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Power Spirituality: Part 6

Paul Ratsara


Paul Ratsara

President of the Southern Africa-Indian Ocean Division of Seventh-day Adventists



  • January 1, 2010
    10:45 AM
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Lord we want to thank you again for all the wonderful opportunity that you have given us the knowledge you continue this seminar we pray that you tickled and change our life 's in the name of Jesus we pray amen all right is a promise you without waiting to open our Bibles I start the sound some goals and thirty remember VCs BP call IDCs according to disputed a prophecy we would never do face that we don't hobby that are not according to the Bible of allies away will go wrong so let's that's right now going to the Bible find the rage we often would be studied what is written in the book also numbers chapter of fourteen undies is the key under the key is honestly rated yet verse twenty eight I read they didn't cause shortly obscenities declares the Lord I want to you there better things I heard using so what am I you say of course it has to be according to the wind of God God will do exactly underweight you see each vid to spice up twenty to ten they did not want to go on summarizing a beach they did not want to go to Cannes underlined said no no no there's no way that we can't go there it is so dangerous and God said okay fine you will not go victimless vice neutral spies amending commitment just like they did when you really want to go to another one I'm going to find it where you saved it and to do so we have to be very careful of what got us to because God is saying to wait a year we saved it where you say you'd it will happen to you according to his will okay now you have your Bibles Reading first saw me of self-doubt seventeen verse forty five two forty seven you remember what has happened to her feet have to face in the Greek challenge so said no this is the time for me to talk faith salt would like to read remember we are not we are not preaching we are starting together first saw me it's up to seventy verse forty five two forty seven okay please read yes okay you've seen it all first these so the uncounted this giant of the man you are you called free all right another will visit we had just wrapping up this one will go into the alternate model on said our prayers Onset Lenexa will pick you remember when I knows this isn't all conduct in the Bible we have so many guests on since I'm very few know only a few know what do sticky dots I have discovered was so happy I'm happy to share with you of my what I have discovered in the Bible and in the spirit of prophecy yet again and I jot and exact typeface posting chapter eighteen euros forty four K at one forty five quickly would you like to read yes okay I let stop right there in the context was this essay it was off gathering everything before I remember all so that they lost their last three and a half years there was no rain right so it was at least it is better it was very important so there was no rain yet but he was in my job is it class last week when would we stopped you will not be able to reach your podcasts go fast fast fast you talk faith and off what did you do in Asia are you setting is set to imagine doing everything I want to go to Moncton Moncton toppled tonight I do not want to happen is review stymied once it was not just saying it I then if I like Magdalene to fly again down but it lives on in the bodysuit did you talk free lines it really can come indeed so this is something at talking faith this wanted to when it comes to talking faith it has to be done through our relationship with the Lord is a visit on the difference between these way of a doors technique self self-help books and doing this and doing and days on human power you money students to these is good and trusting in brought our relationship with God is good just like my son I not said what dog you can't do this on I would think that maybe seriously because of my relationship with Jim saw these we can't not said that it is wrong our relationship with God we can't delete because we hobby 's relationship with God okay all right just think this divine fact that I shall speak all the glory of the kingdom on all the hype power this is from some Psalm one hundred and forty five verse eleven this is the practicing after the last act one we talk from now on don't talk about talk about these married these kingdom do neither and talk about his kingdom to come how about about to get one of the devil but the power out about that something to talk about it for you as it did don't don't like to marketing size things but about the power of what these people you know people tend to say something wall visas for hot I think I don't think we can't do this we've got always talking of the power of God yes it is odd but that outcome condos this is done through this the acidotic tinderbox when they study the Bible and a little distant identity New Testament and yes I need to find you what do you think this gives out a black mean David associate and outselling some donkey said Mike my son BC store-bought beers managed to powerful for you I is a warrior you are just a young man you can't not do these the good safety no milk what God has done they hung the ligands and bands and God gathered me is that the day he will do it again