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True and False Disciples

Phil Mills Sr.


Phil Mills Sr.

Dermatologist in Northern Georgia




  • June 22, 2018
    2:00 PM
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Dear Lord bless us as we. Once again study your word is Friday afternoon our final study may be. Transforming for us May the Holy Spirit be here we really need you we thank you for hearing answering this prayer and then we've been studying a just for an introductory thought every morning where the word of a King is there is power Ecclesiastes is 8 where the word of a King is there is power and we looked yesterday at the fact that there is voice activated systems and notice how specific God's voice activation system is when he said last year has come for you know there were other dead people this was Lazarus was buried where there were dead people but who came forth just GLASTRIS And there are several several resurrections that he is involved with at different times very specific for example Jesus will call forth in a special resurrection all those who died in the faith of the 30 pills message and so he has some voice trigger in what if there is some mistake and some others come up now it's very precise sometimes when I ask sorry to do something for me she gets it wrong but God's voice activation system never gets it wrong Jesus is going to call forth the most bitter opposers to his truth just before it comes because God wants them to see the exile Taishan of the son that they despised and so he has a command voice come in and what happens just the opposers come forth. They'll call forth the righteous dead at the beginning of the millennium and he calls forth the wicked dead at the close of the millennium all this is a voice activation John 52829 the hour is coming in which all who are in the graves will hear his voice and come forth not at the same time those who have done good to the resurrection of the of life and a 1000 years later those who have done evil to the resurrection of condemnation now at creation all of creation was voice activated in the default for Humanity Adam and Eve's created default was automatically to respond to the voice of God but God gave them to possibility to override his voice commands and with sin the default is now to ignore neglect or reject God's voice activated commands responding to the voice of God is the difference between those who are saved and those who are lost Jesus told the disbelieving Jews rulers of Israel that were sitting in the judgment on him you have neither heard his voice at any time nor seen his form but you do not have his word abiding in you because whom He sent Him You do not believe he said in another place there in John mind sheep do what hear my voice hear respond and obey my voice that word here doesn't simply mean here now. My wife has thought maybe I was having some. Ear difficulties and so she sent me to Dr Riggle she sent me to a audiologist and so we went through all the testing and the audiologist turned to my wife and said I'm sorry ma'am. There's no problem we this is a problem that we cannot fix with a hearing aid there is no hearing aid for the heart of listening. To the story than actually happened. But the problem is we have we have here we have the heart of listening to the voice of Jesus the voice of Jesus if they were Jesus a shape they would recognize respond his voice review of Harry Harold I just read this this morning we were reading in our worship time to gather this morning worship my wife and I and this is what it said review and herald 11271900 is actually in light and the last day events but I always like to go to the original we're going through life last day advance an ordinary mind trained to a Bay A Thus saith the Lord is better qualified for God's work than are those who have capabilities but do not employ them rightly so what we need is not just the training but hearing the voice of God education is valuable it is as it is can only give external qualifications what God is interested in is what he alone can do and that's change of heart inside and outside. And we've been looking at the outskirts of Jerusalem where God took ordinary people to do extraordinary things and we see that an ordinary mind trained to obey at the set the Lord is better qualified for God's work than are those who have capabilities but do not employ them rightly defocus if you are learning to recognize and follow God's voice day by day you are being trained for usefulness for the Lord N.E.F. day by day your ears are hardening your getting harder and harder of listening then you will not be able to be useful in God's and God's work and that's what we want you remember what Ellen White says in Volume 5 of the testimonies you believe it's around 581 many are going directly contrary to the light which God has so graciously sent to his people because they do not read the books. If we don't they'll ourselves of the Word of God that he's given it says if he didn't get it and one of the things that I love is that everything is on audio now so you can I don't have time to read very much anymore but I can listen in as I go to sleep as I'm exercising as I'm doing things as I'm driving in my car and going through the Spirit of Prophecy. Book after book after book and I discover I need more than one time to listen to them I need many times. But we've been looking at the stories from Bethany the suburb of Jerusalem before we leave we must turn the spotlight on another individual who made important decisions about it. Does everybody have Wednesdays hand out because you'll be able to. Say if somebody could pass anyone out that need it and