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Redeeming the Time: A Philosophy of Adventist Time Management

Justin Kim


Justin Kim

Assistant Director of Sabbath School/Personal Ministries and Editor of the inVerse Bible Study Guide for the General Conference



  • December 31, 2009
    3:45 PM
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welcome to the floor for the seminar this is a seminar called SCA 's and GPAs and we've had a couple sessions already the first session was with me on regarding the prophecy of campus ministries the second one was on the importance of the devotional life the third one was on how weird you are an weird lifestyle weird lifestyle where lifestyle on on campus and this is on time and knows how many you have a problem with time management entity or still is coming in so hey I was asking if there is a visible lengthy next you to shimmy on over either to the center or to the wall but make sure it's not difficult to get into the business centered your and is to be nice and helpful and one day when I can the stimulant a longer session so you guys need to get out a walk at your positive until someone in to get out we don't want you to do that but if we're going to ask a little more time if that's okay will do more time to time management seminar is going let's get you registered in your note you should be okay now by the company when asked if we were in it we do this every seminar we don't have your students people here that this will look like he is a student in his look like as an nonstudent 's order prayer or anywhere and jump into this rhino today for first father you are the God of time father help your creations your loved ones of Argentine specialty programs happiness with authority people in this room are where we have a special cognizant relationship with time itself we are people of prophecy fund of the speed of the larger aspects and the Bible and whatnot father help in our daily lives our personal lives to be faithful stewards of time the Lord as a fruit of that be successful in our daily jobs classes so we keep going back to Philippines messages Lord bless each of each servant of yours in this room is for special blessing the Holy Spirit recovering of Jesus Christ blood and the smile of God the father upon us the greatest existing centers entitled the don't know what it's entitled patent even let's him awesome I was wanted to say that and it's totally all you need to let back up again just one second can you let about one second white wallowing for what is to be done can you judge a person next to you and say hi and to do that in case they don't be silly to say I will again how I saw it reiterate this were working through this together there's a lot of material here yes it CMOS you can just kind is on get one of them not offended by that but you fall asleep just stick your eyelids open or you'd think Jack needs of an insanely award together and then no more together together they leave little more time than that here is how diatonic you had thousand one forty dollars a day spy by the end and then you could not save it how do the would use it just that I know you are you were going towards but just know I don't care we have a thousand four hundred forty minutes a day ten thousand eighty minutes a week thirty two thousand four hundred minutes a month and five hundred twenty five thousand six hundred minutes a year like the song asked him to give me with am not going to say it how are we disbanded this time okay sacred references Genesis one you have to open to an earlier need no wet cake God does not procrastinate it is antithetical to his nature to procrastinate you cannot say that I make is a let there be light young peptide today let's just make half of it economic the other half tomorrow that he did that in order then cosmological discussions of we would be suffering right now it made in the half the moon here and in half-moon the other day he wants a paper on one day set apart time to make whatever on that one day they now keep you for your forethought something to me and then he accomplished it on that day a week as his creations have to reflect his nature ethical character development we also have to accomplish what we need to do is set up portion time is beginning to us amen nine other sounds wonderful and great for your students are thinking this just doesn't happen in real life event value to say nothing until the largest front I don't agree with the theory altogether a photo get some some writing some some suggestions of by the spirit of prophecy and in talking about using proper three two twenty nine this is one of the favorite Bible verses of Benjamin Franklin -year-old Auletta this is you all know who you are isolated when I see is now a man diligent in his business he shall stand before games he shall not stand before mean men of Denver meeting on NEDs like like like with angry people that means average mathematical mean gay please if you're diligent and faithful and he do well what you do it will someday stand before kings and not standing for Joe Schmoe the hot dog vendor and applicators and before hand what we want to do is stand before kings and asked us to Josh was that speed Joseph Daniels at all Jesus is whatever they Benjamin Franklin did he stand working yes the Kings of England and France and in he was he fulfilled that that Daniel nine twenty four twenty seven if you don't want to talk to get a memorizing a knockabout of your feet and this is a time prophecy of Christ first advance notice for the seven seven seventy weeks that it is no idea what I'm talking about God bless you need to find out that is a community need to pass your pastor your mom dad or adopt but will e-mail me that Mark one fifteen is the second gospel of of of investment of diversity says Jesus says that time is what question you just open your Bibles and even if you want to go to my capital one and is the first person the gospel of Mark Benson red letters now Jesus is first for this baby words in the Gospel of Mark is the time is fulfilled I didn't say that women say that you falsely the time is fulfilled question what time of what now she saying the prophecy of Daniel nine is with the oh I just stepped on your foot and on social literally I spent a semester of Jesus said he would be baptized and twenty seven ninety