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A Conversation For the Ages

Marshall McKenzie



  • July 5, 2019
    7:00 PM
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Father in heaven we thank you so much. That you desire to converse with us and so much so that you left all of Heaven to live among us to have conversations that were trans for mation not just informational and Lord I pray that this evening your spirit will guide our thoughts as we study your word Lord as we open its pages and flip through on our phones may you truly be glorified in all that we do we thank you so much for your many blessings in Jesus' name we pray and a man. We're going to look at a familiar passage from the Book of Daniel but we're going to look at that passage a little bit differently than many times we have looked at it before when I mentioned Daniel Chapter 2 most people think of what and by the way I ask questions and I look for responses so when you look at Daniel Chapter 2 most of the times when you study Daniel Chapter 2 you tend to look at what what's kind of the emphasis OK prophecy the image which is helps us understand the prophecy and we kind of jump to the prophecy and we miss contextually what really gives force to the prophecy OK so we're not just going to look at Daniel Chapter $23.00 but we're also going to look at Daniel chapter 4 and we're going to look at it can textually we're going to look at it systematically OK step by step because it's not just about prophecy it's actually about God and His desire for the conversion of a king and many times we lose that fact when we look and we jump directly to the prophecy 1st. And there is a lot of life lessons within those passages of Scripture that help us understand the the urgency of the prophecies that that come in their context let me give you an example turn with me to Daniel Chapter 5 and we're going to look tonight at Daniel Chapter 2 and we're going to start by looking at a conversation for the ages tomorrow we're going to look at a convicting a witness and then we're going to move to the conversion of a king and there's a process that gone is taking this king on for his own benefit OK for his selve if it benefits that he may be saved but notice with me Daniel Chapter 5 you know the story so we're not I'm not going to kind of read through all of it there are certain passages we're going to highlight but I want you to notice something in Daniel Chapter 5 Daniel Chapter 5 by the way can textually is about who does anybody remember who's about OK well she has a right Bell she has or has a problem OK and it's not just with the party it really goes back to who he is and what he's become OK And it's interesting that after the hand comes out and writes he can't understand it and so Daniel is alternately brought into his mitts and I want you to notice what Daniel has to say OK to notice verse 17 This is Daniel Chapter 5 or 17 then Daniel answered and said before the king keep your gifts your for yourself or give your rewards to someone else Daniel knew this kingdom was coming to an end he says however. I will read the inscription to the king and make the interpretation known to him. The most high God granted sovereignty grander glory and majesty to whom So this is interesting Daniel makes a shift he doesn't go right to boast jazzer but he's going to bring up the experience of who his great grandfather. Because it has a lot of importance notice he goes on he says because of the grander which he bestowed on him all the peoples nations man of every language feared in tremble before him whomever he wished he killed and whomever he wished he spared alive and whomever he wished he elevated and whomever he wished be humbled but when his heart was lifted up his spirit became so proud that he behaved arrogantly he was disposed from his royal throne and his glory was taken away from him now notice he goes on he says he was also driven away from mankind and his heart was made like that of the beast and his dwelling place was with the wild donkeys he was given grass to eat like cattle and his body was drenched with the dew of heaven until he recognized that the most high God is ruler over the realm of mankind that's key and then he sets over it whom ever he wishes and then it says verse 20 to you his son Velshi has or have not humbled your heart even though you what now this is interesting those shares in a rock and a hard place you between a rock and a hard place he knows the kingdom is coming to an end something was written on the wall and it's interesting that Daniel points out the life of his grandfather never can as Or and says listen look at to all the things that happened to him and this was an example to you you knew all this. OK but he says you did what. You knew all this but you did not humble your heart OK here's the point bell Shaz or knew what we're going to study this week it but here's the thing it doesn't matter what you know it matters about what you do with what you know OK he knew everything that happened in that we can as her but he didn't do anything with that knowledge so in this series this week and believe it or not we have a choice we're going to learn some of the things that bell Schanzer had learned in relationship to how God specifically doubt with never can as Or and we're going to be in the same place that bell Shaz or it is by the end of it what are you going to do with that information OK. And so this is to me this helps me understand personally why Daniel 23 and 4 are so important not just prophetically but just in how God is going to deal with a Pagan KING Now I want to share something with you really quick and that is sometimes we look at some of these stories in the Bible and we think Well God was dealing with a Pagan KING So it's only pagans that he deals with this way you know we kind of do that in our minds we kind of separate how he deals with a Christian versus how he deals with somebody that isn't a