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God’s Love Affair With the Guilty

Dee Casper


Dee Casper

Director of the CORE Evangelism Training Program.


  • March 28, 2019
    8:00 AM
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God in heaven thank you for this privilege to come into your presence and to pray and again as I prayed last night you said that our greatest argument is the fact that we have a need in Jesus I need you I've not done this before I want to do it justice the 1st time around and so I just pray that the Spirit of God would fall in this place and great power and that you would minister to us lord many of us are discouraged and broken and we've not had the courage to tell a soul and we just wondered how do you view me in the midst of my failures so I just pray that you would bless us you would speak to us and that you would do something in this room in this moment that none of us would soon forget for your glory and I ask this now in Jesus name a min. I did not come up with this title but I liked it so I kept it because they did give me autonomy I could change it if I wanted to I could call it purple unicorns but I'm not going to call it that. This this morning's message in the title God's love affair with the guilty and if you happen to see any typos just ignore them OK Don't give me any grammar Nazi treatment right now because I had one I didn't go to college into I have not had much time to proofread this is I would like but remember last night when I had this awkward moment when I started saying something and it is completely lost my train of thought she remembered thank you you know supposed to remember things like this but you did well anyway I mention the fact that there is something that happens within our ranks particularly on the conservative camps that we have into this this given the fact that we can overcome to the power of Christ Amen and we should be ashamed of that but one of the things I was talking to MO But this morning that we have had such an emphasis on sinlessness that I think we've actually missed the mark and that's a pun and intended by the way. Because sin is what we defined sin as yesterday selfishness so if our focus is getting sin as of our lives the problem is that's not the underlying issue the real issue is selfishness and so when we have a quest for selflessness which is what God In goal is you know what happens to sin it doesn't fit into that equation and so instead of staring at our sins we should be staring at Jesus who died to overcome our sins and who is the perfect example of selflessness you with me that was one of going to make so I've made it now so we focus on felicitous but God is more concerned with selflessness because he knows that if we are selfless by default sin will leave our lives OK. Now what I want you to do this morning is I want you to put yourself into the emotional headspace of the people that we're going to observe I'll talk about this in my breakout session this morning shameless plug we have 3 seminars on the topic of revival reviving our devotional life reviving our prayer life and the overall topic of revival and we would love to see you there but very often we read the text of Scripture and we just read them as if this is a story and we're just looking for facts but we don't put ourself in the headspace of the people that we're reading about whether it be Jesus whether it be the apostle Paul was it the Zacchaeus or whoever else and by doing so I think we lose sight of just how compassionate and amazing Jesus was if you want to see in the think this is one of the reasons why desire pages is so amazing is because it does just that it shows the person's whole situation in the point of view and it shows the thought life of Jesus in response to this person's need yes but you could have that same experience if you just slow down and you ask yourself I want to that person would be thinking in that situation I want to how much courage it took this I'm sure Ian to even go and ask Jesus to heal his servant because Jesus insurance you wouldn't assume because Jesus is a Jew wouldn't play in the sandbox Well that will gather if you to slow down and ask some simple questions you can find far more of the narrative and I hope you'll find that this morning. I just feel that OK So Jesus is a man of deep and earnest compassion and you see that when you understand what the people are actually wrestling with and how he views them in the midst of it which is why that phrase moved with compassion is laced all throughout the New Testament and the Gospels and so he addresses their pain but he also addresses the behavioral health and spiritual issues but he's willing to deal with the pains of the dealing with not just come up and saying hey this bad habit get rid of that jesus understand the reason why they had that bad habit is because they're broken and he deals with these things he's an amazingly holistic healer John Chapter 8 let's go there John Chapter 81211. Because by the laws of the Medes in the Persians I have to be done by 930 I've been told. John Chapter 8 and I don't have myself to be angry with because I have a seminar right at. 930 All right John Chapter 8 beginning of verse one was just read through this narrative and then we'll kind of unpack it some I wish I had more time because I would like to leave read like a paragraph to you from tirades on this but I can't. John Chapter 8 verse one but Jesus went to the Mount of Olives and now