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The Secret to a Life of Power

Dwayne Lemon
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Dwayne Lemon

Director of P.T.H. Ministries (http://www.pthministries.com)




  • August 2, 2019
    10:45 AM
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Our Father in heaven we are truly grateful for the time that we have that we can come together and to study your wonderful words of life we thank you for allowing us to be here at A.S.I. and Lord I don't want to pray just for myself and all those under the sound of my voice but I want to pray for all the speakers and I pray that you will truly anoint them with your Holy Spirit and that everything that would be said and taught would be that which is ordained from the most holy place of the heavenly sanctuary and Lord I pray that as we begin to study one with another Send your Holy Spirit we can understand these words and especially live them without end and so we're praying for the forgiveness of our sins and we're praying for the enlightenment that only your spirit can give that we can leave here better than when we came in and this is our prayer that we do ask and thank you for answering in the worthy and mighty name of Jesus amen if you have your Bibles which I'm assuming you do I would like to invite you to turn your Bibles to the Book of James Chapter One I want to I want to establish something James Chapter one we're going to James the 1st chapter and I want to establish this right from the beginning because I'm really not here to teach us anything new if it is new to you well that's just happenstance but it's not so much that I I want to startle you with something new I believe that what we need to do is master that which is old is to really take heed to the old things that we've been given and so this is why the Lord impressed my heart to give you James chapter one and I want you to see what the Bible says and if you're there just let me know by saying amen. In James Chapter One look at verse 22 I'm reading from the King James Version and here's what it says but be doers of the word and not hearers only deceiving your own selves my goal in our time that we have together is not to find out how much you know that is not as much Heaven's interest as it is what are you doing with the little or great that you know this is on the mind of God like never before because there may be some of us in here who are not 7th Day Adventists and if you are not well we want to say welcome you know really it's such a blessing to have those of different diverse views and what have you because there is a such thing as Come now let's reason together and so if there's anybody here that's not from the 70 Adventist Church we want to just say welcome and thank you for coming because we believe that part of the reason these meetings exist is so that it doesn't just strengthen us who may know a few things but it helps and lighten those who don't but there's a lot of us here who are 7th Day Adventists we have been exposed to a whole lot of things and we've heard it over and over and over again that it begins to sound like that old saying says like a broken record and it gets to the point that sometimes we get happy just knowing what God says not understanding that the blessing was to the doers of what God says. And so my goal when we go through the study together today my question to you is not how much of this do you know my question is how much of you are doing the thing that you know for since we're in the book of James I think it's an appropriate time to go to chapter 4 if you look at James for this is really the mind of God in the mind of God His desire is for us to receive blessing he made us for blessings but at the same time blessings comes from doing and not just hearing only we already study that but now look at James for the Bible says in the book of James for we're now considering verse 17 it is in James 4 and verse 17 that the Bible also says to him that what that knows to do good but what's the problem they do it not it says to him it is sin and if there is one thing that can separate a man and separate a woman from God it is that thing called sin and so God does not want us to gloat pat ourselves on the back and say yup I know that what God wants you and I to do is to search our hearts and I promise you this message is just as much for me as it is for you I'm so thankful that you don't have to be perfect to preach a perfect message. I'm really thankful for there for we wouldn't even have the Bible Woodley because it is a very imperfect men and women but oh how God's perfect message touched their own hearts and then God used them to touch us in my heart and so I'm not standing here before you as a man who has mastered that which I share with you I share with you that which I'm on the journey to a quick little story one day I was with a friend of mine we were in Walmart together and he weighed about $400.00 pounds I don't see anybody in this room that looks even close to that. But that's what he weighed 400 pound big guy and we were there and we were picking some things up and as we were picking some things up he was on the line with me and when he was on the line he saw a lady that was buying all this meat and dairy products and all these other things and so you know my friend who's 400 pounds you know he started to do he started to talk to her about health. Can you imagine you know he started to talk about how they say hey did you know that you know there's certain things in certain food that could hurt us but there's other food groups that you know very good for us and he began to talk about that so you know the lady did the lady look at him like this. You know size them up you know she size a look at him like you need to follow your own message you know that's kind of like what was going on in the mind I'm sure and he caught it and so this is what he said to her he said Oh he said you're probably probably noticing that I'm a really big guy and he said you're probably noticing I'm a really big guy and you're wondering how could I share with you the importance of dietary practices where it looks like I'm out of control and she was just like yeah. And he says well what you don't know is that I was 700 pounds. Puts everything in perspective doesn't it. He said what you didn't know was that I was 700 pounds he said but now I'm 400 and I have not finished my journey but I'm on the road Come join me on the road that's the context of your brother presenting before you I'm not a man who has completed it I haven't mastered it but I guarantee you I'm on the road and I am simply appealing to your heart come join me on this road Amen Revelation 14 in Revelation the 14th chapter we find the last gospel Harold. To go before every nation kindred tongue and people before Jesus comes this is the last gospel message there will be no other gospel ordained of heaven to go before the world and prepare the people to meet their god except that which we read and Revelation 14 it is known as what many of us I'm sure are familiar with the 3 Angels' messages the everlasting gospel. And so it is that in Revelation 14 you could rehearse verses 6 through 12 and I think it's good to go over it again and again because I want to consider some things so where in Revelation 14 if you know by memory you are welcome to repeat it by memory just remember our goal is not to focus on how much we know but how much we are doing about what we know so in Revelation 141612 the Bible tells us very