this is from Wednesday if you have it fine if you don't I have plenty because you'll be will be comparing some things. We turn the spotlight. On this person who made these important decisions in Bethany but refused to respond to the voice of God will begin with the Gospel of John and review the familiar story will begin in the last column or if you have your Bible you can turn to John 12 Either way you will quickly get oriented in those 1st few verses of John 12 we've seen them before the time is 6 days before Christ last Passover week before the actually the days before the crucifixion this was on the Sabbath and it was he was crucified on Friday so I'll be 6 days places Bethany the event is the feast at Simon's house Martha serving Mary anointed Jesus feet with a very costly perfume we look at all this now I will begin reading with the very last part of verse 3 the house was filled. With the fragrance of the oil I always knew that Jesus' love colors he's an artist fill the earth with them flowers sunrise and sunset birds of color he like color so much that he wanted to share it with us and gave us eyes to see color so we could enjoy it I knew that Jesus loves beautiful music heaven filled with me as a cabin has a traveling choir that has that has sung on earth at Jesus' birth at least once a son the traveling choir. We'll hear it again when Jesus comes Jesus loves beautiful music so much that he wanted to share it with us and it gave us years to appreciate it I know Jesus loves wonderful taste he placed the life of flavors in the fruits grains and nods he loves taste so much that he wanted to share it with us and gave us a taste buds to appreciate it but it came as a surprise to me that Jesus loves to smell I never really thought about it we don't have time to look at it but there's a small theme through the Bible on smelling you places wonderful perfumes in the same jury the pillar of cloud had a wonderful aroma to it heaven will not only be a place of grand sights rich music and delightful food it will be a place for indescribably pleasant. Elves you don't want to miss heaven just for the smell of it. Mary was making the home a Simon a little heaven on earth a model of heaven on earth fellowship with friends good food filled with a pleasant odor and Jesus was the center of attention surrounded by those he had delivered Simon he had delivered from leprosy Lazarus he had delivered from the grave Mary he had delivered from the cruel bondage of immorality that is Heaven but there are people who would be miserable in heaven let me share a quotation with you review and herald 914897 in the end jealousy originated with Satan in paradise those who listen to his voice now we're been looking at different voices but those who listen to his voice not Jesus voice those who listen to his voice will demerit others and will misrepresent and falsify in order to build up themselves. If you want to know who's listening to say who's fallen horse from Satan here we just heard it. Review in Harold September 14th 997 unless those who cherish the Spirit are changed they can never enter heaven for they would criticize the angels they would envy and others crown. They would think their crown isn't as good as that person they would not know what to talk of unless they could bring up the imperfections and errors of a those oh that such would become changed by be holding Christ in a quo with this background let's look at John 124 then one of his disciples Judas Iscariot Simon son who had betrayed him said Why was this fragrant oil not sold for 300 Mary I am given to the poor this he said not that he cared for the poor but because he was a thief and had the money box and he used to take what was put in it versus 4 through 6 of John 12 give us 7 facts about Judas at least one Judas was a disciple So we are talking about a person who was living with Jesus and spent the last 2 years living working seeing listening to Jesus is a warning to all disciples of Jesus his surname was Iscariot he was Simon son for he was a betrayer immediately following the story here and Bethany he leaves to take the 2 mile trek into Jerusalem in their betray Jesus he criticized Mary's gift with a pious reason 6 he was a treasure he was the 1st treasure of the early church and lastly he was a thief stealing from the poor and from the donations given to Jesus I guess we could add in aid the fund raised for himself but call it fund raising or who or his tribe has ceased. These facts raise 3 interesting questions number one how could a disciple of Jesus become a thief number 2 how could a disciple of Jesus become the betrayer of Jesus and number 3 Why didn't the disciples recognize what was happening in Judas life how come they couldn't see Judas obviously had great influence over the disciples when you compare Matthew's account in Matthew 267 and 9 with John's account this really emerges you should have it there in your yes you have it there so you just see it Matthew is the 1st column John is the last but you can see him side by side and I want you to notice this Matthew 267 through 9 a woman came to him having an alabaster flask of very costly fragrant oil and she poured it on his head as he sat at the table but when his disciples saw it they were in digged saying why this waste for this fragrant oil might have been sold for much and given to the poor now who said it in John 12 Judas who said it in Matthew the disciples So Matthew John tells us what Judas initiated but Matthew tells us the response of the disciples to Judas the statement they resonated with it these disciples were to be followers of Christ that's what a disciple is one who follows but in place of