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My Plans Are Not His Plans

K'dee Elsen


K'dee Elsen

Clinical Psychologist, Co-Host of “The Brain People Podcast”



  • June 15, 2019
    10:45 AM
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Dear Heavenly Father Creator of the universe Lord we thank you so much for this Sabbath day Lord you set apart this holy day to spend time with us your children or thank you for your presence here this morning we also ask for the presence of your Holy Spirit Lord to speak through me Lord to be able to fully express my heart's desire to praise you and how good you have been to me and what I just pray that people here may not hear how good Katie's God is but how good you are to each and every one of us if we just truly surrender our life to you help us surrender Lord we cannot do it on our own we ask the scenes in Jesus' name amen So I want to begin by just quickly reading too many passages in God's Word that begin to give us a better understanding of what God's true plan is for our lives the 1st one is probably the one that is most quoted when it comes to graduation season doesn't anyone want to guess which one Jeremiah 2911 yes so you can either return there with me or many of you might know it by memory but it says for I know those thoughts or some version say plans that I think toward you says the Lord thoughts or plans of peace not of evil to give you a future and I hope this verse is often quoted because it's beautiful right it tells us of a good God who gives us good plans to prosper us to give us a future and a hope. The 2nd passage is one that is often also quoted but not in the context of graduations and not in the context of Jeremiah 2911 and its Isaiah 558 and 9 and so if you want to turn there with me these verses in conjunction with Jeremiah began to teach me of what God's true higher plan is for a life so as we read it I want you to think about what is God telling us in Jeremiah and Isaiah about his true plan for our lives so I'd say 558 and 9 it says For my thoughts are not your thoughts nor are your ways my ways says the Lord for as the heavens are higher than the Earth so are my thoughts higher than your thoughts and your ways higher than my way says the Lord so in these 2 passages live the life changing lesson that God has for us and for me 1st off Jeremiah tells us that God's plans are good to prosper us to give us a future in the hope Isaiah then adds that those same good plans are higher than our plants and not just higher than our plans but higher than even the thought that we have a what God's plans are for us I don't know if I've lost anyone quite yet but what this is really saying is that God's plans for us are unimaginable So if you can try to think about what God's plan is for your life is probably not his plan if your finite minds are our human brains can try to think of what his plan is it's probably not his plan why I say this when I came to Loma Linda I had imagined God's plan for my life was twofold the 1st one to become a godly psychologist the 2nd part be to God's plan or thought so I thought was to find a godly spouse. And then you shouldn't lie this morning he would agree that that's the main reason why we come to Loma Linda right to folks land of a career to be used by God and to find a godly spouse and if I were to ask you you say you have a good God ordained plan to be used by God in your profession and to find a partner in ministry. But I stand here before you all today 6 years later with a 100 percent certainty that that was not God's plan for my life and I've even ventured to say that's that's not God's plan for you either God did not bring me here to become a psychologists might be saying what you're graduating tomorrow and I'd even say that God did not bring you here to be a doctor a dentist a nurse a chaplain dietician social worker film the blank God has and according to Jeremiah and Isaiah a higher plan for our lives so what is that plan let me share with you the story over the past 6 years of how God revealed to me his true higher plan for my life. And I looted too many aspects of this already in my testimony that I shared a year ago so I'll just be quickly highlighting some aspects of my story for those of you who weren't here so I was born here at the Loma Linda University Children's Hospital it was somewhat of a miraculous birth and I didn't grow up here my father's a pastor so we moved quite a bit in Southern California so I never grew up in the mill and went to school went to high school when I was in high school didn't think much about college with the college majored in psychology realized you can't do much with the vessels in psychology so I started to think about graduate school and at that time my sister was thinking about going to Loma Linda I so I thought you know want to be with my sister it's close it's close to my family it's Adventist why not right and so I started the application process and again for many of you heard my testimony last year it was the hardest trial of my entire life attacking me attacking my family I'm just so many things that as I was even trying to apply I just thought wow Satan really doesn't want me to come to Loma Linda and then God orchestrated events and opened doors and got me into Loma Linda and I thought wow God really was the in Loma Linda and again for that twofold