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Phil Mills Sr.

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  • June 21, 2018
    2:00 PM
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Dear Lord we're so grateful that your word is with power and we want that power here this morning we we think of creation we think of how you told Adam just what to eat what not to him and he did not follow your word and we know we are where we are because of that I pray that you will bring us back into conformance to your word that it can have the power you designed in our life in Christ name we pray Amen we've been on the outskirts of Jerusalem and we've seen the the common people with common problems but an uncommon Savior and what God does for the common people in the outskirts of Jerusalem changes the world it was there in the outskirts of Jerusalem that Lazarus or phrased it was on the outskirts of Jerusalem just on the other side of the Mount of Olives over down near Bethany when Jesus ascended to heaven and it is there and he'll return in his feet will touch on the Mount of Olives that's all on the outskirts of Jerusalem. We read this in in family worship Yesterday my wife and I did and I just want to share with you God will raise up from among the common people men and women to do his work even as of all they called fisherman to be his disciples there will soon be an awakening that will surprise many. Those who do not realize the necessity of what is to be done will be passed by and the heavenly messengers will work with those who are called the common people fitting them to carry the truth the many places are you a common person God wants to use you he wants to use me today did we have prayer in trying to what we already had prayer right yes I just want to make sure. Did you ever wonder what happened to people after Jesus healed them perhaps they were healed of an incurable disease maybe they were raised from the edge of the grave were any studies done to see how many of them stayed faithful to the Lord what happened to the person who was hopeless and helpless and Jesus with a word a touch a smile a prayer heal that individual you'd think they would always be faithful you would think that gratitude would keep them faithful in medicine one of the most important aspects of research is to follow up what happens after a treatment is done and most of the people of Jesus healing were lost to follow up but some we do have in the records we do have follow up in the days of Christ leprosy was an incurable and fatal disease although leprosy became increasingly less common. In northern latitudes in the last few decades worldwide it is not a rare disease one of my friends is one of the top leprosy experts in the world knows more about the literature and leprosy than any other person I now doctor. Foster orthopedist when he was working in Seattle he found 2 leprosy cases. Just in seeing some people incidentally that's. What he found and I've diagnosed it on a mission trip but I've never seen it as a dermatologist in this country during the 20th century if you had leprosy in the United States you got a trip to Carville the easy Anna where you live for several with several 1000 other lepers but this Leprosarium was closed about 18 years ago and in this country leprosy today means you'll get a multi-drug treatment to cure the disease but what did leprosy mean in Bible times it meant that you would lose your job if you were a king you would lose your job even if you were. A prince Prince or a priest you would be banished from society you'd be isolated from family and home you'd never get to hug your children or grandchildren you lived in isolated areas with other remote with other lepers for public safety you warn anyone who approach to you of your disease with a mournful cry unclean unclean when Jesus healed the leper he restored a life the family could welcome the leper back the leper could return to his job we through we have 3 case histories of lepers that Jesus healed although Luke 722 tells us Jesus healed many lepers the Bible leaves these 3 representative cases as samples of many others who are healed the 1st account will look at this afternoon as found in Luke 512. Although the story is found in the 1st chapter of mark it occurs in the 2nd year of Jesus' ministry the story is also given in Matthew but we're going to focus on Dr Luke's account because he gave medical information that the others not being in the medical profession just didn't give and it happened when he was in a certain city that behold a man who was full of leprosy saw Jesus and he fell on his face and he implored him saying Lord if you are willing you can make me clean here is a man that Dr Luke said was what full of leprosy desire of ages tells us he is a loathsome spectacle the disease has made frightful inroads and his decaying body is horrible to look upon I don't know what he looked like but I did find a picture of one leper in that is full of leprosy leprosy present is a continuum between 2 distinct types of leprosy in the more mild form tuberculosis are in the more official but less lightly light widely used nomenclature pasi Basle Larry the body defends itself vigorously from the leprosy mycobacteria the immune