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History and Heroes - Those That Stand: Part 1

Diane Burnett


Diane Burnett

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  • June 6, 2019
    10:30 AM
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Our Father in heaven and every moment of our life you have a purpose and now as we gather for this presentation Lord I ask that you will be with each one of us we come to be before your presence we come to gain a blessing to learn something and to grow closer to you I ask for your promise that you will strengthen us that you will guide us that you will touch my lips and put your words in my mouth and in my thoughts so Lord for this we go forward and ask that after today after this moment we will be drawn closer to you and we will have more tools. A quick moment with which to stand in Jesus name I pray in man. So my talk this morning is history and heroes and in light of your thing I want to look at those that have stood before us and why they stand and what we can gain from them and were told in 2nd Corinthians. Vance or 124 Paul says how do we stand by faith we stand what does that mean to stand by faith but we're going to talk about it we're going to look at it more but you know there has always only ban 2 groups those that stand and those that don't in fact when Jesus returns these 2 groups will be very distinct they're only be 2 groups there will be one that has stood on the rock and they will stand when he comes and the other group will pray for the rocks to bury them. There's a story in history of 3 faithful Heroes 3 Hebrews who stood. The demands of faults worship in ancient Babylon they represent the time that we live in today and how did they stand they stood with courage they refused to battle before a God that was made of earthly substance you know gold isn't really rock but it's a mineral but it's a false rock and even though everyone else there and potentially other Hebrews that were there that knew the truth they had courage not to band to prepare pressure they dared to stand by the faith of the Son of God whether they lived or died they would rather die than sin so I have a question all to mentally one group well I'm going to save my question so there's going to be one group that stands in the face of full glory and the other group will perish What does it take to endure his glory there's an interesting statement by Victor Frankl you know I never really read a lot of his work and I just heard a talk and he was quoted and I started looking up some of the things he said and they are pretty incredible and so I think this he said What is it what is to give light must endure burning so when we talk about everlasting burning that there will be an everlasting fire. The problem in faults the ology is that those who can endure burning they're going to be gone but God's people are going to endure everlasting burning. So so I have a question now does our choices of lifestyle have any connection with whether we stand now or at the appearance of Jesus does it have any connection. Anybody saying No Do you all agree that the decisions we make the choices we make in life as with our lifestyle what we what we drink how we dress how we sleep how we exercise impacts whether we can stand. OK Let me ask it a little bit deeper. Is following health principles a salvation all issue in other words is it a sin if you disobey one of the laws of health. Is it a sin if you eat between males. Is it a sin a few over eat. Well have you ever heard it said it doesn't matter that's a trivial thing you're being too fanatic. So if it's a sin to overeat or it's a sin to eat pork are we saved by what we eat. You know so is it really on the same principle are you saved by keeping the Sabbath No Are use Are you lost if you don't keep the Sabbath if you know the truth. OK so in the sense of salvation we have to know what is the cause of our salvation versus conditions Right right it's an important issue I think to understand. Because you can. Flip it just like you can anything else and become legal a stick that what you any of your work speak comes your way that you're trying to earn salvation. One day after church a group of us went out on a hike and as we were out hiking in the time the the conversation of what it's going to be like in the time of trouble came up and the question was what food will we in the time of trouble what is the best food that we're going to have in this time of trouble. Manna we might have man our bread and water will be sure. But the man who asked that question said the best food is going to be the food available that will keep you alive he was born and raised an Adventist If a rabbit appears before you you're to eat that rabbit because that's what will keep you alive. If you are not decided in your mind now what God's health principles are you will not make it through the time of trouble trouble following God's principles in fact I think our time of trouble the rumblings we're already getting into it in a big way the Sunday laws have not become unforced are their Sunday laws. There's been Sunday laws for over 100 years there are still active Sunday laws on the books but they're not enforced but when they began began to be enforced then you're going to feel the pressure. So if you do not know how to stand now for God's principles when the pressure gets greater you warning than have a chance then there's a statement in great controversy and I've broken it down into the who what when where but it says we are living in the most solemn period of this world's history the why is it so song because the destiny of Erstein multitude to this is the bow to be decided our own future well being and also of the salvation of others depend on what the Course which we now pursue not what they're pursuing but what we're pursuing what do we need to do we need to be guided by the Spirit of truth we need to know what is the Spirit