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Adventism, Prophecy, and The Whole Chain of Truth

Ganoune Diop


Ganoune Diop

Director of five Adventist Mission global study centers



  • January 1, 2010
    9:30 AM
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all right welcome to the faithful in those would join the faithful in a good way to save okay so we are going to talk about our world of thought and I apologize ahead of time because there may be some time some concept that I would need to talk to big to add base maybe I didn't want to because it's been a year print the pages of presentation even though even though I may be present presuming too much I tried to make it as clean as possible we would talk about certain philosophers and supple but you will see there is a reason why we would be doing that and in the end it would do that it is useful on then the second section then I would go back more profoundly to the Bible where we would see would be the discovery eventually our identity we are an advantage that is the most exciting thing in the world I really believe that this so we going to talk about that but right away to me this blends it was in our topic you are mixing contemporary college of the movie it's about reaching out to our neighbors deal of friends the people you go to school we've been so poor and I was saying yet again that this is the most difficult group two weeks today and it's proven an outcome be more specific about the answer to question contemporary courtship of the current challenges and promises for evangelism interestingly I started working on visa about to twenty years ago at the I think that I would always teaching comparative movement begins in particular but this was basically my got my new presupposition the pilot presentation is purpose to heighten our awareness of the need to search for effective ways to communicate the everlasting God I needed that is many ways what about taking effective ways to communicate the everlasting gospel revelation fourteen basically we face unprecedented challenges for the current generation of men and women in philosophy is religious and mystic traditions Venezuelan views are often at odds it can compete with a biblical understanding of tools meaning in life and that it could risk factors now also the way though the gospel of a times package that seemed to resonate with important segments of the population of the northern hemisphere in particular with major thinking landed one way that all facilities and reality statistics are overwhelming okay so testifying to the gospel of redemption but continued in fellowship is on the hot opposition of the judge now the current status of your submission out the new developing linear I started reflecting on the way I mean down before I went to join that I been his mission so this is something that the Lord was putting in place progressively wrong terribly negative but nobody now the current status of more efficiently based on the seventh day Adventist outreach is most effective I think people groups will view I'm not in our modern possum under the laws of the more I look at the tribal society by the way I wanted to try with this idea I mean Judaism and Islam they seem not to be very successful along these people group that is modern modern and monotheistic drivers aside it's a different year yet so that would be the you I think I did and of this presentation is going to be clear okay that's my challenge my and my my objective in other words if possible on his mindset and I would find that very soon and will remain significant challenge is the same once again say that I just mentioned that for a tribal society 's final reference Judaism and Islam all apostles eventually and then his witnesses including you we unlock successful in society outside of the spectrum okay we seem to be more a domain relates to modern worldview of premodern worldview they live in North America the people we are reaching or off luckily they believe in miracles already know many of them believe in God they ought to have avoided this they already have a religious frame of reference that okay with our mission I think these products coming in this day many immigrants and interesting in the immigrants than we are reaching out on those on the island 's coming that are from Africa the African-American community is becoming difficult to reach especially those who are opulent so we can see clearly that this is the I'm not really successful regardless of the letter says that the wheel is human there if you want to know the the alarming rate of growth it's it's terrible now I remember it gets interesting I remember about fifteen years ago it was the last of the day to talk about secular syllables were minted Olympic auto center I found a man in the church and so people when they talk about mission now it is so bias with ignition policies but the next is a recipient UMNO will be the mission in a day I was chatting with somebody yesterday I think this curricular now they say twenty nine thousand five hundred among them probably twenty four thousand twenty okay and you could go to wait before leaving the document every as you know run Google search we are not being as successful as we should be anyway and estimate on to say this then in America the same thing so the most challenging mission previews that is actually backed the people group now the current mission logical challenges of all for I can increase anyone info awareness of the Dennis with these of them would've thought we need to understand people in a deeply naked with them effectively now so God can override and you know have put them expect what we can do when me know people are on the way Jesus did it then you but back to all more productive now the company it would be helpful for doing evangelism to develop a familiarity with how businesspeople groups relate to meaning knowledge reality and so okay this means that they would say this that was the town last month and has become a fashion today I don't want people one of them and so forth however we must be aware that anything in isolation meaning putting is to be in good time up history problem is not reluctantly in the