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Fight or Flight?

Dee Casper


Dee Casper

Director of the CORE Evangelism Training Program.



  • June 8, 2019
    6:30 PM
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Jesus I think you that you have been good to this week you've been good to us our whole lives whether we recognize it or not but I want to thank you for the special blessing we receive in being in this place. I think you're giving the West. A different idea of how to structure this particular conference and including copious amount of time time with you in nature and what a blessing has been to me and so I just pray that you had since your spirit into this place in an even greater measure one last time this message would make sense that my head would be clear and that you would speak with power with conviction in clarity we asked this now Lord in Jesus' name amen. All right so we're going to talk about Coeur while we talk about a Bible study because there are some parallels I would like to share with you but I'm going to get to that so the see these messages untitled fight or flight fight or flight is defined this way if you've heard of the fight or flight response the fight or flight response is the response of the body to a perceived threat when faced with danger the body releases hormones such as adrenaline in cortisol these hormones give us a burst of energy and strength by increasing the heart rate slowing digestion and directing blood to major muscle groups and although this response is helpful in cases of physical threat like running from a bear it's inappropriate and maladaptive when it occurs in social or performance situations such as the case with social anxiety disorder but in a fusion Chapter 6 The Word of God gives us some principles on the best ways for us to prepare ourselves for situations of perceived threat what does this refer to as the when will the fusion 6 section we're going to be looking at the armor of God you've read it before haven't you go to features Chapter 6 beginning in verse 14 he says Chapter 6 beginning in verse 14. And we're going to look at the inventory that's in the armor of God I saw something there one day when I was studying and whoa that sounds like that's kind of important he says Chapter 6 of verse 14 so it's this that's not true go to 1st Him Finally my brother and be strong in the Lord and in the power of His might and put on how much of the armor of God the whole armor of God that you may be able to do what stand against the wiles of the devil here that's our theme this week isn't it for we do not wrestle against flesh and blood but against principalities against powers against the rulers of the darkness of this against spiritual host of wickedness in the heavenly places therefore take up how much of the armor the whole amount of God may be able to withstand in the evil day and having done all to you should stand therefore having girded your ways that's 3 times actually 4 times. Stand stand was stand yes 4 times stand therefore having girded your waist with the with that with truth having put on the breastplate of righteousness and having shod your feet with the preparation of the gospel of peace above all taking the shield of faith which you will be able to quench that with darts of all the fiery we could one all the fiery darts of the wicked one and take the helm of the cell the shin and the sword of the Spirit which is the Word of God All right we're going to stop there well we shouldn't because I mean that it's important to pray always with all power in supplication of the Spirit being watch will do this in with all perseverance of supplications for all the saints and will stop there OK So here's the things are listed. Good your waist with the truth that's a defensive item. Breast plate of righteousness That's a defensive item your feet with the Gospel of Peace defense of I don't know these are often survives is the point shield of faith helm of salvation and then the sort of the Spirit when you do an inventory of the the armor of God Only one of these things is actually an office of tool to defend yourself as you know that. That's right thought. So when I noticed this it dawned on me that if you indulge clothing yourself with the armor of God but don't understand how to use a sort of a spear and don't have it you're going to spend your entire Christian experience running from the enemy just trying to survive I mean you're not going to die and stuff but it's still not going to be an enjoyable experience right it's not going to be an enjoyable experience you're just striving to survive and what I've come to find is that many of our people are living that very experience but we're not dying we're not really thriving either and we really don't know I had to defend ourselves because we do not really have a working knowledge of how to use the word of God for ourselves to defend ourselves and I think that's a problem and I think one of the reasons why God wanted schools of the prophets in situations like this to exist well honestly or your local churches should be that in city but that a whole nother situation OK so if we don't learn how to use this one oftens of fighting to defend ourselves will spend our entire Christian experience running from the enemy instead of standing as Paul commands us in the text just trying to survive hence the title for the seedings message fight or flight. Some of us may feel like a way that's that's kind of my experience like yeah like I know enough to not be killed but I really don't know how to fight for myself right Satan comes barking up my tree and dealing with temptation and I don't really know how to thrive and succeed in my Christian experience let's talk about that recent parallels in scripture but listen to this the 1st Adam fill in the 2nd Adam held fast to God as Jesus in His Word under the most trying circumstances we've been making that point all this week haven't we trusting in clinging to the Word and His faith in his father's goodness mercy and love did not waver for one moment that's the other side a knowledge of God a true knowledge of who God is it is written was his weapon of resistance and it is the sort of the spirit which every human being is to use it they continue let the youth try to appreciate the privilege that may be theirs to be directed by the own erring wisdom of God Let them take the word of truth as the man of their counsel and become skilful in the use of the sword of the Spirit Satan is a wise general but the humble devoted soldier of Jesus Christ may overcome him a man we talked about this last night that Satan cannot destroy the weakest of God's saints Martin Luther phrase it this way one little word from the word shelf fill him the devil. Chapter 4 verse 12 says this for the Word of God is living and active sharper than any 2 edged sword piercing to the vision of soul in spirit of joints and marrow and discerning the thought and the intentions of the heart Hey that's a