following Jesus Who were they following the lead of Judas they were more like Judas than Jesus after spending time with Jesus Lord in my own disciple of the Judases in the church. In my responsive to criticism in my sympathetic and supportive of pious criticism God please deliver me from this the influence of Judas permeated the room just like the fragrance of Mary permeated the room 2 people in Bethany opened up their hearts one revealed the sweet fragrance of jesus love the other revealed the foul odor of selfishness to heart there Bethany that disciple couldn't tell the difference between love and waste Who was this disciple it is important for us to know about Judas because Judas was able to disguise evil under a covering of righteousness we need to recognize that in detected because God wants us protected from those kind of influences what if Judas had choked on something during that supper and died assuming Jesus didn't resurrect him the disciples would have been totally shocked when they got to heaven and Judas wasn't there God let Judas live for a number of very important reasons there are IT least 3 will know number one and God wants us to recognize Judas like characteristics which each of us have and listen years ago to a sermon by Cliff Goldstein I'll never forget the title it was called the Judas and all of us to to avoid being influenced by Judas is within the church God left this on record and 3 he left it on record for us to see how Jesus related to Jews this way we can follow his loving example when we meet modern Jews. Now what does the name of Judas mean the Old Testament name sounds like Judah and in fact if you guessed it would be the same you'd be right because Judah in Hebrew Judas in Greek means praise Jesus had 2 disciples named Judas if you look at the 12 disciples half of them shared names of other disciples that were too silent there were 2 James and there were 2 Judas is so it isn't as hard to learn the name of the names of the disciples as you thought distinguished names today we use surnames and so it's not just fill it film else. But surnames didn't become a standard until the last 80900 years in the days of Jesus they had other ways of distinguishing Soju Jesus had a nickname for Simon he was Peter Simon Peter because they were to Simon's Peter's father was John he was this. Peter was the son of Jonas or John. So today we might call him Simon Johnson The Judas as we are looking at this morning the Judas we are looking at this morning this afternoon was identified as Judus son of Simon the other Judas was the son of James Judas the son of Simon was also called Judas Iscariot Iscariot can mean assassin and may have been an added identity. After Judas his betrayal. Judas the son a Simon or Judas Iscariot Yes. Well they didn't have last names there so it was Judas of Simon or Judas Iscariot It may also refer it may have been added after his betrayal of Jesus or it may refer to a city in judical carry on. We have no idea today where this village is located but Judas his father name was Simon Simon was a common name there were 2 disciples called Simon the event took place in assignments house Simon to heal lepers Simon the Pharaoh say was Simon the Pharaoh see the father Judas some have speculated that it was the family may have lived in isolation and Kariya because the Simons leprosy but that's just idle speculation and leaving idle speculation we turn to what's known about Judas Judas was unique in Christ disciples for several ways he was the only one from Judea instead of Galilee Jesus also did not call Judas Judas requested to be a disciple and when the multitude were following Jesus and it appeared to be a path of future greatness if you have your Bibles you can look at Luke 957 now it happened as they journeyed on the road that someone said to him Lord I will follow you wherever you go we find out in desire of ages that that someone was Judas I want to follow you wherever you go and it sounds very good doesn't it but it wasn't Judas was a shrewd ambitious calculating young man he had been looking for the right opportunity for success in life he wanted to be there to invest in the next Wal-Mart the next Apple the next Microsoft in the ground floor while it was still cheap he wanted to find the next. Big company when there was only 3 other people that own stock in it he was looking for that once in a lifetime opportunity and when he met Jesus he thought he'd found the opportunity to strike it big. Jesus was going to be the path to Judas future success Judus appears to have been educated appears to have had. Great talent and appears to have had a very impressive resume he printed it out on his color laser printer and handed it to Jesus he may have left a good job to follow Jesus he may have appeared to be willing to make any sacrifice for Jesus but he wasn't really sacrificing for Jesus he was investing in his own future perhaps the other 11 disciples knew that Jesus was looking for one more disciple to round out the group they were very excited about this young man that had so many who had rejected Jesus and there was somebody here with talent in education who had accepted Jesus to their surprise Jesus met Judas quite coolly he said in Luke 98 Foxes have holes birds of the air have ness but the Son of Man has nowhere to lay is it Christ is asking Judas in if that why are you. Count because if you think you're going to get ahead if you think you're going to be rich if you think you're going to be famous if you think this is the path of luxury and comfort think again boxes and birds have better houses than I have in the parables of the Sower Jesus explained there were 4 types of people