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Episode 48: Loma Linda University

Adam Ramdin
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Adam Ramdin

Youth Director for the North England Conference of SDA


  • May 29, 2019
    3:30 PM
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Loma Linda literally means beautiful hill and the name of the area predates. The area hospital by the 7th Day Adventist church purchased in 1905 as one of 3 medical institutions along with Paradise Valley and Glendale founded Terri and they added to the 26 sanitarium that the church already hand at the time medical work was key in the early days of our church and was something that people sacrificed greatly for. In $92.00 L. a Y. predicted the properties would come on the market in southern California far below their original cost Paradise Valley was originally priced at $25000.00 then reduced 212000 finally purchased for just 4000 Glendale hospital was priced there 50000 then it was reduced 226000 then it came down 212000. Had said there would be 3 though and so she instructed John Burton to look for another property between Riverside San Bernadino and Redmond he found a $67.00 acre property that was on the market for 150 $5000.00 this was far too high later on it was reduced 211-0000 then $85000.00 but this was still far too high the General Conference had just put in place a no debt policy and they could not help out. Eventually the price came down to $40000.00 a very good price as it included. $31.00 acres of grain land $22.00 of alfalfa a vegetable garden an apricot orchard a by several cottages on the Hill 3 of which are still standing today and $15000.00 worth of equipment and supplies they have to make an initial payment of $5000.00 and then 3 monthly payment of $5000.00 and then the remaining $20000.00 at the end of 3 years this wasn't going to be easy but they were encouraged by the urging of Ellen White that this would also be an educational center in the future. On the 12th of June 19005 Ellen White visited and as she came to the property she said several times that she had been here before while she had not visited in person she was referring to seeing the place in vision 2 years earlier in the autumn of 1903 and also in October of 19 or want at a meeting of church members soon after the conference president stood up and spoke and mentioned how and why I had said that this sanitarium should be the principal training center on the west coast Ellen White interrupted him and said this will be the principal training center on the West Coast. Each month when the $5000.00 needed to be paid it was a struggle with church members across California making huge sacrificial offerings one month they had no money until several hours before the deadline when a check arrived in the post God had his hand in the process and instead of taking 3 years to clear the outstanding amount it was paid off in 6 months meaning they got an additional deduction of $1000.00. Over time the. Institution would grow to include a hospital and the training school which would like to become a university and in recent years a children's hospital has also been added one of the early names of the institution but the Loma Linda College of medical evangelist showing the link between evangelism and medicine many mysteries have gone out from the institution over the last 100 years to mission fails both Iraq home but also many to abroad. The medical work is to act as the right of the Gospel supporting the gospel work of the church God needs medical evangelists today who will use their medical skills to further the message and reach people in their time of need today there is a need for people like this to go all over the world to places that might seem risky so war torn countries to minister to those stricken by poverty to the young and the old as well as the wealthy and those who see no apparent need of God in their lives the medical work breaks down barriers in ways that nothing else can if you are in this profession God is calling you to this work then maybe you use your talents for him in this way.


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