dangerous weapon isn't it so then they can read you like a book and cut you up boy you never been their word of God just read you like a book and cut you to pieces at this dangerous right and typically here in America when you've got something that can inflict a lot of harm on somebody they dearly want you to go through some form of training and certification and some knowledge before they and trust that right now you can't run a forklift or vehicles or some firearms know the things they want to make sure you know what you're doing before and trust it was something that can inflict that much harm on somebody now I find this premise interesting this idea of education and so forth and experience and training will go to 1st a much Chapter 17 we're going to study the Bible to see in New York A with that all right good reason to do it anyway but I'm glad you're on board 1st name a chapter 17 1st name and Chapter 17 what's happening in 1st name of 17 is really no David and Goliath you have heard that story and around and around and around in around right you are saying that song as a kid all right 1st chapter 17 Listen to this now the Philistines gathered together against together to battle and we're gathered Soco which belongs to Judah and they can't between They're in other places this is a really well want to read I'll give you a review for time's sake so there's this big showdown that supposed to happen but the Philistines kind of threw a wrinkle this whole situation because what happens is Goliath come forward and says it's a what any of you who come and fight me if you win this battle we're all going to serve you. But if we win you're all going to serve us now Army gives army you feel a little bit better than someone who's ridiculous leap tall ridiculously big right go why a spear is like it's massive like it weighs a whole lot it's this massive thing like facing a giant would be much harder than just army against Army that's the point right and so what ends up happening is David is coming to visit his brothers his dad sins him his brother's little bit snarky about seeing him there but he's trying to find out what's going on he hears the situation and he hears the stuff coming out of Goliath mouth and he's deeply offended because he's blaspheming the God of the Israelites and thinking why is no one doing about this why are you guys worried this little stripling of a guy is thinking Why are these people so concerned like if this is God's battle why don't you just go and do something about it right so let's pick up at verse. 2624 and all the men of Israel when they saw the man they fled remember were dreadfully afraid so the myth of Israel said Have you seen this man has come up surely is coming to defy Israel it should be the man who kills him the king will enrich with great riches will give him his daughter and give the father's house exemption from taxes and David said what should be done for the man who kills his Philistine and takes away the reproach from Israel for who is this uncircumcised philistine that he should defy the armies of the Living God in the people answered him in the manner saying so should be done for this man who kills them then David's brother gets a little crusty I know why you're here we'll skip all that to go down diverse 31 now in the words which David spoke were heard they were reported them to Saul and so Saul sins for David Then David said the soul let no man's heart fail because of him your servant will go and fight with this Philistine and Saul said to David you are not able to go against this Philistine to fight with him why. For you are a youth you know here this is something that's a little perplexing a little frustrating souls' mindset here is that youth equals inexperience and weakness and it troubles me deeply and for us me trust treats me greatly that there is an assumption among some in church not like the General Conference leadership but many of our local churches leadership that we think know no you can't preach no if we're going to have you do something you just do scripture reading but let the big boys take care of the big league stuff or this can happen sometimes where young people who want to get involved in ministry would like to get experience in leadership and no one believes this why because you're young well how are these people going to get experience if no one lets them yeah but there is this view that youth equals inexperience and weakness and so he's speaking and believe into someone who's actually got the guts to go against Goliath that's not going to help the situation for your youth but he's been a man of war from his youth but David said this all your servant used to keep his father's sheet and when a lion or a bear came and took the lamb out of the flock I went after it and I struck it and I delivered the lamb from its mouth and when it arose against me I caught it by its beard and struck it and killed it punched this thing in the face man can you imagine like that's that's that's the epitome of man this right there is no. Verse $36.00 your servant has killed both lion and bear and this uncircumcised Philistine will be like one of them seeing that he's defied the armies of the Living God Moreover David said the Lord delivered me from the Paul the line of the Paul the bear and he will deliver me from the hand of this Philistine and so also David go put the Lord be with you right now I want to see this thing Lord make it quick so saw close David with his arm and he puts a bronze helmet on his head and they clothe him of the code of male and David fasten disorders armor and try to walk free and not tested them and David said to Saul I cannot walk with these for I have not tested them so he took them off so souls thought is if I at least put armor on this kid it's going to take a little longer to kill him like I know is going to go down but at least it'll take a little more time and hopefully things will work out maybe Goliath will trip over a shoelaces or something in it least the boy stands a chance but listen to this and you study Bible says this on this very text David has never fought with arms in battle David has no experience using a sword in battle he's completely inexperienced with a sword you are going hear talk about the armor of God Dave is completely without him now David obviously is clinging to God in this since but there are some parallels and David story they think will be helpful for us and some lessons for us so David didn't know how to use a sword but he did know how to call in the Lord in His time of need he had that going for him at least right now going to verse 40 that he took a staff in his hand it shows from still 5 smooth stones from the brook and he put them in a shepherd's bag in the house which he had and a sling which he made from fresh green grass stocks outside just like her are young lads Not really but as he's got to have a sling and he drew near to the Philistines So the Philistine came and began drawing near David and the man