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  • August 2, 2019
    3:30 PM
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That's power heads Father in heaven we have been so blessed by be here. By the messages that we have. By the workshops we've attended the things we have learned and the fellowship we've had with one another and I asked now that your Holy Spirit be with us as we discuss something vital I believe for these last days the union of the Ministry of. The medical the and the Gospel. And we want to come together and share ideas about how we can be more effective evangelist for you in these last days I pray give us the wisdom that we need and collectively maybe be able to come up with great ideas for your service for Jesus' sake amen. OK. Just a little bit about us Wendy and I are both physicians we practice carry health network in Dayton Ohio so the Kettering Medical Center is an avenue to us how hospital and I'm a cardiologist a heart doctor we've done one internal medicine doctor and she is the program director for the internal medicine residency so this is a great teacher We are also involved in a man the medical evangelism network I currently serve as the president and the man has been going on for about 15 years now we were part of the original group that got that founded and that has the aim of. Restoring medical ministry to churches and back to medical practices. Just the sludge this is just a. Page $69.00 is familiar to many of us but it is the privilege of every Christian not only to look for but to hasten the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ were all who profess his name bury fruit to his glory how quickly the whole world would be so on with the seed of the Gospel quickly the last harvest would be ripe and then Christ will. Come to gather the precious Kareen the only reason the want to start with this quote is because I absolutely believe that just as the pastor in a church can't be the one that does all the bible studies and all the evangelism and all that the health educator whether it's a physician a nurse a dentist can't be the one that does all the medical outreach every member is called to engage in this process you guys are basically already saying that and just say how do we do it with such small little churches here and there how many of you would say you have churches that actually have an effective medical out return of the churches and gaged in it. Couple all right while circle back to some of you guys a little bit then to get your input how that's worked and what that looks like here's just a few questions that I raised but you guys are coming up with some of the same ones already how can we restore medical and gospel ministry to a blended outreach in our churches that's basically what you guys have all been asking for how do we restore the center of church an inner community and who are called to be medical missionaries We'll talk about that or medical ministers and then how can we heal the gap between lifestyle centers in particular and traditional practices we could say the same thing between churches and medical practices and then how can each of our churches have effective medical outreach is so we'll come back here and talk about that but that's basically or going into so. Let me just read another quote from the. Title missionary health restored of gospel the Lord has signified that the missionary help through Stuart of gospel shall never be separated from the Ministry of the word. How many of you would say the typical. Health care and our typical evangelism is combined How many say that they've seen that typically happen. So there's a couple of places where they're doing that but sadly too much it's been not united there's been a disconnect between pastors in the medical community and the churches as a whole have languished for a lack of that so. The Lord Jesus has in his own example showing us the way in which his work is to be done and the restoration of suffering humanity. Is basically saying here that the Gospel and health ministry need to go together. If I teach somebody to deny themselves by giving up alcohol abuse or giving up smoking is that a health Press poll or a gospel principle same principle or. So ever you start if you're starting with helping them deny themselves that's the gospel principle it's also a health principle and as a physician I've found that if I don't tap my patients in to the source of strength to overcome their smoking habit in fact I believe now it's medical malpractise if I don't point them to the source that came actually give them the power to change their smoking then. Not doing them any favors the success or stopping smoking in most cardiologists practices somewhere around 15 percent of their patients and I don't know for sure but my own is closer to 70 percent of my patients and I believe it's because I offered to pray with all of my patients but here's what happens just as a little example and you can extrapolate that to your churches but when I tell my patients if I say John you know you really should stop smoking Well John already knows that he should stop smoking right all I'm doing is adding extra guilt to him and in fact if I say John you really should stop smoking you need to work harder at stopping smoking what am I doing I'm making him into a legal. And that's a divorce between the Gospel and the health. So we and our efforts to get people to make lifestyle changes we need to be careful that we're not pushing them into legalism. Which is the opposite of the Gospel and so I've learned instead to say things like John I know that God will give you the strength to overcome Smokey I know that if you ask him he will give you power in your life to do that I know that he'll help take away the urge to smoke and I know that many other people have done it successfully through God's strength and I know that he'll do the same for you is that legalism or is that the gospel message they've got to be together and if they're not together there's no power in them so they have to be together. So let me go on the one more quote a couple of stories and then we'll try to get it back to some of you guys that are actually effectively doing this so another quote I think is familiar to most 7th Day Adventists but I think it's really important. So this is from councils on health page $34.00 Christ was the savior of the world during his life on Earth the sick and afflicted were objects of his special compassion. The