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The Reluctant Dissident

Gary Rayner


Gary has a long track record of innovation; pioneering, and driving many consumer products to market. Three of the companies he founded became world-class highly successful technology ventures (DriveCam-Lytx, LifeProof, and Interpreta) achieving a combined market capitalization exceeding $2 Billion. The sum of his ventures have resulted in a generating more than 5,000 man years of employment, and exceeded $3 Billion in cumulative revenues.


Gary earned his MBA, and Master’s of Engineering Science from Queensland University of Technology, a leading Australian University. Gary is currently earning his third master’s degree focused on Artificial Intelligence at Georgia Tech.


Gary has also been recognized with the following awards: Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award, San Diego Business Journal Most Admired CEO, UCSD Connect Most Innovative Product Award for DriveCam, and finalist for UCSD Connect Most Innovative Product Award for LifeProof 2012, and 2013. Gary has been awarded more than 25 patents.




  • August 2, 2019
    10:45 AM
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Thank you very much his great to see so much talent in this room a lot of new faces as well it's a real privilege to be here and good to see you on the back this some friends of mine from a stranger as well it's a good day. OK Well today. I have a topic which hopefully will come up and screen here in a moment which is one I would rather not present on. The floor I consider myself to be a reluctant dissident I hope that you can be reluctant dissidents at the end of this and understand that we're living in a fascist world but it's a fascist world the pop culture is OK with I think it's great. Normally fascism is a pejorative term that people use when they want to insult somebody or just to completely dismiss them and write them off to make it very clear what this discussion is not about so it's not about politics it's not about you know obviously salvation doesn't come from the Democrats and it definitely does not come from the Republicans. It's not about left or right it's not about straight or gay if you think it is because this topic will come up some of the times in the discussion it's not about that it's not about men versus women who are nationalism versus race or racism or progressive versus conservative what it is about it's about your allegiance your moral conscience and your ability. To practice your Christian religious freedoms to live with moral integrity to the life that your call to to have freedom from persecution true separation from church and state saying to 2 of the family unit. And freedom from being compelled to ratify and agree with perversity. Well let's get down to some definitions 1st we're talking about the same thing what is a dissident basically somebody that disagrees in the simplest form for definitions here we've got of from the Merriam Webster dictionary Cambridge Dictionary Kapadia an Oxford dictionary so I think we've got a pretty well covered for the whole point is this a difference of opinion sentiment it's the opposite of consent somebody asking me to do something or they making you do something you don't want to do and you disagree with the dissent. The ultimate dissident Jesus Christ I mean not just talking about here on Earth I mean this was a situation where there was a kingdom that was established on the Prince of Darkness and Jesus came down from heaven as a dissident not just to overturn this kingdom but to overturn the author doxies the prejudices that room place at the time and this country the United States of America was founded by dissidents dissidents see is at the very hot and core of this country spirit. And essentially it was placed on Christian principles as well which was freedom of conscience freedom to flee from persecution and from tyrannical governments the freedom to practice to faith in pace and ultimately this country was founded on the principle that all men and women were created equal which ultimately led to the abolition of slavery. Let's talk about fascism so we know what we're actually talking about and who better to get the definition of fascism from than the founders of fascism which which was Benito Mussolini and flipper marionette. And this symbol that you see here is the fascist symbol which is a bundle of sticks that are bound together. And the idea is that each stick by themselves is easy to break but when you put them into a bundle together and you tie them tightly with the cord they become like a log they become strong now that cord is made of the principles of education and indoctrination. It's also the media and it's also force and you see the acts which is tied to the side of the bundle that represents corporal and capital punishment for those that are dissidents. So the Doctrine of Fascism from Benito Mussolini is essentially fascism is totalitarian the fascist state is a synthesis and unit inclusive of all the use it interprets develops and potentiates the life of the people that's interesting if you read behind those words develops in interprets what it's really saying is telling them what to think and how we want them to think so fascism is a religious conception which man is seen in these him in a relationship with a sieve Heriot call it a moral law and with an objective world that transcends the particular individual this is much bigger than one person right if it one gets in the way of them what will take care of them. And this is about creating a so-called spiritual society so fascism besides being a system of government is and above all support a system of thought. So you've seen it the violent protests