clearly that John the Revelator says and I saw another angel fly in the midst of heaven having the everlasting Gospel to preach and to them that dwell upon the earth to every nation kindred tongue and people saying with a loud voice Fear God and give glory to Him for the hour of his judgment is come and worship Him that made heaven enter the sea and the fountains of waters and there follow the nothing just saying Babylon is fallen is fall in that great city because she made all nations drink of the wine of the wrath of her fornication and the 3rd angel followed them saying with a loud voice if any man worship the beast in his image and receive his mark in his forehead or in his hand the same shall drink of the wine of the wrath of God which is poured out without mixture into the cup of his indignation and he shall be tormented with fire and brimstone in the presence of the holy angels and in the presence of the Lamb and the smoke of the torment to send a thought forever and ever and they have no rest day or night who worship the beast in his image and whosoever receives the mark of his name here is the patience of the saints here are they that keep the commandments of God and the faith of Jesus. It is only 2 verses down in verses $14.15 that we see very clearly that it's after those 3 angels messages are given that it makes it very clear harvest time comes if you don't know what harvest time represents if you got your Bible and you like marking it you can put Matthew 1339 you put that right next to that verse 15 where it talks about the harvest is come and the word harvest in Matthew 1339 is the end of the world all right so harvest represents the end of the world that's why we know the last message of love hope and a warning to be given to the world is the 1st the 2nd and the 3rd angel's message and this is what's in case in the proclamation of the everlasting gospel if you understand what I'm saying thus far let me hear you say Men Well the thing that we want to consider is this we are surrounded by people we have the privilege of going to work running our businesses and meeting individuals that fit under the every nation kindred tongue and people is that right all right so we need to understand that before when I go to work it's not simply the instrument to provide a paycheck it is literally my sanctuary It's my church it is a place it's my field where I am to go and to seek and save that which is lost. This is how we have to look at our businesses this is how we have to look at our jobs when I worked in corporate I've been full time in ministry now for 10 years but before that I was working in corporate and I made sure that every day I came to work it was not a bow working hard and just getting the top level check that I could get of course I enjoyed the privileges of working and getting paid for that but at the same time there should be a higher goal that higher goal is from the person who opens the door and says hello to the executives that I sit down with and dialogue with all of these individuals are counted among the every nation kindred tongue and people that I must reach that needs to be the mindset this is this is in a nutshell of what we can to accomplish is to see how can we bring Christ into the marketplace how do we reach all these people because that's where they are now part of that message that we're called to give is that 13 jewel in the 13 jewels message it's a tough message you can try to pamper it and fluff it up as much as you try but if you fluff it too much what's going to happen is you're going to compromise at the end of the day we must understand that the 3rd angel's message is like a cleaver you know what a butcher uses when he has to separate that 3rd angels message just like a cleaver it just cuts and it separates and what it separates those who want to follow satan versus those who want to follow God and it calls for an acknowledgment of the movements of see it calls for an acknowledgment of what's happening in our world of something called the mark of the beast that's going to be set up amongst the people that these power we believe as a Bible believing movement is that there's only 2 beasts that are our primary focus according to The Book of Revelation especially chapter 13 onward. The 1st beast and the 2nd beast that 1st be based on Bible prophecy and faithful study constitute what we call today the papacy the Roman Catholic Church system the 2nd beast is none other than the United States of America and these 2 pieces going to come together and they're going to see to inflict and affect the people of God all over the world to do what they say or suffer the worst of punishments including even death so what that means is that when I go to work or when I deal with someone who is buying my product or my service I must see them as somebody that is potentially being set up and God has raised me up that I might see and see that person from falling for the Greece. In 1998 there was a statement from Pope John Paul the 2nd that made it so clear this is the agenda of Rome I put it here on the screen it was in title D.S. domany you all can Google this you can look this up you can save this and here's what they said with great clarity when through the centuries she talking about the Roman Catholic Church went through the centuries she has made laws concerning Sunday rest and they lost if there is the church has had in mind above all the work of what servants and workers certainly not because this work was any less worthy when compared to the spiritual requirements of Sunday observance but rather because it needed greater regulation to lighten its burdens and thus and able everyone to keep the Lord's Day holy So what they were saying is the way the way the Roman Catholic Church would pass Sunday laws in times past is they did not focus so much on the spiritual component that was not their method please listen to what I'm sharing with you. They made it clear it's not a method to have great spiritual emphasis the way that they would convince people of Sunday laws is they would say we want to give this to you as a benefit it will help lighten your load it will enable you to spend more time with your family it will put to check the demands of work and commercialisation happening in our world this was the means of how they would pass on the laws now watch this it goes on to say in this matter my predecessor Pope of the 13th in his cyclical. Spoke of Sunday rest as a workers' right which the state must guarantee therefore also in the particular circumstances of our time Christians will naturally strive to ensure that civil legislation respects their duty to keep Sunday holy notice civil legislation that's the government telling you regardless of what you believe this is what needs to be done well here was the encouragement as far back as 1908 Pope John Paul the 2nd is now resting in the grave but he certainly has others successors and today we still have one and I thought it was very interesting because as early as 2015 this little movement right here I really like this click or watch this you probably can't read that but now you can. The global Catholic climate movement the G.C.C. and you've got to get there you've got to look at the G.C.C. and the global climate global Catholic climate movement since 2015 what they wanted to do is say we need a plan to win the confidence of the people get them on our side even though there's a very undercover agenda we just read the agenda. Now watch this in 2015 in Paris remember the Paris Agreement