system the. Defenses of your body limit the spread of this bacteria but in the 2nd form of the disease less promises are multi-pass Alarie the body is unable to make out an effective defense against the micro. Mycobacteria the germs multiply and spread through the skin in the nerves as it advances you become full of leprosy. The skin becomes frightful and unsightly and it's associated with many deformities this man was full of leprosy he had this severe leper homages form obviously. Now Mark was in a position Matthew wasn't a physician so they just said the man had not Percy but the clinician Dr Luke describes the patient with medical detail it was far advanced it was hopeless verse 13 gives this Jesus response he put out his hand and touched him saying I am willing be thou plans to the needy and the leprosy left in verse 14 gives Christ shall we say post-op instructions to the patient the instructions were simple and plain 1st the leper was to tell no one second he was go to go to the priest and lastly he was to follow the instructions of Moses exactly on cleanse lepers Leviticus 14 was a chapter of the Bible that was designed only for the time of Christ it gives instruction for the temple offering and service in the case of the healed leper did the man follow Christ post healing care plan partially he 1st went to the priest to confirm the cure Mark tells the rest of the story and it begins with the word however he went out and began to proclaim it freely and to spread the matter now I've heard people in Bible studies that I've been on they speculated that Jesus actually wanted him to tell the others about it he wanted to use this as an advertisement and he told the man don't tell in reverse psychology said the man would tell but does Jesus ever give anything in the Bible for reverse psychology does Jesus ever say for you to do something and he hopes you do just the opposite he doesn't do that. He always says what he means and he means just exactly what he says. What was result of this man disregarding the instruction of Christ the ministry of Jesus was cut short notice what Mark continues Jesus could no longer openly enter the city but was outside and deserted places it was a man that was healed of leprosy in response disregarded Christ post healing now you would think that if the words of Christ healed you you'd want to follow the words of Christ after you were healed and you think that but he disregarded it he thought he had a better way thought he could advance God's work in a better in a way that Jesus hadn't thought of and though he was well meaning and thought he was marketing Christ Medical evangelism he actually cut short the ministry of Christ notice this insight from the desire of ages as to why he disregarded Christ clear postop instructions conceiving that it was only the modesty of Jesus which laid this restriction upon him he went about proclaiming the power of this great healer the restored man felt the boon of health was very precious he rejoiced in the vigor of manhood and in his restoration to his family and society felt it was impossible to refrain from giving glory to the physician who had made him whole but his act in blazing a broad the matter resulted in hindering the Saviour's work it caused the people to flock to him in such multitude that he was forced for a time to cease his labors is not something Christ Ministry was hindered by the lepers the leper healed. A leper who was trying to help Christ Ministry out there folk many people are wanting to see evangelism go forward and they'll do methods that the world suggests will increase the effectiveness of evangelism but we learn from this story you can't improve price methods Christ methods alone will give true success in reaching the people it is the Word of God that will help us to reach the people not the methods of man it would've been better off for Christ's ministry if this man had not been healed desire of ages tells us this page to 60 Jesus was not satisfied to attract attention to himself merely as a healer of physical diseases he was seeking to draw him into him as their Savior he desired to turn their minds away from the earthly to the spiritual his interest was not merely to heal lepers of the body he wanted to heal lepers of the soul do you know if if you if you ask for prayer in church service. People raise their hand and they'll ask you to pray for this sick person that circs that person least that happens in my church that happens in every other church I've been to and we're more concerned about somebody who's physically sick and we're not concerned but we don't ask them to pray for those who are spiritually dying and that amazing yeah. Yeah I noticed this this next. Sentence Meir worldly success would interfere with his work do we want in our evangelistic out rich outreach near worldly success now we want something better. Like the leper do we let our ideas as to what will advance God's cause hinder and cut short Christ's ministry in our office in our work in our churches it's easy to fall into the trap of believing that more worldly success will somehow promote the Gospel it does not there is an interesting letter to a physician in volume 8 of the testimonies there are those entering the medical missionary