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13 - How to Preach with Excellence

Joel Moutray Micheal Goetz


As a pastor and academic with a doctorate in homiletics, Michael Goetz is both an experienced and highly skilled preacher. In this practical episode, he gives advice and answers questions on topics ranging from the ideal sermon length to how to prepare an effective appeal. Whether you’re already preaching or just starting out, you’ll find this interview helpful and engaging.


  • June 23, 2019
    3:45 PM
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Our culture these mission work is outdated a relic of colonization However cheer mission work has never been outdated and there is more need for missionaries than ever before Hi this is estimate in this episode of the learn and share podcast Karen Glass who shares her passion for mission and ways that you can get involved. They will be talking about how to be in the missions and I'd like it to begin by you tell us a little bit about your personal experience of missions Well I am the child and grandchild of missionaries so I guess you would say it's in my blood prior to my current job I worked at Southern Methodist University as a short term missions court major and now I work with Institute of World Mission at the General Conference All right great so what was your experience as a child starting off with that. My dad was a Bible teacher pastor at Ave just call it is an academies so we lived on a campus involved for a very young age and all kinds of mission projects we had teams of dentists and doctors that would come down and I would help translate for the men even with the patients you know so getting to do things when you're very young that you normally wouldn't get to do in running branch saddle schools every Sabbath afternoon and mountain villages I had my own branch have a school with about 50 kids coming every week when I was 10 and canvassing in the summers so that poorer students that helping them with their tuition to help them go to school just had a lot of fun that's an incredible of way to grow up how do you think that impacted the way that you view both missions today oh it definitely impacted because I grew up seeing the need and seeing things that aided in mission trips going right or not going well and being able to realize that for instance if you can and. Golf the locals and whatever it is that you are doing then you have by and you've got sustainability and things like that that's a great line there just getting the locals unbolt and and also how that gave you I guess it has given perspective in your own now. Moving forward now to what you're currently touring Could you explain to us a little bit about what kind of mission opportunities exist for the world church today yeah a lot of people seem to think that there aren't very many mission opportunities with the General Conference and that is actually not true for instance so far as student missionaries are concerned. They usually haven't if in any given year about 1300 positions that are filled and usually 3 to 500 positions that are still open Oh wow so there are many positions open in every conceivable type of jobs from teaching English to teaching elementary school to working at a W.R. radio station to working at can do a farm's to you name it you know there's just all kinds of opportunities and positions that never get filled because people maybe don't know that this is an option for them yeah I mean where do you even find out about these positions Yeah if if you will go on line and go to what is called Adventist volunteers dot org And you click on where it says long term long term meaning 6 to 12 months you will see a list and you can filter those requests by the minimum age maximum age calling country gender because sometimes they want to particular gender like maybe they for instance there was a young lady I know this last year that worked with an ad for a project in Thailand called Save the girls and these are for girls that have been through abuse and sex trafficking and that kind of stuff so of course the call was for a young lady and you know you can you can do it by length whether you have to be married or whether you need to be single what kind of position you're looking for and there are just hundreds of lists of open calls. That's really interesting to hear about the website I actually served as an admin is volunteered that I didn't hear about the opportunity through that website in fact it's just through friends that I knew people that I encountered and through that experience is able to do English 2nd language teaching in Lebannon. And what are all the opportunities that are available they're all on that website No probably not However that is soon to change OK we will soon be launching something called vivid face so vivid faith is a new website the you can look it up a vivid face dot com The goal of vivid faith at least one of the goals is to be a one stop shopping for mission service labs so any organization that the G.C. approves stuff in another words organizations that are supportive of the avenue not just student mission calls but full time career calls and have now calls also that would include ones that retired people could also participate it so they will be there so all of that organization is people will upload in a particular format what their experience is their age all the all their information so that calling organizations can find them as well by searching for somebody with a particular education or particular age or particular experience or whatever they'll be able to find them and then it will also be a website where stories will be uploaded and will you know right now we have magazine 360 mission $360.00 at the General Conference that always features mission stories as well as full time missionary stories and student missions stories but this website will have a lot of stories being uploaded