so I got a smoking faith here from you soon conduct problems of course you have to face the realities but on top of the realities you say yes it is hot without challenges but glad these powerful God can't do this yes new tinderbox and he was deleted so when you say that big welcome people even stop to ask questions D is one with positive people who people are pretty people was to be out on view by the way one one way one which has one way all been crazy all faced by the grace of God stay away from people like talking all you need be ways than one it is really necessary what it is really needed that amazes me that you can't be with them but if you can't also like being with people like talking face and then you will save would be stronger but of course what it is when I need to be with some people are one I needed to vent out to delete button 's identity I associate myself for the time even if it donated with people who say while I don't increase it would work when you saw this year no not really it will not top and on slide last year I I tried that and it didn't work I didn't even win one you once I got to the DC annoy people not happen I you are wasting your time did not know know know know you invested my bad is not limited by Taylor during is not limited by sometimes this study is a circle and size make static on even could succumb since not only are the consequences adopted country of them so I have a new face it was hot last year these are not less efficient but for these yet you would see what the mode would you got to thinking faith I got here it is it is uplifting you know we won we talk free when I say this and study God I trust you you don't easily rivaling our young child I believe you can't do this you are starting to get lost I will you can't do it and you know big patterns where you won your children has you got something yes or mom I know that we had it to do this you can't do this I believe in you but if your children start to old I don't think you can not elect link for that law don't even try you feel about that at i.e. if you are in the menu item that you think is hot so you utilize very heart not to disappoint them yes okay yes through a yes to pray honest with us everything depended on you I pray eyes everything depended on God when we talk about that one in on the electoral pic on here within the faith that is what we get from Doucette of dystopic if anything his heart given this Constance is up to us everything you can think of is the the children of Israel the red seat in front of them your mighty spanking is no way in this way I mean the most realistic way is Google bot would decide on some undead to the Egyptians through citizen we have made a mistake I don't feed us we are willing to be slaves I do just bring us back that is it has a realistic because fighting against the Army also use it was not realistic that it hasn't at least the useless add-on is it all saddle we are sorry we made a mistake we are winning to bebop and be your slaves again no that is the reality but Gore is out all the redundant grant turned Moses tell the children obviously people for what so we don't be discouraged by circumstances because God is not limited by circumstances and at times would put grudgingly books is rather limited then grandpa so is limited we are saying we are good people do not mind that yesterday things up blood so I don't buy that game because anyway it's too hard for you it's not too yes quick question I study you used in one philosophy question you want us up a fight yes quickly okay is stimulus grant on it probably we need to go to go to a big next week now to avoid presumption but in a nutshell it is your relationship with God when you are sold close to broad you would know the mind of God I'm those rock crystal but they were never flowed into presumption call us if they know the mind of God your friends and it does like my wife on our new things I already run ons the eye many times she and I just made me to Qatar what she looks up to me I know all to do what she thinks that because of that relationship but someone I meet for the first time I have no group because I don't not establish that relationship so I may ask something that I should of never of maybe would be also ended toward things like that because I don't know about you I have a close relationship with stopped individual I know already done so yes or no so I would not will go back to that yes yes affect okay so that's thankfully he said Psalm one hundred and nineteen verse twenty seven so called by one this works said that she would be allowed to I do know these people who are almost worshiping at the zeros sparser set up last thoughts you should listen to them at any moment if you have the opportunity to talk about this boy you know how we doesn't have so excited that one is so good is so powerful it will not stop you want because cell phone on the ice they are in relation and that am wondering why we will not bring them when it comes to our relationship with God because God has done this and that's what sound is said listen are you using Windows work I'm sure so shall I talk about Wanda 's work on one D stressful three talk about it glowed talk about what what it has done so that your seclusion not be gloomy in all disputes any zone would be hard why we have to worsen it slow what folks and it is doing have you and that he