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The Everlasting Covenant

Dee Casper


Dee Casper

Director of the CORE Evangelism Training Program.


  • March 27, 2019
    4:00 PM
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Sweet Jesus thank you for this privilege to come into your presence that we can pray and that our need is our greatest argument and Lord Jesus I freely confess to seeding I need you I don't have what these people need and I just pray that your strength would be made perfect in my weakness tonight and that you would speak to us with power with conviction and clarity and it would help us to better understand the everlasting covenant and how you do life this is our plea to night Lord and I ask this now in Jesus' name in. John chapter one of verse 18 says this that no one has seen God that any time the only begotten son who is in the bosom of the father he has declared him so we're addressing the topic this evening of God's love before the fall God's love before the fall it will come to cover through that you know even going for the run but the end of the real bit differently says that Jesus was in the closest relationship with the father says he was in the bosom of the father that implies very similar thing right you're not going to have your head in some of bosom a less you're close I'm assuming right if that is the case. I'm not going to render any judgments but I certainly wouldn't be doing that myself and so immediately this implication here that Jesus has been in immediate proximity to the Father for maternity pass right disestablishing that preexisting relationship in John Chapter 17 turns me there now I'm going to go into the assumption that you brought Bibles with you here because I preach in the Bible this reader prophet was going to warn you on that so if you don't want that this may not be the place for you I hope you stay but we're going to be preaching from the Bible in from the speed of prophecy and looking at a fair amount of references this evening John Chapter 17 references should be up on the board this is slide number 11 John 172226 John Chapter 17. And beginning in verse 20 Jesus here speaking about his relationship so this is really really cool John Chapter 17 literally allows you to get a window into Jesus's prayer life I think that's amazing so in John 17 a verse 20 listen to what Jesus is saying to the father very intimate conversation he says I do not pray for these alone the disciples but also for those who will believe in Me through their word that they all may be one as you Father are in me and I and you that they also may be one in us that the world may believe that you sent me so this should be abundantly clear then that Jesus didn't come to convince the father to love us Jesus just said you sent me here to do the work that I'm doing which implies that God the Father loves and believes in you amen that John Chapter 17 will continue and the Gore would you gave me I have given them that they may be one just as we are one verse 23 I in them and you and me that they may be made perfect in one into a perfect unity and that the world may know that you have sent me and have love them as you have loved me Jesus is praying to the disciples work would lead the world to know that God the Father loves them I think is amazing. And then it says in verse 24 Father I desire that they whom you have given me may be with me where I am Jesus literally says that he wants you in heaven case there's any doubt in your mind he desires that you might be with him where he is and that they may behold my glory which you have given me for you loved me before the foundation of the world Jesus knows this Jesus is not in for me the father father just in case you didn't know you love me before the foundation of the world he's saying this for their benefit to make it abundantly clear that we have had a preexisting love relationship that was before the world was before in the Angels where we had this fellowship one with another so Jesus speaks of this relationship he had before the world was created. Oh right his father the world has not known you but I have known you and these have known that you sent me and I declared to them your name which is also playing its character and will declare it to the level would you love me maybe and then I in them as John 17 1st show in chapter 4 verse 8 says that God is love him in this one the most profound truths in the history of ever that may not be the grammar but that's a true statement this is the most profound statement not that God happens to have love in his heart that God is loving God is the source of love you will not encounter any love on this plane of the god was not involved in any form of genuine love know what not not how we say love like Taco Bell and dogs and stuff like that but genuine Biblical love you cannot find that apart from God being in the mix but the thing is love cannot exist in isolation it's not possible you could not have an environment or a situation in which there was only one person one being in the entire universe by themselves and love be an equation that's not possible and we're told this in 1st Corinthians chapter 13 versus $47.00 and this chapter has a nickname what that was the nickname of this chapter the chapter you've read this before haven't you a great exercise in humility by the way it's a start reading what you did 1st Corinthians 13 you can turn there because I think we're having some technical difficulties but in 1st going to Chapter 13 if you were to begin in verse 4 and replace the word love with your name every time that you lie just repent this is a great exercise in humility if you think that you have arrived and your like right and right and Enoch in a light just coattail straight into heaven without tasting death and you need to be humbled read this because it's not that I don't know about you you may be doing better than I am but for me to say that I suffer along I'm kind I don't envy I don't parade myself on the puffed up I don't have really I guess I need Jesus. I'm just saying I need