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Prophetic Faith in Revelation- Part 1

Wes Peppers


Wes Peppers

Pastor, Traverse City & Kalkaska, Michigan




  • June 20, 2018
    2:15 PM
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Precious Father we thank you so much for the privilege we've had of studying and understanding these themes very important things and yesterday we last 2 days 3 days we've set a strong foundation for. Our studies and now I pray Lord you'll continue to lead in Guyra thoughts as we continue down that track today and we praise you and thank you lord and master a special blessing in Jesus' name amen All right what was the theme of yesterday if you're if you're not sure it's on the screen. Giving our wives hearts are gone and we find that the entire foundation the in fire entire basis of all that God did through Daniel tracks all the way back to Daniel Chapter one Verse 8 and that word Daniel what purpose in his heart and many of us have felt like and thought that that word literally meant that he just kind of stood him self up straight and just dug in his heels and tighten his belt gritted his teeth and he said whatever they bring at me I'm just going to walk it right and in a sense certainly Daniel had to make a sober decision and so he exercised his will correct he exercised his will to say these things I know they're going to bring at me and these things are going to refuse but Daniel just like the rest of us really had no power strength of him self to do them but he had to so totally completely surrender the heart to who the guy and when he did that God gave him the ability in the strength of the wisdom to resist the temptations of the end it was bring him to him we also solve that Daniel was carried to Babylon so he was surrounded by Babylonian things was any he was given a Babylonian name he was given a by the way I can remember now don't have with me what that name meant I forget what it means but it was it was a servant of one of the gods and and so he was given that name his friends were given me they were given new clothes. A Babylonian education they were given Babylonian food they were given all these things to try to change their identity on thing so Daniel was essential he surrounded and saturated with. If Babylon correct and we saw that today it's the same case for us isn't it that's the day we are surrounded by this concept of Babylon all around us from from food to clothing to entertainment to all these things and if it was possible for Daniel to have Babylon around him but not Babylon in him is it possible for us to do the same thing today what do you think I believe that to be true today and so we saw that these stories in the book of their you are not just stories but there are actual circumstances and situations that God's people will find themselves in before Jesus comes again yes and you remember in chapter 3 we talk briefly We'll talk more about it today but in chapter 3 you have that image that set up which is a representation of in a sense the mark of the beast of forced coerced false worship with a death to create if you don't do it right and then we find the same thing in Revelation 13 but before Revelation 13 comes there is this over flooding of ungodliness correct and that's what we find in Daniel chapter one and chapter 2 and with that's where we find ourselves today isn't it we're standing on the brink of the time when the mark of the beast will be issued and I believe friends that it's obviously it's closer than it's. Been And it's closer than it's ever been before but it is most certainly the case that our world. And our nation are being conditioned to prepare the people of the earth to receive that thing and others no doubt about it from you know just in my estimation the food that people are eating the entertainment other watching the television programs it's just everything is specifically designed to basically make our minds mush so that we just fall into line I mean the tendency upon upon earthly powers governments and so forth the way that we do on everybody is looking to the government save them and indeed the government's going to step then and make that attempt aren't they and so everything is being pushed towards that direction but God's people are called to stand how. Santa par day God's people are called to stand and a different direction God's people are called to depend upon him and not upon ourselves not upon anything else not anything extra only and that which is X. turn all does not have to come become what's entering all for us but the only way is of Christ is inside yes of crisis living within the living crisis living within our hearts as the only way to keep the floodwaters of Babylon from coming in on the find that to be true yes so real quickly I just want to. Review this and I'm going to be ready yesterday but I want to read it again it says here what does it mean to purpose something in your heart it means to give self over to a task situation right idea and the word purpose in the Hebrew one of them words is to give and so to say that Daniel purpose is to say the day you gave his heart to God throughout the book of Daniel find the same decision being made again and again every time Daniel came in conflict with the conflict he had to make the same decision to do want surrender his heart to God you guys asleep a way. He always had to make that decision over and over again to any to give his heart to God you never saw the conflicts for conflicts sake you know there's people out there that are all always into these conspiracy theories and they're stocking up food and all this kind of thing and I had this guy once who was a student of mine in a course and he was always trying to tell me about these conspiracy theories and I said Brother let me put it to you this way let's suppose that everything you're telling me I mean he would have every comic conspiracy theory I've ever heard of let's suppose that every one of them that you're telling me is absolutely true and there's even many more beyond what you are the know. And he got big he was like yeah he now I'm getting somewhere with the sky right and I said What are you going to be able to do about any of it and he just stopped and he thought for a minute he said well guess nothing and I said Your time is much better invested in straw and close to Christ and telling others about him and you know he went home that any came back and he said I prayed about that he said you're right and he says I'm going to get rid of all this stuff and so we're not we're not talking we're not worried we're not putting our time and energy into focusing on those things are really over thinking about how can we our hearts be drawn out more to the Savior because it's all how can we have more of Christ in our lives and in our hearts how can we know his