enjoyed it to the door the typeface done on onto weeds out of the BZ doing I and is expected doing that you can't not compete within the reviewer was stating that he does not know and it would be different I'm not just talking about the glory of God what God can't do find that you would be you would be so happy now we are writing to close eating to live in because I can see our time is rough limited okay yeah we need someone to help I've got something here become now see how okay all right so I said yes is good all right thank you all right let's know talk about you and caused a deep meaning meeting Jesus freight okay the South at eleven that's not said I did a little plus cause he was praying in a certain place when he sees the one of his disciples said unto you knowledge teach us there was sadly impressed by the prayer life of Jesus and do not let him uninstalled I wanted it what do what Nike did on based on the correlation between Israelites under my defense it you did oral would like to be like Jesus understood the world chess how to pray prayer is something very important that the book is to stand up Graceland to see a seven users begin by and enjoy the completion of study did not assault if I want a close of the intellect to break they whispered foundations of the enemy and ties them to seem I did is because they do not make you lose other privileges that God has given them in the divine appointment of three you see our program is an article three we don't freely create enough with him how we don't spend enough time with God and that these are the problem we have in that the same book is a book like this on his darkness sans vendettas of God even extend to play like play music he didn't get and don't say you see the relationship between brand faith in the fifth one lock Evans storehouse where our treasure their boundless resources on all omnipotence without unceasing prayer and demons and watching we are you and Benji Link Alice I am deviating from the right the engines is written in the book steps of Christ the Angels in heaven up the DVR verities sell price Paul comes people are not praying it we we Angels we are strong stronger than them but the week without borrowing our heads before before the creative call what is wrong they cannot understand I visited the engine are not ready said God facility seeks continuity to talk to the assistant Natalie Matlock by the supplication unfair obtaining claims and power Julie's use foundation did them deciding to implement probably not these days cc two to defeat us and protect protect that honorable dongle to go don't play because he knows one we pray and easy-going because we are asking the if I go asking God to one fifty feet did you even said that is trying to do is you start looking at things in front of us made a business entity bought things things that are not so important not more important than done prayers for demanding things many things so that we can't look free and then we all week and then you will you will not talk idea I yes alumni started Monday history in a place under the April shuttle stops the Evian people will say the pool it portion of the middle of the middle-class but the other the other portion of the city pool and then delete all the community i.e. set has to I have thirty first would you accept to be the pasta of his community on the new president of the community but all of the new County box would like you to be in the Boston SSI I said yes as an opportunity to witness ID diesels of privilege so he selected me on this headset I I would like to move to a duel but what would be my job Sidwell when now we have seen no votes you will conduct on dialogue I will do the BC big things but due to the religious things it's okay fine so the first week are I received a call from you pasta when we harvesting we need to so I said okay five I went to the front and pasta CRL if and when you wake in the wake they know I'm fun others it we would call it we called them president where we step I don't understand something how while people are dying and not a perfect time without having people here contain you wish purchasing the last have you noticed that these people did come from this section of the account now this is not a section in Hawaii should be signaled by ten you see the fifteenth and outfitted for I needed do it right I because I faxed you said any sickness Houston there can't resist you said yes that is why diagnoses of that but said David holds Islam I said to myself it is disputed whether this exact what the devil is trying to do is the past electronic I studied set off on doing with the brief on day one we all want we are we've got then you condescend outfox on and a mental temptation would Stockholm when people elicit what you did that and I don't believe this you'd think that but one thing we did not know that one why good along putative time is neglected deciding on the Bible and has neglected sacred Clay you may be adjusted to try you to shop life on the reserves under Ms. was gone I'm than it was finished Saturday that is flying off in the process it that we cannot buy this supplications and the supplications I'm safe obtain grace and power to resist temptation is an important software to go to brought is learning today is a laugh not manna by Christ and his apostles this national savior lands to date IDs also learning to listen to the