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Power Spirituality: Part 5

Paul Ratsara


Paul Ratsara

President of the Southern Africa-Indian Ocean Division of Seventh-day Adventists



  • January 1, 2010
    9:30 AM
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we thank you so much for the wonderful privilege to serve you I know I was we continue to send me know like United to working in my QA to change a lot lives we idea to be changed with you to be ready for use in coming regular to come and influence a law focus influence our way of understanding that beset me know would be indeed a blessing for all of us in the name of Jesus we pray amen we must put into their copy of today are their promise to we are going to talk about faith today said it is so important in creators are roughly not use the topic you see Jesus Christ I this question to shop that indicating and verse eight chapter eighteen then press it however when this son of man comes will he find faith on North so Jesus Christ is wondering when he comes back is it going to find faith on the earth that is a very important question of costs we need to know if Jesus Christ would find faith in Oslo with us like today we are going to stop the goose of rare commodity so faith becomes a rare commodity because Jesus Christ given you was one the US you will find faith on earth and I went to find the onset to these question faith is faith you know the classic definition you go chapter eleven verse one now faith is lots of substance are things for the evidence all things not seen that these faith I got him a new definitions in the spirit of prophecy of the SP cannot soon face is this spiritual hand that touches infinity that is profound that is the pilot is still said is dissipated to all and that touches infinity and the importance of faith faith is so crucial says it is so important it is that I'm addicted but it is so important will you go chapter eleven verse six is said without they it isn't possible to please go it is not said it is hard but it is impossible so we got saved it is not possible to please God maybe we cannot be saved without faith we will will see that because Jesus Christ is a West Savior but are we waiting to receive that salvation hi we are going to receive the blessing to power of God i.e. hostile to be promised it is through prayer through faith so says is important and this is what we need we need to hobble off to increase the water receded I sent important so important let's talk about the importance of these faith first is that without that it is impossible to please God and that this is John saw the five members for the past thirty one and Outlook is the world this is the victory that has overcome the world in an Colossae essay northeasterly is not possible to plausible to please God is not passive they do half featuring mainly without faith that he's defeats is a good devil does not want us to talk more about faith because when we talk about faith without a strong will I can't not defeat us but I'm not due date that these you select topic this is a hot topic on we would find that the two hot enough faith in Christ okay I know Kristen today is without faith James stopped up one verse five two seven no concept of area and the license up to thirty verse fifty six it is safe for you are an old the children of God by lots by faith in Jesus Christ you will show the love bug bites the dust okay last of these is so freaking face is so important when it comes to our relationship with God box done certain of the is what do seven testimonies for four hundred and forty two percent level talks that profess to believe on reality to them means you without talking to the people of God is the reality the seventh of April first and belief are not reality to them there how not June one three that are not safe so unless they is also a rare commodity would meant that the Jewish but without faith when they took a white button up free because it is written the option not to three Seth says is something very important but unfortunately you saved socks among assets these is also a rare commodity what is the definition of seat you have a classical one it is a desecration of what the last but there is another definition of scene we went on using lots on the pleasing romance out of fourteen items verse twenty three I asked if the .com is seen how to use this divination before not very often is it want to see in its conservation all below what that is and not by definition it is addressed and may see the dot .com from faith is sin even if you are doing something very something good body DVDs not if he does not come from faith is see because of what is going on you know what parts you will see that I think I'm doing without faith is designed to cause a scene I get a feeling that friends faith is soon I'm thinking Joseph version that says that is not to say is seen because they just wanted you these kind of definition if we lack faith then when we don't face the facts prompt us to convict the dust mission of the okay not days and advocacy in all one people when people think all of greatest scene with mingled many things but let's listen to what is written in the spirit of prophecy I went back to us in is what on duty in Google so I will correct as soon is on belief in God is the importance of all I think I do not sell and cross operations we got a new sign on with what I really got our souls but do they lost Jesus without a plan to revitalize those of Jesus Christ that we may have noted a call monthly six periods so the greatest season is what everybody is I believe