Christian that doesn't even know the true God and yet you're going to find time and time again God sure he varies things a little bit but there are many key principles that he uses in approaching Christian Gentile doesn't matter he uses these principles and the 1st principle I want to talk to you about is conversation. OK notice when me Daniel Chapter 2 all of us have conversations on a regular basis OK whether we're at the grocery store or whether we're visiting parents like we just did over the 4th of July weekend we had lots of conversations God loves to converse with people God loves to have conversations with people and God's conversations though are transformative they're not just informative OK and what God is about to do in the life of this King is going to change this king and the course of his life his flops his ideas for the remainder of his life because that's what a conversation with God looks like and so this conversation that he's going to have literally is an example not only to Bella's jazzer but it's an example to all of us and how God desires to converse with us and within that we see the context of prophecy not outside of that context but within that context now Daniel Chapter 2 Everybody knows what's Daniel Chapter 2 about we said it's about what you get it's about a dream it's about an image it's about gone believe it or not God is actually setting OK the context for the conversation in Daniel Chapter 2 Now that's important never can as or is not going to set the context God is going to set the context and this is a real conversation that God's about to have notice of me Daniel Chapter 2 verse one we're going to look at a few things 1st before we really dive into the conversation Daniel Chapter 2 verse one says now in the 2nd year of the reign of never can as or never can as or had what. Had dreams OK We worked I worked and lived in the Middle East for 3 years and Beirut Lebanon and dreams in the Middle East are still van vying to hold to life in the Middle East's no different than when God approached never can as or with his dream Ok so I want to share something with you in relationship to God approaching never can as or with this dream but before that I want you to how to understand the mindset of King Nebuchadnezzar notice with me Daniel Chapter 2 and I'm actually going to go back OK to actually will go to Daniel Chapter 3 I'll get into this more specifically tomorrow but I want you to notice a verse Daniel chapter 3 verse 15. God comes to have a can as a ring gives him a dream that by the way is within a very specific context God helps us understand the mindset of the king so that we can understand clearly why he approached the king in this manner OK It's like God knows what you're thinking right now God knows how you're thinking God knows you're thinking before you think it OK So God has that context that he's dealing with in his conversations with us it's no different when King Nebuchadnezzar noticed the king's mindset though we all know King never can as a what a world ruling king OK everybody was subservient to. To the King if the king says it it is if the king wants something to happen it's going to happen OK Now notice and then chapter 3 verse 15 we get a perspective of the King's mind as a world ruled notice verse 15 now if you are ready at the moment you hear the sound of the horn the flute the layer the tri gone the psaltery the bagpipes and all kinds of music to fall down and worship the image that I have made very well but if you do not worship you will immediately be what cast into a furnace of blazing fire now I know this is the last phrase specifically he says and I'm reading from the New American Standard and what God is there who can deliver you out of what my hands what does that tell you about the king's mindset just that one verse will get more into it tomorrow but what's what does it tell you about the King's mind it who does he really think he is he thinks he's got he's a world ruling king he owes nobody nothing and everybody is a servant to him so in his mind over time as a world ruling killing he develops a God complex we do this today believe it or not we have our own lives we have our own careers we're going our own direction and nobody's going to tell me any different and some ways we become gods to ourselves now there's another thing that leads to this god complex What did they worship and BALLEN. Embezzling they worshiped what images they had a big temple they had God martyr do in the temple matter fact if you read in Psalms chapter 115 when I served in India for years a student missionary we'd have people worshipping trees and rocks right outside the house and we'd have a little a little temple that somebody built and they you know they put a little figurine in that temple and everybody would come by that temple every single day we built an oven in our front yard and people would say to us is that your temple and we'd have to shell know it makes bread OK but that was expected idolatry image worship was a very important to the culture to the world view so OK so here's the thing in Psalms 115 God says those who make images and worship them will become like them OK So never Knesset or has a God complex this is his mindset that he runs the world and nobody is going to tell him every different anything different. So keep that in mind. When God comes to him but I want you to notice Daniel Chapter 2 for a minute Daniel Chapter 2 and I want to go to verse $29.00 so he has a God complex he thinks he is God There is no one greater than never can as it never can as are soon going to find out that's going to be a different picture than what he currently thinks Now notice verse $29.00 it says as for you this is Daniel speaking later to never can as or as for you OK while on your bed your thoughts turn to what would take place when in the future so think about this your network and those are you around the world. You think you're God but yet in the in