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Logo of Michigan Camp Meeting 2018: As a Witness, Matthew 24:14

As a Witness

Jim Micheff




  • June 15, 2018
    7:00 PM


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Father in heaven you know you know us you know how easy it is for us to put words together and have them come out of our mouth and pro fast certain things but Lord read our hearts tonight you know our knee and Lord even in your scripture you told us that we don't even know what to pray for except that the Holy Spirit intercedes for us and pleads with us with groanings which we can't even understand so Father we want you to have your way we want Jesus to be high and lifted up and we want to clear picture of him that we might catch a glimpse of his holiness of his purity of his goodness of his perfection not so that we can be discouraged but so that we can be encouraged because he is saying that we can be like him so we thank you for hearing him for answering our prayer in Jesus' name amen I love this theme as a witness we came up with it as a team and. I thought tonight I want to come right behind this theme so that's the title of the sermon tonight when I was growing up young my father was a literature Vangelis and he would he would come home and he would tell us of the different experiences that he would have devising providential appointments he would tell us of how he would come in and just he would just be driving down the road he would be impressed to go to a certain house need knock on that door and a person would come in there was there was just a divine appointment there and he would he would lead them to Christ and they would needle down and he would lead them through a sinners prayer and he told us about that I was 7 years old and my heart started to burn within me and I want to be like Dad I want to lead someone to Christ I want to be a witness like dad is a witness but I'm just a boy. Who can I witness to and I started to think of different ones that know they go to church you know they go to church I see I'm injured Well who do I know that doesn't go to church and then I remembered my mom bake bread and she baked it for several neighbors in within our block in the next block and she would have me deliver the bread and so I remember that Mr Brown was a nice man he would often visit with me and when I deliver the bread and I thought you know he doesn't go to church on Sabbath I can witness to Mr Brown That's who I could witness to and so one Sunday morning I asked my mom I says Mom can I go down and visit with Mr Brown and she said sure Jimmy go ahead you can go around visit Mr Brown and so I walked down to where Mr Brown's house was a couple blocks down and there was a swing out on his porch and he was sitting in the swing and as I came by he said Hi Jimmy I said Hi Mr Brown he says once you come up here and visit with me I said oh i went missing is pretty good divine appointment and so I walked up to me said Here sit right next to me and so I sat next to him and I'm thinking one how do I witness I got to I've got a witness on how do I do it and as we're sitting there back and forth I'm thinking how can I witness when I know he doesn't go to church on that was so that's not a good thing ah and a thought came to my mind I know our witness and so I waited till he was done talking and then I said boy Mr Brown It sure is a hot day to day isn't it. And Mr Brown says Boy sure his Jimmy it's really hot today it's a hot summer day and I said Sure is but it's not as hot as where you're going. Now Mr Brown looked at me with an inquisitive look. And I said I said Well Mr Brown you don't go to church on Sabbath so I know you're going now there was a few words we were not allowed to use in our home but I thought because I needed to have some strong emphasis that it would be OK in this case and so I said to Mr Brown Well Mr Brown you don't go to church on Sabbath so that means you're going to. Well now you know Mr Brown didn't respond the same way Dad had said so many people responded he didn't ask me to have prayer with him he didn't ask me to lead him in a sinner's prayer in fact he didn't ask me anything at all he just looked at me with those little eyes they came down in his face turned red and then he looked at me and he said Jimmy you go home. I stood up by the modern trouble I got in trouble how do I get in trouble what did I do and I turned around looked at me says yeah go on go on home and I walked to the edge of the porch and I turned around looked at me says yeah go on. So I took my steps down the walk down the steps and I started for head home and I said to myself boy I don't like this witnessing thing this witnessing thing doesn't work and so I went home and I came in the door and mom said Jimmy what's the matter she could tell I did you know I was upset. And I told her I said Mom I don't I don't like this witnessing thing Dad comes home and tells about all these stories but it doesn't work for me and she said Well Jimmy what happened I said why wouldn't witness to Mr Brown he told me to go home. And she said well what did you tell Mr Brown. And so I told her and she said Oh oh no Jimmy that is not witnessing that's the kind of thing the devil does we've got to share love God's love for people now you need to go back to see Mr Brown you need to go see this or brown and tell him that you are sorry and you need to ask him to forgive you so I walked back in those long way to Mr Brown's house and I'm thinking all I I didn't mean to hurt his feelings and I came back I walked back up to his porch and he was swinging back and forth and back and forth and you could tell he wasn't happy and I was I came I stood at the edge of this steps there that led up to his porch and my head was down and you could tell just by my demeanor that something had changed and Mr Brown just that they didn't say anything so I said Mr Brown you say what you