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How to Make your Business Unusual Through Innovation and EQ

Michael Tuazon
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Michael Tuazon

Director of SOULS-West




  • August 2, 2019
    10:45 AM
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Father in heaven I come before you thinking you so much for the opportunity to share I thank you so much that you've given me an experience a story a song and today I get to share a little bit of what you've done in my life and some of the principles I've learned oh lord i don't want any glory for what you've done I wanted all to go to you so today before we began I asked that Jesus Christ would be lifted up and that we would be careful fixing our mind on secular things when we talk about secular studies I pray that you would be at the very center of our mind and that we would try to learn these principles so that we can increase your kingdom not really increase our pocket book we pray this in Jesus' name. OK well. What is a fixed mindset versus a growth mindset will be talking about those things and innovation and growth in a fixed mindset has a lot to do with your emotional intelligence as well many of you have heard of I.Q. but only in the most recent years have they talked about E.Q. which is emotional intelligence and many individuals have I should say many I should say researchers have done surveys and they have found out that your net worth and how far you go in life does not really depend so much upon your I.Q. It's more about your E.Q. and in order for you to have a strong E.Q. you've got to have a growth mindset so we're going to be talking about that then I'm going to be shifting into innovation and how that is the key force that if you have a growth mindset that gives you the ability to innovate and E.Q. growth mindset and innovation are the 2 necessary ingredients to succeed now I'm going to bring up a quote on the screen and I want you to think about this quote It actually took me a little while to get this quote down so it takes some thinking I'm warning you before you get this quote down so here is the quote. A man. It's not what he thinks he is. But what he thinks he is and. I want you to think about that. I read it through and I'm like I think I understand let me let me really understand this digest it so many of us you have thoughts about who you are and you think OK well I'm only as good as what I think I am but this quote is actually saying you know the thoughts that consume your life. The daily thoughts about others about God about. Family. That who you really are. That's the reason why we should be very careful about the thoughts that we have in our head thoughts that we think for those of us who struggle with negative thoughts for those who struggle with maybe thoughts about others and maybe you're that type of person or you've met the type of person where. You know someone says something and all they do is they downward spiral they think about it and it could be something like hey I need to talk to you later on today. And in your head it's now a downward spiral Oh no I'm in trouble oh no I'm a get fired oh no this is and this is happening right. Now those type of the things those are the things that I'm trying to make my point in terms of those daily constant minute by minute 2nd by 2nd thoughts that makes up your character and I'm going to actually show you know later on she confirms these thinks of course you know this one very well by the wisest man in the world of all time for as he things in his heart so is he right Proverbs Chapter 23 in verse 7 if you those the things that you think in your heart that's who you are and that's all it is. And then I love this one I in fact it translates better from a modern translation probably. Chapter 4 verse 23 probably one of my favorite verses on the mind be careful how you think your life is shaped by your thoughts be careful how you think your life is shaped by your thoughts very modern translation very loosely translated but the idea is good. How you think your life is shaped by your thoughts now the Bible talks about this idea about the thoughts that we have and this in turn affects if we have a growth or a fixed mindset now what is a growth there a fixed mindset. A fixed mindset is my abilities are fixed in other words you believe the way that you're born that's that's it can't get better than that. I was born a dummy so always be a dummy. If you compare yourself to others. If you say I'm either good at it or I'm not if you try something and you're not good right away like oh I just know myself if I try and I'm not good right away I just know that's not for me if you have those type of thoughts that's more of a fixed mindset a growth growth mindset is the type of person who has the thoughts I can do hard things I will do my best I will try new things I focus on improvement I learn from my mistakes that someone who has more of a growth mindset we're going to be going in detail into some of these things a fixed mindset. Is tell it intelligence is intelligence is something you have or you don't have. Well I just know I was born into a bad home my parents aren't smart so that's I'm not smart or if you think I'm born into a good oh my parents are doctors Thus I'm smart or this I'm good that's also a fixed mindset a group mind you believe that intelligence is something you were able to develop. You have to think about it do you believe that something can be developed what is a fixed versus a growth mindset here you have more characterised. 