the bedroom in his private place where nobody is he's thinking about what. He's thinking about the future how many of you think about the future why do you think about the future ha to what to plan OK why do you need to plan to you it's what was that OK you think about the future because you do not know the future that's something very human so even in our own little kingdoms that we tend to build We're still very human though sometimes we don't think we are OK so here's another can as Or he thinks he's God but he's doing something very human he's thinking about what the future. So this is the perfect opportunity for God to introduce himself to navigate as are often times God introduces himself to us when we're in those moments of humanity when we know and recognize where only what human is a perfect opportunity for God to begin a conversation with us OK So never can as or thinks he is God But he's in his bedroom doing something very human he's thinking about his kingdom and he's making plans and he's thinking about the future because he doesn't know weights so it's in that context follow it's in that context that God says Now let me introduce myself to you for who I am now notice how God introduces himself Daniel Chapter 2 verse one understanding the mindset of the King. God is now going to introduce himself to the king while the king is thinking about the future which he doesn't know yet he still thinks he's god. And says now in the 2nd year of the reign of never again as or never can as or had what dreams so God is going to introduce himself to the king through what means through Dream OK now a Dreams important but a dream is just a beginning it's to get the king's attention OK Let me give you an example of this turn with me to Exodus Chapter 3 God doesn't just do this with Pagans God often even with Christians he has to get our attention so many times he uses sometimes nature to get our attention sometimes he uses our own experience to get our attention sometimes he use this history to get our attention OK notice of me Exodus chapter 3 I love this example Exodus Chapter 3 is all about Moses remember Moses 40 years is preparing for ministry actually for him he's just taking care of the sheep but the time comes where God has to get his attention so what does God do to get his attention I love this notice verse 2 says the angel of the Lord appeared to him in a blazing fire from the midst of a way. Of a bush and then he goes on and says and he looked and behold the bush was burning with fire yet the bush was what not consume think about it would God get your attention if you walked out of this building and you saw all those bushes on fire but they were burning would you just have to look or could you just walk on by not seen that before OK God oftentimes to start a conversation has to grab our attention. OK just like Moses taking care of the sheep God has to get his attention burning bush nature God use nature to get his attention but notice in Exodus chapter 3 that God doesn't leave it there Notice verse 3 says So Moses said I must turn aside now and see this marvelous sight why the Bush is not burned as soon as Moses turns aside God speaks to God Now converses forgot to get his attention 1st so that clearly he was going to listen to what God had to say so how is God going to get it never can as attention so that never can as Or alternately will enter into a conversation with the king notice with me Daniel Chapter 2 he dreamed a dream and the Bible specifically says that he didn't remember the dream. No he didn't remember the dream in matter of fact the dream was so what that it will come from asleep OK he was troubled something within that dream trouble never can as Or in other words God was getting Nebuchadnezzar attention so that God could have a transformative conversation with the king. In his mercy he does this OK and Daniel Chapter 2 notice the dream really quick we're all familiar with it but I'll just read through it says you a king were looking and behold there was a single great statue in the statue as large and of extraordinary splendor it was standing in front of you and its appearance was awesome the head of that statue was made a fine gold it's breast in its arms of silver its belly and its ties of bronze its legs of iron its feet partly it of iron and partly of clay you continued looking until a stone was cut out noticed this make a mental note of this it was cut out with what. Without hands that is really significant if you are a world ruling king and everybody is a servant to you and something happens with out hands guess what you have no control over it the last thing the king wants a world ruling king is not to have control but in this scenario he has no control he's learning who that control really belongs to and this is troubling. What also is troubling is how what happens to that image notice it goes on here it says that stone that was cut out without hands it struck this statue on its feet and it was of the iron and clay and it ultimately what what does it do to the statute and what it grinds it out now think about this for a moment you're a world let's go through the scenario for a little bit you're a world ruling came everything you are to have control over you now have a dream that by the way centers around what you worship. You worship images your world view is through image worship your belief systems are established rule even to our ship so God approaches you in a conversation and says I'm going to by the way I'm going to use an image he's literally going right to the core issue and then he pulls a rock by the way that is without hands in other words there is nothing the king can do and it smashes the image and it grinds it into dust What is God. Going to tell this king think about it for a minute if all you see you see the world through image worship and your belief systems are established on image worship if the images destroyed what is God in essence telling