early in the morning he came again into the temple and all the people came to him and he sat down and talked them then the scribes and Pharisees brought to him a woman caught in adultery then just imagine 1st of all where is this happening the temple many times we just know that Jesus is so where we assume it's outside because Jesus is going to write on the ground they bring this woman caught in adultery we don't know how much work they did to cover this lady up and they throw her at the feet of Jesus in church all in the temple but they said Teacher This woman was caught in adultery in the very act now Moses in the law commanded us that such should be stone but what do you say this they said testing him that they might something of which to accuse him L Y the lab rates on this because the the law of the Old Testament said that 1st of all the husband would be the one that would put her to death if she cheated on him too both parties should be stoned in 3 they put Jesus into one of these gotcha moments that many of us would find it very difficult to get out of because you're going to get this person mad or that person mad but Jesus always found a way to go right down Broadway and fix the situation because 1st of all if he kind of Paley ate the sin is him in trouble with the Jews but on top of this if he endorses killing somebody the Romans are going to get involved or they're really trying to corner Jesus here but Jesus Listen to this so they tell Jesus this stuff and say So what you take place and it's as if he hears nothing. And he gets down on the ground and he starts to write. And intimate It seems rude right but Jesus is answering the request but he's not doing it publicly they have no problem with shaming this woman publicly for adultery which by the way they let her into this in the 1st place they have no problem shaming this lady publicly but Jesus has far more dignity and even respect for these men because their leaders he still has respect for them even though they don't deserve any respect so he doesn't point out their sin in this mass public thing he doesn't write fair or see a liar. Thursday be a hypocrite for C C Whatever drug addict and no one knew who I was it was situation is he doesn't do any of this he just writes the topics for me now wonders as you just write selfishness selfishness so I don't know the way we keep reading here as though he did not hear verse 7 so when he can so when they continued asking him he raised himself up and said to them he who is without sin among you let him throw a stone at her 1st and again he goes back to writing then those who heard it being convicted by their conscience notice they were not condemned by Jesus they were convicted by their conscience we can learn something here couldn't we Jesus as in John chapter 3 verse 17 that I did not come into the world to condemn the world but the world through me might be saved condemnation of voices of condemnation never come from Jesus there is a sense of condemnation and the final judgment at the end but not in this situation. And so when we had those voices condemning us we know those don't come from Jesus we are told that John Chapter 16 says that the Holy Spirit will convict the world of sin not just religious people the world of sin why it points them to Jesus the very one who died for their wrongdoing conviction is directional and honestly is an act of love and mercy from God if you're dealing with conviction if you're convicted that you're not doing something you should do you're doing something you shouldn't do you shouldn't run from conviction because the whole thing is telling you I value you I love you and the reason why I'm in convicting you is because I have something better for you. The woman that well in John Chapter 4 is a great example of how Jesus deals with conviction of sin he shows up when this woman's wanting to numb her pain It's high noon blazing hot outside no one wants to be there this hour day and that's why she's there she's running from her problems her waterpot is her means of escape from the issues of her life and it's just like Jesus to show up and someone's trying to numb their pain and you know details are what I have to offer you is vastly better than what you're coming here for we take it this is only going to lead to Thursday good and you know it and that's what conviction of sin is it's a merciful act of Jesus offering of something better and if we understood that we wouldn't run from it so he doesn't condemn these men he convicts and they were convicted by their conscience beginning with the oldest even to the last than Jesus when he was left alone in the woman standing in the myth when Jesus had raised himself up and saw no one but the woman he said to her Woman Where are those accusers of yours has no one condemned you and she says no one Lord and Jesus said to her neither do I continue go and sin no more then Jesus will close their verse 11. Listen to this Jesus looked for a moment upon the scene the troubling victim in her shame the hard face dignitaries devoid of even human pity his spirit of stainless purity shrank from the spectacle Well he knew for what purpose this case had been brought to him he read the heart he knew the character and life history of everyone in his presence literally just like the screen flashed up and it gave the whole history history history I know your story your story your story your story and he just goes to the ground and starts to write just amazing the