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Episode 51: The Death of Ellen White

Adam Ramdin
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Adam Ramdin

Youth Director for the North England Conference of SDA


  • June 19, 2019
    3:45 PM
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And so after more than 70 years the active ministry of Alawite would come to a close up public ministry started at the age of 17 in the state of Maine in the north easterly tip of the United States of America never could she have imagined way would take up from there to its close in California she spoke to congregations large and small in the early every state in the union She also spent 2 very active years in England France Switzerland Norway and other parts of Europe as well as 9 years in New Zealand and Australia. Where the travelling by horse and carriage across the New England states by canal boat across New York state or across the Great Plains states of Texas and Oklahoma or by tourist train to the state of California or by ocean stream across the Atlantic or Pacific wherever she was she saw every opportunity to speak to people the words of life. Despite only having a 3rd grade formal education Ellen White would go on to become the most translated American author and the 3rd most translated author of All Time hope words would have an impact far beyond the life that she lived leaving a legacy of missions educational institutions health centers and in the church at large She always sought to uplift Jesus in her sermons in her life and through her writings when she finally died here in this home she was sure. In whom she believes. It is interesting to contrast Ellen White Death with that of other people one lying there dying one is often brought to contemplate life and how successful it has been Ella White had no such thoughts 2 days before her death here in this very room her last words were I know in whom I have believed confident in her savior right until the end even though death is never easy when you live a life in Jesus you can die with peace and assurance. Ellen White would have 3 funerals the 1st one was here in the elms haven area the 2nd one was in Oakland California and the 3rd one was in Battle Creek Michigan the 3rd Want took place at 11 am on a Sabbath morning in the dime tabernacle and there were 3000 people in attendance even her bits a critic can write came and went through the viewing line twice and commented that she was a woman of God at the request of Ella white a long time friend and colleague in ministry from across the United States and around the world S. and have school delivered the funeral sermon after which she was taken to the old Hill Cemetery and buried alongside her husband and sons. The words written about her in the newspapers after her death illustrate the kind of person that she was the St Helena Star wrote on the 23rd of July 1915 the life of Mrs White is an example worthy of emulation by all she was a humble devout disciple of Christ and never went about doing good honored and respected by all who appreciate a noble womanhood. Consecrated to one selfish labor for the uplifting and the betterment of mankind she showed no spiritual pride and she saw it no filthy lucre she lived the life and did the work of a worthy proper tests the most of my rable of the American succession. She died confident in her Savior and confident that she would see him on the resurrection morning when our life draws to a close it doesn't matter how many continents we have lived on how many houses we have owned how many books we have written or how much money we have made ultimately it matters if we have accepted Jesus into our lives and made him our personal Savior. Play.


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