sick in afflicted he especially cared about so when he sent out his disciples he commissioned them to heal the sick as well as to preach the Gospel when he sent forth the 70 he commanded them to hew all the sick and next to preach the kingdom of the god had come. To them their physical health was to be 1st cared for in order that the way might be prepared for the truth to reach their minds why is this important. Again do you see the blending of the 2. Do you see the order. Was the order. Yeah he ministered to their needs and then he bade them follow me we need to be caring for people's needs with the needs that they are concerned about. Vince that is where you're living more and more in a post modern world with all these Mullaney ols and even Generation X. or they had no longer care about hearing us preach to them about doctrine do you find that to be true. They don't. But they're very big about getting engaged in a cause. Very big about getting involved in service. And when they see the Gospel lived out it will have a purpose powerful effect so how many of you have heard pathways to hell or a man free clinics. So we've been gauged in both of those. Which are just a way to go into a community and to do a free health clinic usually in dental. Cleanings dental teeth sometimes they do 2 things directions and they do some fillings. They've even done some bridges but the machines little bit slow so it's pretty limited and they do vision care. That some of the bigger events they will also have some clothing they'll cut people's hair they'll do massage. They do a lot and then also we do medical care some of these are very small scale and small churches and I'll show you an example that some of these are very large scale like was done with pathways at the General Conference session of the other big cities. So I had a patient that came in and took care of his blood pressure issues and his heart issues he had not been getting medical care he'd also gotten some dental work done and he was just amazed that there were so many volunteers and so many people that are willing to come and just MINISTER FOR FREE to him and finally he said What group are you guys with the mess that well we are 7th Day Adventists and we're trying to do what Jesus bit us to do which is to meet the needs of people in the end so we're just volunteering our time he just literally got tears in his eyes you know what he said. Says I don't know what a 7th Day Adventist is but I want to be a member of your church. And that just again reiterated to me that there is more than one way to preach the gospel. Means. People would rather see the Gospel lived out than to hear the gospel and not see it live it's far more powerful that doesn't mean he was ready for baptism but he started at the point that most evangelists try to get people at after 15 or 20 nights of evangelistic meetings right he was starting with that commitment that I have in the earth and I want to be part of it or trying to come but it's them over night after night after night to make a commitment he started at that point and it's because he saw a medical ministry work in action. With people that were selflessly giving of themselves and that just shows. Jesus' method was to minister to people's needs when he sent the disciples out there to minister to people's needs heal the sick 1st and then you have an open avenue to preach the gospel and that's the method that most of our churches would do very well to follow so on why I. Envision that every church would be a place of healing. Not just physical healing but not just spiritual healing but also physical healing All right so any comments from where we have come so far so this lady on the right over here on the front I'd like to hear from you what your help that reaches your church looks like so just tell us a little bit about what you guys are doing and again this is going to be highly interactive so. My name is Marilyn then I'm from the Avon Park Florida Yeah and it's probably the 2nd largest church in this whole that a little closer OK it's probably the 2nd largest church in the conference and we have more idea OK. We have more ideas than we have people to fulfill you know we have had cooking school we had Mark Anthony just recently and he pulled in 300 people. To 3 or 4 different sessions of people from the community came to hear very top and self talk about good healthy and out of that out of those who we sent more flyers to and we developed. A whole series of different. Issues that seminars on different issues that people indicated that they were interested in why. Some support groups for mental health issues we have depression support group and starting a codependency support group and. Nutrition classes and exercise classes so these are things that people actually checked off that they were. Started last is they're not big some of them have maybe 8 people in them. And we have along with that we have classes on how to help people a managed their finances get out of debt. Different things like that but even though we have a large church there aren't enough people. To help. Reminds me of a tax that the harvest is plentiful but the laborers are unfair fees are few and so approach it to the Lord of the harvest so you need a permit history in your church as well so this can say as it did I was interested Does anybody have vegetarian clubs at your church is how many vegetarian clubs how much you can cook. Great I think one of the outreach is that we have founded our church that works is a vegetarian we call it a vegetarian tasting extravaganza we find people to cook good vegetarian food we give little samples and we advertise on the radio and people come from all over the community to the church and. Yeah and it's very nice you just know that someone mentioned that only for people in their church and that would be difficult that used it for people you said but just a vegetarian tasty extravaganza we call it we could very excellent food invite the community plan it takes months of planning and then it's a very good outreach once they get there then be have some medical services different stations it's on a Sunday difference different stations you can go to and get massages or some medical stuff you know hearing testing stuff like that to get them in and then you can begin to do some our medical outreach so for many years our church has done a very successful lawyer with a health screening vegetarian extravaganza I can taste a 100 different dishes a