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A Work That Must Be Done: The Prophecy of Public Campus Ministries

Justin Kim


Justin Kim

Assistant Director of Sabbath School/Personal Ministries and Editor of the inVerse Bible Study Guide for the General Conference



  • December 31, 2009
    9:30 AM
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Chris's father it's sneezing it pushed my schedule more design be pushed by the Holy Spirit Lord we ask that you see the sincerity in our hearts we declared to you we are sinners and we need a blood of Jesus to cover us at all times on design Esquire to be like Jesus only by your grace to fatherless brothers and sisters in this humble little room to ask that drill open our hearts and our minds to be open to what happened to justice today Chris Jesus while various seminar six parts first and fourth overdone but myself second and fifth will be done by Amy Shepherd and and thirty six we done by no two and a real find out when you see there is that as soon as I is some as a work that must be done a prophecy of public interest ministries and I in print record mission conference on public ministries missions department and Michigan things just weakness when technology has been tell who the students are writing down everything that I'm saying already is only something that is suited to do today is a nice day and is him and I was going to send you that your attentive and use of the seminar format what were going to purport today is the need for campus ministries and for those of you if you are in a campus ministry now in a student or as a worker right now please raise your hands I be ashamed of who you are show your markets means that it could be good we want to police for those your listening in we want to at least inspire and instruct and why was she to campus ministries this is not a stage in your life the wiring campus and campus ministries while you're on University business this is a calling that were were were trying to get the word out on today my first session will be a study in spirit of prophecy spirit of prophecy why is a lot talk about a public campus ministries and exalt a lot of our instructions on our warnings and I think it's pretty fruitful study so if in this person has a lot of spirit of prophecy coaster and other writings and unwind please don't be discouraged I don't believe the other seminars in such this one is just the nature of the case subtitle is the prophecy of public campus ministries in the two thousand three General conference commission report on higher education their estimate is seventy five percent Avenue some people were currently enrolled in non-Communist educational institutions is not a high number take that as a conservative estimate of recent estimates have pushed up to ninety one or ninety two percent what will bring percentage is is either not going to college which is popular in the southern Ward Midwestern states or they're going to have institution such as Andrews LeBlanc of Southern Sierra view CPC DC whatever he sees it there is what's happening the rest of the years are going to state schools because when the cheaper they are going to better schools academically because diachronic but it were opportunities there are major study offered etc. etc. etc. a what's happening is you have the most talented young people who are entering into a fielder can easily lose your faith assist potential future time money that the fact that the church could be all written that in and not having a Senegal have charges after your money perspective but it's a reality yes shouldn't we all pay page five yes we could go and I mainly want to the wall and make money and the Lord blesses us in the money go back to the Lords work that should the loser fan content is what happens to your potential is gone and smartest cabinets asked me if if the opportunities given to the harvest in Yosemite and he was afraid this is a huge exodus of the church the church is very scared to invest in secular education because one day don't believe in it and they shouldn't they shouldn't believe in secular education by seventy five to ninety two percent young people are leaving shouldn't invest in a ministry for students in the field came to invest in people in prison yes they does I mean we endorse people were going to prison no were ministries and because of their anyway two thousand three and to find I can go to notably the link is there those axis two thousand five the next year and two thousand ten GC session there will be another report and updated Athens what is education what is education by the way this is to kind of glass some of you education is not a degree and you know that what is an education is not about the degrees not knowing more stop it's not using high vocabularies because you know it and use it in a pub of setting tenure smart an analysis education will want to start from birth you are educated as you are in your mother 's plumbing and continues throughout life and fraternity it's in the context the great conquerors a little faster visa stuff is just four euros Wachovia brain and there were going to the main salty one is struggling to make a accuracy where character development of her humanity and Mister Jesus character development is the main point of education thing is character development the main focus on public universities right now is a professor care less about your moral and ethical foundation outside philosophy professor James are the boss professors have a different agenda altogether education should lead individuals to be like Jesus in character and also to you are useful and the primary focus of education to be useful universities up with a graphic on the useful I even answered because you feel guilty and saying no you're not useful wanting what what what function in society not whatsoever you just mooch off of a democratic system that we have today how are you useful and that's what we need to learn and can you be useful in a public university yesterday hopefully that USC students and an avid students were converted and can get counts as the teachers and something magnificently stands for page forty nine to bring man back into harmony with God so to elevate and ennoble his moral nature that you may gain again reflect the image of the Creator is the great purpose of although what he and the Cape