truth how can we prepare ourselves by understanding his word more so that when the crisis comes we'll be reading well and if we're giving our hearts to God today and the issues that we're facing then we're going to be able to very easily give our hearts to him when the crisis comes yes or no now a verse I just thought about quickly in this is not my normal Bible this is my devotional Bible and I left my prayer I left my water bottle my lemon water I left my preaching bottle and my I'm doing a strong tirade a recording today one of the lessons I told you about the other day I'm doing that I left all 3 of those things in my camper he believed them all Revelation Chapter 12 and verse 11 and we know this verse very very popular verse that we quote all the time Revelation Chapter 12 or so leaven I want you to notice this this goes along with where I'm been mentioning here. So as and they have conquered and this is the English standard version they have conquered him by the blood of the Lamb by the word of their testimony and notice the 2nd half and they loved not their lives till was so death now when we read that text what do you think that it means think about it I mean what is it what do we always say it means that they were willing to walk out willing to die for Jesus right. And I'm not going to say it doesn't mean that but I'm not but what I am going to say is that it doesn't mostly mean that if you notice and you look carefully at how it's worded it says they loved not their lives what till death. What does that mean it means until the time that death came they lived what kind of a life a selfless Christ like life and so the point is this if you spend your entire life truly living for Jesus you will never have a has a Taishan about dying for him that makes sense I remember I remember of the Battle of Gettysburg and I I'm a history fan I was reading a book about it and how many of you ever saw how many of you ever solved the movie Gettysburg ever see the movie it was made in like the ninety's and it shows them at Pickett's Charge on the 3rd day and it shows this big battle and like there they get all the way up to the fence and they lots of hand to hand combat all this kind of thing and there's like several thousands Confederate soldiers that reach the Federal lines while the reality is that the actual battle that it really happen. And there were only a handful of people that actually made it to the to the line and the story goes that there was a Union soldier that reached his hand out across the line and pull the can a confederate over and he said come on to the side of the Lord very interesting and of course he came a prisoner but that's what he said to him and that thought came to me when you think about the devil and the fence that when we approach the fence and sit there he's got somebody there always saying come on over to the other side right now we don't want to be on that side of the fence so Revelation 1211 that you'll never have a problem dying for Christ if you really live for him but you will never die for him until you've lived for him and you will never live for Him until you've died to self correct and so that's the only way to truly live for Christ is to die to self and when we die to self and we live for Christ will have no problem dying for price because HE DIED FOR US AMEN AND But if we're not living our lives day to day in death to self and life to Christ then we will hesitate when any type of a crisis comes right whether it's life threatening or not whether it's just Earth threatening we'll we will have a tape or we will have the tape. Then you always chose God because Daniel had given his heart we will see this key in his 6 and his success he was a man of faith I want to read this again as well had Daniel so desired he might have found in his surroundings a plausible excuse for the parting from strictly temperate habits he might have argued that the pen as he was in the King's favor and subject of his power there was no other course for him to pursue than to eat of the king's food and drink of his wine for Should he had here to the divine teaching he would offend the King and probably lose his position and his life should he disregard the commander of the Lord he would retain the favor of the King and secure for himself intellectual advantages and world flattering worldly prospects you and I are faced with that issue every single day to realize that in the workplace there is always temptations amongst coworkers or the company wants us to to compromise a certain thing and we're always having that temptation I told you the story about though they about the person with the shrimp remember that and we're always facing these kinds of things and when we read these stories we have to realize that this whole thing is being repeated now we might not be in the king's court but friends every one of us have a circle of influence the God is calling us to influence for him yes but then you do not hesitate Why did I hesitate because he gave his heart to God the approval of God was dear to him in the favor of the most earthly power for earthly potent it both 10 I can never say that word king. Again. Posen pay Thank you dear there in my life itself he determined to stand firm it tomorrow I would not be able to say it again he determined to stand firm in his integrity let the result be what it might he purposed or gave his heart that he would not to fall and sell the poerson the king's meat and this in this resolve he was supported by his 3 companions I mean say amen how many times do you suppose that Daniel was giving his heart to God throughout his time in Babylon many times a day yes and that is a super huge key. I'm going to skip that one so let's go on Actually before we go on to Daniel to I want to bring out another point from Daniel one and then we'll go on to Daniel 2 but go with me to Daniel one. And I I meant to bring the saw yesterday we ran out of time and then I was I forgot about bringing out today and I got an e-mail from David reminding me about it actually so I appreciate the e-mail brother and Daniel Chapter one. And we know the story but I want to make a very important point all right let's see this is not my preaching Bible so let me find it here Daniel won a Daniel purpose that he would not the phylum solve the king's food or with the wine that he drank therefore he asked the chief of the units to allow him not to follow him self and God gave favor and compassion in the sight of the chief of the UNIX and the chief of the UNIX said to Daniel I fear my lord the king who assigned your food in your drink for why should he see that you are in worse condition than the user of your own age so you would endanger my head with a King so Daniel when Daniel stepped out in faith. And he purposed in his heart to follow God what did that what was God then able