want to me I said Mr Bennett ran Can I talk to you for a minute what do you want so I came up the steps and I walked over to where Mr Brown was and I didn't look at him I was looking down at my shoes and I was just and I said Mr Brown mama told me that what I said to you wasn't very nice and I I'm sorry I said it would you forgive me there was a pause and then Mr Brown. Took a deep breath and he said Yes I'll forgive you Jimmy come on appear sit next to me and so I came up I sat next to him and we talked about all kinds of things but we didn't talk about how hot the day. And I want you to know that with everything that was in me I thought I was witnessing to Mr Brown. You see I had missed a step or 2 in there I had a misconception of what a witness is what is a witness you know some people will define witness in and rightly so as sharing biblical information especially our core beliefs we call them fundamental beliefs sometimes we refer to them as doctrines teaching. They have been derived from deep study of God's Word not by one person but a deep study of God's Word whole subjects have been dug into in Scripture and looked at 28 fundamental beliefs that can be divided up into 6 major categories 1st one is everything we know about God 2nd one is everything we know about man everything we know about salvation and everything we know about the church about what the Bible teaches about those things and everything we know about the Christian life and then if you go back up and we say what do we know about God What are some of those doctrines that we have about God and the very 1st doctrine of this church coming from the Bible from his word is our belief that God's Word is the authority of life it's the belief that God is who he is and he wrote down a criteria he wrote down a book of instructions he wrote down everything we need to know about the past the future and the present and on that one doctrine hang all of the others because they're all derived from Scripture and the Bible is the source of that authority so what are some of the other ones well the Bible teaches about a godhead it teaches about God being. Almost like a last name you have the Father and the son in the Holy Spirit all defined as God with 3 major components that define who that is they can be everywhere at once they are all powerful and they're all knowing they don't need to tame the life from somebody else they are life givers God Godhead all derive from Scripture and in everything we know but what the Bible teaches about man where do we come from we believe in creation the nature of man we were created in God's image but because of sin we have we have lost our image of God and then everything we know about salvation how can be released or in that broken relationship from God about the great controversy where did sin come from it didn't start on this earth it started in heaven and the Bible tells us about it it tells us about the life death in the resurrection of Jesus and why he had to die it talks about how we can experience salvation and then once you've experienced it what do you do then it's how to grow in Christ it talks the Bible tells us about the church who is the church the Bible defines 2 groups of people one is a group of people who recognize the authority of God. And the others who don't and so those ignite the authority of God are called his church his people his bride their other definitions for. And it talks about the remnant and its mission because the Bible tells us that the church has lost its focus and it no longer if it over no longer looks at God as being the authority there is only a rim that recognize that God's Word is the authority of life and live by it and God has a mission for him he has a message for them to give to the world but it's for them too and that it talks about unity and the Bible tells us about unity how do we have unity we want unity desperately not the kind of unity that comes together when when people come. On certain points of doctrine that's only a certain superficial kind of unity but it talks about a unity of heart that must 1st begin with a unity with Christ and then it talks about how you come to the church through baptism the front door and it talks about the Lord's Supper and the importance of it and that and then the belief of spiritual gifts in ministries the Bible lays it all out for us and the gift of prophecy and then there's another one another group in the Christian life this is where the rubber meets the road this is where people start to say no I don't think so because it deals with a lifestyle it deals that it deals with things that have to change in our life if we embrace the teachings of Jesus it talks about the law of God and how it's the standard of perfection and God says that we have to reach that standard we don't like that then it talks about the Sabbath and the importance of the Sabbath in developing a relationship with God Now we have the belief about stewardship we are managers of what God has given us managers of our bodies managers of the talents that he's given us Manager these managers of the responsibility that is given to us and then Christian behavior this one really touches home. In encompasses the things that I do the things that I wear things that I like the things that I and then there's one that's on marriage and family the Bible lays out what a marriage is and then the last grouping it's the grouping of last thing it's the grouping that has has Christ's ministry in the heavenly sanctuary and the role it takes Christ takes in helping us to reach that level of perfection that is required to have a connection with God that is that is reunited then there's the 2nd coming we all look forward to the 2nd coming and then there's the daft and resurrection we look forward to the resurrection especially if we've lost loved ones that are waiting in the grave and then the millennium and then the end of the world and the last