because five thirty one and a half and thirty four the gospel will be glad all the nations yes that's presented right before he says the time is available right before the statement was given us that Jesus is being straightway coming up otherwise appends open-end and that was picking up and down than a pound of the Godfather says now I boasted to let you know that this just and right afterwards get tempted he says that time is fulfilled basic point Jesus is always on time he did not say how it away I wait a year eyes and Cisco surviving is limited to my psychologically applicable for me probably next year to get crucified take this reason at all of me this would work to work and we ascended out this would have a humongous rock them visas five fifteen to seventeen says is written altogether we get ready ego seeing then that you walk on her not as fools but as wise regaining the time because the days are evil wherefore be not unwise but understanding what the will of the Lord 's day question hour days evil and that means days are evil cake days are evil for those who write papers and you know that the paper is due tomorrow and this time have any mercy whatsoever now trying to get less who you are time is ticking away he waited he waves in closer and closer and closer like mercy and this was sometimes radical pedagogy but in the stop time and finish your paper and click on time again think that will never happen the movies are wrong whatever words that can never happen they metaphysically cannot happen take two years the days are evil but he's about the Bible says Paul says repeating the time can we redeem the time can you go back and live the life that he wants to figure but four hours of Facebook I know you guys before our and can you go back in the nemesis is a waste of time when we just route and blend with that what did you do that obviously no question is how do you need I says see then that you walk what meaning the lies the time that we live in now to be very careful of how you know you're old weird today is December thirty first the majority was smashed tonight here you are hereby unearthing my candidates at an you understand this is weird but amen amen and it would talk about how to redeem the time to the purpose of time to read about the references you can get this uploaded you later if you want your voice your influence your time all these are what now I don't want any person is in the complaint that I have had any gas I can't read the candidate has had Jesus three things was the first thing your you have a voice to speak the English language some of you will get secondary lines and also there is what you're what you're trying these are to be used for what purpose in winning souls to Christ we would talk we talked about and some some distance an advertisement some others everyone studied a single year just study strict economy and alley of means and you should exercise even greater faithfulness and handling that which belongs to another and managing his own affairs we know to be scientists on time management and take this as a gift the Lord has given us get our to continue the old that's not the end of better now cannot so you all in the spirit man in the disparate deposited in the first discharges about it back then okay I think is an improper use of time and property is a time when one on sanctified addition gain this is because students she writes there is no time now to fill the mind with theories of what is popularly called what higher education as you know you seem to be very carefully she's not the last thing I urgently keep reading the time devoted to that which does not decide tend to assimilate his soul to the likeness of Christ is so much time lost for eternity shall we allow what fun sanctified and vision to take possession of the heart and leaders to neglect the education required to meet the needs of this a apparent day a lot of us go to Harvard yell state of committee God whatever not to winning souls over what higher education we just want to get the degree we can win a degree then I did a wonderful national marry me forget the degree on make a billion dollars if I get the degrees my mom will like me now young whatever it is to have fine sanctified addition right we want to be the Bill Gates to get Reagan's degree by the way but isn't hungry she said we had no time for on sanctified and vision Darcy say we have no time for ambition at all there are the say if you want to sit in the highest councils of the land and deliver the leaders become the president you need to become president has visibility to want to be in we need to become the highest echelon of society God promised that it would be to head and not the tail but you are right and innocents in our closets I'm just going to be no happiness King is so worth visiting also I why missions must be very high and then that means if you got a be a rock climber be the very best rockclimbing in the new trash collector be the very best trust could be in a higher size delivered best hair such big to be a doctor the Surgeon General of the United States don't aspire for the neighborhood pediatrician and there's nothing wrong with that we be the very best neighborhood nutrition she sang on sanctified envisioned a long time to give on our energy and take classes that we shouldn't get a degree to which the name is a reason for on sanctified Anderson is a clear and that day to does no time for engaging trifling amusements the gratification of selfish propensities is time that you were occupied with serious thoughts dwell upon the self-denying self-sacrificing like the world Redeemer and find pleasure in joking ingesting and whiling away your time posted the issue against joking altogether he should need apply need to be serious if any is the great Senate for lunch I know there there is this spirit and young people that only looks for joking and jesting all the time there is an opportunity show in the nineties called friends now it's estimating is one of the TV show nevertheless what you are in there now question is do these individuals ever work there in a coffee shop every episode all the time no one is like that in his day because a TV show people think the ideal for life is to sit around and joke around for thirty minutes every day if not longer that's the ideal nirvana to reach in life we live in an American