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Sanctuary, Salvation and Our Savior: The Lampstand

David Shin


David Shin

Pastor, Hillside O'Malley Seventh-Day Adventist Church in Anchorage, AK



  • April 13, 2019
    11:00 AM
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Our topic today is the candle sticks the lamp stand or are known as the menorah and this was given to Moses in a blue print form when he went to Mount Sinai to receive the 10 Commandments it was made out of pure gold and it was to be a replica of an olive tree there is one central stem and then along side that central stem there are 6 branches and at the top there was this Alman shaped bowl that held all of oil in those a wick that went in that bowl and it was the responsibility of the priests to tend to the lamps morning and evening they were to trim the lamps and they were to make sure that the lamps were filled with oil every single day there were no windows in the holy place of the same sure where there was no skyline and it was completely covered so if you were to walk into the holy place the priest was the only one that was allowed to go in there but the priest would go in there and the only illumination the only line in the holy place was from the menorah 7 lamps of fire that were burning their rich symbolism this is one of the most theologically rich and complex articles of furniture in the sink should wary in the Book of Revelation see 7 lamps of fire that are burning before the throne which represent the 7 churches all timidly this points forward to Christ and you can see the different articles of furniture there were kind of working our way around last week we did the altar of incense before that we did the showbread today we're going to be focusing on the candle sticks and it illuminated the entire room there and this is a bird's eye view of the sanctuary some theological implications of the line to Jesus himself proclaimed I am the light of the world. And you're follow along along in your study guide it's inside your bulletin you can take notes if you wish and this is from John chapter one verse 9 Bible tells the Jesus is the light he is the illumination and this is not talking about physical illumination Although it's interesting because in the Book of Revelation the Bible indicates we have no need of the sun because the land gives the light not understand exactly what all that means but there is a physical presence there is light that emanates from Jesus but in this sense we're talking about spiritual light versus spiritual darkness I never had quite a sense of light and darkness until I came to Alaska. You know it's actually warmer here than Michigan at least in Anchorage and the 1st 2 winters weren't as bad the last winter I'm just going to be vulnerable it was tough this winter it was hard and right around February I was complaining to the Lord I said Lord what did I do wrong you brought me up to this dark state and I'm just like woe is me you know the sun comes up so late and goes down so early and I'm like that's not even sunrise it's just like barely kissing the horizon and it's amazing what a couple months does because I'm like wow I feel like alive I might have been just a clinically a little bit depressed I'm not sure but I was just like oh I feel I feel amazing it's amazing what light does one thing I've also noticed in this state is the wonderful people that are here but there's also just like every other place there spiritual darkness that is here. Spiritual darkness in Anchorage spiritual darkness in the remote places in Alaska there's things that happen here that break the heart of God moral darkness I've been in moral darkness Jesus came into my heart and it's like I came out of darkness into light Jesus is the light of the world he is the source of light and when we come in contact with Jesus there is illumination that takes place the Bible tells us and this is ecclesiology having to do with the church Jesus said not only is he the light of the world Jesus said in Matthew chapter 5 Verse 14 in the Sermon on the Mount he says you are the light of the world God's people God's Church is to be the light of the world we are God's representatives to bring people out of darkness into his marvelous light so there's a dual application here when we look at the menorah in the holy place of the sanctuary it not only refers to Jesus all Tim in the 1st and foremost but it also refers to us as His church in other words the dissemination of light in truth has not just been given to angels but to men not only Jesus but to human beings what a privilege and a responsibility that we have a few other things that are in the same where the sanctuary. The lamp stands had these bowls on top of the menorah 7 bowls and they were filled with oil and it was the priest responsibility to fill them with oil with olive oil and in the Bible the oil represents the Holy Spirit. Luke Chapter 4 verse 18 and Zachariah chapter 4 1st 6 the filling of these lamps with oil is what made them able to burn and able to give off the light that was necessary for the 2nd compartment of the same shoe where it and we need to be filled with the Holy Spirit Amen that's what makes light possible we can't shine without the Holy Spirit then we have the priest the priest that symbolizes Jesus the priest represented Jesus our High Priest in heaven he was Chapter 8 1st one through 3 and the priest is the one that filled the lamps with the oil so much richness there in the symbology Jesus is the one that fills us with the Holy Spirit in order for us to give off light now there's a few practical applications that we can draw from this one of them is this word Tom mid in the Hebrew and it is used repeatedly in the Old Testament to refer to the sanctuary service and timid means continually or days early. And the priest was to tend to the bread to keep it continually before