one is new the new or how God is written to recreate this this sin polluted world these 28 fundamental beliefs form the framework of our relationship with God where did they come from they came from scripture God gave them to us you can follow that the footprints of those who went before us and you can see from step to step precept the precept text the text how these are validated in Scripture when a person wants to become a 7th Day Adventist What is it that every 7th day adventist must do these are fundamental $28.00 fundamental beliefs and if we are going to be a 7th Day Adventists we study those fundamental beliefs and before baptism we stand up and publicly confess that we believe these $28.00 fundamental beliefs and then we are baptized and we become a member of the 7th heaven a church who not only believes it but is supposed to live by it. I want to I want to illustrate for you the connection between between these fundamental beliefs doctrines and Jesus Christ and or I love oranges and when I was a kid I couldn't figure out why everybody peeled them I knew that when you ate apples some people peeled apples but I like the apple peeling I knew that some people peeled peaches but I love to eat the peaches with the peeling I love potatoes with with this skins on them that sometimes I just like to eat the skins so I thought to myself well you know maybe an orange peeling is good and people just don't know it. And so I decided to try it for myself and so I picked up the orange and I thought my teeth all the way into that juicy stuff which meant I had to get past the the peeling and I discovered so I didn't have to chew it too far I discovered that an orange is better peeled. And once you peel this ORNGE back it exposes the orange and you can see that it is divided up into sections you could put your finger down the middle and pull it apart and then you can pull each section off and then when you take one of those sections and you put it in your mouth you discover that the best part of the Orange is the Jews now have you ever peeled an orange and discovered that there was no juice in that orange and you tried to eat that it doesn't taste good and no matter even if you like it or not you don't like it you spit it out already tell you that the doctrines of Christ are like those sections of your. Christ is like the Jews and if Christ isn't the center of every single doctrine they are dry unappealing. Boring but if Christ is the very center of that orange and you sink your teeth in it oh it is wonderful Christ must be the center. Now and I want to point out one other thing any thing that has the orange flavor or look that doesn't come from the ORNGE is not orange juice it's something else but it's not orange juice there is a group who are trying to say that all you need is Jesus let's dissect him from his doctrines because those are boring but let's enjoy the juice. Doesn't come from the orange because We've dissected it but the Bible tells us very clearly and 2nd John if you look in 2nd John 9 in 2nd John 9 it goes like this there's only one chapter in the book a 2nd John 2nd John 9 goes like this whoever trance cresses and does not abide in the doctrine or the teaching of Christ does not have God he who abides in the doctrine of Christ has both the Father and the son you cannot separate Jesus from from the doctrine it's like wanting orange juice without coming from the Orange can't do it Jesus himself said and I if I be lifted up from the earth will draw all men and to me that's what he said Jesus has to be the center and the core In fact Jesus told nikka D.M.'s D.M.'s earlier in in John 3 he said that as Moses was lifted up in the wilderness saw as Moses lifted up the serpent in the wilderness so must the Son of God be lifted up now he was referring to 2 instances he was referring back to a time in Israel. When they were wandering in in the desert and as they were wandering in the desert the people started to complain. And they started to nurture an attitude that led them to push God away he had been the source of protection and provided for all their names now without his help they experienced the unknown dangers that existed around them fiery serpents with the sting of death the people realize that in pushing got away they had forfeited his protection and his blessing and they wanted to restore that broken connection with God So they asked Moses standers seed for them God instructed Moses to make a bronze serpent and put it on a pole in the midst of camp anyone who looked at it would be healed the bronze serpent symbolizes symbolized Jesus who would become sin for the human race and die on the cross healing was given to all those who followed God's instructions and looked to Christ. So now a question for you so if we find the Christian life to be boring and we are drawn to worldly things what is the solution we must look to Christ because somehow in our busy schedule Christ has not has lost its center place because Chris if Christ is center in our life our life is not boring our life is full of joy. What what is it what is it that motivates us to embrace the teachings of God What is it that motivates us. Some are motivated by fear they're afraid of what might happen if they don't or they are afraid of being left out but I want to tell you that fear is not a good motivator there isn't enough power in fear to make you make the changes that are necessary to embrace God's teachings some are motivated by personal gain rewards the rewards of heaven but there's not enough power in those rewards alone to make the changes necessary to embrace those teachings of Jesus the only power that is strong enough to embed those teachings in your heart is the love of God Love is not only the motivation for embracing those doctrines but it's also the motivation for sharing our love for Christ in desire of ages I read this statement if we are Christians Christ like this work and she's