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History and Heroes - Those That Stand: Part 3

Diane Burnett


Diane Burnett

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  • June 8, 2019
    6:15 AM
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So I'm going to put it in a little graphic here God's order of authority so throughout all of creation all of the way that God works follows a certain pattern of authority so we have God the highest power and he is over man and then in crew are the angels so throughout all of creation but it's his created under God the Creator and then on earth God said to man to have dominion over all of the creations so it's higher power over lower power always in the Garden of Eden What was the pattern of authority between humans you had Adam and Eve What was their pattern of authority. They were equal Adam the need for equal they had their different roles they had their different ways of expressing things but they were equal in authority and they both were over creation. No they were equal they were equal in authority because they were on the same page there was not a sin which bring which is the root of pride so there is always going to be contest for my opinion is going to rule so it was equal but after sin what became the pattern given by God you had the man and where was woman under her under the man's authority as far as the deciding factors and not to be. Lorded over Tromp and over but to just the way God protects us women were put under man and where were the children under the woman under the the husband the wife the children OK what is Saints plan for authority so originally in heaven Lucifer abided under the highest and then the mystery of an equity occurred in his heart and he decided that he would put his throne of the stars he would be the highest so sin is always this pattern you take the lower power and it becomes the higher power the highest power and it is what is termed sin so when ever you disrupt God's pattern of higher power over lower power input the lower power over the higher power it is sin do you remember the story in 1st Samuel Chapter 8 when the Israelites decided as they looked around at all the other kingdoms and they saw the majesty of kings and they decided they wanted to be like the other nations and they said went to Samuel and said we want a king and Samuel was so upset and he went to God And God said Don't be upset they're not rejecting you they're rejecting me give them what they want but before you do what did he say to tell them if you take a man who is really the lower power and give him the kingly power here's what's going to happen he's going to take all your land. He's going to take all that they yield from that land he's going to take your children he'll take the boys to be part of this army he'll take the girls to work in his house basically you will become a slave and one of the children of Israel say so be it and is that what happened. That's what happened exactly what happened we live in an age where we can understand what goes on in the brain more than we could even 50 years ago they actually have done studies where they take people men and women people that are of more retreated personality not naturally dominating and Kaleri but soft spoken and kind of timid and they have put them in a position of leadership authority and they say what you say goes and over a period of time do you know what happens to their personality they literally become dictatorial tyrants and they can see what happens in the brain and they have even discovered the hormone that causes it it's called testosterone God just specifically if men more testosterone women have testosterone too but men have more because they need bigger muscles they're there are protectors and they are to do the stronger work and they are to not be so emotionally run as women are estrogen makes you a little more emotional and when asked region is out of control what happens to women. We've become basket cases. But we're literally right we're overwhelmed you know it's but the same thing happens to men and women and what happened to King Saul he became a tyrant what started to happen to King David he was going in that pattern you know but then he learned humility and his sin the humbleness from that broke him but God still work through him but as you look through the children of Israel and through their history how many kings can you name that did not become dictatorial probably less than one hand definitely less than 2 hands so vis idea of putting the lower power even if it's a man over a man definitely changes the character in the opposite direction of what God wants so when don't we look at God's design for humans and particularly what we're looking at in the brain we see that it follows this pattern he gave us the frontal lobe which is the higher power where the intellect the laws of the facts that come into your life are the ruling power so that's why it's really important what you accept as being your moral guide you know in a they cannot say that you need God as a higher power they so they'll just say you need a higher power my neighbor that I told a story about that was a recovering alcoholic he said Diane you can be my higher power I call God forbid you know. Really but when you do not put God in position of higher power our nature is always to see for someone to worship and to take care of us even men even men so we want God's law to subdue our feelings our emotions our animal drives which are eating our hunger Mading are thirsty are our need for protection our need to avoid pain we need all those drives in us to survive to be under the law of God Doesn't Make Sense and as you remember I told you yesterday the frontal lobe is the your consciousness it is the active brain