of truth and how do you know what is the Spirit of truth we were told last night you have to know your word you have to be in the Bible and be guided by the Spirit of Truth by the Spirit of truth when I was being. In conversation with the leader the owner of amazing discoveries and she was deciding whether I would go to speak there and she told me she was hesitating and she said Well Diane I'm going to tell you I just heard things about you she said I've heard you're really strict. And I'm like that's a bad thing but. That's life yeah that's true I am and so we talked a little more and our conversation and I kept thinking about a psych Well I am really strict but I saw all of the Bible and I follow the spirit of prophecy so she calls me back and we have another conversation and I said it was Dagmar I said I said Well Dagmar I said I just follow the Bible in the spirit of prophecy you know what she said to me that's what they all say and I was like she was right she's right so and I'm I 1st heard the advent message in 1969 I was a teenager and so it's been what how many years 40 some years. And what we are seeing going on now in the church the winds of doctrine the divisions the controversies the things that are shaking our foundation. That's right that's a good point there's an important reason why it says test the spirits and so because what the same quote the Bible and does he quote Spirit of Prophecy to yes can I mis interpret and misquote scripture Yes absolutely so that's why you hear something you take it and you test it you prove it you talk to others but the biggest one is you talk to God and then you you get the idea and it's always good to hear controversy all points of view. To help you weigh it out OK so let's go on the what we need every follower of Christ should earnestly inquire lord what will have me to do every day Lord what is it for me today we need to humble ourselves before the Lord with fasting and prayer in councils on diets and foods the chapter on fasting that is an awesome section the reason for fasting and she said in the early days of putting this message together they would fast and pray so that their minds would be clearer and more perceptive of what is true because they came from all these different opinions how was the Holy Spirit going to reach them they were humbling themselves and they fasted and they prayed we need to meditate much upon his word as specially upon what. The scenes of judgment we should now seek for a deed and living experience in the things of God we have not a moment to lose events a vivid vital importance what's vital mean life what are your vital organs your heart your lungs your brain they are without those you're gone no life of Venice of vital importance are taking place around us we are on say. In chanted ground do you know what a champ in chant it is B. which we're going to talk about that maybe I'll get to today. Sleep not sentinels of God The phone is lurking near he is always on your footsteps always watching for an opening always poking for an opening should you become lax and drowsy to spring upon you and make you his prey Now that's great controversy 601 and a few pages up from that we're told why we need to have this experience we're told that the season of distress and anguish before us will require a faith that can endure 3 things rearing this. Way and hunger how many of you have ever experienced the press of being so weary you think you can't do another thing where there is a delay to your answer to your questions when you're in limbo I think I do not like Limbo It's like come on there's things to do which Wonder why do how many of you have endured hunger severe hunger I've only endured hunger when I've chosen to endure hunger and have always had food available to eat when I wanted it. I do not know what it means to be hunger hungry when there's no food around and I think that I'm going to die and hunger includes 1st so when it says our bread and water will be sure I worry more about water than bread. A faith that will not face those severely tried you know what the next sentence says. A time of probation is granted to all to prepare for this time. Right now is our preparation for the time of trouble such as never was and how is he testing us we are being pushed to what we think is our limits and then he lets off in push where we think we are about to let go that we can't hold on anymore and he relieves us to the point that we have such an experience that we can say I have someone I can trust. So what does health reform have to do with standing I want to read this is says in scoundrels on diets and foods I don't know what the original passage to us but it says I saw that our Heavenly Father has bestowed upon us great blessings of light upon the health reform so why did God give us such great blessings of health reform here's what it tells us that we may all day claims which he has upon us and glorify Him in our bodies and spirits which are his and finally stand how without fault before the throne of God our face requires us to love a. Standard and take Vance steps how far advanced are we are how long has it been since the message has been 1st given are really advanced. When I was at Avco few years back. We had a gentleman in the class he's now in the Vangelis for amazing facts tall guy and he came up to me and he says Dr Diane the health message is supposed to be progressive and I remember looking up to him in a psych and when are we going to progress. One of the 1st things that we were told is that we are to leave aside animal products meat particularly meat was 1st alcohol tobacco that was 1st really and then and then dealing with meat and I was at a seminar one time with in Christian Bergdahl came in and we hadn't seen each other for a while and we got talking and I was tell him I says Christian I don't know what how to present things because you know as you progress and learn I mean talking about