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Prophetic Faith in Daniel- Part 2

Wes Peppers


Wes Peppers

Pastor, Traverse City & Kalkaska, Michigan




  • June 19, 2018
    2:00 PM
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Precious father today we thank you so much as we go into this lesson we just pray or that your Holy Spirit would guide and direct our thoughts and our hearts and you give us clarity of mind most importantly Lord give us the Holy Spirit without him we are just running circles of foolishness and so I just pray Lord for His presence to be more than in the room but also in our hearts and we praise you and thank you for that you would lead us and guide us and teach us today we come in Jesus name Amen so yesterday we talked about how can a person obtain the righteousness of God does do any of us have righteousness of our own yes or no we have no righteousness of our own and it is impossible for us to attain it on our own and did we find that can the law of God give us righteousness yes or no does that make the law of God bad no it doesn't make it bad at all it actually makes a very good because it doesn't though it can't give the right any righteousness it does do what. It declares the righteousness of God right and so what must we what is righteousness. It's right doing how have you read the morning Sasha early morning session with pasta Mart mess Mark our excellent message excellent message on the subject so the law has no ability to give us any righteousness and only declares righteousness now is the is the what is the number one purpose of God's law. Well actually yes and no but the 1st role is what the. Well before it convicts us. Well before shows where we're at. Is shows where God is. So so the 1st role of the law of God is to declare a rights as a God or 2 or 2 or to define righteousness as well right then as as a following point when it declares the rights of God that righteousness is basically just kind of like trumpeted out in any place that there is an righteousness it reveals that by aligning it beside the righteousness of God are you with me and so of course we who are sinners. Are righteous around righteous unrighteous of ourselves and so that righteousness of God is naturally going to do what reveal our our own righteousness right or our sin from the same thing and so when it does that it brings the sense of need a sense of conviction a sense of judgment that we are separated from him we're separated from God And we we don't want to be separated from God even though we are but the only way to not be separated from God is to have that perfect righteousness but there it is staring us in the face the law of God telling us and pointing out all of our sins and revealing to us that we are nothing but unrighteous and your sins of separated you from God but God through His mercy cannot give us righteousness through the law but he gives us righteousness from another place who is that Jesus because the beauty of Jesus is that he can both declare righteousness where he is righteousness he declares righteousness but he can also what. He can impart it that's the difference between Christ and the law that they both declare the exact same righteousness there's so many people today that think that that the commandments the rightness of God's law and the rightness of Jesus are 2 separate things Jesus has no last justice within his person than the law does if he did then you could say that Jesus came from the law or rather than the law coming from Jesus that makes sense Jesus has no US justice within him then the law the US but the law cannot give mercy her way it can't give mercy it can't give righteousness but Christ has the ability to do that why because he lived a what a life of righteousness Amen I mean think of that so we need to find this is just slightly review from yesterday we need to find a man who had never sinned but kept along perfectly would allow us to have his righteousness as our own if you remember we read Romans Chapter 3 and I do with I would like to read that again today because I think it's highly importance Romans Chapter 3 verses 21 through 26 Romans separate 3 verse 21 through 26 it says but now the righteousness of God. Let's go back up here just back up here to verse 19. It says We know that whatever the law says it says to those who are under the law that every mouth should be stopped and all the world may become guilty before gone and so when he says there are those who are under the law he's not just simply talking about Jews he's talking about those who are under the condemnation of the law right the ones that have broken the law and have had the knowledge of breaking the law and now understand that they've broken the law correct with me and he says all the world becomes guilty before God Why because now they have a revelation of God's want character and his and his righteousness which is in contrast to their character and unrighteousness right he says Therefore by the deeds of the law no flesh will be justified in his sight so he says basically once you've broken the law you cannot do anything to fix that brokenness it is just there and you can give your best effort you can give it your best shot but it's still going to be broken. It's still going to be broken even if you get it right after that that moment in time still is there for by the law is the knowledge of sin but now the righteousness of God apart from the law is revealed So in other words he's saying OK look like the law of God declares the rights essence of God but it's not going to give you anything but here is another place of righteousness that's besides the law other than the law where we can actually obtain it being witnessed by the wall in the Prophets even the righteousness of God through faith in Jesus Christ and let me ask you a question today which righteousness would you rather have if you could if you could obtain your own righteousness from the law if you could do that you can't but if you could. Would you rather have that or would you rather have Jesus' righteousness which one would you rather have. So I mean like here's the thing like the reality is we cannot get righteousness from doing the deeds of the law but if even if we could would still rather have his so why then when we trust in our own right when we still rely upon our own unrighteous acts do we still prefer own rather than is there I'm saying that makes sense what I'm saying but logic we still trust somehow in our own efforts to do something good of ourselves when we can but even even if we could even if God could go who now you can do it we'd still rather have his so why would really rather have his in the worst spot sin I'm saying. That even in the middle spot but we still kind of do that knowing even the righteousness of God through faith in Jesus Christ who on All in all it to all and on