who listened to his discourses there was the wayside here the thorny ground here the stony ground here and a few fruitful good listeners which of these 4 types of his hearers was Judas had to classify him was he a wayside here a stony ground here or a thorny ground here or a good soil listener Well we know Judas wasn't a good soil listener. We can eliminate that right off the bat was he a wayside here is this describe Judas Matthew 1317 says away high wayside here is one who doesn't really try to understand he goes through the motions of religion but never really meditate and thinks about it the Bible goes in one ear and out the other the wayside here doesn't find truth interesting or important does that describe Judas now. Was Judas a thorny ground here look at Matthew $1322.00 he also that receives seed among the thorns is he that here with the word and the care of this world in the deceitful ness of riches choke the word and he becometh unfruitful although it's closer to fitting Judas this isn't Jews he appeared to have left everything to follow Jesus is Judas a stony ground listen or look at verses plenty in 21 and our front world listeners already identified it but he that received the seed into stony places the same as he that he wrote the word in and in with joy receive it yet hath he not written himself but Dura for a while for when tribulation or persecution arises because of the word by and by he is offended this is Judas he was a stony ground here and listen closely friends Ellen White says that the typical adman and believer is a stone ground here. Notices from a Christ object lessons page 46 many who make a profession of religion are stony ground hears the heart has not been humbled or sensitive to guilt this class may be easily convinced and appear to be bright converts but they have only a superficial religion many receive the Gospel as a way of a skate from suffering rather than as a deliverance from sin why is it that you're Christian why is it that you want Jesus Is it because it eases the way of life when he does Defoe or is because he is the way of life they rejoice for a season for they think that religion will free them from difficulty in trial while life moves smoothly with them they may appear to be consistent Christians but they faith beneath the fiery test of temptation they cannot bear reproach for Christ's sake when the Word of God points out some cherished sin or requires self-denial or sacrifice they are offended don't talk to me about my diet don't ask me to change my music don't ask me to sacrifice my sports my boyfriend my jewelry that is offensive that's not Grace just talk about the grace of God It continues it would cost them too much effort to make a erratic change in their life they look at the present inconvenience and trial and for get the eternal realities that was Judas and that's the Judas is today that was Esau. Beilin was a Judas Christ object lessons 48 there are very many who claim to serve God their desire to do His will is based upon their own inclination not upon the deep conviction of the Holy Spirit suppose that there was a man that. Loved drugs in. So he wasn't interested in being a church member because it would require that you could not use drugs you know I'm talking about recreational drugs I'm not talking about medicines that you need for your illnesses I'm talking about illicit drugs. Is he a Christian now drugs is his God He chose drugs over God right but there's another person you're looking at and this person enjoys being around good people doesn't like drugs not inclined to do that he's inclined to come to church and be with people and hear nice music in maybe grew up in a in a Christian home life the association likes the higher culture this like that is the Christian Now both of them are simply doing what they like to do a Christian does not what he likes to do he likes to do what God wants him to do it gets new like it's not inclination their conduct I'm reading is not brought into harmony with the law of God their characters reveal defects both hereditary and cultivated Christ object lessons for to continue as they make efforts for reform but they do not crucify self they do not give themselves entirely into the hands of Christ seeking for divine power to do His will. In a general way they have knowledge their imperfections. They'll say have no difficulty in saying yes I'm a sinner but. In a general way they acknowledge their imperfections but they do not give up their particular sense with each wrong after the old selfish nature is gaining strength and a patient that came into my office years ago just been one of my 1st patients in rehab and I take care of her shoulder and she had made some good improvements and we've become good friends and she had been a patient of mine for years and then she was moving to another place and I felt I should talk to her about the Lord we've had many nice conversations and brief encounters and. I knew she trusted me and so I asked her if. She had one more piece of medical advice if I had one more piece of medical advice if she'd be interested that would help more than her shoulder so she recognized there was something else behind it and she gave me permission to continue and so I said here's what you need to do you need to look up where ever you move and people who've just moved it up rooted that's the time that they can get into a new churches and you need to look up your nearest Seventh-Day Adventist Church and you need to. Become active in and become a 7. Now I'm never told a patient before sent that but. And she says well that's interesting that she would say that what to 70 admins believe and she said. She says