the Lord it was the bread of the presence there was never a time in which the bread was not present there in the same it was to be there continually before the Lord and here the same word Tom it is used again the priest was to tend to the lamps daily to keep the lamps burning continually same were referring to this article of furniture there was never a time in which the lights went out it was to be continually burning before the Lord last but not least the priest was to tend to the incense to keep it continually burning before God So these 3 articles of furniture had a common characteristic they all use the Hebrew word Tommy a good explicitly stating that there was never a time in which the lights went out the bread was never to be there and the incense was never to burn it was to be a continuation of these 3 activities by the priest and as we noted in an earlier presentation the bread in application to our own Christian journey in our own Christian experience can refer to feeding on the Word of God Bible study devotional life studying the word is to be a continual thing in our Christian experience just like you can't eat for the whole year. You have to eat every day same way with the Word of God You don't just eat a whole bunch on Sabbath and starve the whole week and then eat on Sabbath again you need to eat every single day it was to be continual tummy then you have prayer the incense representing the prayers of God's people that were to ascend and this is something that is to be continue as we noted last Sabbath prayer is the pref of the soul the secret of spiritual power the metaphor of breathing being an example of what it is our dependence upon prayer for spiritual life and then we have the candle stick witnessing sharing the love of Christ with others and we have in our study guide the word prayer and our witness for Jesus is to be continually part of our Christian experience we can never come to the place where we say we must stop any of these activities because it shows our dependency upon Christ. I worked in South Central Los Angeles I mentioned in a previous presentation as a bible worker and it was a part of Los Angeles that I had never been to before and we were on Florence and figure if you you're from Southern California you kind of know where that is Florence in figure all it was known in the local community as prostitution lane and we pitched a tent right there in Florence and fig and went out into the community it was a very simple process 20 Bible workers. In my junior year in college took the summer off but that summer changed my life because we would go out 8 hours a day knocking on doors very simple we knock on the door. The how many was David on with present truth Ministry still remember the canvas and we're here in the community and we would like to pray with you we would like to pray for you Do you have any pro requests we have a clipboard full of paper and they said oh yeah and something about being in these communities they feel the need to prayer you know I was and they said and I see please tell me your purpose and then out right down there per request would go out I would walk like 5 miles a day in and out I'd have a map grid out in and every other night this was a radical program we would pray for all of those people by name with their per requests all night every other night. I don't I could do that right now but anyway as it was it was it was when he just it was it was a warfare so we're praying all the every On the night and we would walk those streets. That police feared to walk but I had no fear because I was prayed up and I was ready to go I was never so fairly similar if you go and we had these these tattered pieces of paper with all of these purpose praying through them and then we invited them to the meetings and I saw miracles that summer I saw a demon possessed people be delivered. We had 802-8000 people packing that tent every night and it was no no mail out no fancy budget just personal invitations only they came packed out that house there were 400 baptisms that summer it was incredible and it was so transformative for me because I would knock on the door and I would bring the people to the meetings and I saw people from the door I'm their 1st contact to the meetings to giving their lives to Jesus in baptism. And I remember by the side of the pool watching the person that I had been their 1st contact go down into the water and be baptized and I was just just weeping tears of joy if you have never led a soul to Jesus I want to tell you I never took drugs before but it was a spiritual high that I have never experienced before in any other case when you lead someone to Christ and that is one reason why I believe that God has called us to be a witness for Him Do you know you can't take anything to heaven you can't take you know we're not going to take our bodies to heaven praise God for that but you can't take your your car your home your for one can't you can't take nothing you have or gone somewhere on a trip and you have nothing with you. So so God in His infinite wisdom wants us to have a share in His Kingdom you go to heaven you can't bring anything except yourself and people and people so when you get there I mean imagine you introduce your neighbor to Jesus in there in heaven and so throughout the see if this ages of eternity you get to share in that joy and what a beautiful experience you can have a share in His kingdom can you imagine going to heaven and you are the only one that is there in your entire family you're alone. You ever been to a place and been like oh I wish someone soul was with me so they could see this waterfall but you're by your self so God on this earth says look I want you to store treasure in heaven and if you were to open the vault of heaven you know what you'd see it's your picture. That's what heaven's treasure is here we put gold and silver heaven