6 in a fixed mindset you avoid taking on challenges you like the easy way or do you like the hard way you do something so that you can learn or you just want to accomplish mint at the very end of void taking on challenges a group mindset will embrace any challenge of 6 months that you quit or you easily give up the group mindset you never give up a fixed mindset you're highly self-critical the growth mind self is you practice of compassion you understand yeah I did my best I leave it all with the rest to God they fix mindset you see effort as pointless some of you like well I tried and I didn't get it so it's pointless I didn't get the I didn't get into med school it was pointless a growth mindset you see the effort as a journey. A fixed mindset you disregard criticism someone criticizes you and you just brush it off and say well they didn't know anyways or you know they didn't understand the back story they didn't understand what I had to go through some with a growth mindset they learn from all criticism whether it's valid or not valid a fixed mindset resent the success of others a growth mindset is inspired by other success a fixed mindset criticize and judges others a growth mindset helps a nurtures others a fixed mindset argues for our limitations and a growth mindset believes in possibilities in my mind if you're a Christian by default and you believe that the Bible is God's inspired word and you believe that for Libyans for 13 really inspired by God which says I can do all things through Christ what kind of mindset should we have. By default we should have the growth mindset right. Now this is actually something I had to learn part of it. Think is when you're born maybe this is my journey into an Asian household you in my mind our culture sometimes our cultures they also. They Shape Who We Are and in our culture it's it's almost like Oh you were born smart this person is born smart and so I had to learn a lot of things in my own culture I thought OK I'm just born this way I'm not born this way this person is born his 1st year Violet and I'm born as someone who's better at sports I didn't understand this idea that you can actually improve you can grow you can get better. A mindset is a simple idea discovered by world renowned Stanford University psychologist Carol Dweck So she is the one credited with the phrase mindset she did decades of research on achievement and success and she found out that a simple idea makes all the difference. Carol Dweck found that raw talent and aptitude have relatively little to do with how far children will journey in life when they become adults in fact she studied this by the way if any of you want the power point of more than happy to give it I have no copyright just the right to copy So if you want it you can have it OK. Through a series of studies Carol found that she was surprised to find a certain subset of children who not only were able to tolerate failure not even simply to cope with it but actually relish it on one occasion she gave children a series of nearly impossible puzzles many were frustrated some gave up some labored but if you had a completely different bunts so as she looked at these individuals these kids in maybe kindergarten and instead of shying away from things that are challenging they embraced it now if you think about that that's pretty renowned for children most of you have spent time with children and you understand when the children see something that they can't do the usually easily quit this 2 are right now. Usually what happens with children but she found a remarkable group of children that were inspired by things that they couldn't figure out puzzles and so it led them letter to a journey of studying these individuals for 20 years so this isn't just overnight one year test this is a test that she did over the course of many years decades of research one of the boys a 10 year old who was confronted with one of the nearly most impossible puzzles looked up with a smile on his face and said You know I was hoping this would be informative another rubbed his hands and cried out I love a challenge they had no idea that they were expanding their neural plasticity in their mind now what's wrong with them Carol direct found herself asking this letter on a 20 year journey that produce remarkable findings how people respond to challenges and failure depends not on their failure but on their mindset. Over 20 years she tracked these individuals who enjoyed challenges from a kid and she found that these were the ones that were most successful not the ones with the highest I.Q.. Now this is important to understand because we live in a D.N.A. age when parents know this is a news article so I'm a teacher so I have a lot of parents and they come to us and they asked certain things and privileges for their kids now 10 years ago we were dealing with helicopter parents you know those are right they rode around well I read on Newsweek or Time magazine I think it was just a couple weeks ago that now we're dealing with not helicopter parents no plow parents. That will bulldoze you down so that their children could have their own way a couple of months ago sold us was doing a blitz in Arizona at the largest church the Camelback 7 they have in a stretch and they have a really good ministry the pastor set it up with this system director of Arizona State University which is the largest university in the United States of America Arizona State University in Tempe Arizona. They had the assistant director for the for the entire athletic program so this is you know the Sun Devils and he came in and he gave a remarkable presentation this was on a Sunday they had a nice breakfast and he's a Christian as well but one thing that he told us that I never forgot is he said that even in a secular setting they're dealing with parents as the primary problem for these athletes what happens the parents come in and they say you know my son is really gifted and of course you know the coaches they want to have them earn their playing time and the parents come in they see but my kid's not starting. And of course the coaches say Well they've got to earn their playing time they're also a freshman there's you know the software juniors and seniors they're kind of ahead of them well you don't understand my son was all America. He should be starting and if the coaches don't appeal to the parents and make them starters they threaten and often it will move their skids to another school that's how bad it is nowadays so this is something that we're not just dealing with in elementary schools parents are getting involved on a college level now in our basically threatening athletic directors of major universities saying I don't like what you're doing I don't like the playing time I don't like this you know coaching my kid right and they basically will move them in and you know I'm not one who gets into things or in news but I think that many of you if you if you've watched or looked at Sporting News will know the ball family of our ball has a son Lorenzo Ball who's an athlete in the N.B.A. and same think similar thing it was like my sons are going to be big and they were at U.C.L.A. he didn't like their playing time he said forget you were moving them overseas he didn't like the coach he said I'm going to be the coach we all laugh and we think that's hilarious at least for me I was like kind of Daddy's