who bore the shield but before him it when the Philistine looked about and saw David he distain him it says why. For he again was only a use it's offensive to this agent against the people of God that you're sending a young person to come fight this battle as the best you have to offer clearly they have nothing to bring to the table but he also doesn't like him for another good reason to find kind of funny for he's a youth and he's ready and good looking good looking people can't fight I guess so the Philistines said to David am I a dog that you come to me was sticks in the Philistine cursed David by his gods the Philistines said to David come to me and I will give your flesh to the birds the air and the Beast of the field then David said of the Philistine contrasts talk to you come to me with a sword with the spirit of javelin but I come to you in the name of the LORD of hosts the God of the armies of Israel whom you have defied this day the Lord will deliver you to my hand I will strike you and take your head from you and this day I will give the carcasses this is like serious trash talk so much about watching too much Netflix. Anyway all of that stuff then this is simply show no the Lord does not say was sword and spear for the battle is the Lord's and he will give you into our hands so it was when the Philistine a rose and came in and drew near to me David the David hurried and ran toward the Army to meet the Philistine the David put his hand in his bag took out the stone he slung it and he struck the Philistine on the foreheads of the saying the stone sank into his forehead any fill on his face to the earth and then listen the verse 50 so the king prevailed to David prevailed over the Philistine with the sling in a stone and he struck the Philistine and killed him but what does it say Next there was no sword in the hand of David So what does he do then David ran and stood over the Philistine he took his sword Dritte out of its sheath and he killed them dismiss stuff and then the Philistines saw that the Champion was dead and what did the Philistines do they fled David chose fight the Philistines chose flight. How lujah from this point forward David always uses a sword in battle because he now had experience with one and will see this in fact David even got a nickname over time in 1st chapter 18 of or 7 that Saul has struck down his thousands and David his 10 thousands headed soul like that too much did you know that even the enemies of Israel knew that this song was sung by the Israelites yet so God intends for his people to be well equipped to use this sort of spirit not only to defend themselves but also to advance his kingdom right we are called to be missionaries we have a great commission to fulfill but what do you do when you have an entire group or army without sorts we can find out who the 1st chapter 13 for same a Chapter 13 beginning of verse 19 what do you do when there's a large mass of people with no experience and no position of a sword 1st name a Chapter 13 beginning in verse 19. That's not true for sandwich a 3rd from a 14 Here we go 1st image up to 13 beginning of verse 19 Now there were no blacks miss to be found through all the land of Israel for the Philistines said let the Hebrews make swords or spears but all the Israelites would go down to the Philistines to sharpen each man's plow share his magic his axe in his sickle literally all the Israelites have a farm implements none of them have swords so it came to pass on the day of battle there was neither sword nor spear found in the hand of any of the people who were with Saul and Jonathan but they were found a solid John that's only 2 people the entire army have swords and the gears in the Philistines went out to the past at MC mash and this is exactly the way that Satan would have it his people that he's trying to war against none of them have swords No the know what they're doing was swords they're stuck trying to defend themselves with that ever they can find but they don't have what they really need to get the job done this was Satan does he would love for churches and loves that our churches are full of people who don't know how to defend themselves who are incapable of defending themselves this is what he wants is just like Satan to do this very thing. I said that didn't so we have to prioritize equipping our young people for battle and all of our people for that matter how can we expect them to fight for the kingdom right we're told that the youth are going to finish the work well how are they going to finish this battle if they can't even survive their day to day battles because of a lack of understanding and training in the knowledge of the Word of God It's not going to happen so something's going to have to change. In fact Jose Chapter 4 verse 6 says that my people are destroyed for a lack of knowledge this is one of the reasons why the core program is starting because we recognize there is a massive need for young people and adults alike to better understand why I am an avid had to find Jesus in the absence of message and how to effectively communicate that to the world around us so that's why we exist right now to be fair we're told in ministry of healing that all of our churches should be training centers but being it is what it is we're developing this school to deal with that issue listen to this there is no line of work in which it is possible for the youth to receive greater benefit than this type of work missionary training and mission work all who engage in ministry are God's helping hand they are coworkers with the angels rather they are they human agencies through whom angels accomplish their mission and you know that people who are willing to go on behalf of God are the agents through which angels are used to communicate the truth to the world angels speak through their voices and work by their hands and the human workers cooperating with heavily Asian seas have the benefit of their education and experience as a means of education and what university course can equal this I'm so glad that said because I actually have an offer a program that can help fill this need with and then this is where the quote picks up that most of us have probably heard with an army of our workers of workers as our youth rightly trained might furnish house soon the message of a crucified risen and soon coming Savior might be carried to the whole world how soon might the income the end of suffering sorrow in sin how many would like to see the end of suffering sorry when sin Well one of the ways that we can ensure that happens is by equipping our people to stand for their faith in their share their faith Yeah. Hence why we're doing what we're doing again we're told that every church should be a training school for Christian workers but if that isn't happening there we're raising up blacks amiss in Pennsylvania to equip you to do that right 1st image at a 13 verse 22 again it says so in the day of battle there was neither sword or a spear found