prayer of faith Oslo and you want one you want complete visibility among men amen so we are wondering some kind will you finally with Jesus years ago maybe it would of been different no is what the day to do exactly what he did when he was on North did not throw out there not so radical but it's a way of discipline is the only many times you stay away from super not our simply not total I'm supernatural and that we can't not read this at the same time because Daisy couldn't defeat we should not also of the Giannone one there may have thought that the object of the money that does not mean that you are not one of the good thoughts for Monday October the Justin Mc Donald's Norwegian which one all supernatural gone to supernatural what about you people the Bible is not a rumpled dirty appeals make your creation is not natural creating new words are coming to earth it's not natural it is supernatural the power of thought in the Old Testament in the New Testament it welcomed Jesus Christ Apple sells meaning we we all wishy-washy we serve a supernatural and once we got close to you of course you will open it also one it is according to his will the supernatural things may be safe out what time is short no one is safe for a day one and now walked without training and sometimes we would don't think of these but no one is safe in Minnesota and our we got three praise sole important we need to create by the way when I as a told you I would find a way for you to get this do it someone asked me thirty C will view you thought you thought I am willing to shed this I would like I am willing if you say he did would be done I'm willing so I asked I was sending off we would love probably would find a way for you to hop the PowerPoint and feel free to share their you know this is the word of God disputed a prophecy you few feel like using the material seems free to use it under you will have each you can't even improve and personalize the defendant was its formal debut losing the kingdom of thought and so you will have been so don't want to use it if I'm going to be foster these last station was a one two these because you you will have your hobby right now Jesus is our example Jesus himself whining it without them I then was off-line in prayer classroom that identified himself with the line needs and weaknesses in he became a suppliant a petition seeking from his father fresh supplies of strength that he might come for graceful did you keep I'm trying up I'm James Ali so well in old things so choose us is a something in both things including me it was almost on we need to pray on a plate the fact is that it is experienced is the hours in Christ the cry of the money deletes the file buildings and it peaked on Xenophanes subrogated to throne of God to his humanity was challenged with a heavily clouded that I have any comment that should connect to money to give money to buy divinity for wanting and coming in you received life from God that you might can plot the life tool it will use experienced eaters will be ours the point that I'm trying to Mickey ASAP Jesus is our example in three so if you want to block the life of play we need to start getting your prayer life of Jesus Jesus is our way of some you will find all my examples CSS is our example if you want to be him on over one just follow the example of Jesus and this is what we are going to do I need I wanted so I'm suppressed Jesus is a white example as well okay guy is a necessity for Jesus Christ Ozzie dysphagia in my use using my pyramid plan necessity and privilege if I also enjoy incoming it would be spot on if they say you augment this side of the fence didn't need the brilliant harmonics lost a single sinful mortals feel the necessity of servant constant cry Jesus prayed a lot what about you you know when it talks about presumption is is it but we think that we can have without three the thought is presumption we must I want us to memorize this are not now but that you take you take the difference I want to estimate what IDC said we know that Christ that I may know you base three hundred and forty updates thirtieth of two got out everybody we must know Christ when my species as he resisted we must play Ozzy break we must organize our job will not use we would call you got Ozzy pumped I like this we must pray cause he ain't this is not a suggestion for us it is a must we must pray I stipulate that is a way to be strong is our example in oral all things we have all we uploaded to a reggae a topic like a statement like this steps of Christ page ninety three said easily so it all thinks it I sometimes got your fascinating oral I am busier than Jesus all comment thread honesty it is not too sometimes everything that we be easier than Jesus and we said no I can't read it is no way our country on Jesus you don't know my should the people know a lot about the data of the list of things that I have to do it you know how my eyesight meant so many things by states not possible I'm busy about Jesus so I can't not create unlike Jesus to all no it is not still read these now know I catalyze the OS and the silk rounded with the labor and responsibility cause was not all know like so you are not we can't use that excuse that the yuppies he business is not an excuse because we don't not be easier than Jesus Jesus was the easiest individual thought and belief and I you really did there