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Prophetic Faith in Revelation- Part 2

Wes Peppers


Wes Peppers

Pastor, Traverse City & Kalkaska, Michigan




  • June 21, 2018
    2:15 PM
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Father we thank you so much for the wonderful privilege of being together here and we sass your Holy Spirit to guide and direct our thoughts in our footsteps and we pray that your spirit would once again accompany our study today help to open our eyes and our ears to the truth as you want us to know so we ask you this lord now in Jesus' name amen all right as one of quickly review our 1st 3 pieces of righteousness by faith in the Book of Daniel and we looked at Daniel chapter one and I want to keep emphasizing this but what was the core what was the core thing that gave Daniel the strength and the ability and the wisdom to withstand the pressure and battle on what was it he did what a purpose in his heart but he was giving his heart and it's not just when we talk about giving our hearts it's not just this nilly willy Oh yeah I'm going to give my heart to Jesus but it's a giving of the heart of that's on reserve that makes sense it's an on reserve surrender and which there is no thing that I am choosing to hang on to when I've given my heart to God right and so many times we we talk to the youth and stuff we talk about all giving your heart to Jesus as if it's this just like a thing that we do that is no different then you know like doing my doing their homework or or getting up and getting dressed that day but this I'm reserve surrender. Transforms and changes the entire life we're here today brother it's a little more comfortable so if you like to come in and and so this this this and so this this foreign reserve it's it's only that type of a surrender that's going to really transform the life where we've emptied our self of self and allowed God to fill us with His Spirit yes that's the only type of surrender that's really going to have an effect to a lasting change in the extreme behaviors of our life and you know our church has at times just like Israel did focused on the extreme behaviors and what has happened is because the church focused so long on the extreme of behaviors people got frustrated because they were doing certain things on the outside but their hearts had no peas and so what is happening and the recent movements up till now is people say well you know we don't need to worry about external behaviors we just need to focus on Jesus and that's the other side of the ditch you understand and so what we need to have as a as a surrender of heart a change inside that leads to a change outside as well because we know from our study that if Jesus lives within our hearts there is no way that our Xorn of behaviors are going to be the same as they were when we were in charge of our own hearts is that right I mean he's going to live his life through us the great mystery of the ages which is Christ in you the hope of glory of Christ lives his life in you the life's going to change now that doesn't mean that the we're going to be end Stanley perfect OK there's still the process of sanctification where Christ is changing us and transforming the image but there will be a ship in the wife in our life will be on a continual track more and more towards heaven and more and more towards his characters that make sense there's a difference there and it and it's a continual growth in Jesus how we can say men. And some people I want to say this because I want to add this element in some people talk about baptism and they say well you know why is it that if a person accepts Jesus that you know if they if they said yeah I accept Jesus but they're still addicted to smoking why don't we just go ahead and baptize them and then get the MA smoking later on or people have asked me Well why don't we why don't we just when they when people come to the church and they believe in Jesus why don't we just baptize them and then we can teach them the truth later and then they can become members of the church later a mess sounds like a pretty novel idea pretty good idea and many people point to the Book of Acts Chapter 8 as an example of that how many are familiar with Acts Chapter 8 right let me just take you there real quickly and I want to make this point there were a comeback acceptor 8. And verse. $26.00 it talks about Philip and the Unix right the Ethiopian eunuch verse $26.00 innings the Lord spoke to Philip saying Arise and go towards the south along the road which goes down from Jerusalem to Gaza this is the desert so heroes and wince and behold a man of Ethiopia a unic of great authority a Macand it's the Queen of Ethiopians but charge of all her treasure in hand comes Rue some to worse of worship was returning and sitting on a serious reading as a the prophet then the spirit of the Lord said to Philip go near and overtake the chariot. So Phil brand him heard him reading the prophet Isaiah and said Do you understand what you are reading and he said Oh how can I unless someone guides me and he asked Phil to come up and sit with him so then he was reading that his passage about Jesus and the eunuch asked him who is the author talking about himself or someone else and then the beautiful phrase there verse 35 then Philip opened his mouth and beginning at the scripture preached Jesus to him right now you can say Amen to that we can't deny that now as they went down the road they came some water and the unit said See here is water what hinders me from being baptized and Philip said With you believe with all your heart you may and he answered and said I believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God so he stopped the chariot they went down in the water and he baptized right we know the story so people say see there these shared with him Jesus and he got baptized Why can't we do the same well there's a key phrase here that many people miss if you look back up there in verse $27.00 at the end of the verse it talks about he was a man of Ethiopia under canvas and then it says this who had charge over her Treasury and noticed this phrase and had come to Jerusalem to worship So this man was already keeping the Sabbath he knew about the sanctuary he knew about the health message he knew about all these things the element that he was missing. Was was who Christ was personally and that was the issue that everybody was missing see the problem is that in those days everybody knew the other pieces to our message today sanctuary health Sabbath although they knew those things but the truth for them then was Jesus as the Messiah Well today everybody understands Jesus as the savior but they don't understand the truth of Jesus makes sense so you have to have this package where you have Jesus and the truth of Jesus right and so here is another element that I think a lot of people miss is that when you're talking to a person about baptism there are 2 there are 2 issues that I keep in mind when I'm looking to clear someone for baptism there are issues of surrender and then there are issues of