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Second Angel's Message: The Fall of Babylon

P. Gerard Damsteegt Dr.Theol. MPH


P. Gerard Damsteegt Dr.Theol. MPH

Associate Professor of Church History (ret.) at the Seventh-day Adventist Theological Seminary, Andrews University



  • April 27, 2019
    2:30 PM
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That spray Heavenly Father beyond She had to give me to wisdom to share this historical presentation that. Each one of hers you'll understand this message which is pretty serious and gave me to Holy Spirit. To present his in a very specially and she's now Amen. Dear 2nd angel's message is one of the most serious messages that is in the scriptures you notice and therefore another angel same bad belong is fallen his fall and a great city because he made all nations drink water weighing up her wrath of her fornication Revelation 14 years 8 and the raided a bill presented is is from a biblical perspective from the beginning of the Bible how long their bosses received later on and then their New Testament because the shift from the Old Testament to the New Testament is very significant the literal significance in the Old Testament becomes then spiritual and it affects many many many many many persons so let us 1st know here on Babylon of the Old Testament. And for the 1st time that becoming conduct with Babylon is after the flux God's plan for human beings after Noah's flood you remember what advice Be fruitful and multiply and fill the earth Unisys 9 version one so it diverse need to be filled with people and yes that was Course plan. Now what was the condition of the earth the world after the float one language for all now perhaps today you would say that would be nice all the same language everybody speaking English I mean we'll have no problems. But it didn't work like that and so God says fill the earth spread that and then the reaction was no rebellion of a group of people and he said Let us build a city a tower who stop reaches in heaven to Halfords So we will not be scattered over the whole earth that is us as you live as one to 4 and so they build their dishtowel are these supposedly 1000000000 against God's will God set filled the whole earth. And what was the reaction no we will build a city where we can all stay here and so now we got to react because any kind of rebellion against God will receive its consequences and so Goatse response go fusion of the long single language and that he's old of the scattering confusion of the languages and the result people stopped building a city and scattered all over the earth for 78. Can you many you're building a tower and you need to mow concrete or mortar just hey give me some water. And the guy said what do you mean I don't understand in another language so how long will the power continue to be built it stopped because they couldn't understand one another. And so then those of each laying beach groups and scattered all over to yours as it got hat command it so no matter what human race does if God says something and it doesn't work out in the human race sooner or later it will work out as gold has attended to be here is the ancient world of the cold the U.S. you see here on your left the Mediterranean there the Persian go off the Caspian Sea There you find it 2 major rivers the Euphrates and the Tigris River and according to archaeologist the tower of Babe 0 was basically there between the 2 rivers and later on than the city of Babylon most built. The lane of support was that the Euphrates River went in the midst of Babylon and that was the supported a needed it was a city that was so strong that nobody really did even that it would be become Kurt because they had all the supply for many many years and so Babylon felt very comfortable later on in the Bible babe will the Tower of Babel was expanded to Babylon and this is the 1st to the country and city of Babylon with its false the village instead of post it through religion of the Bible ancient Babylonian bed ancient people in bed belong here you see the end of remnants or of been able the Tower of Babel which was not certainly not go into heaven because they wanted to build into heaven so that if there's another flood they could escape that was futile thinking. And so here you see it in the city of that we know of both sides of the Euphrates there in the circle in the middle there the remnants of the Tower of Babel Bay will then became Babylon the name Babylon is derived from being able and seek Me face confusion that is in the 1st level but if you go deeper this confusion of us that is a result of rebellion. And is a 1000000000 was basically in the finance of the through God And so this defiance brought enmity and war the enemy of God And so in the Old Testament the manger and I mean again Scott in quotes people was Babylon and so if you go to the New Testament it is same but it is spiritual Beveridge on there been those wars against God's people and you can see here in Jeremiah the terrible war and it was also prophesied babbling on God's people and here you see then the destruction of Jerusalem and at the same time what you see there is that the people are being taken captive and again this was again because of that he 1000000000 of God's people badly don't take Scott's people captive and the vessels from God's temple the sacred vessels that carry it into Tibet we don't need temples to clearly indicate that our Got our better you know you God does it through got caught Marduk and will certainly get the victory over the Israelite God united golden vessels that were and placed in the Bagan temples. And