plan to become a godly psychologist and to find a godly spouse so I came to Loma Linda right and. I wish during my experience here my 1st year was very very difficult studying 247 you know you start sacrificing time with friends with family even sacrificing your how and then towards the end of my 1st year God started pressing upon my heart to start a bible study in my department and for those who don't know the psychology department is very very secular and about 3 or 4 Adventists in the entire department which is 6 cohorts so very very much so a minority and when God started presses upon the this idea to her Bible study I thought no way Lord and I said come up with all the good excuses 1st off I don't know of the want Bible studies they come from a lot of like atheistic and and they Gnostic backgrounds the 2nd excuse I remember saying like Lord I'm inadequate I you know I did Bible studies with my sister in college but she mostly let out like no way and my 3rd excuse was a really good excuse a I said no in the name of God's plan for me I said Lord you brought me here to Loma Linda to study I need to focus on my studies and for many of you might be able to resonate with that right I need to focus on my studies because God brought me here for that reason but God continued to insist that no matter how inadequate how busy how qualified I felt he insisted I reluctantly said yes and it was such a blessing. My 2nd year at that time I entered into a relationship and for that I didn't have any excuses Brad thought that is part of part of the 2 year plan God. And so I started the relations then at the end of my 2nd year God started press upon me to do door to door ministry and again I had good excuses I thought Lord I'm an introvert like no way that is not my gift I thought Lord you know talking all day is dreamy no way and again my best excuse was in the name of God's plan I thought Lord I'm setting all week I need the Sabbath to rest again for your plan plus I'm already doing Bible study during the week but God insisted I reluctantly said yes and it was such a blessing so at this point in my life I'm doing a weekly Bible study I'm occasionally doing door to door ministry and I would consider ministry as something I was doing on the side with especially in comparison to the large time commitment I was giving to my studies all in the name of God's plan for me but even through these minor commitments my love for God and my dedication to serving him and others started to grow more and more and I didn't know exactly what God had in store for me that this was all going to change so in a little bit after doing these things God started really unraveling his true plan for my life I didn't quite understand it yet but he started unraveling it was towards the end of my 2nd year and beginning a 3rd year I then had broken up with my boyfriend at the time and I remember clearly I was sitting on the couch my living room I was talking and praying with God just you know that type of conversation you're having with God It was similar to like Jesus as he says and Peter's conversation where God said You know Katie to love me. And I said Lord Of course you know that I do so deal or do you love me more than everything and I immediately said Yes Lord more than everything and why I said immediately yes I thought he was asking me that because he was ask me as if I do you love me more than my ex and more than the failed plan part B. of his plan at that time but he didn't ask me Do you love me more than everything as if he knew there was something else on my heart that I deeply cherished so I thought I said you know what I love most at this time and you see we love most what we invest most in and at that time I was investing most in my studies and he then went to say do you love me more than graduate school mercy and before I could even answer that he posed the most difficult form of that question he said Do you love me more than graduate school he said if I were to ask you the day before your graduation which is today wow time flies if I ask you the day before your graduation after investing 6 years of your life to drop out to change careers to you know move to another country would you do it to my surprise I merely answered YES YES LORD anything in that moment I recognized that I was completely wrong about God's plan for me you see after that time got started to ask me to do everything for him he said that was a dangerous prayer you said anything Katie. And I said Yes Lord anything I fully surrender everything to you I don't quite understand what your plan is for me but I understand that it wasn't limited to my thoughts to my ways that you had I had thought was your plan for my life so God started to ask a lot of me and at that time so now it's my 3rd year God started asking me to then be a leader of that door to door ministry He then asked me to have to start Bible studies with the family with my sister and 4th and 5th years I started be a leader here I've been hope and this is not to give myself glory but to recognize to show you all that since that time a fully surrender God started changing my heart God started changing the idea of what his plan was for my life before I knew it ministry was no longer something I did on the side my whole life was about ministry and what was amazing is that I was excelling in school like I never had before