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Don’t Forget Where you Came From

Dee Casper


Dee Casper

Director of the CORE Evangelism Training Program.


  • March 29, 2019
    6:00 PM
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God in heaven I think you for the privilege to pray I think you as we've been mentioning throughout this week that our greatest argument is our need and Lord we need you and we're seeing that very clearly from what we've been hearing in the message of Christ Our Righteousness that when men see their nothingness then they're prepared to be clothed with the righteousness of Christ we confess we have nothing we are nothing and you're everything to Jesus please descend into this place and minister to each of our hearts I pray and I ask this now in Jesus' name amen. All rights so what I'm going to share with you is some of the best advice I've ever received in ministry to start I was it as SA in 2017 and Houston Texas and I was speaking with he was one of the speakers here last year and in a time I get a chance and I can ask a seasoned evangelists I was asked in the same question what advice do you wish you would have received when you were starting in ministry knowing what you know now now I'm not just starting but certainly as to an experience I could I could learn from a lot of people have done it longer than I have so I said What do you wish someone had told you when you started knowing what you know now and the edge of the Taj gave me was not an answer I was expecting in fact instead of giving a direct answer he started telling me a story Jesus did this is this is a sinful thing to do but I wasn't prepared for a story I was expecting was the clear straight answer point a point B. Point C. Keep It Real later that was what he did and so we had this conversation in his 1st tell me the story about the man at the pool Bethesda never heard of this guy you know this man of the pool Bethesda has been an invalid for how many years 38 years that's a long time but he says somebody 3 years old is old. How cruel of him he said thirty's don't. We're friends we can do stuff like this. And so in a way this may have been employed for 38 years he's not 38 years old he's been an invalid for 30 years and he's in this condition because of a lifestyle sin desire of age says he's the most helpless case there but Jesus comes up to this guy and ask him a seemingly obvious question do you want to be made will now if you've been in it would for 30 years what was your answer be. Yeah something that's not the way the guy enters the question though unfortunately and it kind of give you some insight into the shame and the condemnation that's going on in the head space of this individual but then Jesus tells him do something he doesn't to do 3 things actually he tells them to rise take up his mat and to walk towards a still telling me a story right now and tell us is the rising makes sense in the walking makes sense but then he says what's with the mat the mat doesn't make sense right for this paralytic to rise Hey that's good news for this guy to walk that's good news but why pick up the mat this mat is just a reminder of 38 years of rejection abandonment shame loneliness and helplessness it's just a reminder of all the bad stuff that's happened in his wife Why pick up this dirty thing then Taj when that's precisely the point what Jesus is basically telling the man is to not forget where he came from it's to remind him of the fact that this is where you were when I found you and I think it's a really really good reminder it is great advice for me in ministry is the easy things to say Don't get too big for your bridges stay home will target and say that he told me through story it was just saying Look man it's easy when you get in ministry you're speaking to people you're doing your thing it's easy to forget where you came from and his advice was to not forget and very very grateful for that appreciate his friendship and appreciated that counsel. And the Kelso he gives me reminds me of 2 Bible characters and we say Bible characters you think it's like a play and they're does actors these are real human beings sometimes we have to remind ourselves of this but the 2 people are Simon the leper and Mary Magdalen Simon the leper in Mary Magdalene there are people with 2 vastly different stories but of all things they converge at the feet of Jesus so Simon Simon is a religious leader who contracts leprosy and that's a bad day right any day that you contract leprosy it's not a good day it's a really really bad day for a lot of reasons for one the cost is very high you're completely isolated from your community when you contract leprosy you no longer live in your home you live outside of the community you're completely deprived of intimacy you can't be touched no hugs no handshakes you're cut off from community and intimacy but not only that it's also believed by Jews in the 1st century that if you contract leprosy This means that you are cursed by God Imagine being a pastor who the community now all season believes is being cursed by God a lot of shame a lot of loneliness a lot of isolation in this man's experience but Jesus in His great mercy miraculously heals this man and restores his ministry It reminds me the story of Steve Walberg he's in the Pacific Northwest right is he in Washington. I don't know never been there until this summer I just saw a Rob walk in where is Rob there is talk about that later I hope there's amazing opportunity coming to this union in Idaho called disciple trick if you don't know what it is Google it because it's going to be awesome and I can't wait I'm coming back for it. But this guy's mystery is restored here's what happens just imagine all that they had space he's going through Steve Walberg goes through a situation where he's he ends up just kind of I don't know or starts having issues sleeping he can't sleep he starts hearing voices he's dealing with depression and anxiety and panic attacks he's having a a horrible horrible experience it's crippling him it's really deflating it difficult for him to do ministry and he starts taking sleeping pills are going to help him get through some of this and develop a dependency upon the sleeping pills but they're not working as well it's just terrible I saw him at 3 being can't meaning early on in this experience and he looked haggard he looks stressed out in war no I was going to hang out with James Rafferty and James was sitting with him at 3 B. and can't me at lunch and I got into