referring to the work of sharing God's love with others this work will be our delight no sooner is one converted then there was born within him a desire to make known to others what a precious friend he has found in Jesus the saving and sanctifying truth cannot be shut up in his heart when that happens Jesus says you all are my disciples says the Lord that you are my witnesses says the Lord that I am God what does he want from us as a witness does he want a verbal affirmation that he's God Is that what he's looking for from us how is it. God said we become his witnesses how is it that we are His witnesses how do we become his witnesses in order to become a witness for God we must 1st know God don't we we have to know who he is if I was to ask you to enter duce someone to the rest of you here and had you come up and say and said Well I want you to introduce someone that you just heard about someone that you perhaps just met I want you to introduce him you would stand up here and you have a hard time introduce him because you don't know him but if I had asked you to introduce your your parents or your spouse or your children or your best friend you would have no problem introducing him what part of being a witness is to enter duce people to Christ so before you can introduce him to Christ you have to know him well the problem is that we don't have a clear picture of who God is our picture of God is is faulty We don't have a clear picture of of the love of God. When Paul was writing about the love of God He devoted a whole chapter to it 1st Corinthians 13 and he's talking about the love of God and how it's as expressed by us he can't define it so all he can do is describe it and he gets down to the end of his chapter and he's frustrated and he finally says you know we really we really don't know the extent of the love of God It's like looking through a mere dimly for now we see in a mirror dimly he says but then face to face now I only know in part but then I shall know just as I am now. We have a a distorted view if you if you look in a mirror you know sometimes mirrors can distort what you look at it can it can distort it so that you really don't know what you're looking at there are some mirrors that you look at the make you look like a beanpole there are others that make you look. Large and there are some when you look in the mirror it it focuses in on your face in your body parts of really very small it distorts our picture of of what we're looking at and that's the same way sin has distorted our minds our eyes we don't see God the way he is it's distorted we can't even comprehend God we can't comprehend level own see the goodness the purity the holiness and the perfection of God we can't see it in fact Jesus describes a group of people in Revelation 3 he describes a group of people who have a distorted view of who he is a distorted view it's a group of people called the Laodicean church his last church before he comes. Just so that we're all clear who is the lead to see in church who is it's us just 7th Day Adventists now it's everyone who professes Christ everyone who professes Christ he's called the church and God is saying that there's a problem with his church they don't have a clear picture of who they are of who he is they're their picture of his righteousness is down within reach of Ayers and so they don't feel any need if you look in verse 17 Jesus speaks and he says because you he's talking to this latest see in church he's talking to us because you say I am rich. Have become wealthy and have need of nothing and do not know that you are wretched miserable poor blind and naked he's saying you think that my righteousness is where yours is it's not you've got a problem you don't recognise the holiness the goodness the purity and the perfection of God you know the Bible records another person who didn't have that view either who need in a clear picture of who Jesus was and that was Isaiah God called Isaiah to be a prophet and so I'd say it rolled up his sleeves and said OK I'm going to be a prophet and so he went out and tried to tell those centers just what's what and he wasn't very successful and he got discouraged and so he decided that perhaps being a prophet wasn't for him so he went to the temple and he was thinking well you know what I'm going to do is I'm just going to turn in my resignation and what God did was give him a clearer picture of who he was who God God gave him a picture of God in His Glory sitting on his throne angels who had never sinned tiptoeing around in his presence whispering eager to do whatever he asked them to do and in that split 2nd that he saw God he fell to his face and he cried out whoa is me for I am undone because I am a man of unclean lips and I did well in the midst of a people with unclean lips from my eyes have seen the king the LORD of hosts when he saw that he recognized that it wasn't about those centers out there he recognized he was a sinner he fell far short of the glory of God He had noticed that before he thought he was pretty good he had reached a level of acceptance with God and Goddess say no I cannot accept anything less than perfection my perfection. How do you get his perfection Well if you go to the next verse in Revelation 318 it tells you Jesus says this he says I counsel you to buy from me gold tried in the fire that you may be rich and white Rayment that you may be closed that the shame of your nakedness may not be revealed and annoying to your eyes with I say that you may see see what that you may see the glory of God But you know what the Bible Jesus tells us in the in the Sermon on the Mount you know what he told us he said Bless our the pure in heart for they shall see. He's telling us without a pure heart we cannot see God we're going to see God just at our level but if we want to see God high and lift it up we've got to have a pure heart and as we allow Christ to purify our heart our picture of