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Episode 41: From Vision to Printed Page

Adam Ramdin
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Adam Ramdin

Youth Director for the North England Conference of SDA


  • April 10, 2019
    3:30 PM
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If a prophet is the mouthpiece for God does that mean that everything they say comes directly from him did profits act as a scribe for God writing out every word exactly as it was relayed to them does God inspired the thought all the words and how exactly did the court and idea and instruction or council get from the mind of God to the prophet and then to the printed page that you and I hold in our hands and read. Ellen want to have a public ministry of 70 years during which she had over 2000 visions and dreams during the 1st 40 years most of these happened in a public form where she manifested signs such as the lack of breathing and superhuman strength drawing the last 30 years most of these happened as dreams during the night but how did they get to the printed page. The 1st page was to write down what she had seen often times she was given a broad sweep of history for a current situation and then it was left up to her to use her own words and expressions to relay the message that she had seen she said although I am as dependent upon the spirit of the Lord in writing my views as I am in receiving them yet the words I employ in describing what I have seen my old unless they be spoken to me by an angel which I always indoors in marks of quotation. After Ellen had written things out it was then passed to her assistant who would type multiple copies of the manuscript on carbon paper as they were doing this if they needed to adjust the grammar spelling or punctuation to improve the quality of the language without changing the meaning of the text then they would a long white commenting on this said the reports that are circulated that any of my helpers are permitted to add matter or change the meaning of the messages I write out are not true. A copy of this would then be given to Ellen White and she would review it to make sure that it conform to what she had intended she then had the opportunity to make additional edits call into Linley ations as these would be written between the lines a copy of the manuscript would then be revised and read again and again with additional changes made if need be. The 3rd stage in the process would be Winnie the Ella white or church leaders felt the need for a book article or publication on a given topic Ellen White and her assistants with then begin the process of compiling the publication either by Ellen White writing again or by compiling the existing letters and manuscript on a given topic a galley proof would then be made this was a preliminary printing of the book with a specially wide margins to allow for any edits or changes to be made to the manuscript was then reviewed by the book Committee of the publishing house. Following the approval of the galley proofs the final step in the process was the printing of the book The printing plates were prepared and then the printing. Would comment nothing appeared in print without careful and meticulous preparation the manuscript was barely reviewed to ensure that the intended message was the message that was relayed. The prophetic gift was given to lead and guide God's church it was not intended to be a stick to beat people with though at times the council can be pointed and shot to constant themes. Are the Bible and Jesus always sought to uplift both of these and she wrote I want you to read your Bible and see the matchless charms of Christ I want you to fall in love with the man of Calvary we have a more sure word of prophecy maybe a light to us shining in a dark place guiding us back to God's word and showing the love of Jesus to us.


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