excited toxins and G M O's and you know the chemicals that are in your food and I said but most our people are still eating meat and he looked at me and he said Dr Diane some of our people are still drinking alcohol so I get overwhelmed at sight where do I meet the people without I know I'm very aware that I can be overwhelming I try not to be. We have to advance and what were we told in the great controversy in that time that those who have not experienced exercising their faith will have to under great duress and what you have not learned in this time where there's not press or pressure you are going to have a short time to learn those factors those principles and it's not just putting them into practice it's psychologically adjusting to them you know and so that's why God says the health message is to be progressive because he doesn't want us to be overwhelmed with it so it's one little step at a time but we haven't been advancing fast enough the world is ahead of us. And I hate to say the the new We're the new age movement in many ways are ahead of us. Do you you're familiar with forks over a knife so Dr Caldwell Esselstyn calling Campbell I mean God has allowed the stones to cry out I was listening to a talk by Dr Esselstyn. And. He is going on and talking about the benefits of plant food and particularly grains you know and they recommend that you eat 6 servings of grains a day and half a cup cooked or raw but 6 times a day to have a serving of greens and in my heart I thought as advanced as they are they don't have what we have in our health message what's wrong with 6 times a day. No rest for the digestive system that's right so even though these greens are powered packed full of fido nutrients and just explode in your body if you don't eat improperly it becomes detrimental we have the greatest message that has been ever given to this world in health in everything actually in education and medicine so we need to start getting out there. Either either there's benefits of both so what claims this says that we may obey the claims you know so the spirit of prophecy was given to point us to Jesus who is the Word is Jesus so where is it in the Bible that tells us the claims God has on us this to she didn't just make this out of the blue the Holy Spirit didn't just have her write this out of the blue what are the claims that God has on her body in terms of the health message. He's our creator that's right but what about here's just what I. 1st Corinthians $619.00 what Know you not that your body is the temple of the Holy Ghost which is in you which he have a God and you are not your own if you're not your own what does that mean you can't make your own decisions were God's not making a robot but he wants you to surrender to His will bowl leaving that it is for your best good and experiencing it and knowing that it's for your best good and that's what you would choose and then this one it's similar but it goes a little bit farther in explaining the claims to me this is one of the most. Into this passage it's like wow this is powerful Let's just read it no you are not that you are the temple of God and that the Spirit of God well within you if any man defile the temple of God. Then I read that right if any man defile the temple God Him shall God destroy Now I know there is a movement out there God does not destroy and in reality why are why would you be destroyed if you defiled the temple that's right because you cannot stand the burning. That's right so it's not arbitrary You didn't obey me. It's not like that but this is so sobering you know that we should have respect that God wants to do well in US and in one of the songs we sang last night live out the life within me it talks about the ship kind of glory shining out of us where does the ship kind of glory preside. In the most holy place what is the most holy place of this temple the frontal lobe the frontal lobe I don't think I'll get into that much detail but if you want to discuss it more I can show you the principles what the frontal lobe does parallels what goes on in the most holy place it is the frontal lobe and that's where we are sealed that's where we're sealed so and then she says that we might obey him and glorify Him in our bodies what is that referring to how. We are in 3 angles Massy What is the 1st angel's message. Or. Boy my script my slides are messed up fear God and give glory to Him Yes So and then Romans one you know I beseech you there for brother and by the mercies of God that you present your bodies a living sacrifice that you may know what is that acceptable will of God So what we do is the beginning realizing that God created us and we are to give Him glory. By having him dwell in us and following him in all our ways so I skipped around and so back to me see so he says fine and finally stand without fault before the throne of God who is able to keep us from falling so that we can stand without fault now under him that is able to keep you from falling and to present you faultless she is just paraphrasing what the Scripture says before the presence of Him is burning. With exceeding joy so the reason when I put the talk together called history and heroes and looking at where we're at today I mean honestly do any of you ever have fear and trepidation about what's occurring in the world I just saw a little news glimpse yesterday just real fast there's been in the last month over 500 tornadoes that have gone through the. South East the Midwest through the tornado belt 500 and then you know so there's nature things there's political things it's a scary time to live but we know this promise we have nothing to fear for the future except as we forget the way the Lord has led us and His teachings in our past history the past history all the way from creation so when we look at history going all the way back to Eden and going all the way to were headed to the new world to God's New have a new earth. We see