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Episode 45: Anna Knight: Pioneer Missionary

Adam Ramdin
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Adam Ramdin

Youth Director for the North England Conference of SDA


  • May 8, 2019
    3:30 PM
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Born into a poor Mississippi black family in 1994 into a family of freed slaves ammonite would rise above her humble beginning to make a massive impact in the Adventist Church both in America and further afield at that time where she lived there were no schools for blacks and she wasn't allowed to attend the white schools but she would volunteer to do chores for her white neighbors if they would let her look at their books she had a massive appetite for knowledge and despite this serious disadvantage she set out to learn. One day she saw an advert in a magazine that if the reader sent in $0.10 will be added to a list to receive free books she saved up her $0.10 over time and sent in to receive the free samples of the 40 or so people who responded one of them was a 7th Day Adventist and sent her a big stack of magazines and books Edith Embry sent her a science of the times every week and over time built a relationship with her she decided to keep the Sabbath which wasn't easy in a home where everyone needed to work but she did not waver even though she came under pressure for it. Soon after Edith sent her a copy of the book steps to Christ and Anna determined to be baptized as an aide at Emory wrote to the father missionary track society and told them about Ana there were not many churches in the South let alone organize conferences and the nearest church within Greenville Tennessee 300. And 82 miles away this did not deter Anna and she got baptized after this she will be mentored by elder and Mrs Chambers and then she would go on to study 1st at Mount Vernon Academy in A and then a Battle Creek college in Michigan and trained to be a nurse after graduation she returned back down to Mississippi and started a school in the same town that had given her trouble when she started to keep the Sabbath by now they saw the benefit of education for the younger children and the ill feelings disappeared. At the 19 or one G.C. session she felt called to the mission field she made arrangements for the work back home in Mississippi and then she headed what was perhaps her most unique work the 1st female missionary to India she led many people to accept Jesus Christ as their Savior during his 6 years ministering in India she returned home on what was supposed to be a furlough but ended up being another school in Mississippi and then in 1909 she would be asked to open a sanitarium in Atlanta Georgia to establish the medical missionary work amongst the African-Americans in the south. And. She went on to pioneer education work for blacks in the south working for 6 years at the Southeastern Union conference she would late to work for the Southern Union was living here at what is now open university but it seems she spent nearly all her time travelling by train visiting the various schools and pushing the work forward by 1932 she served as the associate secretary for the education home missionary missionary volunteer and school department at the Southern Union conference colored department in the last year of our life at the age of 98 she served as the president of the. National colored teachers association and in that same year the General Conference awarded the medallion of Merit Award from the Education Department. She lived a life of principle working tirelessly both the home and abroad to share the message of Jesus that she had learned at such a young age she lived the life of others rising above the disadvantages and prejudices that she faced the legacy of her life will be a long and rich one that will last to this day and she is a pioneer would the of remembrance the church today needs men and women alike and a knight who will go into on into areas who will start school who will be a missionary and share the message of Jesus whether that's at home or whether that's in a on entity area if God is calling you to such a work then Hod or not your hot and go where he calls.


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