work who are in danger of bringing into it the objectionable sentiments received in their former education that's what the he'll leper did they need to practice the principles laid down in the Word of God else the work will be marred by they are can you read that up there if you're too far back you can come closer by their preconceived ideas when we work with all the sanctified ability that God has given us when we put aside our will for the will of God When self is crucified day by day day then good results are seen we move forward in faith knowing that our Lord has promised to undertake the work entrusted to him and that he will accomplishment he will accomplish it for he never makes a mistake or a failure when by faith man placed themselves in the Lord's hands saying here send me he accepts them for service but men must not hinder his plans by ambitious devising for years the Lord has had a controversy with his people because they have followed their own judgment and have not relied on divine wisdom that the workers take heed lest they get in the Lord's way hindering the advancement of his work thinking that their wisdom is sufficient for the successful planning and carrying forward of the work you think it still happens today maybe. In my following my own ideas of how to advance God's work while I am really hindering it our ideas of what will advance God's medical missionary cause may hinder medical evangelism we need to know God's instruction we need to know God's instruction in education we need to know God's instruction in raising a family we need to know God's instruction in following where the word of the King is there is power let's look at the next case report follow look 1712 then as he entered a certain village there made him 10 men who were lepers who stood far off. They had to stand far off from Jesus because that was the public health rules of the day Jesus was surrounded by a crowd and so you couldn't get close to a crowd they lifted up their voices and said Master Jesus Master have mercy on us as an aside the cry of these lepers was for mercy remember that cry for mercy in the next case report would look at so when he saw them he said to them Go show yourselves to the priests they were plans yet when they left Jesus there was a test of faith but they obeyed and went toward the priests and as they were traveling the leprosy went away and so it was that as they went they were cleansed as they followed the instruction of what to do of Jesus they were cleansed if we want to be cleansed we follow the instructions of Jesus telling the hyperopic men and plaques faded away the formerly hive for hypertrophic nerves were no longer in large this systems immune system was restored the micro bacterium left right best bacilli was cleansed from the system the lepers were no longer unclean they were no longer lepers they were no longer contagious their disease was now only a memory for them their family and their friends. And one of them when he saw that he was healed returned and with a loud voice glorified God and fell down on his face at his feet giving him thinks and he was a Samaritan So Jesus answered and said Were there not 10 cleansed who are the 9 were there not any found who returned to give glory to God except this foreigner 9 Jewish lepers and not one glorify God by giving things they went on their way without a further thought of Jesus they were too busy getting on with their life to take time to come back and thank Jesus have we received blessings from God today are we filled with gratitude or are we too busy to express our things Notice verse 18 again was there not any found who returned to give glory to God except this foreigner and 7th Day Adventists we have a message to be given to the world called the 3 angles message in the 1st angel's message says Fear God and give glory to Him How do we give glory to God What one way what is one way according to this verse giving thanks to the Lord that's the 1st angel's message and this story teaches us that gratitude is an important part of giving Florida God then of all people on earth we should be the most. Expressive in giving thanks yet we are told by him 3 page 180 I was shown that the 9 who did not return to give glory to God correctly represent some what's the next were savages keepers who come as patients don't be either surprised disappointed or discouraged if you're in medical evangelism. That sometimes people of the world are more appreciative than people of the remnant church it's always been for Jesus those he does the most for are sometimes the most ungrateful they take his blessings for granted and just assume. There was a chip that was a chip program the corner Health Improvement Program I was held in one of the churches of Michigan in the one who told me about it told me that the members grumbled and complained about the dietary changes that were required the nonmembers were thrilled point to in post restoration follow up don't be discouraged when you discover that sometimes your attempts to help others is more appreciated by those not of our faith that is what happened to Jesus speaking of the lepers had been called on it who had called on Jesus for mercy but then when I'm thankful we are told thus will physicians