you everything you believe in everything you see the lens you see through it's literally but dust and by the way a wind just comes along and and it's gone now let me ask you if God showed you that that's what your life was right now would it get your attention if God came and said Listen everything you're standing on everything you believe in it is but dust and by the way you have no control over it and you're the world ruling king I think you would wake up struggling from that kind of dream as a matter of fact so much so that you would be just like the king and you'd be like what I want answers I want answers I want to understand this because everything that I've learned everything that I know everything that's made me who I am by the way God to myself. Has literally been reduced to nothing. This is how God is beginning the conversation OK now what I love about this is that God's in the business of taking from nothing and making it something when you look at the world that that he created it was created from what nothing. God is in the business of taking things in a point of nothingness and making them something but oftentimes what he has to do is he has to reduce some things to nothing so that he can make them everything he wants to make them Are you following this is what he's doing in the mind of the king believe it or not God is clearly getting in the mind of this king he's already in mind. Just through this process OK so the king wakes up now here's a thing I want let me mention some of the reason why I mentioned nature earlier in scripture there are 2 principles in dealing with Revelation and we don't have time to go over them but clearly there's general revelation and there's specific revelation OK general revelation is general because it's doesn't have any speech or language connected to it to make it specific OK Let me give you an example go to Psalms 119 notice with me Psalms 19 songs 19. Notice verse one else just start with verse one the verse from him we're familiar with says the heavens are telling of the glory of God and their expanse is declaring the work of his hands day to day pours for speech and night tonight reveals knowledge there is no speech nor are there what words where their voice is not heard that's just one example there's another one in Romans in other words through nature we see God's power we see in a sense generally speaking God's love and that general revelation is everywhere on planet earth and God can always use it whenever he wants to to get our attention why does he want to get our attention so that all timidly he can speak to us specifically he gets us to the place where we're ready to listen to him specifically and he's doing this with never can as Or this is the example and he does it throughout Scripture in a lot of different places we can take a look at so through the dream which is general revelation He clearly gets the king's attention but the king doesn't understand OK what specifically the dream means but God has clearly gotten his what his attention right I mean literally everything that he's standing on in his mind is like nothing God's telling him it's nothing OK so you wakes up and he's like I need to know. You know sometimes you read books like that I got done reading a book called I dared to call him Father we were working in the Middle East and there is this woman who high ranking officer or her husband was in a Pakistani government and she has a dream but she doesn't know specifically what the dream means and so the book is about her journey in coming to the Word of God. To specific revelation and really finding answers for what that dream was what was that dream given for clearly to get her attention and it set her out on a journey to find answers and that's where God wants all of us he wants us on a journey asking questions finding answers and looking to him alternately he will lead us through the process to him who ultimately has the answers seek notice of me Daniel Chapter 2 again so he wakes up he wants to know the dream Notice it says then the Chaldeans by the way so what does he do he goes to those closest to him he goes to the wise men and says then the Chaldean spoke to the king in Aramaic OK Live Forever tell the dream to your servants and we will declare the interpretation OK So God's so alternately never can as or goes to his closest friends the wise men now the wise men should have the answer they need to have the dream and they need to have the interpretation but what ultimately takes place there is a conversation that takes place between them God is listening and in the process they come to a realization the realization is the realization we all need to come to notice with me verse 10 of Daniel chapter 2 it says a child the ends answered the king and said there is not a man on earth who can declare the matter for the King. I love how God is so gracious and he's so merciful he gives him this troubling dream that literally is in his head his whole world has been shattered through this dream. And then God in His mercy gives him the opportunity to go over to the wise men but in the end the wise men only exalt to this is outside of us he literally goes to these wise men in these wisemen ultimately point him back to the need for someone other than man to help him with his issues is the bottom line. So God takes away his worldview he takes away his belief system and he ultimately in the end takes away all the things he know us and leaves him standing there with what nothing you have ever been in a place like that were God is literally taken everything away. And you are standing there with nothing I want to tell you something those are some of the best times of my life because God is in the business of taking from nothing and making it something but many times he has to get us to the place of nothing before something can happen and he's literally doing this with the king he's getting him to the place where the King is going to be