doing this but it's something that directors are seeing that parents are coming in and they're not letting their kids go through challenges. That in turn is hindering kids right this right here is for those of you who are brainiacs did you know now this is fascinating this remarkable. There are more possibilities for neurological pathways and what's a neurological pathway a thought and a behavior becomes a neurological path when your mind did you know that there are more neurological pathways in your mind the neurons in the universe atoms in the universe I should say more neurological pathways in your mind. Than atoms in the universe that is remarkable That's how amazing your brain is in fact neurologists they say that we barely know maybe one or 2 percent of the brain of what it can do. Functions of its possibilities it is by far the most mysterious organ that we have now I like to show this because now we can get to the spiritual mind set we understand something simple. I like to say that imagine that your brain is a field so you have a field and those of you who have ever been to the bush those of you who have ever been to a place where there is no clear pathway it's hard to create a pathway if you are hiked somewhere and you didn't go to the trailhead and you just want to make my own trail you'll find that it's quite difficult Well what happens is in your mind think of it as a blank state as a field and the thoughts that you produce lead to your actions your actions lead to habits your habits lead to a lifestyle your lifestyle leads to a destiny and this is formed by the neurological pathways that you with stablish in your mind and that's why it's important that you are careful about the things that you think because it all starts with your thought. Listen to this quote from the pen of inspiration. It is not through one act that the character is formed but by repetition of acts that habits are established and character is confirmed so it's not just through one thing if you have one thought by God's grace you can overcome if you have an action you can still overcome this is what talks about it's not one act but it's a repetition of these acts and habits that are established and character is confirmed and that's what we've got to be careful about the things that you think the actions that you end up doing because that in turn confirms your character and your character is what confirms your destiny and I want to give you a good quote Maybe some of you here are like well you don't understand I've lived many years I have terrible habits I didn't have right thoughts and recently I've found the Lord and so can I have victory over those things that over years. I've developed in my mind. The beautiful thing is George chapter 3 we can restore with the locus of eating right and I love what this quote says deserve a just Page $650.00 Christ in the fullness of His grace is there to change the current of the thought they. Were those of you were like I have bad thoughts those of you who maybe you scored a horrible score on this quiz and say I have a fix minds it Christ can make up the difference Christ in the fullness of His grace is there to change the current of the thoughts that have been running in selfish channels. For those of you who think that you can't overcome you for those of you who have been addicted to something for many years beauty of the price is he can break those selfish habits he can break those selfish channels now we understand that we see fixed and growth mindsets in the Bible can anyone give me a Bible story where we see a growth mindset versus a fixed mindset anyone can can tell me a growth mindset respects there's one that I can think of that is just so clear but anyone can think of a fixed growth mindset the Bible. Part. Saul and David OK So David what was Saul's fixed. OK so David regards to authority anyone else that's the one I was thinking of 2 that's a case study one that 10 spies came in right who would they think. Yeah we can't conquer this we can't grasshoppers. And then we have the 2 spies Caleb and Joshua and what do they think we can let's do it at once in fact Caleb he gets up and shouts and says let's do it once in fact I believe that he knew the fixed mindset of the rather 10 spies and he was like I don't even for them to hear it he gets up shout Let's go right now of course the 10 piped up in change the course of history so yes there is the Caleb and Joshua what about the fairest seats there's the fixed mindset as well versus Jesus right we have the disciples many of them had some fixed mindsets in regards to the kingdom. In a fixed mindset you want to hide your flaws so that you're not judged or you're labeled as a failure so for those of you you want to hide things and you don't want people to see you know some of the feel your life you don't want to get counseling you know a fixed mindset. In a growth mindset that. Your flaws are just a To Do list of things to improve and I like that. Like I want your flaws but that's just my to do list because I'm going improve on them. In a fixed mindset. You stick with what you know to keep your confidence. I know this I'm an expert in this so I just want to do this and so yeah because I want to look good in front of others fixed mindset you care a lot what people think. In a group of minds if you keep up your confidence by always pushing into the unfamiliar to make sure you're always learning. In other words you don't care so much for people. Thank you like let me go to another area I want to learn something new to growth mindset pushing yourself in unfamiliar territory in a fixed mindset you look inside yourself to find your true passion and purpose as if this is a hidden inherit thing and that's the problem and I think some millennial they go from job to job and they're like well I need to dig inside of what really makes me happy. In a growth mindset you commit to mastering valuable skills regardless of mood knowing passion and purpose comes from doing great work which comes from expertise and experience so what if you don't like what you're doing. Learn how to like it learn how to master it learn how you can still be a difference. In a fixed mindset failure defines you. In a growth mindset Failure is simply a temporary setback in a fixed mindset that you believe you believe if you romantically compatible with someone you should share all of each other's views and everything should just come naturally now just talking to this the other