the last tail end of the conversation and James is telling him Steve just just cancel all your speaking employment for the next year people have you come back the following year just cancel them take time to get healthy do what you need to do I had no idea what he was going through I could tell he was stressed and I heard the counsel James gave him months go by is this terrible experience it even gets still bad that some of the voices that he's hearing in his mind are starting to persuade him of things that you would never think a minister would be persuaded of he's actually being told that he's going to find himself outside of the city in the 2nd resurrection a minister of the Gospel being harassed with these voices in panic attacks and depression and anxiety horrible experience we're just a doctor nearly this is going on because. They're going to as I says Steve we have room in our program would you come please come change your plans or just come to Wiemar and go through our program here and he did and his big blessing to him and helped him get through the process to kind of get over a hump and things have been improving since then. But he's telling the story of what went on months later at his church the 1st time he preaches church he was sure of the fact he will never minister again and just imagine you've committed your life to ministry winning souls for Jesus preaching writing books developing programs giving his life for service for God and as you're out there in the battle lines you find yourself so be Dell and you think you'll never go back again life as you know it is over and will never be the same but in this moment as Steve Walberg is preaching to his local church he is weeping as he is telling the story of God's faithfulness in healing him and restoring him just imagine the gratitude welling up in this man's heart for what he went through you imagine what Simon is going through something very similar he thinks his ministry is completely over and Jesus reinstates him into ministry by healing his body and healing his soul what a blessing Mary Magdalene has another story Mary herself was actually abused in some form or fashion or not given a lot of details but something happens to earth in early age that leads her in a very difficult process of life she feels that she is worth nothing and starts giving herself away and living a lifestyle that is horrible she is living a lifestyle of sexual sin and everybody in the community knows that she got problems it's a small community in Bethany they had this T.V. program in the eighty's called Cheers and in the jingle for the input opening part of the television program they would say we want to go where everyone knows your name and everyone knows your name and your business in the small town of Bethany. She's an outcast stay away from her she's got problems but Jesus and His great mercy set this woman free as well as reading something a book today doing sermon prep for the moral in this amazing Listen to this where because she's she's having 7 demons cast out of her and it's 7 instances it's not you know Jesus prays once and 7 demons leave that's not the implication from the way we're told desire of ages it's 7 separate treatment she has to get to get to her problems it's deep it's hard most of the way this person talks about this they say the demon is cast out and Mary feels a sense of relief it would appear that a hat perhaps she's wholly given hope revives in her young heart like the budding of flowers in the spring time but by and by she discovers that her problem is not entirely a thing of the past soon Mary Falls again and with that fall another demon takes up residence in her soul and with that fall she is forced to the realization that she's still a sinner in need of God's grace it must have been devastating almost like the feelings of failure in despair which came over her when that awful event had 1st taken place so long ago and then listen to this this line has wrecked me no fall hurts quite so much as the fall which occurs after one thinks that he or she has been compressed. You've been there. This is the last time Jesus I'm never going back and she ends up in a situation is not the last time and it cripples her and her hope plummets. And yet Jesus shows up and heals are again and heals are again and heals her again and miraculously sets this woman free wow what a god. So faeces held in all of Simon's healing and also with all nerve Lazarus being raised from the dead and who's also from Bethany and this guest that certainly is an outcast the community this days but actually is a family member to Lazarus and Simon Mary she shows up to this feast and she steals the show not by making this ostentatious display look at how holy impious I am like the Pharisees in the street corner she sneaks in and she goes straight for the feet of Jesus wanting no attention nothing of the sort the stories from them are Chapter 14 if you'd like to join me there Mark Chapter 14 but this is a Happened in place right if someone has been raised from the dead and someone has been cleansed from leprosy Well let me let me just ask this let me do a survey how many people in this room have raised somebody from the dead just just raise your hands in the air so we can see all right it does happen by the way it is happening even though John Baxter told a story about that how he was a missionary in India and raise somebody from the dead and then guess what happens the next time somebody dies they bring them to his house and that person wasn't raised writes a difficult thing and one of those sort of bring a dead people to John Baxter's place. But it does still happen how about any one of us remember healed somebody of leprosy speak a word healed over somebody of Liberty OK So this is a big deal of it. And so everybody Intel is here at this feast to see Simon who's cool is this the last of us who did and it's a big deal and Jesus the guy who healed them both He's here the house I'm sure is full I'm sure there's music I'm sure there's food it's allowed the gathering and an appreciative gathering it's a celebration. But in March chapter 14 beginning of verse 3 it says and being in Bethany at the house of Simon the leper as Jesus said at the table a woman came having an alabaster flask a very costly oil spike nard and that she broke the flask and she poured it on his head but there were some there who were in the in among themselves and said Why was this fragrant oil and what's the next word they say wasted just imagine this woman's giving