neutral why is that it had been committed property seven hundred two fifteen hundred about Iraq will need the page while in ages okay how about the dirt on the dotted term the expression ages which all is why okay I'm inclined at the Renaissance Renaissance including Ms. Meade but we both thought what so I then hope why did most of the Western philosophies to include in a van related to the so-called Enlightenment why do you think I'm a neutral actually that was the initial connotation of the word modernism when you come from we can be our regular weekend and not harness as it went on we need the Holy Spirit but the Spirit Oscars on some to know how people think so that we can relate to people intelligently I think that is extremely important or why then the label of high modernism in this initiative and raising why I a phenomenon of philosophy a way of life lost modern budgeting meeting okay so I imagine his name is maybe and then affected and this is not many are so surpassed Leninism that is fine in relation to modernism for the first time okay this question therefore back for princes and the most update ride with writing in nineteen fifty seven sustained without ending up one is going to modern age just as antiquity was followed by several centuries are preemptive ascendancy now I'm dignity I reenter ascendancy but by doing buyers also viewing the latest front in the north I was continue much less the a provision that broke been surely the pages so now the modern age is being succeeded by calls the modern bubo looking up legal that it is unquestionable I don't game has gone up one of the world we need in his questionable delete the back to understand it is pressing it I update anytime and time gospel commissioning this is not about intellectual knowledge and understandings between activity the Lord took me away from the academic world because he wanted me to bring to everybody in every kind of setting what only a few what is known in some particular things I really believe that okay now given by this is a mentality of what you does not happen overnight the contemporary scene he inseparably connected to previous people 's visions of life concept so it ought to communicate effectively with last minute we may benefit from excavating the site a bit application what are the ideas behind do you know what time you say something there is a ninety nine okay because it is difficult because because we don't know what people think I have no looking up and when you come to morning and ten good morning I don't know what you mean it and I'm sure he'll explain me any what you have what okay what does it mean millions of the good morning that was and who would have you believe that that's what you think that doesn't mean you see you thinking of is okay I know even inventing something but it went at them but this is something that is not to a lawsuit only do the wish but what do you have in mind when you witness a good morning I have no group of the something is not good in his apartment I went to the wedding things in the good book for someone in admission fees for another one it means oh I hope you have a good day without trouble another one etc. etc. but that I would honestly know about enacting behind what you say if a I give you the chance to express yourself in a massively worth of the use of a a the reason they were okay with okay anybody I read on but it was a mini cabin on which I can initially in read zero cute when people went about and then come back into this at all instead of thing is everybody okay I mean it has not Tom what is it okay meaning zero give the music now we have lost some of the input when you say important what I really say it may go anyway I want to distract defendant will bicycle it fell at least Agassi okay so this is our position that the conscious choices are simply be unconscious bias in of the day no friends with a net now let me want to say this I have been with me I'm going to bookmark this one that I would make it simpler after the section according to three plus Modernism how we the intersection of definition of trying to understand what is the object of they can be understood in eleven different perspectives of the most comprehensive off on eleven one seven is a enlarging if you started that transcends the line of industrial and government limits of a network that time it was the modern era industrial technological a young we have no idea but the industry the Industrial Revolution brought a new humor and before about how was the one we have no position on the will the industrial era also it is a contemporary as did I get hot architecture the bleeding that you see around you are not neutral by the way nothing is neutral they are sent unless instantly got been because people did not like his new book at various London and New York and some architectural style is not neutral architecture moved by ideologies so postmodernism has ultimately extracted make a note did not look like the way it looks now and visit was in for that also postmodernism is a saucer criticism of unified systems the canonical political organization and so what if the critics of liberalism communism so what can we move on it is a philosophical movement that seeks to explore the content of continent should I stormy metanarrative by deconstructing them at questioning the idea of tools questioning the idea of language knowledge and power okay they will not it is a quite genetic analysis ninety one it is also I've been riding the eclecticism on and so it is unlimited that attempt to go beyond the material listed commodity of mobility something with the materialism you know is because of everything but many people today are saying under no they must be something out why do people anybody young people done to Asian religions it is not by chance dad was and gentlemen one disappointment I was in reference to how people need to know how the world operates now you continue but also as to the last modernism isn't noted looking sideways or other differences I was in a manner I think people talk about you know differs from conventional gender perspective is other people doing it is by chance you have the kind of judges that try to appeal