in the hand of any of the people but was solid on them they did have them right but Saul and Jonathan his son had them this is what too many people think is OK what too many of our churches look like today the pastor and the Bible worker they're off doing all the Lord's battles and none of the members have swords and know how to help and it's a lonely work and if you've ever been involved in doing Bible work but some people they go through these training programs and they go to a church where literally everyone acts is expecting them to do everything no one helps no one tries and it's a lonely and difficult work pastors are dealing with this too everyone just assumes that's what you're hired the converse pays you for you fix everything we're just here to listen to you say what we want you to say because we have lunch right there with too many churches feel is OK Today the past in the Bible were there out of the front lines while the members don't have what they need to engage in this fight and that has to change and it's not because all of our members don't want to do something many of our members feel too ill equipped to do something I would do something but I don't know how and what Pastors should be doing is training their members to engage in this work alongside them right and Bible workers their role should not just be doing all the work for the church they should be equipping the church members and saying hey you know people who need Jesus introduce me to them and the 2 of us together are going to go study with him that's what I did OK that's got to change remember Paul said that we need to put on the whole armor of God or we're not going to be able to withstand the attacks of the devil that means that everyone should have the knowledge and experience with the sort. Now if you were in this army an army that's an armed and you're facing a huge opposing army that did not have sort of they did have swords How would you feel what choice would you make I would choose flight right and that's actually what many did in 1st game of 141122 even the enemies of Israel know that the Israelites are hiding in the holes in the ground in caves they ran away they were afraid and they bailed and even they're in these new this as 1st team of 14 versus 11 in 22. So maybe you are a young person and you feel like you're the only person in your church in your class in your school who's trying to get anything done for Jesus and it's a lonely work for you if you're tempted to quit even if it's only me why I keep doing this well look at what God can do with one person in a situation like this begin a verse one of chapter 14 I love this story story Jonathan and his arm are bare Now what happened one day that Jonathan the son of Sol said to the young man who bore his arm or Come let us go over to the Philistines gears and that's on the other side but he did not tell his father and Saul was sitting in the outskirts of Gibeah under a pomegranate tree which is a meager on the people who are with them or about 600 men that's not very many of the son of. Brother the son of Phineas to some of the Lord's priest and Shiloh was wearing an odd but the people did not know that Jonathan had gone but when the passers by was Jonathan sought to go over to the Philistines gears and there was a sharp rock on one side and a sharp rock on the other side the name of one was bows is the name the other it was seeing them the front of one face opposite towards make a match northward opposite mash and the southward opposite Gibeah then Johnson said to the young man who bore his armor Come let us go over to the Philistine of these uncircumcised it may be that the Lord will work for us for nothing restrains a lord from saving by many or by few Now if you are someone by yourself and you know that there's a massive army on the other side how many people think this way you know you're you're one person and I one person why don't we just go over there and fight these guys I don't know why we're waiting why don't you and I just go over there and do something about it faith can say that you have and look what happens what does God do with this amount of faith. And so he says is our member says do all that is in your heart go then here I am with you according to your heart then Johnson said Very well let us cross over to these men and we will show we're still to them if they say this to us wait till we come to you that will stand in our place and I go up to them but they say the US come up to us that we will go up for the Lord is deliver them into our hand in this will be assigned to us so both of them show themselves of the years in the Philistines and the Philistines said look the Hebrews are coming out of the holes where they have hidden they even know the Israelites are afraid and so they said come up to us and we will show you something then Jonathan said his armor bearer come up after me for the Lord has delivered them into the hand of Israel and John that climbed up on his hands and knees with his armor bare after him and they fell before John at them and as he came up after him as are a bear killed them that 1st slaughter with Jonathan and his arbor made was about 20 men within half an acre of land and there was trembling in the camp in the field and among all the people the garrison and the Raiders also trembled and the earth Kuwait so that was made a very great trembling now the watchman of solemn Gibbie of binge and looked and there was the multitude melting away and they went here and there just imagine right there to climb up some ravine to get there see their dead at the base so I $3600.00 or whatever and then looking up and they start seeing dust swirling all over the place and they hear the Philistines freaking out there thinking what's what's going on up there so they look and then they say take the role and find out who this is Saul said to them call the roll and see who's gone from us and when they call the roll surprisingly Jonathan and his armor bearer were not there and Saul said to hijack bring the ark of God here for that time the ark of God is with the children of Israel now it happened while Saul talked to the priest of the noise which was in the camp of the Philistines continues to increase it's getting worse. So salsa to the priest withdraw your hand and then saw all the people who were with them assembled and they went to the battle and indeed every man's sword was against his neighbor and there was very great confusion when someone decides to take a stand for God God starts turning the enemies against each other they start destroying themselves Psalm Johnson Johnson is our very getting some work done but God is fighting for them in destroying the enemies in the enemies or even destroying themselves. Then so all the people who are assembled went to the battle we got that verse 21 moreover the Hebrews who were with the Philistines before that time who went up with them into the camp from the surrounding country they also joined the Israelites