in court which is block of faith not believing engulfed the coffee you'll see many times when I think well there's all this is a hard place to donate we come up with associate this lack of obvious euros of course some of the categories are hard to walk in fact that is another reason for not talking big results mops up the six is five and six in a meeting Jesus Christ it will not do any new articles that accept relay is an all new seal on a few sick people on here than anything the result was sealed now idea was en masse the optimum I very long all three data on this so the result was not due to the tentative divvies out also result was due to lack of faith I did used to I I know this from experience we have tested this days a district churches that Saturday was so far and would send someone bit someone local in a praying man hopping faith only mono thought this said that at the is amazing the result in a very short time diminish as upwardly double sand paper send planetary bodies the difference the native Fernando evangelist evangelist in RCC and the difference was tremendous so all I him it was hot and interesting plots where this steadily sat yesterday 's box that is one reason that says a lot result is not mostly affect okay okay in this location it is not the native faith of people if faith of people for the deadlock of faith so it can't be both but we got to see when you study the Bible these can't be plenty of outcome by you on frosting Jesus said or will we see that okay I got my hassle dinners in high the process important tools for this time is not powerful to save you stopped we do not work in faith so that the Sunnis of why would unseat power of this we have to think and vote for what is going on Oz he discussed yesterday when you talk about my post how white you it does not mean that no power at full but some won't follow the week in week one meaning not therefore good things shall so high it is vacant yeah there is no nutritious and potential for this time is not powerful to say is that we do not work in three BC Days Inn relationship between the salt unfreeze all the time you see the correlation was seen so far I got disturbing sentiments one I said what this is disturbing is that I as we I want us to reduce the better at three thirty on the apocalypse those are not logged is to the unlock of free and the Savior and every means every athlete save you you just think that a single failure is the Savior when you think that something that could save you developed about you is you do not think it is a failure on to talk of the children of God used to build the unlock of faith I was not to walk its disputed a prophecy which is at three Fabian on the part of the children of God dispute to the unlock of faith another one I got dizzy and I thought yes and profit page six hundred and fifty seven and then this statement is distant monies one six nine page four hundred and thirty eight Viacom Main on the Kingdome is a game that by once by Locke of free single thought we idea to get because of lack of faith not as silly so it is said that the economy to God 's kingdom is in bed by not affect of faith so that is exactly that the church yes we need greetings we need money we did many things that thought is not the greatest need of the church what an object search is what if you want to send itself all the relationship to last one last purchase with the gift of the song is that they in the hardware progress of these causing the earth VCs to the name of the church today signed a great need of digits to date is fake the thought is there did you thought we need is faith on we will continue walk I is this a lot Britney said that not it was time into promoting skunked in this all of these people resources many don't the right on about the implementation one is enough in the Bible one one we .com is said let's let not the first time into promoting discontinuities all of these evil resources you know how many times over sometimes activity Wheelock the resources when the door locked we want to want to do for the Lord I this servant of the Lord said no no no don't even write another book of lamentation don't write another book of lamentation you adjust a right pupil 's people as we said their bullpen lamentation it is already closed by the book of acts there is no competition as we started yesterday because the remaining chapters will be written by you when you go back to where you are we are based remember last God to have people right to chop does what many chapters of the book of acts because the book of acts as all operation now let me probably finish my my throat now you see that say is the greatest in need of the church say is incorrect this made all the church now you said they hope the weather on a slippery unpromising and Nancy I saw stained glass Disneyland resources meson talkies okay they're all tool kinds of processes operating duties freezing resources on this invisible resources rights in the Bible when you see them there for them it's also an example you remember the multiplication of the print Jesus Christ condescending on for thirty days was it being a big governing probably fifteen thousand with children women on everybody off three days there was a problem there was also on then the disciples said let us be realistic based on interruption options and is a denial days only one option we got no provides smooth flow discount that them go home send them my way then there would find their own food we can't not be cause for them their thinking on the Paul's disease Ebola resources but is also no we can't do without there are