All right well it says in 2015 in Paris countries agreed on a framework to limit greenhouse gas emissions it's often called the Paris climate agreement if you don't know about it you need to know about it Pope Francis's and cyclical on climate change and ecology ecology called Love Dato see it says that interdependence obliges us to think of one world with a common plan so this was the push then it says in 2015 to achieve the vision of Pope Francis and the church at the Paris summit global calf the climate movement collected nearly 1000000 signatures and mobilize 40000 people to March calling for an ambitious Paris agreement in 2017 G.C.M. produced a prayer guide for the meeting that established the rule book for the Paris Agreement 28 team Catholic leadership will be essential to demonstrate moral clarity as countries announce their new national climate plans what about 2019 because Asked year we're in 2019 notice the date right there June 14th 2019 just a little over a month ago it says Pope Francis declares climate emergency and he urges action well was the whole point Pope Francis has declared a global climate emergency warning of the dangers of global heating and that a failure to act urgently to reduce greenhouse gases would be a brutal act of injustice toward the poor and future generations the pope's impassioned plea came as he met the leaders of some of the world's biggest multi-national oil companies in the Vatican on Friday to impress upon them the urgency and scale of the challenge and their central role in tackling the emissions crisis. It followed the similar meeting last year but this time the pope's stance was tougher as he warned that time was running out and urged them to hear the increasingly desperate cries of the earth and its poor notice his concern is for the earth and its poor continuing the chief executives chairs of B.P. Exxon Mobil Shell total Conoco Phillips Chevron and several major investors including Black Rock and Herm's responded by calling on governments to put in place carbon pricing to encourage low carbon innovation and called for greater financial transparency to aid investors Well when you look at all of this activity again it has to come together has to make sense we understand that the last message to go before the world is the 1st the 2nd and 3rd angels message in the proclamation demonstration in the teaching of the 3rd angels message the beast must be identified his mark must be clearly pointed out and there must be a warning of the steps being taken that's going to ultimately establish that thing that we study is their goal a national Sunday law we were privileged to see the methodology that's used the method that they use is not spiritual primarily they're not going to go before the world and say all come on look at what the Bible says it's that or they're going to take that route they would have very little success but what they would do is they would begin to talk about talking points that allows us to come on common ground for common good by which they will seem as heroes. To society. This plan has been put together just a few years ago and this is an this is a what we call the latest education this is not you know there's been agitations going on for years this is one of the latest agitations Now this is the part that got me and I looked this up and when I found this this morning I said Lord that was you this and this one there is something called the Global Climate strike scheduled for next month this was very interesting because again in the Paris agreement you know there's a there's a urging coming about hey global global climate issues we've got to address it there's an urgency this movement is going to take place in a very large way next month OK So we talk about September 20 and September 27th OK September 20 and September 27th Now watch this this what I found out about this and this is why I hope that this will. Somehow be addressed even in the upcoming G. Y.C. it says our hotter planet is already hurting millions of people if we don't act now to transition fairly and swiftly away from fossil fuels to 100 percent renewable energy access for all the injustice of the climate crisis will only get worse the website is right there global climate strike you can check it out now I want you to watch this because this is very very interesting point young people oh by the way what is the name of our air site it's called business what unusual watch this young people have woken up much of the world with their powerful Fridays for future school strikes for the climate as we deal with devastating climate breakdown and hurdle towards dangerous tipping point young people are calling on millions of us across the planet to dis rocked business as usual. By joining the global climate strikes on September 20 watch this just ahead of a u n emergency climate summit and again on September 27th in closing together we will sound the alarm and show our politicians that business as usual is no longer an option the climate crisis won't wait and so neither will we if the world working together with the power of the beast can understand it is time for BUSINESS UNUSUAL certainly the remnant should have the mindset that says it is time for us to work in a manner that is BUSINESS UNUSUAL Now my brothers and sisters this is a major problem this problem going to impact everybody this problem is going to impact our homes it's going to impact our churches it's going to impact our society it's a very serious problem but do you know something that God gave to this movement that can help solve that problem it was what you read in Revelation 146 John the Revelator said and I saw another angel fly in the midst of heaven having something what do the angel have the ever lasting gospel do you know what the everlasting Gospel really is that wonderful little book my favorite book next to the Bible ministries healing you know this is a page 363 the gospel is a wonderful simplify to life's problems we literally have the solution to the problems in this world I want you to think about that what we've been given from heaven. The understanding that God has blessed us with when we read our Bibles You see we don't have a common understanding of the Bible. We have an extremely powerful understanding of the Bible God gave us the Bible but you know God sees the spirit of the speaking his people need bifocals you know you think of bifocals you think about that extra lens and what God gave us as he gave us the Bible and he gave us a wonderful extra lens that helps make clear what the Bible was already saying if you don't understand things about education God gave us the Bible in a book called education if you don't understand things about diet God gave us the Bible and he gave us counsels on diets and food if you don't understand things as it relates to the home God gave us the Bible and Adventists home if you don't know how to work with your children God gave us the Bible and he gave us Child Guidance you don't know how to work with your youth he gave us the Bible and messages to young people you don't know how to deal with problems in the church God gave us the Bible and the 9 volumes of testimonies for the church I mean if you really think about it we are an incredibly rich and blessed people we know how to solve problems we really do we have the knowledge. But what are we doing with it you see the reality is the gospel is a wonderful simplifier of life's problems but we have family a very serious problem in the midst of the fact that the gospels are