the top of my class and at this time again my whole life of ministry is almost as if I was doing graduate school on the side God started blessing in a major way and I didn't feel quite understand what his plan was but I remember the day that he clearly remembered he clearly were unravelled his plan for me June 3rd 2017 and somebody here might understand what that date means it was I was sitting in my home church in San Diego and I watching to my close friends give their life to Christ through baptism one of which I had been praying for 7 years and to sit there with the absolute greatest joy that you could ever experience and know that God used you to bring someone into the kingdom and I was sitting there and I was praying and I said Lord this is why you brought me to a boy into. Even for just one soul at that moment I recognize his true plan his 2 plan is twofold the 1st one is to be used by you to save souls to save your peers to save your friends to save your family to save your coworkers to save everyone and anyone in your sphere of influence you see when it says that God's plans are better higher than our plans misses a point that I really want everyone to understand is his plans are higher because his plans are eternal the consequences the result of his plans ring for ever in eternity graduate school and tomorrow when I get that really expensive piece of paper. That piece of paper will birth that's not eternal There will be no doctor Elson or social workers or chaplains of heaven that is all Earthly that will perish but save souls that's eternal. That will forever reign in eternity if you want to know the 2nd part to God's eternal plan as Jeremiah $2911.00 says the plans to prosper you that as you collaborate with the heavenly host to say souls God also say's you that's the part B. to God's true eternal plan to save others and to save you you see and I shared again this in my testimony before that before I came to Loma Linda I have very good childhood very strong childhood but I had gone to college where I started to sway in ways away from Christ and God brought me here to a Melinda not just to save others to be used by God to be to save others but he also saved me. I wouldn't be standing here this morning with you all if it wasn't for my spirit here Linda transformed by His grace and my true accomplishment if not tomorrow it's today to be sharing with you all of what God has done in my life and those around me so God's eternal higher plan is to do to save others and to save you so today I want to plead with you all for students that are starting out to specially but students and professionals alike where I have seen so many dedicated faithful Christians slaving themselves to their studies and to their work all in the name of God's plan I'm not talking about individuals who don't know the Lord I'm talking about people who come to Loma Linda as I did with the idea that God brought me here for my study and again that will perish people that come here and couldn't myself slaving themselves to their work their studies losing their relationship with others their relationship with God sacrificing their health becoming depressed becoming ancients saying no to the call to ministry saying no to the call to save others again all in the name of God's plan but God did not call us here to become doctors dentists social workers chap with success or a God called us here for eternal higher plan and don't get me wrong God will use you as a doctor as fill in the blank God will use me as a psychologist but it is not his plan it is the means to which he will come pledged that plan so I pray for you all or that you may not limit God and limit his plan for your life. Fully accept render accept his plan for you and always have that eternal plan in mind that God wants to save others through you and in the process also save yourself so to close I just want to pray for you all for those who have graduated those who are starting out and even those who are working here that we may all have this eternal plan in mind that we may be able to have these results ring forever into eternity if you barrier has with me. Dear gracious Holy Father Lord we thank you so much for today we thank you for the opportunity to hear from your words and through the blessing of testimonies Florida I thank you for Felicia and her testimony Lord I thank you for the testimony that you've given me I thank you for the testimonies of all those here we all have a story to share aboard more and I thank you so much for teaching us that your ways are higher than our way forward that your plans are bigger and better than what we can even imagine Lord I pray special blessing upon every individual that's here today those that are listening Lord I pray that we may not not lose sight of the turtle plan that you have for our life Lord you are a big God that wanted too big an amazing things through us we just fully surrender Lord Help us Lord we can't do it by ourselves Lord I just pray that we May 1 day soon be in heaven having this same conversation about how good you are Lord sharing testimonies of how great you are Lord thank you again for the Sabbath day we continue on throughout today just praising you and how good you are in each and every one of our lives we thank you we ask all the same Jesus holy name Amen. 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