day it I'm happily married so I'm thankful you know I am happily married to my wife and we both know that we can grow we both have gone through through counseling we both have said you know these are some good tips good skills for us to learn and we tell people we said yes we are Christians we follow the Bible we read haven't a soul but sometimes we think if we read heaven is home if we read yet letters in lovers that we can't grow from there that's a fixed mindset verses Oh I'm here to grow I'm here to learn and you know when we did counseling I learned better ways of how to communicate I learned how wild if I see things this way my wife will understand better. In a growth mindset you know that's a big who in a growth mindset you believe a lasting relationship comes from effort and working through any vegetable differences their growth mindset you believe a lasting really. Chip comes from effort and working through any vegetable differences some people just like oh we're just not compatible I married this person now obviously when you were dating and you're in courtship you can find things and say you know there's just a lot of things that we don't have in common I'm specifically talking about especially if you're married now you're married you've committed yourself there is no back door there is no way out and the only way up is to have a growth mindset. In a fixed mindset it's all about the outcome if you fail you think all effort was wasted that's what I failed that didn't work out Oh I dated someone it it didn't work out I'm a failure that was a waste of time no no no no no no no in a growth mindset you realize valuable lessons from even experiences where you were hurt experiences where you even failed now how to switch from a fixed mindset to a growth mindset that's probably the most important thing what if we have a fixed mindset how can we grow it well number one I believe that confidence in Christ confidence in the Bible so Isaiah Chapter 55 or 79 the Bible addresses these ideas of a fixed mindset versus a growth mindset according to this verse Let the weak it 1st take their way. Let them for sake there are ways that the fix thoughts my thoughts in your thoughts is Isaiah 55 verse 9 In other words whatever thoughts you have about yourself those fixed mindsets. On the promises of crisis that his thoughts are better than your thoughts if crisis something in Scripture do you have faith that it will come true you have faith that those promises were meant for you. You know this is off the topic but I think that it's powerful. I read something real recently from the does. I have ages I used to think that when I read Bible promises that it was like oh well that was for the disciples or that was for this specific group of people or those were for the Israelites and I read something powerful if you haven't done this go and do this there is. There's a story specifically believe in the desire of the ages. And it's when Jesus was baptized at the you know by John the Baptists think many of you remember that story. You hear a voice from heaven that is what what does God say yes this is my beloved. In whom I'm Well police now for the longest time I read and I would just say well that's really cool that's kind of obvious that God would say that about Jesus I read this quote from the desire of ages that changed my outlook on that story and this is why it says. The promise that God said to Jesus was not for him. It was for you. In other words Jesus knew that. And so that audible voice this is my beloved son was for the hearers was for everyone else to understand at the same thoughts that God has for his son is the same thought that he has for you. Now think about that. If God views Christ the way that he views you that's a game changer that should immediately changes from a fixed mindset to a growth mindset those promises are meant for you and then Ellen why goes on and she talks about the promises made in the scriptures were meant for everyone God doesn't have any favorites. Doesn't play any favorites. That was tremendous that really changed my outlook so read that story if you want the full context of those things here are some other things secularly that will help you go from me fix mindset to a growth mindset number one acknowledged. And embrace imperfections 1st step. Instead of hiding them which is probably the Asian way you want to now acknowledge and embrace imperfections. You have imperfections acknowledge them embrace them I know that I'm not good at this but I'm going to embrace them and I'm going to work on them never to view challenges as opportunities you challenges as opportunities number 3 Try different learning tactics you know you don't have to just memorize scripture by just reading it you can listen to it there are apps for it I have this one app called Scripture memorization or no it's called verses V E R S E S go in the App Store if you want to call verses and it starts out by like it shows it to you then after that you fill in the blank then after that you hear it then after that you have to type it in then you know I got really good at that they added a new feature where now I obviously have to refer back and it will see if I say it wrong I was like wow this is crazy I can't believe that that's called verses because before I would actually get it right perfect as it would happen as I type it in because you know you could think about it for a while where does that no no it's not yeah that's right so I would do that and it would take some time now you actually have to audibly say it quickly and if you mess up it will tell you so you get it right and so that's called verses so there's different ways you can learn because I'm one of those people who I don't have the greatest memory in the world I remember when I you know I'm a canvasser when I was not you know they give you the canvas and before you knock on doors they give you that canvas and I remember they gave it to me and I'm like well you know understand I'm not one of those like I'm a conceptual learner. And I canvassing leader said. We don't care memorize it you have to do in or 60 seconds. I didn't know this but when I memorize it I'm like wow I could actually do this that was a big aha moment I mean there's a lot of. Camus's of all the Ellen why books in and you HAVE TO THE END UP timing you. I mean it's like this like hard core and so you know I remember I came into the program they said hey did you memorize the canvas that we emailed