westernized culture we want to have a sarcastic entertainment oriented just last left left left left left left left life is that line no getting very careful since it is young people how case you we have fun absolutely pursuing waste our life ingesting and joking on no three call economizing time very whole thing she's basically says a lot of us we want to save so much time we waste more time yes we try to save some and went it is my Sunday my son and will and you and you so much to do and you can do it he blew it you waste all your time for fatal I thought we have no time to throw away listening to fables what false doctrines and dangerous errors are present on the mind she basically says you have no time to sit around and listen to a story just for the story steak for two hours and just listening listening listening listening with the story has no proven benefit to your so whatsoever and to provide professed believers in a true dwell upon the petty trials and difficulties which Saint has magnified before the time is wasted and I can never be recalled shallot and we we leave ourselves ourselves ourselves itself us ourselves ourselves gay college in one hundred major women immediately made after you graduate their magnanimity stop thinking about yourself and what we need to do in Ghana think Emily speaks out as having an older generalization but that's the reality and how often do we think of the things I been wronged against this and think about betting betting that can you do anything to solve her room at once would sit in his McMahon my professors and a dumb dumb John A just like Jesus Jesus was from the dominance of Modesto smart and easy rolling around in his better moments Maran 's mum identities rolling Arlena Chaney doing anything to change that opinion a professor what can you see should be known as a roller on his back and wasting time today and yesterday announced that we all do the old handling rejected me what it well I what I wonder the limits stopping yourself you a guy to do a basically going to deliver later but here's what we know how to use time sleep we do not sweetly I had no right of those who are asleep God has no use for a lazy man and one in on and add the next and his God he wants cool kind affectionate earnest workers in the lease is group approve of what depravity that is a simple degradation over six thousand years and who will unnecessarily take the precious hours of daylight first we had no sense of the value of precious golden moment now issued don't think the context issued against us that means staying on because I get it or the hospital crisis or whatever and get taken up in a diet sure the nap is whatever was Jesus uses the advert on necessarily bode to do do you was that you can you she writes sites may well pool only a one one oh awesome I love the bluntness of cards your curse it up cursor the cause of God persons who have not acquired habits of close industry and cut in time she has set rules to prompt into regularity and dispatched within it a little more practical but this is how we should using our time and getting sick properties upon one prayer we spend our time and try not as cheesy as is granted but read this every morning take time to begin your work with do not think this is wasted time it is time that will live through eternal ages to economize time the previous quote that you will economize time to learn how to economize case is one of the men in this group it is scientifically proven that men cannot multitask case because we had two hemispheres brains we do one thing well mention the focus better than women men women connect to multitask are all in this way all women this way no reason over generalizations in neurology case but here's the thing that it is a study where they did twenty minutes and twenty females a subpoena especially the simplicity of the bread on specialization and bring a madman giving public has to do with a woman Cassini begins in the book and his appointment woman mauled by efficiently and effortlessly take it a little doll underside of my great something to get photocopies in a knock on the door they went had to be carried the VR DL what is it in the alternate for their son hadn't had a phone in this understanding and assigning away and in whatever they take twenty on twenty one all multi task they all demand nineteen on the twenty multitask now they want in instructions the multitasking opposite is a natural course of action and of the never do this is a slight one guy was microwaving something he heard a knock at the door he saw him he went to all the babies now signed in the picked up the baby and the baby the baby was not an impressed at all again online and now that is a gender generalization of the estimate came to the corpus callosum is a lot more connecting women is a lot more multitasking going on the morning with emotion whatever are all like this no and some nails have been the brains and some has had massive membranes this is the way it works in that being said this is the beauty of how men and women should work together right Matt Matt my focus and the number one thing arranged providing over overarching perspective when working together very efficient when working together came as when masculine forms of leadership all but one object oriented goal oriented acumen with fifty men in army we wanted to bridge all called refrigerators is good in that it killed everything else inside that was the one about presenting to know how we and what's I will color the governor via who is the fact that includes recall what happens is they get the full plan after about a year within MS to build a race and not don't be abandoned to say nothing because live here now everything here and economize time time something is not entitle in our time others who love the precious cause of truth and economize their time means the use time twice will do practical things and how to do that K overcome slowness and I love this quote this is where the love and rule on it are so loving to get ice I speak that's any notices because I cut efficiently speak with his timeliness elephants do there it says it is not our virtue for men or wanting to excuse what fun I love that were regular woman time bungling I love that word legally do you know someone who bungles I know someone who bungles me a lot with customer 's