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A Much Needed Reform

Dee Casper


Dee Casper

Director of the CORE Evangelism Training Program.



  • June 6, 2019
    6:30 PM
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God in heaven I think you for the privilege to be in a beautiful place with beautiful people and even trusted us with a beautiful message Sweet Jesus I pray that you would descend into this place the would speak to each of our hearts and as I seek to strike a balance and to address both sides of an issue I just pray that you would bless us I pray that as we use in lean heavily upon the pen of inspiration this evening then it would be abundantly clear what your intention is with this health message and the blessing is meant to be for us and how this is one of the components in which you will Nabl your people to stand and I ask this now in Jesus name Amen. So it's entitle him much needed reform and I'm coming from 2 different angles on this really dealing with the topic of health. And just the overall topic of health reform so there are 2 reasons for why we've given this title in the messages basically broken down into 2 parts to do so so the 1st part of our message on a much you to reform is the why of the health message why it was given to us why it's a blessing for us in the connection you do well if you haven't read it read Section 2 counsels on diets and foods it's a section entitled diet and spirituality there is a correlation there is a connection so that's what we're going to deal with. So the whole point of God giving us reforms is relational in nature and I wish that I wish that I wish that when we discuss topics of reform we highlighted this and highlighted it regularly because there are many people in our ranks when they hear the word reform their immediate thought is to cringe. And it's because they've interacted with people who are self proclaimed reformers by the way I'm a reformer I'm the pumped all of us should be right a 7th Day Adventist like we're bringing reform to a world that doesn't believe the things that God wants them to believe where they be the Sabbath would be the health message right the investigative judgment is taking place it's a lot of stuff but we we all have crossed paths with some of these crusty reformers right those people that just don't have a lot attacked right the machine gun people they're shaming people for eating something or wearing something or whatever and so for some people says they hear the topic of reform you thought is. Right or like they those repressed memories come back and so I believe if we were communicating regularly the whole purpose of the reform is not behavior modification God has no desire to just preach a message of behavior modification what God wants is a transformed heart and the logical outflowing of a transformed heart is a change in behavior are you with me and will address this more the topic of mental health later so God is seeking to improve relationship not regulate behavior right he's not a word in who's making sure you're in your cell and doing what you want to do that's not the way they got operates God has created us with free will but he wants to inform that will to make decisions that are in our best interest are you with me and God wants to commune with his people and he wants to have the best communion possible this is why he gave us this message. So he gave us this to improve our fallen condition and draw even closer to him. So telling God because we're telling people because God said so is not good enough. US preaching a message God said so you better do it is not good enough it's bad parenting to say because I said so it's terrible parenting and stuff and God doesn't work that way there's better reasons than because I said so we can we can use reason we can use logic we can inform the will because we were told that we should train our children to self governing right which means we need to train them to think to make sense got operates in the same way as when he gave us his counsel so it's not productive it's not good enough and the response of many times we say God said you should do fill in the blank if people don't know who God is and how he feels about them their response could be very much like Pharaoh's who is God that I should care right this is why the 1st angels message by the way is not your God to give glory to Him that's not of the message starts the message begins with the everlasting Gospel right it would make no sense if I came and said on the street corner someone is not a 70 AD as it came and said Fear God and give glory to Him Who why the context setting for that statement is the everlasting Gospel and all white said the everlasting Gospel is that she defines everlasting Gospel is the same Gospel was preached in the Garden of Eden a suffering messiah right the everlasting gospel makes the judgement make sins and the logical response to everlasting Gospel is to fear God in a want to give glory to him right. So that's the context it's easy for us to take the reader's digest version the 1st singles message but we forget the whole context it's the gospel and you know how the messages ins the gospel. The faith of Jesus so anyway I digress I need to get back on track here so I will be more productive way of sharing the reforms is communicating the character of God and his motives in giving them for good are you with me it makes the medicine go down much better our flesh already hates reform right our flesh longs for food that we shouldn't be eating right our carnality longs to put stuff on our body to make ourselves look at that we put maybe shouldn't be doing right let's not make it any harder for people by just guns blazing without communicating the loveliness of who God is and the fact that it makes since it's common sense why he gave us this message you with me OK So God's people theme and time are going to be so closely connected with God there regardless of what comes against them against them they're going to stand though they haven't fall because they know him intimately there's an experience all knowledge they have of God and it shines forth and to best equip them to have this type of experience God calls us people to a life of simplicity write a life of simplicity that focuses on what matters most and removes the things that would hinder such an experience so the whole point of reforms is basically what you see in Isaiah Chapter 5 God clears the stone right out of the ground he's removing the things that would hinder the growth of the crop and then he plants the choices vine and Isaiah 5 Why because he's one of the crop to produce good fruit the entire point of reforms is to remove the things that would hinder growth that's the point and I believe if we communicated in this context it would be much easier for people to have a better chance of responding positively right and then one talks about that we'll come to that later. So we worship God and we communicate with God through our or through minds right there was talked about this morning he made us after all he understands this and so he understands of the what we put in our body directly effects how we worship and how we think i just common sense the ironic thing is the health benefits of the health message are actually secondary to the spiritual benefits that we get right the main point of the health message is for the spiritual benefit but it also kind of benefits your body right because God is looking for spiritual connection a real intimacy so we're told in John Chapter 10 of verse 10 the thief does not come except to steal to kill him to destroy but I have come that they may have wife and that they may have it more abundantly Jesus wants us to live that beautiful abundant life Satan's trying to rob us of that this is why there's 2 different appeals to our taste buds and to our closets it's 2 different forces working in one for us one against us in 3rd John 2 it says Beloved I pray that you may prosper in how many things and all things end be in health even just as your soul prospers there is a correlation between the health of the soul the spiritual experience and the health of the body so God very much is concerned about our physical and spiritual health right in the Garden of Eden God created a perfect people in a perfect environment who had perfect communion with the perfect God it's all good it's as good as it could get and their diet was amazing right just imagine eating mangoes strawberries and blueberries for breakfast every single day and bananas and like real bananas not the what they call those things are not actually bananas that we are cold. Know they're called something else. Cavendish were eating or even bananas but Nanna's like got this crazy disease years ago reading Cavendish is in the calling of bananas but is not the same thing as why bananas taste different now than it did 30 something years ago not actually bananas anyway a youtube video destroyed my entire view of reality. But in a very simple diet they enjoyed perfect unfettered face to face relationship with God and after losing the battle of appetite and in turn sinning against God they were a victim from the Garden of Eden and they lost access to the tree of life and so they continued to subsist on a simple diet all the way until Noah's flood but even then there was a change in the human condition right death had into the human bloodstream and after the flood God did to supplement the diet of man give them permission to eat meat clean me right because it wasn't a way to fill the earth at that stage coming out of the boat that's why I know it took many more cleaning animals than needed unclean animals onto the boat. But this was more of a pragmatic solution more than a pragmatic solution to the need of humanity because actually ingesting flesh food would actually shorten the life of humanity if you look at the generations of how long people live in the genealogies lifespan it's a lot shorter once you get after the flood a man is permitted to eat meat just