co-ops this is I got been here listening to they will adopt that we can't not build up to be kind to them let us be kind to them we cannot do without and that they could not believe what disease and someone said to listen if we are going to be top sent topsail read here we can't not give an plant like half of these Jesus said no send them and don't ever send it my way to see them give them something to eat without there's a difference for the disciples there well I looking hot lots divisible resources but Jesus Christ signal I talk about resources going fine by Yukon I'm down there did some some searching on that site I do this it would hope that he's already a meal I'm not the only human immune for a grown-up man just for a legal black dog got one what kind window Jesus said locate doctors enough vineyards stopped is divisible resources I did was give them that Jesus Christ on one price right safe from the faith that this event but assesses I'm doing this using the resources were converted into feasible resources they use a converter convert to using the invisible resources April these people resources that I was not right yet another implementation one a lot things our program is not the resources as I walked wrong then these three so instead of learning about many things this integral property since instead will not ask you to increase a wealthy because I think you said you are glad that penis may be unpromising right now may be your experience is not your situation is not promising you have challenges Prime Minister penetrating up as a life member in U.S. Army the vision is as is maybe very low that is not in any resources that we wasted a hopping reasonable resources about is the difference between honest and for Corporation for them to already depend on what found every single resources but for us not to trust the people I not only see it is so good meal of the suitable but a few brief that relate to these liberal resources you can't multiply on the eyes done it many times so when you have his face then the resources will not be a problem for what it said they would ask that ground has enough resources Stamey 's work is not despotic to say when I am so for either the one Caprice basic gospel I want women to preach but you know my resources and economic enough resources no see that I don't belong to God but God wants to see what I can participate in the saving soul and he wants us to exercise this for the blog I reached without us but granted no I have another blog I really want you to contribute the unlike you all my children I want you to take part in these that's what I mean flight if you bought for you to do that please work my feet exercise faith so there is a conflict convert it to convert defeasible and reasonable resources into impeachable resources okay time is running fast that's at school quickly if they want power we we saw this if we want you may have it I think is awaiting your last appointed auditing beneath in God that came out this word on my face I blessing will come blessing will come on you it was a very encouraging a statement for the despondent as a sure remedy phase prayer I work these is up twenty this is a channel for the decided they depressed and discouraged these days that I work fast and up to begin with and talk show runs and satisfaction that would increase good by date are you tempted to give little feelings of anxious for boarding or octet despondency in the darkness there is an opulence as soon most forbidding Sia not what do new job I'll say in God you believe it why did Doctor Cynthia as we did not will be discouraged at the command you still have faith in God is an importance of faith uneasy I didn't in thirty eight of distant monies page twelve in faith knowing that all these things you want to change the wonderful exchange their mosque this the program was open a suitcase and you are not in your personal life for me working place I on also in your ministry God can change that I remember one of these idea I conducted a seminar like this in South Africa and as we as a told you already I don't want these just an intellectual exercise I want disposal to be a mix committee 's that we would never forget I decided not to put up a new seventy nine when preaching is stopped would be just able to think I am asking God that is the time we have these kind of meeting it will be a life changing experience one thousand and we would be changed would be different otherwise what is the point of spending time you sitting down and then coming year I'm going on the same reason I point my doc just maybe do some of our things so we are we a lot send me know and I often say me know I give some time for people to talk and to also gloss a few questions and some of the questions are private and private once said that as the sister she can crying when we sat down cried profusely on this exist what is wrong and then one you will what he was shot once she was crying she was saying you know how they don't busy morning she Christ before going to work because this fish on the dual place is terrible but she can't not afford to quit because she needs the money back to the morning cost my daughter cries she 's office and then on the other one said I have a song I did my best to Belizean industry but now is file from thought and every night it comes forms talk drunk and is not an antifeminist setting a new speedy trial thing under pasta on software my situation is these disparate and visit my sister we are going to bring without they go to interfere because man's extremity is God 's opportunity so we print great is that