to do for Daniel he gave him favor with who with with with the chief of the UNIX right and so there was something about Daniel that was obviously different and the chief of the UNIX recognize that now when you think about it I don't know if in this particular unit of prisoners there were other prisoners of other nations but it was likely that the group of prisoners that this guy was in charge over were who. They're all Hebrews right and so all the Hebrews should have had the same response as who do as Daniel but obviously there was a what there was a distinction between them and probably the reason for that was that the reason they were there in the 1st place was because the whole nation had become a prostate right and there were only a handful or a remnant of people that were faithful in the whole nation and Daniel's family his 3 friends would have been among those people correct so the rest of the boys were probably already worshipping bail so when they came home to Babel or they came to Babylon it was like coming home now I'm saying that because these are God's people that are supposed to be all right presenting him in the same form in fact Imagine if the entire lot of prisoners had acted in responded like Daniel I mean the King would have been blown away even more so wouldn't he but here's a contrast now you can imagine that Daniel was getting pressure from the other from the Babylonians something along this form. Look at your friends your friends worship the same God as you do and look they're eating the king's food their head pressure like that your friends federal Michigan Abednego are all bowing down to worshipping the golden image like the king said their being good obedient subjects to the king why aren't you see here's what happens when we as God's people compromise the truth that God has for us it puts pressure on the others are you with me that are striving to be faith some of you have been in a situation before maybe you have a friend that. Compromises and they say to you well your friend does it why don't you do it right I mean Ben not been Carson but there's been DOS had that issue he said Well there are other administering the army bearing arms What's the matter with you and so this is why it's so important to not be willing to compromise to give our hearts to Christ so we don't compromise because not only can we mar the. The cause of God but we're also putting a difficulty and trouble on our fellow brothers and sisters yes or no are you with me OK So Daniel is here with the chief eunuchs but because Daniel was obedient to God rather than the king God was able to give him favor so Daniel because he gives his heart to that he steps out in faith to make that request as any it with me so when Daniel steps out in faith his N. fluence because he's been loyal to Christ. Spreads and flows over to the Babylonian unic that's caring for him and it causes the Babylonian unic to also step out in what faith because Daniel says test us for how long a test test for 10 days and then see what happens after 10 days right and so he was willing to also step out in faith at a risk to himself because his love and his favor for Daniel was so great because Daniel was willing to distinguish himself by giving us heart full of Christ I'm telling you when you fully surrender your life to God you have an influence over other people you may not think so you may think well people don't value religion but I'm telling you if you will follow the principles of Christ fully in your life you begin to have influence over people and look here you have Daniel now exercising and authority that God has given him over this man the man who has authority over him now Daniel has authority over now it's a very subtle sweet authority in a stand it's a it's a very subtle thing but he's doing it how many find that to be amazing and then when he says the man steps out in faith the chief of the units you know they're us the story right they were brought in and so when we are willing to do that step out God will use it as an influence over others to cause them to also step out in faith to follow him and will come to witness do you think that that was a man because Daniel was faithful God gave him the prophet a gift. Following that and Daniel because of the Don't miss this Daniel because of giving his heart to God one day and one moment and making a decision about one meal in his life put him in a position where God could use him to influence and entire empire for him so all the small things of life important what do you say are they what do you think is important in our relationship with Gone because it impacts our relationships with others doesn't it I remember the story quickly about a man who was a new preacher in town he's a new pastor and he was leaving his church office and he got on the bus it was late in the evening and he gave the man the bus driver the money and the bus driver gave him back his change in the pastor when sat down as he butts started to stick in his pocket he filled them profs to look at and when he looked up the bus travel given $0.10 to munch and you know there are our natural course would just tell us to just act it's a dime to worry about it too much trouble to go up there and tell the manager he'll probably probably tell me to keep it anyways right I mean it's normally what happens of I've I've kept a thing for 2 weeks that I got at Wal-Mart when I went back to try to give a back and they were like I you know we don't want it and now you know that's just offered to happen that way so but he felt impressed to be honest and so when the bus stopped at his place he was getting off and he gave the driver the dime back in the driver said to him. He said or or the past said the driver I gave you gave me $0.10 too much and the driver said yes I know. He was kind of shocked and he says he says Aren't you the new preacher in town. And he says oh yes I am he says well he says you know my wife and I used to go to church together for many years and then life kind of got in the way in our relationship with God began to suffer and we got caught up in you know properties and vacations and soccer and all these different things and just kind of taken took us away but 2 weeks ago my wife died and it made me wake up to the fact of my need for God and how all those years we missed out on him and he says and I thought you were the new preacher he says but before I come to your church I want to see what kind of a man you are. And he says I'll be at your church this weekend. And the young man greeted him and he stepped off the bus as the bus drove away he had to there was a stoplight or something there he had to grab a hold of the pole his knees were giving out and he actually fell down to his knees and he said there God please forgive me I almost sold your son for a dime. Of the small things matter