waves the beta waves the subconscious is more subdued you're not aware of what your subconscious has been bringing in but it is taking in everything that your senses are bringing in when you're driving down a freeway or a city and there's billboards and there's things going on your your consciousness might not even see a sign that you passed in read all the words on it but your subconscious does and it's recorded in your brain forever so let me tell you a few more facts about the subconscious and then I'm then we're going to talk about how out of many fell the subconscious does not judge what it's told it takes all information as fact so whether you're a child or whether you're an adult what you see on television is taken into your brain your subconscious aspect. Do you know why politicians slander one another even though they could be thrown in jail for it suggests the law they're not punished but it's a tactic because if and let me give you an example of a teacher how many times have you heard of a teacher that's been accused of sexual abuse towards a student and they go through years and years and years of trial before they lose their job and then by the time everything is disclosed and they find out that he was absolutely innocent can he ever get another job no because the minds of people have been tainted and they never feel the same so politicians do this they don't care if you find out it's a lie because once that fact has been put in your brain it's going to taint what you find out as truth and that's why gossip is so detrimental in the tribe of Dan what was there why did God get rid of the tribe of Dan Dan why is there not a gate that Dan will go through if you look at revelation in the 12 gates Dan is not there you know why because he was the backbiter he was the gossip or he undermined God's people because when you say something even if it's the truth but in the wrong form and in the wrong time it taints other people's minds against that person and undermines their service for God even if it was true OK the subconscious cannot tell the difference between true and false. It works 24 hours a day so even while you're sleeping your subconscious is at work and that's why sometimes you have nightmares and things come up your brain is processing all the information you go through and it's sorting it and it's putting it in places so this subconscious is still working it takes everything it's told as literal and it never says no it only recognizes the present I'm hungry I need to eat let's go through the drive through and get a fast meal you know I want to eat let's do this I don't have time to go do this or that So let's go back to God's design if you were God's anomie what would be your best strategy to gain dominion over humanity would it be having someone that is living by the moral laws of the 10 Commandments or live Mean by their feelings of the animal instincts and do whatever is pleasing to them you're going to target the subconscious you are going to want the sub conscious to be in charge now how do you do that Robert are you knows you told us yesterday Jesus told us how it's done in Matthew 12 1st 11 Jesus said How can one enter into a strong man's house and spoil his goods except he 1st do what bind the strongman and then he will spoil the house so my question is Who is your strong man. It is a frontal lobe but there's a different functioning powers in this because I want to get through this I'm not going to go through details but the will is the king only power the will is what is the deciding factor so you've got things coming from the limbic system I'm hungry or that piece of cake looks wonderful but I learned how bad sugar and chocolate and all this is for me so I better take this Apple you know which comes from what you put in your frontal lobe so it is the will which decides whether you obey God or whether you disobeyed So he's the king we power so how do you capture the Will how do you capture the center on man it is through hypnosis what is hypnosis hypnosis is in a way state where the physical body is relaxed you just get real comfortable and you feel comfortable around a certain person they have to do things so that to gain your trust when you don't trust somebody are you comfortable. Did saying have to get comfortable Was she on guard at 1st somewhat but she was already being led in the path of temptation as she wandered away from Adam and when she 1st realised that she was away from Adam what if she say I'm smart enough I can handle this mistake OK so you have to be relaxed and you have to be in a trusting comfortable position. The conscious mind is subdued what part of the brain a subdued which is the frontal lobe which is where your. Judgment where the laws are written so saying is going to attack the 1st thing you said to her regarding the law he didn't go out of it he was already working on the census but he his 1st words that we have recorded Besides we are told in Spirit of Prophecy he flattered her but the 1st words were has gone and said. Has God said so he's a looking at the law so the law has to be subdued and the sub conscious mind the feelings your motivations your animal drives have to be heightened and they become open to suggestions made by who's ever around you whether it's a television whether it's a music whether it's a teacher whether it's a preacher It doesn't matter suggestions are then except given and accepted as true and affect the ball leaves the habits the perceptions and the behavior is this a dangerous condition to be and it is going to flip your world upside down and what happened Eve whole world was flipped upside down what was true became faults and what was false became true and she was so elated and I'm going to show you what happens when you do this pattern you make the