to know to people that were emerging churches and disgusting it is not by chance because people people are seeking variety differences is up with someone also these days along when does you started not by our members met a broadband change that transcend the basic assumption out of operation and cosmology of the previous modern age in the modern age people used to think what will then come back to that because he is coming back in the modern age the way people used to think is the question today also a this is an ecological acute medical worldview beyond the blood and oxygen is done at the hotel last week people were making in Europe about grammar James not just how the war was organized to make it happen why is that they are destroying the it is by TrackBacks plasma and thinking that elected is the awareness can also find the visit this is also a movement the would-be phentermine no no center and there is a reason for now I was complicated anything to make it mounted and more in a wagon with Islam about the problem solutions and so forth so I will do that now we are going to do but I wanted to bring in letters that it's a bit in this world that seems complicated one with the community is not with me need to develop understanding of this phenomenon if we ought to communicate the gospel in a way that is relevant the name possibility it is without meaning it might have been now just now it got something exciting in Ludlow and just now got it out I have done with dignity and self open when they went to me and I got a new era had gone upon the world hydroponics I think didn't find anything better to say or to let women know this now Mudville modern salon in Canada said that it might as well off and is now taking only a few militant atheism in the afternoon is now really kicked so when you have one of the capitalistic running disbelief it is not by chance agencies and for that sentiment and disillusionment is limited and gentlemen and disillusionment I will send that people go to church in Europe it got lost modern city and the settings that I be glad in the problems and history actually is saved by runners typically think that human beings have had one another if I set if you go with your gospel that was you to drop out of the problem why don't they think that we are part of the problem what people do and chanted why are people in this Indonesian laptop people are disappointed with the limit is not under an abuse of power to control ideological and it was ethically domination a dominance manipulation of monsters by the ideology is what they saw in history question you are including wars of religion so they think we are part of the problem is the way people even if they are not consistently denied that it pervades everything now also slavery autism articles I think anything may seem that human beings had gone to other human beings know the modern era was a time of the Industrial Revolution and about problem with people that we can do all things to win the advantage of prime place in so many areas medical and economic industrial username and people flying in and out like becoming a the same time something was up people at rotation of people it seems like the Industrial Revolution news also by energy with dignity the energy that you sitting comfortably here people I will let working in lines dangerous braces etc. etc. so the same time there was progress understand that you have dehumanized nation in firing him him night vision that this is not the problem as they see so that artists and for a lot of us not a suspicion and prediction and talking about the promised assistance to your children to go to school in the eighties or selecting them look no subject that therefore subjectivism is gone with the object of Chula Vista whether it's your time and in Mormonism web and Atlantic division in which they see you being in this battle was nearly daily basis now imagine why it is important what is important because if I don't understand this I was being the tools to some people in a way that made no sense to them because they are the problem so that you could hear a kickback information and that will give advantage of the idea of you know I was fairly odious for those of you are accustomed to this kind the main rule by one of information you know anything of the night was that I stopped until barely give Bhagwati for me to visit with them but that's okay but you can understand everything that is they get nothing is really complicated I'd be at you openly disappointed with the names and so for the Palazzo but until we doesn't want to the government Reno to the premodern to the possible with the modern view but will let's look at I'm not a fixed meaning the human condition in one attack in the modern era the result was the speed of the Renaissance and the anti- Renaissance meaning now the time of death basically did a spirit that medical the doc page renaissance with all the hunting weekend we had a great ideas so Microsoft is doing me those freedom from that in the antiquity back into life and as I can eliminate people now I'm more aware think about it during the age of exact contamination the copyright for jurors denied them in a detonator and ought to be the distance it was at the apartment is consulting you and the time of e-mail and so for a new era they all know the sense of the word is that the company judge all of the church that human beings will send etc. and cynicism lastly the reason I have criticism that you can affirmation went to conceit Billy Cooney if I buy anything out but in general ideas that I'd be on that so that was a new will reality when you send someone who is similar that you want to diminish the sides of mountains how many buildings so the nonexclusive point in that reality can be discerned primarily through the five senses anything beyond that discarded also I have noticed is what you can measure C Bassett is a logical reason on the essential and find out quite capable to your game you got the imprecations would be about that on the electric everything see the measure can be considered to then of course that would create what that excludes the idea about revelation for example and don't let anyone make must