by various organizations and whatever so it should be pretty dynamic OK you just mentioned mission 360 you know I have not seen that magazine since I was in college but you're saying that all that content would be available on I.E. not sure about that but similar content would be available. Well if not the same mission 360 you know can be accessed online a lot of the stories is that the amount of mission stories has actually greatly increased enjoyment Chesney has been hired by. The missions Department of the of the General Conference and has been putting online one to 3 stories a day sometimes so he travels a lot so several stories a week at least are showing up on there from around the world OK And then quite as you mentioned before the Sex and the advent of its volunteers. And volunteer positions don't usually pay. What if someone wants to go into career missionary turn and you know think 10 years 15 years right at does a donor conference support that kind of mission work and they paid so I think go to AM which is Agnes mission dot Adventist mission dot org forward slash career dash openings OK so am dot Ave dot org forward slash career dash openings they can scroll through the current calls that are available now there aren't as many full time calls as there are say volunteer position calls there's much more volunteer position called However. If somebody is interested in being a full time missionary they should submit their resume even if something is not available currently because things open up constantly now it is true that as an avenue Sturtz we have changed a lot over the last 50 years it used to be that one of the reasons so many missionaries went was because we were just establishing universities and medical centers and all this kind of stuff and there weren't as many people and some countries at least that were qualified to do that because maybe they had gone to medical school and that if they now we have lots of qualified people and so now. The General Conference. It's has missionaries from about 70 or 80 different countries that serve in over 100 countries worldwide and so but they're more the full time positions in general are for people that have a fairly high level of education so the needs and the demographics have changed a little bit but there still are great needs and so we need people to put in their resumes so that when a job opens for a theology professor for a church planter for whatever we already have that in there but we our whole vivid faith is where that will all be uploaded eventually so that any calling organization can look and say oh you want to do a short term trip that's 2 weeks we have all these short term trips so you want to be a student missionary for a year or you want to go you want to go for 5 years or more with your family you know then that will all be uploaded and all organizations will be able to see that OK Do you think that there are different needs and different parts of the world in terms of the types of people needed the and level of education is needed probably to a certain extent that is true you know I know that sometimes with our medical professionals if they are highly specialized like maybe they are a cardiologist or something like that they may be one of 2 in the whole country you know now it's a small country but nonetheless they are very needed because they are so highly specialized and that does not exist there however we have other missionaries that are doing things that are not nearly as specialized You know maybe I'm a specialized Yes but not with a Ph D. level but maybe they're working with avenues world radio and they are a technician that is keeping evidence world radio on the air in Guam but nonetheless they're there we really need volunteers to teach in schools that are on the frontline we also really need tent makers I don't know if you're from the. You're with tech makers academics the intent makers the intent makers go into a place and they take a regular job but they go into a place where there is virtually no evidence presence or maybe no Atmos presence and they take a regular job maybe teaching English in a university or something like that and conversational English and but their purpose even though they're their reason for being there is that job their real reason for being there is to find interest that they can help cultivate and tell of the love of Jesus in whatever area they are in all right so the Tentmaker is relief and uniting the idea of Paul he was a missionary but he supported his work financially for making time right rate right there and you can continue on with what you're doing and we also need business people who are able to start small businesses and provide additional lighthouses of unreached areas and we need English teachers health promoters kindergarten teachers what about other countries in the world maybe there is places around the world where this is a really small Adventists presence what kind of things and opportunities and really were there I'm thinking you know like Thailand and order or even China what is going on there are volunteer positions and those kinds of countries there are some full time as well. There are also private schools that you can look into for instance in Bangkok there is a very large Avodah school there that is just run through the local conference you know so but their teachers come from all over the world I mean with a principal of the Middle school is a friend of mine he's American but they have Filipinos they've got somebody there from England and I don't know probably 10 or 12 different countries of teachers and they have one hundred's of students and 98 percent of them are not Christian or 7th they have a smile So this is a great opportunity you know they teach them about they have Bible class they teach about Jesus. Teaching Christian values and the parents love it because they say that their kids are learning lessons of respect and responsibility and they're getting a good education and same time so it's a lot of seed planting it takes a lot for somebody to. Leave their you know their their their religious background because of family ties being so strong and everything else but you have planted seeds and it might take a few years to see the fruit of those seeds but there have been students that have been baptized and go not one of our listeners who might be thinking you know they have our calling to go somewhere perhaps and they really feel that God is leading them to do missionary what kind of attributes really make a good missionary. 