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Episode 42: Edson White: His Work & Conversion

Adam Ramdin
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Adam Ramdin

Youth Director for the North England Conference of SDA


  • April 17, 2019
    3:30 PM
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Having a mother who was a prophet and a father who amongst many other things was the General Conference president would not have been easy losing one of your brothers suddenly at the age of 16 and having your own father suffer disease and an early death would have been very hard having parents who traveled extensively during your early years and constantly being in the public eye made the childhood of Edison white more challenging than what most of us would experience. As he was growing up he was for want of a better term the black sheep of the family the one that Ella white worried about more than the others he had a problem with lying being deceitful just the problem child through and through he would cause of rifts between his parents as James and Ellen had different views on how he should be dealt with sometimes he would go to a town and trade in the whites name but when the business fell flat he would leave town leaving his parents to pick up the bill his father would happily of let him go through the court system and bear the consequences that way but his mother would bail him out taking a softer approach. After his father's death things get worse he has a fight with the review and Herald over royalties and he also writes to his mother and tells her that he is not religious Ellen White though continues to plead with him she tells him that she is see Heaven that it is for real Ellen have a better relationship with Emma and sins wife and she writes to her and asked her to ensure the Ensign reads the letter and doesn't. Bernie one time she had a dream where she saw him caught in a riptide drowning and she wakes up and writes him a letter this continues for years with seemingly little effect but God was working silently on his heart. Eventually at the age of 44 ed Snow White accept Jesus as his personal Savior he writes to his mother and he says he now realizes that Jesus loves him and decides to throw himself into full time ministry he read his mother's book stressed the necessity and importance of working in the south and decides to raise the funds to buy a boat to sail down to the south with the South wasn't a sort of the mission field at the time slavery had just been abolished tensions were high and there were many people down there who did not want the newly freed slaves to have access to education. About the changes to the Morningstar books. Edson white would go into a great work in the south providing queue momentum to the work that had just started his boat idea was genius at a time when schools and churches would regularly get torched his work in this new field would result in approximately 15 schools a sanitarium and a publishing house being open. There is no full proof method of raising children each child must choose for themselves Ellen White wrote lots of council on rearing children and yet she had trouble some children of her own the story of strongly reminds us that we should not give up on people even when hope seems lost there may still be great plans. For that person's future pray for them work with them plead with them and let God have His way.


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