how people have stood for truth and we also see how people have fallen so apostle Paul took a look back in history and he has a whole chapter about those who have stood and he tells you how he they stood how did they stand by thay and what is faith it's the substance of things hoped for the evidence of things not seen I am really hungry. And I really hope to find food but I don't see any but by thing I know that my bread and water are sure and even though who would be sending that rabbit are the fish in the water or even let's say a clean made a deer who would be sending that to tempt you your friend stories of when the Mormons were coming upon crossing Donner Pass What have they given to eating each other Now some might think that that's OK because it's survival you have no clue what your brain will Fink and what it will do when you are pressed for survival you will do anything that you can find that will satisfy the need to live and less you are led by the principles of the Word of God so in love that a cause celeb in the clean unclean me humans aren't even listed because it's never of thought that you would eat another human let alone a pig. You know what I'm saying but there's more to decide Besides before that we are added time that we are about to go into heaven and God has a lifestyle for us that not at that moment when were transported but now we are to prepare for the culture of heaven we're told that by Thing A The Elders obtained a good report I like that a good report do you like it in a good report card when you do all that hard work that you're semester and you take that test and it's it gives you feedback avoid you really knew who you knew that's what this report cards about for by the elders obtained a good report I'm going to Energex something in here about the elders. There's a sad condition going on in our world I don't really know the statistics outside of this country but in this country the 6 leading cause of death is aus timers. You don't understand how incredible that is 15 years ago it wasn't even on the charts and now it is the 6 leading cause of death but that's Alzheimer's not other dimension has Alzheimer's is just one little section but for dementia 9 out of 10 American adults may be at risk in fact they are seeing people in their forty's showing evidence of dementia. Any of you feeling evidence of dementia some of you might be too young still. I have 2 parents with dementia I've had 5 close family members die of cancer and I'm going to tell you one of them was my daughter but dementia scares me worse I do not want to lose my identity I do not want to lose who I know as my Savior my father is at a point that he cannot make a decision for God and in going through this experience I love studying the brain especially the effect of lifestyle on the frontal lobe and now that I'm looking at dementia I'm learning more about the brain and even about the Bible and when the Bible says now today is the day of salvation I know why it's not that you don't know that tomorrow you're going to die in our world you don't know that tomorrow you're going to be able to think and so I I see something going on in our world so we have a whole generation that are in nursing homes gone what is the significance of that Julian comes from a country that respects their elders why our elders so women Porton their wisdom their experience they are to be our pillars they're our knowledge base they are the ones to help guide us. Because as the young come up if you do away with the elders you were doing away with the standards that they held and typically standards diminish and the more you get rid of the elders that are up holding the standards and still have an influence the faster you can get those children away from the standard so to me this statistic is devastating and I pray that the Lord is coming soon. Before I get all done to face this. And before any of us have to face it but we should live today preparing for this now I know others that are sharp as a tack. The my host. Diana's mother Dorothy 90 years old Sharp as a tack bless her heart and she hasn't led a good life style she is she would probably live to be 200 if she had a good lifestyle I'm just going to go through just a couple more statistics of the condition that's in the world over 20000 people die of cancer every day and it's on the rise of children dying of cancer in the 1850s the statistic of cancer was one out of 127. Deaths. And I don't you know what I don't know I don't remember if it's. Whether that was just occurrence or whether it's deaths I believe it was deaths no it's one out of 27127 is how many people come down with cancer do you know what it is today. It's one out of to. One out of 2 and that does not include skin cancer something dramatically has happened in the last 150 years and it's not just animal products because the 1800s was heavy animal products maybe even more because they don't have the transportation we have when they don't have the they didn't have what we can go to a market and have veggies every day of the year they didn't there are sources was there in their field and what they can do through the summer in preparing for the winter something dramatic dramatic is going on and then this is just another one auto immune diseases are on the rise so that 15000000 Americans are effective it infected affected and at least one quarter of them not only have one but have multiple auto immune it's going on do you know what there's an epidemic of currently a new is thyroid there is a epidemic of auto immune disease of the thyroid there's a reason for it one lasted to stick and this gets I am not even making comments on these right now but autism I have to do is look at this in the seventy's it was some statistics say one out of 5000 some say one out of 10000 it was unknown it was never talked about in medical school what is it today. This slide it goes to 2009 and in 2009 it was one out of 110 