little small but those of us really are the community who want to come out there and one kid just so it's on the subject somebody mentioned Marc Anthony we were able to bring him to our community we were in a town of 13000. It's the parish seat so we have about 120 bed hospital there that meets the needs of the whole count Parish and we were able to get the hospital to actually allow Marc Anthony is spend a couple of weeks there teaching the hospital staff how to do plant based cooking and he also set up a vegetarian line in the hospital cafeteria which would get cleaned out before the regular line and then he also had a cooking class that we got a lot of people to that class that about 60 people actually. Came from the community that we would never get into our church our church there had about 20 to 25 members con usually attending we put on a monthly cooking class. We were an interesting church because we actually had 3 physicians in the church Adventist physicians and so we could we could refer patients to the cooking class and so we would have about 20 S. some people attending each monthly cooking prize where we teach them vegetarian cooking and also have a small lecture that we would give them so there's a lot that even a small church can do 3 physicians that's helpful but I'm sure that there's a way to work with having health care professional Your church is gazed at health ministers very effective this gentleman here and when I get over here I do want to follow up I think as we look at the outreach and health of Vangelis and I think that cooking because everybody likes to eat and I think cooking is one of the best ways even if it's one cook make something invite a few people in the community and have them come in is it you have a. So. We've done a whole series of cooking classes and what we found out is my wife does the cooking I do the talking just enormous amount of work so you're talking about this extravaganza So what we started so I've been having diabetes seminars twice a month twice a year a 6 week series. Followed up with a cooking class well we figured you know we are missing the continuity because the people were saying. We need this more often so we started a supper club. But they bring the food. So instead of us preparing the food we said OK so we'll provide the salad you guys will bring the food I need some people to sign up and I had people fighting to sign up for the last 3 months we did it then we did in the last few months and wait a summer break will start up again next month he wind up with some strange food no I gave him I gave him where's the expectations and I made it strictly vu Nicette I want you guys to read the labels and all this stuff and there was one mishap at a lady who put a little cheese. On the recipe which is nobody died but she confessed that all once I got here I realized that's right. One thing I want to add I've got a lot of hands but they're large nurses in here one of the things you can do is like you can do you put have dinner but the doctor so once you've done this cooking thing they're So I mean this is in here you can have dinner with a nurse and have the nurse give some health education thinks. We had a vegetarian separate club for about 10 years in our church and. I changed the name to meet less man the separate club because I wanted people to not feel they had to be vegetarian. 3 M's. Yeah and it too is a potluck and. We just buy in that we get some very loyal members and it's been a wonderful opportunity and I tell people you know you're always welcome to come to our church but even if you don't come we have a potluck and you can come and we've been having a Church of Christ lady come frequently about 20 miles to come to our potluck on Sabbath and of course there's table talk as politics and she's learning she's learning good things and then we have every few months we have something kind of like your extravaganza It's called D.P. disease delicious Lee and we have a large number of dishes at the dinner with maybe 12 to 15 different things and I know that's not simple eating but we want people to get a lot of exposure to different dishes so we label the dishes of course at the separate club and we Xerox all the recipes and we have a different theme every month which makes it interesting you know. So travels as is going to say one of the other things that. Really really beneficial is to make sure we meet people where we are really are so if you have somebody that's totally new to the vegetarian concept or very new to a vegan concept. A lot of a lot of failures that we have experience is pushing people too far you have to change this this this you got to do it now but if you say if you start gradually in certain or do sing people to these new concepts new things so that they can start working their way into it and sort of trying to force it all at once when they can make changes slowly and work into it they have a lot better tendency to stick with it you know so. We're probably better head over here the. Other. So we're living in a new era being vegetarian is a popular thing to do. As I understand. Minister does ministry in health. More often than not had a lot to do with the very desperate situations of people. That said smoking is on the rise again. And there are this church has a wealth of tradition in stop smoking seminars and strategies. I have held seminars for stop smoking like with an audience of 130 people. And it's amazing the response that you get. Dr Arthur Weaver has a series of 5 videos that are on. Tape on. CD That could be used for the churches if there is a health professional kind of conducting this through so this is just you know like a question where are. You know our stop smoking seminars and so on. Another idea that I have had but haven't implemented yet is to. Simulate in my own community walking groups exercise groups I think that all of us could do this in our communities start walking start a walking club or a walking tour or. So a couple more here a little to a little store so just to respond a little bit on. That comment on you know to be a little conscious of the people who are not vegetarian so apart from being a C.N.A. I am also I am their social worker field and also people observe what you eat people observe how you look and they have goals for themselves so that's what happened in my work at my job I you know I my coworkers always want to know what I'm eating what you get what you got today what it was that you always want to know what you're eating and then you want to see how you look and OK so how do you do that can I tasted and they so they want to tase in then surely my coworker B.