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Third Angel's Message: The Wrath of God and His Mercy

P. Gerard Damsteegt Dr.Theol. MPH


P. Gerard Damsteegt Dr.Theol. MPH

Associate Professor of Church History (ret.) at the Seventh-day Adventist Theological Seminary, Andrews University



  • April 27, 2019
    4:00 PM
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Heavenly father we are sure to send you Holy Spirit that I have the right words to express these important message in Jesus name Amen What is the wrath of God. This very important because you know this is at the end of the 13th was message and it tells you clearly that God's wrath this coming or poem those who say no to the last and final acceptance of Jesus Christ and I asked message. And so it evolution 14 verse 10 B.C. does same shall drink of the wane of the wrath of God which is poured out without mixture into the cup of his indignation Now interesting here instead their wrath is now without any mixture those who are familiar with the world of drinking know that if you mix it with a little water you can drink more before you get tipsy so all the Blakes or. Scourges that come in the Bible call the nation. They are always mixed with mercy but at the end of time quat has had enough the whole world has made up their mind either for or against no changes on him any more possible and so then God surrounds against sin comes under looted and so that to be a part or to be subject to that kind of rise is tenable OK behalf you have some more things here. In chapter 15 of version one and 7 it says I saw 7 angels having to 7 last plagues for in them is filled up the wrath of God It's completely filled up no mercy and one of the 4 beast gave in to the 7 angels 7 golden Viles full of the wrath of God who live for ever and ever and finally here in chapter 16 version one and I heard a great voice out of the temple saying to do 7 age olds go your ways and poor out of the files of the very wrath of God upon the earth and after this you get the 1st one was interesting if you look at the plagues the 1st one does boil and that of all disease is directed to people who worship in a certain way very interesting so if you don't worship in that way us keep it and the next one it is dealing with the rivers become blood and it is sea becomes blood sterile to live in that period why because the people that are septic now to those plagues and experience it were the ones who had X. and issued a decree that God's people would be eliminated from the dearth of previous speaker mentioned about the time no man buying or selling and if you don't have the mark of the beast you will be killed it's a terrible time and so. Because there was a genocide against God's people worldwide God says OK you want to have blood blood you still have eating drinking sleeping blood blood blood the next one or distance the sun the sun you want to have some day as your day it's a day of pink a day of sun worship you will have the sun as your friend it will skirts you and then the next one it's on the beach the kingdom of the beast darkness blackness and so on and we're going to going to further on this but we can if you're interested he can study this in a part of and the revelation seminar study of the Book of Revelation and so you can see here that God's wrath is terrible but here's the good news goat drive will not fall there will be and and ski because people just like God's people escaped the scourges only Egypt and the last 7 scourges of Egypt are very similar to the last scourges of the world God's people who escaped ocean and so on what are those people who are day who will escape and there will be 2 groups of people one who fear God and give glory to Him This is not as the result of the 3 angels messages the other group will bring the reign of Babylon and one group worship the Creator God the OF and worship the beast in his image one will keep God's Law The other one is dismissive of God's law. One receives the seed of God The other body sees the mark on the forehead or on hand one group will have the face and uses the NEXT TO FEEL bring the waning of the wrath of God. One rejoices in Jesus coming the other one according to Revelation 6 told the rocks in the mountains to fall upon them now is the time to pray to Jesus or you pray to the intimate creation and so there it is what is your choice you know study of how to and the chief those things and it is all industry angels messages that are God's last message of hope so here is the ark of safety how to escape the final wrath no one but if you do build an ark No I was a preacher all right just us no offer of grace in the eyes of the Lord beautiful and so it will be in the last days there will be a people to build an ark they shared the writers of Christ and they find grace in the eyes of the Lord the arcos a place of safety obedience bring safety very important trust and obey for there's no other way and be happy and yes you do Psalm 1001 has as many promises of safety he who dwells in the secret place of the most high Sheila by the the shadow of the Almighty and he will say of the Lord he is mad if you see me fortress my God in him I don't trust in the beautiful. But this dwelling with Jesus obedience and faith brings safety zone he willing to scale the ark of safety but only 8 when into the ark of safety the rest of the ground outside know if you're. Too late too late they may have knocked us shouted but no I could not do anything because it was Goss that's in the ark and at the end of the time of probation caught finish isn't when Christ has finished his work of mediation before he returns to planet earth there is no mediation but there is no Jesus do you know give you grace you know many people think about Grace grazes what what is that arc you have seen and you have grace Don't you need grace if you have sinned Oh yes certainly but Grace will be given until Christ mediation is over but there's not the end of grace grace is also given to do what to give you strength to reject them they shouldn't do rejected eval and so gracious given to maintain your walk with Jesus is to use it but he has given grace So yes Grange for forgiveness is over when Jesus finished but gracious to maintain their walk with Jesus it's still there the Holy Spirit will still be here and give you power God does destroy France and some but so so there's no destruction in God's way yes. The Bible tells the story of the war