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Episode 43: The Morning Star

Adam Ramdin
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Adam Ramdin

Youth Director for the North England Conference of SDA


  • April 24, 2019
    3:30 PM
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The Southern States of America World volatile mission field in the 18th seventies the amounts of patient Proclamation had just been signed by Abraham Lincoln slavery had ended and yet for African-Americans there was still a long way to go for equality in the basic essentials of life the Ku Klux Klan was strong in many areas and when every school for blacks opened there was a strong chance that it would get torched whippings shootings and lynchings were still commonplace educational opportunities were limited and schools were poorly equipped or non-existent at the time and there were no Adventist Church is south of the Mason Dixon line. In 1065 just 2 years after the Emancipation Proclamation and also 2 years after the 7th Day Adventist Church was officially form Elam when I said that the church ought to begin work in the south the 1st minister who came down here was named L. but lane and he did some revival meetings in Edgefield junction Tennessee that led to a church being formed in 873 churches with latest in Louisville Nashville Memphis and New Orleans in 1989 chiles and Kinney became the 1st black ordained 7th Day Adventists minister and he organized a church in Bowling Green Kentucky that Ellen White would later visit. Edson the White would now become involved after finally given his life to Jesus at the age of 44 he now found purpose in these newly opened me. In-field writing to his mother he said I have been thinking of going to Tennessee to work among the colored people and so the White had a steamboat built that he called the Morning Star and sail from here in Allegan Michigan across the Chicago and down the Illinois and Mississippi rivers to the state of Mississippi. The 1st place that they dock to begin working with in Vicksburg Mississippi and as they set about working in the town they were met with stiff opposition to finding a suitable place where the newly formed group could worship the owner of the property refused to sell a colored church in the area he did though leave an exception that if enough of the local residents agree to have them there then he would sell after getting agreement from enough of the locals the church was officially opened as the Morning Star 7th Day Adventist Church the original building was burned down in 1955 but the present one was built on the same spot. A school would also be opened in Vicksburg and then further the Church of the schools would open in Yahoo city Clintonia Paolo Alto the work was moving forward but it was not without trial in Redwood Mississippi Franklin Warrick had to leap from a train to escape a lynch mob there had been call to kill him in Calvert Mississippi M.V. all and was whipped and his wife shot at because of their commitment to educate and evangelize the blacks in the south. Edson white established the southern missionary society with the purpose of carrying the principles of Christian education to the people in the south in 1898 the Gospel Herald magazine was launched and the 1st 8 episodes were printed on the morning star later on. A health food company a sanitarium and a clinic would open along with 28 mission schools 590-6000 people. The idea of a missionary boat that could act as a school meeting house printing press a lie a brick and training center with absolute genius he could move around when tensions got too high and it was immobile missionary station the work that the morning stand did provide a great inputs us and push the work forward in the South from a wayward son who had no spiritual direction Edson white would help lay a framework for a comprehensive work to take place here in the south that continues to this day no people group is excluded from the great commission to take the Gospel to all the world may God grant us the creativity and the wisdom as we share this message especially to those who have been ostracized and marginalized by whatever society we may live in.


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