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The Most Incurable Disease

Alistair Huong


Alistair Huong

Executive Director of AudioVerse



  • January 2, 2010
    10:00 AM
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twenty one for those for wondering that was Sheldon Lee he's my cousin and I was a blessing thank you Sheldon now I must be honest perhaps I was just faithless but I didn't expect to see some many people here this is I expected to see a small pocket of the remnant those who were not able to go to G Weiss CEO go home or wherever else travels may take us during this time of year but in case you haven't been wished a happy new year allow me to it I sure in the happy new year to all the spirit and hope now you're getting a handout in the me explain a little bit about that you'll notice that in your bulletin as well as on this handout the topic of this morning is the most incurable disease now a little more bid for the first sermon of the year but this is actually a study from the spirit of prophecy that I've conducted in the past few months this is a personal study so is not so much of a sermon as so much just my own sharing is of some of the musings and lessons I've learned from the pen of inspiration so what you have in your hand or what you will receive in your hand essentially is the entire study without any of my own additions or my own comments it's just straight from the SOP now if for whatever reason you don't catch everything that I say or you're not able to listen on audio verse or whatever you have it all in your head and it looks a little bit intimidating there's a lot of passages were not going to read all of them here together that is for your Arsenault continued that he alright so don't be alarmed don't don't freeze up were not reading all of them were just getting touch on some of the highlighted points so I also need to mention this because I'm just sharing a study from the spirit of prophecy I am assuming quite a bit in terms of your prior knowledge about the stories in the Bible were to be touched touching on a number of stories but I hope are familiar to you I am not trying to denigrate or to lower the importance of the Bible is not my point I'm just simply assuming that you already know the stories because as you know near them and hope we don't have unlimited time so this is a study from the spirit of prophecy I've entitled the study the most incurable disease if you have your handouts we stole need a handout this raise your hand their couple more applicable places very good let's look at number one on your list from my sketches page one ninety six paragraph two it says we have nothing to fear for the future except we shall do what Ford just the way the Lord has led us and his teaching in our past so this study is going to be a backward look for ace number of events in our past history perhaps we can learn some things that will guard us in the future so before we dive into the study let's bow our heads toward a father in heaven this morning as he spent just a few thoughtful moments contemplating some counsel that you have written down for admonition may be sensitive to hear your words what store hearts may we not be looking around to see who we point fingers at me we squarely look inside our own hearts to see whether these things apply to us may Jesus be especially near to us now and through his Spirit lead us through this study we pray in Jesus name couple weeks ago we had a lesson on the story in numbers chapter sixteen anyone remember what that chapter is about about the rebellion of Koran and elsewhere were our study begins you remember that the nation of Israel had come to the board is obtained in the twelve lies that come gone into the land come back brought the fruits and also a bad report as a result I'm not going all the details I assume you know the story God says you're not going to do no one for another forty years in the wilderness and all of the adults in your midst will dine with court except the faithful right fielder Josh and because of their unbelief is a life wandered and they were not ready to access this punishment and it was during this time of unrest and and and questioning in an discontent and distress that a shining star set up a mint in the Mifeprex by the name of Cora and Clore and and and his co- conspired through the deepening of Byron Bay started talking together and there's lots of themselves and they reason that they rationalize eating there their strong minds they said you know what the problem really problem it moves he's a poor administrator he's a weak leader he doesn't really know what the people me and so they he began to talk amongst themselves and then pretty soon the discontent spread throughout the camp everyone thought it smiled a small and a groove this is jealousy this end be stemming from pride and grew and grew until underground they got a large company on their side you know the story but here's what the pen of inspiration to say your second quote this is found in pitcher to Prophets page three ninety six he who reads the secrets of all hearts had marked the purposes of Cora and his companions and given his people such warning an instruction as might have enabled them to escape the deception of the designing that so there have been a special instruction in warning given for these people the Israelites don't have to be deceived by court date in the Byron what were those thing that God gave them percent they had seen the judgment of God fall upon your because of her jealousy and complaint against Moses the Lord had declare that Moses was greater than a prophet with him will I speak mouth to mouth wherefore then he added were you not afraid to speak against my servant Moses these instructions were not intended for Aaron and Miriam alone but for all Israel you realize what God had previous to this incident already shown up on it already shown by speaking with it all now