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Prophetic Faith in Daniel- Part 1

Wes Peppers


Wes Peppers

Pastor, Traverse City & Kalkaska, Michigan




  • June 18, 2018
    2:00 PM
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Father in heaven we thank you so much for the opportunity to come together and to understand this thing and for many of us some of these things might be review but for others of us Lord we need our faith to be awaken we ask for a special blessing to be with us now that you were drawn to close to you and close to each other and more draws near to the heart of dawn and to your heart Lord and we want to be connected with Haven't we want to understand these things for more importantly Lord we want to experience them so Help us Lord we pray and we ask it in Jesus name the 9 All right Will let's take a look 1st at Revelation Chapter 14. And if I were to ask you what is the core of Revelation Chapter 14 what would you say bring his messages if I were to say what's the core of the 3 angels message is what would you say worship good without judgment what else was giving glory to God if I were to ask somebody else. To go to preach the message absolutely somebody else were saying something. Some day sabbath or I All these are great answers OK. What if I if I were to ask you what is the purpose of the 3 angels messages what would you say reverence preparation. Wake up God people's bring in the 2nd coming. While God is in a say that all these answers are correct and what is the purpose of the message what Ok so many said preparation which I which that's close to what I was looking for all these answers are correct. But what is the preparation that God Once us to experience in anticipation of the 2nd coming of Jesus what is the preparation what is that preparation actually get ready for Jesus but what does that actually mean or that actually look like trust what's going to happen in the lives of God's people before Jesus comes revival but what is revival lead to Oz they again torment. All right sanctification So the ultimate goal of the 3 angels message is to fit a people to be prepared for Jesus coming but when we say to fit a people for Jesus coming what is that fitting actually we're not just trying to get into heaven but we want to fit into heaven right so the fitting is that God's people will appear and look like to Jesus in character yes so so so the goal of the 3 whose message is to cause God's people to turn to Him with all their hearts so that he can do work within them that they cannot do for themselves yes or no now with their Revelation 14 Revelation Chapter 14 and verse 12 because verse 12 is really the climax that is really the the wholeness of this message OK Revelation 1412 says here is the patience of the want Saints Here are those who keep the commandments of God and the faith of Jesus having the faith of Jesus I'm sorry let me just back up keeping the commandments of God. Can never go in a sentence when it gives when it's referring to God's people without the 2nd half of that phrase and the wife the faith of Jesus so if you notice there and I love I love bringing this out as you notice there it doesn't just say that they will have faith in Jesus does it. It's amazing how important a 2 letter word is isn't it in an off now before you stone me I'm not saying we should have faith in Jesus OK but having faith not not DON'T DON'T MESS what I'm saying don't misunderstand what I'm saying having faith in Jesus it's crucial it's important it's it's our life OK but for the people who will stand on the earth before Jesus comes having faced N. G.'s us might I say is not enough now that sounds heretical but it's not because. The fullness of having faith in Jesus leads to what what is what is the faith as I put my faith in Jesus day by day it matures it grows it deepens to what. The faith of Jesus now what exactly does the faith of Jesus mean it's simply this when Jesus came to earth as a man the face that Jesus had the face that the faith that Jesus lived the face that Jesus demonstrated while he was on this earth. Is the same faith that God's people will have at the end of time before Jesus returns to the earth that makes sense now if you ask if I ask you this question is face N. G.'s us more or less than the faith of Jesus Ah say that's less right so faith in Jesus must grow into and must mature into the faith of Jesus and make sense now that does not in any way or in any shape or form or fashion take away from faith in Jesus are you with me it doesn't take away from it but that faith in Jesus must grow to the faith of Jesus and that is the purpose of the 3 and his message that is the goal that God has for each one of us is that our faith will deepen and mature and so we have the faith that Jesus had when he walked on this earth I'm you can say men are just thankful for that today and so God wants us to have that faith and the fact that Jesus came to this earth and wants as a man and he he completely emptied himself of self and he completely relied upon his father for everything is the experience that he wants us to have. And all the things that God did for Jesus on the earth he would do for us you believe that all the things that God did for the apostles of the book of Acts you do for us amen and the issue is faith and so the 3rd angel's message is really about faith it's about trust it's about a face that needs to deepen and mature until we reach the place where we have the faith of Jesus I mean can say man how do you think that something you want to desire and your high for now what it doesn't mean is that we are called to tighten our belts and and and I don't misunderstand when I say this but eat less cheese and and less sugar and all those things all those things have their place all those things strengthen us in some way and in living out God's ideal but what we're talking about here is not something that we can obtain ourselves it is something that only he can do and a surrendered heart that's him OK that makes sense all right so Revelation Chapter 3 football over with me there. Because we're already out of time. Like what I want to share with you I don't think I'll make it all today but we're OK