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Desire, Purpose, Motive

Spencer Freed


Spencer Freed


Spencer Freed is a graduate of Weimar College, and currently attends Loma Linda University School of Medicine.




  • June 29, 2019
    10:00 AM
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Heavenly Father you know this is something that you've been convicting me on recently looking at my own purposes my own motives my own desires. And Lord we can't do this looking at ourselves looking at you thing on our own we need you desperately so we ask your Holy Spirit we know is here God we know is here is we just ask for soft hearts that are willing to accept in and the courage to to look at ourselves and the courage to change whatever it is that you show us we need to change Thank you so much for your love for dying in the hospice We speak through me and he with us today Jesus name Amen. So. So so desire purpose motive can anyone tell me who this is you know this is you know you have Dr Bailey That's right and if you know he just died about a month ago in early May little bit about him for those of you don't know and more specifically about that baby right there that is Baby Face born in 1984 I believe and she was born just a little over 5 pounds and she had it is easy called plastic left heart syndrome and it's what it sounds like it's a small You're the left side of your heart is small That's the gist of it and it requires a transplant a heart transplant now in 1904. Baby heart transplants newborn heart transplants were a thing why it will it's mostly because. Just parents didn't want to give up their baby who was just born that died for some reason and give their heart just just at that time just people didn't feel right about it so some people had suggested the idea of using different types of species alone Melinda and they had successfully transplanted a go cart to another go so they kind of are just trying to get more versed in just crossed that cross-piece of just doing heart transplants with other types of mammals so babyface mother came Loma Linda and Dr Bailey had a suggestion he suggested Hey how about we transplant a bad boom heart into baby face. She must have thought this guy's just a mad scientist This guy's crazy what is he thinking but it is only hope that's all she had so they wheeled her in the hospital operating room number 3 and to cool down the baby. Put it to sleep cut open the chest laid open the rib cage and there is the heart and you can see just looking at the cards there is a problem cut out the heart the order everything all around it for a few seconds there it's empty like you look down it's like there's nothing there we just we just took the heart out it's crazy I mean just think about that but just a few seconds later I actually had an elf a 2nd cements I can't say. But they put in the baboons heart and it fit perfectly arse and it is there's a good hour long documentary on You Tube I don't know what it's called so I can't recommend it to you I mean like specifically but look it up. And just fit perfectly and then they wanted the baby and all sudden start speeding and they say that everyone in the room there was there wasn't one dry eye in the room everyone's just crying is such an amazing thing $130.00 beats per minute it was going. Now as most of you know it's $21.00 days later babyface died but it was still on those a tragic ending it was an amazing feat in medicine and it brought to national attention the need for donors from babies. And we are so amazed by this technology I mean this is you know 30 plus years ago and it sounds like science fiction putting a baboon's heart into a human It's wild but we talk about this is if it's so mazing But then we look at the heart and talk about getting a new heart we talk about it. I don't want to say flippantly but lightly like we don't recognize how crazy and radical of a thing it is to get a new heart like this 1st I will give you a new heart and a new spirit I will put within you don't remove the heart of stone from your flesh and give you a heart of flesh. That makes him a bad boon to human heart nothing nothing I mean imagine for a 2nd I know this is a figurative and spiritual meaning but imagine 1st 2nd literally having. A stone in your heart that's where your heart is that's crazy and taking out the stone and putting in a heart of flesh wild wild and the point I'm trying to make here is that I feel like as we go along with our Christian experience it's so easy to forget about the magnitude of America it is to have a new heart every day a couple of things I want to point out I will I will I will such an amazing promise and one other thing. Heart of stone from your flesh and give you a heart of flesh you were made for this new heart you were made for this stone the stony heart the stone of flesh like yeah never heard of yeah a kidney stone hard stone that's come here made for you are made for this heart of flesh. Another verse to this shows how amazing it is to have a new heart Create in me the clean heart of God and renew a right spirit within me Psalms 51 verse 10. How many of you in Pathfinders human Pathfinders for those you don't know Pathfinder site Boy Scouts Girl Scouts did have you do those with the called and if you use those like those would in cars things like you polish it down and sanded put the wheels on it go on the track their name for that and. Pinewood Derby that's that's