everything she has for Jesus and followers of Jesus are saying what a waste your going to take some of this expensive and is wasted on Jesus and it's followers of Jesus who are saying this and by the way who is it that instigates the situation is by you know it's Judas Judas they say why was this fragrant oil wasted might have been sold for more than 300 already given to the poor and they criticized her sharply notice it doesn't say and he criticized her sharply this poison that in Judas is contract did by the rest of the disciples at least one more and this woman feels condemned she feels shamed she's discouraged and she doesn't know what to do and it's unfortunate when things like this happen from our own brethren she's accused of being wasteful with her expensive gifts but the ironic thing is she is the only person in the room and seemingly in the entire ministry of Jesus who actually gets it. Jesus is going to die and she's wanting to give him a gift to express her appreciation before it's too late no one else wants to believe this when Jesus tells the disciples I'm going to die you know the responses that's ridiculous Jesus how on earth are we going to reclaim the land from the Romans and how are we going to have a throne next to yours if you're dead that's dumb why would you even think something like this they're totally clueless and militant against the call of Jesus but she gets it and she gives them what she can and Jesus sees that she gets it and he goes in and he responds to the murmuring Jesus says Leave her alone why do you trouble her she has done what type of a work for me she's done a good work for me you have been in a situation where you get harassment from the brethren for doing a good work for Jesus. She understands. She's done a good work for me and then he says for the poor you have with you always right if it's really the poor that you're worried about they're going to be here always but me you don't I'm not going to be here always and she understands this and you missed a blessing fellas you missed a blessing you're harassing someone who ought not to be harassed she's done what she could she's come beforehand to anoint my body for burial and assuredly I say to you that were ever this gospels priest in the whole world what this woman has done what also be told as a moral notice not to me but to her. Literally this woman in the gift that she gives right now is meant to be told right alongside the preaching of the gospel. I wonder why my 1st question and my 2nd question is is that happening right now. But it's not the only murmuring that happens from our offering with one another account of this in Luke Chapter 7 turning to me there would you like Chapter 7. And will begin around $36.00 ish. As your turn to there Mary is weeping at the feet of Jesus she wipes them with her tears or she does what's them with her tears she drives them with their hair and she no it's his feet with this fragrant oil you can imagine people aren't fully paying attention to what's going on at this stage in fact well we'll get to this in a moment but Jesus doesn't even seem to recognize when he walks in the door like the faeces and author of this guy and he goes completely unserved and this city person who's been rejected by the whole city they show up. And just imagine if there's music if people are talking if there's food they don't fully know what's happening but they start to get an idea that something's happening you know why their nose starts to tell them what's going on over here. And they look and they see this woman weeping making a fool of herself the feet of Jesus was this lady about. Luke Chapter 7 beginning of verse 36 ever 39 actually when the fairest he who had invited Jesus saw this he spoke to himself saying this man if he were a prophet I need to stop here for a moment any time somebody wants to address the ministry and the calling of Jesus with the word if I'm not OK with that I'm just not right in Matthew Chapter 4 if you're the son of god make these stones become bread and just imagine being Jesus 1st of all the Bible says that Jesus created all things and through Him all things were made that includes angels that includes Lucifer. And just imagine when you have the Devils hot stinky breath coming in your face saying if you're the son of God do something about it do you think Jesus knew he was a Son of God yes or no yet do you think Jesus could have done something about it yet Phyllis You may be able to relate to this better than somebody else if you're really a man do something about it right someone gets in your face in the basketball court somewhere else and Jesus doesn't respond to this nonsense but the point is they're challenging Jesus sized Jesus as identity with a statement like this happens again when Jesus is hanging upon the cross if you are the Son of God Save yourself and us. And you would think that someone who's been miraculously healed by Jesus would have a little more grace in their heart since you know who knows how long this guy's been healed but for having a feast because Simon has been healed of leprosy I'm assuming this isn't 10 years later he's going to go out of the limb and make an assumption and so this is fairly close proximity of this but he reverts back to his old mentality as a pastor Well what is his mentality as a pastor this man if he were a prophet would know who it what manner of woman this is who is touching him for she is a sinner so this pastor's world view is God wants nothing to do with broken people who have issues wants nothing to do with them they're gross we'll void people like that because they have cooties we don't want to get you know any stuff on us by being near them certainly God wants nothing to do with them and we want nothing to do with them that's a problem that's a very big problem and that sounds nothing like the God of the Bible and that sounds nothing like Jesus going to get in a minute yet we should not be thinking this way about people who have sin in their lives I'm just say so this guy's wrestling with some stuff unfortunately but the other ironic thing is he's saying why would Jesus even let this lady touch him because she's a sinner. Who is it that's responsible for her being in this condition. It's him this is called projection when you yourself are guilty of things and you don't want to deal with your own baggage the what you do is you start branding everybody else as having the problems that you got and don't want to deal with this originated with Lucifer projecting his own character