don't like what you have to say to university so what are you going to do you're going to create help create violence he's going to step in and whatever it happens to be let's. Unpack and look at what's going on here. Looking at the traits of fascism it is suppression and silencing of opposing views and this is an academic which studied fascism throughout World War 2 and essentially did his doctorate on. Violence as a valid political instrument the sacred was ation of politics through totalitarian methods it's a new political style and by myth rites and symbols as a lame religion designed to a cultural age socialize and integrate the faith of the masses with the goal of creating a new man. Now these days they're not kidding when they're talking about creating a new man. It's a police apparatus that prevents controls and represses dissidents in opposition including through the use of organized terror what is terror that's essentially intimidation that something very bad is going to happen to you if you don't do exactly what they want. Disagreement is considered treason if you disagree with what they're positing and putting forth it is almost a capital offense everybody is educated to become a hero if you see somebody conducting a political correctness infraction you are immediately to call into the task you are to destroy them if possible and essentially chipping the causes of modern modernism action and political violence again you're seeing it so often on the streets here promoting the establishment of a totalitarian state. If you haven't guessed this this is bigger than Left and Right OK So this is again it's not about politics it's about the behavior that you're seeing it's social indoctrination through propaganda in education. Your schools taxpayer money and the media and regulation of the production of educational and media materials you can obviously see to my sources that I'm referencing here too in terms of the characteristics of fascism so using the media being controlled you're seeing the social media being controlled you're seeing education being controlled with a very specific anti-Christian agenda which is being crammed down your necks with both arms. I am a social justice. This is my keyboard. When I'm behind the I'm inside all I can say anything without consequence that helps me dish out social justice. Sides are finally I want my trump card where I trivialize you're told one would label by telling you you're a racist you're a sexist you're an aside gymnast you're homophobic you have a full day trains for your human form and I'm like a doctor him in our place diagnoses. When I decide we will someone with one word I don't have to use my brain to stand back because I have a crude form understanding of the one word that I used to label them so I can just understand the word that I decided to call them instead of understanding that. Trigger warning anybody going to get offended here the doors just there you know. Essentially we're talking about Christian principle biblical principles and the intolerance in society towards them so essentially the trick is that if you start talking about sin as the Bible understands and talks about sin expect to hit some big triggers if you stand against the murder of children also known as abortion expect to get D. platform off social media expect. To get fired expect to be ostracized and punished if you don't fully and completely adulate before and totally agree with transgender N L G B T Q A what if the alphabets are agendas they expect extreme and total punishment if you stand for traditional family and marriage expect a lot of problems if you're against recreational drug use and the measure of hate speech is essentially offended inus. If somebody is offended then you've conducted hate speech against them but you have to understand that that is contingent upon which group you happen to be representing So intolerance is defined essentially as. Values if you speak them when you stand for them clearly that's considered hate speech hate speech his intolerance and of course we all know that intolerant people are intolerable So the violence legal action punitive lawsuits criminal prosecution it's financial attacks blacklists firings professional persecution and death threats hate this is seen as you had it coming because you are horrible you are a horrible person for conducting hate speech this in arson is justifiable and appropriate actions in our society today. So I tried to tabulate a bit of a table here of what you know how many points of hate speech are offended this is worth for each group so when was the last time as a Christian the rebel put up your hand and say I was offended by really think this person should be fired and taken through the ringer. It's just not going to happen womens the last time that you were compelled he said Merry Christmas to somebody and I didn't say Merry Christmas. Back see filed a lawsuit against them with the A.C.L.U.. OK when it comes down to Christians being under attack for portrayed anything but negatively in the media how often do you see that the media coming to their defense but the monopoly really is with the L.G.. Or with the atheist movement as far as the pair index if you have religious symbols in public spaces atheists can demand that they be removed because they find them offensive if it comes down to let's call it one of the phobias homophobia Muslim a phobia women the last time you heard the term Christian a phobia. So the will of you essentially is that there is no god. And so you're not entitled to your views because your views are irrelevant but according to the to the Bible we're not for it wrestling against flesh and blood but against principalities powers against the rules of darkness