the term I was thinking of the pinewood derby I remember doing with my dad. In the garage we made our own little track and we would be painted and everything and. We were creating anything with the building something we're just polishing the wood is already there. Putting on the wheels and we just from the store so even that and so on is be so proud that I got probably 4th place probably got 4th place but that's that's building us not creating what God does is so much more radical in our lives and in our hearts. And I found that I subconsciously in my own life see getting a new heart is simply getting good feelings and feeling good to not be good actions and feeling good about those actions and. Really quick aside no this is not so much going to be a message as much as it is an invitation because I'm going to be saying a lot of things you know motives purposes desires it's a lot of things that I could give examples of but I know when when we sit in these types of sermons it's easy to quickly hear example about that and brush it off folks I can't do this message for you have to ask the Holy Spirit now for you while we go through these things the desires person's motives that you have to look in your own heart and have God convict you because I can't do that for you. But at least for me in talking about me I subconsciously see getting a new heart as having just good feelings and good actions maybe a little bit here a little bit there but that's not the case and this quote I'm white the idea that it is necessary only to develop good the good that exists in man by nature is a fatal deception the natural man receive it or not things of the Spirit of God for their foolishness and to him neither can he know them because they are spiritually discerned. And all we go I have struggled hard to articulate this because we all know this we've all heard this and. It's one thing to know it but it's another thing to really look at ourselves and look at the deeper issue that lies beneath the surface so quickly before we talk about this a way to open up your Bibles if you have them to John 3 verses 135 and John 4 this is a word of warning to all of us as we look at topics like this this is about Chapter 3 is about naked Davis and chapter 4 about Samaritan woman ISIS is about her friends Nick and Sam. So let's read. Verses one through 5 in chapter 3. We're going to look at the correlation between these 2 stories there was a man of the fair seas verse one named Nick a Demas a ruler of the Jews this man came to Jesus by night and said to him Rabbi we know that you are a teacher come from God for no one can do these signs that you do unless God is with him just answered and said to him most assuredly I say to you unless one is born again he cannot see the kingdom of God nickname is said to him How can and how can a man be born when he was old Kenny into a 2nd time into his mother's womb be born Jesus answered Most assuredly I say to you unless one is born of water in the Spirit he cannot enter the Kingdom of God keep the story in mind we're going to go to chapter 4 now. Chapter 4 verses 152-2026. The judge of horses to 15 The woman said to him Sir give me this water that I may not thirst nor come here to drop Jesus said to her Go call your husband and come the woman answered and said I have no husband just said to her you have well said I have no husband if you have had 5 husbands and the one who knew now have is not your husband and that you spoke in that you spoke truly the woman said to him Sir I perceive that your prophet Our fathers worshiped on this mountain and you do say that Jerusalem is the place where one arts' worship would jump down a verse 26 Jesus said to her I who speak to you and he. Looking at these 2 stories Jesus is trying to get to the heart of the issue with both of these people for nicotine miss and the Samaritan woman they're not honey to go they're not comfortable when he starts talking about their heart and change and what have you both these stories have a common thread there's a truth about souls condition and they try and avoid it by theology Nick Davis says. Born Again that's impossible the Samaritan woman like OK I'll think of something else to equip to Temple How about the Temple and we do this so much whether it's. A lot of times we do it in trying to over analyze the process of conversion and feel like we have it figured out what this is all about we hide behind a theology a lot but God in reality and he'll make the main thing the main thing for us amen he will cut through. The barriers that we have towards him. So now on to the Quo DADT The title is based off of it's very simple the Savior said except a man be born from above unless he shall receive a new heart new desires purposes and motives leading to a new life he cannot see the kingdom of God So a new heart is desires purposes and motives and a lot of times we think that having a new heart is having a new rat a rapture feeling right and that's often the case I think there there is this palpable peace that we get when we surrender to God I think we need to be careful because in some circles specially some very conserve circles we can we can tend to downplay feelings to the point that we should they seem like a sign of a shallow experience that is not the case but what offerings are part of it's not the sign of a new heart right the sign of a new heart is new actions because for faith without works is dead right James 