education page thirteen to the first sentence greetings cards the large paragraph show education means more than the perusal of a certain course of studying a nine just because you take organic chemistry does not mean educated organic chemistry if anything you don't know anything about organic chemistry it is crammed for the night before you get a honest that you downloaded out of your system the day after writing needed a Ugandan medical school and you know anything about organic chemistry are not educated just know how to play the system is in University that you're smart to dominate the stupid you are continue reading it means more than a preparation for life and now is it has to do with the whole while family talk about it to education it is it fights against the secularism of non- Avenue school is a true education should be an asset the model of Adventist schools should be is that the case today and I'm not answering the US that in your mind and silence now according to an article in our miserable years ago this guy said that there is virtually not a lot of difference between these rules and not have schools in terms of curriculum often turns in social atmosphere what's happening what is it we did you want to want to find out the best of the best and get five people once again universities get them converted into an type of visible Iraq but also to find out conversion also needs to take place also on administrators just because you group as evidenced within an institution unit and describe institution does not mean your comfort on the contrary becoming inoculated conversion was a fairly public university Phoenix swept away by the ideas defining a great against the grain all the time many times you have a more higher percentage and this is not the typically verifiable to the convert right fighting against the system picks up where the tickets were tragedies as a battleground of ideologies between Satan and God over the minds of young people true education educational schools were emphasized the study of Scripture to develop the whole being prepare ministers and evangelists shows a harmony between what and what is happening today on answer show the superiority of heavenly education about worldly instruction dangers of public education temptations with worldly education resulting becoming what educated world things eight is a temptation to be one of these educated world yesterday now that you know either you've heard about or you had a great professor who just knows to articulate and defend and purport a certain ideology the simple questions like how I did we sat on orders and he must be seen however I want to be like candy or her and that another okay so you want to be like these people you know you potential development of in different attitudes toward principles of Jude what happens is this if you something class and utilize all that's wrong and year first written decathlon as well be here now I do like was his opinion in the UK barely well that's how it is a GBA giving you greater like well maybe that's not what it is and is it not be the argument order rationality the ideology is the consistency of the argument as being really over and over and over and the really really bad commercial over and over for an hour and forty thousand dollars he really is the reduction of the Holy Spirit but one is disruption of truth that will lead to rejection of all truth especially about what script is an end of the common ideas rested you study no although the book before you fly set up forever never never yielding a larger things although there's larger things the governor for his life when you get to get wobbled on the wing shape for client has no bearing to your eternal salvation to all philosophical speculation of scientific research where skepticism would be aroused young people were especially attracted to what is that true plea of guilty or skeptical we see young people are skeptical as I write really an ending to converse my winning when asked a question this may have left upon any students by such places is almost what do you say as if you know what that word means you get really really ball yes eleven thousand are yet enough that enough rest of the face and an epiphany and arteries I know you meeting once you have is impressed it's hard to get it out of your system is that true yes we must be careful lest secular education shall absorb every watt spiritual interest date now is the time to write there is a chapter in Natal every person is room you have to go home and read it and memorize it cut it out of the analyte book you know downloaded from the Internet put on your fridge your Internet forty when he has added new pages five three S and that means selected messages mind three chapter twenty six page twenty six read the whole chapter today this morning that okay with you taking any new weary guidelines I know those years because you have read more boring stuff in this leave you here you can do this and it is good and incoming commander layout that's okay we love you that we know you don't know you think about loving it so here chapter twenty six she writes it would be well more than what is a safe uses an adjective they're not using room they're perfectly safe one for our youth to enter the colleges overland snap she has said previously this dangerous as dangerous as dangerous as dangerous passes it will be particularly say that the contradicting is allowing to enter the cost of land if they were converted when we understand if you enter a public university you must be converted every day until one day that you're not converted is a possible converted everything is a conversion is not changing your membership from a Baptist church to analysis that is not conversant were not talking about would talk me a renewal of such figurative experienced in Jesus Christ every single morning she Jesus every morning I know it's hard to get up in the morning a colloquy money when you do it up in morning December this am worrisome is nothing when you get up you need to have a spirit of Jesus and that day that you are not converted is the day when signal paths upon you and start something old lead to a a life that should not be what you should be yes every day that very day skipped but if they feel at liberty to be off guard what one date back thirty days it is ready with the snares and overcome and