language he uses here these would be guardians of Justice had themselves led their victim into sin that they might lay a snare for Jesus and giving no sign that he heard their question he stooped and fixing his eyes upon the ground he began to write in the dust and remember when I said that I wasn't going to read a paragraph from his eye or his fist I may read some of them impatient of his delay in apparent indifference the accusers drew nearer and it's this is desire of ages 461462 impatient his delay in apparent indifference the accusers drew nearer urging the matter upon his attention but as their eyes following those or Jesus fell upon the pavement at his feet their countenances changed their trace before then with a guilty secret of their own lives the people looking on saw the sudden change of expression and they pressed forward to discover what it was that they were regarding with such astonishment and shame with all the professions of reverence for of all these rabbis in bringing the charge against the woman were disregarding its provisions and she covers some of that stuff let's get that let's get that. He had not set aside the law given through Moses nor infringe upon the authority of Rome the accusers had been defeated and now their robe of pretended to holiness torn from them they stood guilty in condemned in the presence of infinite purity and it's like a revolt a role like a reversal of roles this woman is probably hardly closed standing in shame before her accusers and by a few strokes in the sand whom everything changes now a very good ones feeling guilty and condemned in front of him feeling guilty and convicted in front of him and Jesus does all of this silently but notice here Jesus does not Paley the sin and he doesn't condemn the woman this is what the Gospel should do it should lead people to 2 things acceptance and accountability the polar opposites of our movement generally specialize in one or the other one uplifting accountability or the other uplifting acceptance but the true Gospel should lead to both neither do I condemn you but go and sin no more and I promise you this woman was not going to be leftist and no more in her own strength and the other thing I see in this is that Jesus is willing to silence our accusers Amen you don't have to defend yourself go to Luke Chapter 19 let's talk about Zacchaeus God's love affair with the guilty Luke Chapter 19 beginning in verse one. Verse one there's a lot more like to say about that 1st story but I just got so much real estate and need to cover here look 1000 beginning of verse one Then Jesus into it and pass through Jericho now behold there was a man named Zacchaeus who was the chief tax collector and he was rich and he sought to see who Jesus was but he could not because of the crowd for he was of short stature some of us may feel like we're in short stature spiritually. We feel like we couldn't get access to Jesus because we're not good enough we're not tall enough spiritually we haven't achieved enough or we're not worthy of his time or there may be people in our sphere in our circle that make it seem like it's really hard to get into the presence of Jesus and they keep getting in our way their way he's of short stature so he ran ahead and climbed up into a sycamore tree to see him for he was going to pass that way and when Jesus came to the place he looked up and saw him and said to him Zacchaeus you know this man's name make haste and come down for today I must come to your house just imagine this guy knows the life that he's been living extolling his own people as a tax collector and he just wants to see I wonder if this guy really is who people say he is he's got a task collector that follows him as one of his disciples I wonder if he would forgive me I wonder if he would be willing to even see me and Jesus do the prompting the Holy Spirit knows that this man is open and he's seeking and this Jesus is just walking on the road something tells him look in the tree why you never believe there's a person up there not a bird not direct not a squirrel and he's seeking and this it's the very same situation where the guy or what is this guy's name. So followers of Jesus tell him hey Jesus is the guy and then Jesus says whenever you're praying at the tree I saw you who is it. Know Who is it. It's like Nathaniel Wright he gave the sincere prayer to God and Jesus is given an answer that showed him that God heard his prayer it's like this for Zach is Jesus is not only I know your name hey why don't you have me over for dinner I'd like to have time with you can you imagine what this does for this man's heart that's filled with guilty feelings and thoughts and maybe even thoughts of condemnation he wants time with me yeah he does. And he wants time with you if you're wrestling my good enough he knows the mistakes I've made the answer is yes come down he says I'm going to your house I must stay at your house so he made haste and came down to receive them joyfully but when they saw they complained saying he is gone to be the guest with a man who is a sinner and they upset it think about this is there are pastors with this world view in Jesus' day Jesus wants nothing to do with sinners God wants nothing to do is sinners they got problems Jesus came to dispel that myth regularly dispelling that myth Jesus hung out with people that most of us would be uncomfortable with coming into our churches was totally fine with that because he knew who he was he was secure in that