in the hearing of all the cat mode this is my appointed leader he greater than a prophet and I will speak to him now some mouth how dare you complain against my children Saturday in what is according to the barn doing the very same thing everyone thinks they should've known better exact continuing core and is co- conspire there is a falcon spiders were men who have been favored with actual manifestation of God 's power and greatness let's look at skip to the last sentence in this path it says there in simulations were so readily receive that they ventured still further and at last they believe themselves actually what they do believe themselves to be actuated by zeal for God so it deluded self-deluded right it came to the point where in doing exactly what God told him what not to do they thought they were doing what they were supposed to do with the next fact number three conflict encourage one oh eight key meaning Satan thus worked upon the mind the poor update in an environment around the desire for self exaltation and exalted the distrust and rebound Satan caused them to reject God as their leader by rejecting the men of God 's appointment set while in the murmuring against Moses and Aaron they blaspheme God they were so deluded as to think themselves righteous and to regard those left faithfully reprove their sins as actuated by say ten they got heavily flipped upside down and in doing what was wrong they thought they were doing what was right do not the same evils still exists and laying the foundation of courtroom Friday and ambition are widespread and when these are cherished they opened the door to NV and a striving for supremacy the soul is alienated from God and unconsciously drawn into the ranks of state while endeavoring to destroy the confidence of the people in the man God of God 's appointment they really believe that they are engaged in the good work verily doing God service this will reduce the drill down a little bit and really try to understand how did they get to this point what led them root of the problem because if these were men who will hurt God 's voice with their all years and some miracle performed with their own I us for those of us living and visiting a what hope is there for us isn't it likely for us to fall into the same deceptions of that I'm fearful that if I want to know how I can prevent that we see here that they rationalize them and they were so self to leave the self-deluded to the point that they believe they were doing God service when in actuality they were blaspheming that serious and you know the rest of the story the stubborn persistence ended up with the earth opening up in beneath them she swallowed them up alive in a fire coming down from heaven destroying the other people of the Levites who were coca spiders are those who sympathize now want to take another step in the story and let's look in the next passage number four on your list this one is from Peter to Prophets page one oh one and it carries on into one off for sorry for a one into four oh two says the judgment of God could come very near and appealed to them to repent this is speaking of the rest of the congregation now a special irresistible interference from heaven had arrested their rebellion now if they would respond to the interposition of God 's providence they might be safe but while they fled from the judgment through fear of destruction their rebellion was not Q they return to their tents at night RFI but not repent they have been flattered by Cora and his company until they really believe themselves to be very good people and abandon wrong and abused by Moses should they admit that core and his company were wrong and Moses right then they would be compelled to receipt of the word of God the sentence that they must die in the wilderness they were not willing to submit to this and they try to believe that Moses had the seat part these people what what was the root of their problem it has shipped they admit that core and his company were wrong and they would have except that they were in the diamond wilderness as if it wasn't true to begin with and it says to the point that they have to try to believe them both at the same that if I can put in my own words what was the problem they were not willing to admit they were wrong they thought they were right and they want to believe that they were right even when the evidence said to the contrary they couldn't deny they wanted to believe that they were right to the point that they they constructed every possible rationalization you really convinced themselves that Moses at the sleep mode is a I'm so glad you notice you don't be relentless about tongue-in-cheek is set up in a flattered by Cora and his company until they believe that they are very good people perhaps some of them even sat back and thought it was because of core 's influence that I have had such a revival in my spiritual life because the core of the words I have regained my self-confidence my self-esteem I felt worth how can they be on sometimes I know I have fallen to this problem where someone that has been instrumental in my conversion in my Christian experience when I want to listen to then I given extra weight and when someone accuses them of being wrong or something they created an error or not accurate or something about the way they conduct their ministry how they work I want to stand up and defend them to the point where sometimes I know that I'm wrong and the grit my teeth and unmarked amendment because it compromises the steaming out of any of you have this experience but I'm trying to show the human element of this story is not just that these people work with crazy lunatics are completely web linear to the reality of life there were other factors at play but nevertheless the root of the problem is still a problem when we aren't willing to admit they were wrong we run the risk of doing exactly what the nation of Israel must continue