imagine living 900 years in a world of sin 1st of all he made you how tragic and devastating that would be this is almost an act of mercy really from God But if you read through the narrative of scripture in the genealogies you see this shortening of life take place from Genesis forward and then sin and the effect of sin along with its augmentation man's diet are the main cause of this but his ideals not abandoned right there or there are healing properties in fact never going to go back to say this the like every child knows that doubles are part of the curse. We were eating the vegetables after the fall rooting for us before the fall but there are remedial properties in vegetables in still structures and other things to actually help to reverse some of the issues of sins effect on the body the deliveries effects of sin upon the body so there are benefits to this to have a more ideal life even though your life will be shorter. And so God wants us to have the clearest minds possible to commune with him and this is why he still is wanting us to have this choice so what I'm about to read this evening are comments that connect temperance what we put in our bodies and how much we put in our bodies and our spiritual experience but we don't need to limit temperance just to food right there's a there's a book there's about this big called temperance and there's some amazing stuff in there but I believe that we would be doing ourselves a great disservice if we assume the only reason why God gave us a message of temperance is just so I don't eat too much. Carob right I think there's other things God has a mind and we would do well to be temperate in all things because if we just do whatever our flesh longs to do without any form of barriers it prepares us for all kinds of bad stuff the purpose of temperance isn't to make you miserable it's to make you someone who actually is willing to say no to their inclinations you're training your body to say no to what it craves right so whenever you're Jones ing for human sympathy in post to many pictures yourself on social media that's an opportunity to exercise temperance right because you're longing to be filled in the wrong way right and that's not just food. They can come to voltage of the ways I move on now. Maybe we've become news junkies or sports junkies or something else whatever that may be aren't so here we go here's are going to begin from the quote and the context of health and spirituality. I'm not going to tell you the references there on the screen I have my notes with the message of health reform 1st came to me this is 863 ish I believe whenever the 1st health message came to us she says I was weak and feeble subject to frequent fainting spells I was pleading with God for help in the open before me the great subject of health reform he instructed me that those who are keeping His commandments must be brought into secret in relation to himself and that by temperance and eating and drinking they must keep in mind and body in the most favorable condition for what for service right this isn't just God looking for reasons to control us he understand that you can be the most effective servant for him in ministry when your body is well rested when it's well fed when it's well hydrated just makes sense right athletes get this Adventists done that's the sad thing right so that she says this is a lie that's been a great blessing to me. Has no one save the well knows that it is impossible for a man to discharge his obligations to God and to his fellow man that's ministry while he impairs the faculties that God has given him the brain is the capital of the body and at the perceptive faculties become be numbed through intemperance of any eternal things are not discerned when you're scrolling through social media nonstop because you're just trying to escape the pain of your life you're not thinking about eternal things right when you're running to other things you're not thinking about eternal things many times here's another one this is this is a heavy one through until Prince some sacrifice one half and others 2 thirds of their physical mental and moral powers and then they become playthings for the enemy she says that's a bar right when we delve into intemperance and just do whatever comes into our heart will we do without will in those in those days there was no king in the land of Israel and everyone did what was right in the rose up in their own eyes judges 1726. We've become playthings for the enemy because we don't know how to say no right we've been training our soldiers do what they'll Wilt is another one those who have a clear mind to discern Satan's devices must have their physical appetiser under the control of reason and conscience the moral and vigorous action of the higher powers of the mind are essential to the perfection of Christian character and the strength or the weakness of the mind has very much to do with their usefulness in this world and what their final salvation is not that what I eat sais me is that it makes me the prime candidate to hear God's voice clearly and they had the will power to carry out what God is asking right just common sense if in line intellect holds the reins controlling the animal propensities keeping them in subjection to the moral powers Satan well knows it his power to overcome with this imitation is very small. He understands that if you're learning how to say no and to live in a temperate life live in a temperate experience not an intemperate his ability to overthrow is very small the passions are being controlled by the will which is itself to be under the control of God and the kingly power of reason saying to fire by Divine Grace is to bear sway in our lives is another one right physical habits promote a mental maturity him right physical habits promote mental superiority intellectual power physical stamina and Linked In The wife dependent upon immutable laws Nature's God will not intervene to preserve men from the consequences of violating nature's requirements this is one of the reasons why Ellen White would not pray for someone's health until she better understood the situation and it wasn't because she didn't want them to be well but the problem is that they're directly violating the laws that God has given she's not going to be praying for God to stop allowing the consequences of the decisions they make She didn't know if her prayer would be in the will of God or Adam the will of God was that she didn't care about people but she understood this principle that nature's God will not interfere to preserve Mina from the consequences of violating nature's requirements he who strives for the mastery must be temperate in all things ever wonder how Daniel did what Daniel did Danos clearness of mind and firmness of his purpose his power to acquiring knowledge and resisting temptation were in do in a great degree were doing a great degree to the plainness of his diet in connection with his life of prayer he was a man who lived a life of simplicity simplicity and deep devotion to God and this in turn gave him power we talked about this last night don't expect to have power with God then experience with God and communion with God. Listen to this the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom and when men of wrong habits and sinful practices yield to the power of divine truth the introns of God's Word gives light and understanding to the simple there is an application of truth to the heart and moral power which seem to have been paralyzed what happens to it it revives literally what happens when we respond to the prompting the Spirit of God through the Word of God It dramatically changes the life so maybe you've lived a life of intemperance maybe you have a past we made a lot of bad decisions that does not mean that God cannot do a work in your life Amen that does not mean that God cannot restore your life and revive your experience but she doesn't in there listen to this the receiver is possessed of stronger clearer understanding than before he has riveted his soul to the eternal rock and listen to this health improves in the very sins of his security in Christ many times we talk about the fact that if you eat right then your spirituality is going to get better she also says that when we get serious about Jesus there is actually an improvement in our health a mental health improves in the very sense of his security in Christ thus religion and the laws of health go hand in hand it goes from this side to this side and from this side of the side no you not that your bodies are the members of Christ what Know you not that your body is the temple of the Holy Ghost which is in you which he have of God in your not your own for you were bought with a price therefore glorify God in your own body and in your spirit which are God's right God does have a right for right over your life right this is something to refer to the Book of Romans as the justification of life Jesus's death burial and resurrection literally justifies the existence of all human beings right now why so they can respond to the appeal of salvation. Literally Calvary justifies man's existence by talk of us another place that the cross of Calvary is stamped upon every loaf of bread right it's this idea that Jesus's death justifies your existence so he has a right to ask things of you and the only reason he's asking is because he loves you he desires your good and wants you to live and live more abundantly Yeah he has every right to say these things because he knows more about your machinery than you do he created you for this right our bodies are Christ purchased property and we are not at liberty to do with him as we please but man has done this he has treated his body as if its laws had no penalty and there perverse appetite its organs and powers have become in feeble old disease and crippled and White says it's in. The book faith and works $45.00 then when God lets man have his own way it's the darkest hour of his life when God lets man have his own way it's the darkest