who was Saul and Jonathan Likewise the min of Israel who had hidden in the mountains of F.E.M. when they heard that the Philistines fled they also fall hard after them in battle so the Lord saved Israel that day and the battle shifted to Beth a them and that amazing so can God use one person if he has to but should he have to. Just say I'm. Jonathan chose fights the Philistines chose flight when Johnson took that step of faith in when alone even if no one else went with him God fought for him and when others saw what God did and how he provided they decided to join in the fight your example could make that same type of a difference and this happens a lot unfortunately right you go to some organizations that hey can we get money to start this ministry like Sorry can't help you and then you go out and you prove yourself and do that grind by yourself then people are more inclined to want to help as Wade is for many start at ministries unfortunately and this can happen in ministry too no no no no no look young person you don't know any better we've been in this community for 50 years no one here wants Bible studies no one here wants to come to help events we've tried all this stuff and then you go out you do Bible work by yourself and you start baptizing people you know the church is going to do well maybe maybe yeah maybe MILLETTE Let's go knock on doors let's do Bible work it may be a situation where you have to fight by yourself but when the Lord stands with you because you're doing His work on his behalf other people will take notice and people will join you but you've got to take that step I don't want you to have to fight alone and God does want you to fight along but sometimes the only way that God's work is vindicated in inspiring to other people is when it looks like this and so if you get a fight even though you're fighting alone don't let these people keep that from you don't let the naysaying the negativity maybe from your pastor maybe from your elders maybe from church members don't let them do that to you if God is calling you to do something then do something it reminds me of the situation in John Chapter 21 where Jesus is reinstating Peter after having you know messed up 3 times do you love me Do You Love Me Do you love me then he says his was going to cost you Pete and it's a lot right someone is going to stretch out your hand someone is going to clothe you for yourself you're going to be in prison you're going to be crucified. It's kind of discouraging. And so Peter isn't all that jazz about what he had to go through but it's an honor to suffer in Christ stead but then Peter does what Peter does best he looks behind him and he sees John walking as they call men that's a pretty heavy burden Jesus we have but what about this guy but what about this guy Jesus and Jesus His response is basically that's none of your business you follow me. And it's easy we're doing ministry alone and small churches are inactive church is the thing Jesus what about all these people in for Spawn's to you will be exactly the same that's none of your business I've asked you to follow me I'm already working in this community to bless the work that you're doing you let them worry about them you worry about me you with me. So don't give up fighting the battles without help can be a very lonely experience is specially in settings like this where you're the only person doing it but God stands with you in every ounce of comfort strength and integrity that you need each day God is more than willing to provide You're not alone listen to this white Nelson was preaching on this topic Jonathan is over bear some years ago and. He was reading this book he was over in Switzerland and they climb this mountain we're seeing this mountain somewhere in Europe I forget where it was but there's this mountain called the white spider and is reading this book that's about this mount about a guy who's a rock climber a mountain climber and this is this is a quote from that book that's amazing the guy says I believe that no man can be completely able to summon all his strength all his will all his energy for the last desperate move till he's convinced that the last bridge is Dell behind him and there is nowhere to go but on I'm fully convinced of the fact that you're not going to give everything you have until you're convinced of the fact that you can't go back. No one fully goes all in intell they're convinced that I cannot go back right they did this my body Jasper talks about this that whenever the Philippines they were they were kind of overthrown by 2 different groups of people for you the 1st one was it was the. Man and for getting Anyway the 1st people to conquer the Philippines they came it was a Spanish I think and they got a little bit too comfortable as well as a lot of Spanish names in the in the Philippines he says the Filipino women they just they just roped him in and they got him he's from the Philippines so he's kind of a little little. He's got some skin in the game I guess about that he says like they got settled and they distain there but he thinks the Japanese that came after them the Japanese burned their ships as soon as they arrived and said going back is not an option right and settling is an option we're going to get this thing done there's a better analogy for this I'm kind of messing it up because I didn't tell that story he did but in a way the point is when someone is convinced of the fact that they cannot go back they're willing to give everything they had to go forward and that's what our mentality needs to be I'm fully convinced that we find ourselves in that last desperate move that the other is talking about his is in climbing mountains of ours in the context of this great controversy between Christ and Satan and we need Jonathan's to finish this work and we need blacks miss to enable these Johnsons to finish this work. And we take this very seriously at core our burden is to equip people to understand what they need to understand and to thrive in ministry right we're not expecting our graduates to all go out and be full time bible workers full time missionaries but we are expecting that the skills we give them will enable them to be a John and then when they go back to work as a nurse when they go back to their college when they're starting their family when they go to their local church they're getting the tools they need to make a difference for the kingdom in whatever direction that God calls them. But what would you do ever would you want to find yourself in a situation like David standing before a giant without having a knowledge of how to use a sword if David lost God's people lost and everything was on the line and yet David fought for that or God fought for message to ation because he called out to him and God used him with what he had but name David never went to battle without a sword from that point forward not a single instance in fact there's only one instance where David's without a sword for the rest and