of this age against spiritual hosts of wickedness in heavenly places so. Paul says that His Grace teaches us to say no to godless ways and sinful desires we must control ourselves what a concept this is what this is what the gospel is about it's about delivery from slavery to the Connally you can only see is not your destiny. There is a way to be able to live the life we can live in a godly life in today's world and David says foolish people say in their hearts there is no God but they do all kinds of horrible and evil things. Well we've seen this should be no freedom for hate speech well I guess it just depends on how you define hate speech right but what they really mean is. You can have freedom of speech. But you know it's free from the consequences of your speech if you offend somebody the so well here's a bit of an example of how Christianity is now if you're in the tech world. Anyway let's introduce you to the group we've got a great analytics tool by a former Google Guru which I got out of that one could use extruding with an AI taste predictor that is off the charts. Yes and this and some devil over here is creating a very promising gay dating site that's cool yeah but don't worry he's not some sort of us anyway let's introduce you to the group we've got a great analytics tool by a former Google Guru which I don't know that one could use extreme with an AI taste predictor that is off the charts. Yes and this and some double over here is creating a very promising gay dating site that's cool yeah but don't worry he's not snobby about it he's actually pretty boring I don't mean that as an insult those are his words long term relationship doesn't smoke doesn't drink and come in as a man go to church every Sunday so. Loves Bible studies just a straight up boring ordinary guy but obviously not straight very good and also a Christian. So I just got off the phone with Collin All right K. hole and while he loves your tack he's considering blowing up the deal lots just because one of my C.E.O.'s is Christian freaks people out in the valley OK So what do you want me to do Micah you want me to drug D.D. just because he's Christian the company is not Christian it's cake. Which is fine right you know that that plane is great anyway it was a mistake I'm sorry I just wish I could go back to normal and just like how things were C.E.O. And OK so you are not normal as an orator can such a crazy 24 hours how awesome travels. So. I'll be lucky if my parents ever talk to me again their parents are. Dead says my lifestyle mixup sic he just wants his gay son back OK with the gay bar he's gay. I took it out. Again and he's just a little busy but there's one word too many one more like the gay part and it could be more going to get out and then I like the proud part. It's just a. Question mark. But it's pithy because it's not that far from the truth is it. So let's look at the moral police state this is what's happening in this country and other modern Western countries as well legislating perversity and criminalizing Christian morality and decency when I say criminalizing I'm not using that as a youth a mystic term amusing that in the legal term so Washington Post is not exactly known for its conservative views however the state of New York has passed a law that if you do not use the required pronoun says someone demands that you use offended this is worth at least a $125000.00 but if it was proven to be willful if you did it on purpose that's $250000.00. Most people in their entire lifetime do not save $250000.00 so we're talking about wiping out somebody is entire life. For one off in. The state of California just passed a law that if you don't use the correct pronoun then you are a health care worker you can be punished with jail. Time. Lord what's happening. You are being compelled to bow down before the golden image on the plains of China the essentially at the threat of being thrown into the fiery furnace at least of your career or of your personal safety or of your financial or of your legal safety. It's not enough to accept it's not enough to to agree it's not enough to live and let live you must adulate power down and worship before this altar. Christians around the world according to the Britain's foreign secretary. Studies show that 80 percent of the worldwide deaths due to religious persecution now happening to Christians. Not Muslims not Buddhists. Not Hindus. And this is a football player from a stroller this is very near and dear to me this guy is of a caliber of football hero that only comes along once or twice in a lifetime I mean he is literally that good and he's also a convicted Christian that believes stands for his police even to see the media bias here where they will call out one thing that he writes and use that as the pretext for destroying his entire career the career of one of Australia's most exciting rugby union ply is Israel Folau is all but over yesterday afternoon on Instagram the Wallabies star told home the sexual that hell awaits you who are drunks. And that they repent bugger on Twitter up allow shared a story about Tasmania making gender optional long bit city kids with remarks including that the devil has blinded painful. Or his actions left us with no choice. Because of the. And she dies you know. The old the bomb the on. Us. Again legal precedence has been set now several times that if your school to turn the situ child has transgender tendencies they put them on to the track for gender reassignment giving them home and therapy if you don't agree with that as a parent you were considered to be creating a hostile environment for the child that is unsafe and the Child Protective Services will remove your child from your family custody because you've created