you and I. Go ahead and I said well OK Don't tell me the 1st word. Hi My name is and they're like No no you have to say this so well because you have to be able to memorize it has to be in your You're like memory to the point where you're like saying it your sleep almost And the reason why they do that is because when you are good campuses gammas or when you knock on the door you have that canvassing so will slow down how many as Michael said we're going to get us out of our lesson when you can do that really quick what happens is you are now praying for that person in your mind you know praying for them they go Holy Spirit will touch them as you're spitting out the campus and you're also reading what type of person they are and what kind of book you should have you can't do that if you don't really know that campus. And so now I understood the reason why and you know I came into the program like oh they'll understand you know I have a I can't memorize word for word I have more of a conceptual memory and they're letting care you've got to memorize it all word for word try different ways to learn another way you can grow from fixed stop seeking approval. Number 6 value the process over the end result sometimes we just want a we don't care how we get it. Instead you want to grow you want to learn in fact one of the one of the probably the coolest things I've ever seen ever done a teacher did this. And what happened is everyone studied for the final it was supposed to be a really hard final. And I still remember the story was so cool everyone sits down to all really nervous. The class a century class by the way you have the whole thing through class member you know summarize. 2300 days can you do everything you know and you know a bunch of other things how can you Finney can you defend 844 can you get to October 2002 I mean like you know some deep stuff that many of you maybe can't do here right so it's just some really hard stuff and the teacher says this. How many of you want to take the final or I know I'll be understanding some of you. I know you probably had a lot of tests to study for how many of you will take a B. plus you don't have to take it study for your other exams. Did you know. That 99.999 percent everyone except one person. And the teacher actually had everyone stand in the back so if you don't want to test you stand back every once in the back. Only one student said and take it everyone else backs against the rule. Now he made them stand the entire time while that one student finished that exam but. Now here's the crazy part they come back to their seats and he said. Those of you who didn't take the test you all failed. Should you go to an integrated Bible College. Did you really want to be that bad. Instead of wanting to learn the material. You're here to learn the material. I've never forgotten that show that we care about what people think we care about seeing an A so that we can feel good about ourselves instead of you know I'm there to take the test regardless of how I do no matter what I'm there I'm going to take the test if I feel I'm going go down trying and I'm going to see what I know. It was powerful to see this there's a book for those of you want more information about this called the talent code greatness isn't born. It's grown and here's how. Some of these ideas have come from the book the talent code you can also look up. Stuff as well. And. Nowadays I found this those of you who have children or grandchildren they have resources so that your children can have a growth mindset mindset works this is a website empowers children to embrace a growth mindset they have brainy all A-G. for the home so for those of you who are like well I want my children to have a growth mindset instead of here's the deal and I hope I don't have to have this talk with many of you I'm sure many of you are intelligent here and spiritual but some people we have you by maybe Direct T.V. or maybe you buy some sort of program to have cable television for that same amount you can invest in the future of your kids $50.00 basically a month for this type of program some of you are to expensive or how much you spend for cable or how much you spend for Hulu or other useless things or whatever it is Apple Music Spotify and instead you should be we should be embracing challenges in teaching our kids to have a growth mindset after all what does the Bible say it says Let this mind be in you which was also in who. Christ Jesus Philippians to verse 5 now I'm going to switch gears here because if you have a growth mindset that leads us to problem in the next important thing that I'm going to talk about and that is innovation the growth mindset leads to innovation Now why is innovation important without innovation. We will die the church will die America is a country will die do you know what has kept America on the forefront the top leading nation the last you know 100 plus years it's because we've innovated thinks you know who came up with the automobile. Yeah Henry Ford he was American. Flight. Wright Brothers American. What about when it comes to tell. Phone. Yeah the light bulb. Right what about some things even more recently that we use the i Phone. Steve Jobs you understand that we the reason that has kept America from the forefront some of us we think it's defense and 50 percent of tax dollars plus that we spend on defense I argue and I heard this great presentation that innovation is the great defense if you have the ideas if you have the great inventions people will follow you respect you and so that's why we constantly need to be innovating. And you know it's it's it's pretty crazy because the biggest companies in the world strange you know when I was in high school the biggest company in the world was Microsoft and then it became apple and then after that now with Amazon slash Google Now they're battling for the the to be the biggest you know Jeff Bezos the richest man in the world and if you just saw the news but you just got a divorce prices divorce in history his wife makes a cool $30000000000.00 just being just saying I do to this man Jeff Bezos wife and guess what he's still the richest man in the world just lost $30000000000.00 and still the riches that when you lose 30000000000 and you're still the richest man in the world that's incredible So things are changing and let me tell you something the spiritual world is changing as well people perceive church differently as well you know one of the largest