on and I think has administered down near the end of the underlying section I said that night of probation was begin their that night of probation was not passed in repentance and confession but in devising some way to resist the evidences which showed them to be the greatest of sin they still cherished hatred of the man of God appointment and voracious for themselves to resist their all for the Satan was at hand for further judgment and to lead them blindfold to destruction despite the miraculous and incontrovertible evidence that God approved of Moses and stood on their side I mean what more can you have Safari Camino from heaven and earth opening up a swallowing every values and that night what did Israel do they were devising means not only to resist the evidence but is says at a purpose to put Moses and Aaron both the data and if you read in the Bible and the book of numbers they actually said they have to say you have killed the people of the Lord you know we they tried to have a try and believe that they are right in this stilted but no live self-esteem we talk all the things that you know the inspiration gives a name to this condition a name to this root cause of this problem wonders what is what is this problem number five this is found in testimonies to the church four page two thirty nine when brother she has formed an opinion expressed in this family or in the church with considerable confidence and with some publicity he is then inclined to make it appear that he is right I have brief argument he can produce he is endangered great danger of closing his eyes and violating his conscience by this persistency for the temptation of the enemy is strong upon him and here's what inspiration call this condition is tried of opinion is hard to you even in the face of light and evidence sufficient to convince and if he would be convinced he thinks that if he should admit that he was wrong it would be a reflection on his judgment and discernment hear Mrs. White pulled this this common human down to the common everyday scenario in the family and in the church sometimes individuals and we can turn those eyes squarely upon ourselves we stay something we make a statement and it has particularly with publicity so for those of us who stand in the pulpit who would teach the lesson that we stay in a position and we make a really strong within minutes later someone pulled out another passage in the Bible another passage in the sphere prophecy in we're not right the temptation is I set this up for I have to defend myself it's too humiliating to admit that I was wrong and so we dig our heels and we grit our teeth we draw the battle lines we plot all up in Canada with they know I'm right now you're wrongly argue it is not just in the church even in the family even a casual conversation have you ever had that experience you're just talking and talking and having a good time and then you say something perhaps maybe not maybe it is just me we exaggerate just a tiny bit of some of the fundamental right to know all your others and we try to prove ourselves we try to prove ourselves to prove ourselves were arguing and arguing and that we dig our heels and until and the very end B the pride of opinion is the root problem and we say oh that's cute look at the next number six councils to the church page forty six the sin that is most nearly hopeless and incurable his private opinion self conceit this stands in the way of all growth when a man has teeth the character they also realizing this when he is so imbued with self-sufficiency that he cannot see his fault how can you be Glenn they that be whole need not to physician but they that are sick how can one improve when he thinks his ways perfect oh this is a tough one to swallow the most helpless hopeless and curable of accepting the all-new and I wish so-and-so the listing of this right now boy you really need to listen to this but notice the reason why this is so dangerous is because the ones who are in fact don't know it it's as though we have cancer and we think that were healthy it is the most hopeless and incurable because with self-sufficiency we don't even think we have a problem sometimes we look at other people we can identify oh yeah he's got private opinion oh she's got a lot to employ but we never realize it must know this happened this happens to have a wider implication let's must go on this take another step back in history right let's look at the next passage over seven config encourage page one oh eight in the rebellion of Cora is seen the working out upon a narrower stage of the same spirit that led to the rebellion of Satan and have been it with pride and ambition that prompted Lucifer to complain of the government of God and to seek the overthrow of the order which has been established and have always amazing I can't possibly be true the great controversy think the failure originated from the same root cause left the bathroom next acid is found in great controversy page four ninety five God in his great mercy for Longwood Lucifer he was not immediately degraded from his exalted station when you first installed dispute of discontent nor even when he began to present this false claims before the loyal angels long with a retained in heaven such efforts as the only infinite love and wisdom to divine for me to convince him of his error Lucifer himself did not first see whether he was drifting he did not understand the real nature of his feelings but as his dissatisfaction were proved to be without cause what does the next and then say Lucifer was convinced that he was wrong did you know that Lucifer actually before he was expelled from heaven she now he was wrong he was convinced he was wrong next underlined statement by those being three letters but instead but for Beijing to submit and he persistently defended his own course what was the problem with Lucifer wasn't because he totally completely then not believe I was