Jesus the 1st printed 13th says this about Lo 1st John for it says that God is love then 1st previous 13 gives us some kind of explanation as to what that looks like love suffers long and is kind love does not end the love does not parade what itself which implies it's not selfish it's not puffed up does not behave rudely does not seek its own don't forget that love does not seek it's own it's not selfish it's not provoked thinks no evil does not rejoice in iniquity but rejoices in the truth it bears all things believes all things hopes all things and endures all things so if God is love and love is not selfish god has always been had to have someone else to give this love to to share this love with God himself is a family of 3 co-eternal persons and it's always been that way it's always been that way a family of 3 co-eternal persons and so there has to be someone to love to be loved. Genesis Chapter one of us 26 says this then God said Let Us make man in Our image according to our likeness now is he speaking about one person or potentially more than one person in the language he is using here more than one he's having a conversation with somebody else who would be in a similar situation to himself right God cannot talk to me and then say Hey Di Let's make something in our image because we're not the same are you with me it would have to be on a level playing field and he says that let us make man in Our image according to our likeness and then let them have dominion over the fish of the sea the birds there the cattle and over every creeping thing that creeps on the air. So God here makes man in His image and his image in this creation includes family. Male and female he created them when he creates man in His image so when God creates in his image he is creating a family because he himself is a family are you with me there's a plurality involved here which implies that there's been a whole lot of love since eternity past God is love the got the Father's love the Son The Son is love the Holy Spirit the Holy Spirit is with the father and there's just this wonderful peaceful environment amongst the 3 of them of continually deferring to the other continually putting the needs of the other above themselves and I believe this is why God said in Genesis chapter 2 as he does that it's not good for man to be alone when you're sitting in his year old married. I learned some things about what it means when it says it's not good for man to be alone but I can't talk about that right now except with the sermon is about but there's a prerequisites to the statement that I've come to learn that were very helpful Otherwise we'd all be hitched by now probably OK So but it says it is not good for man to be alone and I believe this is why it deprives man of the opportunity to intern to the object lesson that marriage and parenthood provide in other centered love movies you're a married man and you got a baby what was the last time you slept in a while a good answer good answer so but the thing is like even though you have a child and your child is going to be allowed at times make messes be stinky malicious let's just be honest but how do you feel about your child. You love them there's a sense that is teaching you to die to yourself and to put the needs of someone else above your own you learn this 1st in marriage you also learn this in the process of having children I believe this is one of the reasons why it's not good for a man to be alone because you're being deprived of this object lesson God gave to teaches how he does life always putting others ahead of himself talking about the everlasting covenant the I'm the geek out with you while you're just going to come along with me I'm a geek out a little bit here there's a book it's untitled meant to bring with me is called in granite or ingrained by Dr Skip McCarty who's up in the Andrews University area an amazing book on the covenants if you can't handle deep the Elegy just read the 1st chapter you'll love it beautiful beautiful listen this he says unconvinced at the heart of this complex study as far as the topic of the covenant the old A new covenant lies the very simple truth God is Love This is the message of God everlasting covenant that God loves people a man that's at the heart of the covenant the human race is sick and will die eternally if they do not get healed and God offers to heal them and appealed for them to devote themselves to him and to trust him to do so so that when you're giving your trusting he will give right you have to think we all give if you give no you're giving period that's what I got a does a gap it gives whether it ever received back or not that's just how it does life and so the old in the New Covenant progressive we express God's everlasting love adapted to the universal needs of the human race with God Love is responded to with faith it produces what type of an experience a new coven experience which results in loving obedience but if God is responded to with legal listicle B.D.'s or with no obedience to result and what type of an experience an old coven experience that's the significance of the Old and New Covenant in summary but listen to this. But in God's covenant with humankind God promises his whole hearted whole soul commitment even to the death if need be for human welfare and he requires that same wholehearted devotion from humanity in return that doesn't deed the definition in nature of God's covenant with human beings the basic idea of the Covenant is that of relationship with God So when God gave the covenant to humanity it wasn't Man I've got to think of something to keep these people busy and just destroy themselves until Jesus comes just do that it's not busywork right son just maybe you've had teachers that are really know what to do with you so they give you busywork God as that wasn't the point the 10 Commandments it was the point of the covenant there is a very important reason for this and it has to do with his love for you and inviting you into relationship with himself will cover more that you're in a moment a