release in chapter 3 and verse 14 to 19 says to the church angel the Church of the latest see in these things says the Amen the faithful and true witness the beginning of the creation of God sees a speaking here I know your want to know your words that you're neither hot or cold or hot I wish you were cold or hot so then because you are lukewarm and neither cold or hot I will vomit you out of my mouth because you say I am rich have become wealthy in a big need of nothing and do not know that you are a wretched miserable poor blind and naked eye counsel you to buy from me gold refined in the fire that you may be rich and white garments that you may be clothed that the shame of your nakedness may not be revealed and anoint your eyes with I said that you may see and as many as I love I rebuke and chaste and therefore be zealous and do what repent this message that Jesus gives to the latest see in church and the last days which by the way is to. More specifically you and me we can say us and it can be an acronym for everyone else would mean. That's often the common case yeah it's like you know when people talk about marital problems they say yo are my marriage has a lot of problems I'm looking at it right here right on point in my spouse so it's easy to point everybody else but God is speaking to us specifically and the problem that our church has today as we have not had this deeper experience of conversion that Jesus is talking about and the bigger problem is that we don't know that we need it we talk about the fact that we need it but we think in our hearts oh I'm OK everyone else needs it but I'm. Good and when everybody thinks that everybody has the same problem right and so Jesus gives us the formula for correcting that problem verse 18 I counsel you to buy from the goal refine in the fire what is that was the goal refine in the fire. Its faith right and what kind of faith are we looking for the faith of Jesus right and then he says that you may be rich and white garments that you may be want close to one of the white garments or the white garment the righteousness of Christ covering our own on righteousness right or replacing it rather that you may be close that the shame of your nakedness may not be revealed in annoyance or I said have your eyes with I said that you may see what is the high sad it's the Holy Spirit right so Jesus here is telling us that we need 3 things what do we need the faith of Jesus we need the righteousness of Jesus and we need the Holy Spirit to open our eyes I mean think that we need those things that day yes those are the 3 things that we need and he rebukes us why because he because he loves us some of you think with the Jesus loves you today and if Jesus didn't love you he would rebuke you when you see a parent with 2 children and one is super spoiled rotten because the parent only indulges and never disciplines or you see a child who is well disciplined with love which one would you say which parent loves their child more. Every time I have to discipline my children I remember that what's going to come out of it is better than what's going to happen if I let it go and that gives me the motivation to do fall through the discipline because it's no fun spanking my little sweet little girl 3 years old right no fun at all don't enjoy it but I'm reminded that the damage is greater if I don't and I do not love her of I do not correct her right all right so let's go on my own White said in 8097 review and Herald there is too much what. Formality in the church now when she says formality what she does not mean IS structure in order for you with me we need structure in order pause very clear about this in the book of Corinthians he says God is not a God of confusion or disorder but a God of order right so she's not talking about we just need this freelance worship services now she's talking about but she's talking about formality in the sense of of. Legalism and and people who are looking to themselves rather than to Christ that's what she's talking about anytime our eyes are taken off cries and we're looking at our cells formalism creeps in right so she says souls are perishing for light and for knowledge we should be so connected with the source of light that we can be channels of light to the world the Lord Jesus on the Mount of Olives plainly stated that because iniquity shall abound the love of many shall go grow cold he speaks of a high class to a fallen from a high state of spirituality think about your own life today. Maybe this fits you may be reclosed to the Lord but something else creeps in that seemed to be better not conscientiously but it just had enough to draw to draw you away from what you know to be true and before you know Iraq doing us of a thing and it's not the best thing for you he speaks of a class who have fallen from my high state of spirituality let some let such utterances as these come home with solemn searching power to our hearts what ought we be doing all the time searching our want searching our own hearts where there where is the fervor the devotion to God that corresponds to the greatness of the truth which we claim to believe brands if we understood our faith like we should if we understood what Crisis done for us as we should if we understood what God has for us as we should we would be more excited than we've ever been things that are outside of God's ideal for us would have absolutely no sway and no draw to us not because we're Christians and we don't do those things not because of that but because we would say what God has given me is so sweet There is nothing else sweeter in the world if the love of jesus us you know well and 1st time when he says do not love the world of the things in the world right and many times in our in our minds we have this picture that what that means is we have to like build our wall up build our castle around ourselves and even though we'd really like to be outside the castle doing all those things that we have to say because I'm a Christian I can't do it to stay back no no no no no I'm. The reality is that when you taste the things of Jesus and when you experience his intimacy and his love and His power and his the beauty of his character those