Babylonian captivity wasn't punishment of 70 years and in. One of the saw us it shows you the tragic sin situation the Bible says by just the rivers of Babel all there we said oh yea we wept and when we remembered Zion we hanged our harps on the willows in the midst of all that was a very very tragic thing in the whole me she can hear many a whole nation is being transported then the kept this comes through the Ishtar Gate and they show dead upright and superiority. Here you can see them from the north going to the east or gate and if anybody has ever gone to Berlin in Germany there you can see dear remnants of the is Star Gate beautiful mosaics here you see it in the Star Gate So we stick at Prince came and one of the dominant motives was the lion the lion U.P.C. also in the prophecy of Daniel 7 the 1st animal representing Babylon and it was the pride of superiority because that was the nation that basically conquered the den known civilized world here you see it in an artist direction of the Tower of Babel as it goes after in the Old Testament but again the superiority in pride was there then you see did make miss of hanging gardens or better homes the queen there. Didn't like the deserted area of the desert or Babylon and so see the quest or the King. To have gardens and so he allowed her to have gardens flourishing on the top of the roofs of the temples and the palace. And then in Daniel chip before you see the neighborhood Naser looks over Beverly lawn and says in his bright and superiority is this not the Babylon that I have built there's nobody greater than I. And so you see and then you for that got punished he is OK because you think that the your greatness is because of your greatness and not mine you will be like an animal for 7 years you will eat grass and that was a punishment that never good Mr got but fortunately for him at the end he recognized the true God of the world and he called convert it let into deep repentance and he give and hold the Greek to if power and glory to the God of Israel however the next generations didn't accept this anymore and here you see in Daniel 5 the fall of ancient Babylon here is Bill Shuster he had again the defiance against the God of Israel and what did he do in his boldness he calls for the Golden Temple cups to see Golden Temple cups and what did he do. He fills them with Wayne and brings them with his concubines and wives and rulers they drink their way out of Babylon they have nothing to fear because Babbitt almost invincible but suddenly. A bloodless hand announced the fall of Babel Menem in a tickle overseas. And as a result that was the fall of Babel what happened is depressions Demeter Persia's debts of rounded the city had a nice plan the plan that nobody else thought of except the persons and they diverted the river to Euphrates and as a result of the diversion the year the river the Euphrates dried up. And at night there they came through the dried up river to Euphrates you can see them and of course that was the evening and the night when there was a great feast given by Bell shells are to all married the guts of the Babylonians and how the gods of the Babylonian verse appear to any other gods that was Belshazzar's last night and their Cyrus from the Persians and through the dry riverbed and conquered the city the city of Babylon is well known for its walls the religions the God of Marduk or Porsche detour religion of the Bible little Babel little Babylon had a false religion and became to proceed getting power of God's people in the Old Testament you find it clearly presented their own so now we got some principles in the Old Testament What about Babylon of the new trust them and here in Babylon this is the New Testament spiritual Babylon symbolizes many false religions that perverted debateable. Revelation 17 there you find babbling on is represented as a woman and what kind of a woman there woman is of the filth in the New Testament in prophecy as to church and evolution 17 you find there the immoral movement. In evolution 12 you find there the pure woman standing on the moon covered in the glory of the sun and satanists trying to destroy. The Immoral Woman is seen in prophecy as an apostate church the pure woman is here the Puritan church and so in the Book of Revelation you fight a struggle going on a struggle between the pure church and the apostate church thankless or reshoots Yes thank you I like people who always come to my help thank you so much and so here then the pure church woman is shown as the Lord's bright the Lord the bridegroom and the Lord said I am married and to you Jeremiah Stephens 14 and so there it is a beautiful thing however in Revelation 17. The ERM faithful church is portrayed as a harlot just like in the Old Testament like in the New Testament and the prover of the Prophet James in for sport chapter 4 for sports has you are doltish and adulterous S. No you're not that friendship of the world is and Miti with God and whosoever there for the job or will be a friend of the world is the enemy of God. And so what happens now with the impure woman the input you it she is a lot with the world and this is the key to the down fall of the church as Babbitt on the false church the Immoral Woman and also the Gospel but the Gospel is easier and therefore a large percentage of humanity follows this because she presents still being human in sin as long as you go to confession as not you go to your pastors as not me or tell you you will not do it again you will be safe but again the same sins will be committed to fixed we can the next week and next week and as long as you do confession and Penates