house uses the slowest person have for him and I have a horrible habit to physical sentences and see what we had to go somewhere to see how it was when I was younger and he put on one sock on and one sock was on and sit on the bag look up in the ceiling at the last supplies for the meaning of life only with oneself I is a slow bungling this love and this must be overcome nine is this another year like no speaking to guys that I wonder what he needs and abilities of the people that I was so annoying class no-no is raising provoked rose what you say what there's a word we have to like how bungling it is this a man who is slow and does his work and it is because his work at a disadvantage is an unprofitable workman and his slowness is a defect that needs to be seen and corrected he needs to exercise his intellect and planning how to use this time as so as so as to secure the best results when one is forever at work and work is never done it is because what we direct our mind and heart are not put into the work take this is why friends if you are late to something it's not because you're busy it's because your heart and mind were not intimate event to go to begin coming to church you must come on time coming to a seminar you must guess that means your heart and your mind are into it in your heart and your mind aren't dating that's one of the big continuity of on-time right but as you examine what you really want to go I ever like visiting a car Leah really don't want to go to the each of the speed limit for the first time in your life because you don't want to save your heart and your mind if I were at the day is a clear and their something he learned everyday ask you for the narrow labor just to get through the work and have time for something else it is the duty of every worker not music industry but his mind and intellect did that which he undertakes to do some hard-core infusion domestic labor are always at work it's not because it's a must do but they do not plan in such a way to have time to make sense not a list if you say that you're busy you're not busy if you have the time to say his friends are busy if you have time to get on your status offenses and I am busy on your science that is that I'm really busy in the sense more than hated for high you want everyone to know you're doing something you only when the leaders of your users are doing that is incorrect so you put it out in the public decision and I am busy I'm important I don't know what I'm doing but I want to know that an important is my pride I'm busy to play solitaire you're not busy enough money sensitive here on a lot of you do that and I don't know any of you announcing specific you but you're really busy you will have overcome some of these these it is a spiritual problem of not keeping time in the spiritual problem to go oligopoly this is really good on the middle that says they should do themselves a certain time to accomplish the task and make every mood so you may cultivate your power to do the very best kind of service and then you will find yourselves in demand anywhere and everywhere this is character development this is a real virtue virtue virtue creation of being this I have a paper to write and give myself five hours to accomplish the first five pages and you drill it and unique that it aims does the marketing and e.g. exercise every all your power only energy all your intellect to make sure you composted in a net negative before hand whom you get fifty new breaking it's unlikely to choose whatever you give is but you want to do this alarm at this paper of probably be done sometime sometime today eight o'clock rolls around in the evening nine o'clock ten o'clock twelve o'clock to one o'clock because certain health message know it's really unhealthy you say I him sitting doing this thing is noticeably and I went to orally and in the Lord always blesses people get up early in the morning right be more clear and obvious you go to speeding up in the morning and what happens you don't you don't need to wake up and I for necessity of thought and prayer this is a really go wrong while it's slow but for this was to get many even in their seasons of what Battelle receiving the blessing of real communion with God they are into great with respect to the press to the circle of Christ loving presence pausing perhaps a moment within the sacred precincts but not waiting for counsel you have no time to remain with the divine teacher with the burdens they returned to their work how did you hear devotion seems like you just doing what emotions yes used to a checkup on a single rate of chapter again is a Scripture he did and is out today done done posted on highly relevant or singularly one chapter what a day that this is a log chapter is really really really a now too often we just press through the devotion just to get rulings that is a blessed not because he doesn't want to keep you waiting for him to blush after this there was one student says Lord limited commitment to make devotion the most powerful moment of my life didn't been invented daily schedule suggests in his knees and he does that it devotion at seven o'clock does his devotions at Lord not going to get off my knees until you speak until I know and arrested as the Jacob did you wrestle until I know you spoke that day he does this and just happens to have a quiz at nine o'clock it's a big quiz she's on his knees into seven o'clock role in our prose writers like Lord to pray unto you to speak to his waiting and waiting and how it when you pray looking at the clock able to look at that in light of reason for this something consciously raising hates almost nine o'clock you be getting out of your room run a forty five 's and Lord I'm not putting enough mines these what happened was not o'clock rolled around nine thirty rolled around and write about ten o'clock he knew the Lord 's book now this impersonator to talk about it but the basic is is the man I miss my classroom I learned it was okay the Lords first I'm on the escapist with salt not to get in class nor you figure that he wasn't being foolish about the quiz you understand was made foolish singles out and guess what hats class just happens to be against and then quit the notes that he needed for the quiz as front comes in is a hand at the you want there to hear that is the study this addition