hours life in the works 45.3 And so we are turned over to the consequences of our decisions because there's no king in Israel so we do what's right in our own eyes when men the women are truly converted they will conscientiously regard the laws of life that God has established in their being right it's not just this law of oppression it's a law of wife it's the principles that lead to an abundant life when they regard the law of life the God as established in their being the seeking to avoid physical mental and moral feebleness this is what they'll do when they're converted there for the question for us is not what will the world say or how shall I claim how shall I start what will the world say but how shall I claiming to be a Christian treat the habitation that God has given me if you recognize that your life is borrowed that your body is borrowed you would treat it differently people treat a car that they lease different than a car that they own in this paid for. Right because it's not yours you're going to pay for that thing when you give it back if you go to many miles of big it scratches a vigorous defense so it's better to buy but you don't have that option when it comes to your body I'm sorry it's still borrow Listen to this shell I work for my highest temporal and spiritual good by keeping my body as a temple for the enduring the Holy Spirit or shall I sacrifice myself to the world's ideas and practices I think the answer that should be pretty obvious is no one God requires the body to be rendered a living sacrifice to him not a dead or dying sacrifice the offerings of the ancient Hebrews were to be without blemish it will be pleasing to God to accept a human offering that is filled with disease and corruption he tells us that our body is the temple of the Holy Ghost and he requires us to take care of this temple that it may be a fit habitation for his spirit all these things are for our good she continues the Apostle Paul gives us this admonition ye are not your own for you are bought with a price therefore glorify God in your body and in your spirit which are God's all should be very careful to preserve the body in its best condition of health that they may render to God perfect service and do their duty in the family and in society so this is not just a matter of better made God happy is if you have set a 5 day in the car and give it back to him No no no this isn't just about what he's thinking for what he gets he's understanding that you cannot be the blessing to the people around you if you're not healthy right any parent this been in a situation where you have children who are dependent upon you but you're sick I'm sure it's a horrible feeling because they're dependent upon you and you have nothing to offer them in the what do I do that can happen in Christian service when God makes shoes for service we should be striving to take the best care of our bodies as possible to get the most work done right just common sense. So then she starts laying down the point that the only way that we can find true temperance in our experience is with having Christ in the heart meat is telling you to be temperate doesn't help you in a lot of ways it may just be shaming you right we need to come face to face the fact that you have nothing to offer God but you you are not even capable of doing the things that God requires apart from God working in you both to will and to do of His good pleasure that's the message or righteousness by faith that's the message of the covenants and why talks about many places that the very things that God asked for God provides. All of his biddings are enabling So when God is challenging you to overcome an appetite he's asking you to do something that you can't do on your own he's asking you to respond to his power to respond to his offer to empower you to succeed Yeah God longs for you to succeed in the ministry the Holy Spirit can do that and I can testify to this those things that I used to want to eat I want to be more why now because I made the change I chose to let God have that in my life and God has changed my desires now when I even think about those things going on then yeah I in my flesh I think I still like them right like for sweets for instance I don't need a lot of sweets anymore so I had this moment like oh yeah I'll be good if you don't and I eat it and the immediate thought is I think that's too sweet Why did I get this I didn't you know I did this anyone like it or that could happen our taste but our thoughts and our desires can change over time and God is the one who does this force a listen to this men will never how frequently they will never be truly temperate until the grace of Christ is an abiding principle where in the heart all the pledges in the world will not make you or your wife health reformers right you can sign as many temperance pledges if you want but if Jesus isn't living in your heart it's worthless is worthless. No mere restriction of your diet will cure your diseased appetite right if we don't actually surrender our desire for something we just stop doing it will go back right it won't change our desires circumstances cannot work reforms Christianity proposes a reformation where in the heart and when Christ works within sorry what Christ works within will be worked out under the dictation of a converted intellect but she continues and I love this the plan of beginning outside and trying to work in Word has always failed and always will fail this is why shaming people for what they're eating then tell them to stop eating something never works shame does not help people drives them even deeper into sin God doesn't use shame 1st of all public policing should be banned in all of our churches right we should inform the intellect and leave them to make their own decisions and I'll get to that in a moment but she says that starting from the outside and working in never works never works God's plan with used to begin the very seat of all difficulties the heart and then from out of the heart will issue the principles of righteousness the reformation will be outward as well as inward the question of how to preserve the health is one of primary importance when we study this question in the fear of God we shall learn that it is best for both our physical and our spiritual advancement to observe simplicity and diet it should still be delicious though it should still taste good it may be simple but it should taste good I get one amen from the friends there are some professed believers who accept certain positions of the testimony of the message of God while they reject those portions that condemn their favorite indulgences Well you know she wasn't inspired when she said that about coffee but she was totally inspired when she says about pork right this is this is something I'm going to go off the rails on this I don't understand the whole coffee thing and having tism I don't get it I don't understand it. The way in which coffee is discussed in the spirit of prophecy is on the same tier as tobacco and alcohol and it's strange to me that there is the accepted custom now I'm a new avenue system and I'm not judging people who drink coffee I think we haven't done a good job of educating our people on this Lee I think they're just assuming that was society does is OK but it's strange to me that we actually have such an acceptance of something that's on the same par as cigarettes and alcohol in the writings that we begin as a church and I think people just don't know strange to me anyway I didn't understand them but away so what will pick and choose what we feel is inspired this is actually what happened with a butler Joey Butler leading into the General Conference was writing for publications and teaching in our Similary that there are varying degrees of inspiration some things in scripture inspired some things art and so that when Ella white starts siding with Jones and Wagner who they thought she was against what they were teaching in the long deletions before 1980 they start thinking she's changed and now that. Butler has been teaching this idea that there's varying degrees of inspiration they start thinking oh she's not inspired right now because she's siding with Jones and Wagner cause this massive issue in the church they were doubting a living prophet when she was a minor miss they deported her instead of her own Australia for this they would even publish steps to Christ septic price was not published by the Agnes Church when it 1st came out it's published by Sunday keepers because as Jones and Wagner stuff right we were wrestling because this idea of varying degrees of inspiration and so people even say that today yeah I mean when L.