that's dramatic you see the exponential curve today the most generous statistic is one out of 50 $91.00 out of $59.00 children will have autism with that growth rate if that continues in 10 years 50 percent of our children one out of 2 of our children will be autistic 80 percent of male will be autistic What's a significant of them who's our leaders this is a generation of our future teachers our future leaders our future pastors does something seemed to be going on to wipe out your ability to think is it been successful absolutely absolutely Well I want to I'm going to move on but I just wanted to make a point of the of the solemn times we live in and we I'm going to tell you you can't be careful enough of how you treat your body. I have my business. Name is simply pure matters and to be as pure in your life morally as well as temporally you cannot live pure morally yes temporally No Our air is contaminated our water is contaminated you can do things to purify your water but it's never as good as what the water was in Eden. So our air our water our food everything we see except for you come here and of course there's decay because of the the sin in world but basically what we need to survive is attacked and so my feeling is and I'm just going to tell you this is why I am so strict especially when I saw so many family members come down with cancer and you have to realize in the field but I mean that I see a lot of cancer and once someone has a diagnosis of cancer it's much harder to reverse then to prevent and I see a lot of people die and so my feeling is there's many things that I cannot change those things I can control I am going to so my focus is in being almost obsessive not. I forget is your name. What is Ricky you know that how he loves knowledge my focus is on knowing about food and water and I mean I just read in the labels what's bad how's it been changed in any way that is going to be detrimental to my life and I'm going to I'm going to say this right now because I'm going to run out of time we can do things in our world today the way they hide bad things they look like they're good if some maybe I've said this another lectures I think in some of the things I said Adam Mayes in discoveries but I'm going to give you an example puff the wheat now besides the. Modern gluten problem that I have any of you studied about modern we. OK. A little well I'm not going to talk about that let's just assume that we discussed it I'm going to tell you in the last 60 years they have been genetically changing wheat hybridizing it in genetically changing it that are we today is not what it was 50 years ago they have developed proteins and that our bodies cannot recognize and so it's just if you know why dairy span dairies bad because there's proteins in our bodies cannot recognize and digest and it becomes an antigen it becomes something that triggers our body to attack it the same is true with modern we but let's just say that doesn't exist that weed is good cross the board so Quaker Oats back in oh I don't know whether it was 7 days when this happened but they developed puffed wheat if you look at a bag of puffed wheat the ingredients is going to say 100 percent We whole wheat not refined No salt no oil no preservatives no chemical nothing is in it so it's like yay i can eat this. There's a man named Paul stead he's a bio physicist and he went to work out of college out of the university for Quaker Oats and he and a colleague decided to go through the past research so that they wouldn't reinvent the wheel and just see what had already been done and he came across the research on puffed wheat what they did when they invented it was they took 4 different groups of rats and the 1st group they said nothing but whole fruits and vegetables and grain a whole food plant based diet and they all had water the 2nd group they fed chemical nutrients specific minerals vitamins everything that a rat needed in a tablet form so supplements the 3rd group they fed nothing but sugar and the 4th group they said nothing but puffed wheat What did they find the 1st group that had the whole plant based diet lived a normal life of a rat more than a year the 2nd group that was fed nothing but supplement chemical nutrients live 2 months the 3rd group that was fair nothing but pure white sugar no nutrients nothing in it except for good cause which the body needs for energy they live 2 weeks. The group of rats that were fed nothing but puffed wheat 100 percent whole grain wheat you know how long they lived. One week. The conclusion of that is you better eat a plant based diet but looking at the we eat comparing it to sugar that has no nutrients in it they live twice as long so the conclusion was not only was it lacking nutrients but it was toxic So Paul Stitt knew his colleague took that research marching down to the sea wall and put it on his desk and said look at what we just found Did you know this and he said what do I care he said this product made my company 9000000 dollars last year. And he said I don't care if people want to throw it on bride's maids or whether they want to put it in their mouth you get rid of the study and I don't want to hear anything more about it or all get rid of you so Paul Stitt had a different agenda and he left and eventually he married him Barbara Reed who was a nutritionist and they lived in Wisconsin and started a whole food bakery whole grain bakery but he reproduced that study on his own and had the exact same results so why do I tell you this because things that appear good are not always good and it's that this is progress so it's not always good news. It but I'm going to tell you many many of the things that we think are healthy are not and that's my job. To tell you. So don't get mad at me OK it's 12 o'clock Shall we stop. How do you know. First of all you do the best you can if you will read the Bible because all of the health principles are in the Bible. Oh. Oh