relationship characterized by by love trust in a whole hearted commitment this is perhaps and I love the shift that he makes here this is perhaps why Jesus identifies the so-called golden rule as the essence of the law and the prophets and taught that love to God and neighbor was the great law in which all the law in the prophets would hang the Golden Rule plumbed the depths of God's commitment in really within the Trinity and outwardly to his entire creation here in lies the F. essence of God's covenant it's an everlasting covenant of Love This is what God is inviting us to enter into just imagine the Almighty God of the universe is inviting you into a covenant of love with himself no strings attached no pre-requisites on if you do this then I'll love you I just love you full stop I just do i can't stop thinking about you you are what I long for and desire and this is why I give and give and give in give whether you ever respond or not because that's just how he does life. So God comes into Taishan is an invitation into the way that God does life other centered fully devoted reciprocal love it's how the kingdom operates and how operates at its ideal it under the guise the 10 Commandments the moral law is really just a reflection of how others in love plays out vertically in your relationship with God and horizontally with our fellow man that's all it is some of us had this view the 10 Commandments is a bunch of do's and don'ts is a bunch of promises 1st of all if you read in the Hebrew context and 2nd of all this is literally just communicating in common language how God does life always putting others above himself horizontally and vertically nothing with you going to higher than God That you my point is going down up and down it's what living the kingdom principle looks like so when the Bible says that God writes as well in our hearts and in our minds in the New Covenant what's really happening guys it's God is removing our selfish nature and imparting to us his character of unselfish other centered love that's what a New Covenant Christian looks like which means we're not going to abandon the 10 commandments and then because the 10 Commandments are the very essence of how God does life they're not these little Lisick requirements it's just what love looks like outwardly that's all they are that's all they ever were and then so is equal 36 should make more sense to you now when it talks about the new covenant in this context that I will sprinkle clean water on you and you shall be clean all cleaned you from all your filthiness and all your idols I'll give you a new hard to put a new spirit within you then it says I will remove the hardest stone from your flesh and give you a heart of flesh. A put my spirit within you then he says I will cause you to walk in my statutes and you will keep my judgments and do them that's a promise when you encounter the new covenant when you surrender you're a whole hearted devotion to God He gives you a new heart and in that new heart he empowers you to live a life that's in harmony with the way that Heaven does life we're told that whenever the fall of Lucifer took place the angels were flabbergasted by the fact that there was a law what law what do you mean there's a law all they knew was to do life unselfishly they were surprised that a law even existed and I think it's amazing so walking in this law of love is a logical response to 1st receiving a new heart and the power of the Holy Spirit to impart Christ perfect life to us now we're told that sin is a transgression of the law Yes Did you know that we're also told that sin at its very base level is selfishness I'm going on this for a while means quite a few references from the speed of prophecy my slides will be given to you I see Northwest you guys going to have those who want to receive the notes or have access to them are going to come see me afterwards and e-mail them to you but listen to this guy this this quote rocked me when I 1st saw this friend of mine put this to put some clothes together on this topic it is absolutely rock to me says this is a white speaking she says on the morning of October 23rd 879 about 2 o'clock the spirit of the Lord rested upon me and I beheld the scenes of the coming judgment language fails me in which to give an adequate description of the things which passed before me and the effect they had upon my mind the great day the exact execution of God's judgment seemed to have come 10000 times 10000 words simple before a large thrown upon which was dated a person of majestic appearance several books were before him and upon the covers of each was written in letters of gold which seemed like burning flame a fire ledger of heaven. One of these books containing the names of those who claim to believe the truth was been opened was it say I got to know immediately I lost sight of the countless millions about the throne and only those who are professedly children of the light into the truth engaged my attention as these persons were named one by one in their good deeds mentioned their countenances would light up with holy joy that was reflected in every direction but this did not seem to rest upon my mind with the greatest force that's amazing she says what I saw next took more importance than what I'm seeing here and listen to what she sees another book was opened where it was recorded the sins of those who profess the truth and under the general heading of selfishness came every other sin many of us think whenever they see my name is going to say adulterer thief liar hypocrite the main heading that is next to every person for their sin is selfishness everything else falls under that category but it selfishness this is the base root deepest level of what sin is there are also the headings over every column and then are the fees opposite each name recorded in the respective columns the lesser since you know like murder and stuff right anyway I think this is amazing that just blew my mind some keep going this 1st like the message is 115 point one Christ is to receive supreme love from the being