-Y. talks about Jesus and steps to Christ inspired by I mean when she goes off of some of the health stuff she's not inspired she calls us out he says they pick and choose what they want to respond to but such persons are working contrary listen to their own welfare. Their working contrary to their own will fair and the will for the church it is essential that we walk in the light while we have the light and those who claim to believe in health reform and your counter to its principles in the daily life practice are hurting their own souls and are leaving wrong impressions upon the minds of believers and unbelievers right because unfortunately we have a bit of this herd mentality and if I see someone more spiritual than me doing something that must mean it's OK Oh I I heard that The Bachelor liked ice cream I got like ice cream if you heard a sermon on that or whatever you know like so and so some some famous speaker they eat this they drink this I saw on Instagram that guys drink a Dr Pepper whatever that we can i had this idea no no no you make your own decision what does God say and you make an individual decision that baseball what other people do right and to it and to the life example the I'm living maybe communicating to people something other than I realize right anyway I digress the power of Christ alone can work the transformation in the heart and mind that almost experience who had partaken with him of the new life in the kingdom of heaven except a man be born again the Sievers said he cannot see the kingdom of God she continues the religion that comes from God is the only religion that can lead to God and in order to serve him right we must be born of the Divine Spirit this will lead to watchfulness it will purify the heart and renew the mind and give us a new capacity for knowing and loving God literally this leads to a greater love for God so that the way in which I'm teaching health reform causes people to not love God but to be offended by God or to be just disgusted by God I'm probably teaching the message wrong now our flesh is going to war against us message in a way I understand that but I should be packaging this message in as attractive but yet principled way as possible and I'll get to that in a moment. This will lead to watchfulness it will purify the heart renew the mind and give us a greater capacity for knowing and loving God it will give us willing obedience to all his requirements this is true worship would really fall in the forms of the reforms that we were given can lead us to love God more while said the Angel abstain from fleshly lust which war against the soul you have stumbled at the health reform it appears to you to be a needless appendix to the truth it is not so it is a part of the truth notice she doesn't say this is the only thing we should be teaching people in this is all that matters but she does say it's an important part of the truth here is a work before you which will become which will come closer and be more trying than anything which has yet been brought to bear upon you while you hesitate and stand back feeling laid upon the blessings which it is your privilege to receive you suffer loss so when we're warre against our conviction on the health message we're going to suffer a loss and we're fighting against the blessings that God wants to give us you are stumbling over the very blessing this is the 2nd time she calls it a blessing the same context the same verse or the same a quote you're stumbling over the very blessing which Heaven has placed in your path Listen to this to make your progress less difficult literally this is something to make your heaven we're journey less difficult same presents any people want their journey to heaven to be a little bit less difficult than it has been Anyone here want to raise their hands and testify to that it's hard y'all she says this message the health message can actually make your progress less difficult Satan prison says before you in the most objectionable light that you make can bat that which would prove the greatest benefit to you which would be for your physical and spiritual health. All right so that's the 1st part I believe God is pleading with those of us this evening who have expressed a lack of interest in the health message to reconsider because it's for your good it leads to blessings it leads to better sleep better energy better vitality your grades will improve your overall complection is going to improve now to be fair Dana was fatter of flesh but he still looked better maybe may fill out a bit more in some ways but it also improved to greater intellect right you get smarter from doing this process and your process towards heaven is less difficult than it was before so I believe that following through this blueprint of health is in our best interests and it's imperative for us to have the spiritual strength that we need to finish this work so for your own sake and for the sake of those around you please allow God to use this beautiful message to transform your experience with him amen So a much need to reform the 1st need to reform is for those of us who do not believe this message matters or that is legalism or is a waste of time I'm appealing to you this evening please reconsider on behalf of the Lord Jesus Christ would you give him another chance and try him in this and see if your experience does not improve OK. But I also know that there are many amongst our brother in the field the our church has committed a sin and it's neglect of teaching health reform I've I have run predominantly in circles that most people would deem as conservative I came into the church through 3 B.N. and then I went to a Bible college at a conservative views and I want to do the things and so I had this process the I disassembled for a long time that everything people told me Ella White said about the health message is what she actually said and the spirit in which was communicated was a little crusty at times in some of the things that I saw thankfully not in my Bible College and not at all things but I kept getting this vibe from people that this is we're in a white stood on the health message and so the 2nd part of one of this year this evening there's also a much need to reform in how we share the health message as those who are champions of health reform how we share the message can get in some trouble and I want to deal with that. Strongly because we have to and so you know I just I think we need to be careful in how we do this we should be ashamed of the message but we should package it in an attractive winsome and practical Christ sintered way one cannot read the Spirit of Prophecy and come to any other conclusion that the health message must be shared with our people right we're going to have to do this we should do this but I fear an equally great sin is being committed by the well intended brother in in the way and spirit in which they're pushing for health reform and I believe is based upon a misunderstanding of the purpose of reform which we deal with earlier is relationship based or in a reform for that matter some of these same brother and based upon the approach and spirit in which they're sharing come across is that they're more focused on correcting people's behavior than laboring for their hearts and I'm sure we've all met people like that right there well intended right they want to do the best things for Jesus but they do not recognise that they are dead wrong in the way which they're doing it and the problem is that makes my job way harder because now when I'm trying to help people see the beauty health this is the thing I one of those people. And God deal with this very type of thing all throughout the Old Testament is equal 36 he says but I do not do this for your sake or house of Israel but for my holy name sake which you profaned among the nations where ever you winds and I will say to find my great name which has been profaned among the nations wherever you went and then he says and all the nations will know that I am the Lord when I am hallowed in you before their eyes literally their only way these people to know that I'm who I say em is if you look like Jesus because right now you don't Paul quoting this verse to Romans chapter 2 in verse Force 2 verse 24 says the name of God is blasphemed among the Gentiles because of you and he speaking to the church I believe that the name of the health messages being blasphemed by Phil Adventists because of some of our brethren is happening and I deal with some stuff guys I was Paul referred to people like this as beasts at F. Asus now I've met some beasts in my time. So. When we do this is spread across he tells us we're merely encouraging people to cut the foliage off of a tree and I will read the whole quote in a moment that this particular statement acts in the context of dress reform but the principles apply to all things she says if we are Christians we shall follow Christ even though the path in which we are to walk cuts across our natural inclinations even though our flesh may not want to do it if we are Christians we ought to write we should do it and it's a privilege to do so there is no use in telling you that you must not wear this or that for it the love of these things is in your heart your laying off your dormant will be only be like cutting the foliage off a tree the inclinations the heart would again assert themselves you must have a conscience of your own that means barking up somebody is true about what they ought to do or what not to do isn't the approach to take we should educate but we still ought to leave them with the choice of their own inner Sammy which he says. There is no need to make the dress question the main point of your religion she's not saying don't make this a part of religion at all but don't make this the main part of your legend that can go for any of the reforms there is something richer to speak of talk of who talk of Christ and when the heart is converted everything that is out of harmony with the Word of God is going to drop off and the thing is we don't think the Holy Spirit will do what he will do when we're barking up people's trees and trying to People were really saying is God is not capable of changing them I got to do something right I see them they're not changing I get in there and get messy if the Spirit of God can change your hearts the Spirit of God can also change their heart our job is to educate and make the reforms attractive but that choice is theirs God doesn't force anybody we should neither you with me so another much need to reform is the way in which we address this Kelso that we've been given the Agnes position as one of holistic health not just the mind or the soul but we can sound as though we're only concerned with the body in the way in which we present the message of health reform and the whites focus was always in the light of eternity and so if we're not doing this we're not actually sharing the truth on health reform any more than someone saying Hey buddy you're keeping the wrong day to Saturday not Sunday that's not the Sabbath truth right when if we don't present it in the truth in the Spirit of Truth it we're not sharing truth at all so here's what she N.G.'s white at the NS say about the dangers of sharing the health message the wrong way the entire last section of councils on diets and foods it'll blow your mind it's nearly scandalous