and he didn't care what people thought he cared with the person he was ministering to thought because he wanted their souls and so any way they say this guy's going to be a guest of a sinner and. Listen is that his verse 8 then Zacchaeus to him said Lord Lord look I give half of my goods to the poor and 5 taken anything from anyone by false accusation I restore fourfold and then Jesus said to him today salvation has come to this house because he also is a son of Abraham for the son of Maine also came to seek and to save that which are lost I came looking for people like you Zacchaeus and he also gives him this intitled privilege to be a son of Abraham which implies the blessings that God promised to Abraham are now going to be is what was one of the promises to Abraham Abraham you will have a savior will come through your lineage but you will have a Savior you will have the blessings of eternal life and this is what Jesus is doing he's giving an affirmation in a restoration of this man's hope and the self-respect that he has lost and many of this largely was self-inflicted but it's just like Jesus to come looking for us. When he sees it's a sign of hope that this person is open he calls us by name and he invites us to communion with himself and then. Judas Matthew chapter 26. Man that airplane ride and study I tell you. It's good stuff some reason I was returning there always now we're talking this morning a breakfast did you know and you don't know but I'm asking you when neither of us planned on addressing the topic of selfishness when we got on those airplanes yesterday neither one of us both of us while on an airplane prepping our messages we're both not in the same airplane although both of us did have a layover in Minneapolis but that wasn't intentional he was coming from Michigan I was coming from Boston both of us were convicted to deal with the topic of selfishness the Lord's up to something this week I don't know what it is I'm still learning as I go and he's still learning as he goes but keep praying for us and keep praying for yourself the Lord wants to do something Amen Matthew chapter 26. First 17 now on the 1st day of the feast of the unleavened bread the disciples came to Jesus saying to him Where do you want us to prepare for you to eat the Passover and if they go into the city to a certain man and say to him the teacher says My time is a hand and I will keep the Passover at your house with my disciples so the disciples did as Jesus directed them and they prepare the Passover when evening and come he sat down with the 12 now as they were eating now what happens before they eat in John's account you will know no one wants to humble themselves and do the work of washing the disciples feet so who does it Jesus the Lord of Glory humbled himself and washes the feet of people who are acting like children striving over who is going to be the greatest to have his Jesus put into this nonsense do you think Jesus knew that he was the greatest 1st of all he showed them what living the greatest life looks like it looks like giving not taking. And so he chooses to humble himself and to watch the disciples feet and now they're having this meals this meal here when evening it come verse 20 he sat with the 12 men as they were eating he said assuredly I say to you one of you will betray me and they were exceedingly sorrowful and each of them began to say Lord is it I he answered and said He who has dipped in hand with me in the dish will betray me the Son of Man indeed goes just as it is written of him but would do that man by whom the Son of Man is betrayed it would have been good for that man if he had not been born then Judas who has betrayed him answered and said Rabbi is it and he said you have said it I imagine what's going through Judas his mind right now you have been those moments where you're on the threshold of sin and you're about to do something you know you shouldn't do your heart is racing and you're just on this precipice do I go Do I not go do I go Do I not go and in that context Jesus stoops to humble himself and to watch that man's feet and to serve him why because he loves them he knows what he's about to do and having loved his own who are in the world he's in a live interview and touching on 13 starts having led his own here in the world 11 to the in the Judas betrayed Him Jesus loves this man even before the betrayal but the amazing thing is they've wrestle with him Taishan about you probably have maybe once maybe once or twice and when you have that scary moment when you're about to give any you know that you shouldn't like that your body temperature you just get hot right your heart rate increase enough ever gone through this I've just heard such things. And your heart rate kind of increases and you're just preacher should lie that's a lie I stand I need Jesus but it's just like Jesus to greet us with his goodness and love before we do so to seek to change our course but some of us to convince ourselves that yeah he loved me before but when I bit the dust game over I get what I get. Keep reading going to burst 47 and while he was still speaking behold Judas one of the 12 the great multitude was stored in clubs came from the chief priest and elders of the people now his betrayer had given them a sign saying whom ever I kiss he is the one sees him immediately he went up to Jesus instead Greetings rabbi and kissed him but Jesus said to him and how does Jesus greet this man he calls him Fred and he musters