things may still I mean though don't misunderstand they may still have a draw to me OK because of the flesh but what I've tasted here is sweeter and I make a conscientious decision that this is better than that even though that will give me pleasure this gives me greater pleasure and may not be as highly stimulating as that I mean it is stimulating but you understand the point I mean that gives a quick hi rush to the top Jesus tends to take us like this interest in. So we need to understand and go back to our 1st love what he say our 1st love Amen the love of the world the love of some darling sin is when the heart the heart from the love of prayer and meditation on sacred things a form a formal round of religious services is kept up but where is the love of Jesus spirituality is dying is this last is this lesser Gee this more full deterioration to be perpetuated is the lamp of truth a flicker and go out of darkness because it is not replying to shift by the oil of Grace does that sound like the condition of our churches are they what he's saying and it's easy to say yeah that's the condition of our churches but what about the condition of our own hearts and our own lines is it that yes or no and Satan has so much stuff to lay in front of us that we can easily say aha that's true and just move on to the next thing that he has in line for us because there's so much of it for us me. But what is the remedy I forgot to tell you though I have a lot of stuff the reason you that OK it's not the best in hot weather but. You want to be here so you're ready for it all right a revival of true godliness of True want godliness among us is the greatest and most urgent of all of our needs on a degree that today I'm with you can you can meaning because you need a revival because you want a revival you want to revival to seek this should be our 1st work how often should we seek for it all the time amen the must be earnest effort and up to obtain the blasting of the Lord not because God is not willing but because we are unprepared to receive it our heavenly Father is more willing to give His Holy Spirit to them that ask him than our earthly parents could give to their children God is willing to give us the Holy Spirit to the measure of which we are willing to seek it to go that for just a minute to the level that we're willing to seek the Holy Spirit God is willing to give it so if you're not receiving much of the Holy Spirit why is that the case because God is withholding from you know because why. Because we're not asking for right sometimes we're afraid to ask for the Holy Spirit as we're afraid of what God will do in our lives once he gives to us aren't we so what is right isness by faith exactly I mention this that I didn't know what it was but notice this a genuine A G Daniel's writes the application of this message extends to when the close of time how. Relative is that to us today relevant I should say that relevant to us now with the close of time yet I mean we're there but we're not fully there so let's define right isness what the Bible defines righteousness as holiness godless which is the exact opposite of what sin 1st Corinthians $1534.00 a way to want right just snus and do want sin not so Bible is very clear that right just snice is the opposite of sin sin being unrighteousness the 2 cannot go together they are complete exact opposites oil and water if you will fusions $59.00 The fruit of the spirit is all goodness and righteousness and what so right just misses also goodness and it is truth right and all and righteousness the Bible says is sin 1st John 517 E.J. Wagner mentions this he says the righteousness of God as an expression of his character as set forth in the wind 10 Commandments so the 10 Commandments very clearly they declare the right isness of who. Of God What we're going to see is that the the take a mammoths cannot give right just honest to us they can on Lee do want the cleric now I'm going to talk more about that just a minute all right let's keep going to such a Christ base 61 righteousness is defined by the 10 precepts given by the Lord on Mount Sinai and so again there's another Sig's ample of think a man is so God's laws righteous because he himself is want rightists and His commandments are simply an expression of his moral nature it is a definition of who he is this is a bit of review for most of us but I want you to notice this this is very. This is very powerful means make sure I'm in the right spot. OK I want you to notice the depth of God's law here. Watch this is very powerful 888 Materials God's law all reaches to the internal as well as to the Exter and all actions of men we as humans tend to focus on the one. On the external knowing and we focus on the behavior but God sees the core of what causes the behavior not your reading a set of listening some just going to read again it is a discerner of the thoughts and intents and purposes of the soul a man may be guilty of sins that God alone knows. You might be perfectly right shifts in the eyes of every human being on earth but God knows what others do not known as any and I'm not saying that's a to frighten us but we need to understand the the seriousness and the depth the Via God's law is indeed a searcher of hearts there are dark passions of jealousy and revenge and hatred lust and Wiles and Bishan that are covered from human observation but the great I AM knows them all since have been contemplated and not yet carried out for want of opportunity God's law makes a record of all these these hidden away secret sins form wants character now what I'm not trying to do is say God is watching over your shoulder to mark down every bad thing that you do that's not my point but we need to understand the depth of which the law of God impacts our lives OK we need to understand that so it reflects what's in the human heart now watch this from the book patron prophet this is that when I 1st read this I was like whoa this is intense fall speaking so is talking about the commandment Thou shall not bear false witness right fall speaking in any matter every attempt or purpose to deceive our neighbor here is included an intention to deceive is what constitutes false hood Now watch