wonderful simplifier of life problems and we're seeing prophetically this is a major problem that's getting ready to hit the people in this world and take them as it were by an overwhelming surprise and we have the solution to the problem right now our hands but God prophetically told us there's a very serious problem what is the serious problem. It was right there in 2nd Timothy 3135 it says this know also that in the last days 2nd Timothy 3125 this know also that in the last days perilous times shall come for men shall be lovers of their own selves covetous boasters proud blasphemers disobedient to parents unthink for unholy without natural affection truth breakers false accusers incontinent fierce despisers of those that are good trainers heavy high minded lovers of pleasure more than lovers of God and then it says having a form of godliness but denying the power there oh and from such turn away this is the prophetic picture that God has given to us to in the last days with all of these agitations when the need for problem solving is going to be at its highest God raised us up to be an instrument in his hand to provide the solution to life's problems but the problem is God also prophesied that amongst us our religion was going to dumb down to a form it was going to get to a point that we were just kind of used to showing up at church even though we hardly listen to the sermons anymore that when we go to church we're kind of like one person but then when we go home with different people. Standards would be lifted up on some areas but standards would be compromised on other areas God foresaw my people are going to become comfortable with just having a form of godliness and in that God says there will be no power to solve the problems that are in this world what are we going to do about that when I think we need to understand the secret of how we can live a life we can get some real power. Because I wanted to show you why we need to have real power because we're going up against things that human power is not going to be enough to defeat it the Bible promised us in Acts one in verse 8 but you shall receive power cut already promised that you shall receive power after that the Holy Ghost is come upon you and you shall be witnesses unto me both in Jerusalem and in all Judeo and in some area and unto the uttermost parts of the earth that sounds just like that 3 angels messages every nation kindred tongue and people because as you can to get that power that power was none other than the Holy Spirit is that right amen but you know it's interesting when you look at the life of Jesus Jesus had that very power that he wants to give to you and I when you study the Bible carefully Jesus was filled with the Holy Spirit isn't that right you remember this Luke one of verse 35 and the angel answered and said unto her the holy ghost shall come upon the and the power of the highest overshadow the therefore also that holy thing which shall be born of me shall be called the Son of God So God promised Jesus is going to have power how is going to have that power the Holy Ghost is going to come upon him we need that spirit and we know that Jesus got it because this is talking about before he was even born but by time he was an adult in a full age here's the testimony of scripture and I extend a verse 38 it says how God anointed Jesus of Nazareth with the Holy Ghost and with what else power who went about doing good and healing all that were pressed of the devil for God was with him this is the testimony God wants to have for you God wants to anoint us with the Holy Ghost he wants us to have power and he wants us to go about in your business in your work place in your school he wants us to go about doing good now. You know the fruit of the Spirit is love joy peace longsuffering gentleness goodness faith meekness and temperance that is what we call the fruit of the spirit found in Galatians $52223.00 do you know Jesus had every single one of those fruits manifested in his life is that powerful look at that as of that I enjoyed doing this study look at that I mean Jesus had every single one that's why when the Bible says in Colossians 2 that the fullness of the Godhead dwelt in him bodily Well I was that true Jesus was a man that was walking love he had joy he had so much joy he left it behind for us to partake my joy I leave with you remember that my Peace I leave with you now watch this Jesus had peace he was wrong suffering he was very very gentle he was good he's our source of faith he was meek and he was most definitely temporary Christ our pattern that the one whom we are called to imitate the one whom we are called to reflect Jesus I want to encourage you appreciate ministers appreciate gospel workers but don't emulate them don't get to a point where you're trying to become like them be like Jesus he's so much more attractive he's so much more powerful and don't think that preaching words makes a man powerful it's the whole life in fact I'm going to build on that one day Jesus is going around and he's just saying things and I want to show you the clear testimony because what you see in Jesus is what should be seen in us the Bible says and look for verse 32 and they were Standish at his doctrine for His Word was with power was the last time somebody was astonished at your doctrine. When's the last time somebody has it meant just by just the way that you express the gospel my heart cannot resist it this is the impact that Jesus would have with his words his words were with power look at another word for you no words but here it is for he taught them as one having authority and not as the scribes I mean Jesus's teachings there was something additional to his words Jesus's words were so powerful my brothers and sisters that when the officers were sent to arrest them they couldn't and when they came back the best excuse they could come up with was never a man speak like this man I mean you got to put your mind in the text sometimes never a man spoke like this man spoke what was it that gave Jesus so much power because this is what we're going to need to help reach those precious souls that are absolutely walking in darkness we're going to need this power is not intellect you know my friend and then words give an awesome sermon several weeks ago he gave a sermon in the sermon wasn't I don't remember the title but he made a point he said Facts don't change people and I said Man that's true and he used the best example in the world I don't know if you heard of that that burger joint called Heart Attack Grill I think it's in Las Vegas and he just went into how the man literally he literally carries in his restaurant the ashes. Of a man who was eating one of his heart attack burgers in his restaurant and died right at the table he literally displays the man's ashes and helps the people understand you do understand that after eating our food this can happen to you they present all the facts of the grease the fat the blood and all the things that will happen to you you have to pay for your food before you even order. Because they're not sure if you're going to drop dead and not pay for your food. So literally this I wish this was a joke this is a true story there's a restaurant that exists and the people who literally come there fully understanding I can die this can they have a burger called triple bypass burger. So it was it was a point the point is very simple if facts could change people that restaurants should not be so super successful because he's presenting all the facts but