have their efforts treated so there's any other physician who resides may this encourage but to me that's just what we expect yes it's OK but if in their labors to help suffering humanity one out of 20 makes a right use of the benefits received and appreciates their efforts on his behalf the physicians should feel grateful and satisfied let us then show gratitude to God for allowing us to be medical evangelists. Or whatever our our approach to people is and even occasionally having somebody thank us for because the very experience allows us to experience what Jesus experienced sometimes even from us. If the King of Glory she continues the majesty of heaven work for suffering humanity and so few appreciated his Divine Aid physicians that it be true of anyone else should blush to complain if their feeble efforts are not appreciated by all and seem to be thrown away on so well there are 2 follow ups that we've had 2 stories of lepers being cleansed the 1st cut short Jesus ministry the 2nd 9 out of 10 around thankful Here's a nother story of a he a leper in the New Testament both Matthew and Mark or if you refer to Simon as the leper we don't have an account of his healing we just simply have the fact that he had been a leopard he'd been healed was he in that unthankful group of 9 we'll never know on till heaven though he had been healed his former disease set him apart for life it was an identifier that would never change in most individuals mind but he had another identifying characteristic Luke 736 tells us he was a ferrous we all know about the Pharisees that strict sect of the Jews Simon's life was occupied with the many details rules in a human effort to keep from committing sin. They wanted to be perfect but instead of allowing the Holy Spirit in their life to perfect them they set about perfet perfecting themselves and it doesn't work Simon lived in Bethany a suburb on the outskirts of Jerusalem Luke begins this case report with a meal and then one of the Pharisees ask him to eat with him and he went to the Pharisees house and sat down to eat we need to understand what it really means that a fair a C. invited Jesus to eat with him Luke doesn't give the context we have to clean it from John's account we saw this some of this yesterday. John one tells us John 121 tells us that this meal occurred on the last Sabbath of Christ's earthly life now I do have a hand out here. This was from yesterday if you have yesterday's you can see some of these. I'm sorry it doesn't have it doesn't have it so. This was 6 days before Christ seizure and crucifixion at this time the fair seas were an absolute hatred of Jesus and they were determined to kill him notice the verse just before John 121 John 1157 now both the chief priests and the Farriss had given the command that if anyone knew where he was he should report it that they might seize it they were not only trying to kill Jesus they were also seeking to stop any who are followers of Jesus notice John 1242 and the study the story we're studying a sandwich just between these 2 verses of John 1157 in John 1242 nevertheless any among the rulers even among the rulers many believed on him but because of the fairest seas they did not confess it why lest they be put out of the synagogue if you were a follower of Jesus you are ostracized you were shut away from the benefits of worship you were considered a traitor of Israel even an enemy of the Jews this man Simon a Ferris 82 miles from Jerusalem and less than 2 miles 1.75 miles. Had invited Jesus to his house that was a brave thing to do he was inviting scorn and perhaps and persecution but perhaps Simon justified it by inviting Lazarus at the same time as if the Cerro as a Ferris see and a believer in the resurrection he could defend his actions by showing that he was simply highlighting the Farriss belief in the resurrection and putting down the Sadducees belief that there was no resurrection Simon was sympathetic to Jesus why because he had been healed by Jesus of leprosy and that's the story of the context in Luke 7 and behold a woman in the city who was a center when she knew that Jesus sat at the table in the Farriss House brought in Alabaster flask of fragrant oil and stood it is feet behind him weeping and she began to wash his feet with her tears and wiped them with the hair of her head and she kissed his feet and anointed them with the fragrant oil and generally we look at Mary in the story as we did yesterday but in our study today I want us to look at Simon Dr Lou doesn't even name Mary and his account this action of Mary's was very embarrassing to Simon one of the charges against Jesus was that he can sort of with publicans and sinners now in the fairest see who had invited him saw this he spoke to himself saying this man if he were a prophet would know who and what manner of woman this is who is touching him for she is a sinner the phrase he spoke to himself is interesting Did you ever speak to yourself Now I'm told that there are 2 reasons we talk to ourselves sometimes we just want to talk to an intelligent person. Other times we just want to listen to one. Ellen light has an interesting comment about either while around the tree of knowledge of good navel she says that she was Eve was talking