219. But this is another trap because we can often fool ourselves because we look at our actions we look at our our leaves we have so many leaves but no fruit so many leaves but no fruit. So we need to get to the bottom of how do we have a new heart and that is desires purposes and motives. One of my favorite quotes of all time is the one by Socrates and says the UN examined life is not worth living descent really cool just saying they feel like you you've done some hard work just reading a quote It's one of those those are hacked not worth living but in reality that is a very scary thing I can tell you in preparing for this message I was actually terrified to look at myself my own desires my own purposes and my own motives I was afraid what am I going to find my hands to change something is like it just does not feel good to have these things pointed out but it's scary but it's very rewarding So today we're going to talk about these things about the characters of the desires the purposes the motives. But we aren't supposed to focus on how deep of a pit we're in because we're going to go through this and if you ask me who is pretty is going to show you some things in your life that maybe a part of doing this for the wrong reason or not supposed to focus on the pitch that right and how deep it is or supposed to focus and how long and strong the cord is that God is let down to save us from that pit so the sermon is simply an invitation for you to open up your heart to God and ask him to search me of God. So stars desire desire to longer hope for is the definition so desire seems to be a different word than just want so how many of you have been the only one and Redlands he has the best so when you go on there you know when you when you're choosing when you're choosing between chocolate chocolate lavender vanilla honeycomb. You don't know I'm sorry guys when you're choosing between those 2 do you like do use the word desire I desire chocolate will have with Inter ice cream which I just want I want this label that flavored maybe something you say desire and that's another sermon for you but. For most of us this one for me is just want but when you've been in Loma Linda for the past year and you haven't been able to go home for vacations you haven't seen your family and you miss them do you want to see them or do you desire to see them do you long to see them do you hope to see them this is the this is the aspect that new heart entails so when you ask people about their desire and what they desire people give different sample sale fame I desire fame my desire Well my desire popularity but really if you look deep into your own heart you might be surprised you'll find some other things that are much deeper and must more destructive you might decide to fill some lustful tendency that you have you might desire to fit in just to be accepted and look good find your friends might desire to escape from reality by bingeing on Netflix instead of studying or just going to all the new every day or social media or whatever it is but one of the problem isn't so much that we have these wrong desires that got us to change all that is completely true what if instead it's the lack of pure desires that we need. Another one of my favorite quotes by C.S. Lewis It would seem that our Lord finds our desires not too strong but too weak we are half hearted creatures fooling about with drink and sex inhibition when infinite joys are for us like an ignorant child who wants to go on making mud pies in a slum because he cannot imagine what is meant by the offer of a holiday at the sea we are far too easily please I remember a story from. A friend of mine that was silent. And she told a story of a friend that she had in central California she was a foster parent and she got some kids from. Some Nast up background system some abusive just abusive neglect you name it but still loving those kids she loved them like her own she would take them to get clothes I was sleep should do that sponsor parent. Use she would take them to church and Sabbath school and they would sing the songs and she really liked there were grown kids there is one Sabbath and that she had 2 kids or sister she is about 9 and then she had a younger brother that was about 4 years old and sometimes she would pack snacks like goldfish like a good mom would packs packs and goldfish names and being in ones and packs of goldfish said not only feed but. It's occupy the kids. So they're going into sanctuary the sponsor parent 2 little kids and sudden she smells something that she smoked before but not in that context and she she looks down to a little boy and she sees he's chewing on something and his hand is tightly clenched and unclenched and she's like open your hands like. You know. Your Hand and you prise it open and in it is dog food. He had went to the dogs ball to get dog food and she just she just kind of lacked. Like oh my goodness and then the little girl said she had. My arm on that so she would give us before when we were hungry she would give us dog food and how after trying to tears when she recognized what it was that this kid thought was good for him but it wasn't what this little boy is used to and just broke her heart and it breaks God's heart to have you been eating dog food this week and even eating dog food during this life time. I think you need to take a look at what's at your dinner place at your seat at God's table. So we've