it's not changing the people the point is very simple family we need something even more than intellect intellectual genius has its place don't get me wrong it's involved in the process of winning souls but it's not the source and so Jesus had something more than mere intellectual Ackman he had something more than just the ability to explain things with excellent oratory he had something more than that and I want you to see what he had inspiration makes it clear the officers who were sent to Jesus came back with the report never man spoke as he spoke but the reason for this was never a man lived as he lived then he says had his life been other than it was he could not have spoken as he did his words bore with them a convincing power why because they came from a heart pure and holy full of love and sympathy but Neverland's and truth family let's face it. Do you mind if I if I could be very real with you is that all right I mean this don't we are not to preach and I am very real with people because I think that I was very late and we have no time to play games and do any acting around and dancing I'm a former dancer I'm not a present dancer you understand that family. We know it's possible right now to shake a man's hand or shake a woman's hand and have a thought in our head that says I wish you weren't here we know how to do that don't we we know how to shake some bodies hands and say Hey good to see you. When we know I wish I didn't see you we know how to quietly Harbor things in the heart and act like something that's absolutely not true we do this with family members on them we definitely do with church brethren and we do with coworkers and all these things this was not here. It says from his heart he was full when you full of something there's no room for anything else it says his heart was full of love sympathy but never listen true he really learned how to love Absolutely and godly unlovable people and that's why I believe that's the final test for God's people I firmly believe with all my heart God is waiting for us to have a love and unity like he has with the father and once we have that the angels can let go the winds and let the whole Final Crisis break loose because we're watching all these agitations happening in our world right now we're seeing a lot of stuff going on that yes it could be scary to those who don't know Jesus but it should not cause a fear in our heart we have nothing to fear for the future except as we forget the way the Lord has led us and its teachings in our past history so the reality is that we need to come in contact with ourselves and say Lord why do I let convincing power why is it that I don't even have enough power to overcome my own issues I remember one teacher he said he was a powerful teacher he taught Mark Finley and many of his name was W. D. for a Z. He said You want to know what a true medical missionary is. When a man and a woman knows how to solve their own problems then they can know how to solve other people's problems like this that simple isn't it that's what the gospel always should be so. Will the gospel is a wonderful simplifier of life's problems when you and I learn how to solve our own problems then we can go ahead and help other people solve their problems but the reality is that a lot of us you know we're lacking this so what can we do like where is the victory lying and so now that we've got a good foundation to the realities of our battles in the issues ahead what does God want to do about it we're going to look at 3 passages of Scripture Let's go to Mark Chapter One I want you to watch something about Jesus because I want to know how did Jesus have this lived this kind of life had this kind of power that even his words could stop people like you I mean you got to know those guys were sent to arrestees and his words made them stop like how do you stop like if somebody was coming to arrest me and I could just say to them God says Stand right there and that brother just you know just stops and he just looks at his partner and lets go and then he just walks away that's exactly what happened with Christ like he could stop aggressive men who are about to arrest him just by his words you should look for me but you won't be able to find me for where I'm going you cannot go and that was enough for them to say Guys us this abandon this mission and they turned and asked us some power What was it that helped Jesus I want you to look at this mark one verse 35 this is the secret I'm letting you in on the secret right now here's the secret mark one in verse 35 the Bible said this and in the what and in the morning and in the morning rising up a great while before day he went out and departed where into a solitary place and what did he do he prayed Luke 5 in Luke the 5th chapter let's notice this in Luke Chapter 5 I want you to notice again Luke 515 and 16. In lieu 5 verses $15.16 notice what the Bible says but so much the more went there a fame a broad of him and great multitude came together to hear and to be healed by him of their infirmities and he withdrew himself where into the wilderness and what did he do he prayed Luke 6 in Luke the 6th chapter notice what the Bible says as we consider verse 12 in Luke 6 and verse 12 the Bible goes on to say and it came to pass in those days that he went out into where a mountain to pray and how long did he do it all night in prayer to God let's recap we started on message understanding the blessing does not belong to the hearers of the word but to do is of the word is not about what you know it's about what you and I are doing with what know is that right after that we then consider James $417.00 which helps us to understand the depth of knowing and not doing for the Bible says to him that knows to do good and doesn't do it to him it is sin so it's really really dangerous thing when we know the right things to do but we don't do it OK that's that's clear then we went to the last message the last message to go to the world is the 1st 2nd and 3rd angels message and we know that in the proclamation of the 3rd angel's message which is what we must reach the people with this nor the gospel for us to give to the people in the marketplace is not the gospel this is the gospel so when we get to that 3rd angel we have to identify this beast in the mark and all these other things well we saw that the beast power is not going to try to convince the world at large by way of spirituality. But what they're going to do is try to convince the world to follow their ways by trying to constantly present benefits towards them and their homes and present themselves as heroes. Ones whom the people can trust and then afterwards they'll bring in the spiritual and that's how Sunday laws will be set up we need to look at people at work and at school and all these other places we need to see them as potential individuals to fall under this deception we see radical movement taking place where even the young people are saying as early as next month they're ready to go ahead and do business unusual to win people to concepts that they don't even see is ultimately going to set folks up to eventually follow the papacy all the way in even receive in the market at least we know that so in the midst of all these problems we saw that the Gospel is a solution to problems we also saw that God gave us the Gospel that we can help solve those problems but then we saw a problem and the problem is God prophesied in the last days we're going to have a problem and our problem is that our religion is going to be