traits upon God amongst the on Fallen Angels trying to persuade them to follow Him God is selfish we talked about their earlier this week when Who was it that was really selfish Lucifer. And anyway all or move on. Here's the thing she's doing for Jesus what Simon should have done for Jesus and Jesus reminds him of this and Jesus goes in go to verse 40. And she's censored Instead they have silent I have something to say to you so he said teacher say it there's a certain creditor who had how many debtors to debtors one out in 500 in Ari and the other 50 and when they had nothing with which to repay he freely forgave both OK I'll say it. Tell me therefore which of them will love him more Simon answered and said I suppose the one whom he forgave more and he said to him You have rightly judged then you turn to the woman is said to Simon Do you see this woman I entered your house and you gave me no water for my feet but she has washed my feet with her tears and wiped them with her hair of her head you gave me no kiss but this woman has not ceased to kiss my feet since the time that I came in you did not in that my head with oil but this woman has anointed my feet with Reagan oil therefore I say to you that her sins which are many are forgiven for she loved much but to whom little is forgiven the same loves little and then he said to her Your sins are forgiven and those instead of the table with them began to say to themselves who is this who even forgive sins and then he said to the woman your faith has saved you go in peace now I have a question for you Jesus says to whom for little is forgiven they LOVE LITTLE have a question for you is Jesus looking for reasons to forgive little No I believe the reason why Simon was forgiven little was because he saw his need little and Jesus is reminding him of this you've missed a blessing this evening my man she understood her nothingness we're told the faith I live by want to live in what is justification by faith it's the work of God in the glory of man in the dust and doing for man that which it is not in his power to do for himself and when men see their nothingness then they're prepared to be clothed the righteousness of Christ. Simon clearly did not see his nothingness Mary did. I believe the reason why Simon didn't perform the cultural norm of serving Jesus and washing his feet is because Simon forgot where he came from he forgot where Jesus delivered him from and in turn felt no obligation to serve Him I mean just imagine the very guest of honor walks into your house and it literally is a Jesus Jesus Walks is a go hey jesus So anyway he's talking about whatever is talking about to every stalking to a completely ignores the man doesn't serve him doesn't do anything for him but has the audacity to condemn him for touching and letting someone touch him who has sin in their life Simon clearly does not see his nothingness and this is one of the issues of the church to see isn't it everybody else has problems it's called navel gazing right we're staring at everybody else's problems but we don't actually understand our own true condition and that's a problem because if we don't understand our condition that we don't see our need of a solution and so we think we're rich and we have need of nothing all the while not recognizing that we are in massive spiritual poverty SIMON These Jesus and he doesn't see what's going on he's forgotten where he came from you know one evidence that we've lost sight of where we came from is when we're willing to condemn others for the way that they give what they had to Jesus even if it ain't pretty you may have some a walk into your church next. Who says AM in just a little bit too loud you don't know them you never seen them before and they may be giving praise to God and gratitude to God in ways that make you just a little bit uncomfortable but if they're given Jesus what they have with what they know leave them alone. He's glad to receive it and I assure you the fact that Jesus wants them to give praise in a different way he'll educate them but right now he is glad to receive it and leave them alone in them we are so quick like Simon to cast judgment towards other people when we don't know them from Adam we don't know their story and it is a miracle any time someone walks through the doors of our churches and it's not because our churches are bad but who shows up at a church on a Saturday morning and yet we're quick to jump to conclusions about people that we don't recognize and don't know anything about and shame on us we have forgotten where we came from shame on us let's show them the grace that we wish to have received when we came to know Jesus Amen and that's the problem we forgot who we were when Jesus found us and so we treat them in a way that we wouldn't have wanted to be treated when we started. Another evidence is our willingness to humble ourselves at the feet of Jesus in service for him when we feel that we're above this type of service or this type of outreach of this type of service or this type of service that's again another evidence that we have forgotten where we came from for Mary there was no offering that could be good enough for Jesus she gave the best she could with what she had she did what she could Are we doing what we can. Mary remember where she came from and this is why she gave Jesus everything that she had she went all in Simon forgot where he came from and this is why he did absolutely nothing for Jesus he lost track of how precious it was to sit at the feet of Jesus and to have him as the guest of honor in his home and in his life and you know just in total frankness the moment that I don't feel like giving of myself or Jesus and 1st people are those moments where I have forgotten where I came from. That's me I don't know your story but I can tell you mine those moments when I don't feel like giving when I'd rather feel like taking and doing me Hey That's Satan's kingdom principle that's selfishness. It was the glory of God to give. I'm not living up to the glory of God when I'm doing me. I need Jesus. I believe this is why many find themselves idle in their Christian experience and why they're doing nothing for Jesus they have forgotten where they came from and they wanted thing is there are many people who aren't doing anything for Jesus who have a whole lot to say about how everybody else is doing at least something for Jesus we have our commentaries we armchair quarterback all manner they should do that is never going to work well what are you doing with