is paved with it Heaven's treasure its people so God says look I want you to partner with me I want you to share in the joy of soul winning and there is something about leading someone to Jesus that changes your life forever after that summer I said Lord on do this for the rest of my life I would do this for the rest of my life. In your study guide. God might have committed the message of the Gospel in all the work of loving ministry to the heavenly angels he doesn't need us are you kidding me who would you rather have give a Bible study me or ain't the Angel Gabriel I mean it's not even a choice but in His infinite love he chose to make us coal laborers with himself with Christ and the angels that we share the blessing the joy the spiritual uplifting which results from his from this unselfish ministry Jesus has I don't want you to miss out on the Joy I'm not going to give it just seemed to the angels I'm going to give it to every person that has tasted the love of God. Character The other one the other reason why God calls us to be witnesses for him God could have reached his object in saving sinners without our aid but in order for us to develop a character like Christ we must share in its work there is a tendency sometimes if you are not sharing Jesus. To become introspective and intro focused navel gazing looking our own problems and I've grown up in Adventist communities I know the blessing that is there but there is the tendency if we are not careful to just serve in our own community have friends in our own community and we just look inward upon ourselves navel gazing look at in our own problems introspection and it becomes all self focused and something about reaching out and sings things from another person's perspective and then vicariously experiencing the joy in seeing their light ites eyes light up when they experience the gospel for the very 1st time I tell you I have given a Bible study on the Sabbath on the state of the dead leading someone to Jesus thousands of times I grew up in this church but it seems like every time I give a Bible study and I see their eyes light up and I see the joy and I see them embrace Jesus as their Savior I vicariously experience that joy again I relive my experience again and I think to myself I'm not crazy you know it's like you see someone else embrace it and take off there is joy in that and there is character that is developed you know heaven when we get to heaven the culture of heaven is giving its service that's what makes heaven heaven and the way that God prepares us for heaven if I think you know what freely have you been blessed freely have you received freely give freely have you received freely give. Just some interesting notes about the. This candelabra or the candlesticks the menorah is according to rabbinical literature not just found this out this week the wicks you know where do they get the weeks for the the menorah the wicks were made from the linen robes of the priests according to rabbinical literature when the their priests robes would get old they would turn them into the weeks that would burn Now this is a fascinating illustration of what takes place in the ropes represented in Scripture it represents the the righteousness of Christ we are given the righteous robes of Jesus and it's fascinating that the roads are what makes the weeks burn and give light the righteousness of Christ is what makes our witness possible is not our own righteousness it's the righteousness of Jesus Christ in here we have a quotation from Richard Davidson Not on the screen it's in your study guide the lamb stand indeed is a rich emblem of the nature of the Christian witness flowing from our dependence on the righteousness of Christ so as we go out and share with others it is because of the rankest miss of Jesus Another interesting fact about this menorah was where did the fire come from you know they didn't just go in there with a lighter and just light it and that was known as common fire. It was significant because the fire came from the altar of burnt offering that was the original regional source so they would take a coal or something of fire from the altar a burnt offering and that was the source from which they lit the lamps the fire for lighting the lamps was not common fire but was from the brazen altar our motivation to witness is Christ's sacrifice that is what drives us to witness it's not because we have to you know sometimes we can get into this mode of like saying oh you have to do this this is your responsibility this is your duty you must do it well really the motivation to share Jesus is not because we have to it's because we want to it comes because of the sacrifice of Jesus Christ that is our motivation that is our fire IRA One time I got something free from this company that I that sells outdoor equipment so I bought this one thing and they said it was kind of a weird company they said we'll give you you won this bonus you won this gift like a surprise and you won't know until you get it I was like oh this is a gimmick so I ordered this item they said I got the surprise comes in the mail. Open it up because I'm like thinking nothing comes free now days opening up this big box and there is $150.00 jacket and honestly. You know the 1st thing I did after that I got on my phone and I shared. Called my wife and said you never again up. It was actually her size it was my I said you got it free check it. Still wears it today Lord new We're coming to Alaska super warm and and so and I shared and I was so impressed by I went to the pulpit the next Sabbath and shared that we had been blessed that week and that came from inside that company did not tell me I had to do it it came from inside and when you experience the love of Christ as revealed at the cross there is a fire. That is within your body you can't help but. No one has to tell you to you do it so if you feel that