all who believe there is no difference for all of sin and fallen short of the glory of God being justified freely by His grace of the redemption that is in Christ Jesus whom God set forth as a propitiation by His blood through faith to demonstrate his righteousness because in his forbearance God had passed over the sins which were previously committed to demonstrate at the present time his righteousness that he might be just and the justifier of the one who has faith in Jesus now sometimes people think that when we receive the righteousness of Christ that that somehow God is lessening his justice when he forgives us he's not lessening his justice he's just executing his justice on Christ. On the cross makes sense OK All right so we read this yesterday but it's worth reading again this is from A.J. Daniels how many of you know who aged in his is how many you don't know who he is OK It's OK if you don't know he was a conference President in the 1000s I mean General Conference President thank you in the not in the early 1000 hundreds and he would have often a very close correspondence with our own wife and she would write to him and he wrote a book called Christ Our Righteousness which I recommend it's a pretty short book it's up I think they have in the A.B.C. I've encouraged you to get a copy of it he says this here is a man born in sin or woman his or her inheritance is the worst imaginable Is that true about us it's true isn't it our environment is at the lowest depths known to the wicked and someway the love of God shining from the cross of Cauvery reaches his heart how powerful is that love a man he yields repents confesses and by faith claims Christ as a savior the end stent that is done he is accepted as a child of gone his sins are all forgiven we understand when I say his I mean everybody of mankind his guilt is cancelled he is accounted righteous and stands approved justified before the divine mall this amazing miraculous change may take place in one short hour in other words moments this is righteousness by faith so what does that saying in layman's terms used Tell me repentance OK Yes very true but but that's a piece of it but how do we sum up the whole I'll tell you the moment that we absolutely totally completely are dependent upon God for our salvation. And not ourselves and not any other method that's the moment that we embrace righteousness by faith that's the moment that that faith becomes real to us and the other part of faith Yelena faith is that we totally believe the Word of God and believe what it that it can do what it says it will do now 7th Day Adventists we tend to believe that but here's what we've Here's what we often think we tend to think and believe that God It was easier for God to create the world in 6 days than it is for him to change my hearts are you with me. But that was the whole purpose of the Sabbath is to remind us that the creative power of God is also work in our lives to recreate our hearts make sense as and we believe the Word of God is true but we ought than don't believe it to be true for own minds we don't think that God can can really do the promises that he claims in our hearts and in our lives and that what he does in our hearts can actually transform into actions in the life and in the and in extreme of behavior why do how do I know that because we struggle with it all the time because we continually wrestle with things surrendering things to him because we just don't think that he's going to do it or maybe we've thought we've seen we try we say we try that but then God didn't really follow through or whatever but usually the fault is with us and not completely surrendering isn't it. Look at me in Romans Chapter 4 verses 2 to 7 almost up to 4 Verse 2 to 7 it says. Verse one also it says What then shall we say that Abraham our father has found according to the flesh for of Abraham was justified by works see as something a boast about but not before God for what does the Scripture say Abraham believed God and it was accounted to him for righteousness not to him who works the wages are not counted as a grace but his debt. But to him it does not work but believes on him who justifies the end godly his faith is accounted for a while and righteousness just also just as David describes the bus of this of the man to whom God imputes righteousness apart from works bless it of those whose lawless deeds are forgiven whose sins are covered Blessed is the man to whom the Lord shall not impute sin So listen that's not to say that works are involved but righteousness by faith the work that's involved is the work that Christ has already done for us to make sense you cannot improve upon that makes sense and our job our work is to surrender and yield ourselves to that completely and totally but then what happens is that that righteousness which is by faith transforms the hearts. And we're justified by God when we do though when those those other elements come with it repentance and confession and those things that's part of belief OK That's part of the yielding that's part of surrendering the will to God But there's no act that we're doing that justifies us the act is that we are confessing what Jesus has done and confessing our. And our need for him and our willingness to receive him so that makes sense and then that transformation will change the heart and then the life will begin to yield the works of God that makes sense not our own works but his works and he will both will to do nice good pleasure that's why you were there this morning Mark talked about later that when Abraham weighed up Isaac for a sacrifice and the book of Jane says that he was justified by both faith and works and here's the thing is that God doesn't want to just he doesn't want the justification by faith or the righteousness by faith to just exist in our own hearts he wants it to be demonstrated where. To the world right and so and so when when Abraham was willing to yield up Isaac it wasn't for God's sake that he did that and it wasn't for Abraham's sake that he did that because Abraham even though he rustled he knew he would do it God even though he saw Abraham wrestling knew he would do it what it was for is so that God could point to Abraham. Point to Abraham for the rest of the universe to look on and see that the grace of God is greater than the power of sin. And that the power of God to say in the power of God to change the life is greater than than Satan's power to withhold hold man and sin that God could could hold a man's integrity through his love he could maintain his integrity through his love that makes sense and so God uses Abraham to point. As an example to point the rest of the universe to that hey the power of my grace is enough to change the life even if he's in the pit of sin and then includes you and me men and you can say Amen to that all right now look at verse 21 