growth that make sense so far the let me give you an example of this eating unclean foods is a direct command of God not to do it correct it's not an issue of growth it's an issue of surrender what is God's ideal for his people and in regards to eating. Healthy but his ideal is that we're ultimately eating like Adam and Eve were eating right. Understanding when you look of sanctuary did you know there's there's there is food in the sanctuary understand that the sanctuary as you go through the say 2 or 3 you go from the record all the way into the most holy place right if you ever noticed the trend of the food in the sanctuary never noticed that whereas all the unclean food. Well unclean food is not really food is it. Is not intended to be food but it's on the outside it wasn't even allowed in what kind of food is in the courtyard as the animal sacrifices right in the priest would actually eat part of the sacrifice some of you member that you read that Leviticus then you go to the holy place and so on and come back here. The Courtyard represents which phase of salvation justification right that's where we lay or hands upon the lamb confess our sins and the lamb the sins are transferred over to him and that's you know that's when we're justified Everybody with me so far then the most and then the Holy Place is what sanctification right and then the most holy places or if a case so again once again all the unclean food is on the outside it doesn't even come in at all then you go into the into the courtyard and the priests are eating that and then you go into the holy place and what kind of food is there there show bread but there was also sometimes the priest would come in and eat the sacrifice in the Holy Place right so there sanctification there was a mixture of both then when you go into the most holy place what kind of food is in there there is Manna and all months remember Aarons rod that butted with the Allman blossoms so you got all moons and Manna So you see the progression that God has for his people are you with me from unclaimed to clean to growth in that's with the mixture of both but ultimately his ideal is want to be totally free from those flesh things that make sense or with me so unclean foods is an issue of surrender. Becoming a vegetarian is an issue of growth that makes sense now now in the process of growth there are acts of surrender OK but what I'm saying is it's an issue of growth when I think about Sabbath keeping. Working on the Sabbath unless it's you know like medical or something but just changing tires or whatever working on the my job on the Sabbath is that an issue of surrender or an issue of growth it's an issue of surrender right but what about how I keep the Sabbath the activities I do on the Sabbath that's an issue growth isn't it because people are always continuing to grow and maybe something that they didn't think about at one point time 2 years down the road they say for us a best idea for us on the sound of this is not really what God is really wanting us to do he wants us to fill our time with a better activity right that makes sense so there are issues of growth and surrender so when we talk about righteousness by faith when Daniel he's talking about an reserve surrender so as I said before we're not necessarily going to be perfect when we give an unreserved surrender the still going to be growth but our hearts and our attitudes are going to be of the mindset that Lord whatever you show me I'm willing to do it. I'm either willing to do or not do whatever is your ideal is for me as I make sense now God in His mercy What will God could say alright since you have that attitude I'm glad you have it here's everything you need changing your life am and what would happen to us we would get crushed right would me but God in His mercy gives it to us a piece at a time doesn't it he says but I Once you to be on the upward track I want you to be on the up we're journey constantly trusting in me constantly surrendering to me and day by day week by week year by year I'm going to show you the things that need to keep changing in your life but until we end so some people might say Well but but what about what about if I die in that state I'm going to be lost Well no why because what am I doing whose rights isness of my trusting in crisis I'm not trusting in my own right just since I'm claiming the righteousness of Christ while I'm growing until I grow completely into all that he wants me to grow into that makes sense and so we're security men as long as our hearts are totally surrendered to God we can have assurance Amen it's the moment that we begin to look to something else or look to ourselves or trust in ourselves or unwillingness to surrender those things that's when that relationship becomes strained and that's when it becomes difficult for God to keep revealing new light to me because he does God doesn't reveal new light to us when we're unwilling to walk in the light that he gives us not because God says we'll you know you're not going to do this the moment no but it because it's because he doesn't want to overwhelm us. And he doesn't want to destroy us in that process you know Stan He's very patient and think that today all right so God provide for those who will not to file themselves before him but the only way they cannot a father themselves by giving their heart and something out in faith Daniel to stay connected to him through daily prayer increasing our faith by studying prophecy do we see those 2 principles in the chapter would it go through the prophecy because everybody knows it but then Daniel 3 memorizing and claiming God's promises and the midst of trial and crises believing that the word will do what it says but not just in general but specifically where in us Amen I don't know any 7th Day Adventists today that doesn't believe that the word is true and that it will do what it says that's never been the struggle of God's people the struggle of God's people has always been that he will we believe it will be accomplished in our lives that's where we always hesitate and stumble and and struggle Yes All right so let's go on now to Daniel chapter 4 and what is the story of Daniel chapter 4 and we remember yeah the tree and who's the who's one of the main characters their site is Daniel it's never can as Or again of course and never Knesset or is. Still not figured quite figured out that surrender has he had. But he does in this chapter and you know the thing that I love God is that he's willing to go as far as he needs to. To bring us surrender our lives as any and I'm thankful to God if it takes a broken body to bring healing to a broken heart that's what he'll do isn't it sometimes we have to lay flat on our backs. To be willing to look up right of times we have to hit rock bottom rust to really know that God is the rock at the bottom and that true so let's go to Daniel chapter 4 and let's read verses one and on it says here. Did it never can as of the king to all peoples nations and languages that dwell in all the earth peace multiplied to you I thought it was good