this by a glance of the eye a motion of the hand an expression of the countenance a false god may be told as affectionately as by words think about that so I just you know not that that that would be a thing but if I'm doing it in the sense of misleading then it counts. So when Jesus came and he sat on the Mount of Olives and he said you heard it said you should not commit murder but I say to you if you commit if you hate your brother in your heart you've committed murder already what would the Jews have done is formed this outward care this outward framework of the commandments they said as long as you don't do this outwardly as long as you're not caught as a sense even then it's OK and I think as administers in this day and age we have really focused so much on the X. terminal that the external actions of others that we're not always looking at the internal thoughts of our own hearts that make sense at and we have we've kind of we've kind of diluted the law of God and the nature of it in the purpose of it similar to what they did then are you with me now watch this it will go. All intentional overstatement every hint or incident and situation calculated to convey an erroneous or exaggerated impression even the statement of facts and such a manner as to mislead this false hood this precept forbids every effort to injure our neighbors reputation by misrepresentation or evil surmising by slander or tale bearing even the intentional suppression of truth by which injury may result to others is a violation of the 9th commandment so just taking that one commandment and breaking it down God says this is the reality of it now here's what I love about this because what I love about the 10 Commandments is that the 10 Commandments are really 10 promises that you know that. Because when God says you shall put no other gods before Me What he's saying is I want you to not put anything else in front of me in your life a because I'll always be the very best for you but be because God says I never will put anything in front of you even my own life God says I don't want you to tell a lie because I'll never tell you a lie God says I don't want you to commit adultery because I'll always be faithful to you right makes sense so every commandment is really a promise we look at around the God saying I'm never ask you to do anything that I'm not already doing for you that a beautiful picture see and so the reality is is that when we look at this thing we think to ourselves wow like that's really intense like that's that's a lot of mean I didn't think doing this was a big deal you know I mean like gesturing with my hand whatever so mislead somebody even in a joking way but God says look. I'm never going to do that to you. You can be sure that everything I tell you everything I show you every fought every look every intention of my heart is always to reveal to you the truth and to lead you further in the truth I'm going to find that greatly comforting and assuring Amen and so that's why I got to say look that's the greatest love you can display to a person is that and God says that's what I always want to do for you but I want that to be so a part of who you are that that's what you do for everyone else. Your parents your friends whoever they met I define that to be so powerful that God wants to duplicate that in our lives so who gave all who gave it God gave a right what is the purpose of the laws go to Romans Chapter 7 turn with me there Romans Chapter 7 and we're going to read some of these things again I said a review will get into some new stuff as we go along and later this week for sure Romans Chapter 7 verse 7 to 14 relaying a foundation here today. Would somebody with a nice loud voice I'll read it I'll just do that because it's in the recording the record in this thing Romans 77 says What shall we say then is the law since certainly not on the contrary I would not have known sin except through the law for I would have not known covetousness unless the Lord said You shall not covet but sin taking opportunity by the commandment produced N. me all manner of evil desire for apart from the law sin was dead why does he say apart from the law sin was dead. Yeah because when he didn't know anything about it he just thought whatever I want to do is fine right and when he said when there was something higher than myself that pointed out that what I was doing was wrong a created death and me right because I was now under. The law I was alive once without the law and that's what he's saying there but when the commandment Cain sin revived and I want and I died in other words I recognized that when God revealed to me that this thing was not correct it created a death sentence in me because I knew now that what I had done was wrong in the wages of sin is death and the commandment which was to bring what life I found to bring death and so here's a thing friends we because we know the we know this too well that the wages of sin is death and all have sinned fallen short of the glory of God and sin is the transgression of the law even sometimes we ourselves make this assumption that the law somehow brings death to us you know I'm saying it like it's that thing that's like. It's good but it's bad you know to Main and it's scary but the reality is is that the law actually brings life to us when we keep it are you with me now many people misunderstand this and I'm going to explain this I don't want you to misunderstand it and Revelation 22 verse 14 it says Blessed are they the DO's commandments that they have the right to the tree of life and enter into the gates of the city. Somebody is going to misunderstand this phrase hope you don't what is the condition of eternal life so many said and I said it correctly. It's obedience what is the condition for salvation OK So let me just back up an order to have eternal life what must you do you must obey who got because sin not obey God creates sin which brings one death so the angels of God have eternal life because they obey God Now somebody say well that's legalism but no no no I didn't say salvation I said eternal life the purpose of salvation is to give us what eternal life and so salvation comes when those who had eternal life