fire going out go to the cross look at Jesus experience Christ. Who will light your fire. A daily feeling the lamp stand was filled with oil daily morning and evening it wasn't once filled always filled daily they had to be filled with oil with the Holy Spirit our power to witnesses from the daily feeling of the Holy Spirit was a whole other study on the Holy Spirit in Luke chapter 11 verse 913 Jesus says Ask ask ask ask ask ask out 6 times he says ask and many times we quote These verses to say all ask for a new car ask for a new house but at the end of the verse Jesus says God is more willing to give us the Holy Spirit. Then parents give good gifts to their children do you know the Holy Spirit is the greatest gift that heaven can ever bestow upon men were told that the Holy Spirit brings all other blessings in his train you ever see a train go by in other words you get the 1st train it's all linked to the other trains you ask for the Holy Spirit you get everything else with it with him only Spirit brings all the other blessings in his train the Holy Spirit brings with him the presence of Jesus Jesus said The Holy Spirit is with you and will be in you I want to be filled with the Holy Spirit there's 2 spirits which spear do you want to be filled with today the Holy Spirit there's people out there that are filled with demonic spirits but I want to be filled with the Holy Spirit and when you're filled with the Holy Spirit the oil of heaven. You shine you manifest the fruits of the Spirit in your day to day life deal muti many think that because they were filled once they are filled forever oh my friend we are porous vessels it is necessary for us to constantly remain under the fountain in order to be filled you need constant filling actually Apostles page 50 for the daily baptism of the spirit every worker should offer his petition to God daily filling of the Holy Spirit daily asking for the Holy Spirit to fill us with the presence of Jesus is the way that we shine for him I shared this yesterday at our campus ministries meeting at U.E.A. by the way there's a plug I'm happy to announce that for the 1st time in known history we have an advantage student association that is registered at the. Amen praise God We have you know I came from M S U We had a campus ministry there and I've been praying said Lord help us to start one here so I gathered a group of college students in our home we met for vespers and we prayed and they got organized and they got registered and so we have a Student Association at University of Alaska the meat on Fridays and in people's homes and so if you like to support them come talk to me college kids love to eat and that's one way you can support so Amen Christina was there a minute so it was on excited about this U.A.I. we had a group of college students there we started meeting in our home too and we had non Avenue students coming out to this small group I shared this this yesterday in a devotional in my chapter 2 we had the story of this man that is physically paralyzed he's an able to come to Jesus on his own. Remember the story of Christopher Reeve Superman I lived in Virginia so he he fell off his horse nearby where we my parents live and and became a quadriplegic and so it's just the irony of the person that played Superman being a quadriplegic this man we don't know if he's a paraplegic or quadriplegic but he is immobilized he's incapable of coming to Jesus on his own use his preaching in the absolutely packed and here is Jesus here is this man the only connection between Jesus and this man are for our friends are you following me Jesus the source of life everything that this man needs is right here and this man's only connection to Jesus are for friends and you can imagine you would carry someone that's just like dead weight for men carrying this man they're trying to get in the door they can't it wasn't easy bringing this friend to Jesus it took boldness it took audacity and it took urgency those men did not say oh we can't get into Jesus today we need to do it tomorrow they were so in a sense of urgency they knew and they had this sense that if they did not get this man to Jesus today he could die it's a Jesus preaching imagine the boldness he ever do something and you're like feeling a little bit awkward there they're tearing this man's roof apart. And it probably took a little bit of time because they need to fit a whole man through it so I don't think they lowered him head 1st I think they you know they open it up far enough this is just in my imagination they're opening up and it comes to a certain point where Jesus stops preaching because there is suddenly a skylight in a bunch of fresh air and they stop and they look up and this man is lowered down before Jesus and the question I have for you today is what are you willing to do to bring your friend to Jesus sometimes in our conversations with people we talk about everything but Jesus I'm not saying we should be obnoxious but if you're having a conversation with a cancer patient that is terminally ill and you have in your pocket a pill that will cure them instantly and you talk about the stock market you talk about sports you talk about fishing you talk about everything but that pill that you have in your pocket it's a disservice here we have people that are perishing for a lack of knowledge of Jesus Christ they are dying spiritually and will be eternally lost if not introduced to Jesus and we have this tremendous opportunity to connect them to God's not asking us to be Jesus he's asking us to be there. And there are people out there that may not be physically paralyzed but they're morally paralyzed there are people out there there are so spiritually paralyzed and appraised they can't even come to Jesus on their own and the only Jesus they are ever going to see in their life is potentially huge. You're the connector you're the connector