to declare the signs and wonders that the most high God has worked for me how great are his sides and how mighty his wonders His Kingdom is an everlasting kingdom and his dominion is from generation to generation so this point time is at He's writing this chapter after these things have happened correct are you with me now and what exactly was it that God was doing for him look with me there in verse 37 then we'll come back to it but it says No I never can as appraising stolen and of the King of Heaven. All of whose works are truth and his ways justice and those who walk in pride he is able to do was put down will there be a lot of pride in the last days what do you think. You remember we said all along that these chapters in Daniel the 1st 6 chapters are stories that God's people will specifically find themselves in circumstances and experiences that God's people will find themselves in just before Jesus comes right and we've seen that from Daniel Chapter one through 3 we've seen that already you know with Babylon and then the whole world turning their eyes to the prophecies and then and then the mark of the beast the prelude to the mark of the beast and Daniel 3 and now once you get past those climaxes you're the climax of that mark of the beast scenario now you're looking at some more of the issues of the heart in God's people are you with me and the issues that need to be removed from their hearts before they can be sealed for Christ's return or you say so let's take a look here look with me in 2nd Timothy hold your finger there in Daniel through both me as 2nd Timothy Chapter 3 2nd Tim of the chapter 3 ever sworn into let's see if at the end of time people are going to be dealing with pride so you know the 3 verse $1.00 and $2.00 it says but know this in the last days perilous times will come for men will be lovers of themselves lovers of money boasters proud blasphemers disobedient to parents on thankful unholy unloving unforgiving slanderers without self-control brutal the spies of good traitors headstrong haughty lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God having a form of godliness but denying its power do you suppose that we live in that type. Over time what do you think Absolutely absolutely and you'll have some of these in your notes that I'll send to you and I don't have these on the screen but here are some of the things that pride leads to if you look at it there's a bunch of text here most of them in the proverbs the 1st one is Psalm 14 you can write it down pride tells us that pride leads to godlessness then the rest of these are proverbs Proverbs 13 San leads to contention 2825 leads to strife 112 leads to Shane 2923 it brings you low 1525 it leads to your destruction you have pride in our churches today. And it's easy for people to point to the problems in the church not realizing that there probably part of the problem aren't they because there's not a problem in a church in the US is a problem in the people and so the reality is that we don't need revival in the church we need revival in our own hearts and that will bring revival to the church corporately What do you think I may believe that to be true so where does the problem start with me where is the solution start well start with God but it comes through me 1st right and and so we need that experience will go back here to Daniel and let's read verses for and on he says. In Chapter 4 I never Knesset was a rest in my house and flourishing in my palace and I saw a dream which made me afraid in the fonts of my bed in the business of my head trouble mean therefore I issued a decree to bring in all the wise men of Babylon before me that they might make known to me the interpretation of the dream then the magicians and the astrologers the cold the ends of the SU series come in I told them the dream but they did not make it known to me its interpretation is a sound the sound familiar. As this happened before as a repeat is coming he still had not learned his lesson but then look at verse 8 but alas Daniel came before me his name is Bell to Shaz record of the name of my God And notice this this is so amazing to me because he says in parentheses in him is the spirit of what kind of god. He's recognizing the difference and the character not just of Daniel but the difference in character between the God that he serves and the God that Daniel serves are you with me there and so here here is the here's a very important point and it is that the goal of Christ living within is not just simply so that I know that I'm like Christ the goal is that others specifically those who don't know him can recognize that my God is something special because he's living in me that makes sense and so when a Gentile when a pagan can look at Daniel and say the spirit of the holy God is in this man that's an amazing concept don't you think. And that's what we want the world to see about us what he say we want the world around us to say Man those people are just divinely special The something about them that they are not like others and that and that these people around us are going to recognize that and so we're going to have to be intentional aren't we in our interactions with them and we're going to have to be careful you know Peter talks about walking circumspectly apart among the Gentiles so that they don't have anything negative to say about us are you with me and so this is a powerful point to me but anyway so how can you tell if somebody has the Holy Spirit tell me tell me some ways in which you would know that somebody has the Holy Spirit you know the mother 1st but what fruits what fruits are we looking for OK But are those the type of characteristics that we tend to elevate in the church let me ask you that let's go to glacial chapter 5 quickly. Elations chapter 5. Because with me today. A yearning something good OK good is making sure places 5. Now if you read from verse 16 and on you'll find a similar list as we found 2nd Timothy I'm not going to read that but that's the those are the things of the flesh but look up in verse 16 quickly he says I say then walk in the wind. And walk in the spirit and you shall not fulfil the last of the flesh so if you're trying to not if you're trying to in your own strength just simply resist the urge to to to do fleshly things you're going to do them. Or you with me whatever it is whether it's honesty or whether it's adultery or a lost or whatever the only way to a to not walk in the flesh is to walk in the what and the spirit and the only way to walk in the spirit is to surrender the heart to God and what capacity completely and totally by saying God everything I admin everything I have is yours and I'm willing to go in any direction you ask me to go even if it's absolutely radical I'm willing to do it right so let's jump down to verse 22 but the fruit a spirit is what love joy peace longsuffering which is patience you know the word long suffering if you just put that around it's suffering long right kindness goodness faithfulness gentleness self-control does it say Is there a difference between the fruits of