he has created and he requires also that man shall share is a sacred regard for his fellow beings every soul stayed will be saved through love which begins where with God because that's how we've always done life right that's US interest into the everlasting covenant. True conversion is a change from selfishness to sanctified affection for God and for one another then she asked the question even makes an appeal and challenge will 7th Day Adventists now make a thorough reformation that their sin stained souls may be cleansed from the leprous the of selfishness testimonies for the church claims 6 the law that none live is to himself Satan was determined to oppose he desired to live for self it was this that incited rebellion in heaven and it was man's acceptance of this principle that brought sin on earth are we seeming to see here that selfishness is kind of a big deal. But education unselfishness the principle of God's Kingdom is the principle that statement hates its very existence he denies from the beginning of the great controversy Satan has endeavored to prove God's principles of action to be selfish that's called projection where you take your own weaknesses and you project them upon the person that you're criticizing happens all the time even within buildings that have flames and Bibles out in the front yard even from the beginning the great controversy Satan has endeavored to prove God's principles of action to be selfish and he deals in the same way with all who serve God to disprove Satan's claim is the work of Christ and to all who bear his name one of the biggest reasons Jesus came to planet Earth was to prove to the entire only king universe that's a lie and he walked an unselfish life in your flesh in my flesh. It was to give his own life as an illustration of unselfishness that Jesus came in the form of humanity and all who accept this principle are to be workers together with him in demonstrating it in practical life this is one of the ways in which the glory of God in Revelation 18 is going to be made known to the world it's not just people standing behind pulpits preaching Bible doctrines it's people living God unselfish love to the world and that brings them in because no one wants to come into a church that doesn't practice what they preach we need some help they're doing at the cross of Calvary this is desired ages at the crust by the way this book is just drop dead gorgeous if you have not read the book desire of ages I implore you on behalf of the Lord Jesus Christ start today. Just read read at whatever pace you can read that's fine there's no rush but start reading this book you will see a picture of Jesus that will sweep you off your feet that will break your heart and call you even closer to him I guarantee guarantee it but he says at the cross of Calvary love and selfishness stood face to face here was the crowning manifestation Who do you think one Love Wins also desired ages but turning from all lesser representations we behold God where in Jesus you want to know what God the Father looks like Jesus says look at me. If you see me you've seen the Father and the representation of the father you can tell by looking at me how he does life looking into Jesus we see that is the glory of God to do what to give I do nothing of myself said Christ the living Father has sent me and I live by the father I seek not my own glory but the glory of Him who sent me to listen to this in these words as set forth the great principle which is the law of life for the universe all things that Christ receive from God are all things Christ receive from God but he received Why. To give every gift that you receive from heaven is with the intention for you to give not to take this is where Israel failed This is where we as a movement can fail it in just about us right this is an amazing prophetic movement that God is going to use to close the work but we need to make sure we don't commit the same sin of Israel and think it's about me because we cannot bring Satan's kingdom principle into or kingdom advanced you with me those 2 principles cannot live in harmony one with another so in the heavenly courts in his ministry for all created beings through the beloved son the father's life flows out to all through the Son It returns in praise and joyous surface service a tide of love God gives love Jesus returns love and adoration a tide of love to the great source of all and thus through Christ the circuit of beneficence is complete because we have not given God the love that he deserves but Jesus in human flesh did give back to God what he deserves and is a 2nd Adam succeeded where we have failed so Christ the circuit of benefices is a complete through him representing the character of the great giver the law of life in heaven itself this law was broken sin originated in self-seeking Lucifer the covering cherub desired to be 1st in heaven he sought to gain control of heavenly beings to draw them away from their Creator and to win homage to himself and therefore he misrepresented God attributing to God The desire for self exaltation with his own evil characteristics he sought to invest the loving creator and thus he deceived angels and thus he deceives you and me we have these moments a temptation where we think man God all God seems to want to do is just take take my food take of my clothes take of my entertainment NO NO NO NO NO NO Well God is trying to do is give something better. But we're believing Satan's lies sin does not originate in wholesale rebellion it begins in lies in the heart specifically about who God is and how he does life and we're fallen for the like guys here we are wanting the balance of a blessings of everlasting covenant but we're living by Satan's kingdom principle we're believing Satan's lies and how we got operates and it's causing us problems in a Brink's dissonance the human experience he led them to doubt the word of God and to distrust his goodness ever been there because God is a God of justice and terrible Majesty Satan cause him to look upon him as severe and unforgiving by