because I dismiss soon begin the what everybody told me was what a White said and then I got a phone call like 5 years ago as about 3 years out of Bible college of this stage and yes and someone calls I hate. Your priest on health before as I know I will tell Sabbath but we want you to preach at our church so we preach on health sure. So I started going through some things and as I start reading counsels on diets and foods I literally was to the point that I wanted to flip tables I could not believe the stuff that she was saying because I would just sure that what everyone else said that she said is what she said and then she presents this moderate balanced but with a trajectory towards change in this when some spirit I thought no. I thought 1st serve that she said eggs are sin sugar is sin milk is sin if you do this stuff you're in such bad shape you're terrible like the way in which I had heard the health message from so many different people most conservative circles painted this picture of Ella white the health message that was very unpalatable pun intended and then I read the way that she did of life not just what she taught but the way in which she did life and I thought you got to be kidding me I was so incredulous when I was reading for myself and you know that tells me we should all be reading for ourselves because you're going to find a picture of a white that's far more balance reasonable and Chrysler that maybe people have been giving you and this is one of the reasons why I don't use this much but this is one of the reasons why I use Alawite in my preaching with Christ entered impetus to make it clear to the young people I'm preaching to this is not some crusty old lady who's telling people not to have fun this is a woman who was deeply committed to the love of Jesus and yes ship lifted principle but she never uplifted human effort above the gospel though it sounds like that was some people I remember someone told me a story about these people who are like you know you guys always talk about the love of God the love of God Love of God And but you know like I when I read this Peter prophecy RICE These people need to change course and the person literally told them if you want to find the love of God The Spirit of Prophecy read all the stuff that you didn't underline because some of us are just looking for those machine gun statements to affirm our crustiness right see that man that's that stat strong stuff going to give this to my brethren right. She presents things in a very balanced way she doesn't downplay principle but man did she love Jesus and uplift Jesus All right let's go have you heard this quote before Christ method alone will give true success in reaching the people that you know a lot of what she's talking about in the context of the statement is the health message Listen to this Christ method alone will give true success in reaching the people the savior mingled with men as one who desired their good not just to change their behavior he desired their good he showed a sympathy for them ministered to their needs anyone their confidence then he bade them follow me what health reformers acted like that I'm not saying what if the crusty health reform reacted like that I met some really good ones I want to make sure I'm not blanketing all health reformers across the people they're not but what if Krusty health reformers won people's confidence 1st and then bade them to want the health message. I betcha more people would follow it she continues there is need of coming close to the people by personal effort if less time were given to sermonizing and more time were spent in personal ministry greater results would be seen the poor to be relieved the sick cared for the sorry and comforted the ignorant instructed the inexperienced counsel we are to weep with those who we pay and rejoice with those that rejoice accompanied by the power of persuasion the power of prayer the power of the love of God This work will not and cannot be without fruit then she starts coming close talking about the idea of the health message that is to the same paragraph twice we have out that. In all your work remember that you are bound up with Christ a part of the great plan of redemption the love of Christ in a healing life giving current is to flow through your life we should be learning how to receive the love of God for ourselves 1st and we should be asking God to be channels through which that love can be share with the people around us after that and as you seek to draw others within the circle of his love let the purity of your language the unselfishness of your service the joyfulness of your demeanor bear witness to the power of His grace give to the world so pure in a righteous a representation of him that men shall be to hold him in his beauty is not gorgeous she's not done it is of little use to try to reform others by attacking what we may regard as wrong habits but just think with me how many people do you know in your local church who do this very thing how many people do you know maybe in your own family who do this thing maybe some of us in this room are doing this very thing attacking people because of what we view as wrong habits such efforts often result in more harm than good quote Ellen White right in his talk with the Samaritan woman instead of disparaging Jacob's well Christ presented What's something better. If the new is the gift of God he said in who it is that say as to the give me give me to drink would have asked of him and he would have given the living water he turned the conversation to the treasure that he had to bestow offering the woman something better than she possessed even living water the joy and hope of the Gospel and listen to this this is an illustration of the way in which we are to work we must offer men something better than that which they possess even the peace of Christ which passes understanding we must tell them of God's holy laws and the transcript of his character and expression of that which he wishes them to become noticed the 10 Commandments are not you better be this or else it's literally the ideal for what you could become for what God wishes for you something better right and if we communicated like that more people would jump on board she continues of all the people in the world reform or should be the most unselfish the most current and the most courteous but I want you to stop and I want you to do an inventory of the people in your life right now all the talk about the reforms the most do they reflect this type of spirit or different type of spirit here's of a makes it difficult does that mean the reforms should be ignored even the person is being mean or crusty No but it makes the process of calling people reform much harder because there's no psychological freight in this person's heart in mind because they've been violated abuse and chastised by people in the name of the Lord you're with me she says no no no no no we should be doing this you shouldn't live like that reformer should be the most attractive people but what I've found is that people who are claiming to be reformers are some of the most unattractive people. And here's where the irony kicks in those are the very people who are condemning the church for ignoring the council the Spirit of Prophecy but you know the funny thing is they're just as guilty of ignoring the speed of prophecy in another area there's a much need to reform amongst our ranks the wonder of the manifest a lack of courtesy who shows impatiens at the ignorance or waywardness of others who speaks hastily or acts thoughtlessly may close the door the hearts that he can never reach them and you know what those very same people say they're not converted they just don't hear the truth no you're so crusty in mean they can't hear you and now you have no chance of reaching them the only way to really rebuild bridges with stuff like that is to man up and own it and to repent but when you've built your lifestyle upon everyone else being wrong it's very difficult to accept the fact that I'm wrong and those are the people who are most unlikely to confess when they mess up even when they recognize the wrong a lot of times will do as well to try to do better going forward but to go back and own what I have done. That's the way Saul lost the kingdom he would not take responsibility Kingsolver lost the kingdom and these souls are in danger of losing the kingdom if they don't learn how to own their sins and take responsibility because a loosing message isn't just that you're a sleepy Christian is that you're not who you think you are every aspect of your being you think you've got it together but you need Jesus and you know who's L. white classified the 70 NS church is actually the Abbott movement where we were 70 happiness as early as 852 in being in the latest C. and condition the advent Movement 852 that's a leaven years before we were incorporated as a church we're already falling into patterns of being in the loo to see and condition self reflection is good for the soul humility is good for the soul are. Yet in teaching health reform as another gospel work we're to meet the people where where they are until we can teach them how to prepare health reform foods that are palatable nourishing and yet inexpensive We are not at liberty to present the most advanced propositions regarding health reform diet at the beginning or you can just coming guns blazing is someone who's eating bacon and tell them if you're not eating a raw diet like there's just no chance for you man sorry no we this process needs to be progressive but the root of progressive is progress it's what the dire reform be progressive let the people be taught how to prepare food without the use of milk or butter tell them the tie will soon come when there will be no safety in using eggs milk cream or butter because disease in animals is increasing in proportion to the increase of wickedness among men the time is near when because of the iniquity of the fallen race the whole animal creation will groan under to diseases that curse of the earth now what was the statement made you and oh yeah it was many moons ago many many moons ago and at that stage they knew their cows and their chickens by name. They knew them they knew what they were eating they were there from listen to the step just one step because it talks about that because of the increasing wickedness of min and selfishness and then there's going to be an increase in disease in animals you know many pounds of were used in the United States on our farm lands in 19875000 pounds of life that's round of 5000 pounds in 1907 you know how many pounds are using 2010. 