continue so philosophers blank you will greatly inform the system believes government and is wanted in the hot of Frederick Handel up for more about the rationalism illustrated in his famous dictum the rational is really of the Rosslyn is real and it really is possible I supernatural therefore they are behind okay you can measure in the laboratory fine they are that Ms. got better rest that I began to identify what principle you know that any proposition making legacy but it's going to be true let's be verifiable by Ross not trumpeted the methodology is otherwise in his meeting it is not overnight that people stop going to church in Europe that was given to these people throughout the of enforcing him that the doctors are quite critical of past or secularism secular meaning the present by the way maybe you take away anything that is religious separation when you think about that I guess that was taken state this note can overnight know who you are you know you'll will inevitably think today is the result of many things going through this real estate where do we go from there the last modern barcode that Muslims should implement off a French philosopher was modern NBA plasmon can be defined as incredulity towards the North American meaning yielded these behaviors have a resistant towards run stories as I was like what where the stones of the Bible instead of your anemia is the story of your your tribal group we look at the group New York New York government is starting and I think about this is a historic financial mathematics others according to the estimate included on this guy since high volume policy so your story or stories are you just being suppressed it is useful control it was a remember what I was getting about controlling the in everything that people say in this perspective in this me know I'll read our ancestors did these are new guys I think this propaganda is will of the people that would say that this is what I was starting to put tools but I equally prodigious now so this is something that disrupted the pilot has kept the rise most Muslim thinking of suspicion you mean I don't know so you wonder why people don't commute Nicholas you are committing to something that can manipulate you something that can console you use something that came dehumanizing and the history of this effect throughout history and present history this was a good move as a way whatever you are not alone and invite good now you understand how was the beginning we are more successful with premodern syndrome when people come to challenge us know that there is much hunting anyway so he said and by another of France cannot imagine that no president was an apartment in the most possible fingerprints that their influence intimated that an innocent concepts institutions and practices can hide comment devices for manipulation and oppression finally we got states beauty but you can set up as instruments of social order and control the Internet you can think about the many Hindu practice you know but they may not be aware of the philosophy behind his so maybe some of you I even possible and without even knowing it is okay that I have adapted over the years and then off him one because today I want to be okay feminist critics on the west of the boundaries of the principal traditional rationality which they suspect of capitalism as an instrument of social control is to know the time when you know that women are inferior in the humanism of the nasal one when you will absolutely no use mining today you know that I think about it as we go and even in the modern era it was a time when you hang low the problem it changes the implement is no opposition is not by chance by the way that is abusive and confusion in history have suddenly contributed to create the psyche of last night it's a kind of paranoia exercise the same popcorn ops absolute power corrupts absolutely when does it come from this thinking then we translate that in French is our new nephew from speaking to the guacamole laptops and equivalents and okay I sent every opportunity I had I need to be myself and as I speak French nothing is okay for some people are going to sue immediately associated Mennonite intensity leaders though have demonstrated interest to that human beings have a deep-seated inability to follow the fragile exclusive to the justified suspicion to work the exercise of power anyone is always sometime yet people hungry for power you know and the five syllabi what you know himself or on this weekend to set well you know where I can find a suspicion now many Christian leaders of course responded to this challenge by talking about several industry method but not good enough okay a concept that an individual Christ's life as selfless service company dedicated to the well-being of people about of the teaming of the wood authority not maybe I need to just say these gang authority is one of the beautiful wounds of our nonwords authority comes from the matching word out getting in our beginning means to do with putting food love to bring forth to bring fruit to close people to bear fruit these get everything into the woods when you have authority normally it should qualify you to create office if you have authority it means that you call other people to be office with usually announces seventy million dollars circles authority means I can dictate to anybody everybody what they have to do but at the corruption of authority now has minor therefore you will sell you allocate is this a device for controlling now and again when I get a sense of implications the unbecoming none of this regular probably I went on complex tools in one created in terms of now the focus one on the assumption that I know your objectives or absolutes will absolutely love the words you can save it back to the creation but that's your view it would take humanity to the individual will you will is a letter thinking that that will give you one example the other day I went I'm offended I've been to Christian in my home I took it to my children Christianity biblical bodies and so far that when I say something and it sounds really strange to my son was surprising you with the editorial is expressive for real is