friends they matter let's go on to Daniel Chapter 2 and. I'm not going to spend too much time on this chapter but I want to make one point because once we are giving our hearts to God we must constantly keep recommitting our hearts to God Amen I we must keep that connection connected right and so we have to keep connected the God of the way the key connected to God is through how through prayer right and everybody knows Daniel Chapter 2 and so I'm not going to read through the story too much but to want to come. I want you to see just a couple things here we know the story that king of the Knesset or has a dream he does he the dream troubles him he wakes up he doesn't remember the dream and he has it as a seems from the passage many times finally he calls in his astrologers in a sorcerer's and all this and he asked them to tell him the dream they can't tell in the dream they go back and forth for a while he gets angry he orders them to die and and all the wise men because the king is so frustrated the king has depression and he has anger issues I almost wonder he wasn't bipolar and. He's just always like this kind of manic up and down and and so the king it's very interesting the king was putting his trust in these men and they failed him but Daniel was putting a straw in God and God answered him yes and I think of the text here where it says verse 10 the called the I'm Sant the king and said there's not a man on earth who can meet the king's demand for no great and powerful king is asked such a thing of any magician or in chanter or called the in the things of that the king ask is difficult and no one can show it to the king except the gods whose dwelling is not with flesh and so basically these guys have been on his payroll forever and they finally confessed that they had ben. You know basically. What's the word for ripping him off all these years right they've been receiving a salary of some kind probably a big one and not one put to the test they did all these tricks all this time but now when put to the test they basically said this God doesn't talk to us we don't know him. Right so he gives that accrete Daniel goes and he asked for time many grants him till sunrise and so these guys were praying on the king P.-R. E.-Y. I N G Correct but Daniel prayed for the king P R A Y correct and I find it interesting that when Daniel gathers his 3 friends verse 20 and they know I'm sorry for 17 he went to his house and made the metal known to have an eye Michelle has rise companions and told them to seek mercy from the God of heaven inserting the mystery so that his Daniel's compounds might not be destroyed to the rest of the wise men of Babylon then the mystery was so obviously they prayed right they spent a time in prayer and then it says that Mr is revealed to Daniel in a vision of the night so what was Daniel doing after he prayed he went to bed. He was at peace Amen do you think that those guys were at peace they were probably making plans to escape right and so Daniel wakes up. After the vision and he says. Verse 20 Daniel answered and said Bless would be the name of God forever never who to whom belong wisdom and mighty changes times and seasons removes kings and set up kings and he gives wisdom to the wise and knowledge of those who have understanding he reveals deep and secret things he knows what is in the darkness and the light dwells with him so you a God of my father's I give thanks and praise we have given me wisdom in mind and have now made known to me what we asked of you for you have made known to us the Kings matter and so Daniel didn't really do anything different than what he had always done correct then you have a 6 verse 10 says that Daniel would always open the window how many times a day 3 times a day and he would pray towards Jerusalem and he was doing the same thing he had always done and so Daniel didn't wait until a crisis came to go to God in prayer Diddy how many of us do that today Daniel had a regular consistent prayer life which allowed him in a crisis to not panic correct if we're not maintaining a that connecting relationship with God then when we come to a crisis we will panic right. But if we have seen God work in our lives day by day in the small things because our hearts have been connected with him through giving our hearts and connecting with him each day then when it comes to the big things it's just going to be one more thing that God's going to do for me right that makes sense and that's what allowed dang to go to sleep at night and so if you I'm not we're not going to go there but you can just mark it down in your notes there in Daniel Chapter 9 you find the prayer of Daniel to me the read that prayer right and there's several elements in that prayer which are. Adoration which we find here in this in this prairie so the bus would be the name of God forever never to whom belong wisdom in mind he's added oring God right he's he's worshipping him you find adoration you find confession you find Thanksgiving and you find supplication and so in this chapter 2 you also find all those things right I'm sure before they ask God to give them the vision they were confessing any sins that they knew about correct and so then he also gives Thanksgiving there towards the end he says I give thanks and praise and verse $23.00 so that's happening now I'm going to show you a beautiful. Way in which we can stay connected to God And once we have given our hearts to God OK now my friend who actually is the author of these questions I tweak them a little bit so I can say I'm a co-author Right now I'm just getting the Lord gets the credit there's nothing original with the Lord amen nothing new under the sun so anything we give we get is probably something God has given someone else and there's no need for us to think we're smarter than anyone else Amen but my friend when he was a young man was running from God not giving his heart to God every day running away from him and he went to this camp and he said that there was this guy who was always looking at him and watching him and he would just give him these weird looks like this and he would go to He'd be walking through cap'n they're standing at the end of the building would be this guy he would just look at him like this and he would go to the meal table right to go get his food and as he was dipping his food out he would look up and on the other side of line there was this guy to go on I mean this he would get to the lunch table of a different meal different day and he'd go in a disco and plop up in papa's food down and look up and there'd be that guy again right he just look at em and he's like why does this guy keep bothering me you know why is he looking at me like this and so he's walking through the woods one day and all of the sudden this guy jumps out of the bushes literally and he says AM You don't