it's OK with you the through gospel sense you are not safe in your sin well sinning know you are safe from seeing this indifference it's amazing if you ask some of your friends brothers Ross and friends what happened if you died today. Will you go to heaven. You know what me how often do the responses Well I'm not the bat you know I do good things to other people I help people. You see the point it is what I have done and I mean comparison to others and not that bad so I'm sure that heaven bill be open but they forget that the Bible says through Jesus' words repent and be baptized and as a result of the confusion of bearing on gifts in the world many people don't know that the true way to salvation they don't know it and they hope that it is the good way but is the Broughton's way that leads to destruction and so here then Babylon in the history of the church and as a stupid story and I always like to show the prophecies in the fulfillment in the course of the Christian history and it's really amazing Battiste reveals or you can take any book on church history that can tell you this I am not telling anything secret it's well known but the question is how did the Christian church become corrupt how to make the acceptance of the Christian faith easier by debate begins the church began to adopt slowly some of the practices of the pagan religions they lowered the threshold of becoming Christians the Apostle Paul declares that even in his day the Ministry of a nicotine does already has work 2nd to us alone as a 2nd chapter 7 and it continues to look I see turn now as interesting in regard to the mystery of iniquity in the man of sin in 2nd to Saloni and so many Christians today are looking in the future one day it will come and then we are in trouble the other Christ what a spot on. It's already there so you can see it in the Philip Wood of the Mist you're been a critique and how still Haitians are obtained already in the early church and it continues then it gets worse and worse and worse how did the quote corrupt and during the life of the Apostles the church be made competitively pure. And I have read many of the early Christian the church fathers you know it's not too bad not ideal but not a bad one historian wrote as follows The doors to let the end of the 2nd century most of the churches assume a new form. The 1st simplicity disappears as do all disciples retire to their graves their children along with Nucor birds slowly be parted from the simple teachings and practices of material there is in the place yes to research a robot Robinson the church historian on page 51. And he continues you don't base to $78.00 as the Christian religion secured the favor and support of secular you rulers it was minimum think of nominally accepted by most attempts but while the appearance Christians many of the maimed in substance beacons especially worshipping in secret their idols and here you see one of the being who religion's meter is him that doesn't great anime for Christianity and the God of me truss was also seen as the sun god and a big and skeptic Sunday as a special day of worship. You may not know it but December 25 was the birthday of the cult of Beatrice and so in the Roman Empire in the 1st war in the tears there was a powerful struggle between Christianity and meter is a. New doctrines were developed from a combination of big interviews sions and Bible teachings that began with Emperor Constantine the Great in the 4 century and continues throughout history so if you see the history of Christian teachings you see that over centuries does it change the change very very small because it would be quickly it would either be accepted it would be seen as false or but no very very good Every other 2 years a little bit more and a little bit more a little bit more and and so today after 2000 years you wouldn't even recognize some of the churches in the practice and the liturgy in comparison to the Church of Jesus in the early church who. Use Constantine there Bill becomes the church United with a state that is very very dangerous many Christians compromised with a world that everyone is charged with a single lawful connection with what the kings of the earth revelations are 17 for still it was made departure from the Lord's and aligns with the heathen that it is you wish Gerty became a harlot. And Rose Quarter Epting herself in like manner based seeking to support or worldly powers received like call them NATION. Then when do we get the fall of Babel what causes the fall of Babel and we have seen in our text you never heard of the 2nd Age As message it is the why over fornication and fornication is the. Biblical alliance between the church and state the way she presents to the world out her false teachings that she has developed as a result of her connection with the rules of the earth you know I mean if you are fellowshipping with the secular rulers What does it do to your teachings you have to compromise in order to get the support of friendship with the world as corrupted to faith. And in turn she has a corrupting influence upon the world by teaching the doctrines which are the Bourse to the plain statement of the Bible. But different because of the change of the doctrines it became easier for the pagans to accept Christianity the effect of Babylon's wife. You know in the Old Testament that created intoxication in the New Testament yet also why is babbling on social excess full Why does it attract the masses of the world's The world is intoxicated with the wine a false doctrine that teaches that people came to be see it by their own words of performing certain rituals instead