they were of of David's life and. He finds it very quickly to defend himself this is found in 1st chapter 21 is actually quite interesting and ironic 1st chapter 21 and verse 8 for same a 21 and verse 8 so David flees from Sol souls trying to kill David he tries to pin him to the wall with a spear at the dinner table as having your house and David flees and as David is fleeing he gets to the priest and him Illich and he's asking for food and provisions for the people who are with him and for himself he says I don't have anything but he does have this bread he just pulled out of the temple because replace that bread with nuber It says Hey that's great let's have it and then he asked him hey do you do you have anything here he says are not on here on hand here like a spear are a sword for brought me there my sword nor my weapons with me because the king's business required haste writes I don't have anything with me to defend myself but listen to what the priest says so the priest said the sort of Goliath the Philistine whom you killed in the Valley of Elah there it is wrapped in the cloth behind the ether if you will take that take it for there is no other except that one here and David said there is none like it give it to me I find this fascinating. Because David is only without a sword after that situation the Goliath wants he has no sword and of all the swords available to him whose sword is it its goal ice I think it's amazing OK So are we beginning to see then that we need to have our people be equipped with the knowledge of an experience with the sort of spirit is that clear yet OK. This is was says Isaiah chapter 15 of verse 12 for you shall not go out with pace nor go by flight for the Lord will go before you and the God of Israel will be your rear guard you know that means that means that victories are shared behind you at the cross and victories are ahead of you the 2nd coming God has fully encompassed us God has provided all that we need but someone has to go someone has to be that Jonathan whether anyone goes with them or not so we have 2 choices on this battlefield fight like David and Jonathan and fly it like the Philistines in the Israelites The question is what choice are you going to make right what are you going to do and if you recognize I don't have what I need to finish this battle maybe Corps an opportunity for you to figure that out doesn't have to be core could be some other school I'm certainly little preferential But the point is take that time and find out don't wait for somebody else to do something get the skills that you need to be able to go forward and do that listen to this look up my brethren has the gospel lost its power to impress hearts is it because the regenerating influence of the Spirit of Christ has died away that hard to not purified same to find it prepared by the Holy Spirit know the sort of the Spirit the Word of the Living God is with us yet but it must be wielded with earnestness let us use it as the gods think to find ones of old and by its living quickening power it will cut its way to Hearts and listen to this the Lord calls for a reformation all through our rink's when the church is awaken and I would add trained decided changes will be made minute and women will be converted and so filled with they be by the Spirit of God they will pass from country to country from city to city per claiming the message of truth and with hearts filled with earnest love for souls they will open their viable and present the word. This is what God is longing for this is what God is needing this is what God has made you for the question is What shall we do so this is what we're seeking to achieve a core and we're inviting you to prayerfully consider of God leading you to join us for a year of service so what does that look like so the Corps training program is a 9 month mission training school were located in Pennsylvania on the same campuses Bloomington Academy in Hamburg Pennsylvania between Allentown and reading and the Academy still running to the schools built for $400.00 students they have like 112120 so there's dormitory space it's a beautiful location the Appalachian Trail is right across the street I thought Pennsylvania which is full of like almost folks and stuff but it's actually very very very pretty they don't tell you that they don't want you to move their ex they want to keep it to themselves I guess but so who's this for this program is initially designed for like 18 to 30 ish age range but honestly it's open to anybody after high school right if you feel that God's calling you to do just figure out I don't understand why I'm an Adventist right many people find themselves in these situations like I know that my parents are obvious but I've never really made this thing my own and I'm not all that secure and in your realizing I need to take a year to really to figure out if this thing's for real or not does this thing actually work or not that's kind of the point giving a chance to really kind of solidify your experience and how do I share my faith as somebody else how do I do that in an intelligent tactful in Christ in her fashion and another question how do I even find Jesus in this message right is it just a bunch of dragons beasts in in time of events or can you actually see an amazing picture of Jesus in the 70 and this church is doctrines the answer is yes every one of our individual distinct believes should be telling you something about the character of God They're not 28 detached items you know this color by numbers thing what kind of it is because it takes $28.00 colors to paint the most beautiful picture of Jesus imaginable. Right every one of those aspects of our beliefs should be teaching us something about the big picture of Jesus now there are expenses when it comes to the program but the beautiful thing is we have work study options through organic agriculture in through literature evangelism you can cut your tuition in half if not even more so just by doing with the program offers so you learn how to do Bible work how to give Bible studies to people in the community small group Bible studies personal bible studies literature of Angela's and canvassing digital media evangelism how do we use social media to draw people to Christ how do we use social media in a way to actually get interest in our local community to give Bible studies to folks not just knocking on doors are there other ways to do that health of vandalism the health message is prime real estate right now guys if it's becoming more and more difficult to make connections with non haven't as in just with non Christians in a post modern society how do we make connections of people that eventually led to spiritual. Decisions the health message and we were told this many years ago so we're going to spend a lot of time talking about health we're actually trying to give you guys experience in doing something along the lines of health coaching so we have an organic agriculture program then this is