it says versus Look here a verse 19 back up here not being we can I'm promised we're going to get the Daniel. And not being we can faith he did not consider his own body of the already dead and the deadness of Sarah's woon he did not waver at the promise of God through unbelief but was strengthened in faith giving glory to God and being noticed this this is the definition of faith my friends verse 21 and being fully convinced that what he had promised he was also able to perform now we sit here and we think about that we sound oh yeah that's just so you know we always believe that we always believe that it sounds so cliche and we said it $100.00 times are a 1000 times but the reality is you can read about Abraham but what about you today where is it in your own life that God wants you to demonstrate righteousness by faith not just to to receive it yes but not just to receive it but also it to be demonstrated and I'll tell you where it sat It's the area of life where God is convicting you right now. But you've been too uncomfortable or too unwilling to step out by faith and do it that's where that place is for you today and God will not reveal something else to you until you're willing to step out of faith and that things that make sense are you with me and when he does when you do that then he'll show you something else and therefore it was accounted to him for righteousness verse 23 now it was not written for his sake alone that it was imputed to him but also for who also for us it should be imputed to OSS who believe in Him who raised up our Lord from the dead and was delivered up because of our offenses and raised up because of our justification how you can say Amen so when we believe in the Lord Jesus and what he did for us these are my words he imputes to us His righteousness gained that he gained while living on Earth as a man which we can never obtain from or by the law or in and of ourselves when we accept Him His righteousness is transferred to our account I'm you can see how lujah. And everything that you should have done was done by him and everything you should not have done was not done by him. And all that when we simply believe that he would do it for us it's done and you're counted righteous God didn't wait until Abraham laid Isaac on the altar before he declared him righteous the Bible says he believed and it was a count of rights and how much time passed between when Abraham believed and got accounted it to righteousness how long. It was immediately and how quickly when we put our own faith in the promises of God does it take place how quickly immediately. Does God have to wait I mean God fulfill the promise to Abraham Yes later but it was accounted to him for righteousness in that moment that makes sense and we have to believe that to be true for ourselves we stand then before God as though we've never sinned the one condition to receive in this is faith in him hence the phrase righteousness by faith go with me quickly to Romans 5 we're right there close by Romans Chapter 5 is the next chapter verse 6 for when we were still without strength in due time Christ died for the end Godly for scarcely for a righteous man will one die yet perhaps for a good man someone might even dare to die But God demonstrates His own love towards us and that while we were still sinners Christ died for us much more then having now been justified by his blood we shall be saved from wrath through him and notice this one with the enemies if when we were enemies we were reconciled to God through the death of his son much more have been reconciled we shall be saved by his want his life so you see it wasn't just it was that it was the it was the shed blood of Christ that forgave your sins correct but it was the righteous life who lived by Christ that is transferred to your life and you receive credit for what he did make sense so was it just simply the death of Christ that's important the sacrifice of Christ it's important but it's also the righteous life that he lived that is given to you amen because because because this the death of Christ in the blood of Christ may cover and forgive your sin but that doesn't that just makes up for what you did bad. It doesn't make up for what you should have done good that makes sense but the righteous life of Christ does this I mean can say men are just thankful for the sacrifice of Jesus and the life that he lived you not only sacrifice his life he lived a self sacrificing life Amen and that's equally important review and herald November for 890 by faith the sinner who is so grievously wronged an offended God can bring to God the merits of Christ I mean to say men and go because if you're not going to bring that you've got nothing else to bring new year and the Lord places the obedience of his son to the sitter's account Christ righteousness is accepted in place of man's failure in this transaction God pardons justifies and loves the sinner as he loves his son. How much love does God the Father have for his son Jesus what kind of love is that or how would you suppose it to be. You know how do you do that beyond John 17 it Jesus is praying to the father he says you have loved them as you have loved me and he loves us well somebody might say well he only was me because Jesus. Because Jesus gives me his righteousness but the Bible you know they might in my in some I get the idea that God only loves me if I'm good but the Bible says For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten son so he loved us even before he gave his son he loved us in our sin and He loves us when our sins are removed from us and over light Christ isn't a beautiful thing Amen and so God loves us as He loves his son that's why he could not part with us. And just say just let him go that's the way they want to go let him go he would not let us go and so friends with this type of assurance with this type of hope do we have any reason to not approach the throne of God Not at all we can approach it with boldness AMUN are almost through this and then we move on this is how faith takes the place of works as a counted righteousness this wonderful truth should be perfectly clear to every believer and it must become personal wants. So it's not enough to just know about it it has to be something that we actually act upon an exercise in our own lives. What's that yes so it must become real and so this doesn't become real for us it doesn't become personal experience until we have wrestled with God yes or no until we have we have experience in the closet the knowledge and the experience that we have gone to him by faith and he has accepted us based upon the merits of crisis not just head knowledge is not just a theoretical thing it must be experience or we must go to God and ask him for this experience and I fear that there are many in the church who have never done that or of half heartedly done