of story pendens their faith in the 3 could race and rages of Jesus Christ saved in their season without true conversion. And as a result many are so all fused about eternal life that they do not know how to be bed which is a basically choir and for salvation that's the teaching of Jesus repent and be baptized you will be saved they have been on persecuting God's people again. John the Revelator declared I saw the woman drunk with the blood of the sayings and with the blood of the martyrs of Jesus babbelas for the declared to be that great city which the reign of the Lord again is of the earth your Revelation 17 verse 4 to 6 a meeting. Every year if you're interested I organize tours of the Christian history that is a prophecy tours throughout Europe and then we go into Rome and we go to the vet you can city and the Vatican Museum there you have a hall group or for rooms it's called the secret archives beautiful paintings all around and what do you see there you see the pope on a strong and kings and queens kneeling before the pope. Money and then they are being ordained to be to King of England the King of France to King all everywhere but who is the most powerful the pope sitting on the throne incredible and credible you have to see it otherwise you wouldn't believe it but that is what it takes place. The authority that for so many centuries maintained a cruel sway over the kingdoms of Christendom is Rome. No one the power could be so identified as drum can be the blood of the saints as the Roman Catholic Church which has so brutally persecuted God's faithful people for more than a 1000 years you know we used to call it the Cross of course call that the period but we call now in middle ages we call it the Dark Ages because darkness spiritual darkness and persecution the Inquisition and conservative thinkers in the Cater perhaps 50000000 Christians were persecuted if I think you to southern France the all began Zs or Kottaras today were completely wiped out because of the Crusades very pretty said the. Bloody persecution is but is not a process of defamation to the store the truth of the Bible the bloody persecution of the Bible believing Christians led to a powerful protest that brought the Reformation the reformers protest it that the Bible and not human traditions is the Word of God there clarion call of us that the Bible and the Bible only should be to stand up for the Christian it was the mission of the Reformation to present to the world the word of God and they were very successful at the time and then. But about the contribution of the reformers it began already in a time of Wycliff he called it and and all those interviews of the present now were clergymen in the Roman Catholic Church not out energy because was only one religion in Europe. In Kristen dumb and Wycliffe said the papacy is the end of Christ the men of scene and the Little Horn of Daniel 7 the Bible therefore must be translated in the language of the people because at that time what was offered the let them vote gate and only if you are empty catered inlet and you could understand it and there were no other translations authorized and so the people work had to depend on the words of the priests and the bishops and the archbishops but he had no access to the Word of God very British said you are called to be somebody formers those are also kicked Catholic priests your house and you know and they died on the stake because of what they said the papacy is the end it crashed the great harlot the revelation and the British She must be in the common language of the people and so that is what they did in the end with their light at the stake called to be somebody formers years Martin Luther Martin Luther says the Bible in the Bible only is the standard of judgment for the Christians later on they just stand before Christ in judgment your own your peel coming to the Bible there is the only ring. Selfish and justification as through faith in Christ only. Not through works here you find and beach and then drawing the looters buyable Bhutto was the one who worked and slaved about into German and all that in the pen drawing you see a woman sitting on the beast scarlet beast and has a tiara on her head to Yarra was at that time the symbol of the pope. So you can see here how does Bible was promoted even supect. Martin Luther he said as bad we're going to help Israel captive in the Old Testament now to be perceived was holding Christians into bondage I don't theology you have to go to mass you have to do this you have to do that and then you have to pay much money and then you may be out of Purgatory what is Purgatory a figment of the imagination does the even exist and the pope in his period the Christ contribution of serenely would explain lean he 1st of the papacy as the N.T. Christian and then he says the Bible. The Bible. As the Word of God What is the only things a fish and Infeld will rule it is sufficient for salvation you don't need to have an of other books it is infallible you can believe it you don't need to read books about the Bible how to interpret it he says it mostly it's all in terms of if you have any question really start reading the Bible. And then ask for the Holy Spirit and He will help you to understand the Scriptures very simple so it is the Bible is for everyone and not only for the clergy or does the all know Jules and everyone who asks God what he or she will find the night truth he refers to the papacy as and the Christian then he ever did and a Baptist those are the forefathers of the Baptists they were willing against the rule of the church and the state to stand with Paul but the