sent back the way of utopian whimsy is that reality doesn't correspond to reality or anything is one of the options again at the Julian affect anyway I think the problem is I went against the one on the one I do think people like gay marriages in August things are coming to the front today is not feeling well today I went before Samsung Law Review God even in the one you cannot eliminate it would be the last record locking alarm managed out yet that kiosks your definition but there may be another one and maybe even another one on changes with you so that we know what kind of winging it in with me having to get the gospel we even share the gospel with a candle of problem things are defined with adolescent things are with one of his more eclectic okay bad population is interpreted by the one who considers it you know how it was ridiculous it is now nothing arrived you know what I'm talking about is not just by chance also different meanings for the okay unity survival a school that is interesting you know that I was stopped directly in front when you go to some places and people discussing over on the table on the end of the day do we have a consensus about the faith the law is not what people think when it comes to an act of July okay that many families my opinion I think of my perspective is at the top of the text object it absolutely well that is how you see it am I getting home here is already gone and all but it is of no wind this up something so I'll try to send them to a transcendent central reality with the homolog may be no intention of their that is the person I meet industry is that if you hit it up Wednesday if you zip it up to a to a Buddhist even though he had left another VM okay we do not want this there are some things that are legitimate criticism about hot June in zones of conflict manipulation the wars a complex of superiority I do not estimate the differences of the North United yes I I am among those who believe what is happening is is in society individual because of thoughts with Jonathan I will inherently operate in society is a call for you to see it again with genuine authentic Masonic because the findings people I'm really sick it also came I know that you have and that you have neglected to promote it so fast modernism had a legitimate side which is a critique of how we name of sanity but also there is the initiative in fact for example if is relative no CERCLA consent of the authority and then Witt and the provision of the IP have far-reaching implications that argument needs to what the dismissal of the following one and supernatural events interventions are dismissed why do you think people try to prove that by the Exodus didn't bring out the vaccine will help with this you know the what the receding temporary at the flag because it doesn't fit the advantage of Yeltsin liberal in the sense of measurable days now witnessed anyway so now that's just one pleasant life opinion metanarrative starting trying to glimpse what everybody else by the way you need with you June is not ever please think that these are just theoretical things in evangelical Christianity data and intellectual instruction everything you need to study know what the Holy Spirit has encompassed on you need to understand the questions people are asking and asking these questions is this diary about it no man implications you'll need to either wife again I'm an addict and is growing use of violence among uneducated people or a picture of people that have uneducated the thinkers have a message for everyone but I would emphasize but was on sorry to say this but missing a hitch whether you know I know I do need to do more homework on your self-study and indefinitely at the eighth and we need to be critical of what you know dollars last minute and you cannot think actually you know what I will talk about that in the second section where I believe the Bible we need to be from profits that he predicts that endorsing holds that you know some people will would see what is happening in society is to allow the community mortgages and clinical ill will be heaven I did so what can I fact I missed it I was in the style of music that they used that use the same set back I'm going to go last night he is when I want to listen to good music I go to a concert hold the talk is not my primary source listed to excellent music outside to say that but why because that some people who are practicing good database of hours it amuses and I know what I'm talking about eight hours offender practice when they play are there any mailing back on the cognitive or something the Inland Revenue music now it doesn't hurt the government is of course right about that but you know what our government is not about entertainment he went about doing something didn't look too often now they want to stay here you cannot prove that as soon as I was at the Muslims right in November Elizabeth last night in fact with that would think about SMS and attention that I bought all the methods by the way why because anything that cannot be verified as an opportunity on the fact that this is okay prophecy is that running I will run the earlier video posted I believe the weather without a nicely disabled in you and talk in particular since then we listen wonderful deposit on development such as heaven and other messy I broke up with him inspirational speech of a major question about my landline starting with the narrative about the existence of God is mitigated reference contact and reference okay now that a prospective vendor that last minute event is the chain of reaction of rejection unlamented and repeat it in legitimate and these scores you to and twenty one Denver Modernism no disillusionment and what is now Rosalind then all these Mindanao it is also a disillusionment uppercase in a secular institution is eliminating government in why do you designed this instrument to manipulate people and within the degrees to an vitally inland immediate sometimes able to describe our application this however is seeing on TV becomes the bottom for you to buy with the site now so I think it's a institution is still running this is a delusion is not by chance even and there is no exception