it or have just circumspectly done it but they haven't actually wrestled with gone you know Stan I mean. And because of that we have a church full of half hearted half converted half committed Christians. Who just Khana whatever I mean but if we have this experience a question will it change our lines externally What do you think it's going to it should an able us to seize from our own works efforts and struggles and enter into a calm trusting living faith and the merits of beauty and righteousness of Christ these we may present to God and place of our failures we should now experience the peace and joy with such a marvelous transaction is able to bring to our hearts therefore being justified by faith we have want peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ Romans 51 which is say but you know what but my sin but my sin but Meissen No no no friends it applies to everybody in every circumstance some of you think before that today including yours but we must trust in Romans 1010 for with the heart one believes in 2 righteousness and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation Romans 11617 I'm not ashamed of the gospel of Christ for the power of God to salvation for everyone who want. Doesn't say everyone who performs as has everyone who want believes for in it the righteousness of God is revealed from faith the faith as it is written the just show live by faith but does that mean that the righteousness of Christ covers my sin and then I just live however no if Christ lives only just read the text you elations to 20 I have been crucified with one with a new Christ that is that's the act of war that we talked about earlier starts with an S That's the act of surrender complete total absolute surrender to God Yes willing to give up anything that I know is separating me from him whether it be adultery whether it be the last whether it be pride whether it be honesty whether it be whatever it is I'm willing to say Lord I'm choosing Jesus over this thing I'm willing to I'm willing to go to lay it down to you for his sake and he's better than that thing and I'm way I'm coming to you and I'm just laying myself absolutely open and there to you right that's the crucifixion with crucified being crucified with Christ is no longer I who live but then who Christ living within me so a question this is what many people believe today even in the Aventura church that that once I come to Christ and I surrender all to him that my life is just going to continue and I'm still going to continue to Russell right I'm back up and strike that comment I am going to always Russell I am always going to be tempted but I'm just going to continue in the same course that I had before. If I surrender my heart to God and Christ comes and lives within me if if I take that knife and I kill the man of the flesh by my choice to surrender to Christ and Christ then comes and lives and dwells within me is he going to live a life that is the same course that I lived before yes or no is going to be a different what life so whatever happens inside is going to be manifested where outside you have the Holy Spirit and so what I want you to understand is that it's not just about living an extra life it's not just about what's going on in the outside today and so people have. Gone off on this and they say well it doesn't really matter what you do as long as God knows your heart right you've heard people say that I mean the yeah I mean yeah I confessed it so therefore he's I can keep doing it and God can no no people don't understand that when I make a surrender to price he is coming to live inside me. And he's going to live he's not only going to give me righteousness but he's going to live his righteousness through me that makes sense and my role is to continue to be surrendered to Him by faith trusting him every day yes and he's going to live a different life that doesn't mean we're not going to struggle temptation because Christ struggled temptation didn't it doesn't mean that that that there will be times. That we will fall if we take our eyes off him if we cease to allow him to be living in us if we say Lord I want my own way in this moment that's when we're going to stumble and fall but if we live a surrendered life he can live writes this life through us both internally and externally yes or no and the life which I now live in the flesh in other words in this sinful human flesh I live by faith in the Son of God who loved me and gave Himself for me amen Romans 121 and 2 I've a seat you there for a brother and by the mercies of God This resent your body is a living once sacrifice holy acceptable to God as a reasonable service as a not be conformed to this world but be transformed by the renewing of your mind that you may be pray that you may prove what is good and acceptable perfect will of God and then the last one here Philippians to 13 for his God who works in you both to will and to do of his good ones wiser so God through Christ is going to dwell in you and live out his life through yours at the end of your life which one do you think would be better his life in you or your life of yourself which one do you think I meant Now check out this this is this I found this passage in of just blew my mind I union with Christ by living faith is enduring. But I'll add this it's only enduring when every when every other union must what perish What does that mean it means we have to burn the bridges to Satan's world what does that mean all the things that you run to that you know are not the best you've got to burn that bridge so you can't run there any more you with me so he can't lure you a cost price 1st shows us paying an infinite price for redemption and the True Believer chooses Christ as 1st and last you're choosing Christ 1st because he chose you 1st over himself and best in everything but this union costs us something what I thought I thought it wasn't by works it's not but it does have a price what's the price it is a revelation of utter wasn't it pendens to be entered into by a proud being those are like $2.00 super contrasts and things aren't they when you agree the pendants and pride they don't just go together do they all who form the Sunni must feel their need of the atoning blood of Christ they must have a change of heart they must submit their own will to the will of God so crucial there will be a struggle with our word and internal obstacles there must be a painful work of wise detachment as well as a work of attachment what are we detaching from. Sin what are we attaching to. Pride selfishness vanity were missing lost ones must be overcome if we would enter into a union with Christ what that does not mean is that you need to clean yourself up before you come the crisis not what it's saying it's saying essentially in order to continue to maintain that union with Christ if we would overcome we have to continue