the end of April I will have been to 30 of our academies 3 or 4 of our colleges and many you covered his and so forth and I unfortunately have to disclose to you this evening that many of our own people believe this very thing they're looking upon God as severe and unforgiving our human flesh just by default wants to run in this direction because we want to exalt ourselves we don't want to be ruled we don't want someone to tell us what to do and the only reason why you would have a problem someone telling you what to do is if you thought that they didn't care about you and they didn't have your best interest at heart the only things that God requires of you to do are the things that you yourself would voluntarily choose to do if you knew what he knew that's it the problem is we're believing these lies about who God is and in turn we tell him leave me alone thus he drew men to join him in rebellion against God and the night of woe settle down upon the world the earth was dark through Miss apprehension of God and the world is still dark there Miss apprehension of God and even in our own framework there are people walking in darkness because of a mis apprehension of gun. That the gloomy shadows might be lightened that the world might be brought back to God status deceptive power was to be broken and then this could not be done by force though we don't use Satan's principle to overthrow Satan love always prevails the exercise of force is contrary to the principles of God's government he desires only the service of love and love cannot be commanded it cannot be won by force or authority and then we now have the context for a line that use very often only by love is love awakened did you know that this is the context for that statement only by love is love awakened to know God is to love him we're told in John Chapter 14 I believe that this is eternal life that they may know you know John Chapter 17 a verse 3 I believe it says that this is eternal life that they may know you experience with not just that they may have book knowledge of what God is like that they may experience we know you the only true God and Jesus Christ whom you have sent That's what a real turn of life looks like in you know what you do not have to wait until heaven to experience the blessings of the everlasting covenant and of eternal life you can begin to experience both in the here and now and then you can experience the love of God and know him intimately for yourself right now into wait until later King David said I would have lost heart not for the fact that I believe I would see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living if I had to wait until heaven to receive the rewards of the thing it drives me crazy I would have lost heart David's it were not for the fact that I believed that I would see the goodness of the Lord in the land of believing. This work so to know God is to love him his character must be manifested in contrast to the character of Satan that's part of our job but we receive his character we're not trying to work to earn it right we receive it from him this work only one being it all the universe could do only he who knew the high in the depth of the love of God could make it known and upon the world's dark night the Sun of Righteousness must rise I nearly jumped out of my seat on the airplane writing this on my way here just for joy because I live in a dark world I don't know about you I live in a world run harassed by the devil himself speaking lies in my experience but I am promised here that the Sun of Righteousness the dark night upon the world's dark night the Sun of Righteousness not only must rise he will rise Amen he will write with healing in his wing. In your need healing this evening I believe the call the last generation is in harmony with the call the Christ himself had to reveal God's perfect character been selfish in this and other centered love and that's not something you can create you can only receive it but we have a source a man and we have a willing source to reveal God's perfect characters and others and love this display will not be ignored and only brings greater power to the message that they preach so this should lead us to a sense of understanding I'd be Jesus I don't have that type of love Lord I don't have that type of unselfishness in the I need you you're right you do I'm so glad you asked I've been waiting for this moment this was God's intention all along with inviting Adam know in Abraham in the nation of Israel into covenant with himself to be his representative to the world in to live out his kingdom principle but unfortunately they failed so you know what happens. None of the fulfill the covenant as was required and so God covenant a disingenious and this is where Romans chapter 8 verse 3 sorts of make a whole lot more since he sins Jesus in the likeness of sinful flesh like yours and mine and on account of sin Jesus condemns in the flesh that the right just requirement of the law which is a law of unselfishness So they are required to serve our way to the law might be fulfilled in you and me who do not walk according to the flesh but according to the spirit you with me Jesus came and blazed a trail for you to be able to live that life of unselfish other centered love and to fully reflect the true character of God be here's a problem happens with those in conservatism and I'm in the camp so don't do any rocks at me I'm the really shouldn't be in a camp by the way I hate all of that to be honest with you but we can wrestle sometimes with this because we have I lost my train of thought that's fantastic and largely embarrassing so I guess I'll just keep my mouth shut move on OK The Come back of the if not we'll just pretend it never happened so through the perfect life Jesus in through the Spirit imparting his experience to his new covenant believers God has made a way for us to be reunited with himself forever that's good news he's made a way for us to do for us that in which we cannot do for ourselves this is why God uses love to reach us and not fear and we need to