the Spirit and the gifts of the spirit yes or no now what's the difference it's for the work of ministry right is for the work of ministry does God give the same gifts to every person no Does he give some gifts to every person. Yes but what so what's the difference in the fruit of the Spirit and the gifts of the spirit the the gift of the spirit is what the Spirit of God gives me to do a work of ministry for others right the fruit of the Spirit is the natural result of being on a cycle of Christ it's the natural output of what's taking place in the heart that makes sense with me so now are the fruits of the spirit intended for every Christian to exuberant yes or no yes so the gifts some gifts are given to all but not all gifts are given to all but for the fruits are given to all for all correct now question for you do we typically eggs exonerate or a up lift these type of characteristics when we see someone with these characteristics do we tend to uplift them yes or no I'm going somewhere with this. Sometimes right. That's exactly right in my point is this well let me ask you this though me and let me make my point through a question what type of things do we tend to exonerate and they have in a search I'm looking for one in particular. Yeah good speakers great entertainers dynamic preachers right great sadness school teachers and we tend to say wow back eyes full of the Spirit of God and Al White says that is possible for a man to get up front and give a very dynamic and eloquent presentation and be absolutely destitute of the Spirit of God are you with me. And we tend to have this mindset of ad than a celebrity. Are you with me as much as I love there are some of them here in this camp site that we tend to put that picture on as we tend to to to look to that as a measure of true Christianity when the Bible says that it's a fruits of the Spirit of God that are the real tests are you with me that makes sense and so it really I just get on a pet peeve because you know like. It's not the gifts that were to exalt it's the fruit but we exalt the gifts all the time but the gifts are lesser I mean I'm not undermining the gifts but the gifts are a means to get more fruit and I look if if I have a fruit orchard I have a garden at home I can show you pictures of my garden things blooming beautifully are to get cucumber flowers and are harvested a bunch of some lettuce and things but what do you prefer if you have an orchard do you prefer to put your shovels and your rakes in your pruners and all your tools up on a wall and say Wow how many in those are really amazing or do you prefer to use those tools and have beautiful trees that are producing apples and pears and all those things and which one do you do you have a greater admiration for. You get my picture but we want to stand in the garage and look at all the tools and talk about how great the tools are while there are the fruits out there and God says look this is these things are just a means to get more of this over here are you with me. And it frustrates me and that leads to spiritual pride in the church very much similar to the private number can as are had and let's go back to go back to Daniel 4. And the reason I bring that up is because. We're never going to really develop the fruit of the Spirit in our and our hearts and in our lives as a church until we really as a people surrender the pride and surrender the heart completely to Christ and it all comes back to right just by faith OK All right back to dance have for. So how can you tell someone truly has the Holy Spirit write these 3 text down numbers 1424 they follow if they follow God fully and I believe that that text was talking about Caleb they follow God fully Proverbs 123 they are correctable they're teachable and Acts 532 they are obedient did Daniel have these characteristics yes or no he absolutely did didn't he how can somebody receive the Holy Spirit. Who can leaven 13 Jesus says all you have to do is what all you have to do is ask and you can say Amen All right how does the Bible picture a spirit filled people already think well we talked about the little bit I'm not going to I'm wrestling because I I want to cover some of these things but we're we don't have enough time to cover it all but you can write this down look at it later Psalm 1123 pictures I'm like trees planted beside the waters Amen and those trees are beautiful they're big but are they are they really beautiful and big because of their own. Doing yes or no they're beautiful and they because they're planted by the water right which is the rights of Christ All right let's keep going here Daniel chapter 4 and verse 10 he says these are with the visions of my head well on my bed oh let's go back to to verse 9 actually even read that so he told them the dream and he says the shares are cheap for the magicians because I know that the spirit of the holy God is in you and no secret why trouble is you know that amazing that is another blessing of being filled with the Spirit of God that no secret troubles us. Yeah right. Never can has or he's still God still working on here in the but he was on his bed 1st and I was looking behold a tree in the midst of the earth and its height was great the tree grew and became strong its height reached to the heavens And it can be seen to the ends of the earth its leaves were lovely its fruit abundant and in it was the food for all the beasts of the field found shade under it the birds of the heavens dwelt in its branches and all the flesh fled from its I'm sorry fed from it a I saw end of visions of my head well my bed and there was a watcher a holy one coming down from heaven and he cried out aloud and said thus shut down the tree and cut off its branches strip off its leaves and scatter its fruit but the bees to get out from under it and the birds from its branches nevertheless leave the stump and roots in the earth bound it with a band of iron and bronze to the tender and the tender grass the field let it be wet with the dew of heaven let him graze with the beast and the grass of the earth and let his heart be changed from that of a man and give him the heart of a beast and let 7 times pass over him this decision is by that a creed of the watchers and the sentence by the word of the holy ones in order that the living may know that the most high rules in the kingdom of men does it to whomever he will and sets over it the lowest of men this point in the last verse I didn't even think about it till now he gives it to whomever he will and he sets it over the lowest of men that is so opposite of how we often operate isn't it especially in the church we want to take the best speaker the best whatever the best thing we want to just. But God says you know what his glory is not displayed greatly through people with natural gifts. His Glory is displayed when he takes somebody that really has little or no gifts and he does a mighty work through them amen and we still just can't grasp that principle in the church family we just still can't do it all right so he sees in the dream of course the tree and then it comes and chops it Doll etc What is it that Daniel tells him is the interpretation so once again in verse 18 king of the Knesset tells Daniel but at the at the very end he says but you are able to give the interpretation why for the spirit of the holy God is in you so he says that to Daniel 3 times as many it's a very interesting the king takes note of that all right so what happens in the interpretation of Daniel reads to him a nice or he speaks to him and he tells him basically that the dream represents to a represents an epic an answer and that God's going to send him to his he's going to bring judgment to him. If he does not break off his sins does that sound familiar and the Book of Revelation that the harlot God bore long bore a lot more long but there's going to be judgment if if a person has a break up their sins and so he talks about him I'm just going to I'm trying to explain without reading a bit Lissa's read it he says in verse. 19 then Daniel whose name was Bell to Shasta was astonished for a time when his thoughts troubled him so the king spoke and said both of Shaz or did not let the dream or its interpretation trouble you at all Bill to show as her answered and said My Lord May the dream concern those who hate you as interpretation concern your enemies the tree which you saw would screw McCain strong whose height reached to the heavens and the Earth could be seen by and which could be seen by all the earth the leaves were abundant etc etc verse 22 it is you Oking who have grown to become strong for your greatness has grown. And reaches to the heavens and your dominion to the end of the earth and as much as the king saw a watch or a holy one coming down from heaven and saying chop down the tree and destroy it but leave the stump and roots in the earth bound with a band of mine and bronze the tender grass of the field that of the web the dew of heaven and let him graze the beasts of the field 7 times to 7 times passes over him this is the interpretation Oking and this is that a Korea of the most high which has come upon my lord the king they will drive you from men your dwelling shall be with the beasts of the field and this will make you eat grass like oxen they so wet shoe with the dew of heaven and 7 times will pass over you so you know that the most high rewards the team of men and gives it to whomever he chooses and as much then as they gave the command to leave the stump the tree or kingdom shall be assured you after you come the know they have in rules and those 1st 27 man this is a powerful verse. Therefore O. king let my advice be acceptable to you break off your sins by being righteous and your iniquities by showing mercy to the poor perhaps there may be a lengthening of your prosperity now does this advice still fly to us a day what do you think are we in a state of Laodicea yes or no we live in an age where it's offensive to tell anyone that what they're doing is wrong. You're judging me and as a church we've we've tended to cower back we get in one of 2 problematic places either we tell people something harshly and we usually pick the wrong thing to talk to them about you know it's you know I'm saying. Like maybe somebody comes into the church or they're visiting the church and they they're wearing you know jewelry or something and somebody says some foolish thing to them whatever and we usually say the wrong thing at the wrong time or we get on the other so so we will always say something about the wrong thing and we usually don't say anything about the real relevant thing right and we say well we just need to put our arms around people and love them why agree with that but part of loving someone is actually talking to them about the issues that are leading them to destruction that make sense there's net there and there's there's a certain time that we need to do that and there's a certain time that we need not say what we're too afraid but Daniel here. Is a prime example of what is needed in the church today and that is to put our arms around people and say look let me show you a better way with sweetness with kindness sharing truth with love even at the risk that they may be upset with us now I say that with great hesitancy because. For somehow the saints always seem to not always do it the right way I'm not saying all saints but some saints you know I'm talking about and they tend to they tend to go about it the wrong way and they tend to create damage that leads to baggage and it and it just creates a big problem but we need to have the boldness of people people think that today that they're not accountable to anyone but the truth of the matter is when you read the New Testament and you read the book of Acts and you read the writings of Paul they were accountable to each other and they and they and they submitted to themselves to the authority of one another that makes sense I mean there are times when Paul says like you need to you need to do this you need to you need to shun them for a season or you need to you need to approach them and and today even with the it's gotten to the place where it's even with the pastor that when the pastor approaches somebody about an issue they say Who are you to tell me what to do. Well if you're a member of the church and you're a child of God then the church has ecclesiastical authority over we all have we are a body that makes sense now we're still our own individual people but there is a unity there when we come together from independent units into a collective body that has a greater level of authority than you can even have of yourselves that makes sense and it's a better authority that's why it's a better authority and to be able to approach people with that love and with that kindness and with that mercy but still with that resolute desire to see them re deans from the path that they're on we've lost that as a church we lost it and so very sad troubling thing are you with me but here you have Daniel and I don't know exactly how old he was at this point but he's coming to the king of the entire empire and he's saying oh king let my advice be excelled able to you break off your sense make sense break away from this thing and turn to write a snice And I think that if we would approach to many people who are on the wrong path with love we could turn them back their hearts back to Christ and their hearts will come back on a path that they need to be on a give the prime example of this there was a gentleman in church where I pastor and we wanted him to be on the Deacon scene and. He was engaged I would say he was an ing gazin wrong thing there was just a certain right thing that he was not doing that he should be doing that every every faithful Christian should be doing that makes sense. And I spoke to him about it said Brother we'd really like you to be on this leadership you know was actually an assistant the can and it was the Lansing church so it is a large church so we have like a head deacon and then like Forces deacons and like 20 regular deacons and I said we want you to be one of those forces and deacons But there's this one issue