all ears and not very much mouse you know my dad would always say to me you have 2 ears and what one mouth which means we need to be able to listen more than we speak but oftentimes when we approach God We talk all the time we ask question after question after question how many times have you ever in your own personal Bible study stopped to let God ask you the questions as a whole different scenario now happens. Let me give you one example term with the job. Powerful example often times we go to job and we look at job's experience and we talk about the pain that he went through we talk about the suffering he went through and we look at this book for words of encouragement and affirmation during those times in which we suffer. And we should rightfully so but I want you to notice something in chapter 38 of Joe this is the 1st time you actually hear God speak so through the Book of Job except for the 1st couple chapters the great controversy through the whole scenario it's like God is literally standing there listening to people talk about him and their ideas of him. And he's not saying anything and then in Job Chapter 38 God opens his mouth. And here God is framing the conversation see up till this point God wasn't framing the conversation humanity was framing the conversation it's not until you get to 38 that divinity now is framing the conversation. And you would think to yourself Man job went through so much but notice God's going to have a conversation with Joe and notice what he says right here verse 2 I'll just start there God opens up and he says Who is this that darkens counsels by words without knowledge have you ever got to ask you that question personally. Then he goes on this now gird up your loins like a man and I will ask you and you instruct me and what does God do through the next 2 or 3 chapters he's asking question after question after question and his job have an answer and job doesn't have an answer matter of fact Job tells of his experience notice Job Chapter 42. But this is where it real transformative conversation with God takes place says Joe Vance of the Lord and said I know that you can do all things and that no purpose of yours can be thwarted who is this that hides counsel without knowledge. Therefore I have declared that which I did not understand as powerful things too wonderful for me which I did not know who does that sound like if you read Psalms 139 David comes to the same conclusion he says such things this knowledge is too wonderful for me and I cannot attain to it comes to the same place in his life but it's the place God wanted him to be so that he could do something greater with him verse 4 here now and I will speak and I will ask you and you instruct me I have heard of you by the hearing of the ear but now my eye sees you it's one thing to hear it's another thing to see you see God moving see God leading see God guiding not just sitting and hearing it from everybody else. But actually seeing it for yourself therefore I retract and I repent and dust and ashes so Joel literally comes to the same place that never can as or is being brought to. Now this is where specific revelation comes into play so he's there with nothing he's gone to his friends he realizes everything he's been raised with is nothing his friends have not the answers only God is going to have the answers but he doesn't know where that's going to come from and he's so angry he wants to what. He wants to kill everybody like that is going to solve anything. And then Daniel comes into the picture now the me this is so vital because this is where God is about to speak God gets his attention but now God is about to speak and there's a difference there's a time in our lives when God does things to get our attention but it's all for the purpose of getting us to the place where we're ready to listen to him speak because it is in that specific instruction that life is transformed he spoke and it was done he commanded and it stood fast when God speaks not us when gaunt speaks things happen things change our lives are different our direction and our goals are different everything is different when God speaks the reason sometimes everything stays the same because we're listening to each other thinking we are listening to GAAP we're not we need to allow God to frame the conversation like he's doing here in our own personal lives in our own personal devotions allow God to frame the conversation things will be different vastly different you may end up in places you never thought. You know there was a point in my life when I 1st became I didn't grow up as a Christian I really grew up a 7th Day Adventists I had my dad was 7th Day Adventist he had come back to the church but I really didn't have anything involved with it until I visited my dad on weekends my mom would divorce my dad and I would visit in one of the rules was we go to church on Saturday OK And so I did because I wanted to be with my dad. Well when I was 17 and I made my decision to follow Christ it was revolutionary what things started to take place but you know sometimes that starts to wear off after a while because you sit in the church sometimes and you get into a habit of just listening to others speak and I got into that place where I heard someone say this and another person say that and another person say this over there 2 years into my Christian experience and I'm going lowered I just want to hear from you not that I disagreed with what was being said or that I had some challenges with it but I knew I wanted it from him and so the Lord said OK I want to take you to India where they worship trees and rocks and and and I'm thinking you're taking me to a place that doesn't even have you they don't study the Bible all of this stuff happens in northern India crazy things happen you want me to go there he had to take me away from everything so that he could do something and he's going to do this whenever I can answer so he takes away