wrong choice from the subconscious. That she was so excited she was elated and there's a specific or moan that gives you a high that she went and became a saleswoman and convinced Adam so what does hypnosis do exactly it is a tool to rid us of inhibitions our behaviors that may be holding us back in life and do you know specifically what they're targeting because many hip hip not hip knows where you can hypnotist that's the word I want most hypnotist are in the realm of the New Age So what they want to do to you good Judeo Christian slaves is free you from this law that you're working under and I've read this song on some of their sites the greatest thing that's inhibiting people today is Judeo Christian beliefs they're holding you back from your potential. A hypnotherapist can not make us do or say anything outside of our belief system or without our particular participation or agreement so what do they have to do they have to gain your confidence they have to get you to trust them there is a specific technique that was used in the dark ages to counter the Reformation and it was this you know what it was called spiritual formation. Ignatius Loyola developed it to counter the Reformation and LP was its past name now we have evolved to call it its older name spiritual formation. Can Say ever force us to sin the answer is no the tempter can never compel us to do evil do you believe that then why do we do evil he cannot control minds and less they are yielded to his control remember I told you he has to gain your trust and he's a deceiver any deceives with good and evil he gives you more good than evil he gives you a tent of the fall it was the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. The will must consent faith must let hold its. Faith must let go its hold upon Christ the rock the law the truth before Satan can exercise his authority his power upon us will God ever let us go but will he let you go if you insist yes and most the time when she become a Christian Satan has to work harder because now you're trying to look at Christ and hopefully you're reading and praying and he just keeps developing ways to get you to let go of your hold whether it's to take your eyes off of Jesus and get your eyes on yourself whether it's all I'm so good or whether it's all I'm so bad it doesn't matter what part of your ugliness you look at you lose your hold on Christ so what is hypnosis to do. Here is the way it's supposed to be your frontal lobe is in control the laws are dominating and your feelings your animal drives are subdued they're under the control of the frontal lobe so hypnosis dims the frontal lobe kind of makes blurry the law heightens your desires. And puts it above the law where you will make a choice based on that drive from the limbic system and when you do this there is a dope a mean Rush and remember we talked about the nucleus accumbens and there's a whole addiction pathway There's a pleasure pathway God made us to have pleasure but what Satan does is concentrate the the substance whether it be music whether the food whether it be a drug a chemical whether it be jumping out of an airplane if he concentrates the feeling that your dope mean Rush is way more than our brain can handle it's not what God wants you to do and I don't have time to explain this but there's a man a Dr. Robert Lustig he came out with a book called the hacking of the American brain mind if even go on Amazon and just read clips of it what are even go on You Tube and look at a lecture what he explains is dopamine is responsible for pleasure and Sara Tonin is responsible for happiness they're different pleasure last for a moment happiness last forever. Pleasure serve self happiness serves others. Now in the bring dope Amine is the only thing that inhibits serotonin a rush of dope a 1000000 blocks the Sarah tone and Marie reef scepter So the more dope Amine you see the less happiness she will have you gotta look at that that talk so just do what God told the children of Israel you will become slaves it's basically addiction. In the the brain and the body becomes physiologically addicted to what habit you are doing and you one San brought this weakness that's why Adam and Eve had to leave the garden because they open a gateway and Satan became their ruler and he will not give you freedom of choice and if it wasn't for the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world we would be lost. But at the very moment sin occurred the plan of salvation went into effect so this is the study of say and all the powers of darkness combining with the powers of man is to learn how to bypass the conscious mind how do you do it if you look in the spirit of prophesying you read everything that talks about be clouding the mind distracting the mind being numb in the mind you will see sayings attack and as I told you in one of the earlier lectures every food industry has a biochemist to specific job is to make you addicted to that food. Do you know why Oreo cookies are so addictive you know they say about potato chips you can only one and they say that about Oreo cookies do you know why because there are they might have changed the recipe from from a few decades a couple decades ago but they put 23 appetite stimulants in Oreo cookies is that on the label it doesn't have to be it doesn't have to be so 23 appetite stimulants How strong are you against an appetite stimulant. OK just to put it all in one thing I mean I could talk for hours on what every substance does to your frontal lobe and that should be the study of each of our life we are in the time where since time is running out and he is looking at bringing every force against humanity to overtake the frontal lobe and I call him before monsters munchies music media and meds whether they're legal or