because of obedience to God disobeyed and fell into sin and now been in to the to be redefined and then restored to eternal life and the purpose of salvation is to bring us back into harmony to the obedience of God's commands to have eternal life of the make sense that is not legalism that's biblical truth now look at here Romans chapter one real quickly. Romans Chapter one Verse 5 Romans one through verse 5 through him we have received grace and apostleship for want for obedience to the face among the nations for his name now before you say well you're just coming in here preaching obedience obedience law long I'm not doing that the whole time I'm just setting a foundation here but don't misunderstand this that the condition for eternal life is obedience but because we have disobeyed God is giving us grace to bring us back into a restoring relationship with him but that re story relationship with him brings us back into obedience. To him does it make sense everybody is for known salvation is free we cannot do anything to earn it OK but the grace of God produces obedience so sin brings destruction not God's law because God's law is good of course Paul says that So God is love therefore his laws love it's intent is to protect and not want not to destroy However when someone breaks the law destruction is the result because love is replaced by what by selfishness. If loving God is the 1st and greatest commandment and sin is lawlessness then our failing to love God with our whole heart must be the greatest wat sin of all and so really breaking the commandments breaking God's law is simply loving ourselves more than him loving our own desires more than him it's all it is so what is the function of the law it was to bring us to Christ Romans $77.00 I would have not known sin except through the law for the law is the knowledge of said So let me keep going here because I want to get into another piece before time runs out E.J. Wagner watch this this is very this is very powerful the eyes of God are everywhere so that there is no possibility he could escape arrest as soon as a person has sinned he is seized by the law and is at once under condemnation of death that doesn't make the law bad it just means the law is doing his job right that's what his blood job is now he is shut up on every side of the law there is not one of those commandments which is not against him because there is not a man on earth who has not broken every one of them the Bible says if you've broken one you've broken how many you've broken all of them the Spirit of God causes the prison walls to close in upon him his cell becomes narrower and narrower you've seen on the movies where you know they they fall into this thing and in the wall begins to like close in another trying to escape in whatever and that's exactly what happens to a spiritually he feels oppressed and then he makes desperate struggles to escape now when we're excited you've experienced this before and your life. Ah you sit in and then you feel like the walls are caving in and there's no rush there's no peace there's no escape you're I'm talking about experiences before yeah and it's a very troubling thing isn't it it's a very challenging thing it's a very disturbing thing and what is our natural thought when those walls are closing in what's our natural thought I'm not good enough and God is what God is angry and he's just bringing the wrath down on me right when the reality is when we feel that miserable condition conviction what is God actually doing he's actually trying to reach us and he's trying because the natural carnal human heart will always go after the 1st available thing other than God won't it won't it if I find any way to escape that that conviction I usually take it other than human to God Isn't it true the natural human heart does that and so what God does and sometimes it takes a process of days or weeks or even years for some of us what God does is he one by one takes away those methods of escape. And he says you can't go there anymore that's not going to do you any good and he takes them away and that wall closes in until we reach the place where we have one place to turn and that's him and God doesn't do that because he doesn't love us he does it because he does love us a man because he alone can save us he starts out one way but there the 1st commandment rises up against him will not let him go free he turns and another direction but he has taken the name of God in vain and the 3rd command refuses to let him have liberty in that direction so with all the commandments they utterly refuse to grant and liberty because he has violated every one of them he is completely shut in on every side never remember is this a good thing or a bad thing. It's a good thing it's a good thing. And think of your own experiences when you've gone through this thing and you cannot escape the truth there is however just one avenue of escape and that is through whose that is through Christ Christ is the door and the entrance through that door gives what freedom I remember reading I've been reading in my spare time which isn't much but when I'm you know waiting in line or something I've been reading the autobiography of Joseph Bates and but I've read that book before a fascinating book and he tells about how he was. He was a sea captain and in those days before I think it was the war of $812.00 the British would capture our merchant ships American merchant ships and force the entire crew to come on board and they would basically draftsman into the English navy they were conscripting them and so you had American citizens that were forced to go with the British Navy and he wrote about how they were always trying to escape and they drilled this hole on one side of the ship and and. At night time some of them were trying to jump out of the hole and into the water and swim to shore and how it was just under the soldier and and Joseph Bates had been a part of this and he was the next person in line to go but there were these 2 guys who had gotten drunk and who said we want to go and if you don't let us go now we're going to start yelling and they're going to find you and so they let these 2 guys go and sure enough the guy