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Episode 50: Elmshaven: Vision & Grandchildren

Adam Ramdin
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Adam Ramdin

Youth Director for the North England Conference of SDA


  • June 12, 2019
    3:45 PM
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In this place where Ellen White spent the last 15 years of her life she found a home that suited her perfectly here in this house she had a place where she could read and write pursue her hobbies and spend time with her family who live nearby we see the contrasting side of Ella white during her time in this house we see her as a grandmother taking time to spend with her grandchildren and be involved in their lives we also know that in this house the angels of God came to minister to her and she heard the voice of God speaking. On one occasion she reported an extraordinary experience that happened on the night of the 2nd of March 19 or 7 here in this very room the room was full of light she awoke to see a bright cloud of white as snow with the edges hinged in deep pain Angel sang for her as she heard a voice that said Fear not I am your savior holy angels all about you she wondered if she was in heaven and if her work on earth was done she inquired Is this indeed heaven am I one of God's little children and shall I always have this peace the voice replied Your work is not yet done. According to the White House sleep here was often broken a little after midnight and sometimes before as the Lord spoke to her in visions while her mind was free from cares and surrounding influences seldom does she stay in bed after a vision she usually dressed and with kerosene lamp in hand. Down this hallway to her writing room to recall what the Lord had shown up. Here in this spot Ellen White would write her letters and books a work that would have a world wide influence under the impression of the Holy Spirit she would convey the messages that had been revealed to her however Ellen White never forgot her human side and was ever mindful that she had grandchildren who live nearby who like nothing more than to see their grandmother. Ellen White had an assistant named Sarah Macintosh who was particularly vigilant in ensuring that she wasn't disturbed when she was writing if you didn't have an appointment then you couldn't see her even if you were a grandchild she would often tell the grandkids run along run along the grandkids however soon worked out that there was a back door that they could sleep in and they could come up with facts their case right here they knew that their grandmother's work was important but they wanted to see her and so she worked out a sign for them if she was holding her pen in her hand and writing then they had to wait at the door but once she laid her pen down then they could run across and see how. She would often tell them in the short but precious moments remember that your name is white you must always keep it that way and there is a heaven to win and a hell to shun these visits would only last maybe 2 to 3 minutes and then they would quietly sneak back down the stairs and out the back door the kids were happy grandma was happy and Sarah was happy because she didn't know what happened. Or she was the messenger of God And so this role very seriously from the age of 17 until her death she was also an attentive loving and. Keyring grandmother able to blend family life and ministry together it's not always an easy balance to achieve and something that many of us struggle with May we not excel in warm to the detriment of the of but may we be able to find harmony between these 2 areas in our lives.


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