illegal OK I'm going to leave that there but gone it's plan is for us to have a strong frontal lobe and he wants us to have an active limbic system under control of the frontal lobe which is under control of heaven can you do that of yourself the moment Adam and Eve sinned what did they lose they lost self-control What was the power of self-control the Holy Spirit how do you know because their robes of light left. And it is only when we gain the power of the Holy Spirit that can we ever obey and have self-control it is the power of God's Spirit brought by the grace of the blood of Christ in Volume 5 of the testimonies it says pray that the mighty energies of the Holy Spirit will fall upon your palsy stricken soul like an electric shock that's what we need awaking us from our dolls central state. OK So God wants us to have strength over weakness no weakness but we saw that God gave to diets he gave a diet for strength and he gave a diet for weakness he allowed a diet of weakness to decrease man's lifespan and to Dick Kerr decrease their intellect because the longer they lived in the smarter they were the more they put vented to evil So here we're coming to the end of time we want to be one of those that are like you not and can see Christ without seeing death or it least be able to stand when Christ comes in all his glory so do you want to diet of which strength our diet of weakness a lifestyle of strength our lifestyle of weakness God God knows how we are and even if we fully obey we're still too weak it is only if we abide under the shadow of the almighty are really going to endure the onslaught OK So the question here in the middle of the slide is so here comes Jesus our perfect pattern. He was the one that gave manna to the children of vision real it was God who was angry displays with the children of it Israel for the clamoring for the flesh part of Egypt and the leaks and the young ins and the melons and garlic they weren't happy with the simple fare so why when he came on this earth did he not address the root cause of their problem they had been apostasy sense well the final takeover was the Babylonian captivity for 500 years and we're told that it was because of their unwillingness to sit to submit to the diet that was the base cause that led to all their downfall why didn't he address that why did he eat fish yeah that's what we know he could have the lamb or cow OK So yesterday we went through some of these issues and I'm not going to Hashem out today but he gave us a principle because of the hardness of your heart you know be careful what you desire because God will give you the desires of your heart when you're bent on it he'll say OK. Take it but see what happens and a merciful God takes you back when you're broken by that path he says come back. And then we have the allowed versus the ideal because the ideal is for strength allowed was for weakness the conditions of the world there was less imperative in the times of crisis than there is today the amount that they ate of the animal products versus the quality of the animals we discussed all these yesterday so I'm not going to flush them out but that's not the main reason that really doesn't have any. Any hole in this argument there's a core reason it was not present truth the Jews have long been an apostasy. Would you think that it would be possible for Jesus Nalle at the time he became a man to then convict them that they should change their diet would it have been any more possible than back in the wilderness Jesus told the parable he said he talked about the husband man and he sent out his servants to give a message and they were beaten and they were killed and then he said but at last he sent his only son saying they certainly would reverence my son if I come Jesus Himself came in the form A man if I come and show them how much I love them what a sacrifice I'm willing to take certainly it'll break their hardness and and we have looked at this men will never truly be temperate and till the grace of Christ is an abiding principle in the heart Jesus said there is no sense in me trying to teach them about the health message what was present truth. Behold the Lamb. The whole lamb How did John the Baptist's know this was the message to preach. It was through prophecy remember Jesus was constantly saying The time is fulfilled it is not my time yet he was on a clock what clock was he on he was on the 2300 day time clock and specifically the 70. 7 day weeks yes I said 70 days or years before like no wonder of it is like what. The 490 years and he knew he came right on time he was baptized on time and he was crucified on time and Stephen was stoned on time in the message that was gold to go to the world to break their heart was be whole life. That's how we know what is present truth we follow the prophecies they were specifically following the prophecies in Daniel 8 and 9 and when you look at those you know what is present truth when it is time when it's not time what does God do he shuts up the word and you cannot even see it in till it becomes time so by the time we come to $844.00 the present truth is it's the Day of Atonement it's the sanctuary message and as you follow the sanctuary that was the key that unlocked the confusion right so when Christ was here on Earth where was he in the same sure. He was in the outer court when he ascended Where did he go. To the Holy Place and in 844 where did he go. Is there any consumption of meat in the day of atonement service no no this is the reason because since 844 we have moved into the judgment and God is calling us to prepare to meet our king he's coming in glory he is still the Lamb that was slain but he's coming as a king and God is saying get ready get ready I will give you all the strength you need so when you move