-K. she became a vegan because she wanted to lose weight and she wanted to whole blood pressure to go down I never told her that she needed to stop eating and doing anything I just told her what I was eating and how to prepare it and then we used to have lunch together and eventually I started educating her and on the benefits of doing these in Eventually she told me guess what I am all of my blood pressure medication and things like that so sometimes just being itches. You know just how cool. 22 people that work in are over the years now there's about 8 or 9 of them that have become vegetarians just because we talk about they make fun of me. And they see the effects day and they always point that out to them so it does have an impact so him way over here you know we've done several events recently in the last year in our church and the last one was called Live young longer and anybody that we advertised and anybody that was interested had to sign up and I think there was a. Small fee but it wasn't much and they signed up with the Event Brite dot com which takes a lot of stress off of the people and so they already signed up before they come and I think we used a camera both out so when we used some videos. Along with the food and some of the people that attended later said. We want to come to your part look on sour and thinking Oh I hope it's going to be OK. So I want to. Curl. So I am from Argentina. I just speak Spanish embrace and I don't know how to speak in future so he she was just late for me. So they have a lifestyle center in Argentina the whole day. And they have a program called Healthy Sundays. So the people come to spend all day Sunday with them. So they start with a talk with the doctor. And then they go for a walk outside. And then they have a cooking class. So and in the cooking class they prepare the food that they're going to eat for lunch and for supper. In Argentina they eat a lot of meat in the barbecue is very famous. So we do like a barbecue but with vegetables. So we all eat together and the people are enjoying themselves with us. And then we have a talk by a psychologist. And then we end with an exercise class. And the last talk that we have. Is called The Forgotten remedy. And we talk about happiness. We're forgetting how to be happy in our lives yes yes. Yes. And this is we believe that and so we present that God is the one that can give us this happiness. And 100 percent of the people that come to these are non Adventists. And sometimes we have fear presenting our guide. But really we've found people to be very open to listen. And after a whole day together sharing and laughing together. Where you know. They're very open to hear that last is that last that we have. And we have 5 people that have been baptized through the. Prism that is fantastic yeah I hope everybody got all that because that is perfect that's exactly what you want the thing I'm noticing from those kind of programs those that take a lot of work. It's not something one person can do just on their own it's going to take the involvement of the whole church the nurse can't do it just as the pastor can't do evangelism just by himself it has to be a whole church and. So. A couple things so the one thing and one comment I want to make is there is a trend in some of our churches and in our hospitals here in the United States to put on purely lifestyle programs that don't have a spiritual component just to try to bring people on. And. Personally I believe that's just wasting our time because there's no part of make lifestyle changes apart from bringing in the spiritual component so I liked what you shared about in Argentina that's tying that and if we don't tie in a spiritual component. We don't honestly get a lot of baptisms out of our traditional avatars hospitals because they were not tying in a powerful spiritual component nor is there much power to make change so we need to be intentional to make sure that that gospel is blended with the health message just as much as we need to do the opposite make sure that we're blending the body at the other way around when we do evangelism that or combining it with the health message so one wrote one story that Travis triggered in my mind about not. Bringing people along gradually. I think that's usually the best way to do it but I had a patient a few years ago now. Call Ron who. Came to my office and has some chest pain and he had been living a very rough life he weighed about 380 pounds he. Came in with a cut off T. shirt in a leather vest and a bandana around his head on his motorcycle he just looked like a pretty rough guy he was smoking a pack and a half per day he was binge drinking on the weekends he was obese he had diabetes high blood pressure and high cholesterol and his father had died of heart disease that is early forty's. This guy was that walking appear to me of somebody that's ready to have a heart attack the problem is this pain didn't really sound like his heart and we did a stress test and we rolled out the fact that this was actually coming from his heart and usually the cardiologist would just turn you loose at that point and say make a few changes. And it's for your benefit it's my only Spanish word but. But. I had been learning how to pray with my patients and realizing that that was a motivation for making change and so I just felt impressed to say to him and I always say the. To my patients by the way I tell them I want to ask you to do anything I don't do myself which is kept me to have to be very careful with how I live whether I want to or not but I want to ask you to do anything that I don't do myself but Ron God has a plan for your life and you're not having a heart attack right now but the way you're living you're going to have a heart attack very soon just like your father but it doesn't have to be that way God wants to deliver you from smoking and from alcohol and I just talked to him about the benefits of a plant based diet I talked to him about not smoking talked about the need to lose weight and how we could get him off a bunch of these medicines if we could address these problems and then as I do with all my patients I said By the way one of the things I offer to do is have a perv would that be OK and that's rough motorcycle gang like looking guy just started being in my office and