the unselfish love to refer to this man as Friend Friend some of us in this room have people in our life right now that we cannot refer to his friend because what they did was too much they went too far and I just can't in his strength you can. He refers to his friend in the midst of his heartbreak and betrayal Jesus treating this man with far more grace than he deserves God's love affair with the guilty. Luke Chapter 23 we have the thief on the cross we have one more after that and I hope I can make my deadline Luke Chapter 23. We know the story right. Part of the G Y C I mean it must be the wrong place we know the stories of Jesus this man is dying on the cross beside Jesus Any finally comes to his senses and gets on the guy next to him was railing on Jesus as look we deserve to be here this guy doesn't and there is his Lord remember me when you come in your kingdom and Jesus responds graciously very graciously Luke Chapter 23 and verse 30 the. 33. And with no skip to like 43 remember me when you come into your kingdom and Jesus said I'm assuredly I say to you today you will be with me in paradise not in this 24 hour period but I'm making you a promise today that in the future you will be with me in paradise and I love this because this man does not have a track record of awesome this this guy does not have a track record of fidelity he didn't come to see his needed Jesus in til the end now do we do we want to make this the case study for how everybody should do life of course not but if someone is in this condition Jesus is not looking for a reason to keep people out he's looking for reasons to get people in are you with me and that's abundantly clear here because Jesus clearly meets this man where he is he doesn't know a lot but he does know that he needs Jesus and that Jesus is the Christ and that he personally is in spiritual poverty and Jesus affirms that this is enough and he promises him acceptance and eternity and then Jesus is in love with the guilty and he's doing what he can to bring them in we see this throughout the scriptures it says and John chapter 6 in verse $37.00 the all that the father gives me will come to me and the one who comes to me I will by no means cast out you need to write this in your Bible you need to write it on your wall you need to put a sticky note on your car dash you need to remind yourself of this constantly because the accuser the brother in keeps telling us you are not good enough you're not good enough you're wasting your time he's looking for people that don't look like you he's returning a 2nd time for people who don't look like you and that's not true he came to seek and to save not the religious folk that all got it figured out together he came to seeking to save the lost he's looking for the people who are looking for him even the people who don't know they're looking for him. But are desperately searching and listening to Ella White says about this she says the message from this is to someone who is wrestling with assurance of salvation She says the message from God to me for you is him to come unto me I will in no wise cast out if you have nothing else to play before God But this one promise from your Lord and Savior you have the assurance that you will never never be turned away if that's all you've got it may seem that you're hanging upon a single promise but appropriate that one promise and it will open you the whole treasure house of the riches of the grace of Christ cling to that promise and you are safe and that cometh unto Me I will in no wise cast out listen to this present this assurance to Jesus and you are as safe as the inside of this City of God. If you have nothing to offer Jesus today but that one promise you said that if he comes at you you will not cast him out that's all I got Jesus he says that's enough that's enough and it's only this morning are wrestling with these thoughts of am I ever going to be good enough the whole point of the Gospel is Jesus is good enough and you can be close with his righteousness in a moment when you see your need when you confess your need he will not cast you out he will not push you away and we see this regularly in the ministry of Jesus and his dealings with real human beings not just these theoretical views of how God might love me this is how he did life guides and Jesus said If you've seen me you've seen the Father which means that's how the father does life he's seeking the people who are broken and have a need so that's you you've got to take it in and then that's you was talking about Peter Peter having issues yet he had a couple don't have a 13 beginning verse 36 Peter said to him Lord where are you going and Jesus answered him where I'm going you cannot follow me now but you shall fall in the afterward and this language gets repeated in John Chapter 21 you have a similar journey Peter. Lord why can I not follow you now I will lay down my life for your sake and Jesus said Will you lay down your life for my sake most assuredly I say to you the rooster shall not crow to you have denied me 3 times 1st of all that's embarrassing I'm right for everybody Peter here snapping his suspenders before the brethren and Jesus is no you're going to fall you're going to mess up Peter and we stop here and then we completely separate the next chapter as if it has nothing to do with this but the very next workers out of the mouth of Jesus for them I just shared this with me this week the very next words of the mouth of Jesus are let