to bring them to Jesus the Bible says when Jesus saw their faith collective faith he says. Man rice take up your bed and walk What a story what a story. This is a prayer that we can pray Lord give me the opportunity to share you today do you know that all of heaven is invested in saving souls number one priority. They're just looking for people to cooperate so when you said Lord give me the opportunity to share you today they're like finally thank you they can lead you they were orchestrated events they will guide conversations people will come to you and say hey tell me about what you're studying you go to church right tell me about that's an open door I mean we don't have to be in there you know pride they will come to you if you say Lord give me the opportunity to share you today he will guide you he will lead you when we are cooperating with Heaven's goal Heaven's interest just very quickly we have the onion principle this is from Mark Finley at the core of who we are is our spiritual interest if you go to someone and say. You know to tell me about your walk with Jesus or do you have a walk with Jesus are going to be like oh you know who are you you know how dare you because that's the core of what people are and the outside of those philosophical interest spirit specific interests and general interest and so we need to we need to be wise in our conversations in how we dialogue with people conversations it's like playing catch So if you throw the ball to someone and they keep it end of conversation and let me give an example of when they keep it one word answer how are you today good. And of conversation all right if you throw a ball to them and they're like good wonderful how are you they've just thrown the ball back and so you go and usually what happens on the plane you know airplane conversations or sitting with strangers I was a Cosco waiting outside to get my tires change because I didn't make an appointment so I got there like 3 hours early and I'll still number 2 so I'm sitting out there on the cold bench you know in March 23 hours early in my snow pants all bundled up you know and I'm an introvert I don't like to talk too much on this so I'm just in their mind of my own business but my book that's my thing and this guy sits down next to me any super crook Arius you know and he was playing catch and he just kept going and going and going and going you know I just kept kept on going and going and I said oh there goes the book I That's all right let's do this thing he wasn't typically you know very interested in spiritual things but it's an example of someone so the conversation is going to so you go from general interest you talk about the family talk about the weather and then he goes more specific naturally and then and then you go to philosophical interests and then you go to spiritual interests and you need permission implicitly or explicitly need to go to the next level doesn't have to be explicit but in places you go to the next level and then you start talking about church maybe maybe they'll say hey do you get a chance to go to church or they asked me it's very easy What do you do. Scratch my head I say I'm a pastor and I just look at them and I can notice you know. You know and but but if they're like oh I'm like OK let's go you know and so but you can kind of you can kind of see here you talk about you talk about church and they're like yeah I get a chance to go to church and then you share your testimony you say can I share with you how to Lord has blessed me this week. How can I share with you how Jesus has transformed my life and if they say I love to hear that then you have an opening then you have an opening Jesus is the most important person in the world that we can introduce anyone to. And God is looking for people that are compactors Amen you're the connector like those present friends this is one acronym that that has been used family occupation religion testimony Fort family occupation religion testimony and like I said you don't need to be the Holy Spirit it's very liberating for me there is not an absence in the 3rd Person of the Godhead you cannot convict people neither should you when people try to be the Holy Spirit their very obnoxious OK you're not all the spirits the Holy Spirit that convicts but the thing is when the wind blows but only spirits like the wind according to John Chapter 3 when the wind blows the tree shakes then you cooperate but if the trees not shaking you're not expected to do anything aren't there times in Bible studies the trees not shaking so OK but there's times when I get bible studies and I see the tree shaking you see conviction there's a sense they know they're in the valley decision. And you cooperate I'm not the Holy Spirit the Holy Spirit doing the one convicting and then I asked them Would you like to kneel down right now and give your life to Jesus Christ cooperating with heaven where the this is our prayer as we reflect on the menorah the candle sticks and this is a prayer of David in Psalm 1828 and I pray that it's our prayer say with me Lord key my lamp burning a man let us pray Father in heaven that is the prayer of our hearts Lord keep our lamps burning for you lord you don't need us you could have had angels do this work of giving Line night but you call us to be called laborers with you so that we can share in the choice. Of seeing others led to Jesus Christ Lord help us not to miss out Lord give us the opportunity to share Jesus with someone every single day whether it's in life or in words or in service help us to be a light in the darkness for we asked these things in the precious name of Jesus Christ and man this media was brought to you by audio force a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse or if you would like to listen to more sermons lead to visit W W W audio verse or.


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