between Jesus and Satan and their descendants eventually like the flood of water Satan this followers will suffer the 7 last play and be destroyed by fire those who do not choose God's way of rightists receive the mark of the beast God freely gives you this why should you say no Oh yes if you had them a better world and want to continue HAVE A GOOD be a very boring place a very boring place but if you want to receive God's grace and dwell with the angels and the universe for ever and ever and ever you made it there's no end to the joy and you can explore. The universe once upon a time I had to make a choice and I wanted to be an nuclear scientist to to develop the inkling that include the things of the universe but then I said you know how much we don't learn here in the few years that I have here I follow Jesus and the rest of. Eternity I can spends it in exploring neutral science to the right she says are protected and there is really nothing to worry about if you are be magicians when he is your George there is no condemnation if you've accepted him and given your life to Him then you have a friends throughout eternity and so friends the same those who made the wrong verse your choice the worship of the beast and his image. They shall drink of the wine of the wrath of God which is poured out without because he did a couple of his indignation and shall be tormented with fire and brimstone in the presence of the holy angels in the presence of the Lamb friends you can be in the presence of Jesus live forever but if you have to Rome Georgia worse than you will be still the Jesus in hell where you are of the choice is easy at least for me the result of accepting these see messages what with me. Friends beautiful the sea angels message to produce faith that you know that the result of our series of measures produces a faith that is in Vince of all you want to have a faith that indeed is invincible is your faith invincible. Or is it just like a robot sent one day you're on the top of mountains. And the next day where you're out in the valleys Now this is something here Revelation 14 verse 12 here is the patience of the same. Here are dated keep the commandments of God and the faith of Jesus now many people don't understand this fooling but let me explain this to you here faith in his providence trusting in God no matter what if your whole house of blessings fall apart if hurricanes. The end tsunamis and a bankruptcy of Kemal upon you. How will your faith be friends you will see in everything that happened in your life caught speeding or and no duty to protect you gotcha. So you are also of a young but you knew about it God has a plan for you know where I hold you are and the rest of your life can be better than all the years prior to it he she some young people you know that God has a plan for you go to supplant with him you may have no want but if you love Jesus and give your life to Him He will make a beautiful i was an article engineer as I told you when I stepped out and faint and accepted Jesus a menace in the snow there is the door. If problems with you he will take care of here and so I stood out in faith no income nothing and you know the Lord didn't let me down. Victory after victory after victory in my life become more beautiful than ever before or friends Jesus makes the difference and so see God's providence in your life then goats come out and many people say oh yeah you know the 10 Commandments it's Law of Moses nothing Moses didn't write yes Moshe had a law that he wrote and it was outside of the Ark inside of the Ark where the tablets of stone and gods wrote and so what do you want feeding his word and Grant means exactly what he says what he writes you know and every one of you that leave the service of Satan completely will have to face this durst do I really have to do that but as Jesus said here is the way and I will help you it's not in your own strength No it is in God strength. Does he really me the 7th day or is that one danged. But isn't C. I just came back from. My cousin. In California. When I don't know in Utah and the he was there and he says no I don't believe it and then really I don't believe in God I asked that sacrifice so what sacrifice is a 2nd phase of your walk with Jesus your sacrifice or yes it is a walk in faith. Now. Revelation 14 verse 12 produces believers who keep the commandments of God and believe version to keep the faith of Jesus now there is a very quick interesting connection between the 2 the commandments and if it and if you never were down it is the law and the Gospel think about it those who accept these messages keep God's Law the 10 Commandments in Mission lot they are able to all bury strewed of faith of Jesus which give them victory through that they don't need to transgress God's law you see the interesting thing here. So here is revealed the perfect relationship between the Lord the deck a lot and the Gospel the faith of Jesus which is free to each one of us how can you keep the law in your own strength. Says OK Lord is that really I'll do it. You try it. And you will see how many times you fall flat on your face and you're all Lord I thought I could keep it but here I missed and there I miss it oh lord outwardly I seem to be OK but my little here I was 3 and my daughter I recovered. All of her things Lord help me. It is only through Christ that you can have a clear might otherwise you can continue to seem you know my friends what is the 3rd age as message the 3rd you just mentioned proclaimed the commanders are caught in the faith of Jesus this message is to prepare people for the return of Christ are you sure you want to be ready for a crash coming this is the answer friends now many new translations have had difficulty with the term the faith of Jesus I could show you a number of texts here that if you go to your Bible you don't find it any more but the order is new Greek reach like this the faith of Jesus he used this how do you hope to gain righteousness here it is a romance these 22 and that is only in the King James Version or in a few other words because the modern translators don't know what to do with the faith of Jesus so to translate to text the faith in Jesus my faith in Jesus now that's retired even the righteousness of God which comes by the faith of Jesus Christ and to all and Apollo all. Then that believe for there is no difference for all have sinned and come short of Glory of God who was the to the to soon