know how to pray do I My friend says I don't pray at all don't bother me and the other guy says I want you to come to my cabin tonight at 7 o'clock and I'm going to teach you how to pray. And my friend was like I don't want to come to your cabin leave me alone but all day his mind was like this convicted you need to go to this guy's cabin so he went to this guy's cabin and this guy was there and had his Bible open and he taught him how to pray amen and they use these 5 questions that teach him how to pray now we often when we think about praying we often think about telling God all kinds of stuff we already know and I have one lady tell at a pastor's wife tell me one time I don't I don't pray I said What do you mean you don't pray I don't pray why should I pray to God when He already knows what I'm thinking on you do is think about things I don't need to pray and I thought about that and I said well probably because it's more for you than for him but he wants you to pray and he wants you to commune with him and we always think about telling God stuff that he already knows what have we ever thought about asking God questions and letting him speak to our hearts are you with me so check this out these are the elements of these questions can be found from both the prayer of Daniel Chapter 2 and the prayer of Daniel Chapter 9 OK and it models the acts prayer adoration confession Thanksgiving supplication but here are some questions that we can ask on a number one what is what is it or what do I have to be want thankful for all the time in the writings of L. and white in the Bible you find that we're told to give thanksgiving more than just for your meal each day right and how many of you keep a journal or some kind of thing of things we're thankful for right you do there amen amen and I think that if we were willing to do that more our hearts would shift on in other ways that. Would it cause us to have a greater in a deeper appreciation for the small things even the God does for us right so here's what I often do I asked myself Ross God Rather in the in my paratime What do I have to be thankful for and I just let God impress me with whatever it is I spend some time in quiet and I just listen for His voice whispering into my heart yes and stings will start coming to my mind I write them down OK Number 2 what's coming between me and you God and that a great question Ascot what's coming between our relationship on what's coming between us and other words that what is that describing what's the word that we would use for that see what is it confession right confession I mean what's coming between me and you God is what what what what is dead it's sin right so God What sins are coming between mean you rather than me trying to come up with a list myself why don't I ask God to have the Holy Spirit reveal it to me amen what's coming between me and you and so ask God that question your prayer time and then spend some time in quiet you know the problem with many of us today as we don't like to be quiet we got to have some kind of noise don't mean either that phone shining or the T.V. go in we've got to have some kind of noise but God says you know I want you to come aside and be with me a then he wants us to be alone with him and quiet with him and let his voice speak to our conscience yes then thirdly what's coming between me and who other. Now now with this make up any sin that I would commit those 2 questions. Because the what or what is sin transgression of the law. And the 10 Commandments are divided into 2 categories right love for God love for men so what's coming between me and God what's come of the tween me and others would in compas the entire What 10 Commandments wouldn't it so any sin I could commit God could bring to my mind by asking him 2 questions yes or no or you with me 3rd 4th question is so one cite once I confessed those sense is God Willing to cleanse them from me or do you think 1st John 19 God is willing to do want if we confess our sins is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us will in white to snow C.S. So I ask for that forgiveness and that cleansing Amen once I've confessed those since you know it's a good idea to even write them down and then once you confess them you can tear them up keeper record of the things you're thankful for but don't keep a record of your sins and then tear him up and throw them away once you've seek that forgiveness number 4 What do you want to fill my life today and what is it that God always wants to fill our life with today. The Holy Spirit yes and the fruits of the spirit the product of the Holy Spirit living your life is that you will demonstrate the fruits of the Spirit in your life correct Amen and so I'm warning God to fill my life with the fruits of the spirit of dawn was Daniel's life full of this fruits of the Spirit of God yes or no yes because he trusted in God day by day moment by moment Amen all right and then the last one if only what do you want me to do today amen because the fruit of the Spirit always results in. Acts in the life correct doing something correct the faith of Jesus righteousness by faith is a thing that transforms my heart from the inside out and once it changes me on the inside it will be reflected on the outside if there's love in my heart of God puts his love in my heart will it shine through on the outside yes or no if he puts patients in my heart will it shine through in the outside it will shine through in the outside correct All right so do you suppose that Daniel was probably asking those kind of questions to God I mean I don't know if he was but is very highly possible that he was. 3 times a day a man he was doing those questions in some form or fashion for sure because you can find and in both of those chapters right all right now this would be great for you devotional life Amen All right. Notice this from prophets and kings it says in true success and interest excess in any line of work is not the result of chance or accident or destiny it is the outworking of God's providence is the reward of faith and discreation of virtue and perseverance I'm teaching my son about perseverance and he thought he doesn't like to do is chores and how encourage him and perseverance right fine mental qualities and a high and moral tone are not the result of accident God gives opportunities success depends upon the use made of them while God was working and Daniel and his companions to will and to do of His good pleasure they were working out their own salvation on doesn't mean they were saved by works but they were doing seeking God continually in the things necessary to have that here and is revealed the outworking of the Divine Principle of what cooperation without which no true success can be attained human effort of veils nothing without divine power and without human endeavor divine