to herself and saying could hear her as she was saying I wonder why God is said we should eat this and Satan was able to take her talking to herself and just feed right in an answer from the serpent in the tree we talk to ourselves all the time you are actually talking yourself right now when we are in a group we are continuously evaluating what is being said or done we are either agreeing or we're disagreeing or we're turning out tuning out or thinking about something else we say things to ourselves we would never dare say out loud but God and good angels are listening even when we speak to ourselves growing up I put together a kid called the visible man and he body remember the Visible Man. It made the skin transparent and the inner organs visible but the Bible is really the visible man it makes the thoughts and intents of the heart visible Simon the fairest see was talking to himself and the recorder was going he just didn't know it. And we got the transcript of his thought how did Simon the Pharaoh see begin his conversation how did he address Jesus in his mind this man in this mental conversation we found out what Simon really thought of Jesus we can notice a certain contempt for him there's a certain disdain in the expression this man to Jesus face Simon called him respectfully rabbi. But in his mind when he was talking to himself he said this man how discouraging it could have been for Jesus Jesus had healed Simon of his leprosy but the best that Simon can manage is this man in Simon we see the thought processes of a judge mental person Simon the fairest see was very practiced in judging others we see how he judged Mary she was a center and now we see how he judges Jesus this man those who sit on Judge in judgment on others will sooner or later sit in judgment on Jesus and I'm going to say something that sounds complicated so you will need to listen closely there was a dark secret that Simon knew and Mary knew and Jesus knew but Simon didn't know that Jesus knew Jesus was not a private profit in Simon's eyes and Jesus was about to give evidence to Simon that he was in fact a prophet Simon was guilty of immorality the very same he was condemning in Mary how do we know the Bible tells us Romans 21 therefore you are in a Skewes Apolo man whoever who ever you are who judge and in whatever you judge you condemn yourselves for you who judge practice the same things you see the Bible gives us powerful insight into humanity do you want to know what sins legislatures are guilty of I always know what since the various members are hiding. By listening to what sins they loudly denounce in the other party you guys know and white confirms that what sin was Simon guilty of adultery how do we know he was very Judge Mental of Mary. We can see this in David's experience he was guilty of the murder of your riot the Hittite one of his most faithful soldiers when Nathan the prophet told King David about a rich man who'd killed a pet lamb of a neighbor David away overreacted the observant Bible student will see in the very over action over reaction the evidence of David's guilt his unconfessed guilt 2nd Samuel 125 and David's anger was greatly kindled against the man and he said in a fine as the Lord let us the man that had done this thing shall surely die now just a 2nd this was a lamb he had killed a man it is the law of human nature that those fans that we harshly and self righteously condemning others are the very sins we have committed if you listen carefully to people you'll have a great insight in the people we have the expression it takes one to now on the sins we suspect in others are the sins we have or are committing if we have done it we think everybody has done it we really only think we hired our hide our sins without knowing it by our reaction to other sins we are proclaiming our own sins to the world by Simon's reaction to Mary we can know with Bible certainty that he had an confessed sins of immorality in his life hidden there Ellen White confirms this the book desire for ages even provides a further detail you could not deduce by reason alone it was Simon who was the cause of Mary's years of immorality further we learned from a signs of the Times article May 9th 1900 that Simon was actually Mary's uncle it was Simon who abused Mary starting her down her road of prostitution. There is no reason whatsoever for Simon to feel superior to Mary he of all people should have been most kind and understanding in the books of heaven her life of sin was included in the list of his crimes and their result but you know the people we have the most hot hard time loving are the people who are most like us we give you another sample what was Jacobsen he listen to his mother he lie he pretended to be his brother and deceived his father and what happened to Jacob he then had Lydia who did what he did except in reverse She pretended to be her sister at the request of her father and deceived him and do you think he could love Leah of all people he should have said you know Leah understand you're my wife you're going to be my only wife and that's the end of the story that's was that's what should've happened but. That's not how we play out Leah was never his favorite wife even though God was trying to teach