be careful with this because we value the fact that there are standards of the world is rejecting due in a way to deal with the stuff we have to have these communications we can't just pretend that God doesn't have requirements we can't live that way Gotta Give us a very peculiar call to give a message of warning to the world to hasten Christ coming let's not shirk that let's not run from that but in that context we also need to understand that if we're training people with our approach that leads to a fear based response. The problem is fear at its very root level leads to selfish motivations at least to selfish motives and this is where our camp can wrestle at times if we're not careful it's OK to talk about Jesus it's OK to uplift the grace of Jesus we should do that more because if we tell people what God expects but we don't communicate how to get where God expects it leads to a lot of despondency in our movement because we dissent man he expects a lot and I'm never going to be good enough so I might as well just check out and quit and these are not just theoretical views I've had this conversation I can't even tell you how many times with our people with our young people there's basically 2 responses that lead from us preaching a high standard without communicating how God promises of the mystery the Holy Spirit in righteousness by faith to enable us to achieve that standard the 1st is I'm a loser and I'll never be good enough and I might ask why as well quit this religion thing works for everybody else but it doesn't work for me I'm a defective model I guess the 2nd response is God is unreasonable why would God ask things of me The He's no good he knows good will that I can't do and that's the case but interested hey that almost implies that God is selfish and so our people are wrestling because they just understand that oh god is for you he's not against you the whole point of the Covenant is the fact that I'm promising to empower you to do what you can't do for yourself and right for is it this way the faith to live by one of them she says what is justification by faith it's the work of God Elaine the glory of man in the dust and doing for man that which it is not in his power to do for himself and when in the sea there nothingness then there prepared to be clothed with the right just us of Christ we have to see our nothingness and respond to God's goodness and will receive the power we need in that process and so for bringing selfishness into our quest for holiness it's only going to lead to disastrous results and we don't even realize we do this. But if we're not uplifting Jesus while communicating the standards it leads our people to just try to do this and not get in trouble Yeah but if you're just trying to preserve yourself you've missed the point and now you're trying to use Satan's infrastructure to reach God ideal you with me and that's what God wants for you this is why there's another phrase in here it that I hope I have later I think I do so say this fine with your quest for holiness is the root structure that drives us is selfishness go ahead and believe present truth go ahead and believe in the reforms but if it's selfishness that drives you I'm still going to win at the end of the day and he knows this this is why God wants us to better understand everlasting come in I believe he projects is own character selfishness upon God and then seeks to sabotage our own quest for holiness by supplanting a faith that works by love approach with one that is driven by selfishness a faith that works by love is the approach that God wants for us and you're only going to find love for God by 1st encountering his love for you we love him 1st of 1900 because He 1st loved us yeah which means that we need to be communicating regularly the love that God has for us because one we're prone to doubt into it it's not a bad thing it is the best thing out there a promise so these 2 things are some of the biggest cause of the people leaving the faith failed attempted obedience in an unhealthy view of God and I believe this is because we have had to some degree a systemic failure in our movements of how we present the expectations of God uplifting the end result without explaining the process and how God enables us to achieve that result and how God views us during that process the idea of him part of the N.P.T. The writer says that God views you as righteous while he's making he right just most people don't know that and so they think I'm striving for a standard and I fell once even though I love Jesus in my heart with heavenward but I fell once I guess its over. God must have cast me off and for sake of me then no that's not what we're told that's what we believe because Satan convinces Is this because Revelation 12 or 1st him as the accuser of the brethren who accuses them before God day and night and so I think if we better educated our people on the process and how God uses through the process we would not have the despondency that we have right now especially on our side of the aisle because we have to lift up the standard let's not run from that but please please please don't forget my friend Jesus when you're flipping the standard and now he's our advocate John says the 1st Johnny says Beloved I wish you didn't sin I hope you don't but if you do you have an Advocate with the Father Jesus Christ the right has then he says later he says if we sin if we confess our sin He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins in the cleanse us from all unrighteousness you have an advocate it's not over get back up come back to Jesus and keep going Amen God is for you not against your people have to be reminded of this and we just kind of make the assumption everybody knows that we need to go on to something else and keep telling them that while you talk about other stuff you can do both is never an either or thing aren't What yourself we keep going so we've been so focused on communicating the commandments of God that we unfortunately have neglected the faith of Jesus and we can have both what is the faith