led to walk Paul Hogan as the board has not set up yes getting now self-professed Christians refuse to associate with the unconverted this is a question at all you have dear IMI campus unlike on Friday not people are partying people here are acting are doing documented after quick activities together that they shouldn't be doing there are no drinks that their drink should be doing each one what should I do it there's a big party going on here is a nice party going on units questioning going on here intro whacked with them or do I not instructed yes you know okay now that Mister short strings one is like what I'm a Christian and if I want before him I believe someone in the evangelistic I'm going over everything and everyone and hang out and just be myself and explains everything on campus just you know people like that and as the author sinuses I'm afraid of the world and they goes other closet need to take the Bible and the chemistry book and that's all they do for you and they never come out for me this is white and now she's asking this question this is a very good question shall we shall we refuse to associate with the unconverted and seek to have no communication with them she says what was answer no they are to be with in the world but not of the world but not to partake of their ways not to be impressed by the law all how we conceive drinking in all large amounts of cold will this music will not to have a heart open to their customs and practices their heart must be for their souls not for their activity yes their associations are to be for the purpose of drawing others to Christ there is the danger of our youth detractors of these institutions yes I did teaching cell intermixed with error around awesome will deity and Adidas that guys is the Adidas located by Asian happy to hand it to his interviews in the trash as such the teaching is still intermixed with error and sophistry they cannot discern the poisonous sentiment mingled and useful impressions you understand it's just saying the information that you are is a useful yes is a precious yes it sound research yes but it's mixed with what there is such an undercurrent that it works in such a manner that many do not perceive it and it is constantly a work certain ideas are constantly advanced by the professors and repeated over and over at last the mind begins to assimilate and conform to these ideas what happens this if you listen to a lecture and the presuppositions are atheists that you may disagree with the atheism you're not familiar with the atheist presumptions set later on when you go further into the theory yet to start picking up the atheist exemptions and become atheist yourself without you ever realizing the whole time the student thinks I know what I'm learning I know one thing myself when talking eyes on universities drugs and alcohol and sex is the last thing we have to worry about if the ideas they ruin the soul with just selling infidel authors are studied these men have sharp intellects in the restaurant ideas are presented in a mindless it is implied by them they are pleased with their brilliance away these men obtain their powers of intellect when they get a sharpness in the fountain of all knowledge but they have prostituted their powers been given them as a contribution to devil and don't you think the devilish smart many are traveling a devil tracks by reading infidel authors Satan is a sharp being and they fall in love with his wife and what you like missing your so awesome we love your income intelligence committee were you there is a great danger listening to the discourses that are given by those who are in the world and are called great men these discourses are often of a highly intellectual nature don't don't don't buzz out keep with me okay and prevailing errors of sauce five beta science falsely so called and a popular religious doctor are mingled with wise saying observations but the undermine the statements of the Bible and give impression that there is reason for questioning the truth of the inspired word listen to this assist is as crazy as Harry Potters they repeat in the fall said that same put into the mouths of the serpent in educating youth and delusions this is the kind of education in enemy delights in it is what those who receive and admire the sentiments of the so-called great men endanger are in great danger forth through the subtlety of the enemy the sophistical reasoning of these false teachers takes root in the heart of our youth and almost imperceptibly they are converted from truth to our jungle back on the Botswana but the conversion should be just the other way our young men and women didn't know that will put the car are young people who has seen the evidences of the verity of truth should be firmly established in a winning souls to Christ in the darkness around us or think Dave is a politician is is is is is Kapuscinski West is a basic message you to win a soul to battle the ideas and campus if interested them like I is going to not absorb these ideas and only four year hours and I'm another winged out no need to win so I got to evangelism on campus that's the only way to push back is forced out and out and out and is immediately successfully assault we need to try when you sell and put all your energies into an rehearsal and that means getting a four oh GPA when it's a law yes without the user go to Ann Arbor now this is the crazy and Harvard University Michigan is mentioned in this prophecy came the user go to Ann Arbor must receive Jesus as a personal savior or they'll build upon a senator foundation which took away the spirit of Jesus Christ we must regenerate and sanctify the soul and pure affection for Christ must be kept alive by humble daily trust in God Christ must be formed within the hope of glory let Jesus be revealed to those with whom you associate be unashamed of his using simple the Waldensian Waldenses are in a soda bottle sucking like a Waldensians enter the school 's other world students they were missionaries they made no one he made no pretensions and/or weird you know they weren't walkaround suits and ties and campuses hello brother how are you in a short beginning of retentions apparently they paid no attention to anyone but they lived out what they believe they never sacrifice principle under principle soon became known yes but don't be to become