America serving these indigenous people so well why would I keep that when I know in the end I will lose it if I make it the number one priority. You know maybe less dramatic than dying in the jungle as a missionary just on that you know I'm looking for housing right now so like OK. How does this inform my house hunting you know OK I can look for something that is totally isolated some way nature I love nature but will I have neighbors stared I can minister to I might have to drive 15 minutes to do that but if I live maybe close in a more urban area there might be people I can minister to work and expand the kingdom of God so that informs my decision making in those areas and then the Lord will bless with the right place because I'm seeking His Kingdom I want I want to minister to people I want to be I want to mingle with them and connect them have compassion you know bring justice and mercy into their lives as we've been studying this quarter and this is a huge paradigm shift for even a lot of Christians themselves which I mean you got to think about it if you if you live in it were in your house hunting for example that if you've lived there long enough and everyone has accepted the decision to be a follower of Jesus and you've expanded the kingdom of God I think yes well you got to move this time to move if you get a job and you've converted everyone. On your floor Guess what time you get another job but we don't use these as central principles for in our rubric of making decisions it's about the higher paycheck about property value which this is how the Gentiles think and all these things that these are not bad things but God says I will give you all these things if you want the kingdom of God 1st this is revolutionary idea and the temptation for us as Christians is that we think that we're not like the Gentiles because we are seeking the Kingdom of God However we're seeing the kingdom of God 2nd secondary Yes and that's peripheral it's in his it's an agenda and so we want the good job and then after we get the good job then we can expand that God and Jesus don't do it that way do it the other way for the 1st seek the Kingdom of God and then these things will get into you know when I was in college doing my undergrad and I heard someone preach a message on this passage convicted me to change the way I planned my academic schedule and I said well I'm going to choose my classes and my schedule based upon what's going to allow me to be a prayer meeting allow me to go to bible studies and to study with other people in the maximize my devotional time rather than saying you know get all my classes over at the end of the day and you know put it on this day because I like to sleep in and I like to do this but I can't go to prayer meeting I won't make it to any evangelist stick you know you know outreaches and stuff because I have class and looking at the spiritual schedule 1st and saying let me prioritize God's work and God's business and work around it in the crazy thing was my grades were higher. Then when I was pointing my schedule the way I just wanted to do it because it worked for me God had given you all these things correct will fill that promise absolutely I'm absolutely we need to be we need to be willing to go like and I think the more you we experience God at work in that way the more we will appreciate God and love God and trust him my faith really grows in those experiences as I'm sure your faith has grown because of your great ways you know but we have to be willing also to realize that the adding on to you of all these things might not happen until we go to heaven we might lose our life and in general we might not receive the earthly blessing in this side of heaven but that's OK because we're doing God's will and there's no better place to be then in the will of God You know it's funny because what you were saying actually reminds you want tomatoes I was at a cat station getting Yaz and I saw a car roll up there was it was it was a Cadillac you know and on the license plate. And the guy was essentially saying hey I was thinking I was God and I got God to give me this Cadillac which you might have I'm not saying that he did it. We have this understanding sometimes that when we follow God we're going to have all these things and all these things are going to be a nice jet a big action and a nice car like John said that's not necessarily the case that's prosperity theology and that Kinks Jesus's words a little bit off. But a bit conceptually speaking something that I think has been missing in the conversation is the fact that seeking the Kingdom of God is some it's an internal thing not just an extra Yes Or in other words in seeking specifically here the kingdom of God we're talking about seeing the kingdom of God the principles of the Kingdom of God in my life not so much expanding that by winning others to the Gospel but ensuring that the principles of the gospel are lived out and thought out in my in my in my so what do you say to people who actually take this verse and then they apply it in terms of social justice and we need to bring the kingdom of God here on earth and they're seeking it whatever they do to pop. Extrude demonstrations through raw is through who knew movements of social media how can we navigate through that the Kingdom of God The change in this world and the influence the change and influence in this world starts with me and we know many ways is a more powerful change and changing a society or a yeah and it's a more difficult change too and we've talked about this in previous episodes you know everyone else is a problem except me Jesus does not think that way Jesus things that you the person that I'm speaking with at this very moment you are the problem that requires most and immediate solving right now it's YOU are