amazing the Blue Man Academy campus has an organic certified organic farm already so we're tapping into that existing program one of the things we're going to be doing is the local Catholic hospital has this thing called food or X. They're literally prescribe ing fresh fruits and vegetables to their patients. Do our hospitals do that I hope so maybe some of them do I don't know it was a brilliant idea because they realize it is going to help with the lifestyle issues so the United Way has partnered with this hospital they're giving vouchers to the doctors to give to their patients they're not saying you need 4 servings of broccoli and 3 servings of corn and call me in the morning is now what it is but they're giving them valid yours Did they can use to buy healthy fresh produce that the Academy is providing them they Cademy is running the farmer's market in the hospital and they're making connections with people already Hey what if we had people who are being trained to be bible workers running those farmers' markets making connections with these people and on top of that what are those people who are also offering to be health coaches to the same people you want to know how to cook this food he wanted to buy more food like this cost effectively that's what we're here for I'm so stoked for this guys so the health message is going to become part of the what we're doing organic agriculture you can spend 3 to 4 weeks overseas doing foreign missions our intention is to go to Cuba this year that's still an open window that things are getting kind of difficult with that you're going somewhere regardless but that's our intention right now we're going to do it the topic of mental health our people are wrestling and we're not addressing this is fully as we ought to so we're taking a stand on this because we have schools that are training people to be missionaries but the problem is what good is that training if you can't get out of bed in the morning because you're dealing with depression. And many of these schools are running into these very issues that they have students that are in the schools right now who are dealing with heavy mental health issues in the schools don't know how to handle it right because there are training missionaries there not knowing how to handle mental health issues so we're bringing in multiple people to address this topic intensely right to deal with a topic mental health not only so that our missionaries can find healing in their own experience but also to equip them in a how to help other people who are dealing with the same thing. Practical Christianity as basic issues relationships entertainment stuff like that recreation public speaking right you learn how to do that as well but let's say that you're someone who isn't able to spin that full 9 months in a mission training program there is another option we have a main a name for it yet but we're calling it track 2 for right now this basically the 2nd semester of the core program January 6th to June 1 the type of person we're looking for someone who's a committed Christian passion about their faith and they have a burden to help their local church so this is different from the 9 month program in the sense that we're looking for a special group of people people who are in it to win it who are serious rule a bit older and who want to make a difference in the local church the pre-requisites 21 years of age you're in an abacus in good standing letter of recommendation from your pastor and then you complete our online course one of things you want most of the theology happens actually in the 2nd semester we're doing with more practical ministry stuff in the 1st semester more canvassing go overseas mission work health work and then you're also doing. We're to go through all the doctrines in the fall semester so whenever you start Bible work in January and we're doing 5 months of Bible work so you're getting a lot of experience doing Bible studies in people's homes at the end of that time so the people can come for basically just the Bible work or portion but you'll take the doctrines classes online as a prerequisite that's how the work. But maybe you can't even do that maybe it's a situation that you still wrestle to have the time commitment for we're actually parting out our curriculum that you can come for intensives So we have our different theology classes a different intensive classes Monday through Thursday with individual teachers for those sections you can come just for that and we'll show you more on that and basically for days you can fly in on a Sunday have classes Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday fly home Thursday you can be at work on Friday and be your church on Sabbath if you're not losing a lot of time and it's a smaller commitment so who's coming to teach white Nelson is coming to teach on the topic of preaching and communication James Rafferty and Revelation Dr Stephen Grabner and Daniel skip McCarthy in the covenants done Macintoshes in talk about total community involvement in the difference that's made it we more he's also address health Dr Randy Siebold in a deal Tridge occasion and leadership. I double dip that one sorry. Gary Blanchard is actually agreed to come and teach as will the G.C. use director Nathan Renner on how to study the Bible and how we got the Bible in apologetics Israel Ramos and campus ministries Steve has gone from Andrews University Church history Rico Hill on health Paul kind of his new mental health champion our to mental ministries Chris masse one of the great resources we have in the 7th amas church on digital media marketing how do you social media as like a church or a ministry to grow and increase attendance for your events for your Vangelis experience getting interest for your bible studies it's a great great resource for that Pastor Diliman all the teaching and others so let's say you just want to come to a specific intent if you want to come learn how to preach from white Nelson then you come on those dates right Koren tenses are another option so our website is P 8 conference dot org forward slash corps and you can get more information there but has made since this evening we have a desperate need in our movement right now to enable our people to thrive in their experience to be secure in their identity as a 70 have description and how to communicate that clearly to the world around them that's why we exist. That's why our church exists as a whole but that's why the core program has been developed to give you what you need to thrive and succeed in your experience so if you'd like more information there's postcards again at the registration table you can fill up the square one that's got blanks in it distill it and give it to me I'm happy to follow up with you. But I'm just so so passion about this guys are people need to understand the Word of God for themselves Jesus tells the parable of the wise and foolish virgins in this parable what's basically being communicated if