to surrender those things in that's essentially what she's saying the reason why many find the Christian life so deplorably hard why they are so fickle so variables that sound like our church today. Is they try to attach themselves to Christ without 1st attaching themselves from these cherished idols and therefore all we do is practice what idol worship it's kind of like a key and just imagine if if the if imagine that wait a minute I have a key right here here's a key imagine if this key was your ticket to eternal life right and God puts the sin your hand he says all you have to do is hold on to this thing all your life. And when you get to heaven presented at the door and you're becoming in what you going to do with that thing you know you don't throw out your sock drawer you're gonna you know throw it in your junk drawer or in the utility room mud room you're going to close your hand and you're gonna put a chain around that and put a lock over your handset and never opens again right but then here's what happens a Satan comes by and he presents something to us and he says you know I have this thing over here I think you would really enjoy now each one every person has a category of thing that pulls on them more than other things so for instance I'll give you a perfect example of this. For me money has no temptation I do not care about money people gamble even when I wasn't a Christian gambling had no appeal to me whatsoever and the accumulation of large amounts of money even as a non-Christian had no appeal to me I could care less about it I don't care about drugs I was a non-Christian I drank a lot of alcohol but never had any appeal to drugs but there were certain things which I will not name that didn't have a huge draw on me and those things that have a huge draw in me you may say I've never been tempted with that in my life but you may have a huge draw to money or some other thing right everybody's got a thing or a couple of things that Satan knows how to push and there's just this inner sensation that I have to do this thing and it and there's a lot of mental stuff that goes on science and you know we've talked about that another time but but here come say the long and he has this thing for you and he says look you really enjoy this thing and I've got something here I think you'd really like to do he says all you have to do is what. The key for just a minute not it doesn't say that 1st that and what do you say initially you say my key no way just told me to keep this key right and I'm not going to give this key to you but he adds and he pulls any places things on you and and you know for some it's it's. You know relationships. You know this is a very interesting thing I found is that when whenever you get an argument with your spouse Satan will always send a person into your life of the opposite gender that will say just the thing you needed that spouse to say put their arm around you and whatever it's a very interesting thing I know if you've ever paid attention to that by 5 tractor that I notice that to be true but he comes along and he keeps on and he says look like you don't have to give me the key permanently All you have to do is just just hold me hold it for you I'll just hold it for a minute or you go do your thing and you come back and it's yours again right so what do we do we give in and we give them the key take the key. Not that you're safe and I'm just. So then what happens is we do our thing and then we realize what have I just done or a foolish thing to do right and we come back for our key and he says you know what you gave it to me as mine just like Adam yielded the world to Satan we'll the key but then Jesus comes that you know what this key represents it's our will it's our power of choice you with me and our wills then become captive to Satan and he takes over and the Temptations become harder and harder to overcome but here comes Christ and he says you know what I'm going to lay down my life and I can even say it with as much power as it is I'm going to lay down my life he says there's only one thing on the universe that can buy that key back for you and it's my life but I'm willing to do it and so he does it and Satan doesn't want to give the key but he must. And so Jesus holds out the key to you to take it again and when you take that key out of his hand there's the print from the nail that's the price it costs are you with me and so he says I'm giving you the power of the will to choose now you can choose all day long but you've got no power to resist but he says but when you choose to ally your will to mine when you choose the right thing you say the Lord I'm choosing the right thing but I don't have the power to do it but I'm yielding my will to you you read such a crisis you'll find it he will take your will which is weak and he will infuse it and inject into it divine power the same power that Christ also pledged for when he was on the earth and then he gives that will back to you and you have the power to overcome you have the power to say no to those things that make sense but in one ass we're willing to say no to that thing not that we're willing to not that we overcome the thing on our own but if we're just willing back up we're willing to say no to that thing. That's when he can give us the power to overcome it you can overcome it on your own but you can't say no to it and he can give us the power now watch when the soul surrenders itself to Christ a new power takes possession of the new harmed a change is real and when it's says new heart it doesn't just mean the 1st time you accept Jesus it means every day when you make that decision every hour a changes wrought which man can never accomplish from so it is a supernatural work bringing a supernatural element into a human nature the Soul that is yielded to Christ becomes his own fortress which he holds and every Volta the world and he intends that no authority shall be known in it but his own a soul of us kept in possession by the heavenly agencies is impregnable to the assaults of Satan but unless we do yield ourselves to the control of price we must we shall be dominated by the wicked one we mustn't evidently be under the control of the one or the other of the 2 great powers that are contending for the supremacy of the world it is not necessary for us the liberally to choose the service of the kingdom of darkness in order to come under its familiar does know that we have only to neglect to ally ourselves with the kingdom of lions and let me break that down very clearly for you that means this you can be a 7th Day Adventist church member and still be controlled by the power of darkness. You can go to church every Sabbath and return tied faithfully hold a church office and sed be a pastor and still be aligned with the power of darkness. Because the reality is this many church members think that because