like the student campus may your ER this was different from anything the other students had seen and he began to ask themselves what does this all mean why did these men be induced to swear from their principles the worldly students were encouraged to make inquiries and as a simple story of the truth as it is Jesus told their minds what uniform that was when the Spirit of God when the truthful Ron into their very being should be encouraged to enter what she says this like writing likewise restaurants don't go to these causes still go to college and endangers the stages of the Hidalgo which says no match will in the very most inner being on things this picture we can face it out of your school enough ammunition to two years in the nice guy that goes on on his goodbye when I see ever again it indicates insane in my connect church you might praise the Lord for crazy children but if you are you truly are very neat and if your convert it and you converted every day Stanley's gets duped into every single day as Daniel apology continues each should study to see what is the best video featured in the school of the life may shine forth let them show that they respect all the rules and regulations of the school but they should also telling choirs in simple language is a can of the simple Bible doctrine this is the point gay college students know how to present the gospel but in simple language nudity contrast a contrast from Professor professors can talk for long periods about nothing impressive and can be born on Saint and right we do so you learn a lot but absolutely nothing I do think that it's it's just a wonderful talent the behalf you need to be caught a contrast to that and if it looks with your lifestyle and good if you're vegetarian your vegetarianism your Sabbath keeping these weird things that you do it are we weird yes you are the log where we know I can't face a half free one leader there's people out there whether different sexual orientation audio seem to be that no is the one area has decided we'd be yourself and no one cares people ask you about this people there were green hair and when I started college that the dead the eerie thing was starting not just one human but all over the yearling is one hole in your ear and had green hair and eyed the lead in the eyebrow thing and in their blankets and a consistent but no one can successfully or and you ask them immediately I am a fruit of mismanagement anointed David that I wasn't I said again as I think I was four years in the Québec meeting up be weird for Jesus but don't be weird going to way you want to be filed the Bible the Bible is geared in itself already find security in Jesus would save you from what you should've been and be leaders yourself simple language explain the doctrines explain the gospel must explain but she says this but I scarcely I scarcely dare present this method of labor for there is danger that those who have no connection with God will place themselves in the school is that what's happening to have individuals on Asian if you're Asian mind you have parents were insane but the reality for those of you who are our islanders your parents are insane to a favorite wife of getting easy I'm kidding please don't be mad I'm just parents who are often unconverted themselves will push for their children to go to the highest levels of education is because they love us they do that yes but were also their insurance policy were also validation photo lives of being here in America know whether you're white black or dead were civilians the Congress is the joking but whatever the motivation it is that you're there you have to be think all of us were asking for unity against UIC can you viably sustain your faith on the campus when you're a graduate student when Europe doctoral student or warrior of frosh in a little little guy can you viably sustain your face you know how to do a devotion everyday I don't think about donation to the four oh GPA and we emphasizes academic excellence your face is not an excuse for you to be stupid where Martin is the day of stupid Christians is over Richard Dawkins has killed enough of us we need to proactively purport is your notice of them this awesomeness biblical message is the answer to Richard Dawkins the answer to Daniel Dennett the answer the same harassment theodicy is in the grip to the great controversy actually has the answer to this but guess what our students are eating veggie chicken in our closets by ourselves now if you can't sustain your faith needed out there in the somewhere else where you can sustain your faith or nothing is now this one out nothing whatever to be this weekend but if your challenge and if you want to do it come to every every every significant month ago go to it but could listen to this one afterwards four oh GPA is important we need to win our professor Joseph in the Bible went University of Cairo he won Professor Farrell Professor Potiphar the Dean Daniel went to Professor University of Babylon he one professor who Paul started a campus ministry were Saints campus ministries needs to take launch here's a think the General conference a couple years gotten by ten fifteen years ago created initiatives to start public camp of secular public campus some elongated instantly started this but because of the church organization and structure has how is how they are out part a structure it did it's got to be today David August three departments on your chaplaincy under youth and under education and guess what you take a project and you given under three departments what happens all three departments to shout in Hialeah and you say let's work together in a day organize the work and they get it done is that what happened am not resizing church in any way whatsoever on part of judgment church pastor unfortunately I think but what I'm trying to do what you want she's trying to overturn it in Michigan with it within campus initiative say we can't wait for the church and the church gets on board appraisal Lord and him helpless they welder on their onboard the getting there anything just got funding through the initiative needs to take place in a notice where that's where here and I thought Obama S so yes we can honor with the reality the reality what will looking for people is well calling to win souls on campus now a lot of your think you understand County University