not your heart be troubled you're going to fall Peter but was not your heart be troubled you believe in God believe also with me in my Father's house are many mansions rooms if there were not so I would have told you there's room for you Peter I'm going to prepare a place for you right now and if I go to prepare a place for you I am coming in to receive you where I am so that where I am there you may be also I know you're going to fall and I'm still make it a place for you I'm still making a place for you because I know this isn't the end you know that tells me that when I fall it doesn't have to be the end and so when Satan tells me it is the end it's a lie are you with me. It's what Jesus said I know what you're going to do and before you do it I want you know that I love you and that after my sufferings or resurrection I still have every intention of coming back for you but it doesn't stop there because it lead to Luke Chapter $22.00 And Jesus is before the strike you know that after about an hour passed another constantly affirms thing surely this fellow also was with him for he is a Galilean speaking about Peter but Peter said man I do not know what you were saying and immediately why he was still speaking the rooster crowed and then what happens. Jesus literally looks from across the courtyard and he makes eye contact with Peter in that moment guys. In that very moment when Peter falls he comes I'd be with Jesus himself you know how humiliating that is how condemning you would feel. Condemned you would feel and then Peter remember the word Lord how he'd said to him before the rooster crows you will deny me 3 times so Peter went out in the wept bitterly Listen to this while the degraded both were fresh upon Peter's lips in the shrill crowing of the cock was still ringing in his ears the Savior turned from the frowning judges and looked full upon his poor disciple at the same time Peter's eyes were drug to his master and in that gentle countenance he read deep pity and sorrow but there was no anger there there was no anger. We think there is when we fall but there's not there was no anger there the sight of that pale suffering face those quivering lips and that look of compassion and forgiveness pierced his heart like an arrow I wish I saw that what I feel it's happening but I wish I sought the Saviour's tender mercy his kind it's a long suffering his gentleness and patience toward his end disciples always remember he recalled the caution sign and the hold Satan has desired to have you the he may sift you as we but I have prayed for you that your faith will not and that when you converted I want you to help your brethren he reflected with horror upon his own in gratitude his false hood his perjury and once more he looked at his master and saw a sack religious hand raised to smite him in the face unable longer to endure the scene he rushed heartbroken from the hall. The mercy of God literally scared him to death and he ran that happens to us doesn't. The goodness of God leads to repentance. Peter runs from Jesus in His greatest time of need and trial even after encountering his compassionate and forgiving face in the midst of his fall you've been there you encounter grace that you don't deserve and you just run from it because you're trying to disqualify yourself Jesus you can't give me grace right now I don't deserve it here he is trying to embrace you and help you after you fall in saying No stop it Get away from me and yet he still chases this down and he doesn't give us rest because you want him because he believes in you and he doesn't define you based upon what you do Jesus is not you shame maybe your family did maybe your culture did Jesus doesn't he defined himself by what you did so that you could become the righteousness of God in him but it doesn't stop here either and John Chapter 21 when Jesus is restoring Peter she heard the story before if you haven't it's a great narrative to read John Chapter 21 he's walking on the beach with Peter after the resurrection says Peter do you love me well 1st of all when is resurrected he tells them go tell Peter that I'm here yeah and one of the Gospel there's a told go to hell so and so and Peter remind him. But they were never Peter's walking with Jesus on the shore he says Do you love me Peter do you got paid me do you have complete unselfish other sinner look for me and he says yes Lord you I have human love for you I can't give you what you're asking this is the best I have Jesus because remember for whatever you need me to do I got it I can handle it Peter gets it now he fell in the rock and was broken this is look the best I have to offer you is human love I'm sorry but if you'll take it I'm in then he says Peter do you got to be me Yes Lord I fully though you then Jesus meets the man where he is and says Peter do you fully on me says yes Lord I do. Then T.J. Jesus tells Peter what's going to cost him and it's hard remember you will come with me later he said Peter himself will be crucified and die on behalf of Christ but he's still given the invitation to follow me even. Jesus loves him before he falls even though we know he's going to do it he loves and while he's falling and he loves him after his fall he's in love with a guilty I say absolutely in love with the only reason why Jesus would do this and bear long with people and love them in spite of who they have been is because he sees something of value in them that they don't even see in themselves this beloved