him about how off fences his own sin was toward his brother that interesting Now Jesus could have denounced Simon right there in front of everybody but he did any more than he exposed Mary and Jesus has an accurate list of every sin that I've committed do you know what he could do let me repeat something we noted yesterday in the study of Mary I mentioned yesterday he could whisper in your ears my sins and embarrass me or you could just stand up and shout them out would have to whisper. He could not only do that about my life but he could take every person here without exception and stand up and begin to read the list but Jesus doesn't do that if I have a list of your sins should I publish them all and Mike wrote an interesting letter to. Dr John Harvey Kellog and she said that he was he would collect the stones that is the information he had about theirs and have a been as little pile so he could stone them at the appropriate occasion. And James White would also get his collection of stones to folk do you have your collection of stones stoning is gone stoning is gone you know the way the world does things the way that Hitler stayed in power there were 3 different secret service agencies that he had any had each of them spying on each other and. They dig they dug up dirt on each other and then they would blackmail each other. I'll expose you if you expose me that's hell each of them kept quiet Is that how Christians are to be now Satan is the accuser of the brethren were so quick to expose others but in doing this we are really exposing ourselves Christ words were very convicting however to Simon he began to recognize something of his own sinfulness as he saw how gentle the love of Jesus was Simon begin to realize that he had a disease of the soul more deadly than that of leprosy Jesus for it was performing a healing more important than the healing of leprosy Simon begin to sense that he had a little love for the Lord in Jesus Christ had a little Corey deal of love for him as Jesus given your blessings physical blessings health blessings various blessings the goodness of God is designed to lead us to repentance. And I want him to bring me to that point I want his goodness not to lead me to pride and self-sufficiency but to greater love and thankfulness don't you there are many who have the same idea as science Simon they believe a true prophet is someone who goes around condemning and exposing someone else a sense I think that they think that's what Ellen White Lies and she wasn't a prophet is a person who would not allow sinners to come close to him a prophet will drive the sinner away and so Simon's judgment was that Jesus could not be a prophet because he wasn't out exposing sin but Jesus was exposing sand in he was exposing it to the people that need it he was exposing this sin of Simon deciding you know I think about this some Thanks Jesus God for healing leprosy Simon the healed leper concluded Jesus wasn't even a profit from a human standpoint it seems discouraging when we look at the follow up of Jesus healing lepers of all the lepers who are healed we find that the 1st one short Jesus ministry 9 of the 10 don't even thank him and this 3rd healed Jewish leper doesn't even believe his benefactors of profit if Jesus was healing for some other reason than love and compassion he would quit if I were Jesus I wouldn't waste the time healing people that's for sure oh the grace of Jesus why does he give any gifts to us now brings us to our 3rd point in leprosy follow up each of these lepers had a spiritually spiritual disease worse than their physical disease healing the body wasn't enough something further was needed the lepers needed more than cleansing of the skin they needed cleansing of the heart they needed not a dermatologist they needed a cardiologist the 1st leper. Needs a followup cleansing that makes him obedient to every word that proceeds from the mouth of God the 9 lepers need a cleansing from in gratitude and Simon the heal leper needs to become Simon healed from the pride of Fairest as a part of Christ's healing restoration is restoring our souls as David exclaimed he restart my soul this instruction of me as a physician every medical practitioner whether he acknowledges it or not is responsible for the souls as well as the bodies of his patients we have watched Jesus is the heals of the body of the lepers now we observe him as he heals the soul of a leper as Simon watches the way Jesus behaves toward Mary he concludes Jesus is not even a prophet people are offended at the nice way Jesus treats others they want him to denounce other people seems Do you know the thing that gets most people and no staying about Jesus is compassion they want him to be compassionate to them and in very in compassionate everybody else I want them to be compassionate to their sins but be very. Hard on other people since that's how it is and they get mad at Jesus because he doesn't destroy this world right now destroy Islam and destroy the Hitlers and destroy all these things Jesus is full of compassion this is our day of grace this is our opportunity and it's a good thing when Simon was talking to himself his mental Supreme Court was in 2nd session Jesus was a physician he didn't drive the sick away