argue ministry on the meantime or other visual acknowledging pro-life subunits the I presented out on the front and know that it has to modify will will take you temporarily but will looking for people who are really into this happy intellectual rigor but also the heart of Jesus Wilson to be more normal piece of your weird we just know how you go to the analyst ratings she says this but I scarcely dare present this method of labor she goes all chapters or by listening to can come in the hall is your resulting in an arises but I can't have any scary to present this why for there is a danger than those who have no connection with God will place themselves in the schools and instead of correcting error and diffusing light what will happen to them are you afraid of that I think to be afraid of this is a healthy future your salvation last the last sentence is this but this work must be what is awesome and it it will be done it will be done by those were led particle as you're sitting overseas this will looking for individuals at Jordan campus for his Lord when he converted which I find people and if you're not on a campus needing a campus yet involving to do some weight but this those who go to campus for the sole purpose of winning souls getting degree is a secondary part that you get along why are there some insets it's not like you're going Green Salz Artemis in the park you're going there for the souls you are going there for the professors and the degree is just a parka we understand this is an American that American tribes these this week all two hundred and eighty one a mission trip our primary objective is a holiday that you know yes we going to do sanctify tour is on and on a secondary part is I would limit of the series and relationship in the church as a secondary HD it's the priorities that we need to rearrange yes now if you make soul winning your number one priority guess who will help your academics about the set some of your thinking okay four in order for me to get a CPA then how do there so you get you can't overthink I know is that this would happen to me over our over forget over a asked the Lord seeking Jesus is the is is a simple answer and it is the answer Jesus will convert your hit a hill he'll rearrange the priorities if you ask them to or looking for people is to get intellectual excellence three nine GPA 's is unacceptable four oh GPA is acceptable what ideas for what one or two if it is greater than he had one of those advanced in by what young and hot year is better why did you have a two six GPA and one hundred with a belligerent divorce distribute and if you have any on Bonnyview on the difference announcement that this empty voices BGP it and there are godly person and he noted a profession say yet what I want what does this guy and gives him a copy of such cries or great controversy well the professor take the student Sirius now if you have a four oh GPA and you come to every single class and you are not the annoying persons is in the front raises a hand and after the sentence by the press is in its third or fourth row and is in a normal one is a nice charming and when Sammy and in an nice things ask good questions and get the four-point GPA and helps all the other students around and strategically ask questions in the lecture to help out the professor to engage the discussion and makes that a diabetic that lecture and a vibrating experience Tennessee to do that yes Mister Dent while professing a professor or know that some of them just on hunting at the peak and if you do that and at the end of the semester is going to office hours and you say professors were neighbors it is that other than either your buttering things you do and say hey I'm twenty new gifting Ossining on the ground knows is that they can you read this book what will they do will in I know a friend in there this is a racial stereotype that's okay the sociologist considers things and I do need to statistical analysis afterwards Asians are just good at math right Asians are good at math now one of my friends he's an African-American game knotted in math not submitted but he said I'm good to make soul winning my number one priority to guess what this guy just excels in math and he says not how can I be useful in my class will now start a tutoring session guess who condos out tutoring session Koreans is that that's not the most politically correct to say is a real is a real-life scenario yes you have Koreans yet Chinese only Chinese are not from the front China the never ending Jesus ever Xander from their communists not really Beyoncé and him and him we need to win ensuing than will guess what in another scenario to communist ladies again the PACs and in North America even name Jesus for the first time it was exciting I tell me what is his name Jesus what was it like it's in a movie before him sadly a movie but ever since we've be Jesus than yourself anyway but they got converted to go back to China Wednesday's list campuses are also international breeding grounds for mission work in North America the setpoint is young people art are less and less going to college graduate degrees of you listen this pocket the guests were getting better degrees I graduate I was and I was in a hospital research program all the grad students were from Japan China India England and Germany I was the only American they are not a real American European American but you know that you know not the surgical when saying is this is where we stopped going out to the world the wall is now coming to America international and also another story girl she's in history class didn't want the boring history glass is reporting that you made it out of the high-end look was boring she does her best in history class she doesn't ask will best she goes above and beyond she does research now I know this sounds inspirational and misleading as president for an unnerved and Mike has no social life until you are normal it am and this social leather normal whenever the Goma they want to win the professor and want when the class B Wharton knowing about it one belligerent the one handing out CDs every person after class every single what is this the got a four oh GPA and afterwards went to the profession a professor whatever the procedure class while doing research for your class I also did some side research in history and in my paper