was no time you know was a time that people think that it was mobbed on is a means read it is because he did not find it is it in all it has lost his mind when Angel Crombie and otherwise one die was so busy yes because I'm too busy not to play understand the one you pray more you are studied more all right so yes I was founding I also was is coming into God on Canada day in the history all these earthly life I found because such as these Huizinga integrate a lot before date you when you went out and departed into a solitary place and you preheat these advantages raised three hundred and sixty two knots versus thirty five so here is the property golfing Jesus Lookup the in the morning you see Daisy relationship between looking up thirty five and strength in the Lord that he depends on you my name and may be different than the thirty but it must be thirty and so you all if you really want power from above you get it in the morning but silent Jesus Christ Jesus Christ example is in the morning and what it was still talk rising operating great while before day you went out so early morning but for you to a copping to do it early you have to go to bed Guardian cannot say I will look operating underwood to bed up on Google I'm been thinking I need your next appointment would be eight o'clock you see you sued to challenge another culture we need to come into the college up the fact is not typing us to be stronger do not these ideas are still not the most organized under assume I didn't doesn't value hopping time duel last you will solve to want to take your bath and then possibly your next appointment God is a deadly culture believe how Lucius because if we don't resist that kind that would become a way of life you would've dominates our relationship with God Oz you can't imagine I am quite busy either division president many things call me Tuesday meetings and counseling Austin God to help me not sold into this trap is not topping time so i.e. steamboat my contact is that I need to be caught between three to four so that I will have time spent with you we exactly is my thirty .dll you must be your thirty you decide but it must birdie at the test is that you are trying before you last your next appointment you need to hop at least one hour a two state in the book is out of ages we need to have one awaits not exactly sixty minutes but the ideas that enough time it might be fifty five forty five minutes or seventy minutes is not available to it it's time to smell no it's very good the quality and quantity time by spending we've got so Jesus Christ is a morning saw the necessity is early-morning and close it off drive we know these without time early right you are maybe six maybe seven but to know you thought is clearly early before your next appointment you need to opt walks time time to spend if you don't have time to spend before you look your first appointment date meaning please note dirty enough of Iraq okay let's arrested beaten so you drive time I'm done this solitary place it depends some of them may have study room there have no fees will be but decides still have a time specific of space for you three is not something early about that but it do it would help us it would create igloo the show needed a way that you know we have the busiest roadways the completion of not doing this so we need to use an attitude that means for us to have so decided VCs to produce where I need to collect a free morning it might be a chair where a space by Doctor stipulates that you you up beside you every morning Jesus went to a solitary place and he prayed arrived there is often founding in Psalm segregated place mitigating setting the Scriptures or even prayer that is in the book these outrageous breeds eighty nine unanimous the desirability space into three four ask the standard for lower in-state in contemplation of life of Christ so our afternoon I and IED 's even given you the details we should to point by point I let the imagination crossbreed seasons especially in the closing ones awesomely must dwell upon his great sacrifice for us our confidence in you would be moral cost a lot less would-be precooked I wish I would be more deeply imbued with the spirit we need to study it is going to start date of the Bible when he disputed the prophecy would be due to better stocking the life of Jesus I also sometimes this is what Jesus Deitch to accept the six verse twelve now when it came to pass in those days that you went out to them I tend to pray I'm going to knew it all night in prayer to God we need to play Ozzy braked sometimes there is already it is not enough that's why you need the old night cream item is it depends on our relationship with you when the map you will have to search to spend one day is a special place documenting wanted to discuss with God the morning will not be enough it is overnight some people say what what one night of how these would be I will set sometimes I ask that Lisa I had this wound is very well I wanted them one my godless do not life of every time I visited you the first night we were the most and more systematic and spend alumni talking with a very close to one another I was over to go not by IAI was on a difficult vice president when you typed that he one maybe one month before our state dike but every time I visited you we spend almost low like it did just that I wound tool feel blah okay I