185000000 pounds of life on a seat on American soil Wardley being used for a meal that's going to be fed to animals which in turn are being used for meat and for milk for Americans and we're seeing increased disease in animals we're seeing increase in disease in human beings do you think there may be a correlation I'm just sayin there's a message in audio verse cold healthy soil healthy people by Dr Timothy how gangbusters really really good on this very situation OK So we are entering a time now I believe we are in a time now when there is an increasing disease issue in animals today right there is now would be a very good time to do so and the beautiful thing is this is the time whenever we can have more cost effective alternatives available to us right you can get all the milk in organic produce at all Dean right there's ways that you can do this a lot more easily than they could in her day by precept an example make it plain that food which God gave Adam in his sinless state is the best for man's use as he seeks to regain that simplicity the light that God has given and health reform is for salvation for the salvation of the world is for good therefore there is more need of handling wisely the question of meat eating it regarding this matter that should be no rash movements we should consider the situation of the people and the power of lifelong habits and practices and we should be careful not to urge our ideas upon others as that this question were a test in those we largely of me are the greatest sinners she said repeatedly meat eating is not a test question she's not talking at the time a baptism for membership which is a. All should have light on this question but let it be carefully presented habits of have been thought right for a lifetime or not to be changed by harsh or hasty movements when sitting at a table where meat is provided Listen to this I could not believe she said this when seating at a table sit at a table sitting at a table when people are eating meat we are not to make a raid upon those who use it but we should let it alone ourselves and say nothing she says unless they ask us our reason for not eating and we should in the kindly manner explain why we do not use it and yet we have people in our own church who will ask you why where you're eating what you're eating or bringing what you're bringing to potluck and she says if someone's eating meat with you say nothing just don't eat it but when they ask you why you don't eat in meat just in fear give them a godly answer here's the reasons why I don't eat this and she's got stories where she do this too says think defy the word God your heart's 1st Peter 315 and always be ready to give a defense to everyone who ask you for a reason for the hope that is in you but with meekness and fear I have never felt that it was my duty this is a living prophet I have never felt that it was my duty to say that no one should taste of me under any circumstances to say this when people have been educated to live on flesh to so great an extent would be carrying matters to extremes I have never felt that it was my duty to make sweeping assertions what I have said I've said in a sense of duty but I've been guarded in my statements because I did not want to give occasion for anyone to be conscience for another she tried to be very calculated in what she said because she didn't want someone else saying L A wife says you shouldn't do that but what people do it still happens. Yeah. I've been passing through an experience in this country Australia that is similar to the experience in the new fields in America I've seen families who circumstances would not permit them to furnish their table with healthful food unbelieving neighbors has sent them in portions of meat from animals recently killed they made soup with the meat and supplied their large families of children with meals of Britain soup it was not my duty nor did I think of the duty of anyone else to lecture them upon the evils of meat eating I feel sincere pity for the families who have newly come to the faith in our so pressed with poverty that they know not from whence their next meal is coming it is not my duty to discourse to them on healthful eating there is a time to speak and a time to keep silent the opportunity furnished by circumstance of this order is an opportunity to speak Words that will encourage and bless rather than condemn and reprove those who have lived upon a meat diet all their life do not see the evil of continuing the practice and they must be treated tenderly but we should be finding opportunities to share with them the things that could be a blessing to them we're not looking to coerce and change to manipulate them we want the quality of life to improve but we should want it enough to be willing to wait until they're ready be with me and if you want to serve in honor God He will make that clear to you look at how the ideal was deaf in her own home I'll give that in a moment I guess those who desire to be coworkers with God must consider carefully before they specify just what food should and should not be eaten should health reform in its most extreme form and what shooter for 2 as an extreme form would be a we talked about is a vegan diet today. It is the extreme form be taught to those who circumstances forbid its adoption more harm than good would be done as I preach the Gospel to the poor I'm instructed to tell them to eat that food which is most nourishing I cannot say to them you must not eat eggs or milk or cream you must use no butter in the preparation of food the gospel must be preached to the poor but the time has not yet come to prescribe the strictest diet but again this is well over 100 years ago whenever they didn't have the issues that we have now it's in their best interest for a change to happen but still the spirit the timing in the way we do it matters you with me we're not saying don't fall the health message don't progress don't move in this direction but she understood there is a process but people who quote her don't understand that process and cause harm that's the problem do not catch hold of isolated ideas and make them a test criticizing others whose practice made of the green with your opinion but study the subject broadly and deeply and seek to bring your own ideas and practices into perfect harmony with the principles of Christian intemperance there are many who tried to correct the lies of others by attacking what they regard as wrong habits they go to those who they think in error and point out their defects but they do not seek to direct their mind to true principles what was the principle behind this teaching not just a specific teaching such a course often comes far short of securing the desired results we would make it evident that we're trying to correct others we too often arouse their combativeness and do more harm than good and you know a lot of people think I'm just a martyr for the cause of Jesus no one else wants to walk in the truth it's just me but I'm going to keep giving glory to God they're not giving glory to God when they're tyrants when they're crusty when they're mean here with me and there is danger to the reprove are also because he who takes it upon himself to correct others is likely to cultivate a habit of fault finding. If you want have a boom in Bible study was some of your brethren just do a word study in the L. A white app on the topic of fault finding But you know it's funny when we read statements like that or me if I was man I was so and so could read this but really our 1st question should be I wonder if that's me it's really easy to say man so and so pastor was roasted people today I was still in so would have been here completely oblivious to the fact that sort of was meant for me he writes anyway so it cultivate the habit of fault finding and soon his whole interest will be in picking flaws and finding defects those rather out there there are people who have You Tube channels claiming to be 7th Day Adventists who are railing on the 70 Agnes Church on the leadership of the 7 they are going to church they know the L. A White says that we should not be referring to the the church as Babylon because the work of Satan so what they do they stop just short of that and imply the church is Babylon we should be supporting them those are not ministries. That's the National Enquirer of Adventism it's gossip mills it's sinful and shame on them and we shouldn't support them in that faultfinding is no good do not watch others to pick at their faults or to expose their errors educate them to better habits how by the power of your example will find fault finding there is no power in my example except to pull people down to my level you with me. Let it be ever kept before the mind that the great object of hygienic reform is to secure the highest possible development of mind soul and body I would add not to control behavior all the laws of nature which of the laws of God are designed for our good and obedience to them will promote our happiness in this life and will prepare us for the life to come there is something better to talk about than the faults and weaknesses of others talk of God in His wonderful works study into the manifestations of his wisdom and all the works of nature within this the war desires every minister every physician every church member to be careful not to urge those who are ignorant of our faith to make