preceded division is quite launched tool five New Zealand members so why not conducted seminar like this it would be very difficult to keep talk to one one year after that is in the meeting with ministry that was the zombie thousands else of people flocked in meeting and we would talk to playing from the South Africa looked at backcountry Zambia that so many people came from South Africa from different countries because it was a decision why division why don't women ministry Congress and on we are also boarded the plane and when we reached the capital sound I guess this stuff has to on that continue do we know we got the possible cost him and so on pasta I so I I heard this voice behind me in front of everybody it is just that was so excited it was almost like an unbalancing thing but it's okay if they joined the last step has to in front of everybody because some pulses designed it all plus they are behind itself people traveled wee dots for these women's ministry Congress passed that don't you remember me yes I remember you and she mentioned the name I also replaced you remember when I asked you to pray for me to pray for four I pray for my daughter and I want us up when I said no I don't know him to me is that you know what I die will pay to attend to and in the unlikely it is a desperate situation bought off of that my doorstep city and it seems I she was accepted in the field she advanced only shows that's one because she would not she would not technically set on you now and then and then she said their focus on core than the master fortunately my son my son he's back now is talking phase I can use it praise be to God I know in phase would take what ever you stand anyone it's shameful why does Sony change the most hopeless discouraging out you would notice not set your glory nor send my glory so anything else hot situation right now in your life don't be discouraged because I walk on is more powerful than you challenge even when challenges put to bed I do know that we need faith because he saved anything one interface with the cold at least then you will change one forty James Thomas Clark this discrepancy Outlook you would enjoy this for the glory his name is enough evidence of faith that is so important that doctors of faith and Jesus Christ said what it comes about is you think of find faith on North saying he was important now the big question during a digital coffee the hottest standup faith that is the question media question walk tool you need to do it you are not too hot I left the increased I really like to do I'll let you know our God is open it's go back Romans chapter and verse three said glad as he has been to is a human being in Asia all three hundred and you see you have your computer you have to have that computer you want to do out there inbuilt software so you can start menu gone hot right so is your computer your house in Biel some programs some software so that you consult one grabbing money flock to us in the world there is faith so you have learned it in measure of faith God has done that that's why it is so hard not to be reviewed Toby and I face I know your friend is studied in France on the board the mind does not believing in God is studied for six six years in the top of the top university the top university in France I got it to me you know once I was about to be leaving the visit what has happened is they do know I yeah I stated to city credit was about to die that was an accident and wanderlust there electricity I know what he's gone and she means it will be leaving gaunt but I resisted the new music by ninety I managed not to be leaving quite well because God has working us the sleep study is on Verizon NHS it is our games are one week we only that we don't be leaving golf because of rising God has given to actually human being not only to question to ask the human being in the Asia so we thought these are to be something what we need is actively these of these software activity it is probably disbandment but we just need to activate for the hospital obviously we need your programs and activities right parties that program we will see it is right away it is a gift integration grades four hundred and fifty four facts about the Annapolis Hospital receive God 's gift is itself lots that you all points on Asia is in part that don't have the human being so we obviously may shut off the already okay what is the program that the software romance stopped at ten this the seventeenth is that so that constant valuing fist comes by viewing unyielding by the word of God so do what God is the program you would have to next short that says I thought goes to bed because you will be on your face not on the eleventh scrapbooking on something else it is not faith says I do word of God maybe if you really want if you really want all other assets to be strong if you want to allow Faith to be strong we need to send to read our minds with Windows CE on our minds we thought you would've thought if you are mindless junk of the things that they do not have the lost dog as I think that a lot of faith with the I know are different the amount is using Newton Union Mike Julie on the positive are many times have you read the Bible through Monday said ILC lost I doubt less is communicating the word of God that is the key is to say this evaluator ideally by the word of God we ask that you are now faced with the word of God factors are you so RSS identifies we can't not think an increased faith then we face remember that you need to read the notice we need to be adopted it will not spend time ice planting the Word of God as the