such a poisonous atmosphere this is the country we live in now hello. And the video I'm about to show you is from this gentleman it was the editor in chief a Psychology Today he's a life long Democrat and you're going to see what he has to say about Silicon Valley bias in front of the Senate in 1961 Eisenhower warned about the possible rise of a technological a leet that would control public policy without people's awareness we must also be alert to the opposite danger that public policy could it. Become a captive of a scientific The Bookman logical belief that elite now exists and you must determine where we go from here we've shown in our experiments. That just by manipulating search suggestions those phrases that are flashed actually when you're typing in a search term we can turn a 5050 split among undecided voters into a 9010 split with no one having the slightest idea that they have been manipulated and want to I'm telling you is we have shown that you see. In this technique we can turn a 5050 split among undecided voters into a 90 tends with no one having the slightest idea they have been manipulated we have reason to believe that Google is knowingly deliberately strategically manipulating people's thinking and behavior from the very 1st character people type into the search. OK I'm going to give you permission to do something on your smartphone in the middle my presentation right now crack open you Google go straight to Google and I want you to just type into the search bar in your Caesar talking men can. What's the 1st thing you see. Do you think that that there is some subtle bias there perhaps how about you type how. In be. OK we seeing any bias here at all. You should be horrified. As citizens of a country which is supposed to be a democratic country. Even if you even if you identify as a Democrat in this NG This fire is happening to the party that you favor you should still be hard horrified that democracy is under attack. So the summary is essentially the 1st war in heaven was primarily a war of information and influence so God was accused of being a fascist when loose it was the spiritual father of the principles of fascism and self so some things they just don't change today so fascist and when I say quotes are religious forces what you. Seeing is you're seeing a moral force which is one to impose them or reality which is essentially a religion upon this entire nation so you're seeing the destruction of the separation and church of state. It's masquerading as pop culture but it's really a church and they've established corrupt laws dominating the messaging in the mainstream media and also on social media and attempting to silence dissent true since the ship and intimidation Christians are being compelled by politicized agendas to ratify the perversity if you're in business as a young professional you're probably going to have to pay for and provide gender reassignment surgery benefits in the insurance that you offer. So we must be aware that this forces of evil in the spiritual realm that we're fighting against remember our allegiance is not to this world how Legion says to the God in heaven and allegiance it involves risk it involves time it involves your reputation it involves your money. So just understand that it takes more than being passive So what you don't want to do is to be angry competitive combatting become treacherous don't personally attack the leaders understand that all people are God's children too and they must be treated with respect and love and respect even if they don't agree with you don't get into script legal scraps in the end in the workplace if you can avoid it. Don't be ashamed of the Gospel don't shrink from resisting evil and speaking the truth in love to a dying world what you can do stand up for and live your Christian principles with integrity and under said this is a war we didn't ask for so it's been taken to us that stand against tyranny in fascism don't bear out and about proclaim the doss the Gospel and the redemption of sin but do it in love never back down never Apollo. Gys Don't be ashamed to bully you look at the the other communities that are up against pride is the number one thing which they which they command to put you time money and effort you know don't just go gee that's too bad let's do something about it put your time your money into supporting family and Christian values into fighting back against the murder of innocent people and to get involved with your lawmakers to change laws so some final words of wisdom. You know Jesus says The suppose anyone is the shamed of me in my words among these adulterous and sinful people in the sun a man will be ashamed of them when it comes to his father's Kori with the holy angels James says so by God stand up to the devil and you run away from you come near to God and he may come near you wash your hands your sin is make your heart's pure He who can't make up your minds if you haven't made up your mind today now is the time what do you stand for what is worth fighting for. And essentially I want to preach that I'm not ashamed of the good you said it's God's power to save everyone who believes it's meant 1st for the Jews but it's meant for everyone and Christ's method alone was giving true success in reaching the people was by mingling with people showing that he desired the good and he showed true sympathy for them the means to their needs he won the confidence he won their trust trust is the important. Thing he said to them follow me. Thank you this video was produced by audio for 40 years on avenues Lehmann's services and industries. If you would like to learn more about. That site. Or if you like this. Line. This is.


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