churches in America is actually right here in Louisville Kentucky there's a large church here I saw off the freeway I remember I was I was actually here 2 weeks ago staying with. Working with some canvassers and I was working with some canvassers and I get off the exit and I see this huge mammoth structure and I'm like What is that. And so I mean a few friends of mine we were actually curious we drove up to this huge structure of Sabbath afternoon. You know we had just gone to 1st Louisville Aves church and we had a great experience I didn't know this but it is extra but Mohammad Ali his brother goes to that church and he's actually he's actually married to an abacus and so it was kind of cool to see all of these things and he was that's a that's a separate topic but I just hung out with him a fellowship lunch and a colleague of mine he was like there's this huge mammoth structure Let's check it out we go there and it turns out they're having church on Saturday it was so huge they had to have. Patrol cars they had to hire police to come in and direct traffic the lights just wouldn't do justice there would be just traffic jam for hours from the freeways because of the thousands of thousands of thousands of people that were going to this church we go up to this thing. And we see this huge parking lot and then we realize this parking lot was just for 1st or 2nd time attendees. I mean this parking lot is bigger I'm from Loma Linda it's been was bigger than the university churches parking lot and this was just the 1st and 2nd time attendees in other words they were expecting to have 5000 plus 1st and 2nd time visitors. Going to this church that seats 40000 people or 30000 or whatever it is it was just something crazy everything is changing our church is changing people are changing what they're interested in changing social media changing and if we don't have a growth mindset and if we don't innovate our church is going to die we see that our schools are going to die. Administrators are closing. Why do we need to innovate as we said things are changing why Also do we need to innovate Well we need to innovate specifically because culture has and it will change in the church is changing as well why do we need to innovate because the church is no longer the language of the people did you know that back in the days thirty's forty's fifty's everything revolves around to. Language revolved around church what people talked about in weekends dominated church and this was just America music dominated church. But things of change we've become more of a secular country and it's so much difficult to reach the secular minds why do we need to innovate in everything that we do we have to develop competencies so what exactly is innovation or let me ask another quick question what is the difference between innovation and creativity. Or wonder that what is the difference with innovation and creativity Well innovation. Is a system. Innovation is not creativity well innovative people are often creative innovation is the process of managing the implementation of the creative process as it is applied to specific goals creativity is often an event innovation is a system has to be a system and if we don't innovate if we don't do something things are going to change your business will die your ministry will die your church will die we have to think innovative Lee. Apple is doing this think about that. Would Apple start out as has anyone know what it started out as. We did it 1st sell computers. Did you know that most Apple products are not computers now. The number one thing that they sell is not the i Phone It's streaming services she get the. I Cloud and Apple music that stuff is reaches more people now than the i Phone Apple understands innovation imagine they went from a computer then they went from a computer and they said Well let's now have some other products and this this computer company is going to make the M P 3 player called an i Pod that was probably one of the biggest shifts in thinking then from an i Pod They're going to go and this was huge to a phone I remember being a loyal Motorola person I think or was it Nokia person I think I had one of those Nokia 8897 if you remember those phones you had like it was like you could basically call people in place Naik I think that was the only thing that you could do on those no queues so it was a brick phone you know it wasn't even Worth Texas and it hurt your fingers too much and everything you know just awful phones right and I remember when Apple announced that they are going to introduce the i Phone and I'm like. Who is going to buy a computer company is going to sell a phone who's going to buy that that's ridiculous. You know the Nokia users Motorola users what has happened to those companies now does anyone have a new key a phone here or a Motorola phone. Right. Now it's gone from basically those companies to now Apple and Samsung that's basically if you think about it they understood that they had to change they have to have a paradigm shift they came up with the phone and everyone was laughing at that and now from a phone they're going into streaming services. And it's crazy because they understand that the same thing with Google the same thing with Amazon what Amazon start off with. They sold one thing and that was books that was it basically college textbooks is kind of how they started then after that they started selling other things and you know Amazon was a small company they were tiny Barnes and Noble was the big one but Amazon shifted they went from just selling books to selling in every thing buying a whole foods I mean it's in Korea credible. That's innovation and the thing is we have to think different. To take from the Apple slogan you have to think different if you want to survive in specially is something that is changing so rapidly before from the 1950 S. to 2000 you can get away with a pretty stable life with things not changing too much basically it's like the television changing from a large 2 to something that it's more streamlined then you have a big screen screen you know you went from you know the biggest things in 50 years from 1950 to 2000 was the Walkman you know. We went from the record player to the Walkman. Now we're talking like seismic changes happening. Every 5 years. Companies that were the biggest company to now being extinct within 5 to 7 years Anyone remember my space. That was the biggest social media media company before anyone still has a My