effort is with many of no avail to make God's grace our own we must act our part His grace is given to work in us to will and to do but never as a substitute for our own effort what that means is is you must cooperate with him it's not a bow sitting back and saying Let Go and Let God are right I mean there is an element of that to of there's an element of truth to that in the sense that that we have to cease striving to say this way. When it comes to the concept of salvation being saved by grace through faith is not our effort it is our surrender correct but in the area of Christian growth there is effort to be made on our part that makes sense and our effort is to be combined with God's strength to attain the higher place that he has for us that makes sense are you with me so and so sometimes people. Sometimes people look at this and they think that that's referring to salvation the free gift of God that covers arson that's not what it's talking about it's talking about Christian growth and sanctification are you with me and so God combines his power with arse with our with our. Effort and he causes us to grow but it's not talking about being saved is everybody clear on there that makes sense OK I mean you think about it I mean any type of Christian growth requires effort on our part even reading the Bible you have to open the Bible and actually make an effort to read it before God can do something for you so make sense even in prayer you have to get down on your knees and actually pray before God's going to speak to you right you know in witnessing you actually have to take that vote track and hand it to somebody right there's always Africa with with patience we have to strive in all that we can do and then call upon God for what we cannot do amen and then God just pulls us higher higher and higher how he can say Amen but when we are sinful human beings and need of a savior there's nothing we can do to save ourselves correct nothing we can do to save ourselves but there is effort we can put forth to grow ourselves correct all right as the Lord cooperated with Dan on his fellows so he will cooperate with all who strive to do His will know what it says all who was all who strive and by the impartation of the Spirit He will strengthen every true purpose every noble resolution those who walk in the path of obedience will encounter many hindrances the from that to be true now wait a minute I thought that when I obeyed God like I shouldn't have any problems is that the way it was well Jesus obeyed God better than any of you ever will and he had trouble at every step of his life the enemy would not leave him alone but every every obstacle L.-Y. says as a call to prayer and none. Those who walk in the path of the INS will cover many hundreds of strong subtle influences may bind them to the world where the Lord is able to render futile every agency that works with the defeat of the Stroh's and ones sometimes God will allow hindrances to come to you and obstacles to come to be he will actually allow that like he did with Daniel just so that you will go to your knees and say Lord please clear the way so that we will actually ask for his power to open the door for us so it makes sense. I mean to say men feel lousy things to happen so that we will call upon him if he cleared the path for us every time without any kind of struggle or wrestling then we wouldn't feel a need for him we would view him as a genie in the bottle who just does everything well for me. And his strength they may overcome every temptation and conquer every difficulty I mean the same men so every difficulty can be overcome as long as we're on our knees pleading with him all right let's go on to Daniel Chapter 3 believe I call this believing. The word will do what it says and remember we said from yesterday we saw the day before yesterday we saw in the book of Romans Chapter I think was 3 or 4 when we talked about Abraham that Abraham despite his circumstances remember that what were his circumstances his body was dead Sarah's womb was barren they were old it was humanly beyond impossible for them to have a child maybe not for Abraham but for Sarah because my great grandfather. Great great grandfather birth his last child when he was 92. Now how's that possible. Because yes because when he was in his forty's his wife died in America girl and back in those days they did that that was 16 and then when he was in his ninety's or so she was in her forty's and they had a kid and so anyway but Abraham the Bible says it was impossible for him so anyway. It's crazy but yeah I don't know why I probably should in the said this or that you know. All right let's go to Daniel Chapter 3 and we know the story that the king calls everybody together he makes the statue which is a counterfeit of Daniel Chapter 2 statue correct and in the end of time Satan has a con or 5th day of worship that Connor's the Sabbath worship correct and and this is just a prelude to that and Satan always has a counterfeit doesn't e always has a counterfeit and so notice the way that he persuades everybody to worship this thing how does he persuade them music how is Satan preparing the world today to receive the mark of the beast music and entertainment as any I mean that's one of the if it's not the the the greatest method it's in the top 3 ways that Satan is conditioning the hearts and minds of people to share music and entertainment movies video games etc and he plays all kinds of it now in my class the of the day over the manual I was talking about how. I was doing a thing on atheism I can't get into the whole thing about say the punch line that that when Moses went up God was seeking to restore the image of his character to the Israelites at Mt Sinai when Moses went up to get the think amends of the think M M Israel is character right and Satan twisted that he caused them to dance around the golden calf and do the apostasy correct and when Moses came back down he drew a line in the sand and he basically rebuked them he said You fools you know God would strike you dead for this but he said Here is a line in the sand and he said all those who when the Lord sighed come over here and the rest who is not stay over there and who came over the Levites right because they did not participate in that that word that false worship and so what then did God do with the Levites he put them in charge of his sanctuary and he also put them in charge of the music. Than any you catch that point. He said these people over here they don't know the kind of music that I'm looking for and this is not worshipful music for the type of worship that I desire so therefore these people here are going to define they're going to be in charge of selecting the type of music that will be played in my camp. Are you with me so music obviously has played a major role throughout the course