would be so tired tomorrow let's set that start this conversation will continue I did we often talk about how I was not enough either said is one night is not given difficult to cross when you are a good relationship with God you will not half enough time or night all many things to talk when you are fairly close with your friends you know IRB said processor you said you know when people are so close that you never know using the find out -ish on Monday had undergone not because the time is not enough there gave us forget we will continue my appointment that's still okay I have told you because we have not finished that time but if you don't have a relationship with someone even two alternate and it is no body Theotokos to someone I was able to deed is I am sorry this appointment I so dizzy to Jesus Christ brittle night with a lot talking to use father is not is not surprising all rights and I I tried I tried on him shooting useful I'll encouragement a because I like to teach I take it not as a subsystem but as equipment that we should create honest Jesus prayed and I said eight of the time every time a hobby be prompt wrong war to anonymous you know a division law is serious issues I I need to load both time and doctors a time I also pray all night I went off within the very glad I stun my do things might get things set prayer as Jesus prayed to establish this relationship okay using some amazing it's amazing it's amazing then there the dog to view the power is simulated to be diet but not too tight I am surprised by that undead droning a explanation is that am glad to use the power into just like Moses went to the mountain God has given him to power even if that was not not the wealthy silently he walked cruelest of Gallic ideals you'll find discouraged not every day of course once in a while one you'll have to face challenges Jesus did not multiply date but every morning was it anything but a warm night let me first for example you did not one need not ordained selectee 's disciples it did not I did did not also one in the crowd if God wanted you to be a earthly king Saul one vacuum from a solution and then you spend all night is that when you first homages incredible challenges then you may need more time I will probably admit the eighty or the night it may be hot tonight I give you see this is not a dynasty think this is a relationship with God when you finish your conversation with God than you go to break a top-notch I bought defeated six along than not you continue Jesus up to the morning okay I also did not he said that in the hot sun apostles mainly is sleepless night was panned in a set of parallels a digit from Ray Ozzie Jesus prayed or asked to keep a victory is used for the greatest victories then for the cause of God are not the result of labored argument on both hostilities why did influence while bound as a means guy did it and it will just send that we've got one with Aristotle when I'm losing faith manner labeled up on the nineteenth on both usage and Yvonne Judaism in the request about it it saves you the greatest victories gain for the cause of God are not the result of labored argument if you don't know how to argue done what you are not disparate concourse activities usually don't not for facilities like now I was in someone's well-planned and self means this day in the war against sound that we've got I told you about my friend Gordon up on all new Wolverine 's many slopes for human VCs reveal ukuleles and Spangler play in pop-up local I'm in ninety prepares for by Sandinista company is spent a lot of time starting to want off cause is dragging asking God to do wonders and not the same time he walks your heart and I will work and pray about these the formula on the state-owned manuals you already you wanted to be succeeded hard with Billy T members only adopt was two months ago not and not tool use about two months ago in this hot Tom almost thirty thousand after five weeks of creating God then went to ignore almost three thousand what about Christ I'm not that a number as it turned you we took penetrated a regular to win souls and add the evangelistic company and was conducted as well Wendy would join the ability to Weitzel 's meaningful breeding gap you got friends flattening out as well what then does well I knew right away I felt baptism we sent not his division is amount would put Vince to across items Sunday out to Weitzel yes I'll want to learn the early hours as he lay on will in a you really want is a yes yes I thank you so much for bringing that a resembling to bed as well you know sleep is like like a day or so before before you go to thought process you need to boot everything in goods don't know what to help in the dark Knight put everything being in good sense okay nine Australia are all the men of power so you is a key to music seeing you in silence soon it example that I have given you given with my homework person one would buck price of almost six thousand out for the day in on the left for the company so could you as never before this is this is from the spirit of prophecy again that my brother could caused throughout the number of upgrade before us this is a time for us to pray cause we never approved said no this is a topic God forbid establish that we need to pray we need stool on which need to pray as Jesus prayed so with a concept called I do not read needs at least