to that one is walking out there were no other students walking campus they're all taking gains in classwork and the Dean was walking up to be like hey you what he will not hear any set of freaking out like yet she said is that thinking a lot today out on from Christian going explainable thing think any of the relationship with the Dean and Dean invited him to some special events and some special project and became Jews special things are technically right now because we've was basically speak to some state leaders others to save modern-day Daniels exists today because devotions was me number one but what we do we read one chapter done on the love chapter first Chronicles will and you go and as if you're actually wasting your time doing a devotion to begin next these August continuing these workers can never attain the highest success until they learn the secret of strength they must give themselves time to what the thing into praying and into waiting upon God for renewal physical mental and spiritual power she then says physical and vice president take one is to think to do is to pray for you to wait between uplifting influence of the Spirit receiving this so be quick in my fresh life after we refrain and tired brain will be refreshing the burning heart will be licensed not upon us for a moment in his presence but a personal contact with Christ to sit down and companionship within this is our how powerful can be and you know that the Lord of the universe has spoken to his proper time resemblances as editor premier like a outstanding wartime runs a list if we go that principles of unity more time how will I know that you will use it more efficiently how I know without using use than one is nothing wrong with it would a lot of involve Facebook without a run the monster yes we need to say Lord help me stretch my time in the extra time that I have we can give it to the Lord 's call as the only way to bless you five exercise not only readable think basically exercise faith in him and you smarter the New York Times says that the research proves that Ellis is a law about a hundred years ago if you exercise you will get smarter blocks is a more neurons it would just be more plasticity of the brain exercise get up and walk around and exercise amen figure six God is God many think a lot what was my time I only complaint wavelength don't complain say Lord I'm scheduled reforming you tell me party is my time it develops your personal relationship when you ask God how safe maternity instances that any expenditure the money in the use of time strengthen opportunities let every Christian look to God for guidance percentage of this is a good one all metal is thick since a training Gaza gender since both men and women have a part in homemaking boys as well as girls to gain a knowledge of household duties to make a bed and put a room in order by the way all of you but when you leave your hotel rooms your best to be made yes missing a month is not with me this morning and it's insecure to make a bad room in order to wash dishes to prepare a meal to watch and repair his own clothing clothing is a training that you need not make any boy last NNN is not the woman men and women amen it's will make them happier and more dates if you think you will make your also make a phone call the microwave got to use your time to expand yourself not just be like a male alike barbaric you know cement of caveman ICUs and become a more rounded person a man needs take this for you ladies and girls in turn could learn to harness a hard drive or solid services as I go with me to Dorothy to use the saw and hammer as well as the rate and all it would be better fitted to meet the emergency 's life is a sense of our daughters business of our daughters to learn the proper use of time as well as his four sons and their equally accountable to God for the manner in which they occupied life is given hospital why is improvement of the times we possess so maybe he wasn't divorced here in her data card he had horses of today women should learn how to change a flat tire authority I saw our hammer the war now you nailed it has a broken anyway they can use your time to make yourself more round can the users announce a story independently using it my missionaries our mission is to camp this orderly process and the guys out in the gross house electricity only now these girls absolutely worried out it's like they've never seen a glutton or life before for the digital thoughtful knows a solution to this on manual know what they say this but they acted a really good this gave you commuted with directions to call the young wonderful gentleman he came over and he took out a useful tool called his finger and what's the fuse box and he moved his finger about half a any electricity magically supernatural came back now how much time this is fine but how much time could they have save energy on the poor young gentlemen now he was chivalrous and wonderful and and not condescending like iambic is a wonderful guy need nearly insane men and women alike a blessing when you use your time on the brink constantly improve improve directly don't think it's his progress every day continually in the middle there is each year they should develop a deeper piety tenderer spear a greater spirituality and more for knowledge of Bible truth and Wednesdays this time management improves every single year Kate are not good at it yet it's I will never get that but I was better than us before you take traditional there's no magic schedule nomad computer program known magic formula is a now you've procrastinated and will now no more procrastination ever again what I'm saying is conversion is the answer to character development is the answer to Jesus is the answered yes now we get better every year better better improve improve improve some practical things are and what when you have an hour of leisure opened this Bible and store the mind with its precious truths waiting to easily regard the mind to the state upon God talk less and meditate me have the brain saturated with the Word of God memorize Scripture start small don't go to memorize Proverbs problems really are take me to memorize a proverb but not Proverbs and because it's just kind one organizes this kind of randomly picking about four and a woman is one was a joke or something now when you memorize