Bible. But the Bible literally says about baptism here you see a picture from Switzerland but happen is that those who wanted to be baptized by immersion according to the Bible what happened then they were bones with throats and they're still in the river so that they were baptized eternally. Said story called to be somebody's foremost John Calvin he called the Pope the man of sin and the 1st to him is in the grace he was the God who stated that Greece had to live to the glory of God with the Bible as a standard and he wrote in the Christian institutions which was a kind of a systematic stealing the theology of the believe of the former's very nicely written very easily to be understood and everything is the glory of God So what goes down to the action of the Roman Catholic Church to the Reformation what it into. The councils to dental scald and it lasted for C. years from 15621565 that decreed that the traditional The Roman Catholic Church has equal authority as that of the Bible and a practice that meant really the addition of as above the Bible because if they didn't understand a text but it don't they consult the 3rd edition it curse that council curse the teachings of Protestants or the Bible or salvation justification saying to vacation in Christ righteousness they were and met them a cursed cursed Now you be see that despite 100 years ago. 2nd Vatican Council from 1962 to 1065 Cofer to Coreg dissolve the Council of Trent this is evidence friends that were almost dark trains remained the same. Role most teachings never change oh yes they are much more friendly the better approach would be even to call Protestants separated blood and the need to come back to what to the mother church but It sooths is really going on there just. So you can see and hear that nothing has changed and so what most know did a year action or the Protestant church to the Roman Catholic Church in the Reformation when they saw that all the teachings were cursed as a result of that Egypt in a curse think of the Biblical teachings of the reformers by the council 3 and brought the students can see that that the Roman Catholic Church being no Babie loan had to follow. And no Protestants were to call God's people out of Bevan. Now what has Babel nowt to do with the declining of the church because there wasn't decline of the church after that affirmation Unfortunately the high standard of survey Sharon and lifestyle of the Protestant me formers was not followed by further generations into succeeding generations centuries after the death of the former's there was a gradual decline of the process of faith instead of studying the Bible for further light. The descendants of the former's focused on the creature and doctrines of the 16th century performers they did not progress in light of these oh yes there were major controversy and if there was a call the very use but they would say what did Kelvin tells what it serenely tell us what did Luther tell us and the state with their teachings and of all major controversies from the 70 century date in the 19th century about what the pioneers believed is that of going back and saying OK what does the Bible say. And. That is a very very tragic thing. These descendants is blithely forward the creatures of the fathers they were not willing to accept any further truth and departed from the former's opposition to the worldly rule lifestyle. Consequently world leaders came into the church that carried with them the customs and practices this spirit of worldliness and to to detour just throughout the Christian world. Now when Christ saw the decline of the present reformation of the spirit of the affirmation with prophecy he tries to devise the process of the formation. If you read in chapter 6 of the Book of Revelation 1st Relf then you see that in the last day there are some special signs of Christ's coming and that stimulated and revived the Protestant Reformation prophetic signs showed that crashed return is needed here noted the sequence in opening the 6 seal in evolution 6 1st drug 13 and Revelation 11. What does it say here before Jesus comes you get a great earthquake the song turns to darkness and the moon a little to keep its light and the stars fall from have. Those artists resigned to the crisis we picked and then I After this you get the 2nd Advent So what did Christians at the time and if you don't believe it effect I have for you with me a you could still write a book here is a book 1200 pages long about how did he very evil that came as a result of those signs it's called the prophetic Faith of Our Fathers very leery Froome and it is an absolute fantastic book and the whole development of prophetic into potations you find there so what do we see 1st and that was recognized by the Christians as a sign gifts for 7055 earthquake of liver Lisbon that created tremendous tsunami and parts of North Africa over be destroyed it was noticed all over Europe and even the United States in the Caribbean and it is recognized as bald the greatest earthquakes ever Sukkot. Then in the Western Hemisphere in $79.00 he devotes a supernatural darkness that could be explained and in the middle of the day for a long time. And then you get a friendly evolutionary Revelation 11 that ended the P.P. 2nd the 2nd the power in 7080 years 1008 now is interesting that people say yeah but you know today the Catholic Church is changed doesn't prove a person could anymore this was the event the people she was taken captive by in general of the polio and transported into exile in France and as a result the secular power of the papacy was completely abolished and that is the reason why