I said it had. Actually I asked him Do you believe in God and he said well I grew up I grew up in a minute church but I haven't been to church in many many years I don't really know I said doesn't matter God believes in you and so I prayed with him and I just said Ron God has a plan for your life I want to do a thing I don't do myself but this is the way that is the ideal way to live it if you did this you would never have to worry about heart disease and so I just shared with him I don't smoke I don't drink I eat a plant based diet exercise 3 or 4 days a week and I take one day off a week to go to church and worship and take away time off from work and I just laid it all out there all on time. I did not put him in the CHIP program I didn't put him out are going to put him on a stop smoking program should have I didn't even give him a brochure I was or away in my experience with us now I do those things but the amazing thing is that I said but let's check back in one year and another year I didn't dismiss him from the practice because I just want to see how he was doing in. A year later he came into my office now. Weighing somewhere around 2 162280 pounds he lost over 100 pounds in my nurse 2 I always say like to jump to conclusions that all Ron had a very high tech surgery was weight loss surgery and I don't remember talking about that but we saw some patients that did that and that's just about the only patients we saw that lost a 100 pounds in a year that was the ones they had their stomach. Narrowed down stapled so they couldn't eat but he had the same sort of effects and so I walked in the room and said Ron welcome back. I hear you had surgeries I don't have any surgery and I said what happened and he says well you prayed with me and it changed my life and I just did the things he said so from the day that he left my office he did not smoke. He stopped drinking he started attending a church with his wife and by the way that messy had some marital problems going on the water stress at home and he had lost over 100 pounds he was no longer on blood pressure medicine is no longer cholesterol medicine no longer on diabetes medicine he still is a little bit overweight but he looked really good he had completely turned his life around and when I asked him how in the world did you do that he said is because you prayed with me. That doesn't happen with every patient and I agree that most patients need to come in 100 step by step and newsy I don't dump the whole load on him but I was impressed to do his case and use the Empress to just pick what is the number one thing you should start working on no more work on stuff like else the next visit more work on something else the next visit Little by little but here's what's amazing about this story he is 5 years past now he's on no medicines he has no health problems he continued to lose weight and 5 years passed and Lindy and I went to this thing called a home or AMAH. Home around and Ohio is a place where these home builders will build these multimillion dollar homes and put them all in one little neighborhood and so you can go door to door to door to door and you can see this showcases of what the high end builders are building in our whole area and every one of them has a home theater and some 78000 square feet and they're all a 1000000 and a half dollars and you buy a ticket to go to these ours was given to us by a realtor friend and you can go around and you can see a house and see all the latest trends and you get in a line and there's 20 or 30 people in the Lot About 20 people into the lobby at the same time so we all go into the lobby and there's this guy there with a white shirt. And we're just kind of milling around and he says oh this is a home that's built by John Jones and it's 12000 square feet it's on the market for $2.00 and he stopped. And he said wait a minute I know you know there's 20 to 30 people in the lobby I know you know my doctor and I didn't recognize him at that point he said and then he starts testify this is the doctor that changed my life he prayed with me and because of that I became I want on a plant based diet and I stopped smoking and I stopped drinking and I started going to church. Basically I got a little taste of what I believe the power of the health message is going to have in the very last days because it's going to make evangelists out of our patients just like that through the power of the change that comes in a life. So there is a definite power so I want to move on to this 3rd point so I can do health a vandalism to every one of my patients so I can take that extra 2 minutes and pray with them and tell them what the ideal is but I can't do that and so as a physician I don't dare send any of these patients to our local dietician a possible. They tell my diabetics that they need to just eat meat and protein so they're eating eggs and bacon and staying away from fruits and grains and anything that looks like a carb. They. Just are very enlightened and so were incredibly blessed to be at a church you have who are every fall everyone to her and every spring our church is putting on a program and it alternates between chip. Diabetes and the full plate. Same program it's just packages differently as a lifestyle program but if I didn't have them there is a point there is there are a lot of churches where as a physician I wouldn't dare semi patient because they're still arguing about meat and cheese and they. And how do we bring our patience and how do we bridge this gap between those of us who want to do health ministers in our churches and find that the church as a board in that I was talking to Travis the next day invited him to several of your from lifestyle programs how do you run a lifestyle program and then get those patients plugged into the church Travis you want to come out the vote they're going to take that back to. Think about this lifestyle think. Several patients come to the lifestyle that we've had our church and get baptized Actually it was practiced out of nothing neither as a physician or a nurse or anybody to see your patient go to a lifestyle program and get baptized. You're probably not going to like my answer. So we get a lot of non Adventists and where we're at in Colorado we get a lot of non christians that come through our programs we give away boatloads of literature we have so many of our people leaving our programs asking for bible studies. And there is a huge gap between the lifestyle centers and the