learned is why these things that are so harmful for us but God promises to give us new desires. And just again you guys realize just how radical Is this not here's a change of preferences he does her preferences but not just her preferences not just a taste for a longing heart desire. And God hopes for us too he longs for us imagine how he felt when Adam and Eve are going to the garden and he knows the phone and he says hadn't he where are you he knew it was just imagine the trembling in his voice and he says that where are you when he knows kids are gone where the prodigal son when he comes back and the prodigal of the fathers comes and runs throws his arms around him there's so many verses that shows God's long and desires for us and all of this should make our heart say as the dear pants for the water but so pants my soul after you. Purpose purpose something set up as an object or end to be it seemed he was just me but I feel like if you go out of the street and ask anyone what do you desire they could probably tell you what they desire even if you say what motivates you they could probably tell you what motivates them it probably wouldn't be completely true but they would say motivates me but if you ask someone today what's your purpose I think you're going to find this going to take a little bit longer they're going to pas little bit longer for the answer now there's general purpose says like I purpose to become a doctor someday or I'd purpose to travel as much as possible I purpose to get married these are these these objects are and to be attained but there's also specific purposes in a life do you think that if I see right now you could summarize what your purpose is in 15 to 20 seconds and I don't mean like a cookie cutter answer just like. You know what I mean you know this get your answers do what I'm trying to say just not one of those could get it's about something that's specific to you. Now honestly instead of having bad purposes I think my generation struggles more with having a lack of purpose and no purpose I don't know if you've seen that but I've sure seen that this last summer I worked at The only meadow summer camp I loved it it's a great ministry opportunity for those who I've done can see and all that it's really good but camp is another type of ministry that like these kids has opened up to such an amazing experience but one of the favorite things for these kids was going to the archery range now. These kids they had the arrows of desire they had the motivation the whole book but they had a dangerous lack of brains and you need to be very careful around them because I. Am all over him like stand back and you know I know it's going to happen it was terrifying. But in the hardest mall the story is that we need to have a defined aim a defined purpose but. Like these kids are there preparing yourself just coasting through life on a spiritual autopilot. This is an interesting quote actually a verse now it's a quote it's a quote success success in any line demands a definite aim he who to cheap true success in life must steadily in keep steadily in view the aim worthy of his endeavor such an aim is set before the youth of today so what's what's this and she's talking about it continues. The heaven appointed purpose of giving the Gospel to the world in this generation is the noblest that can appeal to any human being it opens a field of efforts everyone whose heart Christ has touched is from the book education now that is a lot of the purpose that is a higher purpose almost a scary 10 in the world could read see this purpose Well let's look at the polls purpose was and compare classrooms wondrous 29 to this and Isles labor striving according to his work which works in me mightily. Now to this end out of labor what is the laboring for let's go to resist back to them God willed to make known what are the riches of the glory of this mystery among the Gentiles which is Christ in you the hope of glory. So the purpose of giving the Gospel to the whole world as well filled by the purpose of having Christ in you of looking under Christ. So have you filled this purpose completely anyone here. Could I'm glad no hands went up. I haven't either and this is why this next verse is so encouraging to me if you try to flip means 3 verses 12 or 13 I can speak English flippin story. This is 12 and 14. And it goes like this. Not that I have already attained or I'm already perfected but I press on that I may lay hold of that through which Christ Jesus is also laid hold of me. Brother and I do not count myself to be apprehended but one thing I do for getting those things which are behind and reaching forward to those which are ahead I press toward the goal for the prize of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus. God's general and specific purposes are so much greater than we can imagine and I beg you I challenge you today again this is more of an invitation instead of a message I invite you today some time. To sit quietly at home or out of the park whatever it is in nature just quietly ask God with my purpose I think you like to show us and I have I'm surprised look at miles of I haven't really asked that very much from God I don't know about you but it's so easy to just coast this Christian life we we we have our opinion on who the king of the north the king of the South are we have our opinions A 144000 literal symbolic we know sanctification justification Lord cation we