Do they do they mean you can't wear hot pants by be a some dentist could I not wear hot pants. And so I said that's a very fascinating question that you would ask that why did you ask whether 7 Denis cannot wear hot pants why she says I grew up in a very conservative Pentecostal home and they wouldn't let us wear pants. And she said I want to be a part of any church that doesn't let you wear hot paint and so I said well I said if you're going to follow Christ you don't put any conditions on it and I said Suppose that I said to Christ I said Lord I'll go anywhere you want me to go except I'm not going to go to Hawaii what is the one place that God is going to have to send me to Yad be sacrifice car but. Because what do I have to surrender my way to God's way if I'm in charge and anything God isn't in charge of everything so I said I said regardless of whether hot pants are right or wrong if you say I will not follow Jesus in every way except I won't except I'm going to wear hot pants then what is God going to have to do you're going to have to say you can't wear hot pants has to because surrender means surrender she became something that is by the way. It is a lesson we need to learn today total surrender is necessary for approval growth now I don't really even know what hot pants are I didn't know then but my point is not hot pants don't miss my point my point is total surrender if I say I will follow God in everything except I won't eat veges. Put it that in then I have surrendered it all right. Now God's not going to force you to make. The lesser cedar lakes there's been a undercurrent always among God's people to water down God's messages to make them more acceptable to the world we must not deceive people that coming into the church will make them popular rich or successful if you are serving Christ for any of these reasons dear folk you should leave today because you will leave before the end save yourself the wait the 7th Day Adventist Church is not stepping is not the stepping stone for worldly greatness there are people who are embarrassed that 7th Day Adventist attempt to follow the Bible there ashamed at simplicity there are ashamed of modest dress they're ashamed that God's true followers follow the Bible standard and do not wear gold pearls or costly a rate way or a they believe this keeps us back from success from acceptance by the world the disciples thought that they thought that Jesus should adopt more modern methods to get more success but to help his disciples through the ages Jesus left the story of Judas he ordain Judas he sent him out with the other disciples gave him the power to heal the sick cast out demons raise the dead and for over 2 years Jesus lived in worked full time with the God of the universe. Judas let the Holy Spirit do outward miracles but he refused to let the Holy Spirit to be inward miracle of life change some people believe that it is the outward manifestations of the Holy Spirit that are needed in the church today. Some are even waiting for the Holy Spirit to fall so that they will make some needed and necessary changes well they'll gain victories over Ceri sins in the their life they believe that the Holy Spirit is the way to get to heaven without effort but the story of Judas shows that this is deception my former nurse waited for the Holy Spirit to take away her smoking habit she still praying that it's been going on for many years and she still doesn't believe that God is quite yet ready yet for her to quit smoking if he was would take away that. It seems to me that the Scripture plainly states the Holy Spirit's work is to good convince us of our sins and then as we willingly yield our will in our way the Spirit will make a difference in our lives so all the 1st truly national king of Israel receive the Holy Spirit He even had the gift of prophecy but what did he do he didn't submit to the molding of this period inward work and he ultimately died a lost man despite twice having received an outpouring of the Holy Spirit Corps a day thing in the Biram received the Holy Spirit prophesied with the 7 in the wilderness and they to stand as a warning according to the late scholar Dr Leslie Harding one of the 7 deacons Nicholas became the founder of the nickel engines the Holy Spirit's outward manifestations are not a substitute for the quiet inner work of the Holy Spirit if we are not gaining victories in our lives today through the power of the Holy Spirit we will have no victories when the Holy Spirit is poured out in the church Judas was no different inwardly while healing the sick then before he was given the power no different after observing Judas the disciples finally fully learned this lesson. You remember Simon Magus that popular Samaritan preacher when he applied for a place among the 12 Peter didn't welcome him like he welcomed Judas he were Buca Peter had learned the lesson of Judas No wonder the inner working of the Holy Spirit giving us victory over every wrong thought and action must occur before the outward outpouring of the spirit otherwise some cherry sin will overpower us and the gift of the Spirit instead of advancing God's cause would be used to exalt our selves as the Apostle says those only who are constantly receiving fresh supplies of Grace will have the power proportionate to their Nate daily needs and their ability to use that power and that interesting instead of looking forward to some future time when through a special and down of spiritual power they will receive a miraculous fitting out for soloing they are yielding themselves daily to God that he may make them souls meet for his use daily they are improving the opportunities for service that