that that I need to visit with you about and I don't want to make any assumptions I'm assuming that this is taking place but we're just not seeing the record of it but we want our leadership team to be strong in the in the in the fundamental truths of the Bible and I just wanted to ask you about this maybe it's it's happening in another dynamic that we're not aware of but we just talk to me about it and he says to me and you never know how this conversation going I said you know what he said I'm so thankful that somebody had the courage to talk to me about this he says there's an interesting family dynamic that's made it challenging for me he says but he says but I'm going to tear carry this to my family and it's going to happen we're going to do the right thing and I'm thankful you talk to me about it I had another person similar situation I one of them on the person ministries team and I went to them and they said oh I had no idea about this because my wife it was it was it was returning time he said My wife was in charge and I had no idea that it wasn't happening now if I had not spoken to him. I proceed the same way I said Brother I'm just assuming that this is happening maybe it's its do it's in another way that we're not seeing but I just wanted to visit with you about it could we talk about it and he said yeah I didn't even know and he took care of it and it was a thing but we have to have the courage like Daniel to not just. To make sure our own hearts are are experiencing surrender but that we are lovingly seeking to strengthen our brothers and sisters in Christ in the church to also have the experience of surrender does that make sense now there's a huge difference in spiritual countability and being a busy body that makes sense and so and and sometimes people are busy bodies thinking that they're being spirit They're being the spiritual Guardians of the church are you with me one aspect is that when you're a busybody you go to a person that you've had no relationship with and you're trying to talk them out those issues and the other thing about being a busybody is when you talk to that person then you go to others in the church and tell them about that person's thing that before the difference is that when I'm sick how striving to call my brothers and sisters around me higher in spiritual accountability I've built a relationship with them and I've loved them as much as I've loved my own self my own family and I'm putting my arms around them and I'm seeking to pull them higher and protecting them you know Ellen White says that Jesus protected people even Judas he protected Judas and he would not expose him publicly that an amazing thing. It's refused to expose Judas publicly even those who just betrayed him mindblowing thing and so this is the this is an important principle and the understanding of righteous by faith is that we need to be putting our arms around each other and we need to be strengthening each other and lifting each other up and holding each other spiritually accountable so that were all having this experience of growth in unity together as I make sense are you with me now it sounds nice but what do we do. How do we take advantage of that well it starts with you and you need to have one or 2 couple of families as many as you can manage that you start drawing close to in the church on a social basis and you build that spiritual bond with them and you help them to grow and then they become the same to someone else that makes sense and men are right so that's a whole nother thing although some are anyway all right let's go on here did this actual thing happen that Daniel had said well you will converse 28 It goes on it says all this came upon have to confess or. In that unfortunate at the end of the 12 months he was walking about in the royal palace of Babylon the King spoke saying is this not great Babylon which I have built for a royal dwelling by my mighty power and for the honor of my majesty while the word was still in the King's mouth of voice fell from heaven king of the CAN answer to you it is spoken to the kingdom has Want departed from you and this so drive you from men in your dwelling to be with the beasts of the field they shall make you eat grass and. And still 7 years have passed over you and to you know the most high rules that very hour are sturdy 3. The word concerning never can as or was fulfilled he was driven from men and ate like grass a grass like oxen his body was what with the dew of heaven and his hair had grown like eagles feathers in his nails like birds cause and at the end of the time I never can as a lifted my head my eyes to heaven and my understanding returns in me and I bless the most high and praised in honoring him who lives forever for his dominion is an everlasting dominion and schemas from generation to generation all the inhabitants of the earth are reputed as nothing he has done he does according to His will in the Army of Heaven and among the in halves of the earth no one can restrain his hand or say to him What have you done is that a very moving passage a beautiful question how could he have avoided that judgment. By repentance and this is the same issue and revelation this is the whole issue with the entire world guarded gave now because Nasser through Daniel this message of repentance didn't hear the message of the Gospel and the message of bearing fruits of righteousness and he says if you don't that this is the response this is the judgment that's going to come upon you in Revelation 14 God says here's your problem here is the answer. And if you don't respond this is the result the same picture here Revelation 14 being played out right here except with Roy 14 it's a picture for the whole world with me and so naturally he doesn't do that and neither will most of the world there will be a few in comparison to the overall population that will and the result is absolute destruction for the people and of course they're not going to get another opportunity I mean they've had their opportunities already. As well as Nebuchadnezzar but praise the Lord that never can as are turned away and of enjoying and so he eventually broke off his sin and that was in chapter 4 his ultimate conversion yes or no and friends ha chapter 4 was his true conversion he kept going back and forth in the previous chapters now want to say thence that in God's attempt to bring us and grow us into that which he wants us to do we need to have hard experiences why because sin has hardened us God's heart is very tender and it greatly pains him to see as go through difficult situations but we need it but our culture I think at the devising of Satan has created such a culture that at the very onset the very moment we begin to experience discomfort what do we do we try to get out of it that true. And spiritually speaking individually and as a church the moment the church goes into a crisis or the moment my life goes into a crisis we say either God why are you letting this happen to me or we think oh God I've done something bad or oh god please get me out of this what are you thinking