nothing but I know that will work they're doing what they can leave them alone that's what Jesus said yeah. OK we'll move on from this point that can change we have an encounter with Jesus and a reminder to where we came from that spirit can change that worldview and that mentality can change and Jesus longs for it to change maybe that's why he's knocking on your door even though your religious experience makes him want to vomit. Must be because he sees something of value inside of that door even when it doesn't look all that great that's the faith of Jesus he sees something in you that even you don't see in you and he sees something in the people that were condemning that we don't see in the people that were condemning and that's why he's pursuing them to a man and he's asking us to live out the faith of Jesus to receive his faith in them and to live accordingly so I don't know where you find yourself this evening maybe it's a story of Mary that resonates with you that you're giving what you have for Jesus but no one seems to understand or appreciate and it's wearing on you you feel like you're being condemned and just treated poorly by the brethren around you and you're just wondering is this thing even for me maybe I'm not welcome here and you're tempted to just leave. As a discouragement and despondency in a seeming lack of appreciation you're to the point that you just want to leave like hell to do the see the thing is to not forget where you came from don't let them take that from you we need you you're the very person who would do something that needs to be done don't let them take that from you don't forget where you came from when you're doing service you're doing it for him anyway not for them they don't appreciate you're not doing it for them you do it for him and if you're making a fool of yourself doing it for him it's OK he can silence your accusers just like he did her as a man. Saving Grace don't forget where you came from maybe a story Simon that resonates with you the you've lost sight of just how precious it is to have Jesus in your home and in your life and to sit in the weep at his feet and Mike Helton to you is exactly the same Don't Forget Where You Came From. Don't forget to. Give you some transparency this evening I was there an experience a refers to as a parent failure where I committed 5 years of my life to a particular situation where prayer or Providence Christian Calton the word all pointed me in one direction and so I committed my life to this and looked like an absolute fool in doing so maybe I've been in a situation where you're waiting on the Lord and no one seems to understand imagining Abraham and Sarah you can have kids 25 years later that they have a kid when they are 100 years old sometimes we get lead in these seasons of waiting and it's hard guys it's difficult so I was in the situation and eventually the whole thing the bottom fell out and it never came to pass and I felt like a complete fool and failure or most of the situation were going to turn their kids is a total disaster but in Judges Chapter 19 with the binge of minds adults on this absolutely abominable and when they do this. The nation of Israel is going to judge them and the remaining tribes go to judge them and say Lord shall we do it and God says yes and they go to battle against the binge of might and they get their rear ends handed to them 10 tribes against one tribe some assume the Levites don't fight pretty sure they would. And so they go back weeping and praying before the Lord and they say do we go again and the Lord says yes and they get their rear ends handed to them a 2nd time carrying out the will of God and get their arrearages handed to them they cry before the Lord to say do we do it again and the 3rd time they do and they prevail this time and you wonder why I don't have an answer for you and so you think all right was Oh I say about this you know and she says nothing hate when this happens. Right you get to these difficult techs and you're just like all right certainly she can help you make sense of this and you open a cricket sounds like you search for this text in the white app and it says I'm sorry there are no results for your search. Jesus I tell myself will ask this question the Linnean but I think I'm to be so happy to be there that will totally have forgotten all those questions I had because what I do know what I do know is that the Lord is good in the Lord is getting glory at an even difficult discouraging situations I know that much is true because that's how he does life and no one says Amen that's fine. So this led me into a very dark 2 to 3 years where I'm now dealing with depression discouragement loneliness and radical poverty while in public ministry and no one knew I didn't even fully understand what I was going through and so I went through a situation where I was not paid in ministry for nearly a calendar year and it wasn't because the ministry didn't want to pay me with having money and at the same time God has the audacity to open the Red Sea in a put me in a situation where I'm to buy a car and I don't want to buy a car unless someone shows up with a suitcase full of money because I don't want any debt. You know what happens the Red Sea parts of the route he takes me to is one that's going to put me in a very difficult and awkward situation I'm going to have to trust God every month and I don't want that in all honesty God opens a door that car has been a tremendous blessing and never had a single issue and you know it happened every single month I saw a miracle every single month miracle after miracle after miracle after miracle more stories and I could tell you this evening this of the point of this message but I went there very very dark time preaching in the darkness experience of my life but I did know this much I didn't stop praying I didn't stop reading I didn't stop preaching I didn't stop doing giving personal viable studies I knew to just keep going but I could and I knew the character of God will enough because it was the love of God for me individually in the value placed on me individually that won me in the 1st place before I ever even knew what a 7th Day Adventist was or were 3 of you and was never knew but I knew that was reality and that was true north for my compass even though I went through difficulties I've always known this is not that God is bad that God is against me I know God is for me I don't understand what he's doing right now but I know this much God is good I knew I knew that and I praise