live within their reach daily their witnessing for their master wherever they may be whether in some humble sphere of labor or at home or in a public field of usefulness their focus that's the story of our life and we're Christians and if it's not we're not that simple it's not just the mark families who are working for the Lord it is those who are raising children for the Lord who are working for him as well at home or in public notice this quotation from desire of the ages 294 Judas had the same opportunities as had the other disciples he listened to the same Pret previous precious lessons but the practice of the truth which Christ required was that variance with the desires and purposes of Judas and he would not yield his ideas in order to receive wisdom from heaven it's the practice of truth in dear dear people if we're not practicing the truth we're lost. In the midst of truth it is the practice of crude which may be which may be at variance with our desires and wishes Jesus tells it tenderly with Judas I would have exposed him he was dangerous he was creating a danger in real problems for Jesus I would have rebuked him sharply but there is no record of sharp rebuke Jesus received the outpouring the Holy Spirit healed the people he preached the gospel souls respond these experiences should have softened him humbled him he should have seen how undeserved these blessings were Jesus presented the values of heaven in the most attractive it light yet in the presence of Jesus' life and in the presence of Jesus teaching Judas preferred money and material possessions to the eternal riches that Jesus was offering It's amazing John 6 points to a turning point in history of Judas Judas to join Jesus because he thought Jesus was going to be a king Judas wanted a high place in the kingdom but John tells the story of Jesus refusing to be the monarch of a worldly kingdom and he spoke plainly to the crowds that His Kingdom was spiritual not carnal the crowds could appreciate the temporal blessings of Jesus they loved the loaves they could appreciate free bread they could appreciate healing but they couldn't appreciate and didn't desire the real blessings that Jesus came to be sell they had no interest in eternal gifts John 6 tells the story of the fickle multitude of follow Jesus for the same reason Judas did they then for sick him the stony ground here is left it was at this point that Judas left in a in heart Jesus discerned this change in Judas it's going to happen to the church it's called the shaking time and the multitude are going to leave in Lord help me to be daily learning the lessons of surrender to you will not mine that I not go out when the majority do. The stony ground here is left it is the end of this chapter Jesus warns his disciples did I not choose the 12 and one of you is a devil John ad so no one misses it he spoke of Judas Iscariot the son of Simon it was he who had betrayed him being one of the 12 Judas loved the world and he loved the things of the world the love of the father was not in him the warning Jesus gave the disciples we have been given page 88 of by him 5 I warn the church to be aware of those who preach to others from the Word of life but do not themselves chair at the cherish the spirit of humility and self-denial which it in calculates such men cannot be 10 depended on in a crisis in a crisis what did Judas do he left and in the crisis that's what every person who follows Jesus for the loaves and fishes will do why was Judas undependable because he was interested in protecting himself not furthering the cause of truth when danger appeared he rain he was a higher law not a shepherd when persecution arose the stony ground here Wilts they may be rooted and grounded in doctrine but that is superficial indeed God is not calling us to be able to quote scripture so that we can be intellectual. Giants he calls us to be rooted and grounded in the principles of love that these verses were designed to place in our hearts if we do not love Jesus supreme Lee if we do not love his truth and his cause more than ourselves we cannot be depended upon the time places we find that Judas had an interest in money he became treasure for the disciples Jesus didn't stop this what would you think of an administrator who knowingly allowed a thief to be prey to be treasure would you want to be a part of any organization with an administrator that foolish would think about it for sex a. Who was the administrator of the 12th that appointed Judas to be the treasure Jesus don't be all flustered when sins appear at highest levels don't let that. Frets frustrate you are there dishonest people are there Judas is in leadership among God's people today there are certain to be just of there there have been throughout history just as there were among the very disciples of Jesus defocus in the future there are going to be disclosures of Judas is among us just as Judas was Judas was exposed to the disciples the Lord is going to make the hypocrites in Zion fearful to your surprise you're going to find him he innocent in high places does that mean you'd better leave the church no better not be a Judas within the church that's what might some people have said when Judas was exposed for the traitor he was I don't think I want the among a group like that not with a leader like Jesus who puts him in as a disciple probably were those of the dead but Jesus put Judas in as a treasure not because he was a thief but to give him an opportunity to become an honest man Judas stole from the gifts given to Jesus can you imagine things that were sacrificially given to Jesus stolen by this man ministry of healing for 70 they pray for Christ likeness of character this is true Christians for fitness for the Lord's work and they are placed in circumstances that seem to call forth all the evil of their nature see God is going to place us where circumstances call for our very weakness is why because he was there as to continue to pray see those things and lead God take them away. Faults are revealed she continues of which they did not even suspect the existence at the turn of the century money was collected for the work among the blacks in the south but there were some Judases among the Battle Creek leaders instead of putting the money were it had been given they put it in their prep pet projects in Battle Creek you know what they were doing stealing God allowed us to test and reveal that here years ago administrate is a. Money to put the 1st printing press in China color printing presses the 1st color printing present China and we put it in there because. People gave sacrificially for this because they wanted to have the message the truth available to the Chinese but before it was able to print the very 1st leaflet pamphlet or book communist broke in and they stole it and what was given in sacrifice to advance God's cause was taken stolen by the Communists and used to advance their cause but their folk did the people who gave sacrificially did they gain the blessing should they have done it yes yes never begrudge what doesn't meet all the expectations that you desire there is one thing thing is cannot rob there was one part of the gift that Judas couldn't take they couldn't take away the blessings that the giver received the one who gave to Jesus to help the poor receive from Jesus all the benefits of giving Judas might have intercepted that gift but it was still given to Jesus if Jesus wants to use the funds I give to test somebody is honesty that's up to him I have the privilege of giving like the surgeon who opens up the tissue so you can see the disease within Jesus was about to lay bare Judas selfishness. Mary's gift of love which came from her heart was in marked contrast to Judas and it put into shame it was an appeal to him but instead of responding to this unselfish appeal he rejected it according to his custom he sought to justify his selfishness by assigning a worthy motive for his greed it was the 1st time evil had been this is this the 1st time that evil has been disguised as a worthy motive now every sinner tries to justify his sin and disguise it Proverbs 162 all the ways of a man are clean in his own eyes turning to the disciples Judas of why wasn't this point when sold for 300 pence and given to the poor with the poor have been benefited had it been given Judas with a stolen it don't miss this this is the most important point of this talk Judas carried the money bag we carry God's money bag every one of us is a treasure for Jesus every penny every resource everything that we put us is given to us as a steward just like Judas was given what he had as a steward and we can steal from God's resources that he has given to us for others just as certainly as Judas is secular. Our possessions test us like they tested Judas if we think we are being paid for our services withhold our giving because we earned it how are we different from use my going to steal it by keeping it myself by withholding it from God's Treasury will I justify my thievery on pious grounds like Judas let Judas steal from Christ Treasury but let not me be a treasure that steals. I remember a young man was on his way to the St Louis Cardinals one of the major baseball leagues and he was studying the Bible and discovered the truth about the Sabbath he had to make a decision he could waste his life among 7th Day Adventist or he could become a baseball hero this young man wasted his life for Jesus and became a minister actually in the Michigan conference winning soul has to the winning rhymes that he waste as life on anything else would have been a waste anything else would been stealing from Jesus we can give no person greater great a greater goal than to waste their life in service for Jesus to pour out their life and service for him when people tell you your gifts of love to Jesus are a waste be assured that Jesus appreciates your gift it was from the home in Beth and then filled with the fragrance of love offered for Mary the Judas left and walked the true Islam and on her keeper crazy Jesus made a decision that he thought would end in betterment for himself by being away from Jesus and he ended up within a very few days that man that young man was dead suicide the decision of a Sabbath afternoon Neal which is a rejection of G.'s folk I want to not make that decision. I want to have Jesus fully and completely I want to be nearer still may or not far there still fire to the father that's what we want to be near still in there until the beauty of Jesus is fully seen in the. We know Jesus so little I pray that you will open our minds to his mansion as charms would rather have Jesus than anything in this world of hordes today I pray that you will bless its person who has attended today pray that your spirit will convict all of our hearts we needed deep. In changing experience as we see all the to happening in the world certainly are coming soon the crisis is stealing with us in the many of us are unready I pray that we may not try to be ready in her own strength we can do anything that will be ready in the strength of a lure will give him a heart let him take it let him changes in the weaknesses. That we have. Are more than there just by the strength and. We thank you Jesus for hearing answering this great. In Christ's name. 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