God to allow this to happen Have I not paid my tithes and I kept the Sabbath I thought that if I did everything right God was for to bless me well some of the greatest trials of your life will be your greatest blessings I had cancer in 2009 and I almost died and God carried me through a rich experience don't can't say I want to do that on a daily basis but it was a very rich experience which I gained a lot and I'm and I have a deeper maturity spiritually when I came out of that thing and so instead of asking gone why is this happening to me we need to ask the question how or how can you transform my life how can I be drawn closer to you how can I be made more like you in that process it makes sense and so instead of instead of quickly trying to figure out how we can get rid of this thing and throw it off we need to draw close to it and we need to like Jacob did when Christ came and rushed with him he said I will not let you go unless he was blessed me but how often are we ready to say well if this is how it's going to be when I'm following God I'm just throwing in the Tao I'm just going to questions going to leave the church now they're going to talk to me that way I'm just going to be out of here you know I'm talking about that's the 1st. Response we often have as we're just going to get out of here but no God says I want you to hang on to that thing because it's going to be your deepening conversion experience and it's going to be you're going to grow through that thing and you're going to see my power displayed on your behalf if you don't run away Amen and so I would never can as or. That he have that experience God put him in a circumstance that he could not escape from and God may just do that for you or anything but me tell you what friends if God with with a with drawl his presence and His Spirit from each and every one of us you know how we would become we would become like that these. And somehow we think that we are so refined and so noble but I'll tell you what I know I could tell you right now what I'd be doing if I if I didn't have the hand of Spirit of God restraining me my flesh I won't tell you but I tell you I could tell you probably much worse than what I can even imagine there is no depth there is no the low the sage that cannot carry you the Spirit of God is not restraining your heart of the thing for the Spirit of God that a man. And it took that experience for Ned because as or to finally get it to finally recognize that he was nothing he was as dust and God was everything and that's the experience if we're going to experience righteous by faith that is what we must come to not just a bill of philosophical theological speaking of it. But a true experience in the heart that carries outward into the life that God is everything and we are nothing now we you know we some he says well but we're the children and gone above you know of course well that's true but that all the worth that we have is placed is because of it's his it's his worth it's his goodness it's not our own goodness and we think too highly of ourselves and I mean I'm not trying to say we should go around beating ourselves up that's not what I'm saying we should be joyful and restful and assured by the promises of God of what he's going to do for us but we have to recognize that we are not the end we say that all the time but we do not really a good knowledge it in our actions and in our lives and in our choices how did agree with that today are you know that trick spirits and so we need the experience of never can as are we need to be stripped of everything to recognise just who he is from pompous pride to humble power I mean as a man all right we've got about 8 minutes so let's quickly let me go to I'm just going to highlight chapter 5 and 6 for you quickly. In Daniel Chapter 5 The have a story of bell sounds are and if you notice very carefully that Bell says are and bells are shatters names are very similar you know that. As you know that the name Belle to Shaz are given to Daniel by never can as Or that he corrupted the name Belle Shaz or BEL as the false god Belle Chasse or mean something like servant of the L. or something but Belle to chance or given emphasis to the name that would tell everyone that Daniel was a captive he was not true that alone in you know that and so that made the difference in the name of what set that's why you put the tea in there absolutely but you know the story shows that it was. Belle Chasse of the uncorrupted form of the name but you can tell that the difference in the characters that Daniel have the uncorrupted character though you had to corrupt the name and Belle Chasse had been across the name of the very corrupted character right. So you find. The comparison between Daniel Chapter 5 verses one through 4 of Belle Chasse her and Daniel and Daniel Chapter one Verse one through 8 and skin to list these quickly where they'll be in the notes at all email to you but Belle Chasse or desired rich food he was a man of the flesh he desired rich foods he drank alcohol he was sacked religious he was morally impure any deny prophet of history because remember when when the handwriting was on the wall and Daniel stand there rebuking him he recounts to him the history of never can as or right and he says but then he says these words this you knew you you know you knew all this you defied it you number that when he did that we don't have time to go to it but. But then you will it's simple foods will not drink alcohol given his heart to God was morally pure and up held prophet of history and so Daniel was 17 years old when he was taken probably captive 16 or 17 and he was shown that he was a man of the Spirit Belle Chasse or when he was about 15. Similar age but very different corruption you see that all right let me bring on the point. And so Belle Chasse or was always making fleshly promises so he was and he was making fleshly choices and promises you know when he brought out the cups it was a fleshly choice then with a hand running came on the wall he made a fleshly promise that you could have he would whoever could interpret the writing he would give him a chain and a purple robe and he'd be the 3rd highest ruling Kenan member there but Daniel tell him about his fleshly promises he said why it you can keep it right I don't need it. And God's people are not motivated by such fleshly tactics so do you suppose that at the end of the time when everything is caving in on Babylon now right so this is the fall of Babylon you suppose then that the world is going to 1st threaten and then try to bribe God's people anything you suppose that could be a case absolutely but they're the only place to find answers are going to be from God's people. So let's see here the King's final act was actually was actually death. And this this is very interesting because when you look at Revelation it talks about how Jesus coming from the east the river Euphrates and all that to rescue his people correct and Daniel you have Cyrus who comes and dries up the river Euphrates and overtakes the kingdom of Babylon correct now don't