in to the most holy place what items of furniture are in the most holy place. And what 3 items are in the ark. 3 things we usually concentrate on the commandments but was Aaron's rod in the pot a man a preserved these are 3 test have those 3 tested then presented to the Adventist people to the world to present to the world 848-9848 the Sabbath message began to unfold 863 the pot Amana we are told that what manna was to the children of Israel by health message is to the remnant people. Has Aaron's rod been presented I'm not going to go deep in this but what does Aaron's rod represent. Its authority. It's authority and we already talked about authority the whole sin issue is a matter of authority in fact all 3 tests are a matter of authority when it comes down to Sunday versus Sabbath it's a matter of authority God's authority verses man's authority man is saying mylar rules God is saying no I am the authority my law changes not and all those that all follow God's authority are going to be persecuted is the mantra a tast is it a matter of authority are you going to choose what you do and not just man I don't say lifestyle are you going to choose what you put into your frontal lobe based on the principles of holiness or the principles of the world let alone Aaron's rod I am going to show you in one slide the plan of salvation what time do I have to stop. 930. 0. I might be doing good. I might be done before that because I really cut my slides. So. In the Garden of Eden in the original whether it was even before God created anything there was his order of authority and so obedience is God over all of creation right and then that was disrupted in heaven with Satan saying I am going to be above God and that was the beginning of sin. So we have rebellion and rebellion is a lower power going above a higher power sin on earth was a lower power putting themselves above the higher power what is redemption say in said I'm going to exalt myself did he have the right to exalt himself no Does God have the right to exalt himself but what did he do to redeem us. So restoration is God who has the right to be in authority Jesus who is God who took upon him no refutation he humbled himself and took upon him the form of a servant and was made in the likeness of men and he vowed at the feet of sin sinful humanity and wash their feet and when he did that he gave us a perfect pattern all the way to the garden because so many and he said Father not my will be done but will be done that is restarting the frontal lobe over the limbic system did Jesus struggle against this did his limbic system struggle for blood. With blood yes it were told that is hands gripped the ground to keep from being pulled into farther further darkness and the enemy was there to press on him ideas. That would discourage him why are you even doing this your own disciple has turned you in and the rest of them have denied you you know Peter who said he would follow you all the way to death has glad you know why are you doing this as he hung on the cross he was still struggling while no I take that back he was still under pain but in the seminary he surrendered he never gave in but it wasn't without a struggle. Doesn't make sense now the health message is not valid message doesn't make sense that the health message is the helping hand that's connected to the arm it has a great influence on how you think in God's ability to do well in you but it's not the message if you cut off the hand there's no power in it. No mere restriction of your diet will cure your diseased appetite. Men will never be truly temperate until the grace of God is an abiding principle in the heart and till their hearts are transformed by the grace of God. And when you meet somebody it might not be that you are able to tell them about your friend Jesus you might not be able to get right to your experience I've had experiences on airplanes I was sitting next to a gentleman he was a young man in his early twenty's and he was a type one diabetic. And he was loading himself up with he had one of those monster cans you know and then he had sugars after sugar and we got talking and I found out that his mother they weren't Adventists but she was a health reformer and Cian knew that her son is a type one diabetic would do better without sugar and garbage and junk and she was right on him all the time and now he's in his twenty's and he said I'm going to do what I want he said I want he said I know it's better not to do this he said but he said I'll come I'll quit before it's too late. He said But right now I want to have fun and then I got to tell my story I did tell him some things one of the things I told him most about the research done by an Australian doctor who specializes in diabetes and in his research he found that one time of spiking the blood sugar above normal so your blood sugar should be between $70.90 And when you eat a meal it's going to rise above that somewhat shouldn't go above 11120 if you have good control and if you haven't concentrated foods and then it comes back down in my dipping little bit but then it state goes back in the seventy's to ninety's but if it spikes above that above 121-4880 diabetics get up to the 500. 