five seventy nine but I would like to give you up in assignment items date their prey I like called Jesus stock data but I'm starting to spirit of prophecy I don't exactly receive from their icy break said you must play on your plate when you have studied no the topic it is an interesting topic idea on so excited about dystopic because I didn't know this before I are trade-offs that you know I idly I whistled below to know if I don't understand something in the Bible and in the spirit of prophecy am asking God to help to help me for that said the question is that without you think that independent universality to the present you are in the Bible that is another assignment does well guidance that deal had to put as old all in the Bible Old Testament and New Testament Einstein the concept US Northeast is not noticed all day on Mrs. with plastic urography I doubt not that you know sometimes it was a will may be the only recorded the onset positive onset the Bible is not like that the Bible is not ID something you put something on the light the is recorded in the Bible says Arsenal if someone put it in the Bible I got said no it's not Toronto's local dump being reported like today's morality of some people and so on so is there if they are we set for this evening set up by Sonny's what is it in the Bible positive on the status is often deposited on negative criticism is the exception of Iraqis in the big question that Jesus said you John Chapter 11 verse forty one is it a disaster if they adopt his eyes and said father I thank you that Iraq return to me I do know that you are away CME is it always on my players being onset of this you ask the Oscar not to take the call and you realize these are gains votes will so is it not enough books it is planning you set you straight up was refused I won the Oscar three times about the floating diffusion is obviously little onset unknown on said plan so now what do you have to spend Dickey to half out what that is considered as well den we continue in Iraq they are life all I know a prayer life that most of all operators would be unsaid positively I'm some would-be onset negatively we expect but also because we are not going will not God we cannot dictate everything you do these God and God will do it know we are not going so some of our concept that has whipped up about it once in a while abroad to say no but that is the key for us to half of all our prayers would be on said positively locking device because we pray always be great if you physically I was so so are not apt is called Bud beast of the questions stopped out in the first nine hundred ten felonies reasonably well so seems that the Atlanta do not cease to pray for you and to ask about humanities to within the knowledge of these wheel we still ice cream and on understanding document will completely ultimately slowly pleasing medium being fruitful in at forty good work and increasing in the knowledge of quality so that we prayed for the conditions for them to know what you will so it is possible to know that we don't want that basically seminars that there would grow quickly because God do I still concept that kind of prayer we must not only praying classmate but by phase duration of the Holy Spirit these explains what these message when it is said that the spirit maketh intercession for us with groaning which can't not be content not to be some ICs was autonomies up don't want to go to for him to if you use to know you will of all when you have a friend of God as a study yesterday we all could still got glad we live the feel is will to you I don't discriminate object is saved you want to spin it one had he not ask a spider said we must not only writing by sandbox binding is the writers started all of the Holy Spirit so they wanted we'll tell you what I need a friend in this case statement here on is that you are in applications meaning you will you know changes according to it we'll thought you where you will raise you one phrase utilities doing this I get this rental properties it glad you liked on his goals in this net elasticities we have we had to once has a team of the division I had to wear to a a a place to ask for a private obstacle with them it was sent on request seven of those they said that going to opt lifeless eyes seventy one the initial would process your application already in seventh object type so we sent the refuse the due night and I told the team so no we are not going to send over seven we need to find out what strategy said that's when I knew the man who signs this so we want to begin with of course we would try to find someone we see if he's right to free nonsevere use friend Andrew file found somewhat so he brought us that one will sign is that to say no or yes so we went today within it will be called to begin with but the Holy Spirit touched his heart I may have sung many EB games store will open to us I decide okay I'm going to have arrived in the data and he was addicted to do that right these want to use and send it to me send it to me said to date Underwood had few find we really didn't want to not even pretending that they yet we went on a short that will get it will permit for this idea division team away what I said why the differential is that no we hop be synonymous elephant I need to add a docile octyl rights I hope you enjoy it and definitely the concept was posted to say anything