God grows and as it grows our desire to be like him grows and we hunger and thirst after his righteousness and then as he shows us more and as our heart grows more like Christ we want to be more and more like Him God told us that he was going to give us 2 things 2 things one he was going to give us gold tried in the fire what is this gold tried in the fire this gold tried in the fire is the faith of Jesus what is faith for why do we have faith what is faith for what is it useful for faith is the connection between us and God that connection was broken and so God gave us the opportunity to accept his word and by faith claim it we are connected to God But then why do I need the faith of Jesus why can't I have my own faith I've got faith. My faith is like service on a cell phone have you ever been in a conversation that was really important and you've gone into a place where you didn't have good cell phones or and all of the sudden start of the the distort what you heard or people could hear you but you couldn't hear them or perhaps it just broke all together you and I have to understand that when our connection with Heaven is broken we sin. We are no match for sin and were no match for the devil so unless we have an unbroken relationship with Christ we'll never be victorious all the time God know it so he said I'm going to give you Jesus said I'm going to give you my faith my constant connection it was never broken I came down to this earth my connection was not broken with the father I encountered everything you encounter every temptation that you encounter I encountered it but I overcame it because my connection with God the Father was never broken it wasn't broken as an adolescent it wasn't broken as a teenager it wasn't broken as I as a man full grown the only time his connection with the father was ever broken was when he took on us our sins and that connection with Cry and the father when it was broken it broke his heart he died of a broken heart because of our sin but he wrote because he had never sand death couldn't hold him he had no hold in him in which death could grab and so he was raised from the dead because he was sinless and he offers us his life he gives us that constant connection that is never broken and then he turns around and says you need one more thing because in order to be connected with the father you've got to reach perfection and you'll never do it. I've got to reach it for you. When he was on this earth he was leaving the disciples were afraid to be alone what are we going to do and Jesus said I'm not going to leave you comfortless I'm going to send another not me not the father another comforter the Spirit of truth and he will lead you into truth all truth and he'll only speak the things that I spoke so he's not going to contradict me and he will live in your hearts and He will bring me into your hearts that connection will not be broken the only thing that will break that connection is you and allowing it if if if you break your connection with the Holy Spirit there is nothing I can do for you that connection cannot be broken my connection with you is through that Holy Spirit but if your stay connected I will live my life out in I will take your heart if you give it to me and I'll unite it with my heart I'll take your will I'll merge it with my will I'll take your mind in and it will become one with my mind I will take your thoughts and I will bring them in captivity to my thoughts I will live out my life in you that's how you'll get perfection hallelujah you are perfection is with Christ you know some people say what will be perfect before Christ comes that's the wrong question the question is will I have an unbroken relationship with God When Jesus comes and the answer to that is up to you but for me I want to none broken relationship with Christ and if I have an unbroken relationship with Christ I have perfection some people refer that to. Righteousness by faith I get the life of Christ lived out me right doing because of my connection with Him through faith. How do I maintain is life life gets busy sometimes I get off center didn't focus on the other things how do I do this well the Bible gives us a story that helps us to understand see when. When Alijah was on this earth he felt like he was the only one that serve the Lord and in a showdown he was on Mount Carmel you know the story he wanted to demonstrate that God was who he was and so he prayed one time for fire and God delivered something transpired in his heart over the day though and later in the day he went to the king and said You better get off this mountain I'm about ready to go pray and there's going to be some rain and so he went and started praying he prayed once and nothing happened and he thought what did I do is on the wrong What was I did wrong what Lord what happened I asked for a Didn't you didn't you didn't give it to me and maybe I maybe I asked wrong so he went back and he prayed again a little less confident in himself and he didn't get any rain and now he's really starting to wonder what happened why aren't why why aren't you giving me some rain and he continued to search his heart and he continued and continued until he came to the 2nd 7th time and as he searched his heart he says it seemed to him that he was nothing and that God was everything and when he reached the point every now and seen self while he clung to the Savior as his only strength and righteousness the answer came how is it that we're going to maintain this relationship with Christ we've got to die to self glaciers to 20. I am crucified with Christ Nevertheless I live yet not I but Christ lives in me and the life that I now live in the flesh I live by the by faith in the Son of God who loved me and gave himself for what you know something about being a witness when God says you are my witnesses say at the Lord that I am God he's not looking for a verbal You see Satan says that there is something