not convinced that God was right clearly he was convinced that he was wrong but what prevented him from taking that step of humility before God is a hybrid parent I'm wrong to try and looking the next few passages when I do read them you can go to go home and think about that yourself out to do with idea of the seed of rebelling it is interesting passage their story of redemption about an interview that Lucifer or Satan at this point had with Jesus after he was expelled study that on your own and were not were not have enough time to deal with that issue was fixed up back the pride of opinion if we really want to be honest with ourselves the great controversy the great controversy could have been avoided entirely if Lucifer was willing simply to inmate that he was wrong you might think I'm oversimplifying this but honestly given that one of the most difficult things for us to go to will pride of opinion it is the most hopeless and incurable of all diseases of all tens and because of the roots of the pride of opinion not Wellington met that we are wrong we are now reaping the consequences of the great controversy and within the rebellion of Cora we see the same principle played out on a narrower stage now the next story in history like to contemplate is a little bit closer to home it's about to be a little bit of background here it foot place up around the year eighteen eighty eight in a place Minneapolis Minnesota during that era and after this history there was a little conflict between the red friend of experience and a few young whippersnappers from California Board of California ballot the slot trouble dumping Jones and Wagner were these two young men from California and then used were challenging some of the established theological views of the brethren who are residing in Battle Creek well one of them one of the big one was the law in Galatians Wagner and Butler the president appointed went back and forth back and went back and forth and another one happens to be the identity of one of the horns on the beast the fourth beast in dance eighty Jones or Urias Smith believed that that one represented the hon and eighty Jones believe about final born represent that the aliment I can know and they went back and forth back and forth back and forth and so at the GC session in eighteen eighty eight they had a ministerial convention prior to that and the pastors you know to be young men trained for the ministry there like all in Euros this is the essence and you don't does this so are you hung twenty pounds where are you hung by NL are you an element and someone asked Mrs. light so when you think that the underdevelopment you know whatever you have response was a classic she said I think there are too many points here but the eighteen eighty eight convention that my sound shoots but that type of contention grew and Wagner was given the morning devotions and we are told that that the people listening when low key praise the message of righteousness by faith and the people there knew it to be the truth that the latter rain we we believe was was beginning to fall down on the congregation and make like even in for the message of righteousness by faith that is preached by John the Wagner of the brethren they refrain from even saying a man because the roof they were sure they knew the language of using them down step by step until the very end meet Shrek and you have to admit that they were wrong on the law Galatians I'm glad anointment boy those brethren but even more troubling than because they knew that Mrs. White supported the Ministry of these two young men they had to do something about that Little League and pretty soon little rumors started to spread that Mrs. White is being influenced by Johnson pretty soon a little kiss no disagreement over some horns in Daniel seven for the long-delayed is as important as those doctors may be let him down this path to doubting inspiration to insinuating down in the ministry of the Spirit of prophecy what caused it very simply they were not willing to let that they were wrong fried opinion in the next passage number eleven this is found in eighteen eighty eight materials page three eighty one it is taken from a chapter entitled experiences from eighteen eighty eight and this is why he puts her finger right on the pulse of what the problem was in eighteen eighty eight she says there is a prize of opinion a stubbornness that shuts the soul away from good and from God warnings have been scorned grace resisted privileges abuse convictions mother and the pride of the human heart strengthen the result is the same as with the Jews they don't hardness of heart it is not safe for the soul to rise up against the method God of war handling sacred truth are only mortal men the next passage in the eighteen eighty eight materials nine twelve this is a reflection back on the years after eighteen eighty eight she wrote this in eighteen ninety one son in Battle Creek will surely reach this point that they do not change their course they will place themselves were not of God ordained means will be able to set them right they refuse investigate evidence candidly and frankly bought like who Cora Bateman and a Byron set themselves against the life but evil heart of unbelief will make falsehood appear as true the truth is falsehood and will adhere to this position whatever evidence may be produced you see the problem is not indirectly being led without a clue down the path of deception and destruction that's not a problem the problem is that these these people they are not willing to consider the evidence because they know that they would have to admit that the wrong enough to humiliating the work of God in eighteen eighty eight the believe the finishing of God worked as a the second coming of Jesus don't I need why because some men were not willing to admit that they were all the great controversy started Lucifer was not willing to admit that he was