of history on the influence. Of the hearts and minds of humanity correct and especially God's people and so here he's using very influential music to cause the people to coerce the people to bow down and makes it easier and what the music does as the music drowns out the voice of conscience because the music goes straight to the limbic system which feeds the emotion and it causes it to bypass the frontal lobe as you know that the type of music that is worldly music is it bypasses the frontal lobe that's why classical music is actually good for your brain because it feeds the frontal lobe and it actually makes you think the other type of the emotional music makes you feel good for a few minutes but then your brain basically shuts off. So that's why he's doing this to numb the conscious to numb the frontal lobe and cause I don't know that he knew that at that time but the devil knew it and he was the one that impressed that and they do that so verse 8 says there at that time certain called the INS came for to maliciously accuse the Jews that it clear to King Nebuchadnezzar Oking live forever you a king of made a decree that every man who hears the sound of the horn and cetera et cetera every kind of music shall fall down a worse of the golden image and whoever does not fall down to worship should be cast into a burning fiery furnace and there are certain Jews are to have the pointed over the affairs of the province of Babylon shattering the 2nd Bendigo these men will King they no attention to you cannot serve your gods worship the golden image that you have set up these 3 Hebrews are describing if it should be so that the mark of the beast the pass in our day you want I. They are a parallel to the people of God who would be refusing to receive them except the mark of the beast correct yes or no and so you can imagine the pressure that they will under and you can believe that you and I will be under the same if not greater pressure direct. So reminder how many Jews are Hebrew boys were there in the realm. No or yes there were 3 but there were many more than 3. So what were the rest of them doing. They were bound and I mean they might even then that somebody was like Look boys savaging them and they go just you know you can imagine that probably some of their own friends were there and they were saying look just act like you're tying your shoe or something just bend over and strap your sandal and just and just you know just do it for a 2nd are you going to die and then when they brought them before the king I don't know if there were more words said here but I'm sure that somewhere along the line one of the guards or somebody said to them look look at all your friends over there those people are Jews those people are Hebrews there is realize it's and they're doing it you can still serve your God and do this thing too or you're not really worshipping another god you're just giving reverence to the king. There's all these things that are going to be brought to their attention to press for them what had happened and damn chapter one they had what they had purpose in their heart they had given their heart to God and listen friends what it was not. The situation was not that they just stood and in the firmness of their own willpower and said No I will not because they had given their hearts to God the love of God had so filled their hearts there was no room for the love of anything else are you with me they could not bow down because their hearts were totally given over to God they could not. So what happens with the king verse 13 then Nebuchadnezzar furious in furious rage commanded the shattering the 2nd the bin to go be brought so they brought these men before the king can as are answered and said to them is it true shattering the 2nd a bit ago that you would not serve my gods or worse of the golden image which I have set up now if you are ready when you hear the sound of the horn the pipe the leer the tri gone the harp the bagpipe and every kind of music to fall down to worship the image that I have made and well and good but if you do not worship you shall immediately be cast into a burning fire a furnace and I want you to notice this last sentence and who is the what God who will deliver you out of my want out of my hands and I want you to notice this the king believed himself to be a god yes or no because he's saying what other God can deliver you from my hands I am the Almighty God He was the god of music the God of history because he was trying to defy prophecy the God of worship the God of life and the god of death that's how he viewed himself. He's saying this by his question The nor the God can deliver him from their hands he was the god of that world essentially and Satan is the prince of this world correct and so virtually It was the voice of Satan speaking through right now notice what happens here watch one in doing this which one of the 10 Commandments were at stake in. Or really all of them right. But certainly. Mainly to the other gods and idols right and really all of them were stayed because all of them have to do with worship Yes And so they had to choose between God's laws and whose laws Mandell I mean that sounds familiar very simple and but notice this let's keep reading here chapter same chapter verse 16 through 18 shadow mission and Abednego answered and said the king owner of the Knesset or we have no need to answer you in this matter if this be so our God whom we serve is able to deliver us from the burning fiery furnace and he will deliver us out of your hand Oking But if want. I think this is these are these 3 words are 3 of the most powerful words I once heard a sermon of a title sermon was but if not a man and noticed this but if not be it not let it be known to you Oking that we will not serve your gods or worse of the golden image which you have set up these 3 boys ripped perfect peace with either being the Prince one of the princes of the kingdom of Babylon because they were or being thrown into a fire. They were fully content and their relationship with God and they said whatever our relationship with God will cost us the relationship with God is greater than the suffering or the blessing or the benefit of being a prince in the kingdom or the suffering of being thrown into a fire our relationship with God is worth either to us we're not willing to give it up for either one but if not and then now what you think about this do you suppose that Daniel and his friends had been memorizing scripture what do you think yeah what are some of the things that they probably would have met would have memorised Let's take a look at this look at me in Psalm Chapter 12 saw him chapter 12 saw him 12 and verse 6 and 7 Well let's put actually read a little bit of let's read previously to this will start and worse one Sable Lord for the Godly one is gone where