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Episode 49: Elmshaven: Ellen White & A.G. Daniells

Adam Ramdin
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Adam Ramdin

Youth Director for the North England Conference of SDA


  • June 5, 2019
    3:45 PM
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The was not her home country she had no plans to leave and despite requests from past oh a pulse and the G.C. present at the time she was happy to stay in Australia writing to us it's in there she had no wish to return to America she enjoyed living in Sunnyside near Avondale and thought that this would be her last home however in March of 1900 she was overwhelmed by the conviction that she was needed back in America and plans were made to set sail in August of that year. Upon arriving back in California Ellen now needed to find a place to live and work Oakland had grown and changed considerably since she last lived there following her son Willy's advice she along with her assistant Sara McInturff headed to the St Helena sanitarium to get some rest while he continued to look someone at the sanitarium mention that there was a house for sale just under the hill upon inspection it was agreed that it would meet her every need it was well constructed and completely furnished the house now needed a name and due to the large elm trees out front it was called elms haven. It was a living here in this house she completed some of her key books such a ministry of healing acts of the Apostles an updated version of the great controversy as the years passed on she travelled less and less and the 1909 G.C. session in Washington D.C. would be her last major trip. Towards the end of her life Ellen White brought a lot of council on the need to work to larger cities and strongly encouraged church leaders to work the big cities of San Francisco New York Boston and Los Angeles she was frustrated by the lack of enthusiasm and support and the focus on obstacles after some modest plans were laid Eiji Daniels the General Conference president at the time was in California and wanted to visit with Ellen White he came here to Elm haven but the messenger of the Lord refused to see him she sent word for him that when he was ready to follow the work that needed to be done then she would talk to him. He even wrote a humble and contrite letter to Ellen why He then received a message in response that said when the president of the General Conference is converted he will know what to do with the messages that God has sent him soon afterwards they released elder Daniels' for one year from his normal duties as General Conference president so he could pursue leadership in city evangelism he chose New York City and finally fulfilled what God had intended for him to do in the band jealous stick work and help launch a new day in 7th Day Adventist city evangelism. A.G. Daniels had heard the council about working in the city but he hasn't fully applied himself to it often times we can be like that we know what we ought to do but we don't take it seriously and we want God to give us more counsel or to affirm what we already are doing God needs people who will follow the light that he gives and then as they follow that he will give them more light as the guide them along the pathway of life. Let us be faithful to God in all areas of our lives. Are little.


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