they have not conscientiously chosen to align themselves with darkness that they are automatically aligned with the light but that concept only works one way it's only when you align yourself with the light that you are not aligning yourselves with the darkness that makes sense but if you neglect to align yourself with the light you automatically become darkness and so in other words you can't sit on the fence because Satan own the fence. Or you with me you must conscientiously choose Christ. Which we do not cooperate with the heavenly agency Satan will take possession of the heart it will make it his abiding place the only defense against evil is the end of Christ in the heart through faith in His righteousness Now some people would take that save and they would say well you know you know that just sounds a little bit severe you're telling me of it Jesus isn't dwelling in me that I'm controlled by Satan are you really saying that to me that's exactly what I'm saying to you and that's the truth without any hesitation I say I'd say it to the highest authority on the OR that's exactly what we're saying to you because there is no up opposite we either have allegiance to Christ or he's a say that doesn't mean we lose our own person that doesn't mean that we lose our individuality it just means that our in our individuality we must choose what side we're going to yield to unless we've come by I connect with a God We can never resist the and how it affects of self-love self indulgence and self and temptation to sin anybody in the room tell me if it's possible to do it. And your own experience some of you are older than others tell me if it's possible because everybody who read and who resists that idea out of all that have resisted it I found no one has said Yeah I can do that haven't found it we may leave off many bad habits for the time we may part company with Satan but without a vital connection with God through the surrender of ourselves to Him moment by moment we shall be overcome how many have found that to be true. And without a personal acquaintance with Christ and a continual communion we are at the mercy of the enemy and shall do his bidding in the end how many times have you left Christ for that moments. For that day for that hour for that week you know in your heart you haven't absolutely rejected him right you haven't just said I don't want anything to do with him but you haven't conscientiously aligned yourself with him you see what I'm saying. And so we think too often that is long is as long as I keep them in my back pocket I'm OK as long as I'm I'm just doing the thing I'm OK I may not be fully surrendered fully aligned but I'm not fully reject the error so therefore I'm all right the Bible calls that Laodicean isn't and that's been our problem for the last 100 years is that we are not fully and conscientiously aligning ourselves you've got me. So how many you today want to align yourselves fully with Christ it's one thing to say it it's another thing to go to the closet and do it so I'm appealing to you today to go to the closet and do it Amen amen Now lets look at Daniel for a few minutes we've got about 20 minutes here. Sorry. But I hope you gain something from the other but without that this would not have been as effective so it's important all right let's go to Daniel and I'm going to try a moment I would like to look in 20 minutes in the 1st 6 chapters of Daniel and I want to give you an example of each chapter and each chapter of the principles I've been sharing with you is a foundation so go with me to the Book of Daniel Chapter one. And you all are familiar with all of these stories I'm sure and but I do want to focus in on this now here here's the thing that happens in dance after one Daniel's a captive in Babylon we know this we understand this Daniel is presented with food which he cannot eat and he refuses to eat it right and he requests to eat the food the God wants and the to eat and we often focus on the fact that Daniel 8 God's food and was 10 times wiser but we don't often do is focus upon why he did that OK so you look at Daniel 18 and I'm Scott to jump to the point but Daniel did what purposed in his heart that he would not to follow the portion the king's delicacies delicacies or the wine that he drank so the idea that many times we get from that as that Daniel said I'm not going to eat it I'm just not going to do it I'm just going to grit my teeth and if they chop my head off so be it that's what I'm going to do you understand that even Daniel in his own strength had absolutely no ability to resist that pressure in a stand that look they changed their names. They changed their home they changed their their clothing they changed their education they changed their food it's they were entirely surrounded with Babylon Does that sound similar to or similar to us today I mean you can't go anywhere without seeing half naked women. It seems like everywhere I go it wasn't like this 20 years ago but it seems like everybody has I mean I'm not just I'm not picking on this stuff but I'm just giving example everybody has tattoos these days I mean it just seems like more and more the world is saturated with Babylon from the education system to the fashions of the day to the food that we need we Daniel was no more in a position a better opposition to resist the world than we are today he was in exactly the same environment as we are today are you with me as I make sense now does anybody know what that we're purposed actually means in the Greek or Hebrew I mean. No. I mean yes and no I should say yes and no. No. No. Yes and No Yes. Yes and no so here's why I say Yes UNKNOWN Yes because what it really means lead to those things but it's not the core value it makes sense because when all those things we say focus on the X. turn 1st before the internal But let me share this with you what does it mean to purpose something in your heart it means to give self over to a task situation right idea one of the meanings of the Hebrew word purpose is the English word give. To say that Daniel purpose is to say that Daniel actually gave his heart to God That's what the phrase the deeper meaning is so Daniel understood that he could not resist in his own power as godly as he was as much of a of a of a woman's back up here because I don't want you to miss what I'm saying as much of a Christian life as he had been given by his parents his up right and the wife says all those things benefited him K. they benefited him they helped him it was a good thing that he had the upbringing that he had where his parents taught him all the ways of God but he wrote all those things in the end could not help him until he had 1st done want surrendered his own heart to God so that makes sense and then he was able to resist with firmness then his habits his habits we had been a status but his habits became more