churches well over 50 percent of the churches that we contact on behalf of our patients never follow through you know the people never get a phone call they never There's never a follow up over half of them and in some states we've just stopped trying because we know the churches won't follow through so imagine that patients go through a lifestyle program they learn how to differently in their request. That they go back to their home church and nobody contacts. So how do we fix. It's a very simple concept total member involvement. We have to be willing as church members to take it upon ourselves to take the initiative that it's not the pastor's responsibility to give Bible studies it's not the pastors responsibility to reach out to every single community member we have to be willing to be involved and I love the 2nd question. Because there's a quote that a lot of it's so short. The quote from Ellen in she says. When we pray for the sick we also work for them so who's called to be a medical missionary everybody. Any time you pray for somebody that has a health need you are now a medical missionary and that's all some people need is as you testified to is a just need up somebody to pray with them but when these when the when the lifestyle centers are reaching out to the churches we have to have members that are willing to take those numbers and take those names into reach out to these individuals because we're losing people. In this a little while ago but I want to say it again. In the spirit of prophecy and what we'd see if there Jesus method is that every church a supposed to be a place for not just spirit but physical healing every church but it goes beyond the every hall should be a lifestyle center. Could you bring somebody to your home and teach them some poll methods of eating and some mouthfuls of them some Paul wife style changes that they could make it without means that the remember is a medical mission or. This is something that we all need to come on over here I agree with you but you know the grass root problem with that is that we as a people do not fully believe our health message and you know how it's very difficult for me I do some community work I do a cooking class I don't there's a group of us and it's really difficult to have some one who does not believe in a plant based diet believe I mean make the food because they don't cook it at home so if I if we could just get our members to believe this and try it themselves their testimony would be like that guy you would not be able to shut them up because they would see the benefits of this so we really need the foundation for me is a powerful week of spiritual emphasis and a show in the benefits of combining the 2 and there is there's. Miracles it does not always have overnight it may take time as we change so in a revival in our church our revival in our church when that revival comes and we incorporate all that the Lord has promised to do we want to you would not be able to shut up you would have to go and tell so I was as revivals always come through her. I'm the one with 4 people. But what I didn't tell you was I left a 100 something members in a big church and I was the plant based cooker and it's gotten me what I practice is if my kids one just a bar and make it big and hold it real close oh I'm sorry if anything that's out in the world data that we used to be used to be 1st staying became an event is an I know. I'm a very big cook when it comes to playing bass whatever you see out there in McDonald's You have to make it very creative on your table at home they run from my food had to church when I was adventure so I want to how you make approach for us or one of my fervent french fries is easy it's already plant based you can make it however roasted whatever but when it comes to you know when it comes to your eye be ideal one of our young people for a church is a Christian and a Christian well attended all the area smaller churches as a new church we just started in ministry we have a big outreach in the V.A. hospitals and all over we had to St a nursing home small as we may be but we have about $4.00 to $15.00 people that goes out and is big but in the plant base we're trying to work in the area there's no Adventist Church out west to Boynton Beach so that's why I am but I used to cook big and I do health ears in West Palm Beach and stuff I get called from other ventures into health fairs but I'm focusing right now and see where God wants me to do because it's like I get calls that you know plant base of very good and you can do out what you call it in the city they have things events you can put up a booth and help her but you have to make it very nice and colorful The eye is appealing to people and with the bible studies in your area in your church I think if they met some members are they don't know how to get bible studies don't feel confident I believe that sometimes we don't we believe or event just we go to church and Sabbath but really we don't know how to. But what we do is get amazing facts that back to us and we follow it you tell a member you get it for the church and you tell them give the 1st you see what needs are you meet the needs of each individual that's not an event is see what the needs are of the individual or the family and you would call up and see if if they're willing or do it at the church OK Sion and you take number one lesson he has one to 25 or one to 27 and you invest in that and you follow they follow it maybe a little bit afraid of doing it I would think a lot of people don't know your Bible studies or so on the things I'm hearing you say is that if you're in a great big church it's not under us to get a few members and go off and say. So you can start somewhere or other common us over here over there is that who will do this so you have a comment one here and then about that over there in our church we had a cooking class and at the end of the cooking class my daughter was inspired to pass out a sheet now ask if anybody wanted a bible studies and one lady responded and I said I'll be glad to do Bible studies with her so we did bible studies together and she was baptized at the end of it and we got to the lesson on diet you know course there was things that are not healthy for us like coffee and tea and such as that and she was a big coffee drinker and she said Oh dear I'm going to have to change and then she heard somebody else another topic about how your brain cells are shot when you drink a lot of coffee