God for the fact that that was the start of my experience I didn't go through this bad religion experience in the wandering years and coming back I was base of the UN church for years and the love of Jesus what be off my feet as a broken man in a radically changed my life then I find Adventism then I found the love of Jesus in Athens ism did you know that you can find the love of Jesus in the app and his message is not just something that's true it's something that can warm your heart and change your life I've committed my life to preaching this message but as I went through this process it was difficult but I knew to just keep going and nearly every sermon that's on the audio verse is me preaching in the darkest experience of my life and no one knew no one knew. And the thing that was hardest for me to understand is why is it that God is working with such power as time goes on God kept working in even greater power as time went on while I was still dealing with darkness and it makes no sense why is he blessing these people in pouring out His Spirit in great measure whatever I feel like I've died inside like I'm living in a cave even though the sun is out I couldn't understand why the darkness wouldn't leave but I just kept going to get to about the restoration series last year at Loma Linda that's when those clouds kind of started to pour and there's a message I was in a situation a boarding school in an academy as a conference Academy and I was going to preach already been preaching the whole week and preach the Friday night message and I haven't written the message yet I was close I The basic premise for the message is going to be about the lives as can be called What If I fail and I have a few quotes from Ella white in my slides at that moment and then I messed up that day and we hear of a messed up. All right those who didn't raise your hand will be praying for you. I messed up that day I feel like a total loser I have no desire to stand before these kids and preach I know I need to I don't want to I don't feel worthy of doing so and I've got nothing to offer these people and it's one the scariest experiences of my life because I don't I don't mess around when it comes to prepping sermons and you should neither If God has given you the privilege to speak from the sacred desk take that responsibility seriously if you have nothing to offer them and you want to prepare give it to somebody else who will prepare this isn't something you trifle with. And so anyway I'm in a situation where I'm I feel wholly unprepared and I don't know what to do. And I stand at this poll put on a Friday night 250 young people staring at me and young people are scary just so you know. Preaching to young people is hard right you think preachings difficult way to preach to a group of young people and especially like the late great school to junior high age they are ferocious man high school kids they're hard to but it will be easier because they all realize hey we're all in secure will just not be so hard in each other but Junior High man who so you wait isn't just a difficult demographic to preach to you kind of get used to it but initially you just wonder Is anything happening like am i even in the same room as these people like you just wonder So I'm standing before this group of young people I don't know what to do and I just prayed my guts out that night Jesus please help me and help them forget what happened to me Jesus just do something for them and what comes out of my mouth is a message isn't titled What if I feel and it's the most responded to message I've ever had Facebook messages e-mails and so forth and I can't claim a single bit I can't claim it for any message for that matter but certainly not for that one and that message was for me God gave me words to share God gave me everything I needed and what came out of my mouth was a message a priest all over the country and has been listen to people all over the world I got a message a text message from David Africa a year ago and this friend of mine he baptized me I want to rise and he he sends me a text message they have these 2 chairs on the stage of their church and he says with this picture of this lady I don't know her from Adam they have a testimony Sabbath and he says this is so and so and he says you heard your sermon and what if I fail and it brought her back to Jesus and back to church. I've never been to Australia I don't know this woman. And yet God use this she doesn't know the story behind that mess is dealing with depression messing up that they have enough in offer these kids and nobody knew this darkness that I was going through and yet God in His mercy blessed and provided. But here's the thing that's so disappointing to me in the midst of all that scenario even in those dark moments I have lost sight of the fact that I was not the man that Jesus got ahold of in August of 2004 I forgot even though it was dark and that hurt I was still not the same man I was when Jesus got a hold of me I forgot where I came from in public ministry preaching the gospel to people my tears weren't fake I'm not saying I wasn't converted I was going through some darkness guys and I forgot that can happen to believe this can it it can happen to ministers we're no better than you never have been and never will be and this is what I went through you know we're told that Mary's offering is to be mentioned wherever the gospel is preached ever wondered why. The loneliness of Christ. Never been lonely. Did you know that Jesus His life was filled with loneliness. His whole life no one understood him no one really under preceded it. The loneliness of Christ separated from the heavenly courts the people who did understand him living the life of humanity the people who didn't understand him was never understood or appreciated by the disciples as it should have been and he was often grieved because the disciples did not give him that which he should have received from them. It was heart breaking to Jesus to not be understood to not be appreciated by men who should have known better and that crippled Jesus it broke his hearts that he did not receive that which was due him. They took they took they took but they didn't give and we do the same thing to Jesus guys we take we take we take but we don't give give me give me give me but we do not give Jesus the appreciation the adoration the praise and the service that he deserves it's all about me and it still grieves Jesus even today he was often grieved because he didn't receive that which was due