he invited them to himself so he could heal them and he listened to Simon as he spoke to himself God isn't interested listener and sometimes he'll enter into our conversations with ourselves. He did it with Simon Jesus answered the as an unspoken question and said to him Simon I have something to say to you and he stops he's the consummate gentleman he isn't in your face he doesn't push himself where he's not wanted he pauses to see if Simon wanted to hear what he had to say Simon could have said I don't want to hear any more but Simon's interest was aroused teacher he said say it so with the permission she says told the story I was a certain creditor who had to debtors one owned owed 500 to marry I and the other 505500 an area I was nearly 2 years wages according to Google this week that would be about $93000.00 and in $28.00 team and 50 dinero it was nearly 3 months wages which would be about $9000.00 adding the Roman tax system of 50 denarii ident would be difficult to repay but a $500.00 to marry I debt would be nearly impossible to repay Simon was listening closely perhaps he had gone into debt trying to treat his leprosy perhaps they had gone into debt while they couldn't work with leprosy I don't know but Jesus always selects a story that's going to appeal to the person he's talking to some how some Simon must have understood something about debt and such as talking about it when they had nothing with which to repay he freely forgave them both tell me therefore which of them will love him more now since Simon wasn't sure where the story was going he was very cautious about the reply you want to get trapped so he says I suppose the one whom he forgave more saying Simon's has to see Jesus to something so important teaching he says right Simon exactly right we like to be told we're right there are times I've had teachers that seem to love to ask questions we would miss but not Jesus he like to ask questions you couldn't miss. But notice Jesus' comment commendation of Simon's reply is not simply that Simon had answered right Jesus said that Simon had judged rightly or righteously and having heard what Dr Neil medley refers to as the pleasant present truth Jesus the medical evangelist next gave him testing trues he had heard the pleasant truth now he was going to have the present. Turning to Mary but speaking to Simon Jesus Contrast that to when I came into your house you gave me no water for my feet Simon had neglected routine minimal hospitality for Middle East guests undoubtedly he had been influenced by the ferrous A is hatred of Satan and he felt he had to keep a little distance but Simon's neglect had been supplied by Mary this woman has washed my feet with her tears in his wipe them with the hair of her head you gave me no kiss Simon had neglected the customary Middle Eastern greeting but he has neglected also been supplied by Mary this woman has not ceased to kiss my feet since the time I came in you did not anoint my head with oil Simon had neglected the customary Middle Eastern kindness of placing perfume on the guest but this neglect to have been supplied by Mary this woman had a knowing has anointed my feet with fragrant oil Jesus was teaching the same truth to Simon that he taught through the prophet Hosea and twice repeated to the Farriss if you have known what this mean it I will have mercy and not sacrifice you would not have condemned the guiltless Therefore I say to you her sins which are many are forgiven for she loved much but to whom little is forgiven the same loves little. Simon begin to realize that he had a disease of the soul more deadly than his leprosy Jesus was performing a healing more important than the healing of leprosy the healing of the body is only part of the treatment he now needed healing of the soul in the quiet moment with Jesus Simon had the same discovery that Alija had while looking for a god of judgment in earthquake Wind and Fire but was transformed by the God of the still small voice Simon now had a healing of his soul in that quiet moment with Jesus in those few simple but profound words of Jesus he had the same humbling Isaiah had when the coals of fire touched his lips and he went from pronouncing God's will on others to exclaiming Woah is me for I am on and on some years ago we lived in a very small very secluded area in the foothills of Fort Mountain miles from the nearest city our house was 9 tenths of a mile up a steep winding gravel road during the summer you couldn't see the 5 neighbors' houses but the but there was a 6th house set by the road of course it was an eyesore it was a dump this home decrease the value of all of our homes for a time it was vacant the back door had a broken window the roof leaked and sections were sinking the ceiling was falling and I cold called up the zoning board to have a condemned but the zoning board refused to do it another neighbor was an attorney a visit to the zoning board to have a condemn a member of the zoning committee came out surveyed the house but would not condemn it we actively sought to discourage anyone from looking at a buying it but the house we saw no potential in was viewed differently by another who saw it as a bargain. Purchased it we knew it was purchased we knew it had a new owner