know it all person but we forget like God to you in me. That's a thing that I got to look at. So he has a plan for you. We simply just need to ask for it turn to Hebrews while verses one to 2 this is my favorite verse and stuff. And here we're going to see a little bit about what our purposes we see that in the light of what God's purpose is for us. He was 12 this is one thing to. Therefore we also since we are surrounded by so great a cloud of witnesses let's lay aside every weight in the center which so easily ensnares us and let us run with in durance the race that is set for us looking and to Jesus the author and finisher birthdate who for the joy that was set before him endured the cross despising the shame and I sat down at the right hand of the throne of God Christ has a purpose what's your purpose let's move on to motivation definition motivation is a reason for doing something especially one that is hidden or not obvious in motivation is such a broad topic I want to break it down into 3 aspects look at the motivation for seeking the motivation for service and briefly the motivation for surrender. And again I've said this many times throughout this message or this this invitation sorry I said this many times but I just want to remind you that as you look at these I would be very easy to brush this off and not dig deep into your own soul and say Does this apply to me so silently praying or are invited to send in the Premier heart that the WHO IS TRUE convict you in the subtle ways that you may fit into these categories so 1st seeking we are prone to have twisted motives for seeking God One reason is material material gain. I don't think any of us here believe in the prosperity gospel so that's not the issue here but we do treat him like a vending machine we treat him like a vending machine asking for good grades asking for the boss to be in a good mood so we can get that paid extra vacation time or that the officer who pulled us over would just give us a warning and not a ticket we just like help me God and then restrain like a vending machine some verses that talk about this. Chains for verse 3 you ask and do not receive because you ask wrong to spend it on your passions. John 626 be seeking me not because you solved the signs because you ate the lows ate of the loaves and were filled. So whatever through this verse without the spiritual sense because. You know God asked us to hunger and thirst after righteousness right. But you know what I've seen and I've seen this sadly on my friends I feel like some of us seek God because of the spiritual dopamine rush 0 I'm talking about the spiritual dopamine rush where we seek Him for the feeling and I've seen a lot of my friends get burnt out from this and leave the church after you know that's what they seek when God doesn't give it they say by peace out another reason I was brought to my attention it was by reading this blog post by a friend of mine and when she talks about when she had a certain appear funny about her lation ship of God and it goes like this she felt that she was looking on to Jesus seeking God so that she so that God would change her life Amen that's good right a man OK Another sermon for justification same question later looking to Jesus that he would change her life but at the end change a life so that he would love and accept her. That is totally wrong do you get it though like many of us think that we're looking to judge by looking to Jesus and by using a phrase like this we avoid the rightness by works you know what I mean to say and looking to Jesus looking to Jesus to help me but if we're still looking on to Jesus. With this mentality rist word for stock and writes this by works and friends Christ died for you when you were Senator why are still a sinner think back to the darkest time in your life the darkest right now the time when for the longest period of time you ignored God like forget about him during those times. He was still there. He was still there we don't have to be motivated by reward or fear we see that this was this is what our motivation should be for seeking him for the love of Christ come holds us because we judge thus that if one died for all then all died and he died for all that those who lives should live no longer for themselves but for Him who died for them and rose again those calloused hands those tenderize the heart beating to the rhythm of unfailing love is directed directly towards you and that is why you see can. Talk about service quickly. And we usually discuss motives in church we talk about service and this is the verse as brought up in some very good verse if you were practicing your righteousness before other people in order to be seen by them for then you will have no reward from your father who is in heaven when I tell you a great story I'm so proud of my dad reminding me of this story last night as asking him for a story here my news story. It's great northern California it's great my school used to give everyone a balloon for the birthday helium balloon Oh boy. And you know I wanted to be cool I want to be funny and liked and so I got the helium balloons outside of members outside the 8th grade classroom the music buildings at there and I just go for I'm like I'm going to get the highest voice I can go. Off my face pavement on the balloon thankfully. I look a lot different right now but not on that balloon and my music teacher you'd like this 26 year old guy he