how do we know about the wheat I don't understand your question. One of the things that we're told a principle that we're told we are to get our food as natural as close to nature as possible why is puffed we puffed I didn't tell you. What caught what the problem is in order to puff the wheat I mean you don't go in pick weed off of the grass in the field and have it puffed you don't even put it in the hot oven and make it puffs It's not like popcorn it has to be put under $1500.00 pounds of pressure to make it Puff something in that process when you put something on under a lot of pressure what does it create. Stress heat damage something in that pressure damages the she struck sure of the nutrients of the integrity of that grain it does not fit the principle as close to nature as possible. Yes that well just plain wheat no other you know like that. Right but I'm thinking of the 1st group was spared whole grain but it would be good to have just just wheat and compare unpassed Yes the same way OK you guys. Were. All. Well the puffed weighed I know what Quaker Oats did it was 1500 pounds of pressure. Well this was back decades ago so but does that mean that any of any amount that makes it path. You know 30 years ago 40 years ago when I 1st started hearing about health a health message and then start teaching as we were learning my mom and I were giving lectures we would say read your labels read your labels read your labels if you can't pronounce it you probably better not eat it you know what I say today if it has a label you probably better not eat it. Now I'm not saying that across the board because some things are just package but if man has touched it. QUESTION Question So if it's 12 o 5 I know we were supposed to eat at $1230.00. Prof if team. I think Tasia went to see House how far along she is so let's just keep going and I'll stop when she comes back because I'm just tomorrow we'll just pick back up so I just want to real quick go through what the report card of God's people shows they are right just before God they do right things and the 2nd one really stands out to me they pleased God this is talking about enough who was translated to have and without seeing death and before his death of translation he had this testimony he pleased God at the end of the day can you say God did I please you he's workin mama says and. I want you to remember that one now because as we progress this comes out with particularly our diet OK they proved his promises so we have his promises do we prove them and that's what we got last night we need to hold God's promises Lord this is what you said in fact we're told that we can open our Bible and put our finger on the Bible and said right here Lord right here is what you said. You know in Jacob's time of trouble he didn't have it written but it was in his heart and when he was in his night of anguish what did he do he claimed the promise Lord you promised that my C. would inherit the earth Lord you promised this lord you promised that he was proving the promises they desired a better country when you have a better country to go to what's it like being where you're at it's sad but can you endure it do you understand it better it's like this isn't my home in fact Jesus prayed Father I don't pray that you take them out of the world but I pray that you keep them from evil keep the world out of them and why are we still here because we're to be a witness so if God just took us up we are here one because we're being polished refined and we need to be a witness they chose suffering over san and that's where we are going that's where God is bringing us that we will trust him so much now we will love him that we will believe what mansion he is preparing for us that his character that fellowship with Him is something that we don't want to be without that we will die before Reese. And then Paul says out of weakness they were me strong. We are the most degenerated generation in history we have the weakest brains we have the most going against us we have the most technology against us but why is that so great. Yes and that's why Paul said most quietly then will I rather glory in my infirmities that the power of Christ may rest upon me and so that's why when we get in pressure and we start to panic we're forgetting oh no oh no wait a minute that's OK I'm not handling this God is going to show the universe what he can do through my weakness. I like this passage great controversy to 77 century after century man of principle and integrity man of intellectual acuteness and moral strength have courage to a valid their convictions and the faith to suffer for the truth where did they get these characteristics did they just they were born with them you know we're not born with this we're not born with this it's developed how is it developed. Yes by proving his promises by experiencing his way by trusting his leading. But I'm going to tell you that as you look through history every movement that God his hat has raised up he has given a lifestyle plan because it is think of when he took the children of visual out what condition were they in 400 years in Egypt. Even the wrong things they were weak they were immoral they were in trouble and God said right away here's what you gotta do here's what you gotta do but 1st what it he do he brought her Renda splay upon Egypt upon them to at 1st and then just upon Egypt which would be frightening enough to prove that he could take them through anything and so that what they were going to be facing in the wilderness should have been nothing but it wasn't enough in their brain wasn't enough so he had a plan and so when we look through this everything that God leads us through the reforms the lifestyle it's for the purpose of preparing us for His Kingdom we are not of this world we have another world to go to and every nation as we look at different nations around the world and of course the United States is a melting pot