him that's still true 2000 years later Jesus deserves better than I have given him far better and I'm sorry I wish I gave Jesus what he deserved I wish I had the life that Mary had and that since her life is a living rebuke to mine because I regularly for get where I came from he do that if they were under the influence of the heavenly angels that accompanied him they too would think no offering is sufficient value to declare the heart spiritual affection so wise or offering to be preached to the whole world whenever the Gospel preached because we're prone to not get it and we're prone to for get it. And Jesus knew that this is a weakness in our human flesh and so when you preach the gospel and tell my story tell her story to you because my people have forgotten where they came from. It's the Laodicean message that goes hand in hand with the Gospel you're not who you think you are. Her getting It was afraid reminder to Jesus through every step of the sufferings that somebody is going to value what he's going through Satan is barking at Jesus history from disseminating through the cross telling of these people don't appreciate you you're wasting your time man move on and every inhale tells Jesus' death a lot like that's a lie. It least one person is going to respond and I'm going to do it to the end even if it's just for her even if it's just for one and having loved his own who were in the world he loved her to the end and he loved you to the end all the way but every inhale reminded him someone will respond someone with appreciated. He knew that he was loved and appreciated and he knew that his sufferings would be worth the cost and you know Jesus is offering for us is meant to perpetually remind us of His love in our darkest moments it's meant to be that sweet smelling aroma that reminds us there's a God in heaven who loves and values even when it's hard when it's difficult and I don't feel like going on I need to inhale and I need to remember that he's been good to me the fragrant gift which Mary had thought to lavish upon the dead body of the Savior she poured upon his living form at the burial its sweetness could only have pervaded the tomb but now It gladdened his heart with the assurance of her face and laugh. But Mary pouring out her love upon the Staver while he was conscious of her devotion was annoying to him for the burial and as he went down into the darkness of his great trial he carried with him the memory of that deed Listen to this and earnest of the love that would be his from his redeemed ones forever. This is also a foreshadowing of the fact that others will respond to. When everyone else sees me throwing scorn and hatred in the face of Jesus someone will respond and this person responding is a foreshadowing that many more will and this is what keeps Jesus going when he's suffering and tempted to quit when he's dying for your sins and for mine Mary do not the full significance of her deed of love she could not answer her accusers and neither can you and you don't have to even Jesus will silence your accusers she could not explain why she had chosen that occasion for a new ending Jesus you know why because the Holy Spirit had planned for her think with me guys think think think think think as God the Father is surveying the landscape of candidates to use to minister to his son. The person he chooses is someone who many of us would be uncomfortable if they walked in our church tomorrow morning. This woman has a life history of sexual sin and nonsense and God Hand selects this woman to minister to Jesus to strengthen him to keep suffering for you and for me you know that tells me if your life has been filled with brokenness and failure and sin Jesus longs to use you. If you still have a powerful ministry ahead of you it's not over I don't care what your church thinks I don't care or people around you think Jesus still sees something in you. And he can use you in ministry even with your past even with Europe's he may have to cast 14 demons out of you it does not matter. It doesn't matter the love of God knows no bells in the transforming power of God's Love knows no balance in her story is a reminder hey maybe that's why Jesus wanted her story told alongside the Gospel no one's excluded there's room in the kingdom for you. The Holy Spirit had planned for her and she had obeyed his promptings inspiration stoops to give no reason and unseen presence it speaks to mind and soul and moves the heart to action it is its own justification Christ told Mary the meaning of her act in this he gave her more than he more than he had received his giving her a greater gift than she gave him in that she had poured this one on my body he said she did it for my burial and as the alabaster box was broken and filled the whole house with its fragrance So Christ was to die his body to be broken but it was to write he was to rise from the tomb and the fragrance of his life was to fill the earth how does that happen maybe we should speak up let's tell them let's live the fragrance of Christ's life so that people have an interest to find out what's going on we needed he needs. Jesus not only loves you Jesus not only believes in you Jesus needs you yes even you. This is why Paul says and fusions 52 that Christ has loved us in that giving Himself for us and offering a sacrifice to God for a sweet smelling savor verily I say unto you Christ declared wherever this Gospel still be preached throughout the whole world this also that she has done so also be spoken of for Memorial again not to me but to her and looking into the future the Savior spoke was certainty concerning his gospel it was to be preached throughout the whole world and as far as the gospel extended Mary's gift would shed its fragrance and hearts would be blessed through her unstudied act you think that's why she did it of course not and that's why she could be used she saw her nothingness and so in turn she was prepared to be clothed with the righteousness of Christ. But she says that Jesus spoke with certainty that her story would be told alongside his story Jesus looks like a fool right now. You know that tells me we're not living up to our potential. We need to communicate very clearly that there is room in the Kingdom for the people that the church is seeming to reject. We need to communicate to the world that God is capable of using even you in ministry. We need to communicate the message to the world to not forget where you came from because part of what happens alongside Mary's story is Simon's story let's