like but his job he came over and like started kicking me. And I wake up my watches happened and I was not so cool and high was trying to be pretty cool I thought that. I can impress people with my skills my high voice and after that they don't give balloons anymore they get can. They give you a candy bar instead so you really know you've made an impact on the school when they change a rule because of you so very proud of that moment. But. We do this we were so foolish all the time it's not just me don't just laughing me you know you've done something like this to. And. We do this trying to look good while doing service in so many ways social media is a massive bit about of this I'm sure you've all heard talks recently about how social media is about splaying the best versions of ourselves but we also do this in a spiritual sense you know we could post quotes post pictures hash tag sunset tag with God's beauty hash tag no filter I'm not saying this is bad this is not a bad thing I'm just asking and inviting all of us to look at our motives for what we doing this are we doing this for the praise of others or for the praise of God. My character personality many acts was passed for good even deeds of benevolence will when closely investigated be found to be prompted by wrong motives many receive applause with virtues which they do not possess in the search of hearts and Specks motives in often the deeds which are highly applauded by men are recorded by him as springing from selfish motives and base hypocrisy this is heavy stuff this is heavy stuff but what I don't mean to do when reading this is automatically think that your whole Christian experience has been a sham and is going to lie I don't mean to do that when I'm just asking for all of us to do is to believe that God wants a pure motive trust maybe you have the pure motives but I believe that he wants us to have pure motives going into service and also through the process of service he reveals in refined our modes in the process. And quickly surrender and I don't necessarily like this type of a surrender for the verse but it's the best we have that I could come up with the start of an ass so some stick to one verse 16 to 19 if you will turn there with me. Psalms 51 very famous. Very famous faster which. We started with a verse from this chapter before Create in me a clean heart we're going to go to the end the part that some people don't always read something to do one verse 16 in 1000 it goes like this for you do not desires this for you God for you do not desire sacrifice or else I would give it you do not delight in burnt offering the sacrifices of God are a broken spirit a broken and contract heart these Ogata you will not despise. Do good in your good pleasures design build the walls of Jerusalem then you shall be pleased with the sacrifices of righteousness with burnt offerings and whole burnt offering then they sought for bulls on your altar what happened here for 16 God says I don't want to sacrifice verse 19 he's like yeah well to present a face what happened in the middle of this that changed this verse 17 the sacrifices of God are a broken spirit. Sometimes I don't feel broken enough. I can become the way to see Loma Linda in hand so I have to come to him and ask him to take away my pride to show me my brokenness in the light of His grace and of His glory. So in closing. Many of us are like I could be amiss like you had before we felt their actions in our character have been acceptable to God but. We unconsciously think that the humbling of ourselves before God is seen as too elementary some that we did maybe in the beginning of our Christian walk something that we ask people to do. At rel at the end of Revelation seminars but we don't see it as a thing of ASP It's a new heart desires purposes and motives now are where you are no matter if you're 10 years old or 95 years old we don't see this and seek this enough. Into your heart you sell selfish motives or and you'll see how polluted every act of our lives really are but in that moment we're not trying to spare. You're supposed to look to God and fall into the arms of God the arms of Jesus that are open wide and long term basis. Final quote steps the Christ. Well let us contemplate the mazing sacrifice that has been made for us let us try to appreciate the labor and energy that heaven is expanding to reclaim the lost and bring them back to the Father's house motive stronger and agencies more powerful could never be brought into operation let's pray Lord. You know our hearts a lot better than we do and I don't know why we're all survive scared to look at what you have to show me it's not going to feel good. But in the light of your glory of your grace of your own failing love for me it's going to be worth it. It's going to be a joyful experience in the end when you show me my purposes my desires my motives give me pure ones God I can't make them up on my own none of us can give me the desire and willingness again give us all this design willingness again to seek to look deeper and who we are so you can truly give us a new heart a new experience so we can truly experience the joy of salvation who love you because 1st let us continue the stress of the Sabbath day you know hearts in our minds. Praise Jesus in. This media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more sermon leader Visit W W W audio verse or.


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