firm and he became totally determined So in other words in Daniel one verse 8 he had a righteous by faith experience as a young boy as a young man he had always dedicated his life to God but just like when Joseph was going into Egypt a White says as he was on the road he prayed and 1st he was feeling sorry for himself and then he prayed to God and God trains his hearts so Daniel said Look Lord my heart I can't keep this thing you're going to have to do it and so I'm giving my heart to you and I want you to empower it to resist everything that I need to say from the Book of Daniel. Will find the same decision being made again and again Daniel never saw a conflict for conflicts say but when tested concerning obedience to God Daniel always chose God because Daniel had given him his heart already we will see that this was a key that led to each success so listen without Daniel giving the heart to God in chapter one he would have never been able to have the courage to make the requests as it makes sense just merely his acts Journal habits would have not empowered him to do that OK now go on with me let's let's just read let me read this 1st before we go on this comes from prophets and kings you'll see the piss poor 80 something you'll see to the end here had their annual so desired he might have found his surroundings a plausible excuse for departing from strictly temperate habits now I've heard people say I had a very well known ad been a switch I will not name who told me that their friend who was a non administers invited them to eat and provided shrimp and they said well how could I eat this shrimp. And offend my friend right. When instead of recognizing it could have been an opportunity to witness and when we give our hearts over to God we are going to obey him and refuse anything that that compromise of that though we refuse it very sweetly and kindly we still refuse it right so that would been an excuse right but notice this Daniel could have found his sir in his surroundings Now how many of you find that people say maybe you said well unless I do it my friends on Christian friends are doing I will have an influence over them so I have to compromise in order to gain an influence with them right and so we use our surroundings as an excuse to compromise what God has asked us to do and you know John the Baptist the Bible says that he was eating while locusts and honey and he wore camels clothes John the Baptist stood out as different didn't he if the Bible say he didn't compromise God's mission purpose and identity for him yet we find in and Matthew Chapter 3 The Bible says that the whole region came out to hear him preach why because he had an influence he had a life of godliness Now what I'm not saying is that it's not that what we wear what we eat and what we do make us godly those things don't make us godly because there's lots of administers day that don't wear jewelry and dress modestly and have been vacant all their lies and they're just absolute nasty people. I mean you can you can be of Eagan and act like an animal. Are you with me you can eat clean foods and act like a pig. So those things don't make you Godly the righteousness of Christ makes you godly and the righteousness of Christ will naturally transform the heart to yield a godly life so what I'm not saying is it doesn't matter if we do those things it does matter it does matter but what I'm saying is we need they need to be done by Christ doing them through our lives by 1st using the heart to him and then doing them and that's when they have influence and power over others to also do the same which I'm going to show you here just a minute it with me all right so we've just got to get the cart before the horse Amen minute Yeah that's right there he might have argued that dependent as he was on the King's favorite subject to his power that there was no other course for him to pursue then to eat of the king's food and drink of his wine I want you to think about compromising difficult compromising temptations with other people that you've been in and how you think might think you saw there's no other way for me to get out of this thing but for Should he had here to the divine teaching he would offend the King and probably lose his position and his wife I've had people tell me look my boss expects me to be at those work meetings on Friday nights those work dinners were entertaining customers and doing all those things if I don't do that I might lose my job or then it was going to lose his life when he still to do it why because he had fully given his heart to God Now to that person who compromises here today whoever. Anyone in this room or across campus I don't know the hearts of men I don't pretend to know but we do know that compromise happens I would not dare to judge the heart but the fruit of the life would suggest that they're not converted over half converted right we're not here to judge but the point is what we do know is that when a 1st sin has fully given their heart to Christ they will not do those things unless they've not been unless they've not learned them and understood them do them in ignorance right that's very possible most of the world is worshipping on a day. That's not correct but it's an ignorance because they love the Lord right so we're not you understand that we're not we're not doing here right OK thank you very good should he disregard the command of the Lord he would retain the favor of the King and secure for himself intellectual advantages and flattering worldly prospects major difference here as in it what was the thing that made the difference what was it it was the surrender it was the surrender that has always been the issue of EVERY BIT Bible giant spiritual giant in the Bible and throughout history is the issue of surrender and that will be the issue for God's people in the last days is surrender that will be what enables them to stand against the mark of the beast and etc But Daniel did not hesitate why they did not hesitate because he had surrendered it it doesn't mean he didn't rustle it doesn't mean he wasn't tempted I mean that thing was right there in front of his face. All these thoughts were running through his mind if I if if I if I refuse the king's food I might lose my position I probably will lose my position and quite possibly my life if I do except I'm going to be exalted I might be beside the king and cetera all those thoughts were racing through his mind you know they were because Satan was right there putting them in you understand so he it wasn't that he didn't think about it wasn't that they had something better but the Bible says He says he did not hesitate because of the surrender and when we surrender ahead of time we will not hesitate when we bow low to the God of heaven we will not hesitate to stand tall before the kings of Earth the approval of God was dearer to him than