on Reformation historical and I have this book here you'll become talking and I think there as there's a lot a researcher as she has also she also can this before she started to show she she she does the whole kids she opens the book puts is hands article board before he puts in his hands open some nice color color pages across the back business references here now when the professor was not impressed by the color pages was not impressed by the binding of the book when he saw the back references he's like you that hey I know this guy I know this guy of these these are deserved all references but the classical reference guess what that professor read that book that some who don't know the power that we issue some abnormal super questions and nerd and above and beyond and you know weird no she says that gnome person a normal person bottom line from today dismissed first hour this is a prophecy dust dimension it is a work that must be done it is work that will be it will be done by church officials is that what it says to be done by the pastors and the elders and the old people is nothing local people -year-old you know those little beneath the mass we help each other to do I know is we don't will bogus them in a recession and this movement this GUI signal was started by secular Adventists secular psyche yeah we weren't hired of this mediocrity in the church mediocrity world which wanted over the long wait for the status started by his viewing at the start we need your help and that doesn't mean you need to come up to us in sign-ups and shoot whatever you get but back on campus and do it when a soul for Jesus this afternoon or this they would talk about a McCartney for Maran one is how to give a Bible study got tomorrow today is what how do devotions now it's not like all read the Bible and its cargo of the different Kate but the third one lifestyle out of the weird biblically and for Jesus and the fourth one is ready on time management and time management time management is always a problem it still prompt me for it will together in the fifth one is what so ever I'm angry yesterday program yet but France in the how to be a friend a medicine and space us to being cheesy and fuzzy was he but it's not enough through the heart of your friend there is that you many avenues to go through for you is not an affront to have acquaintances and classmates but Amani friend how to connect one on one soul and get a connection going it's definitely a nice person you sympathy for his beaming from the last one is what well enough within its again because we all we all need is also the mutual networking sessions one is going to be on what international students and the second was to be on on campus they ought organization campus is an acronym for the center Dravis ministry the public university students of the machine conference of scent they are missed in the United States of the world and our faith of Jesus Christ of the last days of an with a too much come to two three four five six if you don't want to come we understand that so there's got it all pursuing other stuff but that please me she was the summer on Michael Bell needs you want these things because it's better with the interaction not just materials any questions inclusions analyses insults inquiries suggestions and your you might have some problems so we had to take it away sorry about that beginning for the inconvenience but also the other questions regarding the material is presented today you on him let's talk let's talk the talk and what else by show of hands how media undergraduates oh mercy review our grad students awesome how many of you are are are are are related to this but not this and pastors or parents or workers or whatnot okay resort it that is in college high schoolers will open for you guys and him and get what we need is for this strategy is the point one of your local church to help push for brother in the back connection is producing herself we can give you the slides if you want we can give you the pictures of you one doing your own way you find analogies and estrogens don't make jokes that gives you increased by four hundred always pay to get your local church for it awareness out there try if you fail try again learn total training school you go to live little rise and go to visiting another thing photo booth connect somewhere get sure a an income that he can do this in the next year it meant there were credible enough today but for now father in heaven what I believe that's it your Holy Spirit I spoken to certain individuals today for guys as in the book the end of the gospel of Luke your two disciples had their hearts burning within them they were they wanted the word of God to be expressed in the lives and to other people Lord their souls in this room right now who are waiting to explode for your cause the just waiting for the right time right place or something Lord I pray that that they may explode and campuses and father at forever person who is not a win in their heart has ascended to work for you on campus for this is the hardest ministry out there there are retrieve all the individuals on these campuses they are proactively fighting having on on on on integrate classrooms but I like the first one pray for the students were networking campuses big kebab place a hedge around and protect them publisher the right classes me to be evangelistic the professors and their students and their PAs and adjacent NRA's and whatever is out there secondly veracity bless their parents Lester family backgrounds bless their grades North third I asked for those people on the fence were not covered in this room to push them forward push them to the Lord you grind them to the cross they may have a transformative stranger do I see that they may be willing to hear the words of the Holy Spirit himself and at this UIC may be a beginning point for the next phase in her life to Lord if if we have said if I sitting correctly if I have manifested something I should not have forgive me Lord we hear a great cover everything and strengthen us to proceed forward praise Jesus this was used by audio versus what was generation of Christ you would like to learn more about G Y C please visit www. she was well done or board I was more free online service please visit www. audio verse got more


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