you're not fully aware of the parable of condensed down for time's sake but they all of them fall asleep there's 10 virgins they all fall asleep and when they awake in their lamps have burned down and the running out of oil 5 of them brought extra oil with them 5 of them did not bring extra oil those who did not bring oil their lamps are going out and they're pleading with the other 5 please give me some of your oil my lamp is going out and they told him No we can't go buy oil from the people who give oil the problem is by the time those people get back it's too late. And the point that Jesus is making in this parable is that your experience cannot be based upon somebody else's experience. It doesn't matter if you're a 15th generation 7th Day Adventists your great great great great grandfather Modelo White's lawn it does not matter you need Jesus every single one of us desperately need to have our own experience with Jesus I don't care if mom has a devotional life dad has a devotional life they're solid 70 AD is Christians Christians whatever that that's wonderful but that doesn't change your spark that doesn't change your situation you individually need to have your own oil your own experience of the Holy Spirit and we're offering a means to kind of jumpstart that experience for you at core but regardless we're encouraging you please take this time winners history seriously dig into the Word of God for yourself if you have not read the Bible now's the time now's the time to start searching the scriptures for yourself now is it time to start searching life through the conflicts the ages series and dig deeper into scripture now is the time and my appeal to you this evening is the same appeal that I had on Wednesday that if you feel that God has a call in your life you recognize that I need more in my experience why wait right at the tree is green if there is still time to make a decision to make a difference why wait guys we don't have time to waste let's go ahead and get serious about the fact that this word is available to me in my native tongue. And if you know more than one language I pray on behalf of the Lord Jesus Christ you will understand that you don't know more than one language just because your family speaks that language there are people who need Jesus in both of those languages and God is asking you to share. The only reason why language exists in scripture was for the preservation and the redemption of humanity that's it languages different languages did not exist until the tower of people and the only reason why God injected this change in language was a dispersed humanity to preserve them until the Messiah could come and as soon as Jesus comes what does he do he starts using language to bring people in right languages used to spread people out of the Tower of Babel but as soon as Jesus the sins in the heaven and Pentecost happen to get the tongue is given to the church and that gift now is used to bring people in to finish the work and when we get to heaven there will be one language the entire purpose of that was for the preservation and Redemption of humanity so if you know more than one language I would encourage you start giving Bible studies in other languages by a Bible in the other language find people to invest in another culture the Great Commission is not going to be finished by us doing nothing it's not and so if God has given you these precious gifts LET'S TAKE ADVANTAGE OF IT guys and then of saying this you don't do this blah blah that's not the point it's a privilege to be in service for Jesus but why not now if not now when and if you don't know what you're doing there's a resource there are the resources to have issues with you but i'm here we have of course. But there's other resources too but please take advantage of the time that you have a man let's pray God in heaven I think you I think you so much that we have access to the Word of God in our own language and that there are many people who suffered bled and died to ensure that we could have it so. The tragedy Lord is many of us have more than one of those Bibles in our homes and we're not doing anything and sharing that with someone else and so Lord if we just feel that were inadequate that we don't have the tools that we need to share effectively I pray that we would prayerfully consider core or other schools of evangelism that we would sit down with our pastor and say teach me I don't know how to share my faith help me whatever the situation may be but I pray that you would bless us as we take that step but I pray that there's someone in this room the ceiling who's recognizing that Jesus is placing a call on my life to learn how to dig deeper into scripture to learn how to make this thing my own and I'm going to start reading for myself and I want to read the whole Bible if you're just starting going cover to cover is not a good idea just start in the New Testament find your bearings get to know Jesus dig deeper build an experience with Jesus 1st then expand to the rest of Scripture but if someone's realizing you know I've been a Christian for years and I've never read the whole Bible if that you were just one of your head to head in the ceiling and say I want to make that commitment tonight I want to read this whole thing through I want to make this thing my own and I want to read the Bible all the way through the word you see our hands and you know our hearts and I also want to pray that for those of us who just who feel like we're reading the Bible but we really need help to better understand what the point is and what you're wanting to share with us and we want to commit to reading the conflicts series all the way through who knows how long it'll take us but we just want to make that commitment to start tonight to make this thing our own to dig deeper into these things and I survived you to raise your hand to heaven this evening. God in heaven thank you we think you that you have a plan for each of us to grow closer to you that the Word of God is a great gift to humanity and that we don't have to read in our own understanding you've promised to give to the Holy Spirit the very offer of scripture to inspire us to enlighten us and to teach us and God we ask for that as well but I just pray above all else that we would be Bible believing Jesus loving and Jesus exemplifying Christians who are choosing to commit or a whole life to the finishing of your work in that I pray that something would be birthed in this room in this moment that will continue through return it give us a passion for souls Lord give us your passion for a lost souls and I pray that you would use this in whatever means you deem necessary in the finishing of this work we ask these things now in Christ Jesus' name. Amen. This media was brought to you by audio force a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse or if you would like to listen to more sermons lead to visit W W W dot audio dot org.


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