is the faith of Jesus seeing something in you that you don't see in you and he loves you to the end I'm not going to steal your thunder does give me like a few seconds on this generally we separate Revelation 320 from the Laodicean message they're not separated the very people so in Revelation chapter 3 verse 20 says Behold a stanza door and knock and in the Greek that's actually the continued Of which means that he has been knocking he is knocking now and he has no intention of not knocking tomorrow and he says If any man opens anybody I will come in to him and dine with him and he with Me Who's that imitation being given to Him Who is he being so persistent with according to a few years earlier it's the same people that make him one of vomit even us were hot or cold or hot or cold when even know who we are we've had this massive identity crisis Yeah I'm still not him and I'm not leaving here in TO YOU LET ME IN or until there are no more chances for you to let me and listen this is a media Wagner God chooses men not for what they are but for what he can make them and there is no limit to what you can make of even the meanest and the most deprived if they're only willing and believe His word imminent there is no limit. Taking him on the same thing Mel White says what the man's a pulpit says that they're the same faith we may receive spiritual healing by sins we've been severed from the life of God our souls our polls read and of ourselves we are no more capable of living a holy life than was that impotent man capable of walking you are no more capable of living a right to life than the paralytic is of getting up and walking you can on your own there are many who realize their helplessness and who long for that spiritual life which is in part and which will bring them into harmony with God and their vainly striving to obtain it ever been their vainly striving in despair they cry Oh wretched man that I am who so the liver me from this body of death but let these the spawning struggling ones look where look up the Saviors binning over the purchase of his blood sang with inexpressible tenderness and Katie will be made whole he did your rise in health and peace and she says Do not wait to feel that you were made whole is that paralytic was waiting for some holy mojo feeling in his legs he never would have walked he had to believe what Jesus said in spite of what he felt and in spite of what he saw and were asked to do the same thing Faith is believing that the Word of God will do what it says it will do and relying upon the word only to do what it says it will do put your SO believe His word and it will be fulfilled put your will the side of Christ will disserve him and in acting upon his word you will receive strength whatever may be the evil practice the master passion which the long indulgence binds will soul and body Christ is able and longs to deliver him in the matter what your struggle with what you are wrestling with Christ can handle it but will you come and we take him at his word that him who comes and to me I will in no wise cast off and when a man is in Christ the old things are passed away behold all things become new do you believe with the word sense so you may feel that your whole life has been a disaster with no potential to bear fruit there's no hope and you don't think it's worth wasting any more Jesus's time just move on man I don't put out. I've been sitting here year after year after year I'm no good you know he says Give me one more year to Luke Chapter 613 but the street doesn't seem to want to put out and say Look just get rid of this day man why waste your time is in and give me another year let me fertilize it let me invest in it give you one more chance he's asking you to do the same Would you let him many of us have shamed ourselves out of heaven we'll continue to keep our parents happy don't look made our friends think we're lost get too much attention one of them to leave me alone I was going to tread water for a while but inside we died inside you say it doesn't have to be that way I have something better for you good King David some 27 says I would have lost heart were not for the fact that I believed that I would see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the Living In The Land Of The Living Listen to this by the way if you have not read this book it's amazing testimonies of sexual adultery sexual behavior adultery divorce this book is just filled with the Gospel she says some pretty scandalous stuff too by the way but this is amazing Listen to this that some amazing gospel appeals to people who are broken and deal with some stuff in like every deal stuff she talks about it is this we need good heart religion that we shall not only reprove rebuke exhort with all of us a long suffering in doctrine but we shall take the erring in our arms of faith and bear them to the cross of Christ we must bring them in contact with the sin pardoning Savior I hope that we've seen very clearly this morning that God has a love affair with the guilty but my question is do you how do you do church how do you do absenteeism and our side of the aisle has more of a tendency to kind of wrestle with some of this stuff because we believe that there are standards and those standards to some of us have become the INS instead of a means to an end. And in turn we get ourselves in trouble because we think if someone isn't eating this way or we're addressing this way they're lost totally person doesn't know Jesus