3 of them flexibility flexibility and more flexibility. Really because because cultures are going to be different and you have to go in with the attitude of a learner not the attitude of I'm coming here to get on a white horse to save the day. And there's a lot of things you can learn from the people and yes you have things to share as well but being flexible being willing to be a learner. Being willing to realize that just because you've always experienced church a certain way doesn't mean that that's the way it's going to be and still be able to see God's hand in the way the church is oh yes the doctrines will be at their basics all the same but the way they worship may be vastly different you may be sitting on the floor or you may be the only instruments maybe a drum and a tambourine and they don't have any guitars or pianos or anything else that never even seen one perhaps right and so some service is going to sound profoundly different maybe maybe I'm that particular place the music is all built on the pin atomic scale or something and it sounds strange to you but it's joyful to them so learning to approve. Shape them and and enjoy the new styles of worship as well as new foods and new cultures and being willing to bend what is acceptable to you provided I mean you know within parameters but you know in some cultures you cannot shake hands that's just not something that I mean maybe they will out of out of deference to you because maybe you're a Westerner and they know they're full so she can't but maybe in that culture they just don't touch and that's OK but then you might go to another culture work everybody kisses you 2 times on each cheek and it doesn't matter if they're older or younger what the gender as that's just the way they greet him that doesn't mean anything other than hi you know but it's can be very uncomfortable but you've got to work through that discomfort to fit into the culture and hearing a lot are getting outside of your comfort zone Yes and just being flexible to see things differently to a you my have perceived them your whole life. Can you share that maybe just one story of somebody who took that jump that leap into overseas missions and it transform their life. Well this is just an example from just a short term trip but when I was at Southern Agnes University. And I was the new short term missions it was a new department we had just created. Courtenay there after the 1st 6 I don't know 6 or 7 trips or something had all gone out during spring break I had one student come into my office and yes I had interviewed all the students but I didn't know all of them well and this was happened to be a young man I didn't know very well and he came in and he sat down at my desk and started to speak and then couldn't and I could tell he was emotional and my 1st impression was I said no did something bad happen on the trip but I don't know about so I said to something bad happened and shook his head no and I said Are you OK and he shook his head no and I said Oh dear he said what's that to with what is what is the deal and he finally found his voice and he said look he said I'm a straight A student he says I A saw my science math classes I can pretty much be anybody I want to be I'm going to be going to medical school I signed up for this trap and because I thought it would look good on my resume to get into medical school that I had done something hands on medical related in the bush and so I signed up to go on that trip. And he said you know before this trip I went to church and everything but I wouldn't say I had a relationship with God. I wanted to go into a very high paying specialty because I want money. He said I've never been out of the United States he said it was a shock to my system regardless of what you told us before we would wrap up and he said I just watched the doctors and dentists that we were working with and he said you know it didn't matter who the patient was whether the patient was dressed nicely or was filthy dirty or even didn't smell good he said for that doctor that dentist that was the only person that existed at the moment he said the love and the care and the undivided attention he said was so unbelievably touching to me I can't say I've even seen that in my own country and he said. This is going to sound strange he says with tears pouring down his face but when I grow up and he says I'm already in my twenty's so that sounds very strange me but when I grow up I want to be just like those doctors I don't know what specialty I'm going to take yet but I'm going to call it G C And I'm going to say what is your biggest need and that's what I'm going to do because my life is going to be given to missions that. God is so happy that he isn't trying to just get a specialty that he wanted he wanted to fill a gap filling and park people. Before we finish Could you share with us something that might be helpful to someone who's actually thinking about all of this is in their mind you know maybe maybe God's calling me to this and they're struggling Could you give some word of advice. What should people do to prepare themselves if they're in school and they're going to finish education you know one of things that they could do practically there are calls for people they can take usually going between your sophomore and