1 time of a spike will damage the D.N.A. for 2 weeks. I've been in audience isn't question announcers and a young girl in the audience so why do you know if I'm really really good through the week and I eat nothing but good food in the right way and I exercise and I get my sleep and then on Sabbath I go to fellowship dinner and I have some of the dessert and and the answer was by another physician he said well one time doesn't make and break you right but what happens if you become addicted there's sugar is one of the most addictive substances on earth and they are finding that it does the same thing to the brain as cocaine and heroin should vary in any form even natural form the more fiber there isn't it the better but if you take dates they're concentrated it's concentrated sugar and you can spike your blood sugar and when usually put a lot of fat with it so sugar in fact that will give you a huge dopamine rush they found that the concentration 5050 percent of sugar to Fats is addictive anyway so he was like. Interesting and I told them I said the problem with having fun for a little bit is you're damaging your D.N.A. and we're already weak and you already have a problem and by the time you might try to get out of this you might have done irreversible damage to your kidneys or to your eyes you know a type one diabetic really knows the consequences of diabetes and then I told them the story of my little girl so on our 1st night at Camp Meeting a camp meeting camp fire. We were asked to tell an interesting a fun fact about ourselves so one of my fun facts is that I have a little girl she is the treasure of my life all I've ever wanted in life was not to be a doctor but to be a mother in fact I had 4 brothers and I LOVE THEM SO MUCH I LOVE the whole family idea I love my father I love my brothers I wanted to have 12 kids and I wanted them all boys because they were my brothers were so great. And so it wasn't until I got into medical school and I met someone and I'm going to tell you the not so fun facts of my life I compromised and part of the reason I'm so strict now is because I've learned the damage of compromise. I married someone who was not even a believer and we had a child and when she was 3 years old her father decided he didn't want to be married anymore. I had changed because I was compromising when I married him but when I had my daughter the fact really hit me if I want my child in heaven will my compromised Hiper hypocritical life convert her our Will Will it lead her to want God because our nature is to want the fun things and so it was through my daughter that I really began to see. That the only way to happiness is following what God says and the only way to influence someone else is to follow God and let him live in your life and then live his life because of your love for him his love for you so when she was 3 her father wanted a divorce took a year for the divorce to finish and. My parents help me buy a house I homeschool or for kindergarten but then I had to work so I set up a little office inside my home and I would see patients and my daughter would come home and I would I was right there in the home and I would tell my clients my daughter will be home and will have to me and then will redirect that lasted for a year in 2001 the world was devastated with the twin towers it shook the world about 5 weeks after twin towers my daughter was diagnosed with leukemia. And my twin towers came down this picture isn't from Ground 0 so 5 weeks after twin towers she was diagnosed and I could care less about what was happening in the world my daughter was probably going to die this picture is 4 years later she was just diagnosed for the 3rd time with leukemia and I knew she was not going to make it she decided that she would go through another transplant even though she knew the horrors of going through that treatment. Because she did not want her father who hated me and everything I stood for she did not want him or anyone else to blame me our God for her death. And so she went through the transplant and this was January she went to the transplant November December 2005 in 2006 he started developing graph Ursus host because the transplant is someone else's immune system and it attacks your body and it was attacking her and she told me she said Mom I don't know why but I want 2 things before I die I want to be baptized and I want to turn 12th. In April of 2006 came to Phoenix and some America was baptized by Shawn going strong. Because of the contest the friction between her father and I's Samantha wanted to be buried on my parents' property and I knew he would fight it I took her to a legal. Counselor to get a a Living Will we had a videographer a young man and our counsellor took Samantha I couldn't be in the room and she went through some things with Samantha Samantha how come you're going through a transplant and someone making you why are you doing this blah blah blah she went all the way through it and then she came to the conclusion and she said Samantha what are your last words to your father what do you want your father to know she said I want my father don't know I love him with all my heart and I'm thankful he's my father. And what do you want to say to your mother same thing I'm thankful for my mother and I love her with all my heart Samantha what do you want to say to the world. I want to be a Christian I want to die Christian all I want the world to know that Jesus is my savior. And in August of 2006 she came to her last final days and this is a picture of her in the hospital she had been on many drugs lots of steroids you can see your face is puffed up but if you had seen her legs they were skinny as could be she was like a concentration camp book. And this picture here she's semi conscious because of the immune suppression the fungus fungus sets everywhere in the world Aspergillus took over her brain and it had filled her frontal lobe it had filled pushed in grown to her parietal lobe it was literally pushing her brain out of her skull and at the moment the brain herniated she would die so she was semi-conscious for the 1st week and in this condition she gave me the sign which is in sign language I love you I changed the picture a little bit because someone told me that this sign is to say tannic sign so it's like OK but for me my daughter couldn't talk. Her language center