plops into the water he starts to drown and he starts screaming and they capture him and they find the hole and they fill it up and then they and then they and then they and then they cut a hole in the other side of a ship and he was just describing all these ways in which he wanted to obtain he called his liberty he said I would do anything to get my liberty and that's the way that I thought about it for our own selves when we are in slave to sin it ought to be our greatest desire to obtain want liberty and the only way to liberty is through as through Christ only Christ can do it notice this. From the signs I as a Wagner he says stung by his awakened conscience the guilty one seeks peace and rest but the law already Lansley charges him with his sin all that it will do is deepen conviction and thus add to the load that weighs down the center finally when he loses confidence in himself and cries out all wretched man that I am he is forced to cast himself at the feet of Jesus saying Lord be merciful to me a sinner I can tell you friends times in my life when this is happening to me even as a pastor I'm always trying to go my own way do my own thing make my own plans and it always leads me to a place where I'm on my knees saying Lord save me I'm a sinner and there's been times in my life even as a pastor when I've had to say bored all I can do is start my chest and say save me that's all I can 2nd him say anything else this is the only avenue of escape and it is the only one that never fails the law literally drives the sinner to Christ by shutting up every other way of freedom from guilt I want to think about Peter for just a minute and I want to put this in context of 7th Avenue as did Peter before the cross love Jesus yes or no. That he he loved Jesus he loved the person he had a human affection for Jesus he knew that there was something special about Jesus didn't and he loved to be around him he loved to be in the meetings where he taught he loved to be close to them loved to be by his side he loved Jesus but his heart was not converted. He wanted to he wanted to be close to Christ but but he had not yet been broken and he was not broken until Christ looked him in the eye after he cursed and said I don't know the man and Christ gave him a look that he likely never forgot and he went I'll pawn the Mount and he fell upon this rock I believe was the same rock that Christ was praying on and he was broken the Bible says and for the prophecy says and this is my fear today that in the as Minister for church there's a lot of people that love Jesus a lot of people that have an affection to Jesus they love to be with the people of God they love of the fellowship and you know they like going to church and hearing the messages and this kind of thing but our hearts haven't really experienced the deeper conversion that leads us to the faith of Jesus are you with me and I'm and I'm not excluding myself from that I'm saying Lord help me a sinner we see best and we understand best what we need the most and I need it more than anyone else and more and more you know when Paul says If a man thinks he is something let him rely that he's nothing right and more more I'm realizing that I thought I knew something but I don't know anything a don't know anything and that's this it's a scary thing to think that Peter who was one of the 12 apostles had an affection for Jesus because that affection for Jesus can even be blinding can and it can be blinding to the fact that we're truly unconverted and I'm not trying to scare us and make us feel what I'm saying is friends. We need an experience with Jesus like we've never had. We need to know that we know him are you with me we need to know all that that that our hearts are surrendered to him and the only 2 people in the world and in the universe that can know if you really know him is yourself and God There is no way that I myself can know your condition even the angels of God I mean they can they can write down everything but they truly don't know what's in your heart I mean they know it probably more than than I know it's Or you know it about each other but only God really knows and only you really know what's in your heart and you don't know I mean people say why I'm not sure if I I mean we know if our hearts are right with God or not and if they're not all we have to do is ask him to know and he's going to reveal it to us. Yeah that's right I mean and that makes a point that we thought we know and the reality is. We've got to be searching the Word of God we've got to be searching our own hearts we've got to understand if we know him and by the fruits there so what hope is there for me can a lot now justify me how can I have seen the righteousness of God I will many times when we've sinned we say these types of things God All never happen again I've said that before. I mean the 1st time we do that thing where life whoa how did I ever do that and you know what I find about myself. There may be something that I've never done in my life and I look at somebody else and I'll see them doing this thing I remember I'll just give you an example and I mean it's I'm ashamed to say it but there was a guy that he was a pastor. And he worked under me and when he ate it was like it was like sad like it was like he was dislike how do I describe it I don't even know how to describe it it was like he would eat very ungracefully. And he would just be light and I said man this guy's a pastor and look at it look at how he's doing this like in front of the members and members are looking at him like like what are you doing and I remember I just honed in on that and I didn't say much to him and I actually did say something about it but then over the course of time. I don't know how it even happened but I found myself doing the same thing. And then then it hit me and this is happen to me several times that things that I point out in others and criticize I soon find myself doing them from the BE TRUE by yourself maybe you've never done nothing before your life but then someone else is doing and then you find yourself doing it as like how did this happen but the 1st time you do something new that you know is wrong you say who I can't believe