it was we all sinners and how can you know become a great just is it simply by my faith the faith of Jesus how was the faith of Jesus invincible friends we don't think anything could be accomplished and so I have to call on Jesus since Jesus you are may say here give me your very give a portion of it because that will make it so don't you think that your faith gives it its the faith of Jesus and many people don't understand this but faith but it's nice is the gift they give so does one for sure to give that have to faith and so he give us to you how are we just right justified by my faith collations to 16. Knowing that a man is not justified by the works of the loan but paid a very of Jesus Christ even we have believed in Jesus Christ that he may be justified by the fate of Christ and not by the works of the law for by the works of the law shall no flesh be justified collations to 60 so you find a combination of the difference between defeat in Jesus and the faith of Jesus of course you have to have faith in Jesus because what he says is true but the power of the Gospel comes by their fate. Of us you see a difference and many more all the thoughts of Christians that owners in all kind of churches have no idea of this and consequently they stumble and stumble and stumble they confess stumble go to priests who pastors stumble stumble stumble and here is the secret the city angels messages leads you to D. vents of the power of Jesus Christ and he is reading through the Holy Spirit to give us to us why do they accept that right over and it makes all the difference in your life don't continue on the way that you have be walking about but go to depriving the bank. Sudipta 2nd phase of crashed because of the 2nd phase and his face foremost to his father he was able to give us now the victory all our sins are washed away through his space and the space he gives to you and me not my faith but Jesus me this is Philip use the 19 NATO name and be found in him not having may or may righteousness which is of the law but that which is to defeat or to use of Christ the right uses which is a cult now all those text are the most modern translations the faith in Jesus yet you need to have peace with these but this is what he offers you and so if you understand this leaving those messages keep that faith that enables you to keep his commands I was in the World Council of Churches that I had to study the universe of Geneva for a number of properties from time I want to investigate what is the work of the churches. And so I talked to the president I talked to a number of people and he said you know why. Why are you so it starts the Sabbath Don't you know that Christians cannot keep the lot so why do you him for size does one point where we cannot keep a lot. I cannot keep alone I will be a feeling here in my own strength I can do anything but through the field of Jesus he gives me the power and the strength and you know it took me some time to understand where the faith of Jesus is but if you understand this you can think God every day for the fellowship and victory that you have if you say oh yeah you know you can do it with no you can do it too but not in your own strength through Jesus people might call this faith. For all have seen think of short of the call of God long sleep of these things yes I'm a great sinner. But if we call French our sins not to our pastor or to our priests but to Jesus. Because he has been tempted in the same way as as we are we be tempted here Spaeth will to forgive our sins that is the 1st thing that you need and then God does Jesus say go back next week and I forgive you again here or your she will be willing to but he says coincidence more effective in the book of Romans ascension we have to the parents is such a way that we don't need to continue to repent of the same thing. Oh yes we always see you because a lot of but of the same thing go all over and over and over again. We have never seen or Jesus to offer to us what do you say the power and the glory called his faith he says to the Scriptures in 1st Corinthians stand certain that he has not there has no temptation taken you but such us common to man but God The Spirit will who will not suffer you to be tempted above that ye are able and every time your failed failure it's your problem not Jesus problem because he looks pretty years at you is that here my son I'm a daughter here is the power. Come to me all you did or maybe I have delayed I will give you rest your result and so here then now into him that is able to keep you from falling and to present you for what was before the presence of His glory you 25. Why does he do he can't keep you from stumbling you believe that and the sleepy Angel's messages are then messages that can give you work because of the whole final controversy and the place of Jesus and his outstretched hands. To escape his elimination of sin. And take you into heaven and here is this beautiful thing I had Revelation chapter 22 where Jesus used to behold they come quickly the ASH to see the people the saying or this prophecy of this book. Bless the day to do its commandments. That they may have but a right to do you have life and they enters through the gates into the city what more promise that you can give them to faith of Jesus we can be obedient and the gates of heaven are open to us which you don't make and that's the decision here that Lord thank you for his light from now on I will study your prophetic words and call upon the faith of Jesus to help us through the difficult times in life whoever wants to and make that commitment and he does of those who want to make that commitment that I know to save you that's pretty. Heavily Father we thank you so much who being such a marvelous loving God that leaves is not to strew by ourselves but is constantly watching for us and giving such a beautiful message from you word that is power in the Gospel that is spouting the word and the word will set as free that's what you have said and so Father help us to protect us against the anti-Christ protesters against Satan and feelers with your Holy Spirit Oh father we want to have even more we've gone to the heat death times to be that Holy Spirit the piety thank you for your promise thank you for your gifts. You Jesus' name for years. This media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more sermons leave the Visit W W W audio verse or.


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