sudden changes in diet this bringing them to a premature test hold of the principles of health reform and let the Lord lead the honest and heart they will hear and believe the Lord does not require his messengers to present the beautiful truth of health reform in a way that will prejudice the minds of others let no one place stumbling blocks before those who are walking in the dark path of ignorance even in praising a good thing it is well not to be too enthusiastic less you turn out the way those who come to hear present the principles of temperance in their most attractive for him in it's hard enough people though some make it harder right we must not move presumptuously the laborers who enter new territory to raise it churches must not create difficulties by attempting to make prominent the question of diet they should be careful not to draw the lines too closely impediments would thus be thrown on the pathway of others do not drive the people lead them preach the word as it is in Christ Jesus workers must put forth resolute perseverance effort remembering that everything cannot be learned at once but most of us don't get that new new person in church let me tell you everything for the next 6 hours writes They must have a fixed determination patiently to teach the people who come back if you don't waterboard them on day one right. Do you not remember that we have an individual accountability we do not make articles of diet test question but meaning means of baptism or no Babs it isn't membership or no membership but we do try to educate the intellect and to arouse the moral sensibility to take hold of health reform in an intelligent manner as Paul did are Listen to this story this is one of the why did on one occasion Sarah her personal assistant was called to a family of Dora creek where every member of the household was sick their father belonged to a highly respectable family but he had taken a drink and his wife and children were in great want at this time the sickness of sickness there was nothing in the house suitable to eat and they refused to eat anything that we took them so they brought them vegetarian food they would need so listen to this they had been accustomed to having meat we felt that something must be done and listen to what a White says I said to Sara take chickens from my place and prepare them some broth so Syria treated them for their illness and fed them with this Brooke they killed chickens made chicken broth and fed these people what happened to the people they soon recovered she doesn't stop there now this is the course that we pursued we did not say to the people you must not eat meat although we do not use flush our foods ourselves when we thought it essential for that family the time of sickness we gave them what we thought they needed and there were occasions when we must meet people where they are this is scandalous in some circles right the father of this family was an intelligent man she doesn't stop there listen to what she does when the family was well again what do they do they gave him bible studies they start studying with this family and this man was converted now do you think if they reeled upon this guy for eating meat he would have accepted Bible studies. Do you think the guy would have been converted no way. He was converted and accepted the truth he threw away his pipe and gave up the use of drink and from that time as long as he lived he neither smoked nor drank and as soon as it was possible we took him on our farm and we gave him work to do she does is give the guy Bible studies she gives him a job to provide for him and his family now by the time that her and James get back to help this guy get going the guy ends up die but listen to this but he died a Christian and a commandment keep Arabia cry he tell this to some of our people. We must go no further the we can take those with those whose conscience and intellects are convinced of the truth that we advocate we must meet the people where they are some of us have been many years at arriving at our present position in health reform it is slow work to obtain a reform and diet we have powerful appetites to meet for the world is given to gluttony if we should follow the people as much time as we as sorry if we should allow the people as much time as we require to come up to this president say to reform we would be very patient with them and allow them to advance step by step as we have done until their feet are firmly established upon the health reform platform but we should be very cautious not to advance too fast this would be obliged to retrace our steps and then she says something the game is amazing in scary to some of us in reforms we would be better to come up one step short of the mark than to go one step beyond it and if there is error at all let it be on the side next to the people I could believe she said this above all things we should not with our pens and advocate positions that we do not put to a practical test in our own families upon her own tables this is dissimulation a species of hypocrisy all explain more about this with James White's quote so I'm going to have long forgive me we're almost done. You can leave if you need to that's fine I'll just talk to the microphone if I have to you my verses sermons will be shorter I promise you. If we come to persons who have not been the light and regard to health reform in prison our strongest position 1st there is danger of their becoming discouraged as they see how much they have to give up so they will make no effort to reform we must leave the people on patiently and gradually remembering the whole the pit whence we were did when I was writing spiritual gifts volumes 3 and 4 I would become exhausted by excessive labor this is a 2nd quote a different quote I then saw that I must change my course of life and by resting a few days I came out of it all right I left off these things from principle I took my stand on health reform from principle and since that time brother and you have not heard me advance an extreme view of health reform that I've had to take back I have advance nothing but what I stand today I recommend to you a healthful nourishing diet no categories no checklists Listen to this this woman is getting discouraged is to me too hard for to give up some stuff and she doesn't know what to do so what response to her she says I've just read your letter and you seem to have an earnest desire to work out yourself with fear and trembling and I encourage you to do this I counsel you to discard everything that would cause you to do halfway work in the seeking of the Kingdom of God and His righteousness put away every indulgence that would hinder you in the work of overcoming asked for the prayers of those who can comprehend your need of help then Ella white bears her own heart and talks about her battle with giving of vinegar then she follows up after that she says I relate this experience to you for your help and encouragement I have struggled to I Have faith my sister that you can come through this trial and reveal that God is a helper of his children in every time of need if you determine to conquer this habit and will fight it perseverance Lee you can obtain an experience of the highest value when you set your will resolutely to break off this indulgence you will have they hope you need from God Try it my sister. But as long as you acknowledge his habit by indulging it Satan will retain his hold in your will bring it and bring it into subject into himself but if you will determine to overcome the Lord will heal you and he will give you strength to resist every temptation every member that Christ is your savior and keeper Listen to this why came to me showing me the indri of men and women were doing to mental and physical faculties by the use of flesh me I was shown the whole human structure is affected by this diet and that by IT man strengthens the animal propensities and the appetite for liquor I at once cut me out of my bill of fare and after that I was at times place where I had to I was compelled to eat a little mean she would get new cooks who did not a cook vegetarian food or travelling they didn't have what we have available to us today there was no subway there was no if you consider talkable food ideal whatever right OK I said it my health is good she says My appetite is excellent I find that the simpler my food and the fewer varieties and the stronger I am listeners she handles things in her home but the other members of my family do not eat the same things that I do and I do not hold myself up as a criterion for them the living prophet living with these people I don't tell them to do what I do she says I leave each one to follow his own ideas as to what is best for him and I by no one's conscience by my own one person cannot be a criterion for another in the matter of eating it is impossible to make one rule for all to follow there are those of my family who are very fond of beans while to me beans are poison just because her body didn't do well when she ate beans it was because beans are bad business butter is never placed on my table but if the members of my family choose a little butter away from the table they're at liberty to do so she says I say nothing our table set twice a day but if there are those who desired something to eat in the evening there is no rule that forbids them from getting it. This is in L. A White House no one complains or goes of from our table dissatisfied a variety of food that is simple wholesome and palatable is always provided she consecrated her table there are only certain things that she would do at that table but if people want to do other things to live in the house she let them they had a free will I've had great light for the Lord upon the subject of health reform but I did not seek this light and I did not study to obtain it it was given to me by the Lord to give to others and I present these matters before the people drawing upon general principles and sometimes as questions are asked with a table to which I've