hockey stick the dusty site even if you are busy society it would've gone I thought is the key to our welfare to be strong I then talk to when it will express send one query against up to four versus thirteen we are seeing the service I think I'm according RCTs written I believe I discussed that I have spoke with percent believe in God spoke what is the meaning of this meaning you need to profess your faith we need to talk to we need to assess your faith it's this is an amazing thing and Roman scepter to investigate today the ACLU in Yamaha engine Jacob thought is that where the city is in the root of faith that which we preach that you feel grand thefts with you and not the Jesus I believe in your heart that God has raised him from the dead you will be sent forward to a hot one believes unto righteousness and within mosque locations is made unto salvation honestly we don't speak when you talk to the other fast to be strong this is because the spirit of prophecy you won't be surprised if this sodium disseminates six hundred and ninety nine let's read this in Iran so toxic that authority and cheerfully less reputed again these are the important work on it and memorize these additional interferon faith to faith to absolutely cheerfully to see a run faith so this mental privacy is that if you want faith meaning I want faith but really I want faith then this is the other of these days there the key to three at forty she afforded by that and I want so I want away well honestly not that a word of NASA out that it will don't adopt you know some people think without thinking uses finals all the diligence is it if you don't get it then you wobble could hear you walk eleven on if you want to talk about talk many times then you walk on top of the rich but he is not the question some assumptions and electronic I'm not talking about we have to shun things I won it comes to teaching and more these things it calms to the gaunt can't do we should never thought we should never doubt that or contact it is less than I you will have the net art that they would of stopped don't give a sometimes reducing you in our hearts to be sincere we hopped we still have the stop but don't ever open your mouth unseat don't say you know I don't really think that we can't do busy budget is to compete against the hard you have never done it that way I don't think it would work no doubt that you have found that a window stopped to talk sensitively as a delete we need to plant ourselves broadly five plus by his grace grabbed will help us and Christ object lesson is one hundred and forty six I asked I'll see if you have faith was invincible what is the meaning of Ozzy 's note to write not to pass EU will easily mean the title I can't honestly if the office was invisible when you speak when you talk to Ozzy 's US foods is invincible yes Goodlatte went to my defense God will have passed between them yourselves the program one percent identical God is so powerful yes yes how did you have paths and he would do a figure Doctor spoken faith typing faith I felt when I sit said God will delete I have no doubt that God will give us the shortage of priests so you talk faith and he will have faith O dear that a a setting faith insight inside out inside out you're your heart this date usually a hobby to donkey milk as human beings your comp box don't see just just like faith I see your first one has invisible you see you ministry as he goes through hundred and fifty three in new read some of the books I you realize that you think that it is the creation then you realize that the nonstop techniques technique is not is not created by then it is from God when you reduce it it just like our health message you know the mid to call people these days just a hobby to disqualify these become sad all these things but one hundred years ago we got Stephen voted need to enjoy right saw this end things yet when it comes to increase our faith in this review 's national workers first thoughts it is also to the thoughts silent words if we can't would cancel more expiration of our faith we should have more free list on this money we see and then we speak to residents I think then I think of course not is it normal healthy but to increase our faith this guide were sake to increase our faith we can't reverse that went on and we also go to have us believe there's not usually one believing something say one other letter expressing thoughts not the general monthly you are saying no I don't almost subconscious you thought about it before then you see of course some people received first and then I think often about that is not the case it begins than get what you are talking about but here it is it said the item these days from disputed a prophecy do not believe indisputable prophecy God does give a nonstop gift on .net when people start to play down the spirit of prophecy I I said no we are pleading for because these is a gift from God says what it is written I believe the need to 's express since it is also to the facts for little words so where you want by thoughts practically speaking you say I do believe she needs if I would give them a high express on a coffee way short half the faith okay could and promised blessing that feeling is not the early writings seventy two failing is not faith don't say why don't you like I don't have that sinking feeling he is not safe they are distinct if this is not an emotion I think this last leg is now called I color Prime Minister blessing therefore it easily outliers I felt here is the net that faith to believe that we receive the blessing human being flawed we