everything. Now notice I'm going to fast forward here. Notice Daniel Daniel Chapter 2 verse 19. So never can has or has nothing God has them exactly where he wants them and now God is about to speak Daniel and his friends come together as you know and they pray and God does something miraculous and will talk more about me Chater I going to Bendigo and why their witness is so important in the life of this king because it has to do with conviction that will deal with more tomorrow conversation tonight conviction tomorrow and then conversion but notice verse 19 Daniel has the answer then the mystery was revealed to Daniel in a what. A night vision and then Daniel blessed the God of heaven and we don't have time to get into all the specifics here but think about it Daniel until this point he's not a prophet he's just a person just like you an up but he's a person in captivity. But in captivity Daniel knows where the answers are Daniel goes to where the answers are and God gives him the gift of prophecy why does God give Daniel the gift of prophecy because God is about to speak and you know as much as I do Biblically speaking God does nothing unless he reveals to his what his profits write those things that he wants revealed he's going to share it with the prophets and the prophets become what his mouthpiece so to speak in a sense so Daniel is given the gift of prophecy for the very purpose for our benefit but then there it was for the king's benefit so that the king could get the specific revelation this is so vital because it's been given to us by the prophets it's in God's voice to every single one of it's God's conversation to every single one of us so now I want you to notice I need 3 volunteers to help me with this notice with me Daniel Chapter 2 verse 28 so God raises up Daniel I want you to notice I'm going to step down I need 3 wonderful volunteers before I even read this I want you to notice this there's 3 volunteers that are willing to come up here real quick read take you and somebody in the back and is there somebody else oh Kaitlyn Come on up here we'll make a deal and God. I want to I want to show you some what you're about to read is written very specifically and has a very specific purpose to it you want to come right up here I want to show you something. Notice with me Daniel Chapter 2 verse 282930 so I have God right here OK and I have Daniel and this is the way we typically view it right here and then we've got never can as a right here OK How many would agree this is kind of how it works right God raises up the prophet the prophet speaks for God The prophet is speaking to whom. Never can as are but is that really the way it's given to us notice with me Daniel Chapter 2 verse 282930 notice how a conversation goes if it's really from God says Daniel starts out to the king and he says however there is a what there is a God So who is 1st God then notice verse $29.00 he says as for. As for who so Who's Who is that. How me out here KING So actually it goes like this. OK. Now what's what's next Look at verse 30 he says what but as for Daniel is here. Why is this important you tell me why is this important because Mrs. Rose was place there's. Yeah at a price personally to Daniel but think about it if God approaches you with a dream who is it really between the conversation. Oh this is only you OK God raises up Daniel and he puts Daniel on the outside OK. So that ultimately the King clearly understands that this is what this is a conversation between him and whom. And God So the king is actually doesn't really share he hears from Daniel But you know we tend to exult Daniel Daniels the last one that wants to be exalted a true prophet always wants to stand on the outside of a conversation between God and His people not on the inside. Always on the outside so Daniel's here OK So King get this this is a real conversation that's taking place between God and the king and the king is understanding this very clearly why because he has nothing else to stand on everything else has been taken away everything that he's trusted has been taken away so this is clearly a conversation between the king. KING And God so the rest of Daniel is in this framework OK so what the King is going to do later is a result of this not the other way around. OK So this order is important thank you very much. So notice with me verse 282930 will read it quickly it says however there is a God in heaven right who reveals mysteries he has made known to King Nebuchadnezzar what will take place in the latter days he has made known to whom to never can as are clearly never can as or is learning by this language the true God is speaking not Daniel. Sound familiar think about it 1st that's alone in chapter 2 verse 13 notice I love a Paul says 1st US alone in chapter 2 verse 13 all the prophets would say the same thing if their true prophet it's 1st US alone it's chapter 2 verse 13 he says For this reason we also constantly thank God that when you receive the Word of God which you heard from what from us you accepted it not as the word of men but for what it really is the Word of God which also performs its works in you who believe the Word of God performs the work in the life of the believer not the word of Daniel not the word of Paul not the word of Peter the Word of God is the one that does the work in those who believe so clearly in Daniel Chapter 2 never can AS Hers he's in the position to listen he's in the position to hear and now God is speaking so what ultimately takes place when God has a conversation with someone where God frames the conversation notice what happens Daniel Chapter 2 verse 46. Daniel Chapter 2 verse 46 he says then King Nebuchadnezzar What could he do fell on his face friends and we in our own personal Bible study time. Have a real conversation with God where God is speaking and we are listening you can't help but leave that time inside internally on your face sometimes you may be literally on your face. Because