because profound changes began almost immediately the roof was repaired the house was painted junk was hauled off the purchaser saw a lovely little house to live in the rest of his life and my approach was to condemn and tear down Christ approach is to transform and build. You can tell when there's a new owner in the life there's a transform a shed in the house and that's why I want want him to do for for my soul what he did for signs Mary so it's my desire to see through his lies and as I care for every person I love the following quotation the condition in blank in blank is no more disheartening than was the condition of the world when Christ left Heaven to come to its aid he saw humanity sunken in wretchedness and sinfulness he knew that min and women were depraved and degraded and that they cherish the most loathsome the vices angels marveled that Christ should undertake what seemed to them a hopeless task their folk if we were depended on the Angels love we would been lost and they wondered about Jesus that he would actually bother with humanity they marveled that God could tolerate a race so sinful they could see no room for love but God not angel so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son that whosoever believeth on Him should not perish but have everlasting life when that little babe of Bethlehem came into this world Angel suddenly looked at humans differently. And it is because of Jesus that even angels are interested in us because they see jesus love and they have received Jesus love into their heart thank God for Jesus Christ came to this earth with a message of mercy and forgiveness the Savior is has a boundless love for every human being in each one he sees capacity for improvement with divine energy and hope he greets those for whom he has given his life in his strength they can live a life rich in good works filled with the power of the spear Simon begin to sense that he had a little love for the Lord Jesus Christ while Christ had a great deal of love for Him Jesus changed Simon from an and righteous judge to a righteous judge he cleansed Simon the fair city just as he claimed Simon the leper and he is seeking to do the same for each one of us have ever been Simon the leper I've been have you cried out for mercy and been healed from some dreadful condition have you ever been Simon the fairest judging others when they have dealt with the erring as with traitors when they ought to been dealt with in the mercy and compassion of Christ Simon had cried out for mercy and received it but he was not willing to grant others the mercy he himself had received God has revealed his character toward fallen men by giving him the Savior Jesus Christ he coveted not to stir up his wrath against the perversity of his children not to censor them in his hot displeasure until every advantage has been given them through all their period of probation this is not the time of God's wrath that's coming by and by but today the offer of pardon is just yet available it must be given to every person on the face of the year Earth this is our work as something administers. We present to all Christ offer of healing of the body he can and will even resist resurrect the dead we present to all Christ offers of healing of the soul and even when they shall refuse his warnings his message of invitation the presentation of his righteousness when they continue to sin in the face of light Navid and still he will not break forth upon them in his great anger should we he leaves all judgment to his son whom he gave as a sin offering for the world is physical blessings his health blessings his various blessings are designed to lead you to the position in which it led Mary then Simon I want him to bring me to that point don't you and you shall love the Lord your God with all your heart with all your soul with all your mind and with all your strength this is the 1st Commandment it is in copper handing the greatness of our sin that we can see the greatness of God's love until we see ourselves a centers we can never see Jesus as the savior he is until we see until we see ourselves as the sinners we are we can never see Jesus as the wonderful benefactor God loves us with all his heart with all the soul with all his mind while the strength and if I love him no sacrifice will be too great no offering will be too costly no price too high to give to God is given everything for me in the same way God loves me I want to love Him in return don't you are delighted his power heads with me thank Jesus for His love to each one of us Dear Lord thank you for these stories that revealed in a in a deeper way. Your love for us help us to see Jesus in all his pristine appear to power and glory and please take out our unloving hearts replace then take out that there Osias and take out the C.N.N. Center on the one hand Vera says and that would that would disguise it as holiness and make us humble children of. Your love so one the US in Christ's name we prayed for hearing of this prayer. This media was brought to you by audio person a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse for you would like to listen to more sermon the please visit W.W.W. dot audio 1st dot org.


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