Scripture you how you can use type twice because when you're driving you cannot do a Bible study but if it's in your brain what can you do you can go through in your brain one of our comrades against Mister 's brother as guiding Brotherton Range skeet you know him and he's memorized pretty much all of the New Testament suffer first and second car a Corinthians minor prophets portions of a Genesis annex this cake and I have to brother and what is the secret to memorizing Scripture 's brother Justin that is very easy and breezy you need to start the first one after you service one you go to verse two and three are basically set a sitdown and do it there's no secret to it once you know your review in your review in a radio interview and after what becomes like second nature what he does is render by the rest is a buff guy you never wanted in a bar fight on the beginner body begin with but he is bought and he goes working out the sexy time without so that when he goes to the whole book of Titus if you wait five minutes to warm up routine is about five minutes yes he memorizes Titus and nine pennies Titus is known as one routine and he goes to Romans whatever he has looking at a revelation about not speaking used time twice if you memorize seconding as it memorizing large forces of information stretch of memory and allows more space for more things don't be like if I filled the Bible there is no more space for something it doesn't work that it doesn't work that they may work that way for organic chemistry not for the five what happens is if you make your brain elastic Internet TV stretching further that of the Bible 's decorative practical make the day-to-day in the night the night okay back is USC's a discount when go back home and to do this good they are young men and young women who are very much opposed order and discipline they pay no heed to rules for rising and retiring at what regular hours but burn the midnight oil and ends lying in bed in the morning a white laughing laughter is a sign of conviction would it not would it not be well to break up the habit of turning the precious hours into nine entering hours of night into day by the use of artificial life that basically if the Suns up be up to sun down go down in Germany Michigan doesn't apply but it's those three make memo is an accomplishment and maintenance as this was happening in the eighties Franklin called the offer has to call a safe coding needed seven habits of happy people are cemented that devil whatever it is data again popular because at the Franklin called the planner became popular and after after him to get another guru bicycle GTD and is always fast and time management basically would come to a point were all high management experts say all you need a little memo funny she said is a longtime environmental can be electronic in and of him he ought to get a piece of paper your Internet your memo can be your hand whatever he can be a basically good thing stress is not a result of a lot of things to do in we all love stress is having a lot of things to do but not knowing what you have to do yes pre- exam but I don't know when it is an I don't know anything about for the examiner is it out of if you know the exam you know the material for our you ask asking a little bit anxious whenever that's normal stress stress is one idea really stresses this everything you need to do for that day put it on a piece of paper and make sure you don't lose his big visit was his paper then your stress and as far as possible it is well to consider what is to be encompassed through through the day make him an old red metal of the different duties that await your attention and set apart certain time for doing it reached thirty but everything be done with artist neatness and dispatch to have this thing down here I wash my car and e-mail any luck at condo have come to Christmas shopping guys that in order to play tennis on whatever GUI C and research paper on ants okay this is this is your decision memo is more likely designs but this year more likely your memo should be a page long as the last step needed to go for months the features we super detailed there is think everything you can do in five minutes to write down and get it off your list second rule is don't add anything here that you've already done a cross ethnic yourself feel better I know you do that day I know you did a seminar on will him and him to argue that day is now beginning to win in five minutes through the e-mail engines Google right now and you cross nothing is a new you know anyone you get those annoying things out of the way and that's not that we are saying is this if you don't need to do it don't do it if you don't need to do it don't do it okay to often we have a a appeasing society rely on me he asked me to write the car off at the Carmel of the card I you waste money is skewed I wanted to cart is a compact system to Saturday I wanted Christmas shopping note no Christmas presents I want to thank testimony to Dennis and I worked out this morning I really do this as this is worthy of my time no cost to get it on tape now watch market I need to wash my car yard and watch my car and is think if you can delegate it delegated to someone else is okay so rule number one is doing to is deleted three is delegated yes so I can make a big dollar has gone a unlike him overall by Los Angeles regard thanks and then monthly condo is anything he can I need to meet with on the sesame do you plan for my computer twelve to one thirty have lunch with condo cake at at at one thirty on and get out of there they are not enough to linger around if I finished at one o'clock at thirty minutes of telephonic and on Facebook what did Jake but at one thirty blanket out hotel condo I am only up to eleven thirty we get out and you do define it in real life as one thirtieth the eighteen forty four you're like me got to get out of there at one thirty and get out of I feel that I can think the culture data Carina Asian American culture like your impolite I was so sorry I may tell Westerners don't have a knitting alternate library again or see a posture out of you sense how the culture is okay if you're from a job from Africa it's game over it's just is has been exhausted up Americans this is no use it till three o'clock and is the way it happens out you have the best relationship