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Episode 47: The 1902 Battle Creek Fire

Adam Ramdin
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Adam Ramdin

Youth Director for the North England Conference of SDA


  • May 22, 2019
    3:30 PM
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There is something about your Adventist fires local fire chief weeks remop he had for 2 and cease fires with his success school being 0 He also said that the water poured on acted more like gasoline Hello White had worn the review that they were on dangerous ground I was not surprised when she heard of the fire on December the 30th 1902 in 1900 or one she had written to the managers of the review and said I have been almost afraid to open the review fearing that God has cleansed the publishing house by fire. The review had gotten itself into a situation where as publishing more commercial work that was its original intention was to come a long way since the early days in Paris Hill Maine and the times of extreme sacrifice in Rochester New York it was now a huge institution the lodges printing press in the state of Michigan on that day though nothing could stop the fire destroying the 40000 square foot building with only the West building that housed the General Conference offices and book and bank deposit trees left standing. There of you had on press at the time a book by Dr John Harvey Kellog entitled The living temple this book had pantheistic strains throughout and would of course much Tom to the review if published the book marked a significant shift in the philosophy of Dr Kellogg who had started out with such great promise and was one of the leading doctors in America. Dr Kellogg had become controlling and dictatorial and was increasingly difficult for the church leadership to work with earlier that year on February the 18th the sanitarium suffered a fire was it an accident or something bigger than that a warning for Dr kilo to get back on track the review had decided to relocate completely to Washington D.C. in line with the new council that so many institutions should operate in one area despite the warning not to rebuild a large institution Dr Kellogg not only rebuilt but doubled in size from 106 patients in 866 to over 7000 by 1906 it was a huge institution. Unfortunately Dr Kellogg would end up leaving the church being in 1007 during some times our church he refused to let go of the powerpc ideas in the book the living temple and also some of his medical practice is to become questionable unfortunately today many of the health reform ideas have been taken over who have strong ties to eastern religion and the New Age movement we need to be careful that our health reform Biblical and is not influenced by these philosophies. When John Harvey Kellogg broke away from the church to some people it looked like the church would fall a lot of properties were in his name and he had more employees than the whole general conference some people said that we needed to compromise in order to keep him on board or else we wouldn't survive but over the next few years and decades the church would go on strong on the front of Terri and they had seemed so strong and vibrant would become a pale shadow of its former glory struggling in the Great Depression and in. Eventually closing down. Both the institutions were huge and this in itself tells us something God does not respect the size of the institution Sometimes we think because it's God's publishing house or God sanitarium then he has to bless it no he doesn't go on is NOT want to be manipulated if we are persistent in doing our own thing and blindly keep asking for God's blessing then there may come a time when he removes it from our lives size does not matter to God or mean that we have his blessing faithfulness does.


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