that can't be done he said that you can't keep the commandments of God He said the commandment keeping was no more than slavery you don't need to keep the commandments of God In fact if you throw the came a mess of God off you will have freedom real freedom and God knows it and there are some who believe what he said and they discovered that when they threw off the Law of God they became slaves in the worst possible way slaves. And in the midst of a sin polluted world God said that he could save the most save to the utmost Satan say no you can't so God comes down in a sin infected world comes into your life and does what only God can do takes the sin out of your life and recreates in your heart a character just like him so that you don't want to sin you hate sin you have no desire for it you want righteousness of God. That is not about Jew It's about God and in the midst of that god turns around and says you are living demonstration of that fact the fact that I am God and what I can do in you and that's the witness that you can be I want to tell you something with all of the love in my car it's easy to become a 7th Day Adventist member. You stand before a group in public you say I believe number one I believe Number 2 I believe all 28 fundamental beliefs and you become a member but I want you to know something there is a difference between a being a 7th Day Adventist member and a 7th Day Adventist you can be a member by professing you cannot be a member you cannot be a 7th Day Adventist unless your profession and your practice are one in the same and when your profession and practice is one in the same God says now you are my witness that I am God I want to be a witness for Christ on a B. That kind of witness there is different aspects of being a witness yes I know that the being a witness can be sharing biblical information trues to being a witness you can help someone in need all of that is true but I want to be this kind of a witness that demonstrates that God has power to do what he said he could do in my life 1st Peter 315 says but sanctify the Lord God in your heart which is what we're talking about setting yourself apart for God and then it says Be ready to give an answer to every man that does what ask you for the reason of the hope that is within you when people see your life is different when they see the power of God revealed in your life they are drawn if they are drawn to God they are drawn to you and they're saying Tell us what is different about you and you are able to share what is different about you what's different about you you have the love of God in your heart why because he poured it in your heart you don't manufacture it is the the Bible describes a group of people who have allowed God to restore an unbroken relationship with him in the midst of a sin dominated world. It's true Satan claimed that rejecting God's law would lead to will be to freedom but it's been demonstrated to be full rejecting God's law has led to the worst kind of slavery possible would you agree God has demonstrated that his law of love is truly a law of liberty revealing true freedom by setting centers free from the tyranny of sin this group who is referred to as saints which is nothing more than a sinner saved by grace or a living testimony a witness that by keeping an unbroken relationship with God we will keep the commandments of God and have happiness and joy and freedom but I want to tell you something we cannot give our relationship with God to someone else but we can encourage others by sharing our experience with God we can inspire we can encourage we can't force you see we can be witnesses that God is who he says he will be I want to ask you in closing question it's easy to say something in the heat of the moment but I want to ask you if you're willing to let the Lord search your heart and show you what is keeping you back from the Holy Spirit being poured out in your life and then asking God to give you the Holy Spirit because God says we need to ask for it and he's more eager to give us the Holy Spirit than we are to give good gifts to our children so if you've been asking for the Holy Spirit and you don't sense any difference throw your senses out the window and go by faith because God said You draw nigh to me and I'll draw nigh to you. Take Him at His word claim it and then let God live out his life in you now let me ask you how many if you want that in your life if that's you stand your feet Father in heaven you see us you see our needs we have a distorted picture of who you are we have looked at you and we've seen you we thought were your righteousness is is within reach of us but Lord when we get a clearer picture when our eyesight is is is is is helped by your your I say have we see you high and lifted up and the 2nd we see it the instant we see it we realize that we are sinners far far away from you but Lord help us not to forget that but help us to remember that you love sinners you just hate sin so Father I pray that you would work in us and I want to pray from of that you would reveal to us what is holding us back from giving our all to you we want that in our lives so now Lord we choose to give you our hearts we can't give you our hearts sin holds us back but we can choose and when we choose you come in and your promise is that you would work in us to will and do of your good pleasure and that we can claim so father do your work in us that we might honor and glorify Jesus and reach that standard to perfection that you have provided for us so that we can be reunited with you and we can see you faced. Oh Lord keep us by your power may that connection with you not be broken. For we ask this in Jesus' name. This media was brought to you by audio person a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse for you would like to listen to more sermon Please Visit W W W dot audio Verse dot org.


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