the paper cannot do whatever he wants to get back to territory that he lost again it's all the scribes here by. Contemporaries then in $833.00 the falling of the stars the greatest meteoric shower or 60000 meter yours per hour took place at the time still considered the greatest falling of the stars this was all during the study over the form because the result was a great revival of studying Bible prophecy people were curious now Jesus will come the writings of the 2nd Great Awakening and the great and movement in the early part of the 19th century brought further light gray soon returned his final heavily century ministry in the time of the end of the $33.00 ages messages that we now present this was developed and discovered in the 19th century and again some accepted his late others rejected it. What about Berryman's daughters how does this decline of the present churches relate to babbling on. Revelation 17 gives DNS. According to the promise of the former's it Revelation Babylon symbolizes the Roman Catholic Church which is said to be the most of harlots Revelation 17 verse 5 as interesting is it that woman is the mother of harlots What does it mean the question remains who are her daughters her daughters most have inherited the practices of her mother this means there becomes daughters Cymbeline is just churches that follow her doctrine Gentoo dition and said we face the truth and the approval of God in order to form an almost an unlawful alliance with the world and this is where you see many churches today were sleeping together with the Catholic Church and see OK acumen is a business the answer and then we're all together the same Remember it is the mother of harlots. Today instead of living by the Bible in the Bible only many Christians bed based the profession of faith upon Creech and doctor job the churches rather than on the Bible thus in appearance they follow the footsteps of the church long Catholic church friends after his lecture you may hear ask yourself the question what do I believe do I believe the creature of my church or are their creature my church supported by the Bible that's the question. The result of the declaring of the spirit of through a Protestantism was that he formers Reformation stagnated in the beginning and did much to restore the purity of the church the Gospel but the restoration of Bible truth that was corrupt and was not called to lead although the reformers did much to remove many of the errors of their own Going to church there were more errors to be eliminated and unfortunately by keeping close to the insights of the pioneers of the Reformation Christians did not come to new the cleansing imputed to creation of their believes to the storm the church is to the purity of the New Testament Church of Christ and the Apostles friends that is our standard and so we need to compare to New the Reformation that last started by the reformers the following having on this progress of the message of Revelation 14 unknowns in defile of Babylon must apply to churches that were once pure and have become good ups since his message follows the hour of God's judgment warning or the 1st ages message it must be referred to the time of the end. This means the Babylons fog cannot be called Find to the Roman Catholic Church or loam for dead church has been in the fall or condition since rejected the restoration restoration of the light of the Bible during the Reformation Furthermore revelation 18 verse 4 the people of God are called upon to come out of Babylon so according to descriptor many of Goatse peoples more still be embarrassment on. But isn't beautiful the POV of God that God says hey my people you are going to go fewest state of the world of the church has come out so you know this that shows you God's love and concern. God doesn't want to have anybody last therefore does message is given those are love letters even if the terminology doesn't looks OK appetising God warns us and the Old Testament we see to follow up or the ancient city of Babylon does event is a lesson for us to see by being below Paul it was because the people the belt and neglected the light that God has given them and a similar experience leads to the fall of spiritual Beavan on. The light from the Bible that reveals the truth for the Christian has been neglected the result has been that spiritual darkness has become on Christianity the Protestant Reformation was used by God to be Christians back to the Bible. As the Word of God and. This is what they have to continue however centuries later many have neglected to continue to spin that information and today he she does sad threes olds or a stake needed the Reformation in many churches that's built to live by the Bible and the Bible is always the Bible and something else the Bible or something else but in the judgement the something else doesn't help you made those lectures that we present here be a stimulus for some of you to study again to capture the spirit of the information that was does the Bible say. And do I live according to the Bible continued to rejection of light in the 19th century to churches experience to further decline in consequence of their refusal to accept the prophetic light but therefore was not complete during the last 60 years that has been implementing the clain of religion so it is on the surveys in our country of religion and people of the going to church and more and more children to become empty why because the power of the gospel of Christ has not been present and if the true power of the gospel is the being presented people are not attracted to it since the 19th century higher criticism and