stop looking at everybody else's problems and focus on serving Jesus. And when that happens I reckon we're going home Amen. Maybe that's why we're still here we haven't caught the lesson. Kingdoms would rise and fall the names of monarchs and conquerors would be forgotten but this woman's deed would be immortalized on the pages of sacred history until time should be no more that broken alabaster box would tell the story of the abundant love of God for a fallen human race her gift was an object lesson of his skiff to. Kenya smell it today do you appreciate it today and can the people in your sphere of influence smell what the people smelled in that room can they sense that you have been with Jesus can they since that the love of Jesus is wafting through your life and the offering of his life is reflected through yours do they see the faith of Jesus in you. Your offering though can bring Jesus that same level of satisfaction and love Amen when you give Jesus what you have with what you know he's glad to receive in a need to be encouraged by that this evening some of us feel like what I have to offer so little I've got nothing Jesus like I don't I give Bible says I'm not a preach give which occasion. She's done what she could just give what she can guys Jesus is glad to receive that you know what happens when you give what you can and it's a blessing to people you're willing to ask Jesus what else would you have me do where else would you have me go because once you've made a fool of yourself for Jesus once and you didn't die and you saw somebody whose life changed you're willing to make a fool of yourself or Jesus another time and even scarier environment Yeah but you've got to start somewhere so give a chick am. And when you do it he's glad to receive it I believe this is why he wants her story told you know the beautiful thing is her story can be your story. Her story can be yours there you got to come on up you know it took her multiple encounters with the grace of Christ to finally be set free and to get it. It was dramatic it wasn't a one prayer and 7 left this this was a process and you may feel that your wife is one of those things that he's going to have to cast 47 demons out of your life I'm just a disaster Jesus you could never use me doesn't matter if you feel that you've messed up too much and Jesus could not use you this story is telling you you can come back today and her story can be yours Amen. So I'd like to make an appeal before they sing I want you to pray over that appeal while they sing and they will follow the 1st appeals this may be if you like Mary you're giving everything you have for Jesus and no one seems to appreciate you when you're tempted to leave I must not be welcome here I don't fit in maybe you feel that you don't fit in in your local church setting and you're just tempted to walk and you're tempted to let them steal this precious gift from you. And you're realizing that this evening I need to lay that down that bitterness that frustration that I'm going to check out and leave no one cares about me. And your wrestling. That's you want to be reflecting over this to lay that here this evening and be willing to give Jesus what you got even if no one responds in your local church because he's glad to receive it and other people will respond my 2nd appeal is this may be your stories like Simon's You forgot where you came from. And you have found yourself being critical of everybody else in there when he also has problems and you have forgotten that you yourself desperately need Jesus. You forgot how good Jesus has been to you and your darkest moments and who you were when he found you and found yourself criticizing people who look just like you when you started. And you realize I want to lay that here this evening Jesus I don't want that spirit of criticism in me any more I want the faith of Jesus to rule my life. Not the spirit of selfishness. So a 1st appeal if you find yourself in the situation that Mary was in that you just you're giving and giving and no one seems to appreciate and you're tempted to quit. And you're going to say this evening Jesus I'm not going to let them take this from me I'm not going to forget where I came from I'm going to keep serving even if I'm making a fool of myself alone I'll do it for you or pour out my life is that good for you that you want to fight you to come forward. Maybe the 2nd appeal you find yourself in a situation assignment. You've forgotten where you came from and you recognize that you're finding yourself more critical of the people around you what other people are doing than seeing your own true condition you recognize Jesus I have forgotten where I came from and I want that to change tonight. If that's you invite you to come forward. And thirdly Maybe you feel like your situation is just hopeless Jesus could never use me Jesus could never change me my life is a disaster and I've come to see this evening that is Jesus can use this woman casting 7 demons out over them maybe Jesus can do something with me. And I want to be used. I didn't think there was a chance for me but maybe if there was a chance for her maybe there's a chance for me. And if that's you want to write you to come forward and take hold of that by faith. That Jesus could use her he can use me. As prayer. Jesus you know our hearts. You know your stories and you love us anyway. Having loved your own who are in the world Lord Jesus you have loved us to the end. With a love that stronger than death so that I prayed that you would cover our sins of unbelief. Of fear. Of bitterness of criticism. And that I pray that the Spirit of Life in Christ Jesus would make us free from the law of sin and death and that when the sun has set free would be free indeed and tonight. In the name of Jesus we tear down these strongholds we take every thought captive to Jesus and we ask that you would transform our hearts our minds and our lives and this would be the 1st day of the rest of our lives never again forgetting where we came from never again letting people steal that gift of us of knowing where we came from. And pouring out our life as a fragrant offering on behalf of Jesus. This is our plea Lord and I give this to you in Jesus' name which is the name above all names. And all God's people say. To him in this media was brought to you by audio from a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse or if you would like to listen to more sermon leave a Visit W W W audio verse or.


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