been invited I answer according to the truth but I have never made a raid upon anyone in regard to the table or its contents and then she says I would not consider such a course at all courteous or proper but many of our brethren do this I make myself a criterion for no one there are things I cannot eat without suffering great distress so I try to eat what's best for me and then I say nothing to anyone I partake of the things that I can eat which often are simple 2 or 3 varieties and will not create a disturbance in the stomach there's a wide difference in cost intuitions and temperaments and the demands of the system will differ greatly in different persons what will be food for 1 May be poison for another so precise rules cannot be laid down to fit every case I cannot eat beans for they are poison to me but for me to say that for this reason no one must eat them would be simply ridiculous we have no words no contentions almost along the harmoniously and by a large family for I do not attempt to dictate what they shall or shall not eat that's how she did life but yet people will quote her and imply something different so she says on this topic of health she all oh listen as this is James White we're closing with this I'll be done I went WAY long I'm sorry. But this is James White they had an issue there were people she got sick her and James both did and they stopped writing for the review for a span other people started writing based on things that she had said that made them think we need to advocate for the strongest diet of the CAN isn't and so now the Adventist publication is going to not having as Holmes is advocating for a vegan diet and then a pastor will show up to these people's house they go over to the pastor's house and the pastor has milk with his meal. But you guys don't do this right because what the publication was saying was not what the pastors are living up to at this stage and she was not saying that people had to live like that yet you with me and it caused a lot of confusion for people so James White steps in and he writes something in the Adventists recall the review here I used to work for the entry in the review Herald this is what he says on this subject Ella White has always avoided extremes and she's careful to take only those positions where she is quite sure not to excite prejudices the people are easily excited and prejudice upon the subject of health reform and if those who handle are unfortunate in the selection of the occasion or in the style in which they present it especially they stand before the people in light of the extremists there is not one in 10 of our preachers who are suitably informed or properly guarded to handle the health question in that several branches before the people now I'll just be real with you there's probably not one in 10 of our preachers who are following the health message right now unfortunately in their day people were going too far they didn't know what to do with it whatever we as a people have not rejected the blessing this message and leadership is not doing the best example of a lot of times that can happen to local churches. And the amount of harm done to the cause of present truth by the in judicious course of those who've introduced the subject of health reform at the wrong time and place and in a wrong manner can hardly be estimated I have yet many things to say and to you said Jesus but you can't bear that now Jesus knew how to lead along the lines of his disciples and the Lord also knew how to introduce to his waiting people the great subject of health reform step by step as they could bear it and then make a good use of it without souring the public mind when we had gained a good victory over these things when the Lord saw that we were able to bear it light was given relative to food and dress and the cause of health reform among our people moved steadily forward and great changes were made in special regard to the use of swines flesh up to a certain point when a consequence of our sickness Miss White ceased to speak and write upon the topic of health reform now from that may be dated the commencement of our misfortunes of mistakes as a people relative to this subject she was there to to balance them out in synch with them and since we become active again listen to this Mrs White oftener feels called upon the speak upon the subject of health reform because of existing extremes of health reformers then for any other reason at that stage she felt more compelled to speak about health to counteract extremists than for any other reason the fact that all or nearly all the existing extremes upon health reform among our people are supposed to receive her unqualified sanction is the reason why she feels cold upon the speaker real sentiments the people must and will in due time know her position upon the subject in reference to the use of tobacco tea coffee flush meats and also to dress there's a general agreement but it present time she is not prepared to take the extreme positive position relative to salt sugar and milk if there were no other reasons for moving careful in reference to these things of so common an abundant use there is sufficient one in the fact that the minds of many are not prepared even to receive facts relative to these things they weren't ready yet. The complete overthrow of individuals and almost destruction of some of our churches can be traced to some extreme positions upon diet injury just recently given in the review some time since the results have been bad he says while some have rejected the subject of health reform because badly handled others problems and conscientious have carried out the most extreme positions greatly detrimental to their health and consequently to the health reform the cause of health reform Wisner this in the state in this state of things however discouraging Mrs White feels called upon to resume her work in this field of labor and in so doing will let her views be fully understood and then maybe we'll hear to state however that while she does not regard milk taking a large quantities as is customarily with bread the best article food her mind as yet has only been called importance of best and most healthy condition possible the cow whose milk is used as an article of food she cannot unite in circulating publications broadcasts which take an extreme position on the important question of milk with her present light upon the subject at 870 such work may be well enough with well informed health reformers and maybe a proper guide in the cooking Department of Health it's a Tucson's a bell a creek after a table should be cleared of the habitual use of milk and such words have greater influence among our people when our ministers who are ardent health reformers shall lead the free use of cals milk when our ministers are living up to the light makes more sense to make a bigger position here is our weakness upon this subject our publications which go out to untaught to the untaught and those very susceptible to prejudices are an advance upon some of these points of the practices of those among among us who represent the true health reform miss in white Mrs White speaks to please to have this matter so reversed that her publication still speak out only those sentiments upon which those standing at the head of the work are agreed and then in a style not to prejudice and put good men and good women beyond her influence let the in. I did practice is a healthy formers take the advance and then let our publications follow and speak out will mature and sentiments as the untaught can bear them while coffee tea and and tobacco may be left at once one of the time can you imagine quitting coffee into back with the same time one at a time however by those who are so unfortunate to be slaves of all changes and diet should be made carefully one it is time and listen to this while those who would say to and while she would say to those who are in danger of making changes to rapidly she would also say to the tardy be sure and not for a get to change right because a health reform should be progressive which implies we should be making progress right the plainest facts possible demand a change from the common habits of life but let them not be so fast as an injury health or constitution so here's the point I believe there's a much needed reform in Avon's has and when it comes to the health message on both sides of the aisle those who are rejecting the message don't think it matters it doesn't matter it's for your good follower God is leading you'll see a blessing in it but there are also some of our brethren not all healthy reformers but there are those amongst our brethren who are presenting the health message in such a repugnant light that is making our work much harder and please cease and desist that the very people who are claiming the church isn't following the spirit of prophecy the church is drinking the wine of Babylon were not following the counsel of God Those very same people are not following the counsel of God and how they share the health message they're equally guilty in the eyes of God and they should reform a myth. It's a beautiful message I believe this is the measures that will equip people to stand the end of time because they can think more clearly they can live victorious lives and they can have more energy and vitality to finish the work it's a blessing a man all right let's pray God I thank you for the privilege to reflect upon this we've gone long 2 nights in a row I hate that Lord forgive me for this but I pray that it's been a blessing that the information can be helpful and that you would help to change our perspective when it comes to the health measures to one that is balanced that is progressive that is healthy and in our best interest God I pray that if we have gotten in the way of this message for Jesus forgive us cover that sin with the blood of Jesus help us to be tactful and when some reformers we play we pray we ask this now in Jesus name. 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