the many churches that undermine the truth the target of the Bible many many books have been produced about the mistakes of the Bible the fault of the Bible and we need to revise the Bible with friends it's still the light of the Bible against all those people that are saying the Bible and the good if you truly experience the power of the Gospel in your life. No matter what people say it will not affect you because you have experienced and you have gained a victory over addictions over sin and you can only praise Scott and Jesus Christ because there's not your power but God's power to change you evolutionary views and to into minute churches and reject creation isn't and as these churches have continued to reject a special truth for this time they are following lower and lower. However. Used a good nurse not yet however it can be said that Beverly is follow because not all the way humans in the world are affected by her. The spirit of world conformity and indifference to God's truth for our time exist and there has been an gaining ground in the churches of prosthetist brought some faith in all the countries of Christendom. These churches are included interests Solomon terrible denunciation or the 2nd day in jail but the work of for apostasy has not yet reached its culmination today unbelievable we see it even homosexuality lesbianism bisexuality and gents' blended reason have become accepted in a growing number of churches even ministers practicing these lifestyles are accepted in spite of the condemnation by the Bible we're approaching a time where the lifestyles of Sodom and Gomorra exile excepted in a growing number of churches very very soon and that her years of final deception the Bible he feels that before not return of crashed say to her work with quote all the power and signs and lying wonders and with all the senior moments overnight just this and they did receive not the love of the truth that they might be saved will be left to beast received or strong notion that they should believe a lie that's what the Bible says and 2nd to Saloni and. Firsts $9.00 to $11.00 so you Dicky France if you don't have a love for the truth what will happen. You will become a victim of the deception in Revelation 13 France I cannot stress is more over. The whole world follows after the bush you believe that. Read your bible how can this be because God's people and every body else those not have a lot of footage and is the love of the truth the love of Jesus Christ who hang on the cross for you He gave His Love You keep his life for you why not accept Jesus if you don't accept his death for certain you will be receiving some death. And you will suffer in the last 7 lastly. Which are terrible to day you never lation 14 of the his 16 for her say 18 for more demolitions she know the importance of God's final call to his people who want to be able to come out of her. And I can stand here I was a babylon I enjoyed there were all of. Its song and all kind of revelry but God got through to me and when I saw what was going to happen in the world and how few people are you are just lords and I was an aeronautical engineer making good money. I stepped out in faith and gave myself to the Lord and as a result from that time on in my twenty's I have been preaching this quote message internationally everywhere and it appraised got that people have responded friends this is your future and not you don't. Because the last warning of message this misses is the last that you'll ever be given to the world and you accomplish each prophetic mission just before Christ returns there will be only 2 groups of people those who accept Jesus of munition to watch him play and follow the prophetic light to prepare for his coming and those that believed not the truth but had pleasure you know rightists those other 2 groups of people. On their friends their call is letters received Jesus prophetic light for the last days they will rejoice in the light of truth there is also shine upon all those whose hearts are open to receive it and to listen to the call come out of her my people friends how to come out of Babylon don't believe me go to the Bible you know when Paul preaches everybody was teaching divorce or just checking if it was according to the Word of God and so don't believe me go or study it study the Book of Revelation and I hope that those lectures has inspired you from now on to study the Book of Revelation to study the Book of Daniel and to be prepared when Jesus comes for those who don't know he comes as a thief of the night. And he will be all of fish leave tremendously surprised but God's people know it can be good. Friends. Are so loyal to give you the love for the truth and remember the truth of. It will set you free from walks from seed. From corruption. And prepare you. To entry to a love relationship with Jesus Christ who like to have 3 that the Lord forgive you and love for the truth and ask for the Holy Spirit can you see hands praise the Lord praise the Lord let's pray. Heavenly Father you have seen the hands reach to heaven for to desire to know you more and to be prepared to do just comes Oh father we thank you for your love and care that you have proof I did this insight to us we are not worthy to be your children because we certainly for many times feel it on my face but we are so appreciative of the light that you people use your mercy in patients with us and so bless those who are resolved to have them. And may soon they walk in the fullness of light that comes from your words thank you Jesus for sending your spirit Jesus' name amen. 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