dumbed down to a form denying power we looked and we saw what God has always made power available to us through the Holy Spirit we also saw that Jesus our excellent example was filled with the spirit and he demonstrated the kind of power that he wants to give to us but the question is how do we get that power and now we are back again at the secret the secret to a life of power was the communion life of Jesus Christ that's the secret to him he whispering it's the secret the secret to a life of real gospel Christ centered power is not how hard you work. Listen to that carefully the secret to us in my power is not how hard we work it's about what are you doing 1st thing in the morning before you begin your day it's what are you doing in the middle of your day it is what are you doing at the conclusion of your day and Jesus literally gave us the secret and he showed us you and I need to go we need to find a solitary place and Jesus said I need you to spend some time with me like you never have before you see I have watched many people who preach very well I've been part of this movement now for 27 years I have heard men preach Bible and spirit prophecies so strong and they are in the world today live in some of the most vile lifestyles but when they were on their way out they said Brother Lemon I'm leaving I asked them a question I said he all I'm tired of the church I'm tired of the people you know 1000 excuses I said let me ask you this what was your communion life like over the past 6 months to a year do you know 100 percent of the people I talked to the ended up a pastor sizing one of the very foundational problems was their devotion to life became very weak very traditional very routine very shallow no heart in it whatsoever their communion life was grossly compromised I know people used to practice all the reforms it is this church is such an interesting church it is God's church. When I see the things I said well this is God's church has got to reset all the things is going to happen and it's happening with to a T. I can remember people who used to practice dress reform they used to practice health reform they used to believe in out of the city into the country they used to believe a lot of those unique features of our message. Today their skirts are high their cleavage is low the brothers are looking like they're coming off of a fashion road show you know the make all the reasons in the wall this is why we have to live in the cities and they make up every reason of why they do what they do and they abandon all of those teachings Now those teachings they not change they claim in Lightman but when I asked them what was the enlightenment they have no true foundation for their so-called enlightenment and then I begin to ask them tell me about your devotional life but your communion life like Walk me through what you do when you wake up in the morning before you start your day and again I find the connection weak shallow very quick very surface that's nothing like what Jesus did this is about as clear as it gets for me family I want you to notice what inspirations is the Saviors life on earth was a life of communion with nature and with God Notice what it says next in this communion he revealed for us the secret of a life of power ministry healing page 51 Jesus wanted us to understand where did I get all the energy to resist those Pharisees Where did I get all this energy to heal the sick when everybody else he would often tell the disciples you guys go and rest a while but that was not so for him he would keep working and when he was finished and those Pharisees was wearing them down and those people with all their needs was wearing them down you read it in Luke 6 Jesus would go into a solitary place and I want you to know that each of those solitary places was always nature is that what we read. He always went in nature and he would spend time with God either to get charged up or to get recharged. I am meeting people in our church that are holding very high and responsible positions and they are losing their fire or is getting dumbed down to a very very common form neither of those fits Jesus Jesus came every day bursting with a brand new zeal. Because there was one thing Jesus would not compromise it was his time with God. I was reading a. Letter and on a secret I put that picture there to listen for secret. I was reading Christ subject lessons and when I was going through Christ object lessons talk about the parable of the sower and you remember the parable of the Sower it talks about how there were individuals who the cares of this life would choke out you know all of the things of God It was very interesting when you get to page 52 in Christ article essence page 52 it switches and it switches to a group that I had to honestly say you know like my mouth dropped I was kind of open I said Lord have mercy on me and I'm very serious when I say that there's a trap that the devil has made for the good people doing good work it's actually the opposite of the secret to a life of power this one is called The Secret to failure you ready for it they should describe this other class not the ones who are being choked out by business ventures and all these other things she says they are working for others good is not good they work for people's good it says their duties are pressing their responsibilities are many and they all allow their labor to do something terrible to crowd out devotion is anybody in this room know what I'm talking about you're very busy doing good your labor is off for others you want to have a good quality time with God but because of maybe some habits of intemperance late nights. Doing other things perhaps we shouldn't do or maybe because of issues beyond our control we find ourselves getting up and at best we've got time maybe for a little reading from reflecting Christ this day with. We get that little reading in and we expect that little reading to give us a full charge to deal with some of that and I mean it when I say this to deal with some of the demon possessed people that we're going to deal with during the day they are working for others good their duties are pressing their responsibilities are many and they allow their labor to crowd out devotion notice communion with God through prayer and a study of His word is neglected here is one of the chief secrets of failure in Christian work chief secret we don't have any power and when we don't have power we lean on intellect we lean on pristine age we lean on position we lean on whatever earthly external what appears to be reason you should listen to me. Rather than the annoying thing of God Spirit this is happened to me so many times and so God began to really help me see as I praise helping you see this some things in life that you just got to realize it must be a non-negotiable if you got to lose everything than lose everything for what does it profit a man to gain the whole world and lose his own soul and if you keep compromising your devotional time you're going to lose your own soul so you've got to ask yourself what is it that's keeping me from having a deeper communion time with God what's keeping me from that what is keeping me from getting quality time why is no A Quality time is they long for from their husbands husbands know what Quality time is they long for for their wives children know about quality time they longed for for mom and Jesus longs for communion. He wants quality time he doesn't want your mind racing he doesn't want you reading and while you're reading out