that happen God that will never happen again well then what happens. It might happen again and each time it happens again it gets less and less offensive to me and more more acceptable doesn't it until it becomes regular routine it becomes a part of my character and then God has to do a very big work in my heart to undeceive that thing doesn't it how about this one I'll be good from now on. Here said that before who does that sound lying. Kids in it sounds like the children misery all that the Lord has said we will do and they want obedient about this one I'll do something better to make up for it I'm ashamed to say that there's been times when I've said and my own heart never says out loud till now I'll put in a little more offering to. I remember I have a relative who's not a Christian and this relative is very close to me own say who because I don't want them there here but but they make a very large sum of money like I have a very successful business and they don't go to church but occasionally have gone to church with me and I'll put a $20.00 bill in the offering plate and and they will look over at me and say I put $20.00 and that's that's pretty good of me isn't it a self sacrificing isn't it and I'm thinking in my mind that's like point 0000 like 20 zeroes per one percent of I'm thinking like tidy you know but this is the perception we have like either I'm good or I can do something good to make up for it how many have thought that before maybe not conscientiously but subconsciously we do something wrong we think well you know I'm just going to help this person a little bit extra because I did this wrong thing so I want to like but the reality is we're all guilty before who the Lord will not hold him while. If we stumble on one point we've done it broken them all and by notice this by the deeds of the law no flesh will be justified in sight so if you've broken one point in the Commandments there's no amount of doing the other points in the Commandments that will make up for the point you did you miss that makes sense you cannot KNOW I'M OUT OF of present or future obedience can remove the guilt of a passin with me and so no matter no matter how much we do I mean even if I told even if the only sin in my life and I lived to be a 120 years old if I had one sin of my life it was one little white lie not even a big one just a little one and the rest of my life was painted with righteousness and self-sacrifice I would still be was condemned because no amount of right doing can make up for wide wrong doing Yes All right we cannot escape our go to break in the command of even by deciding to turn around obey the 10 Commands in the future even if we do it by grace it doesn't cancel out the sin that's aready been committed once we break it the law is and once we can never have one drop even one drop of righteousness we are guilty as lawbreakers subject to death and that's not just because God is a tyrant and God is overbearing but it's very simply because. It's the sin the sin brings the death the understand and the law brings the death penalty a declaration of righteous so trying to do that will only increase our guilt and condemnation Romans $319.00 whatever we know that whatever the law says it says that those who are under the law that every mouth may be stopped and all the world may become guilty before God Now let me make this point clear if we sin and then we try to make up for it with our own righteousness what essentially are we doing we're sinning more and we're calling God a want a liar so here's the reality of the of the bottom line is that when sin enters our life and weak and we choose to do it we have one of 2 choices. We there call ourselves a liar or we call God a liar when we try to hide it and we try to make up for it when we try to you know whatever we're calling God a liar and the only way to call ourselves a liar so if we call God a liar we're calling ourselves what. Right yes if we call God righteous we have to naturally declare ourselves was a liar and a sinner. And so the all only way to recognize and declare God is righteous is for us to do what. Is to confess it is to say I'm the sinner God save me I'm the one in need because if we start defending ourselves or blaming others what we're saying is I don't need gone I don't I don't need that forgiveness because I really didn't do anything wrong so believe it or not this is actually what a relief. It's a relief when we actually come to the reality in the acknowledgment of our need isn't it and then a relief because we don't have to keep pretending we don't have to keep. Trying harder we don't have to teach trying to cover of we can just bring it to its end and so the loss function is to do what convict us not what were give us why the law is completely right has noticed this it cannot transfer ANY want right just nest to us but many 7th Day Adventists are attempting to obtain the righteousness by what by keeping the commandments and the reality is that because you have sinned you cannot obtain any rights isness through the law makes sense the law can only declare the right to sense of God A cannot give any to you all it does is declare your own righteousness and declare his righteousness and make you a liar and him telling the truth so what do I do while Galatians 221 says if righteousness comes to the law then Christ died in want and vain E.J. Wagner a doer of the laws one who has always done it see you know you know when when when I think as James says the doers of the law are not here is only right but a doer of the law is one who has always done it if a man has failed in only one particular he cannot be called a doer of the law for the simple reason that he hasn't done it all. Therefore on this account you can never be justified by the law so what do I do either of us are guilty of that right trying to get right distance from the law we do it through that which I mentioned you know there's all these billboards going up by these atheistic groups and they're all over the country these these freedom thinkers and atheistic groups look at this being a good person doesn't require gone don't believe in God You're not alone look at this one millions are good without gone