with Ando you had the best meal of your life is what you got nothing done in the floor set aside time give yourself a number of minutes to do the work and do not stop to read papers and books to take your life to save yourself know I have just only reason with my work and must come as much as we given time than those who are naturally slow movement bunglers seemed to be compacted quick energetic remembering the words of the apostle slothful in business for Ms. Spears serving the Lord and find great new habits if you're under the controlled salute you will remove myths if your habits are the lazy order will make a long job out of a short one it is the duty of those were slow to reform and to become more expeditious if they will take and overcome their fussy lingering habits and number six regular salon hoping this is awesome you guys get ready this is really good they went up the grip your husbands or wives or your work professional sixty six Washington the nations you know what Dennis and George get him to nation statement this meant was enabled to perform a great amount of business because he was floral in preserving order and regularity every paper had stay in place and no time was lost in looking of one in this way visitors in principle don't touch paper twice don't reading e-mail twice had been very e-mailed twice does you with your integer smart phones those things have been being to society and not two times three times four times and have multiple e-mail accounts thinking that it's good enough man of God must be diligently study earnings and employment knowledge never wasting an hour through the removers of a exit exertion they may rise to almost any degree of eminence as Christians as men of power and influence button that he will never attain superior rank in the pulpit or business because of their what and a laxness of habits contracted in their use okay keep going as this is really practical take careless inattention is seen everything they undertake a sudden impulse now and then is not sufficient to accomplish a Reformation music ease loving England once this is a work which requires patient continuance in well doing arenas carefully a man of business can be truly successful only by having regular hours before things one of the sporting wake up the same time every single day you pray the second same time every day he meals the same time every day unless as you go to bed same time every day interview the top five hundred CEOs of Fortune magazine one day and they find unlike eighty one eighty or seventy eight percent of the guests what habits they all have they to have a store universe one they all got up early and second they got up early same time Everest ravens their bodies became efficient you need an alarm clock same time every night bodies that she was asleep I know as college students is difficult because the lifestyle around you the most successful college students on the ones that are growing and wake up early and regular hours a if order and regularity are essentially worldly business how much more than what you doing the work for God came to Utah twice take a book with you to read when traveling on the cars are waiting in the depot date when your waning energy Y C don't just stand there like looking around bungling a bloated resident agrees with reason to that is not me know take a book with you to read his Bible the most used time twice a ice to drive and read the Bible same time I was in a car accident with a minute the die in fiery life access not smart to employee and continuing employee every spare moment to doing something in this way ineffectual door will be closed against the lot this has to open the implications as the driver said anything I think David and he gave some useful employment he would not have been guilty of the murder of rise up early Jeremiah seven thirteen twenty five eleven seven twenty dollars versus gay Jeremiah repeated over and over and over and over God sends his servants the prophets early in the morning yes she says Israel rise of early to listen to the profits stay up to one o'clock and will continue as a federal Mark one thirty five in the morning rising of a great while before the Greek exercise what about what I distribute most likely run for the five o'clock and it previously Jesus had to the whole city of cap or not he's probably certainly eleven twelve Healy most people gets up in four five two one he went out he departed from his roommate for Ms. from his dormitory went to a solitary place and there's what he did not know in what parade last one is a Muslim of him and what is and is not okay the bright morning hours are wasted by many in that these precious hours once lost are gone never to return they are a lot her time and for eternity now until he has this data can demand calculate extra ten minutes extra twenty minutes extra thirty minutes and that added up over a year and added overall lifetime guess how many years in which Goldman do this go home and do this because we all sleep in and about the jewels just some of us are fifty minutes most for our trip to continue warmly one hour lost each day only one hour law that mirrors that greatest of vivacious addresses the five hours just how Mohammed is a fifteen two weeks spent lying that I only want now lost each day what a waste of time the course of a year or let us alone or think of this and pause to consider how he will give an account to God for lost property jersey we sleep may we take Natalie 's on like looking up listening to a talk on the great things are happening the way that will not good enough this is not that way L number one eighteen the glory of God essential yes dear God give glory to him and you make sure you get him to try and give focus is on the salvation of souls around a dozen meters preaching which you wanted yourself a better person which are simply too close were Jesus and annoyed the Bible basin 's Christ centered become good advanced a recently and God will help with always thousands yet a study in men I would read the Bible are not studied no no no no God will not blessing you find the balance in Jesus and we have these things here there most likely things that will stay on this list forever and never come off yes this happened you like okay what credit you know Don and on budget okay I like to announce it think another by one