wrong for a David and Myra and all those other hosts know there were those who were killed by fire from heaven and the next day to play Kane fourteen thousand die because people were not willing to admit that they were wrong and now in eighteen eighty eight Jesus coming to lay because God 's people were not willing to admit that they were wrong ride with pride can we see how subtle and perhaps imperceptibly because down the sloping green you don't think there's anything wrong with us we don't think there's anything that we need to fix but is there a cure is it possible number thirteen for a copy of Baathist page one fifty four the evil that led to Peter 's fall and the shutout the Pharisee from communion from God is proving the ruin of thousands today there is nothing so offensive to God are so dangerous to the human soul is tried as self-sufficiency of all things it is the most hopeless the most incurable sweet notice this pride of opinion the self-sufficiency self conceit Peter was infected with this disease Peter claims no better than Jesus Jesus said I'm going to be crucified Peter Zanotti are not Jesus said to be behind me Satan Peter was so egotistical so confident of them felt that he thought Jesus doesn't matter what anyone does they may lawfully and leave you but I will never leave you I'll even die boy Peter really knew himself to you know we look at Peter 's single word but he was saying he was saved at the end wasn't so what's the QR you must have found a cure for this problem try self-sufficiency what was the problem will affect process and I apologize for this the next passage across the most trip pivotal one and in putting a handout I missed it so listen carefully and also in class object lessons page one fifty two write down and for those who have access to our neighbors all make sure they had up a get on to our neighbors have this in its at that moment Christ looked at Peter Wetmore Melissa right after the cock crew after the third time Peter denied and beneath that we look in which compassionate love for him were blended Peter understood himself those three words are cheap Peter understood himself he went out and wept bitterly that looked of Christ broke his heart and noticed Peter had home to the turning point and bitterly did he repent of this Peter King the turning point at that moment that she does look at him what happened at the moment we are called Peter understood himself what does understanding ourselves do for us this one is in your handout number four up fourteen my character personality two eight seven points to know oneself is great not true self-knowledge leads to humility that will open the way for the Lord to develop the mine and mold and discipline the character Peter understood himself and that led to true genuine humility but wanted to take a peek he spent three and a half years of Jesus God incarnate and he didn't connect he heard the sermon on the mouse he didn't get it to set up the missionary he didn't do that amount has a duration and then again at what the notation for Peter to finally unearth himself it came from a very pain and difficult experience in which he had no choice but to come face to face who with who he really it's so I say all that because I understand the sermons from the from the front is one of the least effective ways to help us secure ourselves in this problem because as I mentioned before when we listen to sermons we think all while this powerful I wish so-and-so could hear this but we don't recognize the problem is because me as human beings we have blinders on naturally we have a hard time but there is hope there is hope because the last half this number fifteen GCB SS for General conference bulletin April one nineteen oh three the Lord has shown me what might have been at the work been done that ought to have been in the night season I was present in a meeting with brother was confessing to brother those present fell upon one another's necks and may heartbroken confession the spirit and power of God revealed no one seemed too proud to bow before God in humility and contrition those who lead in this work with the ones who had not before had the courage to confess their sin this might have all this the Lord was waiting to do for his people all have to was waiting to be gracious Mrs. White was shown in prophetic vision what might have what you have to and for those of us who believe that we are living in this final aged in the final generation before Jesus come him with weeds we ought to read ourselves of every weight and send the whole of the this most hopeless and incurable heart diseases are we not seem to be cured from this I believe in order for a live happily in heaven we must humble ourselves to admit that were wrong to confess our faults to think with the humility of Jesus because again even Lucifer in the perfect atmosphere heaven found cause to rebel is it possible to be cured it might be hopeless in my seem hopelessly incurable but all have is waiting to be gracious all heaven is waiting to be gracious father in heaven this morning as we have spent some time just thinking of a difficult subject or maybe turn the eyes in work to see if this cancer has affected us it perhaps we had demonstrated in our actions and our words and our choice a pride of opinion that needs to be rooted out what you help Peter you cure Peter we know it's possible and we wish to see you in the clouds of glory and so Lord even if it takes a painful experience for what Peter went we prefer your your surgery rather than the pain of being lost again help us to find healing from this disease help us to know ourselves to understand who we really are that we may truly have genuine humility before you today board go with us in this new week in this new year and may this year be marked with a close relationship and a closer walk with you we ask all of these things in Jesus


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