right why believe in a god just be good for goodness sake these are advertisements that are all over the country and humanity is attempting to do this. I'm going to slip past this because I want to end with this I cannot trust myself to do good and want any circumstance so always people come to me with spiritual discouragement and they say I just feel like I'm not good enough and your I say to them I'm really glad that you acknowledge that because you're not so the fact that you're feeling that way is not a sign that God is abandon you it's a sign that God is working on you and working in you because he's drawn the closer become a crisis the last we're going to. Feel righteous right humanity's not right just because of sin but God's law is so I mean I would we send it even more thoroughly and clearly declares the righteousness of gone doesn't it what's that oh OK however Gonzalo cannot transfer one drop of righteous I mention that Soha can have pain the righteousness of the law we would need to find another place where we could have saved because look if we're unrighteous and we can't get right to since by keeping the law we can't get right to stand by producing ourselves we've got to have a don't we. If we're going to stand true before God we've got to have the right to snice So there's got to be another location of which I can get it yes and we'd have to find somebody who would never send a kept the law perfectly who would allow us to have his righteousness as our own and that's where we find Romans Chapter 3 a beautiful passage I'm going to just read it quickly here Roman status 3 and verse 21 through 26 Romans 321 but now the righteousness of God apart from the law as revealed so God saying look I'm revealing another form of righteousness that you can have that's not from the law even the righteousness of God through faith in who Jesus Christ who all and on all who believe where there was no difference for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God being justified freely by His grace through the redemption that is in Christ Jesus whom God set forth as appropriation by His blood through faith to demonstrate his righteousness because in his forbearance or patience he had passed over the sins or previously committed to demonstrate at the present time is righteous nys that he might be just and the justifier of the one who has face and Jesus so the reality is this we are poor helpless wretched sinners Amen and there's only one place to find the right as innocent God that we must have to stand his presence once again and that is putting our faith and trust in what Jesus is our he done for us and not one ounce or one inch of that of ourselves now we got one minute I'm going to read this statement here is a man born in sin or a woman women are probably closer to holiness than men but his inheritance is the worst imaginable. I think about my own life when I think of that my family his environment is at the lowest depths known to the wicked. In some way the love of God shining from the cross of Calvary reaches his heart he yields repents confesses and by faith claims Christ as his Savior the instant the while the instant that that is done he is accepted as a child of God That's a one time thing right. Is that if I send again tomorrow what happens when I do the same thing again what does it say what's that word that I word the walk the instant that is done is accepted as a child of God his sins are all forgiven his guilt is cancelled he is counted righteous and stands approved justified before the divine law this amazing miraculous change make take place in one short hour and when he says hour that's 18 hundreds phrase for 2nd moment flash. This is righteousness by faith that's what it is and my friends the scary thing is that it is so simple and so clear that as humans we've taken this thing and overcomplicate it we've over complicated it and we've made it something that it's not and because of that many people have become discouraged and lost their faith have been frustrated. Because we've oversimplified something that God isn't tended to be so simple and so easy and if we will put our faith and trust in Him alone this experience can be ours what he say I may believe that to be true. And then. And how many you want to have that experience. All right we'll pick up that tomorrow how many want to have that experience of rice by face now Tamara got about just half a dozen more slides or so and and then we're going to get into the Book of Daniel and we're going to see House of the life of Daniel this is and then on the next 2 days are going to go into the Book of Revelation and we're going to see these princes brought out there so I wanted to lay a foundation today and help us understand and I think that that paragraph I just read is the perfect psalm and I don't think our people are understanding that but the the more we put these texts in our hearts more put them our minds are going to become a reality an experience for us a man and God wants us to have not just faith in Jesus but he wants it to grow to what the face of Jesus Amen amen Let's pray together then we'll wrap up Father we thank you so much for this opportunity and we just pray that your spirit would be with us that you would be drawn close to us Lord and that we would put our simple faith in a simple trust Lord not that we we don't sheep in your Grace. But lord you've made the Gospel simple to us and no matter where we send how we've said how much we've seen and if we're willing but to return to you your grace is extended to us your invitation is given to us to come and for take of your righteousness and Lord we cannot get it from our own deeds or the deeds of the law but we can receive it freely from you and Lord in that we can find rest we can find peace we can have assurance and that what Jesus has done for us is enough. We don't need to add anything to it so help us Lord believe this by faith we pray in Jesus name Amen this media was brought to you by audio post a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio version or if you would like to listen to more sermon Please Visit W W W dot audio Verse dot org.


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