of what God was able to reveal to you through His Word specifically to you this is what King does the king falls on his face and notice it says and he did homage to Daniel and gave orders to present to him and offering and fragrant incense the King answered Daniel and said Surely your god is a God of gods notice whose all the glory going to wear is never again as are speaking he's like Daniel great job I really appreciate the fact that you were able to reveal this to me the focus had nothing to do with Daniel Daniel was out of the conversation a long time ago and Daniel made sure of that by the way that he communicated so clearly the king is like your god is a God of gods lord of kings in a revealer of mysteries since you have been able to reveal this mystery and then I want and then he goes on by the way Daniel at the very end notice verse $45.00 love this says so the dream is true and its interpretation is what trustworthy and never can is or agreed with that why did he agree with that because never can as or fell to his face and he paid homage to the true God here's the point. In the story. God is just beginning with never can as Or he takes away everything that he's standing on he takes away all the people around him that he trusts or that he works with that are supposed to give him answers realizes they can't do anything literally strips away every day and then God introduces his prophet but never can as there is not listening to the prophet as if he's listening to a person he's listening to. God God's having a conversation with the key and it's just the 2 of them everything else has been blocked out now when you get to Daniel Chapter 3 you can begin to understand some of the struggles that never can as are goes through. Because clearly God is in the head of never can as are and that's where he should be with all of us we should be listening to him daily we should be taking his orders daily we should be going the direction that he wants us to go daily but for that to happen many times he needs to have all the time a conversation with us regularly regularly those conversations by the way are transformative they're not just about information God is not giving the information to the king because he just wants him to be informed he's preparing the king to be transformed it's not just in form and we have a lot of people running around informed but not many that are transformed my question is are they having this kind of conversation with God regularly where God frames the conversation God directs the process God asked the question. See I've heard a lot of people say and I've appreciated it we just need to surrender and to be honest with you we do need to surrender daily we need to surrender also as I die daily but many times that's left so very day what does it mean to actually surrender how does surrender actually take place it's right here never can as or had an idea of what he wanted and God approached you have a can as Or and said no but this is my idea. So what you have is you have a conflict between ideas. When we study the Word of God we bring information to it but the thing is and in many times as we study the Word of God we see sometimes there's conflict I had this idea God revealing to me actually that it's this way now I have a what a decision to make which way am I going to go who am I going to decide my going to subside to stay in my track or am I going to switch tracks and run his course this is what's beginning with a life of never can answer and just like us he fights it for a little while until he can fight it no longer and God's going to do some major things in his life because there is opportunity and God sees it and takes advantage of it and you know what I want to tell you there are people all around us that God is having conversations with on a regular basis there are people all around us where God allows certain things in our lives why to get their attention so that he can have the same conversation with them that he is having with never can answer why because God is not willing that any should be lost but that all can come to repentance but if we're not having the conversation ourselves with God on a regular basis then how can we be aware of the conversations he's having with people outside of us it's hard but the more we come in contact with God and have a conversation like this with him the more we're aware of it as it's happening to other people and God will give us the wisdom to know how to intervene just like he gave the wisdom to Daniel to intervene in that situation for God for His voice to be Earth in the midst of that conversation. So tomorrow we're going to look at conviction and where conviction plays a role in this conversation so let's have a word prayer really close to see the Father in heaven we thank you so much for your many blessings or every time I take a look at Daniel Chapter 2 and I just think about your desire for the king's eternal salvation the things that Lord you wanted to teach him that he didn't know things clearly opposed to your ideas that large you had such mercy intact and yet you were very honest and straightforward with the King Lord please do that for each one of us Lord help us to learn to listen as we study your word Lord help us allow you to frame the conversation in the way that you would frame it Biblically so that we can be transformed we can be the disciples that you would have us to be we know your coming soon Lord Jesus and we know based on this dream that you're in the process of setting up a kingdom that will last forever Lord May we each be part of that wonderful Kingdom. That eternal Kingdom bless us as we go in your blesses as we keep your sadness we thank you we praise you in Jesus precious and holy name we pray. This media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse or if you would like to listen to more sermon a little visit W W W audio verse or.


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