junior year is a really good break regardless of your May jerk even if you're taking nursing that's usually a very good break because you have finished your 2 year of nursing and you're just have one year or a little bit more to finish your 4 year so it's a good place to break there are schools overseas for instance elementary schools in Micronesia that are run completely by student missionaries that if they don't get teachers the schools close and there is no other education on that particular island I mean it's like that is the school so the needs are huge and many students that have gone and taught for instance in Micronesia have never been teachers before maybe they're not even elementary ed majors but they like kids and they said you know maybe I'll go try and some of them come back and change careers and decide to get a victory at major because they have so much fun but and student world mission has classes available online for preparing you for short term missions service you are actually required to go through that before you can go out and you go through a book called Passport to mission and you interact with the teacher online and you have reflection questions and things to to be aware of so that's very helpful if you're going to a place like Micronesia or Asia they're actually in person trainings that go on because so many kids go back direction that they have a one week training that goes on with somebody from the G.C. or from the division that comes in and does specific training for those for those students I would say if you feel like God is calling you to do something you should not let money stop you. Most volunteer positions do have a stipend associated with it usually free housing sometimes free food plus a stipend in the stipend isn't going to get you wealthy but it's enough to survive while you're there. With most of our Agnes universities if you're a university student they will work it out so that you do not have loan payments while you are out and there are different ways they can do that and so you can actually survive pretty well other places that are in extraordinary need so far as finances are just not there for instance maybe a Bush Clinic in some country that's very impoverished where they need nurses for instance and maybe you have your to your nursing degree you can go there and there isn't a stipend for that and you not only have to pay for your airfare but you've got to take care of yourself when you're there because there is no money because people are paying for services and things like eggs and vegetables so there just is no cash flow but most of them there is at least a stipend you know and when God calls he provides God God enables you know God does not just call the qualified he qualifies the called So all right what about Langridge if you're if you're thinking of long term is it a good idea to start Oh absolutely. Other books that people can read there are so many books if you just if you just look up even on Amazon books on culture one that's very interesting that I have read it's called the 3 D. gospel it's not written by an Adventist but it looks at the 3 biggest categories that you could divide the world in for instance Western and that would include Europe and everything but Western society the 2 things that we're most concerned about is guilt or innocence OK And then if you have the Latino clear on one very mild case all the way over to Middle Eastern with all the Asian in between you have shame on or right that's what they're concerned about and then if you're talking about areas that are more remote and Bush it's fear power and how does the Gospel address people from each of those cultures you know if you ever wondered why there are the 4 gospels why therefore they both. All 4 of them basically tell the same stories they do but they tell them in slightly different ways and this book it's a fun little book but it shows how the Bible addresses people from those cultures and answers their deepest needs and it's just a really cool book but there's lots of books like that to help you understand worldviews just hundreds if you want to write to us at I W M institute a world mission I give you M.S.G. SI dot have an aside a word we can give you a whole list of books under many different categories that you can read from everything from how to reach somebody from the Buddhist context or the or the Islamic context or or somebody that's postmodern I mean you name it so we have a big huge long list we could send you and then you can look and see what you'd like to like to like to look up that's really practical thank you so much for sharing some of these ideas that people can take on even while they're still in college and you mention that the best time for taking a short term mission ship is between the sophomore and junior year and for those who are not American that would be like your 2nd and 3rd year yeah yeah yeah and also knowing other languages can be very helpful for instance one of the languages that's very helpful to know is French because a lot of a lot of country speak French right Arab it you would be an absolute demand if you could learn Arabic because there are very few people that are Adventists that speak Arabic. Other other languages from remote more remote areas you know are maybe more difficult to learn here in the States but if you're willing to learn a language that that's what makes you affective awesome Yes Thank you Kerry writing as about the great commission and its importance and how think it seriously it just brings me to finish up with Matthew 24 where it says and this gospel of the kingdom will be preached in all the world for witness to all nations and then the end will come that's the story thank you. Thanks for listening don't forget to subscribe and share this episode with your friends to learn more check us out at SHARE podcast dot com.


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