the favor of the most powerful earthly king dearer than life itself why because he had surrendered he determined to stand firm in his integrity let the result be able to MY he purpose or gave his heart to God so that he would not defile themselves with a portion of the king's meat or with the wine which he drank and this resolve in this resolve he was supported by his 3 companions they had done the same and reaching this decision the Hebrew youth did not act presumptuous Lee but in what firm reliance upon God they had not choose to be singular where they would be so rather than to dishonor God should they compromise with wrong in this instance by using the pressure of circumstance their departure from principle would weaken their sense of right and their words of wrong the 1st wrong step would lead to others until their connection with have been severed and they would be swept away by temptation now how many of you find this to be compelling. Are we also not surrounded by Babylon I mean I'm telling you these stories of Daniel one through 6 are not just sweet bedtime stories for your kids they are the exact circumstances that God's people will find themselves in before Jesus comes are you with me and if you remember everybody knows this everybody knows this that in Daniel 3 he sets up the Watts he sets up the golden image or act are you with me and what is that a a parallel to the Book of Revelation the mark of the beast correct right so Daniel Chapter one comes before after what. Have we reached the time of the mark of the beast yes or no so bit's the time right before the mark of the beast correct when Babylon and the world's culture is flooding the earth so what time period that we talking about us talking about now isn't it so damn chapter one as a direct parallel not to some time in the future but it's a parallel for God's people now you've got that makes sense and if you notice that in the time of of of Babylon one Babylon is just like ruling the world and everything is a prostate and etc etc What grabs the world's attention in Chapter 2 What is it if prophesy. Is it not on its prophecy the prophecy captures the king's attention and at the end of time it will catch of the world's attention that's why we don't stop doing prophet it some in ours by the way and then it and then when the whole world mind is turned to prophecy prophecy even is more fulfilled in chapter 3 which at the end of time is the parallel to the mark of the beast are you are you with me yes or no so the point I'm trying to get to you Do you understand is that that test of the food was a very small test that prepare them for the tests of chapter 3 if they had failed the tests in chapter one they would have certainly failed the test in chapter 3 you got that at and when you have the chapter 3 you have this mark of the beast issue and then you have the fiery flames with Christ appearing in there and that's a symbol the 2nd coming of Christ is a revelation of it that's a kind of a prelude to it are you with me so right in the core of chapter one you find. The key to enduring every Tess both big and small now and then which is what friends surrendering the heart to God now where there are only 4 Hebrews that went to Babylon yes or no for Hebrew boys there were what multitude says what about them if they would have stood tall suppose a Bible did mention them. So it's likely I don't want to say all because I don't exactly know but it's likely that at best some likely most at the worst case all were doing why they were feasting on swine the king's table and in chapter 3 they were bowing the knee to the golden image and if that's a parallel to our day. What's the saying about God's people now they are enjoying the pleasures of Babylon but in Chapter 5. Come a handwriting on the wall isn't there very much so now I think that's a good place to spawn was I'm going to come back to Daniel tomorrow because we didn't finish it and look these seminars never go the way that they plan to go you go to any one of them and they're always going to either overlap or or they're going to run over and have to pick it up and whatever so we're just going to use one big seminar week OK and we'll get to it all we'll just have to take it piece by piece but my friends if there's anything you leave here today with it is the picture of surrender it is in her standing that you will not pass any tests or that a surrender of your life to Christ and I mean a complete surrender not a half surrender not a partial surrender not a not a most surrender but a total surrender and this is the experience that God is waiting for his people to choose so that he can pour out His Holy Spirit in the last days I meant anyone support spirit out upon your life and a point your local church and upon the Michigan conference and across the any idea in the world but we can only do it if we're willing to let go of the things that are destroying us and embrace the righteousness of Christ which is your life Amen but you cannot have both There's only room for one. Thank God the love of Christ is greater than the power of sin and it can pierce the darkness of this world and reach our hearts the day how many want to have that love pierce your heart today and the righteousness of Christ replace not cover but replace your own righteousness Amen let's pray Father in heaven we prank today that you would give us that experience in the Lord today there may be somebody here who you are convicting of something I don't know something that maybe needs to be surrendered something that needs to be seized in the life something that maybe hasn't been done in the life I don't know Lord but we come to you by Earnest faith recognizing our own failures our own faults our own shortcomings and seeking the blasted forgiveness of Jesus and Lord you promise that if we believe in His righteousness and recognize our own unrighteousness confess it and would be willing to choose to for safety it it will be accounted to us as righteousness and so right now whatever you're bringing to our minds that needs to be surrendered today I pray that in this moment in each of our hearts will make that surrender just now will say The Lord quietly in our hearts I'm choosing now to surrender that thing to you and we pray today lord that it will be accounted right just to righteousness to us in the books of heaven. And we would be restored by faith as sons and daughters are gone this is our prayer today oh lord help us not to resist the influence of your spirit upon our lives but let us have a transformation that goes from the inside out not just information but a transformation this is our prayer today me ask it in Jesus' name. This media was brought to you by audio 1st a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more sermons leave a Visit W W W audio verse or.


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