and she said I don't have any brain cells to lose so she found something else to drink instead for a short time and then about a month later I checked with her and said Howard how is it going she says Well I went on the adventures campout with my husband and she said and I we were delighted to find out that most of them were drinking coffee so we drank it. So we live in a divided church. But that's going to call. OK I'm from Dalton Georgia and for the past 40 years I've shot all kinds of health classes one thing I enjoyed and that was to have classes in my home there are about 12 people that came most from the community and I would serve a light supper about 6 o'clock and then we did a little stretching exercises and walking and. I live in a cul de sac and so it was kind of fun to do that side and then I'd show about a 30 minute video usually prepared something that was demonstrated on the video we've got all kinds of handy videos to use and that was a blessing so there's a whole lifestyle so. I come from a very small church and we decided get uncomfortable from Lexington and we start at one in Danville and we are a full fledged church right now but what I am a nurse. I am reminded constantly and I'm sure we all do have our quarterly jets just blowing my mind apart and what I'm learning we're learning cooking class this we're trying to call the knowing a little cause we're trying to be innovative we're trying to bring Christ the marketplace wherever we're at and yes you are right members have to be involved but you know what Like that lady there on there that said I can't it's you need to have your own personal testimony to want to do this it's your relationship with God You can't force people and say you are all coming with me and we're going to know it's God is not interested in quantities interested in the quality of me me what are you going to do for me. You know you know so much and I want to serve the Lord but I need help I can't you know what I can be a committee of one I've lived in that neighborhood for more than 20 years every single person in my subdivision will come to me for questions only because they know him they know me you know what should I do for this with a foot over that you know I said you know I'm not a doctor but you know what I can do I could take your blood pressure for you I mean we have had relationship with these people for over all these years and now they one of them will come and ask me what are you eating I don't want to shut things down their throat now going back to the church thing yes we go to an area which is not a Mecca where you can get lots of admin is stupid call churches and they're all there to help you know we're we're alone we're by ourselves but you know what we can do is. We've had dinner with the doctor they would listen to a doctor and by what they say than what a nurse would say rate but what they do know is that we are there for them I make a plate of food on Sabbath and I'll go bring it to somebody I usually do I go there and I do not ask any members to follow me say Hannah where you going I said oh you know what I'm going to go visit Masi and just go check on her number. Or some food I'm just giving you guys some ideas because at the end of the rope when all this is said and done it's between you and God and I see the Lord I don't know who you are where you my hands and my feet were and we can reach one I'm reminded of that story on that starfish Do you remember starfish Dr. Like you know I made a difference in this one person's life yeah I can't sort of safe them all but I did say this one I feel like there needs to be a little bit education in the church and with the pastors too because sometimes we hear stories upfront of of somebody trying to say you can't eat this or you can't do this at a potluck and often times I've said well I've never experienced that that's not and so sometimes we hear horror stories from up front that make me feel ashamed. To be a vegan and I do not push it people ask me often but I'd I don't push it on anybody but I think there needs to be a little bit of education you know OK to come over here that I'm going to read another quote We talk about health and food and we we want to look good to tastes good but what about the other side scripture what do you want your people to look forward to studying the word like they look forward to eating. Well I'll tell you what my husband and I have taught our Gospel Outreach workers in Africa well it's a simple way to study the Bible I never thought I could give a Bible study you know memorize all these things and move from one text to another. Well this is a simple way and I'll tell you in a few brief minutes 1st of all you choose a story is story works best you can use any part of the Bible actually you can learn the doctrines you can learn everything this method but you choose a story you read it through and asked them just to listen like they've never heard it before. Then the next time before you start to read it through again you ask them. Tell me think about what is stands out to you in this story one thing and everybody then afterwards shares what stands out to them and they tell why so they learn from each other then you read that same scripture story 3rd time and you ask Who are the people in this story and. What does that say about God in this story. And so everybody has a different thought and you learn from each other the Holy Spirit is there. Then the 4th time you read this same scripture again you will think I'm getting tired of this scripture. But no I'm telling you new thoughts come to them they never thought of by the Holy Spirit the last time you read it before you read it you say we're going to have a special prayer and ask for the Holy Spirit to be here. Because we're going to ask you to ask yourself what is it that God wants me to change about my life now this is very personal you don't need to share it with everyone but at the end if there's one or 2 that wants to share there you're free to do so and there's always usually one or so that shares and it's a real blessing to everybody that is a simple way to give a Bible study you all can read you all can ask questions everybody young people love this method it is working in the Gospel is spreading rapidly in West Africa by doing this method so a simple way to give a Bible study so I move on to a quote so this kind of thing goes to. What Hannah was saying but how so the Lord's work be done how can we gain access to souls