the faithful have vanished from among the children of men every one utters the lies to his neighbor with flattering lips and a double tongue they speak is the happening in Babylon OIRA happening today isn't it for the Lord cut off all flattering lips the Lord the tongue that makes great boasts those who say with our talk on we will prevail our lips are with us who is master over us kind of what never can as it was saying isn't it who is the God that would deliver you out of my hand because the poor of the poor are plundered because the needy groan I will now rise says the Lord I will place him in the safety for which he longs the words of the Lord are pure words like silver re fide refined in a what. And a furnace on the ground purified 7 times you old Lord will want you will keep them you will guard us from this generation forever more on every side the wicked prowess vileness is exalted among the children of men so what can you imagine if their minds had gone to that particular song or something similar to it right they're talking about here the words are pure words like silver refined in a furnace and that's where they were about to go and they had to decide if we're going to allow the Word of God to purify us or we're going to allow the fire of this life to consume us which one is going to be and they thought about God is like a what consuming fire a man and God is like can consume fire and they thought to themselves where at the end of this life at the end of this world we're going to face the consuming fire of God We can face the consuming fire of the King and pass of the consuming fire of God or we can do the opposite we can we can save ourselves from the king and go on protected into the consuming fire of God and they said if God is consuming fire then will you not be with us in the fire and so it was scripture as they claim the promises of God and they remember that God's word is purified in their hearts through the fiery trials of this life the able to say to the king if you want to throw a sin throw a sin it doesn't really matter to us our relationship with God means more to us in our earthly life and one crisis living within us we need to not fear any man in the survey men. And so the king through the men. And they understood that God's presence was like a consuming fire and when they were thrown into the fire. They decided they would fear God's fire over his over never can as was fire now we think about your own life today in the fiery trials that you go through which fire do you fear more and when I say fire I'm not talking about the fire of hell the end of time I'm talking about the fire of God's presence because if the fire of God's presence is in your heart then there is no fire fiery trial in this life that's going to consume you and then the God's going to walk through the midst of the fiery stones as he says and Isaiah the water will pass over your head but it will not overflow you I'll be with you says the Lord Amen so in any circumstance where we are tempted to compromise we need to remember the 2 fires of the Hebrews amen because I promise you that this trial that they experience is I could be wrong about this but it's most likely greater than any trial that you or I have gone through and that. Now did Daniel's friends endure the fire yes or no they saw who in the fire Jesus was with them I'm just going to summarize the rest because I thought we had about 10 minutes we got 2 minutes. And the king sees them and I want you didn't take note of this I want you to take note of this there in the fire with Jesus it is a sin that is a prelude to the 2nd coming of Jesus with me it's a prelude. Because they have the truth surrounded by Babylon in chapter one a member we told you in Chapter 2 The whole world's attention is drawn to the prophecies of the Bible and at the end of time it will be the same chapter 3 you have the mark of the beast and the great test of God's people and then Jesus returns correct so they see Jesus in the fire in the fire with Jesus and when Jesus returns he'll be surrounded by angels but the psalm says he's there's a fiery Tempus all around him right it's a symbol the 2nd coming of Christ but notice this the men who through Daniel are not Daniel but his friends into the fire 72nd ago what happened to them they died the wicked will be destroyed but if you notice the Bible says that the keen King Nebuchadnezzar verse 24 he rises up in haste he declared to his counsels counsels did we not cast 3 men down in the fire they said yes he answered and said But I see 4 men unbound walk in the midst of fire The 4th is like the son of who God Now look at verse 26 then have the Knesset retain what near to the door of the burning fire a furnace Why is it that those men died when they got too close to the fire but never can as it came right down to the door of the furnace and he was not consume Why is that. Because he confessed and the previous verse who is the 4th not like the Son of God and in his heart he believed and so what he drew near to the fire of God He was not concerned. Because he had confessed his belief and his faith in the Son of God on the can say men today. So what was the key to them not being destroyed it was faith. It was given the heart to God of chapter one it was staying connected in chapter 2 but in chapter 3 it was claiming the promises of God's word in the midst of every trial and the greatest trial the line the remember the word of God and save their lives and will save your life today Amen. The experience that they had in those 3 chapters can we have also today Amen is there a crisis coming as great or greater than the one they have yes there is but is that righteousness by faith Christ living in you the hope of glory the preserves their life and save their soul and then how do you want to have that faith in your hearts the day. Let's pray Father in heaven we thank you for the fiery trials that triumphs that prepare us for the greater things that you have for us help us not to run from those things but to embrace them through your grace and by your spirit to me pray Lord today that our hearts would be connected with yours that our hearts would be given over to you as Daniel and his friends did in chapter one that it would be connected to you as in Dan chapter 2 and that we would be willing to believe that the Word of God can do what it says as they did in chapter 3 we pray today that our hearts and minds would be fully given over to you and your Son Jesus and that's the choice we make just now we believe that by faith in the trust that the Spirit of God is sealing our hearts in that decision today the ask it in Jesus name in this media was brought to you by audio 1st a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more servant leader Visit W W W audio verse or.


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