thirty of the good Christmas shopping and get the Christmas tennis I hate Dennis David UIC on Alabama later and resistant run at all you received a grant yelps were unavailable to position you do one of them one is the problem between GUI C research paper hands and watch car wash car is an item that you can check off right it's a single-line command whereas you I see what you might see these two are not equal say the world is watch car K save world yesterday and you understand and that is is the miss understanding we've had to do list of memo and because of this misunderstanding just wanted to this altogether we need to do is take this and make it into bite size edible digestible steps so what you are seeing make a list to call just ridiculous three go prepare for seminar for saying hi to mom runner nor does it help is this a little more digestible than this your rejoicing with this but I do research and write and when you do that that's something you wanted to restrict finance it but one step line of man browser Wikipedia a dance to call into library as we find a man running the stepfather finds for books that for catching it in whatever it is now is that more digestible yes that something like okay make a list of hitmen illicitly call K got a got again what happens is you map out the completion of whatever you intended for people Q I see what happens you have to progress towards finding take on it research paper on and across that use it to do one sees this dedicate this to the Lord is if you don't you spend your time on the Christmas shopping in the tennis if you don't do this someone else will live your life for you step one do it step two deleted step three delegated step four detail in last slot for today and we'll get out of here this type in I Bernard be useful being useful is a long quote read the whole thing but it's me again on middle onto skewer doublethink young minister associates studied to make themselves useful wherever they are when invited to visit persons at their homes they should not sit idle making no effort to help in ones whose hospitality share obligations are mutual it didn't administer shares the cost of five his friends it is his duty to respond to their kindness by being thoughtful and considerate in his conduct toward them the entertainer mediaman care and hard labor by Matt this position outlined to wait upon himself to render timely assistance the minister may often find access to the heart and opened the way for the reception QBasic was using this once you converted us in giving the Lord your time and your deficient person you're useful you can tell useful people around while you're waiting fifteen minutes between seminars there something like me on a useful person how can be useful how can I make it in fact small or big so they'll go rancid hey are you to make friends whatever other people 's haters his newspaper will randomly pick this up our hate that young air conditioner not on the legal find someone to the connections and how can it be useful how can these opportunities but too often we severely fifty minutes fifteen is what happens is a boring what were you doing here was appointed this is a unique and this moron is that he is a think our generation is becoming more like that yes for music thinking efficiency and usefulness how can be useful don't even wait for some is a hating it is if you ask me to do it it's already too late you start thinking are you smart I believe every person is really smart and if you're converted to smart if you think converted me how can be used how can I use even here as you watch the pennies how can you be useful for the cost attending your party and she was all realized that United just hear you are here how can we be part of the infrastructure of the movement were part no one can ask you to do with the do-it-yourself and from this presentation I want you you are used in the past but you don't come talk to want to get your seminar notes and that I did not give you guilty have you waste precious moments in the past emotionally and academically spiritually mentally he will be more efficient person would be more of Jesus Christ and Dwight sacrificed your time to Jesus Christ and to be successful and for Jesus Christ and spend some worker father in heaven Lord this is a lot of information we thank you for information more than information what we need the power of conversion will reconvene and become legalistic and are timekeeping that is not our desire at all what we love you so much that we want to manifest our love for your son even in the time that we spent your on earth bless each person in this room every person hear my voice help us be more Christ centered in our time be more Bible based in our time to be more applicable Adventists in our culture in time less each student year less for their sacrifice of coming out read you I see Lester studies bless their time away from their families are offended to get less entire family Lord whether their student or not he went to Paris and your Lord bless every person to be more mindful of our time I will yes will mainly be useful Jesus Christ was a carpenter on this earth he was a philosopher that sat around and do nothing but help us to be useful like Jesus Christ delivered fiber of this movement of his church of your cause the gospel on this lesser sisters happen to be more more useful more balanced of my brothers board myself maybe be more mindful of what the other gender does and aspire to be more rounded course Lord bless our sleeping habits eating habits our waking hours and are retiring and father my prayers this Sunday will be spinning sea of glass the Stadium it's very important people all because of you converted our usage of time following at this room and converted into future presidents future CEOs future lawyers feature conference presence I don't know whatever it is enough for our court not for ours not even for the enjoyment of these positions so that you can increase our influence and influence for Jesus Christ will this is a rare instances will in this video was produced by audio persons were in place generation and Chrysler are you would like to learn more about Jim Lacey please visit www. CYC when I will review like this more free online service please visit www. audio verse got more


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