we have but when you have in general like the Italians and you have the Native Americans and you have you know the French when you think of a culture of a country what defines them what defines a culture. But if you see someone if you saw someone that was a Native American in traditional dress and you see how they're dressed you know who they are if you see someone from. The east you see a Muslim you know where they're from well they might be in the United States but you know in general by the way they dress what about by the way they eat. You know there's you really quizzing Italian Every culture has their food what about their music they have a spare a different type of government they have different types of medicine they have different types of worship education language all these things define a culture we are not of this world though God is trying to prepare us for the culture of heaven but we are born and raised from the day that you come out of your mother's womb you are inundated in this world and unless you're blessed to be born in somewhere like John the Baptist you see the sights and sounds of the world every day and they imprint in your brain the way we dress the way we drink the way we talk the music we like it's all because of what's going on around us that makes sense and so as God's people and God is calling us out and we have a movement he's trying to change trains change us and that is why thousands of pages the spirit of prophecy was written to give us the detail because our brains are sold all I think it's impaired your arcs and prophets I could be wrong but where we're told that if God's people had remained faithful outside of the Garden of Eden they would not have needed the 10 commandments and if they had been faithful to the 10 Commandments they would not have needed all of Moses' writings and then all of the prophets writings but with each generation we become farther and farther away from the knowledge of God and His ways that we need more and more details to wake us up. And so God's not going to leave us clueless it's like I want you to know every detail about as much as you need to know about the way it is in heaven because you're preparing for a different kingdom and I'm going to tell you the more you become like my kingdom the more the world's going to hate you and the more different you're going to be from the world. Yes absolutely remember the vision chart traveling the narrow way this is the path we're on we're on this narrow way and you remember that the road kept getting smaller and they started out loaded down their way against fall and then it got narrow and they had to throw off their stuff and just gone the horses and then the horses going in gone they had to throw that off and just what they could put on their backs and then they had to take their shoes off and the core that came and that every change every turn people were turned around this is too hard this way is too hard oh I don't want to go this way oh I didn't know it be this way but step by step intil wide there is not even anything under your feet when he says that we are coming to a time that there is no earthly support we are not prepared but if you are faithful today the Grace said he gives you today will make you faithful tomorrow. A finish on this one OK I have some patients I do home visits and the slow girl camera was diagnosed with Type one diabetes when she was 6 years old. On New Year's Eve She was in the hospital in I.C.U. and the doctors did not know whether she would live she was so severe I mean it just came up on the family and she went into. Ketosis and almost died about 8 months after her diagnosis I met them and started giving them in on a lifestyle plan and they're they're not Adventists but they're dear believers I just I love this family. And when I read go to their home we always had things to share in this one day that I went for a visit it was just mom and Tiana kana has an older brother and mom says to kana can I tell Dr Dianne what we had and worship the smarting and so Kiana quotes their memory verse in Turkey N. at the strait gate for why it is the gate and broad is the way that leads to destruction and many there be that there are many of there being a witch go in there at because Strait is the gate and narrow was the way which lead us on to life and few there be that find it Matthew 713 and 14 so can as mom said to me so K N and I talked about what that means what does that really mean in our practical life here she is a little she was 7 at that time what does that mean to us you know what can assess it's the grocery store I walk in and I have to put on my blinders. I have to not look at the John at setter over here and I can't look at the soda pop setter over here and I have to look to the back of a store to where there are scale. You can tell I had already visited with them and eat your brains eat your greens. And I said wow out of the mouth of babes Broadway is the grocery store very narrow way in the grocery store to what you can eat. All right let's And here that's our prayer Our Father in heaven we thank you that we live in such a time as this that all though things can be overwhelming there's a lot of pressure building we all feel it there's not a family there's not a person that's not touched by the devastations and the pressure going on in the world but you have promised that you would be our foundation you have preserved the word for us and we thank you for these promises we thank you for this camp Oh I thank you Father for the time we had at the ocean. What it's going to be when we see you and you take us throughout all creation I care. So Father we just pray that you will sustain us and help us through all of our weakness to trust in your story and in Jesus name I pray. This media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more servant leader Visit W W W audio verse or.


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