of one eye you're thinking in the other oh we've got to clean that up I've got to move this out I got to move the car got to. God it's like you know actively listening to me guys like you not giving me my time and what happens is because God loves us so much it actually does hurt him but why does it hurt us because we're going to find ourselves like those sons of one day dealing with somebody who's demon possessed and in the name of Jesus and Paul we tell you to come out and Adam is going to say Look Jesus I know Paul I know but I don't know you are you don't have the power that Jesus and Paul head you understand that the secret to a life of power is that time. That you and I get with God sometimes promotion is the devil's plan are you following that sometimes when you have more responsibilities and doing more managing more overseeing more and yes making more sometimes the devil set that up and if you don't believe the devil can prosper you in temporal things you go back to Matthew for that's exactly what he said to Jesus Hey you do what I say I'll give you all these cities I'll give you everything don't believe that every ray of prosperity that comes your way came from God The devil wants to steal your power he wants to disconnect and he wants to keep you and I in the form we got to know what it is to get up in the morning and minds are not divided and like Jesus did you read what he said Mark 135 this is a great while before De Jesus understood look by the time the sun rises I know they're going to call for me Jesus was a master of time management and so he understood that and he said well that just means I got to get now if you really studied Mark one you would see the previous verses it literally showed that Christ was working almost all night he was hearing all the people after sunset. So that means that Jesus had a late night but he still got up a great while before day what Jesus was trying to introduce to you and I is to prioritization of communion with God. Don't let anything get in the way it will steal your power now the part that really got me was why nature that was that was a very intentional statement wasn't it it's literally said that it said communion with God in nature so I'm like What was that all about what is the reason that God that Christ would go in nature because that was the twofold example getting up early in the morning solitary place communion with God and with nature that's what is it why nature Well there are obvious reasons on a physical sense early in the morning especially if you're surrounded by the scenes of nature it's a very beautiful time the air is very crisp and fresh More than likely especially good if you're if you're surrounded by nature you know country environments mountain environments things of that nature if you're privileged to be around that well that's awesome but sometimes even if you have a backyard it's all right to just take your chair and go out in your backyard you know if you've got a little garden plot just take a chair and put it from the garden plot you know I'm saying this but what was is was is was is why nature you see an evergreen tree what is the lesson we learn from the evergreen tree unchanging doesn't matter what the weather is unchanging every time we're in nature and we behold that evergreen tree God wanted us to remember I and the Lord and I don't change sometimes in the morning we're wondering God Are You There God Did you really mean what you said but once I lift up and look at the evergreen tree God says as faithful as that tree is to maintaining its green God says magnify that times infinity and that's how faithful I am to being who I said I am that's why God says you want to know my name I am that I am. I don't change every time we get surrounded by the scenes of nature nature has a way of reminding us of who we're talking to how about this 1. 36 the mountains and the hills those represent a place of safety and help you remember that the Bible shows us very clearly and sounds 12112 I will lift up mine eyes unto the hills from whence comes my help my help coming from the Lord which made heaven and earth when we have worship with God in nature when we are surrounded by those scenes every time we see those hills when we see those mountains we can remember as it was a place of refuge for David running from Saul So it is that God is my refuge God will provide help to me in my greatest times of need how about a rock the rock represented fortress and strength so it is and he said The Lord is my rock and my fortress and my deliverer I'm trying to tell you that we go through very real battles every day when we pray we need strength we need wisdom we need now which we need power we ask for blessings these are the things we look for when we get up in the morning have a little bit of prayer time with God God says the reason why I want you to have communion with me as much as is practical and possible God says go outside do it in nature imitate fully the communion life of Jesus and when you do that there are blessings that comes how about this one flowers when you're out in nature that's where you every time you look at those flowers that gives you a picture of God's love and care. Think about it the Bible is clear I am this is God talking I am the Rose of Sharon and the literally of the valleys as the lily among forms so is my love among daughters the Lily was to be representative of God's love towards us so whenever we held them we saw the beauty of those flowers. It was to remind us of God's incredible loving care towards you and towards me that's why the Bible also goes on to say you remember in Matthew 6 consider the literally of the field how they grow they toil not neither do they spin shall he not much more clothe you God that is the more you have communion with Him in nature you will find less and less reason to have so much perplexities in our lives as we have it was a secret God says that's why I did it I left this for you as my people the Sun The Sun of course healing right you remember Malakai says but unto you that fear my name shall the Sun of Righteousness S. you in of righteousness arise with healing in his wings and you shall go forth and go up as cows of the store Malakai for in verse 2 I don't know about you but there's nothing sweeter I've had this happen to me sometimes I go outside and I have my communion with God sitting on a tree or something like that you know whatever like you know you got trees that fall or whatever and I make it my seed and I will fall is my blessing so I'll go ahead I'll sit on their seat have my Bible I'll have my other books and I'm out there in nature and I'm talking to God and God speaks to me and sometimes I love it whenever this happens sometimes in an intense moment reading His word I'm like Lord can you really apply this in my life you know and then as I'm reading all of a sudden. The ray of the Sun literally hits me right on my face and it's like when that ray of the sun hits me right on my face it just reminds me of that Sun of Righteousness. That says as much as the beam of the sun lights of so much of the planet I had a raid just for you doing because that's how much I care about you but when you're surrounded by the paint and the buildings and all these other things you can miss out on some of those blessid communications you understand that the sky hard not to see that one in the sky God's mercy faithfulness and strength Well Bible says that I am mercy songs 365 some 68 verse 34 the mercy all Ord is in the Heavens and I faithfulness