you find parallel movements in arming and abetting definitely an integrated size but that's part of the new life today I want to create my own ministry my not the church my only will think that it are affected by these way of thinking is the conference did not give me the item recognition around the Green Mountain in the teleconference .net web and me being about a ministry on the fly H the typical modern oxygen no central authority no way I because we weren't agreed on this topic he had it was me a record that you know that no other thing him and so will the money of Legg Mason company terrorism what is happening in the world in black and white he built like a courtesan against the would-be patent on a defendant one by one detonating the will I mean those one out for you to threaten everybody out anyway it is also little had to absolute freedom from religion that a beautiful choice I do for now that's why divorced in August think Simon is when you come home to live with wanting your with I'm a woman hear me roar right everything history in the remaking the politically correct are cute I found that in the book the new options in the month this I know this person with whom it is predicted that beyond Boston one of skepticism and uncertainty which in itself is a good up a units up a bit of fun addition we will do a more holistic and spiritual outlook this is like today the new age spirituality are for manipulating or over the place of light available to cities meeting the challenges and experiencing the promises the challenge is to convince boss monoline but Christianity on the back of what will you vitally related to the tenets of Christianity to lead up to its beliefs they are used in the key I believe it is the bad type of meaning to life what do you think I I am the way they were aiming a hard-nosed kind of you I going for a anti- post about that a maybe in I am the way the truth and the life no one comes to the father but through me that is dividing but might there is something Christ came and brought a revolution in the way people relate to one another and a lot of friends he couldn't see the way people relate to our right and I ended up the price game is still to identify and children the power problem is there was by the way anyone was thinking that power is following some train of thought okay Christ why did you stop the beatitude blessed either what one is it would as soon as I hope okay now this abuse he lived in the unalienable dignity of every human being antichrist message was fondled that would be no expectation they would be no appeals ever to finally meet there would be no looking down on anybody ever that when we know over the edge of some people are more important than others when he and I had been brainwashed into thinking that okay if you have a degree in your higher if you build his family that you hire if you have the extent that many of many yen at you know how much do all up on the site work many holiday fun so you are actively articulated to comments you produce I think if we follow the logic we should discard all of the babies that unproductive as well that I could easily understand why he kind of thinking is talking demonic now think about this when he came to the dignity of every human being to minimize you want to start out by getting that the template is not wrong upgrades audiobook unabridged on isolated on the duplicate payment much anywhere so no link to a sense of what it brings not anymore he was going to do nothing by doing some electrical you you will find that there are no rules no door your room in the secrecy of your existence that speak to the father he has you don't need to go anywhere where liberation by the way you okay with you what I'm then did this it is another member listed in the taking of June the fifth think about all the plurality of the finished the separation of the night understand what is not in Barcelona if I was I do whenever I go to a city if you don't find me look for me I'm in a bookstore so I did it to me when I can when I arrive I went to the border that is the department is city notebook coalition of Christians by the plaintiff this is what they want to relate to the Boston modern craving after just one suggested that I will the deal is also resumes are represented in the best when you come to our unique perspective and Adventist may have something to share with you obviously think about Jesus came to socialist thought I think building with I is a radical when she said for crybabies territory allowing no separation you go from Jamaica but for you but it doesn't matter I look a heck of a user is a death and life anymore why because now we want again out of one family is picked up by the one thousand functional like that for as I lived in Christ you are all children of God through faith as many of you saw a disease the table were baptized into Christ we have to think like this individual ugly business they are free neither man or female you don't want in Christ not Jesus and if you want fries and a bronze offspring heirs according to the promises of Christ Jesus came at the head of a new humanity I have to stop mix would be why I you are the just and what do you have to bring to the world this is almost like a snapshot that I just shared with you about possible enemies and yesterday we look that Hinduism religion that will issue a different world then we started talking about the gospel the comprehensive gospel so I would like to finish talking about how we as Adventists can backup and then I will roll to understand the methods interested to us and how can we effectively enter those who despise him step the gospel to other people that I would like you are some questions often the cause we have fifty minute spa as I understand okay things those who will not come back you are free not to do so we at last modern here at if you don't come back this night would be going to see this mean he was using audio persons working twice generation of Christ if you'd like to learn more about you my see please visit www. .py somewhere or or if you'd like this more free online service please visit www. audio verse more


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