of Jesus come tomorrow morning I'll tell you OK In short it's God being in you where you don't even see in you and treating you accordingly whether you deserve it or not and Calvary is the greatest example of the faith of Jesus All right listen to this this this quote is just I almost lost it on a plane next to some lady who doesn't know me from Adam today when I read this and I don't even care really listen to this angels behold with inexpressible rapture the result of the working of the Holy Spirit and man. They're just mesmerized by this by the revelation of the attractive loveliness of Christ by the knowledge of His love expressed to us while we were yet sinners the stubborn heart is melted and subdued and the sinner is transformed and becomes a child of God It's better that listen to this love is the agency which God uses to expel sin from the human soul what is it that God uses to expel sin from the human soul it's love it's not fear it's not scare tactics it's not Jesus is coming soon you're not going to have a mediator we need explain what a mediator is we don't lose people. What what expel sin from the soul is not laid it on thick and how close Jesus is coming is what should lead us to desire the 2nd coming of Jesus is a marriage retaught about this and a couple evenings the whole narrative of scripture around the 2nd coming is largely in marriage language Jesus is coming back for a bride he's not trying to surprise people and catch them off guard that's not what Jesus is doing he's longing for a bride to be made ready in em. Love is the agency that God uses to expel sin from the human soul and by love he changes pride into humility in mid season and believes in to love and faith he does not employ compulsory measures Jesus is revealed to the soul and if a man will look in faith to the Lamb of God He will live and then. So this implies to me that we should always be preaching the love of Jesus with everything that we share there's NEVER reason was the love of Jesus isn't necessary because it's a thing that expel sin from the soul it's what frees me from my pride my stubbornness and my selfishness which I continually wrestle with and so the more of the goodness of God This poured into me the more I realize my need to Jesus and the more I want Jesus to pour this stuff out to get the stuff out of my life. Not just uplifting a standard let's do both you can actually talk about the standards and the law and up with the love of Jesus you can have this was never meant to be an either or thing the whole point of the message was the law and the Gospel combined as the whole point and it brought a massive revival into avin to them Pentecost like stuff and 898-908-0919 extension 293 the Spirit of God is being poured out an incredible measure upon the 7th they have missed church people were being healed the revival taking place why because we finally found that right equilibrium not downplaying the investigative judgment or the law but we're also looking the love of Jesus or righteousness by faith and when you do the 2 together it's like thermonuclear awesome this guy's just amazing stuff I want to see that in my day I want to see the lettering fall in my lifetime a min. All right so from eternity past you have always been on the mind of the father there has never been a time when God wasn't thinking about you even before you existed even before angels existed you have always been on the mind of God And so if you just wonder does anyone care about me does my life even matter yes the everlasting covenant makes it abundantly clear I have planned for you I desire you I can't stop thinking about you and even if you end up lost and destroyed in the 2nd death I'm still going to keep thinking about you and missing you you're always on the mind of God the Father the Son of the Holy Spirit and they've been working tirelessly on your behalf to make a way for us to be reunited forever so we go back to John Chapter 17 a verse 24 Jesus says Father I desire that they also whom you have given me may be with me where I am beloved Jesus longs to see you in heaven and everlasting covenant how he does life he's wanted to see that replicated in your life that they may be hold my glory which you have given me for you loved me before the foundation of the world you have loved me from eternity past and you have loved them from entering the past and you've sent me to communicate this precious message to them their last income is good news Amen very very good news God is for you not against you he has always been thinking about you and Jesus Himself longs to see you but the question is do you long to see him. Had you allowed Satan to rob you of the precious gift of realizing what is available to you the very God of the universe is inviting you into covenantal fellowship with himself no strings attached. Will you come that's the question. Let's pray God in heaven I thank you the you have a love for us that knows no bounds that stronger than death and I just pray that you would use that love to drive sin out of my life that you would use that love to drive selfishness and pride in bigotry out of my life and mold and shape me into someone who could live out the everlasting covenant amongst my brethren Lord use me as a store front to communicate to the world that you are love others sintered outward focused love a gap a love that gives and gives and gives whether anyone responds or not what I want to enter into that new common experience evening and we've seen that this is not a throw away of the law it's allowing the true principle behind the law to transform the life more than able us to live a life that's in harmony with the way that you do life and to enjoy it we pray forgive our sin of unbelief cover those sins with the blood of Jesus and I pray that you would sin that promise 3rd Person of the Godhead to mold and shape us into the image of Christ to impart his righteousness to us and to make it into this messengers that you need right now we have these things in Christ Jesus. 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