buried in midnight darkness prejudice must be met corrupt religion is hard to deal with the very best ways and means of work must be perfectly considered there is a way in which many doors will be open to the missionary without him become intelligent and the care of the sick as a nurse or learn how to treat disease as a physician and if if he is imbued with the spirit of Christ what a field of usefulness is open before him and I'd like to extrapolate this beyond even just a physician or a nurse wow or times almost thrown in a even as a physician or nurse but everyone can learn some simple methods that they could share with their neighbors like the called the SEC And just so your neighbors know you're the one to go to that has the best bread here the one the nose to go to and there are peeling stick they are the one to go to when you have a spiritual question now why in the world do we even begin to minister to people's needs let me just explain a couple more stories from experience and then we're going to wrap this up with a few final comments but I have learned over the years that being willing to pray with patients or being willing to just share with patients why I do certain things and explain to them why I live the way I live they may not respond to it right away they might not respond to it for a couple of years but here's an example chief of the fire department in our town needs a heart valve surgery because he has a congenital bicuspid valve something he was born Wed so this wasn't a lifestyle issue. But whether he is getting ready to have surgery I said By the way one of the things I offer to do is have a pearl would it be OK if I prayed with you know well I don't really go to church but I guess. If it's makes you feel better. That would be fine and. I always say it makes me feel better so I prayed with him and then a few weeks later he actually came in for the surgery and I prayed with him again just and right after I finished purring he said you know what that made me feel so good could you do that one more time. It takes a little while to years later I see him once a year 2 years later he was my next to last patient in the afternoon chief of the fire department he doesn't go to church she wasn't raised in the church she you might have been as a young person but I realize that when he all of a sudden has a spiritual question Who is he going to go to to ask. Yeah he doesn't go to church so you can't ask a pastor he doesn't know church people probably the guys at work don't bring up religion but he knows that his doctor thinks about spiritual things and so you know what his question was dark here pretty smart person can you explain to me why you believe the Bible is true. It's not a simple question. It's a very deep question 45 minutes later my nurse finally comes and knocks on the door Dr Short she got one more patient waiting and then we rapped at the very honestly and once a year or so the next year and I gave him a little bit of materials to read but the next year or so the doc could you mind if I just ask you one more question. He said Can you explain to me so you really do believe that the earth was created in the 6 days. Another 45 minute question. Another knock on the door this time I say yeah you better start making the last appointment of the day but again it just reminds me of this happens day in and day out now where people are feeling comfortable asking spiritual questions just because I live my life the way I live my life not because I'm prodding them not because prying into their lives. Not because I'm trying to get them to do that I just live my life in a way that they know that I think about spiritual things and they feel comfortable asking it and I think that's as medical missionaries whether it's in our call the sack with the neighbors or under house whether it's in our church where we are helping out with our cooking program whether it's just simply when you're grocery shopping or just in your regular everyday contact with other people if you are concerned about other people and you live your life in a spiritual way they know it's going to be safe to come talk to you when they have spiritual questions and that's really what we're trying to do we're just opening the door to a spiritual conversation and that's what medical missionary work. Well if I can really. Help the people and Africa I've been to many African countries and as a missionary miss you know people hold it real close eat a lot of meat and to lead a ship and eat and to meet more than to people and coffee and all of these things so I think if we can do something to educate the leadership day in and you know because there's some I went and I 2nd time I send international crisis and the past to me and see Gail I've been trying to my church for years is there any diet book was able to help. Some of them to realize they must stop eating meat so I think we have to help to delete a ship even here to deposit love it passes eat the meat and the poor people come in to church stink and if I say to meet they think it's all right so when somebody is a missionary come to the church and talk about meat of so member. Knowing at the end also we have to deal with the leadership here Monday night just to help seminar on the Gospel someone are France or by and large everybody it's me but there has to be education I think one of the things that's lacking around the world in ways. On the screen the last night about how the Spirit of Prophecy so little of it has been translated for the languages around the world but if you're a 7th Day Adventist and you don't have access to the spirit of prophecy you are impaired like your right arm is cut off it but it's the same thing with the gospel if you're just trying to do evangelism without the health message combined it's like you're right Arbus cut off and White says that's the right arm. And so the best thing that we can do is to pray for our leaders and to share with those around us who are open to the benefits because there are so many benefits so we've used up our time just again and God bless you as we began the Sabbath this evening with us thank you all for your participation and for being here today. This media was produced by audience already and signed adding to his name and services and industry and. If you would like to learn more about this time leave. The site. Or if you would like to do this for free online service visit. To you verse.


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