reaches into the clouds ascribed the strength on to God his excellent C. is over Israel and his strength is in the clouds the Jesus was very intentional in going out in nature having communion with God because he didn't just have the word written he had the word created that was constantly speaking to him and that's the purpose of communion is not only for us to speak to him but it's for him to speak to us and so Jesus literally modeled this for you and for me my brothers and my sisters I told you I'm not here to drop anything deep on you I'm giving you something that's super simple Some of us in this room right now our religion is falling into a form and God has already told us there's no power in that and I believe if you and I carefully look at our lives we see the lack of power we can see it and so we try studying a little bit more we go to more seminars we buy more books we try to prayer concepts and gimmicks but Jesus says listen. Yes keep it simple things Jesus says go back to my ordained example. Jesus says I didn't put it in the word just so you can say that's nice Jesus says I left that as an example for you 1st John 2 in verse 6 if any man says that he abides in Christ he is to walk also as Christ walked that means how he lived is how we live Jesus came to show us how to live and I'm telling you the truth the more that you and I focus on getting that communion life right every morning you need to write out the time that best fits you and your schedule and you must put it on your phone on your Apple Watch or whatever you got you need to be able to say no more compromise no more compromise 4 times a day my phone my i Pad my computer and even my Apple Watch puts up one of my favorite quotes from the writings of Illinois gospel workers page 2 all for what a man is has greater influence than what he says. And I put reminders in so just throughout the day I'm minding my business or whatever and doing that thing goes off and it just reminds me too and remember what a man is has greater influence than what he said. And I find myself going into prayer Lord help me to remember is who I am and not even so much what I do that you truly find valuable in your sight God wants you to be what you say you are we teach very high holy principles to people family it's time we start living it and this is like the A.B.C.'s Good Morning devotion set the time when you set the time guard it guard it brothers and sisters let nothing get in the way but then Jesus also showed us after a hard day's work don't just simply All right and then go to bed crisis go back to God. Get to recharge assess your day find out your failures and work to make sure that they never happen again find out your successes try to work to make that your constant and what you and I are learning to do is exactly what the Psalmist said in Sam's 55 in verse 17 evening morning and at noon will I pray and cry aloud in the blessing promised he will hear my voice I'll give you this final little statement here and then we can close it out I like being on time Praise the Lord I would even ask God to help me with that with conferences and so because you know I want to respect the time so in the book education page $102.00 beautiful quote As a student of the Bible behold the Redeemer there is awakened in the soul the mysterious power of faith adoration and love it says upon the vision of Christ the gaze is fixed and the beholder grows into the likeness of that which he adores this is my encourage men to use take your eyes off a man fix your eyes on Jesus a beautiful concert for your devotional life when you get up in the morning make a full surrender of your heart your will to God Lord today not my will your will be done for surrender whatever way you direct I will follow your leading number to confess and for seeing all known sin you see all the accommodating verses confessing for saying all known sin whatever you know that's going on in your life that you know this is not something that pleases God I know that this is wrong Lord I confess this I acknowledge this by your grace I am turning away from it do not consult your feelings God never asked you to do that God says choose to do it I will give you the feelings for it. Number 3 exercise faith in the charge you receive from his word regardless of feeling if God tells you from his word that I want you to exercise more kindness today I want you to do more sacrificial self sacrificial service whatever it may be then you go ahead and you exercise and you say Lord I trust your word I act on your word number 4 seek Oh and I cannot stress this enough seek God's character excellence purity and mercy towards you in the midst of your son fullness in all your readings always look for it this will help keep you humble preachers have a big problem with this the devil's always telling us how great smart and ingenious we are and unique in all this other stuff and when we compare ourselves to Christ we go through immediate humility keep your eyes on the character of God Look for it in your devotional time 5 commune with God a minimum of 3 times a day that's what the Bible says so get that time in the morning in the midday we understand lives are very busy so even if it's 5 minutes family I think all of us in the midst of very very very very very busy schedules take 5 minutes talk with the Lord review a couple of promises get that charge and then certainly in the evening review your day and if you fail the certain areas acknowledge it don't make excuses Lord I messed up here by your grace help me do better tomorrow number 6 make it a habit to turn all your burdens and cares to God. He will deliver these are some key that I would like to encourage you to exercise in your devotional time and you will find that as you do this day by day your communion will get more and more sweet let us remember that opening verse. Blessitt are the doers of the word and not be doers not hearers only deceiving our own selves the blessing is not going to come by saying wow that was a good message it touched my heart it Sarah The question is are you going to do it and if you do it well you've got a lot of lessons coming your way and then you'll be a blessing to a lot of people that really needed in these last moments in US history how many of us are willing to say Lord by your grace the communion life of Jesus will be mine could I see your hands go up all men as beautiful or I wish I had my camera another take a picture of that now look beautiful that just look beautiful less seal our decision in prayer let's pray our loving Father we thank you so much Lord we got a lot of problems in this world but we are eternally grateful that Christ came to show us the solution and we need power to overcome the things that challenge us internally in our homes in our churches and most certainly was coming in this world is going to take the majority of the people as overwhelming surprise I pray help us to learn from Jesus it was not just all the things he did during the day. But it was especially what he chose to do in the morning and in the evening in the solitary place Lord let this be a new wave of lifestyle for us and may we experience the secret to a life of and overcome we can see seek to fail. This is Aubrey we asked Jesus. This media was produced by Audio very oriented avenues Lehmann's services and industries. If you would like to learn more about. Please. Cite minutes. Or if you would like to listen for 3 lines or leave as a. Body of verse.


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