realize it one hundred primaries blessing is realized and enjoy the faith is an enjoyed faith is swallowed up so faith is not a motion that is not feeling off as a doozy pop and feeling weak it's a package that the spirit of prophecy incest at just thirty knots that no even if you don't don't have a strong feeling right now about this thing but if it is from East Michael the doctors enough for us to believe that not that you feel but you must promise it so sometimes when you waved the apprentice independent data from the feeling you don't have the excitement is that I wonder if he's these tools no we should not take that as a lack of faith we need to just be maybe because the NSA geek grant us a peek and we believe in it I think this thing is these teaching using the Bible in I must confess that I didn't know this was some I didn't know this before I I know safety so important we need to increase our faith they lost glad to do it but I did not know this I'm so hot not that I was called Bud beast our to increase faith faith it is important to speak on full allies LLC in April Chapter four verse wanted to when and why the unfaithful ones failed they did not step primaries with yes four three I once asked to summarize this number Chapter thirteen and verse fourteen you know distorted like what is it it is about this price spikes Dennis sent by sent by Bible Moses said Greg Einstein under give anything back so there lines there went to their island villa divided into two groups Jan said it all days and only that we can't not go that we will will would be destroyed these people there are these very snarly it's not that is the diverse ways the well-documented visited authority that we know we know we've got some fight their but going to come not to know what there's no way we can't do that it is so unrealistic it is still dangerous notes in gold let's go back let's is to make a U-turn but have they been socialist signal what you are saying used to do these people not giant but glad he's powerful where we grant that they are safe people times five stop what docs docs to declare faith on God set but was so frustrated and God said all inside the fourteen verse twenty eight are sorry on Saturday Dick as the iWork Google you'll give them everything I heard you say is that you don't want to plan on the stock is working on a processing USA anyone not little flight you will not go you will not send dental because you say it I will delete what you got up and just what you really want to go to as you said it I would delete for you I do know the result that people will complain he said no or there were one what happened to them and then I thought it died in the wilderness not love then I'm dead to conduct gaunt did exactly what what you said what they said but the two can live in Joseph they said yes we regret we want to know that we got to conquer the comment we believe in the promise that we believe we are going I'm glad you dig some pretty basic and social dependent economy so bad sent on time is up that said I see you shortly I showed on Saturday because the vote island don't the wheel if anything I heard you say I didn't think I can just version are still ready on Saturday said the odds you have spoken in my mind is so I wouldn't do to you so you will say things I go to Google docs is it has to be according to his will there were is that then you go to Ghana they said we want to go to Ghana North Dakota but just like Google you said you it will happen to you you can suffice we were these people are not waiting to go fine you would not cross over you when you will remain here so fast to be so we have to talk faith and I would have just two or three minutes to do this study the startup you don't say also the event were also present there was a stock son said get up to God promised and on victory but first is Oregon Flock Stearns localized F8 in John to stop the seven verse fifty get up in Abkhazia Linda Lee van Eyck into your hands and unreacted ill-fated and vengeful God light heat Oz they stopped and is and what it will continue our staying much these days what they did they vulcanized the fate deck of the faith when you first glass is in the sound it's up to seventeen verse forty five forty seven Utah state maybe you need to do little food to face going to write a ninety said while you see what will happen to you today you will die on the spot of phrasing you don't face you set top box you see what will happen to talk to you you did not opt yet it was not done that yet but you talk to you twelve thirty it will happen like these I gave a start date this stopped the seventeenth you can't find exactly the way David stated incrementing kaki cocking the head on using the sword so God wanted to according to his will what you say God likes to do exactly the way you want it but you need to adopt then God said well even since he does not believe I don't see a business point in giving you the things that it does not want about United States led me that you give it to him I just experience it face as well is experienced enough for skiing chapter eighteen I think after we would take a break now we we will need these these passages it's a really fascinating I would like us to lead but that stopped right here that stick all operate on we are going to star deities this media was used by audio versus working place generation of Christ if you would like to learn more about you might see please visit www. she might as well will or he would like the more free online service please visit www. audio verse more


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