the problem you are the challenge and a lot of times it's easy for me to think on all my it's my brother who's got this problem and I need to help my brother and I need to help my other brother and I need to help this person that person and then at the very very same time the Glenn the very challenges and the huge demons that are in my own life and that's why I say take that enormous piece of log out of your eye before you help and you take a little toothpick out of the of the other individual question there's there's also the component to your point that there is a limitation to how much of the Kingdom of Heaven we can bring upon the earth because the Kingdom of Heaven always operates on the freedom of will in order to cooperate with the principles of Matthew $5.00 and $6.00 that Jesus is a spouse is a voluntary decision yes you can't force it upon society so when people become militant about social justice Jew must do this you must do that you cannot legislate righteousness is Jesus is point and in this sense then again you cannot you cannot legislate righteousness you can't there's no amount of laws there's no amount of punishments or prisons or tortures you can concoct in order to make society be what it's supposed to be and what God is calling it to be so the recognition that I'm trying to be overly militant about social justice is a is a for Hardy. Ideology that refuse. To accept the 4 revelation of the Word of God that ultimately all things will be restored in Christ at the end but we are called to bring what we can bring on this side of eternity which is why Jesus says the kingdom of God is like a seed it's not like a military power to go along with what you're saying the kingdom of God is a seed that is planted that seed is the Word of God and that seed takes a while to Germany before becomes an enormous you know oak tree a big big plant it's something that requires patience and and the lack of patience the lack of understanding of the Kingdom of God creates the footy that many times we as Christians have you know we get weary and well doing because we want God's kingdom to be established right now in every single way and every single aspect of history is tested that's a dangerous. New to go to let me ask this question so if there is a young adult there out there or adult and they say hey I've been a Christian this entire time and realizing maybe I'm not seeking the Kingdom of God How do we practically rearrange our priorities to make Jesus 1st how do you make the kingdom of God 1st I think you kind of need to have like a moment of reset you sit down in quiet with the Lord and like OK God help me to align my life with your priorities and your ways and I mean it's kind of the answer to all of my questions you know read the Bible let's look at these principles and is my life in alignment with with Jesus will this is a for young person who is maybe not in Christianity for the 1st time or for a minister who's been a Christian for a 1000000 years both. Reset constantly I mean you know I walk with the Lord now for whatever 1213 years you know intentionally and I always find myself kind of deviating away from oh well there's a path let's go back this is why daily devotional time is so important because that's the time when you make sure you're staying on a straight and narrow path but as only something the Holy Spirit can do as we ask him and let him do it and. Especially one of the exercises I like to use in my life is twofold I do a one thing exercise where I ask myself What's the most important thing in your life today to remind myself and by asking that question that's how I decide what goes 1st in my day and I'm talking actual use of time so if you wake up and say What's the most important thing in your life God is the most important thing in my life then that's the 1st thing that goes in because if I put that later on it's going to eventually the day's going to get away from me you know and the other thing I like to do is then take everything else in my life outside of what's the most important and I draw a circle you know put my name on top of that circle and I'm like OK what do you journal for this I do sometimes great journaling We are fans of journaling your headers and by doing that I write all the things I can control in those other areas of life OK so if my wife my kids my job whatever this is what I can control and the things I can't control I write outside of the circle and then I put a bigger circle around and write Jesus's name in the things or in the circle or what become my To Do list and the things outside the circle become my prayer list and that helps me to say this is priority this is the number one thing and that's why I was very critical very practical I love that Christianity is all encompassing following Jesus is not a certain compartment it's not a hobby it's not and then them but it deals with how you use your money how you use your time and all of our relationships it's all encompassing we need a constant reset experience to make sure that we keep the kingdom of God 1st that's our purpose my prayer you know that's yours thank you so much for joining in verse this episode will see you next week which our final episode on this on this topic of mercy and justice if you haven't followed already look at the previous 10 episodes 11 episodes or whatever and join us for the 13th episode next week. You've been listening to inverse a Bible based part of the station the calendar is wrong on Jonathan Walter Sebastian Braxton. And your host Justin. Inverses brought to you by the hope channel television that changes lives for good and more inspiring episodes there's an inverse hope T.V. that Origen find this on social media hashtags in verse 5 until next time this isn't verse.


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