Space account probably know my wife to see. Things are changing quickly and rapidly and as a church as a ministry we also have to understand these things we can't miss out on on innovation but here's the problem when we think about innovation there's something called disrupting technology that happens now for those of you don't know what disrupting technology. And explained it OK so here's a popular case study blockbuster there is still one blockbuster in America only one I believe it was in Oregon believe it's in Oregon I think it's a small town and it kind of pride themselves that they're the only blockbuster in the world every other blockbuster has closed so here's what's called a we call it disruptors in business. So. Does anyone remember Kodak. OK Remember go to great so Kodak used to make what. So much cameras there was something of film they have a member that is the gold film role and everything they had a few cameras but there are there are major business was film now you remember that you took how many shots you get to men remember $24.00 and a few paid extra you could get $36.00 shots right now back in those days it wouldn't be like Oh let's take 5 shots just know you want to get this one shot and you want to get it right because you only have $24.00 shots then what would happen is you would take that film out you know he would some of you if you had the old camera you actually have to wind the film right she had a wind then it became a little roll and with that roll you had to drop it off it Cosco or somewhere else and then you had to wait a couple of days and then once you couple of days you came you got the film and it became photos 4 by sixes and you looked and you realized wow 7 of these I need to throw away anyways because I accidentally took a couple of my pocket this one is blurry remember those days right. So Kodak had an opportunity. To be the leading digital camera company in the world. But they didn't do it anyone know why. Because it would be a disruptor. What would happen if they came up with a digital camera what would it take away from. The film that's work and so they're like No no we can't do this if we go into the digital camera business people won't buy film if they don't buy film. We want exist I guess would have been. Doesn't exist anyways right that's what can happen. I want you to understand this so there is often going to be thoughts or things that come into your ministry or your business opportunities and you have to either embrace it or you're like OK if I don't take on this new challenge if we don't shift you can make this obsolete. And that's the same thing when it comes to Blockbuster what happen is the Netflix came out and they came and did a presentation for blockbuster in 2000 they showed hey we have an idea we can actually stream videos in fact before Netflix actually there was Redbox and you actually put it in the vending machine you can get it it was kind of on a trust system or whatever it was neck flicks had some sort of business model like that and Blockbuster laughed at them and said You're crazy and we're never going to buy into this and part of the reason why they didn't want to buy into it was what. It was a disruptor. People stream movies they won't rent movies or buy movies if they don't read or buy movies what's going to happen will cease to exist and so that's what happens and so we have to constantly be thinking about how we can be innovative Now remember we as a ministry or a business you have to think about number one what is our message. Number 2 what is your culture and number 3 what is the delivery in order for you to be successful in business or ministry you have to think 3 things what is our message. What is our culture but more importantly how are we delivering it. Those are the key things that we need to understand now what happens with every business. Is that it goes through a cycle so here's the life cycle every business what happens is you start and then as you start it begins to die or go down but if you catch it in time you can actually have right here if you have innovation right here if you innovate you can have an up cycle So what Apple has done is they created the computer and they realized people were buying computers it was going down the innovated and they said let's create an i Pod then it went up on the up cycle and then the the i Phone or excuse me the i Pod was dying how many of you still buy in P 3 players no one right that was dying and then they said let's now create a smart phone and then they continue to go up the reason why Apple is so valuable is because of innovation they catch their products on the down cycle innovate and reinvent itself they're not scared of failing. That's what's happening with the top companies and I believe that's what needs to happen with our church this is what needs to happen right here is we have to figure out how can we be relevant Well can we do this is the breakthrough in innovation this point right here when you see the downtrend and that's why I think we need to think differently there was a time when we used to get a ton of people to our evangelists Dick Sears by the way I'm an evangelist I love evangelism I was brought to a deeper walk with God through a revelation series in 20022003. I learned this precious truths of Adventism and it made me want to live my life for God made me want to do evangelist X. series for God In 2010 we did a bunch of evangelism we had great results but we've been doing evangelism for the last almost 10 years and we realize that's increasingly difficult to get people through the door. And that. Again the reason for innovation we have to think different how can we still get people to come to church those are things we have to ass get the real questions down to skip through this slide right here and for the sake of time we have to have new focus. All right here's what I want to show you right here so when it comes to innovation there are what we call the innovators so they innovate something. Think about it just think about the i Phone since we all know that Steve Jobs innovated the i Phone And then there were people who were the early adopters they bought the i Phone in the beginning and some of your like I'm not going to buy that. You're just like no no no no no it's not for me I like my Nokia I like my Motorola like my flip phone but there were some people who immediately wanted the i Phone They got the 1st i Phone or the 2nd i Phone The 3rd i Phone then we