look at them you don't know them from Adam you don't know their heart man looks at the outward appearance but word of God Look at the heart only God knows by their fruits you'll know that you have that you don't know if anyone is even educated them how many of our schools are actually teaching these principles how many of our homes are teaching these principles and then you're going to have the audacity to judge this person for something they've never heard and if they have in a very Christ listen and authoritative way may get in somebody's face and saying Sunday is the wrong day get with the program I did not give them the Sabbath truth and they will not be held accountable for receiving Sabbath truth though I may think they will be how do we do church guys do we have a love affair with the guilty are we willing to have the faith of Jesus of the Saints are supposed to have here they that keep the commandments of God and the faith of Jesus not faith in Jesus they are choosing to see people the way that God sees them and treat them accordingly which must mean that that's why revelation 18 says of the saints reflect the character of God to the world Yeah but if I'm judging all the people around me while claiming to be holy I cannot be giving the loud cry I can't be and I'm not preaching present truth because I'm not reflecting the true character of God which we've been talking about already you're with me but she doesn't stop there listen to this I am more pain than I can express to see so little aptitude and skill to save souls that are ensnared by Satan she was heartbroken by Helmer solicit 7th Day Adventists work with the airing. I see such a cold viruses I'm holding off at arm's length the one that's been deluded by the adversary of souls and then she says and then I think what if Jesus treated us this way. What if Jesus treated the people in my community the way that I treat the people in my community what if Jesus treated my children the way that I treat my children what if Jesus treated the people around me in the way that I treat them none of us could be well with none of us can be saved none of us what if Jesus treated us this way is this the spirit to grow among us if so my brethren must excuse me I cannot labor with them I will not be a party to this kind of labor and the unfortunate thing is the people who are doing these very types of things are the ones who are claiming your prophecy she says give the program work harder there are standards don't avoid them we should not shirk from our called to be a peculiar movement we should not but if we are not uplifting Jesus as we uplift the standard we have failed our prophetic calling and identity and shame on us but even then there's a Savior that has a love affair with us being guilty even he'll still bear long with you he'll heal the wounds that you cause just like Peter we're just like Peter we're Hakon Melkus his ears off all over the place think a we're helping Jesus with our violent arguments and you know he says put your sword in its place Peter I don't need your violence you know he's this they're not taking my life I'm giving myself for them the way this battle is won is by giving not taking and we're meant to be champions of religious liberty arena 88 revivals are happening are preaching 2 things not just righteousness by faith liberty of conscience so we need to teach our children to self govern not over control of them self-government that means we still have standards but we're teaching them how to live these things out on their own so that when they leave the home they don't go buck wild and we wonder why kids grow up in these environments with all these standards just go crazy we taught them better than this will say. Yet we knew what you told them not to do and they obeyed out of fear but they never learned to think for themselves they were reflectors of the men's thoughts around them and they were just obeying to stay out of trouble his were good scary what we really have done is we groom them to fall in the Sunday law crisis because they were trained to obey the standard trouble we need going to happen was that hits the fan bow the knee or go in the flames but if we taught them to think for themselves as to why God gave us these principles why they draws closer to Jesus in our best interest but I don't want to do the other things you with me let's pray God in heaven I thank you that you have a love affair with the guilty that you love us. Even when we've been unlovable that you believe in us even when we've been unbelievable and God I pray that we would receive the faith of Jesus for own experience and for the benefit of our children for the benefit of our friends our family our church our community Lord I pray that we would see people who are struggling in Stan the way that you see them not to Paley ate the sim but I prayed through our loving example we could bring them to a Savior who can set them free they don't have to remain like that help us Florida live that appropriate example and reflect the true character of God's unselfish love to the world as we were commanded to do in Revelation 14 revelation 8 May we live up to our potential and adding to them I pray and I ask this now in Jesus' name. Amen this media was brought to you by audiotapes a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio version or if you would like to listen to more sermon Please Visit W W W dot audio Verse dot org.


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