without their very spirited will tell us what was what not to ask God when an event is with UC learning that would allow someone enough already the onset before and if for example your life those who are moderate or your husband if you ask any things I view me some nice night and then you have to question about the relationship and ask ten things that humans doesn't want with because when you know someone being eaten this is a fact of life using if he wants something I know that the onset would be in the unit friend from Austin you don't want to put your friend is very difficult for the sun to signal so you what others are not you would never accept dots known that sensitive that you have not been asked him if you sent before I if it is uplifting to use window for not getting about the difference between us and them is that fair value abilities baby to guide them through said ospreys on that would give like it's not going right he selected to meet and I would onset we noted to Johnson with unset so it is an uplifting to the weight of the question on using and I winked and neither would I thought before I lost today many times we only went on can we play and then we sent you species according to you with a thought exercise we should do it before before asking when the possibility of species uploading duties with Daniel Aust I got him to stop through April is the relationship with the and when you become their friend of God God will reveal to you using will undo you know if it is not already uploading these with you drop it said nominal I will not leave that but if we know that it is according to his will then you will you will continue on sometimes God of God without will not give right away but sometimes also we may make a mistake we are not brought out when they make a mistake and that's what I expect those some negative bounces but it should not be the path to it showed been exception so that is good he watches it did allow a prayer onset is to be closed the prayer of Jesus Bryant I to be a friend of on the time I'm concluding now unwilling prey Sybase we know already that I will give each according to his with a deposit in the same for the Holy Spirit flight Christlike temper always dominates trying to do is work for and against the strongest within God signal to the thought is the hotkeys already according to use use with no last one to know a prayer that God cannot resist these essays is full church on the was gratis visual needs to cooperate with you in the chronological saving souls UU knows that prayers presented in court to show nine hour I'm on the importance Jesus Connacht will resist there please is the one you lost close soaps when you ask for the new power of God God likes the onset that kind of has if you ask for ten calls God would say well we will see if you really need but if you ask so sold to ask for you gain obvious Kingdome then you should note that because donkeys loaded to according to respond well we have tried to call the dystopic we still have a few but you will you will have each we will love but will spend some time no pre- as we as we conclude as he said we don't want this to be just a intellectual exercise we all started our mind works of art but no we need to spend some time don't have long period of time but will use the short time we have to pray I know that the Wii console burdens you know a nice way I will challenge us some challenges house challenges financial Joel relationship and you and so our cost duration all of those nice garden once offs to apply no what you studied and gone decent living to Buddhists but you need to believe that gauntlet to events as we you will see in one obvious like that we need to believe you are asked young then you would thank you for rating so we we are not going to half papers and write but we would just step the quiet for one minute I think that those burdens we house and we want full plead with the Lord lead with the Lord that the debt burden would be just like my sister 's room about his sister will run off the schedule will they load us done wonders you can delete again you will delete for his glory you off your challenges I have mine I continue but what did or does done at that time does not permit but so I have I've seen things what below does what I've told you about this essay just one of the again many what the Lord has done so if we have challenges of today and I know you off because it I also this is a time for us to pray pray because that is part of the seminar we want us to go out to these who is and is excessive that witches we need to cover liked by then we would ask the power of the Holy Spirit to see who costs we started yesterday that we need to ask I believe that God would do it their way would do except we were allowed to step pray silently silent prayers I think Allstate challenges and the burdens we have identified a fox that God was touched that system without social life lies today I will change LMI 's goal one minute silent prayer and then find someone find someone to pray with you and spends some time writing for one hoping that just this media was used by audio persons working twice generation of Christ you'd like to learn more about you might see please visit www. why is that will or if you'd like this more free online service please visit www. audio verse more


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