have the early majority maybe they bought the i Phone 4 but just say that you bought the i Phone 4 or the i Phone 3 or something that you had you were in the early majority then you have the majority those are the people who maybe got the i Phone 6 or the i Phone 7 or now the i Phone 7 plus or now the i Phone 10 and then we have the laggards those of you still have Samsung's right Mike that's still I'm just kidding. The point of the matter is in every thing you have when you're in of the early adopters the early majority late majority in the leg and some people come up with great ideas but because they don't go from early adopters to early majority it doesn't it doesn't do well that's what happens what we've realized every time someone has a great idea. Some people I did you know that before Facebook there were other social media platforms or a lot of other ones like My Space that was Friendster I believe there was I think it was the one called high 5 I mean there were like all sorts of different platforms but what happened was if it doesn't go from early adopters to early majority to go over here it's not going to catch on and go through this cycle and so that's where we need to understand is how do you go from early adopters to early majority if we figure this out then you'll have a successful life cycle all right for the sake of time and you did in. Real soon here I didn't realize the time to run through a bunch of these slides. I like to say that right here the clergy or members can be the influence we can be the chasm that bridges between early adopters and early majority we can bring people in by the way this chasm we call is Moore's gap. And see there's a number of things for. Why OK so let's go through this. So why Innovation doesn't happen and have to end here in the next couple of minutes what does innovation happen number one is oftentimes we have a culture of punishment. If you don't succeed you'll be punished if you don't succeed you'll be fired if this doesn't do well budgets are taken away so if you have a culture of punishment it's going to be hard to innovate you see you go to these tech companies and many of them they have that this idea of no we want you to think different it's OK to fail because we want to learn in other words we know that there's going to be 10 failures for every success and so the reason why Innovation doesn't happen in the church the reason why Innovation doesn't happen in our ministries is because we have a culture of punishment. If you try an evangelist experience or if you try something and it fails or be like well we tried the last time and you know it didn't work because it didn't work we're not going give you vandalism money we're not going to do this that's a culture of punishment verses it would be nice if a church or a conference has the idea of you know what we're going to give $100000.00 to evangelism or whatever it meant let's just make it a 1000000 a $1000000.00 to evangelism every single few quarters or a year and we don't care if it if it fails because we're going to find the thing that succeeds and if we have that type of mindset we're going to figure it out some kid's going to come up with something that's like we figured a way to get people into the church the reason why innovation also doesn't happen is because we think short term we seem to focus on short term results we didn't evangelised series last year in prison go to brought 10 people 20 people to go to church we're very thankful for that now let's not do it for another 10 years like that's how we think we just think short term. And then also isolation people in different ministries fail to communicate so as a church were isolated we think short term and we have a culture of punishment we also realise in the Avenues church we have a lack of data we don't track things we don't track people come to our church we don't try. People who are dissatisfied with potluck food I mean we don't track things. And also we have this leadership focused culture as I will whatever the pastor. Oh you don't want to do anything right now just wait for the pastor to come in we're in transition right now. It's as if the pastor is the only one with good ideas and that's why Innovation doesn't happen we forgot that the church the church membership is the one that should be doing the primary work the leg work and then we have this idea that the culture of perfection everything has to be right the 1st time I wanted to end with this because I talked about this and I wish I could talk about more but I have. To get going in and I'm sure we have lunch don't mess with that one right. Failure produces success. I don't know if it's still just a couple months ago but Heinz 57 is called that because it took 57 times for them to get that recipe. That's why it's called Heinz 57. It should have been like it could have been Heinz one if they got it right the 1st time if they tried all that is great right but it's called Heinz 57 because it took 57 times to get that ketchup recipe W D 40 the same thing. It took 40 times to get the Oh well now we can actually lubricate bike pedals in our bite chain. That companies had a. Culture of. It's OK to fail. As long as you feel forward. And I think in order for us to be successful. In our church in our ministries. We need to number one have a growth mindset. And number 2 to. Embrace innovation. And that might be hard to hear at its high and in you know sometimes church ministries when things are big. That's really if we look at the case studies from other businesses how they got to where they're at. To hope this challenges you of how you can personally have a growth mindset but number 2 think innovative really in your church in your ministry or in your business. Let's pray. Thank you Lord for the opportunity to share a few things on my mind I think you lure that we can learn from the Bible and from the Spirit of Prophecy and it's just sad that we see secular tech companies following the Bible and spirit prophecy closer than us they're willing to think different they're willing to have a growth mindset they're willing to believe that things are possible and here we serve this great God but we believe small things are possible I pray that you would change our mindsets and change our thinking so that we could wrap this work up and we can go we pray this all in Jesus name Amen this was produced by audio Yes I haven't is lame in services and industry. 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