miss this Belle Chasse or in his life of flesh. Fell by the sword that night but Daniel who was a man of the spirit was carried over into the next kingdom and he served the King King Cyrus and King various King Derrius he served Him faithfully when the night that Babylon fell and you have these 2 descriptive lives a man of the flesh and him out of the Spirit one survives the fall of Babylon and one perishes with the fall of Babylon and so the bottom line of this chapter is basically Are you going to allow the flesh to rule your life or are going to you Are you going to surrender the flesh to the Christ and allow the Spirit of God to live in you and then which one do you want which one you want now in chapter there's more to it but there's a that's it no less quickly in 2 minutes Chapter 6 basically basically let's let's let's do let's just say this that God's people stand for God's Law Amen and and Daniel is thrown into the Lion's Den God's people because they stand for his law will be falsely accused and thrown into a peril a dangerous state. But if you notice that when they're thrown into the Lion's Den What do they do when they cover the lion's den that they cover and the and the and the apparent tomb is sealed are you with me it's sealed and so even though God's people seem to be in the mouth and the claws of the lion which is the enemy yet God seals them and Satan cannot touch them at the end of time you can say the end of that. And they are willing to follow the law of God rather than the laws of men that's the bottom line of the end of time right and they're all started with giving their heart to God Are you with me but at the end of time they're sealed and they come out of the mouth of the lion without a scratch on them you know if you ever read the great controversy of a White says that when probation closes I believe that there will be martyrs from now till Jesus comes I believe that there will be got some of God's people will be killed but Ellen White says that once probation closes and every decision has been decided. I forget what pages on but it's in there. She says that God will not allow the enemy to touch a single hair upon the head of God's people when they come at them with swords the swords will just scramble in their hands and they will fall down at their feet and they will not be able to touch them why because God only allows his people to be persecuted if it serves a purpose of winning others to his kingdom and you know when Daniel went in that tomb the tomb was sealed and he came out again alive and that was a prelude it's not of only a prelude to the end of time but it's also a prelude to Christ going into the tomb and coming on Alive Amen is resurrected as well and beautiful passage so let me just stuck close with this and then I'm going to show you one quick thing and then we'll be done sanctified life page 21 the character of Daniel is presented to the world as a striking example of what God's grace can make of men and women fallen by nature and corrupted by sin the record of his noble self-denying life as an encouragement to our common humanity from that we may gather strength to nobley resist temptation and firmly in the grace of meekness stand for the right under severe a struggle so whatever trials you're going through today whatever battles are facing whatever temptations you're stressed sling with as God made a way of escape for you but sometimes the escape is not your remove from the circumstance sometimes your escape is to put the sails up and meet it head on and go right through that thing are you with me so whether God decides to remove OS or change our circumstances or cause us to endure we need to trust him amen and we need to always be giving him our what. Our hearts so once again just to wrap up Daniel one giving our hearts to God continually stepping out in faith to help others give their heart to him as well right member of the story of the unique number to staying connected with him through daily prayer increasing our faith by studying prophecy Amen number 3 God memorizing and claiming God's promises in the mists of trial and crises and believing that the Word of God will do what it says in US number 4 asking for and living walking in the Spirit of God Yes Number 5 we should make a decision to immediately act on truth when we see it so that we do not become a person of the flesh we want to be a person of the spirit yes a number 6 being sealed by God and used by Him Now I want to appreciate Dave David Bolduc who gave me this and I'm going to share this with you he's and he doesn't want me to say his name but I don't want to pretend like I came up with this but in Daniel 4. A beautiful picture of the 3 in his message and then you For you have the 1st angels message where the creator alone is worthy of worship right Ned because recognizes that in his life Daniel 5 the 2nd angel's message Babylon knew about God but for so Kim and they fell as a result Daniel 6 the 13th was message worship God despite human threats and decrees Yes and we can say Amen to that will I appreciate you guys being with us and anybody not signed the email list you're just going to have you out once you you've got to listen anybody I'm going to email the notes from this week does anybody need to sign this bill all right good. Well May the Lord bless you. And my appeal to you is to stick with the church amen because the church is going through it's going through the ship is going to make it the ship is going to sail into the harbor that's not the question it's not the question of the shirt Ellen White says they'll not be another movement the question is are you going to be on the show as always the question I'm here saying Lord today by your grace I want you to keep me Reserve me and one of the on the ship and then by your grace I want to claim the rights of crisis mine and I want to live in that righteousness and in the hope and the trust and the rich and the belief in the reality that Jesus is going to recreate us fully in his image and men who believe that today that's your desire a man who was prayed together as we close your father we thank you for the privilege of. This message that we have in Ward or beautiful message of righteousness by faith and Lord we won that experience we don't want to just read about it we wanted to know that it's in our hearts and it's changing our hearts and changing our lives so please Lord draw close to us open to us the truth and help us Lord to make those decisions that are necessary to be wholly surrendered to you and all starts Lord with making the choice now to give our hearts to you so Lord we make that choice we made that decision now take our hearts that are prone to wander and keep them and empower them to do your will we pray as we trust in Jesus and Jesus alone are right just his name we asked a man this media was brought to you by audio person a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio version or if you would like to listen to more sermon Please Visit W W W dot audio Verse dot org.


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