was so pressed she could not talk she could not move on the left side of her body but she could move her right side and this is how she told me I love you mom when Jesus was hanging on the cross he had no more words for us but he stretched out his arms and said I love you with this. I'm telling you the story not because it is a sad story there's many sad stories of this world has 6000 years of sad stories there's many sad stories in this room but we do not come close to Calvary in what Jesus gave up and thus were touched by the terrors of sin and that's part of what I went through and I was my little girl then in our 2nd week the fungus had pressed so much and there was so much swelling in the brain she started having seizures and we induced a coma and as my mother sat by her bed holding her dying hand her thoughts were I would give anything to save my granddaughter all I would take her place if a $1000000000.00 would buy the right medicine I would do it and it was at that moment that she realized that when Jesus hung on the cross he had all power to take himself off of it God the Father could have said it's enough just like he did for Abraham it's enough I know you'll do this but no it wasn't enough he had to die eternal death for us it was our sin that put him on the cross. I have never come so close to understanding Calvary than when I was laying next to my dying only child in my bed I will never have another child and at that moment I realized what God gave I realized a glimpse of what God gave in giving his only son when he could have chosen different but I'm going to tell you that God gave me a message before Samantha died she died on the Sabbath morning that was my prayer I said let her go to rest on Sabbath on Tuesday morning of that week. I was only sleeping like 4 hours every 36 hours or 48 hours because I'll tell you when your child is dying you're not going to sleep and I was laying in bed next to her everyone had left because they were afraid I was going to break because I had so little sleep and God gave me a message it was very simple to all outward appearance say Jesus' death was defeat that was the message. I about flew off that bed. Trying to sleep but that got my attention it's like I know what that message means I know that Christ death is not defeat I know that it's victory and God just told me regarding my child that to all outward appearance man has failed medicine has failed God has failed you know how many people were praying for her healing I'm going to tell you I prayed one prayer and I said Lord I do not want you to hear anybody else's prayer but mine because everybody is praying that my daughter's healed. I'm going to pray because I knew the battle between her and between me and her father I pray that you will be done that you will do whatever it takes to save her for eternity I don't know what pain it's going to be with the moment she dies but I know it's nothing compared to losing her eternally And so when she was going into her grave I had assurance that when the trumpet sounds that voice of the Archangel is going to call Samantha and she is going to come out of the ground and she said to me mom I'm going to go up before you and I said oh no I'm tell your angel you hold her feet because she's going nowhere without me. My message is gone I will do whatever it takes to get you to ground 0. If it means taking your most treasured possession you must lay everything at the cross there is not a plate of food worth losing heaven over there is not an article of dress there is not a V. of music there is not a movie there is not a person worth losing haven't over. Christ is waiting with a longing desire where is the desire in the heart of Christ heart is breaking with desire for the manifestation of himself in his people in his church and when his character is perfectly reproduced in his people. How do you thin a shit then he will come to claim them as his own there is no power on this earth that can keep you from the claims of Christ my appeal to you today is to ask God to bring you to Ground 0 every day every moment that he will reach store his divine authority in your life and I'm not really great at appeals but I just pray that my story what I've just told you will go with you through there every day of your life and that every question that you come to you will say what is priority is this worth it is this worth giving up choosing God's way his love for me and so if that's your desire if you want to say Lord take me I've messed up I am a mass no matter what condition were in but Laura to hide me under your love and do your transforming work because that's his promise I tell you he can do it what part of his power cannot change us. Would you rise with me and let's have prayer. Our Father in heaven it is so hard for us as humans to understand humility the salmon us is the pride in us and as we are told we we bought we all have a fair see and a sinner that's abiding in our heart and the fairest seed doesn't want to bow. And the sinner doesn't want to look up other Thank you for your mercy in your pity and thank you for Jesus who suffered for us that he might understand how to help us and we might not understand how you do this but help us to put our faith in you that you are able to do exceedingly great and abundant above all we can ask and think and all of us here I believe all of us here even if we're struggling we have a cry in our heart Lord save me and spite of myself so keep us in Lord I pray that everyone here will be found standing when that trumpet sounds and then I can do enter do so everyone here and in the hearing of the story to my little girl who said she wanted everyone to know that Jesus was her Savior Jesus is there so. She's a snake. 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